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In case anyone would like to talk about something other than Gold City, consider this space yours. A few things to kick us off:

What else?

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  1. Sensible wrote:

    What happened to Jay Parrack working with Gary “Taco” Jones on occasion?

  2. LS wrote:

    I’ve got the Wilburn & Wilburn CD…it’s the one they did, not the upcoming Daywind release…and it’s good! I didn’t really notice them singing together much; it seems to be Jonathan’s songs and Jordan’s songs, alternating. But it works!

  3. Me wrote:

    Why wouldn’t Danny call Jonathan and offer to do some sort of merger for select dates? That would boost BOTH Wilburn & Wilburn and Gold City tremendously.

  4. Jake wrote:

    Speaking of Garry Jones — Does anybody know what he is doing these days? Since ee closed down his quartet he hasn’t been in the SG news much. Is he doing any arranging, and if so, who is he arranging for?

  5. Hector Luna wrote:

    #1 - yeah that was pretty recent. with Josh Feemster I believe. could be wrong. the revival of Mercy Mark and their limited dates fizzled rather quickly. wonder what A. Facello is doing. that boy could belt.

  6. LS wrote:

    #5…Anthony has a trio called Beyond the Ashes. They can be as traditional or as progressive as they need to be, depending on their audience, and they do a super job no matter what style they choose. They sang one song on the NQC main stage last year (they were one of the groups pulled up from the showcases). They had quite a lot of response on the SN Forum following their performance!

  7. Me wrote:

    Facello runs the group Beyond the Ashes.

  8. Hector Luna wrote:

    #6 & #7. thanks. you know i actually knew that. brain fart. currently pondering my “what could have been” with Mercy’s Mark.

  9. Tom wrote:

    Sorry folks, GC is going strong and will be for a long time to come. Got to talk at length with Tim Riley the other night, and although Satan is working overtime on them, they are seeing the results of a faithful ministry.

    Those of you who are fixated on tearing this group apart, need to realize that if Satan can’t do it, you certainly won’t.

  10. beans wrote:

    Someone already brought Gold City into this open thread? Crap! ;) A quick look at (Dan Keeton’s website) today reveals an open letter from Dan saying The Keetons are retired and Dan has accepted the GC tenor position as of March 28.

  11. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    Gold City has hired Dan Keeton as their full time tenor…

  12. Robert York wrote:

    Dan Keaton has accepted the position of tenor for Gold City according to a letter Dan put out this afternoon.

  13. NG wrote:

    Southern Gospel Music Association announced today the 2011 Inductees to the SGMA Hall of Fame. In the deceased category they are Doris Akers, Doyle Blackwood, Roy Carter and Opal “Bobo” Lester and in the living category, Bob Brumley, Kenny Gates, Jerry Kirksey and Willie Wynn.

  14. Irishlad wrote:

    #9 Satan working overtime eh? Funny he’s leaving Bill alone…or maybe Bill’s in league. Bad things happen to people /groups and they’re very quick to blame Satan or someone else for their poor decisions.That’s the sort of bull that makes me want to puke.

  15. Hector Luna wrote:

    #9. Satan only does what God permits him to do. Dog on a leash. I’m not saying you’re wrong in your thinking, but may as well blame God for Gold City’s problems. If posters from could cause GC to disband, that would be an amazing thing (sarcasm completely intended, puking a little with Irishlad).

    But Wade ain’t gonna let that happen without a fight. Right Wade?

  16. BigC wrote:

    The newest craze in SG???

  17. Magnolia wrote:

    To #14 - Irishlad:

    You crack me up! :-) My grandmother used to say constantly, “Sometimes the devil gets blamed for things he didn’t do!”

  18. Hector Luna wrote:

    #16. I immediately became a fan of the Southern Gospel Gardener. That is the coolest, newest thing since, well…Gold City.

  19. Tom wrote:

    #15 you missed the entire point completely. Go back and try reading this time.

  20. Tom wrote:

    #14 please go puke then, because your tripe is a big part of the problem around this drivel-laced joint. The owner is the largest piece of tripe.

  21. Me wrote:

    In GC’s defense, the Devil is the one who tempts people to mess up. When there is moral failure, that is certainly the Devil working. I appreciate GC standing up and taking a stand for what is right, even if that means letting people go.

    I know what it’s like to see the Devil work, and as much as I criticize GC’s current management, the Devil does not like GC’s singing. We do need to pray for them.

  22. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    I hate it when these posts turn theological, because it’s usually a raging dumpster fire of poor theology. No exception here.

    No. 21: That argument didn’t work in the Garden of Eden (i.e., “the Devil made me do it”) in Genesis 3, so why would you invoke it “in GC’s defense” now? Is it more persuasive coming from a quartet in matching suits as opposed to a mixed duo in fig leaves? I think not.

    No. 9: I don’t know which part of your post is worse, that Satan is working “overtime” on Gold City or that Gold City is “seeing the results of a faithful ministry.” The only way Hector Luna missed your point (see your post at No. 19) is if you concede you had no point to begin with.

