Gold City Fatigue

Dear readers, I’ve got a bad case of it. Yes, lately the group appears to have become something of a serially mismanaged hot mess. Yes, abruptly canceling a concert and leaving a vacuum of no information for days, and then putting out a snarky press release whose headline demands that we Stop The Rumors and yet provides exactly none of the specificity it would require to actually put an end to speculation about the group … yes, all this may well constitute a new low in dumb PR.

But honestly. I just don’t have anything to say about it. I’m neither surprised nor that interested. Wake me when they start mattering for their music.

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  1. BUICK wrote:


  2. Tommy wrote:

    I think their press release spoke volumes about why the “Daniel Riley” era of Gold City has been a disaster. The title of his release showed the lack of respect he has for the fans and the overwhelming arrogance he must have. When you don’t show up for dates the fans will of course began to ponder its meaning in light of all the turmoil that has occured lately. His release didnt stop the rumors. It only left a bad taste in many peoples mind I would assume. I found it funny how he managed to include Tim Rileys name into it. Keep plugging the dam Tim. One would have assumed he would have explained the problem and appologized to the fans, instead he scolded them. I think he has forgotten that it is the fans that have given him a free ride his entire life based on what Gold City did under his dad. I think the clock is running on how long this ship can go taking on water a quick as it has been lately.

  3. Wade wrote:

    Get a LIST out of EVERYTHING you can do WRONG and think they got them ALL!! Give’m 100%.

    I love it when ppl deny stuff and then do not deny it!!!

    If they do not get nice I will roll it all out for ya but I respect their privacy, it’s gonna be a GOOD ONE just wait!!!

  4. Drummingdrew wrote:

    Amen! Why not give the details of the cause of the cancelations? I agree wih Doug it is a mess. They haven’t mattered musically in 5-6 years since Revival and it wasn’t that much of one for them to me. Wilburn and Ladd were the highlights, with both of them gone now. I wasted my money on Moment of Truth. If Daniel waits too long all the fans that remember GC when they were actually good will be dead and gone. Here’s a request for classiness and quality.

  5. Hector Luna wrote:

    well as mentioned here before, and elsewhere…it’s some of the best PR. they got everybody talking about them.

  6. accent wrote:

    Think it’s about time GOLD CITY shapped up. They have too many UNEXPLAINED rumors going around. If I had been the promoter that they cancelled on I’d be expecting some of my financial losses to be returned. I’m sure the promoter had a lot of expense involved and for the group just to cancel without an explanation……………
    can’t say what I want to say here. I know the promoter was out a lot of money and probably had to make arefund some of the tickets he had sold. Tim needs to step back up and take the group back and put Daniel on the back burner and let him simmer until he is able to run a group without so much disruption.

  7. RDB wrote:

    It’s all very well to ask the fans to respect you but if you show no respect for your fans, expect disrespect from the barbarians . . . and disinterest from the rest.

  8. just me wrote:

    The West Boys are GONE…..and Dan Keeton former(Dixie Melody Boys) is the new man on the Gold City Bus singing the high end.

  9. The Art Coach wrote:

    Sometimes I agree with the “any publicity is good publicity” theory…but I don’t think that applies here. GC seems to have been riddled with “publicity” for a few years now. This is not a positive buzz they have caused. It is old and tiresome…no matter what the situations may be behind it all.

    At times like this, it make me glad that a group like the Cathedrals just flat retired and no one tried to carry on the name.

    I wanted to think they would find their stride, but I think the gold ore may have run out. They are just panning silt, mud, and rocks now.

  10. David J. Stuart wrote:

    What a bunch of whiners! You guys sound like a bunch of little old ladies.

  11. Chuck Peters wrote:

    I asked for more info.. Daniel Riley said: “The nature of the situation is not something that needs to be publicized, because it’s very personal to those involved. I did what I felt was best for everybody involved.”

    I offered my opinion.. as a radio news reporter.. and suggested a better way to write press releases.. but I respect Daniel’s decision to do what he thinks is best.

  12. Sancanan wrote:

    #8—Isn’t Brent Mitchell singing tenor for Gold City?

  13. quartet-man wrote:

    #12 Not anymore.
    I know this looks bad and Gold City has had a lot of personnel changes in the past few years. For those who don’t know the whole story, it is easy to place the blame on Gold City’s end (or more particularly Daniel’s). However, there is a lot that isn’t public knowledge and I have to give Daniel credit for taking the high road. Keep your head up, Daniel.

  14. lovelife wrote:

    #13: Don’t know the situation, but, here is why WE all speculate. “there’s alot more that isn’t public knowledge”…just sayin
    Do groups not do some sort of back-ground check or inquire about who they are hiring. Not that that would help. Seems like groups hire, then find out something and the rest is history.

  15. 2miles wrote:

    I have been a Gold City fan since the 80s. I will withhold most of my personal feelings on the revolving door syndrome of the past few years. Daniel, we are hoping whatever has happened will only make you and Gold City stronger. Forgive us if we doubt from time to time, we have been patient but right or wrong we (some fans) are getting weary. I think that is understandable.

    A separate question, What was the lineup for Gold City last weekend or whenever it was that Dan Keeton sang tenor? Who was the lead?

  16. SteveSmith wrote:

    #6 Why do you assume that just because Daniel isn’t giving the public the reason for cancelling, that he also didn’t give the promoter the reason? I’m sure he gave some sort of explaination to the promoter.

    #12 I agree. There is always so much more to these situations than people know.

  17. Brandon Coomer wrote:

    Quartet-man… EXACTLY.

    I’ve said before that Danny has received a lot of blame for things that weren’t his fault. I’ve always been a big fan of Danny vocally. In other ways, I’ve not always been Danny’s biggest fan. However, over the last several months to a year, I’ve learned that was due to my own ignorance, not anything Danny actually did.

    Danny and everyone involved (past and current) with Gold City need to be lifted up in prayer and encouraged, not talked about and discouraged. To quote Wade, “PRAY FOR GOLD CITY.”

  18. Me wrote:

    WOW. The West boys are gone??????

  19. JTH wrote:

    So they have a new lead, tenor and sound man??? That’s another complete turnover vocally, except for the Rileys…..

  20. Dontkikamoocow wrote:

    If Danny Keeton is the new tenor, they will be good. Mark Blackwood’s loss is Danny Riley’s gain! Keeton appears to be a great witness of the Christian Faith, on and off the stage.

  21. RDB wrote:

    Can anybody make a case as to why we should care about Gold City now? I know there used to be a reason to care, but is there a reason now? I think it’s up to Gold City to make the case and so far they’re flunking. “Wake me up when they matter for their music” indeed.

  22. just me wrote:

    Some times bad things happen to good people….or bad things happen to good Southern Gospel Groups.

    I know this looks bad for Gold City…but this could happen to any group out there.

    Singers/Artists are a odd bunch people to work with and a 45 foot bus can be very small.

    Gold City will work this out.