  23. Me wrote:

    #22: If you wish to believe that Satan does not attack ministries with a tenacity that he does not attack couch potatoes, then you must be a couch potato. No offense.

    I do agree that the Devil doesn’t make anyone do anything. And for that reason I’m very disappointed in Chris. And so was Danny. Maybe a better vetting process needs to be implemented.

  24. wanderer wrote:

    Wow people are so busy harping about Gold City no one has said anything hateful about Ernie now for several days.
    Gold City will be in my neck of the woods tomorrow night. Unfortunately they are predicting 15 cm of snow. So I may not make it. I was really hoping to see them.
    They don’t get up north very often.
    I remember about 3 or 4 tenors ago some were saying they should hire Dan Keeton. They’ve finally done it. I really hope he stays for 15 years.

  25. quartet-man wrote:

    Even though others might have made my points (or some of them), I am going to add mine. Sometimes the devil or even the Lord get blame or credit for things that are not theirs. Sometimes bad things happen because of our own actions, lack of action. lack of planning etc. (NOW THIS ISN’T NECESSARILY ABOUT GOLD CITY, JUST IN GENERAL). As far as the Lord, people give credit to Him for things they want to do, songs written that at least to me sound like God would have done a better job, etc.

    The devil does however wreak havoc at times and those in the ministry who are making a difference would be some of his favorite I think to do so to. He doesn’t always succeed because God has to allow it and people have to do their part sometimes (see next point). Nonetheless, I think he would go after those making the biggest difference as long as he had the power and could do it. If they are protected, or don’t go along in some cases, then he might go on to someone else.

    The devil tempts (the Lord doesn’t), but we are the ones who give into the temptation. God has given us a way out. We do live in a fallen world, so sin and corruption are results of the devil at least initially. Even if he doesn’t directly do things, he has had a hand in some of the bad things (he just can’t make us do them).

    On the other side, even the “bad” gospel songs had God’s hand in them some because God created everything, He created us, he gives us air to breathe and He might have even inspired the writer to write the song. However, I think the people get in the way sometimes. If God wrote a song totally himself, I think it would be better. But, I think sometimes it is closer to the way a child draws. The parent might be able to do a better job themselves, but it still means a lot to them. Also, if not for the parents having the child, the child couldn’t have done it.

  26. josh wrote:

    Gold city should get with the kingsmen and Do some kingsgold I think this could help both groups

  27. Wade wrote:

    Hector… Gawd I swear I promise I want them to be GREAT AGAIN!!! Just think what they could do with a great Management & Promotions Team!! Poor Tim would be able to sing many more years with out all this stress!!! But we as parents do some incredible things for our kids!!

    Soli #22… :-) ;-) “DUMPSTER FIRE!!”… AMEN!!!

    ME… are you saying some1 had a moral failure in Gold City??? Amazing what one brother will do and another one won’t!!

  28. Irishlad wrote:

    #19 It really pains me to say this man,but you must have been one of the last of us on the evolutionary trail.Doh…

  29. Irishlad wrote:

    #25 Getting that off your chest make you feel better ?

  30. Irishlad wrote:


  31. Kyle wrote:

    I have been listening to Legacy Five’s “Heroes Of The Faith” CD, and to me, it’s still one of the best recordings they’ve done. I wonder why it’s not among the digital downloads available on their site now, considering “Strong In The Strength” and “Songs We Used to Sing” are both available….

  32. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    No. 26: Gold City is mired in a sex scandal and you want to reunite them with the Kingsmen?? Talk about a hot mess, in every conceivable sense of the phrase.

    No. 23: Nice to see your reading comprehension skills are on par with your theology.

  33. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    31. Kyle: I agree that is one of their better recordings; It is quite intriguing that the Digital download of that album is not available. Their download store is relatively new so maybe they just missed that part. it can still be bought from itunes, or the zune marketplace or amazon etc…

  34. art wrote:

    I just noticed in an SN ad that The Martins are out and about. Granted, I’m as far out of the SG industry loop as I can be, but I hadn’t heard anything about them being active for a few years. After I saw the ad, I found their website and saw they have a nice schedule of performance dates.

    When I became aware of The Martins way back when, they were really, really good. Really good. How are they these days? I’d appreciate an update. Thanks.

  35. Just Thinking wrote:

    Actually, I enjoyed watching the Southern Gospel Gardener, except he needs to step up the pace and not have so many “nothing moments.” It could be quite a bit shorter and say the same thing more effectively. I hope he makes more of those, but a little less um, boring.

  36. Skeeter McJones wrote:

    Are any of you going to Nashville on May 1 for the tribute that the Nashville Symphony and Choir are doing for Bill and Gloria Gaither? The line up of artists looks very impressive.


  37. Just Thinking wrote:

    Actually, I just found a second episode of Southern Gospel Gardener. I thought it was better than the first, and I hope he makes more.

  38. Dave M wrote:

    Good one Irishlad. April Fools!!