  23. NotSoApparent wrote:

    Dan Keeton hasn’t been singing with Mark Blackwood for like a year. He was “let go” after a month or so. Something to do with nobody being allowed to laugh at anyone but Blackwood, which almost everyone is anyway.

  24. GTF wrote:

    Why don’t people start talking about what really happened? It wasn’t Danny’s fault. If I were him, I think I might have aired the laundry. He took the high road.

  25. David J. Stuart wrote:

    Well….looks like that new Gold City CD will be delayed again.:(

  26. Paula wrote:

    I agree totally with Quartet man!! I love, admire and respect Danny for taking the high road and respecting the privacy of those involved with this situation. As of yesterday afternoon when I talked to Danny Craig is still their Lead singer. I for one dont understand why fans think they need to have “all the details” when peoples personal lives are involved. Would any of you want the most personal details of your lives plastered all over the internet? I wouldn’t. Love you Danny and Gold City!

  27. Fleur wrote:

    Did Crabb Revival ever explain if/why they disbanded? Any ideas?

  28. Dontkikamoocow wrote:

    #27–According to Tana Lonon, Adam Crabb accepted a Minister of Music position at a church. Will still tour solo on occasion.

  29. Dontkikamoocow wrote:

    #23-Yes, I know it’s been a while. I didn’t mean that he has JUST left them. IMHO, Dan was way too talented to be with a Blackwood bunch anyway. I really hope he will fit well with GC, if in fact he is the new tenor. Dan is a great singer….all around good guy, too!

  30. NG wrote:

    “Did Crabb Revival ever explain if/why they disbanded? Any ideas?”

    Apparently they couldn’t agree on who to blame for the Gold City situation.

  31. tommy wrote:

    So, im guessing Dad will have to stay on to keep them a float…again. So this is another complete turnover. Whatever the reason, its bad news for Gold City. Dan Keeton at tenor? Isnt this just asking for more trouble down the road? Keeton is a great singer but not sure his personality will fit with most groups. Its a shame cause the West kid at lead had a good voice. Boy, NQC should be fun watching whoever shows up with Danny do 3 sets. That sounds like a good place to go get an ice cream cone. It makes you wonder if this might not be a good time to accept defeat and retire the name with some respect left.

  32. drew wrote:

    Well, I’m a dork. I stalked FB tonight do an “everybody” search to see who has open security settings and posted “Gold City concert” in their status. I found a woman at the concert who was willing to share.

    Brent Mitchell was not with the group. She said that Daniel explained that he had an emergency personal issue but would rejoin the group soon. Dan Keeton was singing tenor. Both Craig and Chris West were with them.

  33. accent wrote:

    Controversary still looms with Gold City and rumors are flying. If THEY DON’T CANCELL they are at Lake Gibson Church tonight. They carry the concerts on the internet guess we can see

  34. Ron F wrote:

    Hey Guys I went and heard Gold City last night, and no sign of Chris West, but Tim Riley as always got the job done. Also Craig West, he may very well be the best lead singer Gold City has had since Ivan Parker. Danny Keeton sang tenor, he did a great job.

  35. Kevin wrote:

    According to Daniel on their Facebook page:

    “Many of you are asking who is with the group now, so let me fill you in. Bryan Elliot is playing piano, my Dad is here and Craig West. Dan Keeton is filling in for Brent while he takes some time off to take care of some things at home. Oh, and I’m here! :)”

  36. NG wrote:

    This from Daniel Riley of Gold City on Facebook:

    “Many of you are asking who is with the group now, so let me fill you in. Bryan Elliot is playing piano, my Dad is here and Craig West. Dan Keeton is filling in for Brent while he takes some time off to take care of some things at home. Oh, and I’m here!”

    Would have helped in this information was in the earlier news release.

  37. Glenda Green wrote:

    For all the nasty comments about Gold City, instead of complaining, why dont you all start praying. As far as Tommy that commented with a curse word, I think you need to ask God to forgive you & start acting more like a Christian. I totally agree with David Stuart that commented that you all are a bunch of old ladies & whiners!
    Let us all bend our knees in prayer for them. God only knows what is going on.

  38. quartet-man wrote:

    #37 “As far as Tommy that commented with a curse word”

    I believe Tommy said “dam” as in a wall to keep water contained. The way I read it, his mentioning plugging it meant either Daniel is trying to repair the dam to keep the rumors at bay (instead of giving a full release) or that Gold City is the dam and ready to burst and Daniel is trying to repair the dam to keep the group intact.

    My above comment is only to explain what I think he meant. I am not commenting one way or the other on the accuracy of his comment itself. Had he used the curse word (and spelled it correctly) it would have an “n” at the end of it.

  39. Brett wrote:

    Gold City should disband. There is to many backstabbing and animosity.

  40. David J. Stuart wrote:

    I watched the live webcam concert tonite from Lakeland, Fl. They were very good. With Dan Keeton filling in on tenor for Brent. Craig West on lead, Danny Riley , Tim Riley, and Bryan Elliot. So it looks good for them!

  41. Matt G. wrote:

    I must have missed something. What happened to the lead singer Bruce?

  42. Dontkikamoocow wrote:

    I caught the last 3-4 songs. I thought they did well. I don’t think Danny Riley is a great emcee, but probably does better than the rest would do.

  43. quartet-man wrote:

    #41 He quit somewhere along the end of last year.

  44. Paula wrote:

    OK, please don’t group all old ladies in one heap!! lol This old lady for one, dearly loves and supports Gold City!! It makes me really sad to hear so many mean spirited ppl trash Gold City!! I for one hope and pray that they have many years left to serve the Lord. I am thankful that Danny and Tim have the class to not air peoples private lives for all to read. Sometimes taking the High Road will get you “crucified” but I thank the Lord for their spirit and integrity…

  45. SteveSmith wrote:

    # 39 Do mean that GC is doing the backstabbing ahd showing animosity, or is is a few “fans” doing the backstabbing? I haven’t heard of any stabbing coming from the group, only some outsiders who like to complain.

  46. Jeff Gurnett wrote:

    #43 - He did not quit. He was let go, two weeks before Christmas with no notice so that West could have the job.

  47. Scot Eaves wrote:

    I listened to/watched about 90% of GC’s set from Lakeland Saturday night via the web stream while I was painting a room. I thought they sounded fine. Dan Keeton did a good job, but obviously the blend wasn’t great because it was only his second night with them. It sounded to me like he might need a little time to sing himself back into quartet shape. There were no glaring problems, but as a singer myself, I know when I haven’t been in “performance mode” for a while, it takes some time to knock the rust of the old pipes. I can imagine it would be especially hard for a tenor singer that has to sing the high GC stuff with little time to prepare. Danny said he called Dan on Thursday and flew him to Alabama, so they had no more than 24 hours before their first show on Friday night. As I said before, Dan sounded fine, especially under the circumstances.

    Craig sang the fire out of Midnight Cry, so regardless of his situation, he’s not just mailing it in. I hope he stays around because I, too, think he’s got “it” and could help stabilize/carry GC if he sticks with them.