  39. irishlad wrote:

    *38 who took a smart tablet for their brekkie then? ;)

  40. Phil Boles wrote:

    Kyle, Nate, I thought that “Heroes of the Faith” was one of the strongest projects that Legacy Five have put out.

    I loved Tony Jarman’s vocals on that project, couple that with some cracking song selections and it was bound to be a winner.

  41. CVH wrote:

    I’m talking to Bill Tuesday. Any questions from the audience?

  42. joe wrote:

    #34 I saw the Martins a couple of years ago and they were as good as they ever were. I just wish they’d release a new CD!

  43. Wade wrote:

    Soli… has the Kingsmen ever had a sex scandal???? :-) ;-)

    Bass Singers & Sex Scandals…kinda go hand to hand!!!

  44. Lost But Found 10000 wrote:

    1st, I thank God for another day to praise him. 2nd, I thank Jesus for dying to win give me salvation. 3rd, I thank the Holy Spirit for guiding me each day. Gold City is not in the midst of any sex scandel. Jesus said it best: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. And if you believe the Bible, we all have sinned. James said the tongue is a two-edged sword. If you are above the words of Jesus and James, among others…please…let me know how you got there. Otherwise, your gossiping and speculating (unless, of course, you have PERSONAL knowledge…and then I will pray you pray for forgiveness), is of as much value as; no, less value, than the weeds in my yard. God is on his throne, Jesus is alive and well, and almost every day, I am blessed by the music and ministry of Gold City, from the beginning to now.

  45. Ode wrote:

    28 Irish,LOL! but not that absolute last thou -for,judging by his anger level, someone keeps stepping on his tail

    17 Magnolia, your grandmama is-or was, if she enjoyes heaven now- a very smart woman :)

  46. Ode wrote:

    44 so if your yard is filled with weeds, get there be4 Mrs. chased your lazy rear with the rolling pin! If you are a “she” dont wait til your master takes his tough rod out.He aint donna like you taking sex scandals on the computer instead of housework. Obey and submit, as your pastor teaches. And what about 10K that your lost and found? How did you lose it in the first place, being drunk?

    However, there is one worthy thing in your post.We shouldn’t cast stones. Better people then Gold City band members succumbed to temptations, none is without sin.They will sort it out without gosipers’ help. To my personal taste that fellow Daniel Riley is one of the best baritons ever born.

  47. Irishlad wrote:

    #41 CVH. Who’s Bill Tuesday do i know him? :)

  48. David Stuart wrote:

    Ok, so , somebody can give me the full list of tenor singers that Gold City has had? thanks.

  49. Irishlad wrote:

    Bob Oliver 1980-82
    Brian Free 82-83
    Benny Blackburn 83-84
    Brian Free 84-93
    Jay Parrack 94-2004
    Steve Ladd 04-09
    Chris Cooper 09-10
    Josh Cobb 09-10
    Brent Mitchell 10-11
    Dan Keeton 2011-

  50. CVH wrote:

    #47 Irishlad - nice…

    BTW, I’ve been listening to a trio from Ireland lately, Revelation. What’s their story?

  51. NotSoApparent wrote:

    #49 So… Josh and Chris both sang tenor at the same time for a short stint???

  52. irishlad wrote:

    #50 CVH.Saw the guys in person for the Ist time last Sat night, they’re very good…for here. I say that because being a tiny country we can’t support a professional curcuit and for the past 50 years or so the groups,with a few notable exceptions,have been of your regional equivalent . These guys however seem to have that extra spark,enough to catch the eyes and ears of someone from Crossroads. Fair play to them as we say here because no one else as far as I know has done it before

  53. CVH wrote:

    Irishlad - good for them…I enjoy their stuff.

  54. irishlad wrote:

    #51 maybe that should be CC- 09. JC 09-10.
    Josh’s initials are apt, I think he thinks he is. :)

  55. David Stuart wrote:

    Thanks for the list, Irish!

  56. Andrew S. wrote:

    Irishlad- Chris Cooper sang with the group from June 2009-December 2009. Josh Cobb started on New Years Eve 2009.

  57. Brandon Coomer wrote:

    #51, Chris Cooper departed Gold City on December 12, 2009. Josh Cobb joined the group on Dec. 22, 2009.

    PLUG PLUG PLUG… Feel free to visit for info on the membership and recording history of Gold City.

  58. Irishlad wrote:

    What’s the story with “Funds for Daddy” under the George Younce Facebook page?? Anyone a clue?

  59. quartet-man wrote:

    #58 Yep.

  60. cynical one wrote:

    Art #34 — I’d guess, since most pro groups are using stacks & tracks, they probably sound the same as they did 10 - 15 years ago.

  61. irishlad wrote:

    #59 Pretty please Q-Man

  62. wanderer wrote:

    #57. Great website! Really enjoyed it. I’ll be back when I have more time.

  63. Phil Boles wrote:

    My wish for Gold City is to see them get a stable line-up and move forward.

    Sit down, work out some brilliant new material and turn these songs of today into the classics of tomorrow.

    Whilst i love the hertitage that Gold City have with their older material, i don’t need to hear every single line-up tackle the same old songs.

    Rant over!

  64. noninsider wrote:

    31. I was just on the L5 webstore, and I noticed they have added that album recently… Maybe they saw your post? :)

  65. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    One thing GC needs to do is forget the country style and the contemporary style and record good solid GC type SG music. The Kingdom Heirs, Triumphant, etc. have continued to produce good SG music and have become the most popular groups in SGM. The Kingsmen are coming back with fairly good material now too. We need GC to stay stable and put out a great album with some fantastic material geared directly toward SGM fans.

  66. Auke wrote:

    Whatever happened to the album Michael English was producing for GC was that ever released? I agree with Phil Boles on the topic, a lot of groups are relying on past musical succes too much…way too much groups do!

  67. NG wrote:

    It will be more difficult than ever for a SGM recording to win a Grammy Award as one gospel award next year will be replacing three current ones. It was announced that a new Grammy category called Best Contemporary Christian Music Album will replace three current categories: 1. Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album 2. Best Rock Or Rap Gospel Album and 3. Best Southern, Country Or Bluegrass Gospel Album.

    Should be easy for judges to compare contemporary, rock, rap, Southern and Bluegrass gospel submissions. Surprised non-gospel Polka music was not also included in the mix.

    This posting assumes I’ve read correctly the confusing Grammy announcement eliminating a bunch of categories.

  68. NG wrote:

    The Grammy site which details the 30 plus categories being eliminated can be found at:

  69. Andrew S. wrote:

    #66- That idea doesn’t work for people who don’t carry that “old stuff” around anymore. The McKameys, for instance, sing, in a given concert, songs from albums from the 80s, 90s, and the 2000s. The difference is.. They carry it all on their table.

    Some groups aren’t able to do this because of project rights, but the “Standing in the Gap”, “Walk the Talk”, and “First Class” cd sets Gold City offered could stand to be sold on the table, and not solely online.

  70. noninsider wrote:

    66. That album is still in the works from what I have heard… They just haven’t had a final mastered copy done because of all the turnover… Just when they have gotten close to finishing it another change happens… I for one hope they honor everyone who pre-ordered one of those CD’s last NQC; they were taking twenty’s left and right for a CD that was not even out yet… Lets hope they honor their word on that!

  71. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #66: It’s still in the works. It should be out around NQC. At this point, they are probably re-recording the tenor parts with Dan Keeton.

  72. not important wrote:

    NG, you read wrong. The “southern gospel” category HAS NOT been deleted - go check it again :-)

  73. Kyle wrote:

    #65 Blake, your suggestion makes me wanna scream.

  74. irishlad wrote:

    #73 I’ll do it for you Kyle…SREEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM!

  75. Sensible wrote:

    #65 Blake, your suggestion makes me want to scream. . . . . . AMEN!!!!

  76. NG wrote:

    #72 I read it as Southern Gospel albums can apply but instead of being compared with country and bluegrass gospel they will be compared with a much wider field.

    If you go to the site I listed in post #68 and use the chart provided to compare future awards with current ones it says:

    “The Best Contemporary Christian Music Album is the 54th Annual GRAMMY Award category for any submissions which would have previously been submitted to:
    Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album
    Best Rock Or Rap Gospel Album
    Best Southern, Country Or Bluegrass Gospel Album.”

  77. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    #73: Scream what? “Thank you blake for your great suggestion!” I guess that is what you were saying. hehe.

  78. rr wrote:

    #36: That May 1 tribute to the songs of Bill and Gloria Gaither will have an orchestra, and while it’s in Schermerhorn and some Nashville Symphony folks may be playing, it is not the Nashville Symphony.

  79. GTF wrote:

    I’m with Blake.

  80. Ode wrote:

    77 , i am curious, blake -as a newb to this music style- would u care to be a nice brother,or sister if you are a girl, and elaborate? Find me a few links on youtube; or there is an excellent channel by a great, in every way, woman called Diana:

    Point out what is solid gospel and what is not, in a few examples. So i know if i should scream with the boys as a trio or not yet ;) Pretty please, with cherry on top.

  81. Sogoguy99 wrote:

    For those of you who pre-ordered the Gold City CD at NQC, you may be interested in these….

  82. Edie wrote:

    Pretty cool that three of the five Songwriter of the Year nominees for the Dove Awards are southern gospel writers — Gerald Crabb, Wayne Haun and Joel Lindsey.

  83. lovelife wrote:

    This is gonna sound funny, but, people talk about the NQC looking like a flea market or rummage sale. Is there any place a person really could buy the singers clothes…Some dresses and suits I really like…lol

  84. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    #80: Ode - really…how many girls have you ever met named Blake? I don’t have the time to review youtube music but, songs in the style of “I’m Not Giving Up” “God’s Building A Church” and slower songs such as “One More Time Will Do It” and “Calvary’s Hill” is what I am talking about. These later songs they have put out like almost everything on “Revival” except for “I Cast My Bread” “By Your Grace, For Your Glory” and “Turn Your Back” are too contemporary/country for me. Get back to BIG Gold City orchestration with power-packed fast songs and huge shout-inducing ballads about the cross and salvation. That’s what I want to hear.