    Danny and Tim were each featured quite a bit. They opened the second set with After Awhile, which they had been using to feature Craig’s brother Chris on recently. It’s a shame if he’s gone. I think it was smart the way they were working him in for when Tim retires again. It wouldn’t have been such a sudden change. Oh well, maybe he’s just on furlough. One can hope.

    Overall, it was a good show. I’d be interested to see/hear them again with this lineup in a few weeks, if Dan is still around, to see how they’ve progressed.

  48. Tommy wrote:

    Somehow you think that because a group sings Christian music and you happen to be a fan of them, they are exempt from cristism. When a group has soooooo many problems eover the last few years, of course people will have questions. When the owner puts out press releases that are not the truth about why people have left, people are going to have questions. When the owner publicly scolds the fans for questioning, of course people will be upset. I am very aware of why Aaron, Roy and Chris are no longer with the group. What strikes me as odd is why are so many men on that bus leaving for the same reason? Either they have a hard time hiring the right kind of guys or they host an atmosphere for it. Its not wrong or “un-Christian” to hold groups to a high standard. They step out on stage to represent the WHOLE body of Christ so as one who they represent, we have a right to ask questions.

  49. GTF wrote:

    The thing I don’t understand is why they didn’t keep Josh Cobb. A missed date or 2 would have seriously been way better than all this negative press. And by the way, Josh never missed a date in his tenure with them.

    It is tragic that so many of these departures are because of affairs…that isn’t Danny’s fault. However, poor hiring and abrupt firing are a serious problem he needs to look at.

  50. lovelife wrote:

    #48: I agree with your post.
    #49: WOW “because of affairs”…And you know this to be fact???? just askin.

  51. Jake wrote:

    Per # 48 — “It is tragic that so many of these departures are because of affairs…” I have no idea whether this statement is entirely true or not, but taking it at face value, if it is true, then there may be a deeper problem than meets the eye.

    The nature of this business we call Southern Gospel includes a lot of people being gone from their homes, spouses, and families for several days a week, and sometimes longer, extended times. This naturally includes its own temptations, and thus it is not surprising (although still inexcuseable) that from time to time there will be moral failures within the business.

    However, it is important for every group to have accountability, and to establish guidelines to help prevent and protect one another in the group, knowing that these are dangers and pitfalls that can destroy families, marriages, and ultimately, musical groups.

    If — and this is only If — Gold City has a higher than normal incidence of members having affairs, then there needs to be some careful analysis of Why? Is there a lack of spiritual and moral accountability to one another on the bus? Are there too many holes or “free time” in their schedules that provide opportunities? Are they on the road too much and at home with their wives too little?

    Something just doesn’t sound right here.

  52. HCG wrote:

    #46 - Don’t believe everything you hear. Bruce wasn’t let go with as little notice as you’d like to announce to the people here. Bruce was looking for other work weeks before. It just wasn’t his thing. He’s a great singer, but he, himself, didn’t feel it was the right fit for him. Right before Christmas is not a good time for anyone to be making a job change, but that doesn’t mean he was kicked to the curb.

    #49 - Cobb wasn’t exactly let go for logistical reasons. From what I understand, there was a bit of a “LegacyFive Relapse” going on. Nothing quite as severe, but things weren’t as they seemed.

    Gold City is definitely in rough waters. Maybe they are hiring too fast without enough grooming, I don’t know. One thing that’s for sure is that, because Danny is taking the high road in all of these firings, Gold City is being dragged through the dirt.

    I feel bad for Aaron, Josh, Roy, Chris… they are all great guys with great talent who messed up. God has already forgiven. Will we?

    As for everyone who is so pissed off at Gold City… unless you have so little going on in your life, that it literally revolves around stuff like this — why get so worked up?

  53. clay wrote:

    #52 What Chris are you referring to. Chris West or Chris Cooper

  54. beans wrote:

    #53: I’m pretty sure they mean West.

  55. Wade wrote:

    It think it is funny that I get 6 inbox messages from ppl wanting me to share what I know and then those SAME ppl get on here and openingly speculate.

    Set back and THINK there is ALWAYS a COMMON thread to the problem… one person above as I scrolled through said it BEST…


  56. HCG wrote:

    #53 - Chris Cooper. I heard he didn’t tie his ties right so they fired him the day his wife gave birth and right after they moved to Gadsden on Christmas day with no notice.

  57. JCG wrote:

    I think this industry, this economy, and Gold City are all to the point now that Danny would be best served to step into full-time studio work (something he is excellent at), and cut back on Gold City’s travel to a special tour of about 50-60 dates. Maybe take Steve Ladd, Jonathan Wilburn, and Tim out. It’s clear that those three are plenty willing to sing, just not under a full-time status. Danny, following the loss of his brother, and single-handedly trying to assume leadership of a legendary group when he was given very little notice, would probably appreciate that kind of relief as well. It would definitely serve as a good time for Gold City to at least recharge its battery. Hovie and the Statesmen did it. Other groups have too.

    But I have crazy ideas….

  58. paula wrote:

    AMEN!! # 52!!

  59. Craig O'Dell wrote:

    Most of the posts here are about as mean-spirited and carnal as anything I’ve ever read. I doubt very seriously if anyone here (minus a select few) has a CLUE as to any shred of truth regarding Gold City’s current situation. Just because a group or it’s members are “public figures” doesn’t make us entitled to know all the juicy details of their lives public or private. If you are “bored” with the group musically or otherwise just keep your mouth shut. At the end of the day, these are people with feelings and families that depend on them. You can talk about mismanagement or the idea that “they used to be better when…” all you want but the personal attacks are absolutely WRONG. Don’t like them? Don’t buy their music. Don’t go to their concerts. But SHUT UP!

  60. Michael McIlwain wrote:

    #57, JCG, I think that’s a great idea. In the pastoral ministry there is beginning to be a strong movement toward bi-vocational ministry.

  61. Me wrote:

    #57 JCG wrote:

    “I think this industry, this economy, and Gold City are all to the point now that Danny would be best served to step into full-time studio work (something he is excellent at), and cut back on Gold City’s travel to a special tour of about 50-60 dates. Maybe take Steve Ladd, Jonathan Wilburn, and Tim out. It’s clear that those three are plenty willing to sing, just not under a full-time status. Danny, following the loss of his brother, and single-handedly trying to assume leadership of a legendary group when he was given very little notice, would probably appreciate that kind of relief as well. It would definitely serve as a good time for Gold City to at least recharge its battery.”

    That was so good I had to re-post it. That is a brilliant idea. Steve, Jonathan, and Tim for select dates. Otherwise, crank out good studio stuff. Talk about turning a mess into a success. Bill Gaither would do it…just sayin.

  62. mef wrote:

    #57, that’s the best idea i’ve heard yet!