  85. irishlad wrote:

    #83 Well Lovelife,you like dresses and suits? Try Sheri Easter out at the NQC, she usually flogs lots of her stuff off. Real nice gear if you happen to be a petite lady, but small to medium cross-dressers are welcome too.

  86. ole granny wrote:

    is the may 1 tribute to bill/gloria gaither going to be on TV, DVD, CD for those of us too old to travel????

  87. noninsider wrote:

    81. Hope you can post a couple more… Like perhaps “Footprints On The Water”

  88. nho1973 wrote:

    Thanks 81 for those links. I always find it curious - almost disappointing - when a group will record a song made famous by another group, simply because it was a signature song for the singer from that other group (ex. Gold City recording I Stand Redeemed with Josh Cobb). Can’t singers who relocate to another group find a new song - a new identity?

  89. Hector Luna wrote:

    #81 - Well, since half of that group is gone and word is “I Stand Redeemed” is out, it’s not as interesting as it was 6-8 months ago. However, “Lord of Life” definitely helps to solidify that M. English has his hands in it (and solely because of that, I’ll buy it). Sounds like they’ll add some strings to that one. They should just wait another year before putting it out to generate even more buzz…

  90. beans wrote:

    #81: Wow. I hope they keep that “Lord of Life” song around. That was really good.

    While “I Stand Redeemed” will not be on the final product anymore, it was nice to hear the arrangement as it should have been done rather than the unsteady NQC performance.

  91. quartet-man wrote:

    #51, I tried to stop the post I made, but it was too late. Since we have gone this far, and since it was posted on Facebook for all there to see, here goes: It had nothing to do with George Younce except that he was in the picture with Mike Allen. In a nutshell, Mike’s daughter fell led to post that the family is in dire financial debt and need and could lose their house. She is asking for help.

    #81 Thank you SO much for posting those. Does this mean though that NEITHER song will be on the CD? I realize they cut “I Stand Redeemed” (no pun intended), but what about the other one? I really wish they would have just released the product as is as scheduled. It would be nice to have a mainstream (in this case meaning a label project) album by that particular group. Then they could pick out songs for the strengths of their new group and work on another.

    #89 Uh, no. Even dismissing the fact they pre-sold copies, they REALLY need to release a new project and people would be over it by then.

  92. quartet-man wrote:

    #90 I agree that NQC performance was not good.

  93. CVH wrote:

    #85 Irishlad - or they could hang around Dino’s dressing room if they do the Parade of Pianos or whatever it’s called again. But that would be petites only.

  94. Ode wrote:

    84 -Ok, so you are a man. :) no,i never met anybody by that name; just know of an actress Blake Lively.

    my question wasn’t about your preferences; but rather what pops in people’s heads when they hear term “solid gospel” and why Kyle and Irishlad so strongly disliked your idea to have more of it

    Thanx for the info anyway!Most of what you like sound too “old pop” to my taste.but “I cast bread on water” is nice.Wonder if remixed, can be turned into a dance song. Will try Cubase on it.

  95. Bones wrote:

    #83 Don’t laugh! Some buy their clothes at Value City in Louisville.

  96. Hector Luna wrote:

    yeah Q man, i was joking. i agree, that might lead to their death.

  97. AustinF wrote:

    Hey I know this is totally random… but can anybody please tell me how many Michael English draws at his solo concerts???

  98. Wade wrote:

    Shania Twain will be having a show call “WHY NOT”??? Do you think Bill is Producing it???

  99. irishlad wrote:

    97. Going by his web site most if not all of his solo concerts are in churches; Baptist, Methodist,Pentecostal etc. I would guess then whatever the church would hold would be your figure.I note that one of them is a ‘love offering’.

  100. irishlad wrote:

    93 Ha ha CVH, talking about Dino, I notice that he and Gary McSpadden are getting more and more like twins separated at birth. They are connected somehow through marriage I do believe (no pun intended).

  101. Audrey Cole wrote:

    Dino is married to Gary McSpadden’s sister.

  102. Ode wrote:

    :)))) heee.. looks like they share the same plastic surgeon, and he’s heavy on forehead lifts/brow pulls. The boys better slow down on that eternal youth quest, or will end up having “The Adams Family” Lurch
    as their triplet, separated at birth

  103. quartet-man wrote:

    #100 I noticed that a long time ago (since Mcspadden, Cheryl and Dino are pictured together at times. It was obvious to me too why.

  104. irishlad wrote:

    102 Ode, was he the trio’s Bass singer? :)

  105. irishlad wrote:

    102/103 Ah yes Ode,Q-Man, I remember that Trio well.One night years ago they put on a great concert, there was Dashing Dino on piano/baritone, Spic McSpadden on Tenor/Lead and ‘Low-note’ Lurch as he was affectionally known as on Bass(Cheyrl had a night off).They were billed as the Plasticaires or was it the Happy Three?,i cant remember but I recall emcee McSpadden crying out ‘anyone out there a favourite hymn?’ one blue-rinse retorted ‘yea him with the bow tie doing the low part’. An embarrassed Lurch launched into ‘This ole house’ and when he finished with his famous C2-C1-C0 slide their wasn’t a dry eye in the house,his were noticably watering. Thirty years on I still dab an eye at that speacial night.

  106. irishlad wrote:

    Disclaimer: any mistakes in the previous post are entirely the fault of my Blackberry.

  107. Brent Roe wrote:

    Gary, Dino, and Cheryl all use the same hair rinse, too, Ode. To go back to GC for a little bit, tho, Danny has had a run of bad things happen that have little to do with management outside of Cobb leaving.
    If I had a chance to get a singer like Josh, I guess I’d sure enough try to get him, but I wouldn’t give up the farm to do it. Out side of that, what has he done, except try to put a quality group on the stage nite after nite? Brent Mitchell, and Chris Cooper have both sung in concerts for us and are good men as well as singers. As far as the Devil attacking GC, yeah, I believe. I also believe in human weakness no matter who you are. Anybody posting on here who ain’t tempted and ain’t fallen at sometime in their life by something or someone isn’t a man or is a liar. Note I didn’t say specifically sexual sin. It appears that is the only sin that some folks care about. Lying, stealing. greed and gluttony get their mentions by Paul as well as sexual sin,
    but anger and strife ain’t as interestin’ as what is happenin in somebody elses’s
    pants or skirt, but all those other things tear folks, churches and groups apart.
    Probably sarcasm, which is but one of my sins is one of the bad things, too
    If any of us tried to put a group together from week to week, I doubt that we would find that perfect match
    on the first, fourth, or seventh try, without a lot of grace and mercy being extended between every body on the bus. God bless the folks that can put a group together and have 3/4ths of them stay together for years or even half like Glen and George, or the Florida Boys.

  108. Brent Roe wrote:

    Kyle #3I, meant to put forth a possible answer as to why Heroes of the Faith isn’t a digital download and some of the other albums are. It depends on who controls the rights to the album. Triumphant found out that they held only the digital rights to about half of the albums they’d done and it created a purty big stink when they tried to let a young acquaintance of mine upload music they thought they owned.

  109. cynical one wrote:

    CVH — Speaking of Dino’s dressing room, I heard years ago that his first wife wrote an autobiography, “The Day He Wore My Gown”.

    Probably not true. ;-)

  110. Corky Menudo wrote:

    #105 - Awesome!!!!! I remember that night like it was Last Saturday!

    ….and the following Sunday morning, down at the ol’ Bear Creek Baptist
    ….and that afternoon over at Bear Lodge Baptist
    ….and then that night over at the ol’ Bear Hollow “Curcha” God)

  111. CVH wrote:

    109 - that’s funny. I knew Debbie back in the day and talk about a sweet kid who got the short end of the deal…well, whatever.

    irishlad - yeah, it’s getting pretty scary to watch Little D and Big G together. I keep waiting for Dino to break out in the old SNL “Mango” routine…all he needs is the pink spangled beret.

  112. Ode wrote:

    105, ;) Pity, what a night I’ve missed! Mainly due to not being born yet 30 y ago. Pray tell, how did these singing heartthrobs managed to escape notorious sex scandals that plague other handsome lady-killers of their caliber? What’s the usual shelf life of a gospel trio..Wonder if they are still touring. If you need a date, Irishlad ,to go to their concert again, I will go with!

    Cynical, Yeap, looks like that Dino fella has eccentric tastes, quick googling brings up outfits that would make a pimp on southside of Chicago self-conscious.

    CVH lol ,poor girl heard that knowing a little Greek can help one’s Bible studying, but took it too literally :(

  113. irishlad wrote:

    112 Ode, THE original Lady killer trio were the Sons of Son, complete with a Tenor who displayed kleptomanic and pugilistic tendencies. Today’s groups have nothing on what those guys got up to! For a real eye-opener get the hold of ‘ The bad boy of Gospel music’ by that likable rascal Calvin Newton. In fact i’ll bring it along on our hot date. :)

  114. irishlad wrote:

    Cynical one &?CVH, I wonder was it Dino who re-wrote the Rex Nelson classic and called it ‘We shall wear a Robe and Gown? :)

  115. Scott Fowler wrote:

    Hey Guys…..Hereos of the Faith is NOW AVAILABLE as a digital dowload. Thanks,
    Scott Fowler

  116. sglubber wrote:

    Anyone besides me see Guy Penrod on TBN last night? Wow, so sad to see him stoop that low. There were about 50 in the audience. He had two guitar players who were lipsyncing and air guitaring along with a laptop on a stand out front. Mr. P hit some really sour screams, and had that all too confident attitude .. . kinda felt sorry for him . . .