  63. Ben Harris wrote:

    My friends, many of you are speculating as to the “why” of all this. I know Danny to be a man of very high morals and convictions. In this particular case, he did exactly what he should have done as a Christian. Do I know the circumstance? Yes. But it is not my place nor Danny’s to reveal things of a personal nature. When Christian people have bad things that happen in their life, whether of their own making or not, it is better if we let them seek God on their own without our involvement nor our speculative 2 cents worth. I have found that in trying to keep a group together and doing the work of the Lord, that, just when things are rolling along smoothly, Satan has a way or wedging himself into the mix and the cancer of his involvement can almost destroy a good and solid group. Tim and Danny Riley are good men, of solid character. Neither one of these men deserve the bad press they are getting on this forum, and from people who are only speculating. Some things are better not revealed in public. Please give them a bit of room to sort through this. They will be fine, if you will do your part. Too many are much to fast to accuse without knowing the facts. Now, I had promised a dear friend I would never post on this site again, due mainly to sorted items just like this. I now have broken that promise and now must ask forgiveness from my friend. Danny and I are also good friends, I know his character and I know he loves the Lord. Take that for what it is worth. I assure you he is doing the more Christian thing in this case than many of you.

  64. The Art Coach wrote:


    I agree with your idea. I have thought that the best thing GC could do would be coming off the road for 6 months and re-grouping.

    Your suggestion make me think more. Let me ask this question:
    Could a SG group stop touring (a la The Beatles) and become studio-only artists…let the “album become the performance.” The Beatles resorted to this out of the craziness and mania of touring….not that this happens in SG. But…
    Could they compete?
    Could they chart songs?
    Could it work?
    Could it be profitable?

    Just thinking out loud.

  65. Ode wrote:

    LOL Ben Haris@63, every few weeks some pious selfrighteous dude with holier then thou attitude comes in shaming Avery’s posters,claiming its “his the last time”, its just so predictable…

    so you “promised” your “dear friend” to not post in this horrific forum, but you just had to be “break it one more time” to come remind us, sweaty philistines, what bad christians we are in comparison to you and talk at us?

    Poor thing, sacrificing yourself ! there is a good joke about Orthodox Rabbi, baptist pastor and a catholic priest each being seen entering a bordello…
    -Wow, man of the cloth is going bad!
    -Wow, look, even Jews succumb to temptation!
    -On, some poor girl must be dying!

    Dont make a fool of yourself, Take your moralizing elsewhere.Last time, right?Keep your promise now, ok?

  66. ode wrote:

    @51 Jake, good points.Even thou i believe the only thing any band owes us as customers is good performance alone.

    Expecting more from people in show business is unrealistic. So what, some boys from GoldCity band had affairs /risked carreers for sex? Stop the presses! You know how to surely spot a sex addict? I’ll tell you-he got a penis. King David was “a man after God’s own heart” had close to a dozen wives and still couldn’t keep his zipper up.

    Why should I be concerned about SG affairs, am I marrying one of em? sg singers sell a product. For meager 7$ cds/ 25 or so for concert tx i dont have chutzpah to ask for anything but good singing.(I just paid 95 for a secular concert, standing room; seating tx started at 165)

  67. Me wrote:

    I agree with Ben that the Christian thing to do involves a high moral standard and 0 tolerance for sexual immorality. No one is faulty Danny for that.

    That’s not their only problem right now. Poor hiring choices, and unclassy firings are an even bigger problem. And sorry, but we just aren’t sugarcoating that. We want GC to succeed, which is why we have offered a brilliant suggestion (SEE #57) for salvaging the group.
    Something like this is possible. Something like this needs to happen. Bill Gaither wouldn’t let the ship sink like this. Go ask him for advice.

  68. ode wrote:

    @64 worhty questions…to add my 2 cents-
    any band needs touring,there is no money to be made in CD sales alone, not enough to survie and stay in business.
    but maybe they can take some time off, concentrate of releasing excellent stuff, then push it :)

  69. Kevin Womble wrote:

    Take a hike Ode, Ben’s exactly right. By the way use your real name if you want to gossip so we can attach your slander to the correct person.

  70. JCG wrote:

    And I threw out this idea with no malice towards Danny or Tim, or Gold City’s situation whatsoever. Times are just tough these days for all groups. When change becomes a constant concern for a group, it might just be a good time to settle down for a little bit, take some time, and re-map things out. Just about everybody needs that at one point or another. Best wishes to Gold City.

  71. tommy wrote:

    I love how a small group guy comes on to “name drop” and show just how holy he is. Now as far as Chris Cooper. No he wasn’t fired cause he tied his tie wrong. He was fired because he has a bad attitude and he couldn’t handle the vocals after they went back to the old Gold City hits. He has always had a chip on his shoulder. That’s why he was fired from Safe Harbor. He is cocky. He is a good singer but a lead not a tenor. He was rude to Tim and Danny. That doesn’t bode well with the bosses. People miss my point. I want Gold City to return to their glory days but that doesn’t happen by burying our head in the sand. There is a problem going on and I pray Danny stops to evaluate it instead of rushing to hire people to avoid the look of problems. That’s what got him here. We as fans get upset because we want to see them get it together but its frustrating a great group become a punchline.

  72. ode wrote:

    @ 69 Take a hike, Kevin Womble.

    What gossip? post 48 mentioned affairs ,I have no idea if that is true, i dont even know the names of singers in the Gold City band!!I never saw them in concert. What i said - I repeat for you, slowly, you seem to not be able to read plain English: If. It Is.True. For. Any. Band.- Who.The.Hell. Cares?! Its their own business!

    I write under my real name. And you Kevin Womble, act like a stupid dumbass.
    Stop embarrassing yourself.

  73. Ed Martin wrote:

    # 48 You are wrong on Aaron. Aaron absolutely resigned on HIS own. ABSOLUTELY. How do I know, I was employed there when he did.

    #52 Same goes for you. Aaron did not mess up. He did what was right. HIS family.

  74. irishlad wrote:

    Ode 4. BH 0. KW 0. Oh dear some guys just can’t handle a saucy minx like Ode. :)

  75. irishlad wrote:

    #63 I believe the word is ’sordid’..well that’s that sorted .

  76. cynical one wrote:

    Ode — #66 — Sorry, but your premise is wrong. Not all men are sex addicts, and not all sex addicts are men.

    And for the rest of you hikers, sorry to see you go. We’ll miss you. Be careful as you hike. ;-)

  77. Robert Paulson wrote:

    This is what happens when people professing a ministry on the surface follow satan behind closed door. Don’t mess with another man’s wife, especially when the man is one who you’re on the road with in a bus for hours at a time. GC is plagued with hypocrites lately.

  78. topsy wrote:

    I agree with Kevin Womble - there are some who are writing here who need to take a hike - calm down, chill out, relax etc. It’s not that big a deal. By the way - I attended a Miranda Lambert concert recently in Kansas City - the building was not 1/2 full. Maybe fan support is not all that bad comparatively for SG.

  79. irishlad wrote:

    #76 I think you’ll find there are only two type of men: liars or w**krs. Which one are you?

  80. Wade wrote:

    Gawd when I went to bed this AM we were at about 72 I was tired and I thought… NOW IS THE TIME for Cynical One to chime in… THANKS for not letting me down CO!!!

    Yeah I love it when some wanna be gets on and KNOWS ALL and HAS ALL the ANSWERS and is never coming back… but you know they can’t stay away.

    Danny may be ALL the things that oh Bennie & Kevin want to believe he is, but while he was mowing the yard at the Gold City Office getting ready to take over the BEST GROUP rollin’ at the time it has been WAY DOWN HILL FROM THERE!!!

    Bless him and the entire Riley Family for the passing of Doug who was truly a great guy and REALLY paid some dues being out on the road as much as he was from an VERY YOUNG age!!! But Gaither has lost some incredible talent and still finds a way to make it. Even loosing THE BEST Piano Player of ALL TIME IN ANY KINDA MUSIC really SUDDENLY!!

    It will be fun in the years to come to see how some Gold City Quartet REUNIONS happen. Can you imagine THAT????!!! I know one thing, Mark Trammel will be there just like he was at the Cathedrals & Kingsmen Reunions. Playing bass and filling in what ever part is lacking… being The BEST Quartet Man EVER!!! Hopefully Danny will come out and sing “IT’S STILL the CROSS” and go back to mowing the grass and cleaning the bus, maybe running the sound.

    OK Ode if you are going to be in the OFFICIAL BS Calling Club (which you should because you are good at it and I need ya there) one person did call it right. You need to at least link your Facebook to your name.

    You do not HAVE to and I will still enjoy your post, but if you are going to be brutally honest like some of these ppl can’t take, be BRAVE and say it to where they know who you are so they can write you there telling you how unChristian while they also call you, Fat or Stupid &/or ask you for more details when they want to know!!!

    It is funny that the Gold City Fatigue Thread has more hits than the OPEN THREAD and most of them are about GC too!!!

    I will leave you with this and REALLY THINK about this!! As long as you have a Group Leader who does not want anybody that is BETTER than HE IS then any group or even a show promoter/producer like me is DOOMED to FAIL!!!

    Be LIKE FOXY & Hamill!!! Find BETTER talent than you & GET OUTTA THE WAY!!! THAT is a sign of a TRULY GOOD MANAGER. Not being afraid to hire ppl that are better than you are!!! Make Sense???

    Certainly do not be pious and scold the very ppl that buy your stuff about wanting to know… and if you are in a group or any kind of public figure you CAN NOT EXPECT any REAL Privacy… once you get the thrill of performing & you take that stage and ask ppl to buy your shit… you can’t have it both ways!!

    BLAST AWAY!! I can take it!!!

  81. joe wrote:

    I think it’s time for Avery to step in and nip this thread in the bud.

  82. LaRolf McCoin wrote:

    This thread is getting horrible and vicious. Maliciousness never serves any purpose at all. And why all the “trashy” talk? My Bible tells me to “pray for one another.” WHAT BIBLE DO SOME OF YOU READ? IT IS NOT THE SAME AS MINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. paula wrote:

    well all i can say is Wade must really be jealous of Danny. hes kinda sad….and pathetic. i really dont care what he/she says or thinks about me. Danny isreally a sweet, special talented guy!! im so glad the Lord blessed me with his friendship! love u Danny and Gold City!

  84. Tom wrote:

    #82, that’s because the vast majority of people that are posting this mindless drivel are unregenerate, unrepentant heathens. Give them a dose of salvation and they’ll change their tune.

    You can’t use some of the language and attitudes on here and claim to be Christian. You are heathen, you are unregenerate and you are bound for Hell. Simple as that.

  85. Bradley wrote:

    News on the street is…. Chris Cooper
    ( Gold City, Safe Harbor) Chris Whitaker
    ( Crystal River, Mike and Kelly Bowling) Ronnie Bright ( Down East Boys) and Johnny Beacham ( Safe Harbor) is starting a new QT!! Anyone else heard this or am I getting bad info?

  86. Hector Luna wrote:

    Wade, I’m being brutally honest…I never agree with everything you say, but I always respect your enthusiastic opinions. However, those were some of the most valid points I’ve ever read by you.

    All of my encounters with Daniel Riley have been fine, but the Foxy/Hamill statement has much truth in it, if that is the case (which is possible).

    You’re also right in the fact that “Christian” artists live their life in a fish bowl. That comes with the territory if you’re trying to make a living at it. You can’t treat your fans like second rate brown-nosers, even if they are exactly that. They buy tickets. They buy product.

  87. BUICK wrote:

    I think I have read all of this. Haven’t enjoyed it all but I believe I have read it. And, if anything, this PROVES Avery’s point that Gold City doesn’t matter musically. Not one of the posts, even from the most ardent defenders of GC, have protested that they are performing and producing good music. The kindest posts ask us to be patient and tell us that there were legitimate reasons for personnel changes. But it seems that nobody is saying they are making good music. And wasn’t that Doug’s point? Will GC ever again make news for the high quality of their music?

  88. Bond Broker wrote:

    Well…it is a bit refreshing actually to see a SG quartet dealing with the personal problems of people in the group and dismissing them than allowing them on the bus week after week (like so many do) and saying “well the groups in the old days were doing the same thing)…these groups are singing in churches more today than ever…at least someone is taking a stand. No doubt Tim Riley is and has been the best ALL ROUND bass singer we have had and Gold City has had up years and down years…we’ll see what happens…Danny is fine, I am sure he will get this together and go from there…I for one hope the best for Gold City and will go and see them tommorrow night!

  89. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    No. 84, you should read some of the stuff Martin Luther used to say about a dude named Erasmus. Luther had no qualms about calling people out, and used some very strong language in doing so.

    If Luther condemned heretics with strong language, why should we do any less with southern gospel artists who need called out?

    In other words, get over yourself.

  90. irishlad wrote:

    #88 stuff involving personal problems has been there since 5 guys ever stepped on a bus, why’d you think Jake Hess way back in ‘64 told the newly formed Imperials that if ever they let their pricks rule their brians not only would they be out, they would have to tell their wives why. It worked, …for a while.

  91. irishlad wrote:

    #90 ahem..that would be brains.

  92. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    I will be attending a concert tonight with Gold City, and Brian Free And Assurance appearing on the same program; that should be interesting to say the least… Also included will be Jeff and Sheri, and The Bowlings… I will be writing a full report on Saturday; who knows maybe I can steal a quote or two from some of the GC guys… :)

  93. Wade wrote:

    paula… I am sure Danny is a great guy but the record clearly speaks for itself. I WANT GOLD CITY to be GREAT AGAIN… I am sure you also want that for your really sweet talented guy!! How does being critical of some one = being jealous!!!

    Hector… Thanks, ppl can agree to disagree and not be uncivil.

    But I am glad we can agree… “IF YOU BUY THE TICKET DON’T BITCH ABOUT THE RIDE!!!”

    Soli… you always crack me up!!!

    TGIF… Pray for Gold City!!!

  94. irishlad wrote:

    #89 Aye those Reformers certainly were a rum bunch. The misogynist John Knox, charmer,reformer, theologian and all round good egg who ran the Scottish branch of the Reformation had a way with words(and young girls) too.