  117. Jason M. wrote:

    Has anyone heard Spoken 4 Quartet lately? They come down to Mississippi a lot, but I had never heard them. I read something on SN a few months back about them so I caught them when they were around the Jackson, MS area this weekend. I have to say, they sounded REALLY good.

  118. NG wrote:

    What’s happened to Avery? He hasn’t posted since March. Possibly he needs to find a co-host like David Bruce Murray did on his site. Maybe we should have a poll on which regular poster should get the job.

  119. CVH wrote:

    I put Debbie in the same category as Patti Roberts…the dutiful wife who gets screwed over by the ‘machine’. They deserve better but there will always be a**holes like Richard Roberts who screw with people’s lives for their own benefit.

  120. Wade wrote:

    Richard Roberts…Now THAT is FUNNY!!!

  121. Kyle the Co-Host wrote:

    I’ve heard that the interns here treated less-than-desirably, and the possibility of moving up the Fine Line are, shall we say, slim. At least DBM throws me some table scraps once a week, provided I continue submitting Recording Oddities….

  122. NG wrote:

    #121 The best part about being the co-host of MusicScribe Blog is that you have the freedom to write anything you want. The site’s creator David is unlikely to notice what you write since he’s too busy reading Singing News issues from 20 years ago.

  123. Bones wrote:

    Cheryl had a good one when she was married to Jack Toney. That was a real man. Good singer, good looking and for real, not plastic and gallons of hair dye.

  124. Mrs.Noah wrote:

    #116 - I do not plan to get in a “hissin” match with anyone, but I went online and found the 13th TBN Broadcast and watched the Guy Penrod segment. I am not a big TBN watcher, but I found this to be an uplifting section of the program. I did not feel Guy was “stooping low” and I did not hear sour screams. I saw a humble Christian man whose heart probably is not far from his Hobbs, NM roots (an area I love to visit and regroup my thoughts and priorities). I’m not a groupie, nor a diesel sniffer, but a great grandma who maybe sees things a little differently than you do. I am just sharing my opinion - not trying to nitpick. Please understand.

  125. DMP wrote:

    I’ve seen Guy Penrod’s show a few times, and I too was a little confused about what was being played and sang live, as opposed to the tacking. Guy’s vocals were all live though, and the man still has an amazing voice. As far as TBN goes, I know what you mean when you refer to him “stooping.” The channel brings a certain stigma to the performers who appear along side the giant purple wig…

  126. wanderer wrote:

    Just watching Lauren Talley on Youtube. I must say with all the dirt in the world being shoveled by the likes of Katy Perry, Lady Gag-gag, Madonna and the rest, it is nice to see a young lady who dresses and acts respectfully. She is way above average vocally and in stage presence. She could easily leave Gospel and make it in the pop world with some compromising. Thank you Lauren Talley for staying on the straight and narrow and showing younger people that there is a better way.

  127. irishlad wrote:

    126 Except the old straight and narrow doesn’t pay as well and every man (and woman) has their price.

  128. carl wrote:

    Off-topic this open topic: can any interpret the Parker Jonathan website? The trio last year showed a lot of promise.

  129. Tony Watson wrote:

    #128 not sure what’s to interpret - they aren’t a full-time group by any means and evidently Parker has gotten some opportunity for more work driving tour buses when he didn’t have any for several months and he needed to take advantage of it. I would guess they will be back singing when the work schedule allows.

  130. Diana wrote:

    #128 — Carl, the Jonathans only tour for part of the year. They have to plan around Parker’s work schedule as a tour bus driver. I have seen them several times and they sound great. I’m hoping that at some point they will be able to become full-time.

  131. Ode wrote:

    113, i presume, if the guy repented of that lifestyle,wrote a good account of the struggle, it’d be pretty wise and inspirational , godly book.

    clarify plz-”hot” in a positive sense,not as a warning “O, audience on those gospel concerts behaves crazy”? I see *some*SG fans are our fundie brethren, those no wine-no dancing-KJV only misogynistic little darlings make me uneasy, who knows what they are capable of?

    Fundamentalists are dirty scum of any religion and usually are nasty bastards, judging by posts they make in here and on other gospel forums. Dont want to be assosiated with bad crowd - I’ve done enough to my parents already:)

    But being not of a shy lot..lets risk it ;)

  132. topsy wrote:

    The problem is the definition or at least the description for “fundamentalists ” or “fumdalmentalism” changes all the time. What is considered a fundamentalist Christian today would have been pretty mainstream 30 years ago. Also - there are mean fundalmentalist and then there are sweet fundamentalists just like there are sweet liberals and mean liberals. There is something to be said for balance in life. Jesus seem to reach that balance - a little judmental at times and a little merciful at times.

  133. art wrote:

    #113 Irishlad - After you mentioned that individual and that group, I checked around the Web to see what I could learn and found it an interesting diversion.