  95. cynical one wrote:

    Yeah, let’s sing the praises of Martin Luther. He’s the one who taught us it was ok to protest. And we’ve been protesting ever since.

    We’ll split a church over the color of the new carpet in the fellowship hall. We’ll run the pastor out of town, if we think he steps on our toes by quoting scripture.

  96. oldtimer wrote:

    I saw the post above about how sweet certain quartet members are.

    It reminded me of the young woman who told how sweetly her favorite quartet took turns with her in the back of the bus.


  97. cynical one wrote:

    Wade, glad to be of service!

  98. Ode wrote:

    I-lad- true gentleman,i do appreciate your support, but not worry about me;) Where I am from even rabbis carry, and letting people tread on you is not an viable option-local danger is amplified by enemies and the ocean surronding of all sides. I can manage these sweet virtual sissies and their angry meowing even with two hands tied behind my back, while sound asleep.

    @ 79 Sure:) please,dont take it the wrong way- I used “addicts” in an empowering,complimentary sense, hinting that you menfolk are truly into (at least one particular aspect of) that beautiful thing called love. Similarly to how people call selves SG “fans”- longer word “fanatics” brings to mind english soccer hooligans and crazy religious cults, yet in relation to SG, I presume, it means just people with healthy appreciation and love of certain activity.

  99. Ode wrote:

    #78 - And you need to grow a pair.As any experience in adult life on this earth undoubtedly proves, its not going to provide you with relaxing, calming chillout atmoshere to fit your demands. Man up.If you are a woman- get out of the kitchen, heat is too much for you, delicate thing.

    Wade,buddy, appreciate the honor, but dont see how giving out my personal contact info will add legitimacy to my calling people on their BS. Their BS by itself is a well enough qualifier.
    But I’d refrain from spooking away precious ones - those self proclaimned God’s own Mouthpieces, foamy at the mouth, calling us hellbound heathen assured upcoming Aeternal Damnation :))). Boys like Tom#84 and #82 is sheer entertainment,walking parodies

  100. Bond Broker wrote:

    irishlad….my point exactly…a SG artist told me one time that if 20/20 did an expose’ on SG groups there would be alot of buses for sale….I am sure this is in a lot of other forms of ministry as well….just refereshing to see someone taking a stand and that is great info about Hess!

  101. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    No. 94: I’ve seen Gold City in person…call me when the Reformation finally makes it to Ireland.

  102. carl wrote:

    You changing your mind about the title of this thread– Gold City FATIGUE?
    Depending on a body’s frame of mind, seems more like
    Gold City Galore
    Gold City Compulsion
    Gold City Ennui
    Gold City Vivisection
    Not that I’m complaining, because like you all I keep reading these comments.

    I hope the Rileys and company take to heart what Oscar Wilde said, that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

  103. Ode wrote:

    @ 102 Carl, true .. there is no such thing as bad publicity;) those all are fun as long as its not

    Gold City Autopsy

  104. Irishlad wrote:

    #101 The Irish branch opened for business 1539.President and C.E.O Henry VIII. :)

  105. Phil Boles wrote:

    #104 Irishlad, i thought it was Ian Paisley?!

  106. DarrellInIndiana wrote:

    I have no personal knowledge, no insider information or am friends with any member of GC present or in the past; however, from an outside observation constant turnover and upheaval are a sign of instability and mismanagement. When you do not perform functions (missed/canceled dates and failure to release projects) that are associated with what you do, then there is something wrong with your business model. Whether you rely on faith giving or a set revenue stream, one must be careful in how that resource is used. All ministries need to use business principles in order to continue their ministry.

    #57 JCG said something I had never thought of. My thinking is locked inside the box and my immediate reaction when I see that a group is only singing one time for a week-end or not at all, is that they couldn’t find somewhere to sing.

    When I think of the groups that are “successful” (whatever that means) they have demonstrated a business acumen that allows them to carry on their mission, goals and visions (e.g. Bill Gaither).

    Nothing I have said is meant to disparage the character of Danny or any other member of GC either now or in the past. By virtue of this thread alone, it is apparent to me that GC is very relevant to Southern Gospel music.

    I pray their success.

  107. irishlad wrote:

    #105.. Ah Phil ;)

  108. clay wrote:

    does anyone know if Chris West is still part of Gold City’s Future and is he still with the group or did he leave.

  109. Ethan wrote:

    The other day, David Bruce Murray posted a picture in a post of the “current” Gold City. His post can be found at this link:

    What struck me as interesting is how ameturish they looked. There is no back drop and you see a tacky sign behind them taped to the backboard advising no video taping. I have seen signs like that posted at other concerts, but I have never seen them directly behind the singers.

  110. justin wrote:

    #108- No Chris West is Not with them. He was fired from what I hear.

  111. TJ wrote:

    Ethan #109, The “tacky” sign you are referring to, I bet was placed there by the promoter or buyer that booked Gold City.
    That is the standard “No Taping” sheet you get from BSA (booking agency) with the press kit they (bsa) sends.
    I get them in my press kit everytime I book a group from BSA. It’’s standard issue! I would bet the farm, that Gold City did not place the “No Video Taping” on the basketball backboard frame. As far as no backdrop. It’s not the first time a goup has stood on a stage in a high scool gym or Armory with no backdrop! It won’t be the last.

  112. clay wrote:

    What was Chris West fired for. That is a shame I thought he was a good fit to replace Tim.

  113. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    108- I saw Gold City Friday night, and Chris was not with them…

  114. Ethan wrote:

    TJ: The promoter may have placed it there, but GC could have and should have moved it. I know those signs are standard, but that is no excuse for tacky placement.

  115. DP wrote:

    #104 and 105 - You are both wrong. The correct name is Ian Paice.

    Carry on.

  116. cdguy wrote:

    #106 - Darrell - Since you mentioned Gaither, regarding business acumen, I’ll re-tell the story Bill has told many times. I’ve often wondered why more artists haven’t done this.

    Bill tells that decades ago, they had a promoter who did so little promotion for the Trio’s concert, they only had a handful of people show up. Bill vowed that would never happen again, so he created his own promotion company, and did it all himself — renting of the auditorium, selling the tickets, putting up posters, et al.

    Why is no one else in SGM doing that? Sure, it costs money, but you have to spend money to make money.

    You got no gigs to go to? Create your own.

  117. Ode wrote:

    105, Very good linked review, thanks :)

    93, Succuntly said, Wade. Indeed. Who are we to demand them to be all at once -singerss,good looking, moral,faithful and selfless like mother Teresa. What else for 25 bucks, GC comes and recaulks my bathroom?
    Come on! Like an old saying “a young man: Dad, want to marry a woman who is a beauty, great cook, kind, and quiet.
    - Son, or make up your mind or marry 4 times :)”

  118. DarrellInIndiana wrote:

    #116 - cdguy I took a look at the Gaither Vocal Band schedule and as well as the Homecoming series, they will be by themselves in Lancaster, Pa for three concerts and the tickets are $55 a piece. Would not surprise me that it is not sold out.

  119. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    Review of Friday Concert with Gold City among other groups is here:

  120. Irishlad wrote:

    #115 Deep Purple’s drummer!?

  121. cdguy wrote:

    Darrell - #118 — You’re probably right, and with the Gaither business model, they don’t have to sell out. They’ll sell ENOUGH tickets, and since they don’t have to rely on someone on the outside to do their job, and split the gate as many ways as most concets do, they’ll still make plenty.

    And if I read correctly, it appears the 2nd Saturday show IS sold out, and they only have about 71 tickets left, between the other 2 shows.

    Poor Bill.

    BTW, he turned 75 yesterday, and Gloria turned 69 earlier this month. Happy belated birthday to them!

  122. Gospel Lover wrote:

    Brent Mitchell according to facebook is no longer with Gold City.

  123. Blackstone wrote:

    I have read all the posts, and, some of them are troubling in tone. I began to wonder why some of you are even interested in this group by the way you attack each other. Are you singers, pastors, sunday school teachers, or something else. Do you like SG music or just like to attack? Lets all hope GC finally gets it together and moves on.

  124. ;) wrote:

    Its funny how people ask, “Why Southern Gospel Music Dying?”
    Well I can answer that question. . .
    Its because of websites like this!!!!

  125. Braxton Shaw wrote:

    Fact is,if a church had these kind of issues,nobody would go to it anymore. It wouldnt be the congregations fault for wanting to be fed something much more consistent, with much more substance.Its what we rely on.Thats just as simple as it gets..Now, we can ,and are commanded to pray for Gold City,but they have CERTAINLY for awhile now started to tread on the ground where the bible tells us to place accountability….and if you ignore that,in the name of “being nice” then you are shirking your duty as a christian.Thats why i barely listen to SG anymore and ive moved on to CCM and Praise/Worship. Cos it has substance,and isnt trying to write the same theme a million times ,with slightly altered chords and lyrics,with a different cliche as the punchline…

    THE reason Southern Gospel is dying is NOT because of thought provoking sites that bring light to ridiculous, inappropriate struggles of some in the industry who have been hiding out too long,like GOD for this site,where “political correctness” and the idea of hiding all these artists faults like they are JESUS himself,isnt followed.The reason Southern Gospel is dying?? It isnt–Bill Gaither still has packed houses and top selling merchandise…but the “real” southern gospel industry–why has it gone so far south,so to speak??—First of all,here is why—It isnt actually Southern Gospel–Its the music industry controlled by Daywind Records and Publishing,Beckie Simmons Agency,and The Harper Agency–if you arent in one of those 3 categories favor and most(95 percent)of all those having success are in 2 of them,then your effectively screwed. It makes no difference if your talent is begging to be used and desperately needed in the industry,or if your talent is far above the garbage constantly played on SG radio. Those powers that be wont touch you unless they can USE you.I know,i used to work side by side,and learned all the tricks with 1 of those i mentioned above and saw how the artists are viewed and treated.In fact(she-hint)the one i worked for admitted freely to me that they dont even like quartets—I SAY–THEN why dont you stop being a fraud that we all know you are anyway, retire,get out of the way of progress and let us all be done with you,finally,for good?–

    The 2nd main reason for Southern Gospel gone south is TALENT-the powers that be have no ability to survey talent.They would award a trio of 10 year old girls a talent winning contest(cos,oh gosh,theyre so cute) over an incredible Vocal Quartet that would blow the industry away–IVE SEEN THIS HAPPEN–The powers that be,once again,need to get out of the way——Consider this–When the 2 main tenors in the business in 2011(incredible Brian Free and Ernie Haase) are the same as the 2 main tenors in 1992,then something ISNT growing.Yes,Brian is a freak of nature and is incredible,but no new tenors to be thrilled about in 2 decades????No new tenors with staying power??? Where are all the lead singers?? Where are all the REAL baritones at?? Now,a baritone doesnt even have a baritone voice.Its just another 2nd tenor added to 2 other second tenors and a Fake-growl Bass singer-ala Tim Duncan.Talent isnt forming,or most likely from what ive seen,isnt being recognized or given enough of a push,since ironically the “powers that be” are almost the exact same “powers that-were” in the 80’s and 90’s and they are all in it together; taking care of each other,prolonging careers that should have ended long ago, ringing out that same towel,same arrangements,same writers,same producers, until the towel is dry as a bone.Well,the towel is dry….

    3rd reason for Southern Gospel gone south–WRITERS—if you look across a great deal of popular SG cd’s,you will no doubt find the same writers on nearly every record,which is an anomaly in the music industry and a horrific instituion that only SG follows…Sandy Knight,Dianne Wilkinson,Sue Ballard,Joel Lindsey,Marty Funderburk,Barry Weeks,etc…oh yeah while your at it,go look at the writer credits on a Crystal River cd(whoever they are these days)and try not to vomit….It gives the individual artist,little,to NO unique sound—part of the main reason Greater Vision sounds like Greater Vision and nobody else,is because of Rodney Griffins writing and the groups reluctance to lean on the writers that are on EVERYONE elses project.Also,groups need to stop saying they listen to peoples songs when they are on the stage and talk about how painstaking the task is to pick the songs,making those who have pitched songs have hope,when in all reality the groups are given a list of songs to pick from by their record company.Ive pitched to an artist who talks this game,but after working in the game,i found out the REAL rules…and when those of us find out the real rules,we almost all bolt from Southern Gospel,which is a shame,cos our passion for it was aflame for years.I have seen incredible songs,that were applauded and praised by powers that be,but with a quick add-on comment–”Its great,but we arent adding anything to the writer roster–were good right now”…Yeah,thats called BAD BUSINESS AND KILLING PROGRESS—DAYWIND!!!!!!!–

    4th reason for Southern Gospel gone south–The good old boy farm system—Almost EVERY group follows this institution.Its an institution that leads groups to only hire those who have been in other groups,which gives us NO new faces,no influx of freshness and really just starts to muddie the waters.I mean ,as a manager at my job,it would seem rational to me that if was looking to hire someone,i wouldnt hire the guy that has worked for,and LEFT,my closest competitors in town.WHY?? –Because there is OBVIOUSLY a reason he isnt at those places anymore.WAKE UP SG group leaders!!!!!!!!! If Robert Plant left Led Zeppelin,do you think Freddie Mercury would have left Queen to take his place and still called it Led Zeppelin?? Or maybe,John Lennon leaving the Beatles,but then mysteriously showing up with The Monkees 2 months later?? Of course not,because its a fraud to the public.FRAUD…Funny thing is,Southern Gospel uses this as a ROUTINE practice.Thats right,Gospel music committing fraud on purpose,and disgustingly enough,they claim its a GOD thing!!!Sorry friends,but thats a SINNER thing!!!!!Were getting into it now!!!!

    5th reason for Southern Gospel gone south–TOO many groups,as stated above…Pastors need to stop having every Applebottomdumplin Quartet that will come for a love offering.You are hurting the real artists who do this for a living,by saturating the scene.Bad quality Gospel is STILL BAD.

    6th reason for Southern Gospel gone south–Too much grandstanding on stage.You look like posers or worse-Tammy Fay Baker–Especially those of you seriously overweight.Too much makeup on stage singing gospel makes you look like a slut in church

    7th(and most controversial)reason for Southern Gospel gone south–MIXED GROUPS(Perrys NOT included–they function as a quartet)–A good quartet runs the industry.A good quartet drives the industry.A mixed group just…mixes things up and muddies it,and most often ventures far enough away from the roots of the music that it just isnt genuine.Not to mention the women in this industry are a dime-a-dozen other than Lauren Talleys unique vocal timbre.Thank God she has molded that wonderful voice instead of diva screaming like Aguilera or Kim Hopper.

    8th reason for Southern Gospel gone south–SOUTHERN GOSPEL RADIO-namely SOLID GOSPEL 105-they need less artists saturating the top 100,because the artists that sound like they recorded their song on their front porch with grandad pushing record,who also have little to no vocal ability,are KILLING southern gospel radio,because NOBODY wants to listen to that crap.OR Solid Gospel 105’s 9,000 commercials a day.Also, seriously,there is no need for a top 100.Top 40 is plenty.There probably arent even 40 SG songs a year worth hearing-

    Final Analysis–The entire industry needs to take a hard look at itself. The “powers that have been” for decades need to step down,and quit holding the industry hostage.ALL THE RECORD COMPANY execs,ALL the booking agents and ALL the publishers.Like a sports league.They also need to contract-less groups,better quality.less crap on the radio,more high quality vocal talent-Incorporate new,fresh,writers,and producers as well as free thinking music people who are able to adapt and apply.In other words,we need to shake off the dust of the current stagnant Southern Gospel industry,and heavily soak it with Febreeze…..until then,i will listen to the barely a handfuls worth of SG thats tolerable–Brian Free & Assurance,Gaither Vocal Band,Greater Vision,Perrys,Kingsmen,Triumphant Quartet,Dixie Echoes,and Kingdom Heirs…and of course anything David Phelps related.Thank God for Gaither,cos without him,the SG powers that be would have shut the door on Phelps in a heartbeat.That should tell you all ya need to know

  126. Braxton Shaw wrote:

    ….add Rick Hendrix to that post…as long as you can pay him a certain amount,and have a guarantee that your song will be a top 40,then Southern Gospel Radio will continue to be flooded with horrific low quality music and vocals

  127. The Art Coach wrote:


  128. Kevin Holder wrote:

    totally have to agree with the posters of #125 and 126. It seems that SGM has been held hostage for so many years. Back in 1996 (many moons ago now), I was part of a trio that had a great sound, tight harmony and really good stage presence. We went to the NQC and won the talent search and then turned around and went to SpiritFest a few months later and won that as welll. You would think that would give a group the boost needed to get a good start in the industry, WRONG, it did literally nothing. Wait! it did get us a ton of offers to promote songs to radio for a ton of money as well. Not one record company exec, promtion exec, booking agency exec or anyone remotely associated gave us one look over their shoulder. Not boasting here, but we were really were a good group. Sadly we disbanded a few years later. Now, as for Gold City, I have always loved them and always will. My prayers will continue to go out to them and pray that all will work out for them. I mean, Tim Riley, who is the heck could ever top this man? He is the KING OF BASS SINGERS..

  129. Bones wrote:

    Let it go! What difference does it make?

  130. yeah... wrote:

    #125: Wow. I read this just now…had thought this thread was about closed out. What you wrote is the best analysis of sgm that I have ever read. Better than anything any of the bloggers have ever written. All I can say, again, is wow.

  131. Braxton Shaw wrote:

    Thank you guys. You can officially call me the whistleblower…If you want a better,more in depth revised version of what I wrote above,go to my link,or if it doesnt work,go to facebook,and search for Braxton Lyric Shaw,or Braxton Lyric or Braxton Shaw til you find me.Friend request me with the undestanding that you know of me from

  132. quartet-man wrote:

    #125 I am not going to address your points. Some I disagree with, some probably not. What I do want to say is that you might have made the longest post here (a record that might (not sure) have belonged to me. ;) )

  133. Donnie wrote:

    I will no longer support Gold City in any way. They canceled two concerts here in the Texas area. Promoter said they want four figures and that is why they canceled. When did this become a job instead of a ministry. Sounds like they are in it just for the $$$$$.

  134. Darrell wrote:

    Wow!!! This is the Body of Christ? What happened to not saying anything if you have nothing good to say? What happened to praying for those that are having problems…many here have got that issue of a forked tongue and flapping at both ends. This is very troubling that so called christians flap their jaws especially about men of God trying to share the message of Christ…all those speaking here in a negative tone, repent and turn from your sin!!!

  135. Ode wrote:

    Ha, look at this one all of a sudden.
    Darell ,my boy, your mama gave you this nugget of wisdom to be applied conditionally, like if the only truth that can be told about your pastor’s wife is
    “you are an obese, lying, envious, gossipy bitch that is nothing short of cancer for the entire congregation” - you keep your mouth shut and say not’n.
    You dont tell Mr. Riley in his face, in front of others, what an ugly rug he is wearing. You keep you mouth shut.

    Catholic Church is using your arguments to prevent child abuse scandals
    “dont dare to talk bad about the men of God!”

    To demand highler quality of music for our money, or to laugh at godless, selfpraising cockiness of a gospel singer or a group, is not bad at all. Bands should be grateful for criticism from fans, that’s what any commercial companies/for-profit businesses pay big bucks to get. It called “marketing research”.

  136. Darrell wrote:

    Wow!! I have heard it all. I use to pastor a church in Ohio. I believe in the Word of GOD, I try to live my life pleasing to the Lord, yet my best is so short of HIS glory. Reading all these posts, blogs, threads and whatever else they are called these days really makes my heart sad. The “industry” the “business” is suppose to be ministry. I am ashamed of the rumors, gossip and backbiting I have read here and wonder why do you all do this. Well not so much different than the Churches of old. Luke warm so called christians have flooded these sites. It’s a shame and honestly a down right disgrace and dis service to the cause of Christ. One day the wheat will be sifted and those who have not had the blood of Jesus Christ applied to their life will not enter in. Leave these men alone, they are trying to share what God has lead them to do, yes some have not been lead or called but many have been. Pray for these men and get away from the mind set of fans and awards and Conventions and what you didn’t get out of the deal. This is the body of Christ and stop all the perverse behavior concerning this group and others. Good grief people grow up and get busy winning souls for the hour is late. Like my post I’m sure it will be picked apart and ridiculed but as long as it reaches one soul and might help them then it had done its job. Everyone needs to take to hear the message from the song from the Dixie Melody Boys “please let me sing in the Quire” post 134 thank you! Be in this world but do not be of thsi world. a lesson most here need to learn if you are saved that is, probably not saved which is very sad.

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