    Sons of Song was a fairly talented and enjoyable group from the YouTube videos that I’ve seen — although in one of them the piano player appeared to be having highly unnatural thoughts about the camera while he was singing his solo. That kind of mugging must’ve worked for the group at the time, but it looks pretty silly all these decades later.

  134. Irishlad wrote:

    131 Hi Odi, Re: hot;that was the selective attentiveness in pleasure seeking part of my brain putting in a bit of unpaid overtime :)
    132 Unfortunately fundamentalism in any religion calls for one side to have a corner on the truth and thus everyone else totally wrong i.e.burn in Hell.At the end of the day it’s a matter of Faith and Belief..just that…therefore how can anyone have a monoply on what they consider to be the “Truth.At the end of the day they are staking everything on books written by men and supernaturally ringfenced by the divine inspiration of their particular god.When you look at it like that, one can see the human hand in all religion.Human ingenuity knows no bounds.

  135. 2miles wrote:

    #131…It never ceases to amaze me how someone can call someone “dirty scum” as you did or various other assortment of things…”close-minded”, “hateful” and a bunch of other things come to mind that I’ll not repeat, when talking about the evil “fundamentalist/legalists/holier than thou” group….

    Yet, they can’t, or won’t, see that by calling them names, and being so close-minded that you only think of them as “scum”…

    You ARE, or are doing, what you accuse them of being or doing!!! You suddenly have given yourself the right to judge and put down someone else…which is EXACTLY what you are saying they do, which makes them “scum”…I’m so confused…

    It’s not just “Ode”. This is repeated on almost a daily basis by the “less fundamentalist” folks and I’m bewildered why they think it is okay for them to do it but not the fundamentalist/legalist…I have NEVER had a decent response to this question that defends those in the “mainstream”….whatever that is…

    I agree with #132…in my experiences, and I have had MANY, the so-called legalist/fundamentalist of Christianity are hard-working, mind-your-own-business type people who simply prefer to err on the side of caution when it comes to the things of God…yes, they would prefer that everyone think like them… but doesn’t everyone?

  136. musicfan1 wrote:

    just picked up Beyond The Ashes new release from Vine, Treasures Unseen. HOLY FREAKING CRAP!! i forgot how good facello was with Mercy’s Mark, but this is whole new element for him. he definitely stands out on this project. his lead, C. Rivers has a great voice and has a strong career ahead of him! these guys put a new spin on some old stuff and of course Wayne Haun did an incredible job, as usual. anyway..GO GET THIS CD!!!! these guys are definitely a breath of fresh air to SG and what SG needs…CLASS!!!

  137. Wade wrote:

    2smiles…135# your quote…”the so-called legalist/fundamentalist of Christianity are hard-working, mind-your-own-business type people”…

    I call BS these types of ppl are NEVER MYOB types!!!!… They always want to get all up in your biz & make you feel guilty if you are not at EVERY CHURCH FUNCTION because that is what the scriptures COMMAND you to do!!!!

    I did a Baptist WE BELIEVE class one time to get FULLY accepted to the MINISTRY TEAM on the Platform & it was the most Calvinistic Grace Confused Class I ever set in.

    But they had scripture to back up all they said… and if you argued with THAT you were arguing with the scripture GAWDS HOLY Word!!! I had a bunch of scripture to REFUTE or ANSWER his teaching but it was not worth the time!!!

    Maybe Dr Joe who never reads this blog any more can give us the fundamentalist, it is OK to be a hypocrite if you are a GOODMAN but not OK if you are an Oak Ridge Boys Point of view!!!

  138. yeah... wrote:

    2Miles - #135: You nailed it. If a simplistic definition of Christian fundamentalism is that such a person believes that the Bible is fundamentally the inspired Word of God, they use that as the benchmark to guide their lives and thoughts.

    But here, much of the time, the people who love to rail against anyone whose views aren’t reflective of their own liberal world view show themselves as the most intolerant. Their very language condemns them, but they can never see that. It’s sad, but appears to show a direct correlation to where their hearts are. And I completely agree with you - the real fundamentalists that I know exhibit much more grace, kindness, and Christianity than those whose benchmark is their own belief system.

  139. lovelife wrote:

    #136…..I’ve never understand how those 3 words can go together “HOLY FREAKING CRAP”….just sayin. ..

  140. Ode wrote:

    134, Irishlad lol :) So it was your brain, not the alternative part… the one you, sweet menfolk, notoriously employ for such tasks since that putz Adam’s fall, to ,often, your own detriment?That makes you a highly kosher respectable date for any godly girl. What a mensch!(a few fundies will scorn u for interracial dating, I’d be hard to pass as a white )

  141. Ode wrote:

    Topsy- amen :) Slavery,treating women as rightless property,racism, pedophilia thru marrying minors, withchunts, genocide of whole nations all were commonly accepted by good christians as “mainstream” and “normal” not so while ago. Glad we overcame it - even fundamentalists usually are the last to give up those bastions of the “biblical ways”, as they see it ;)

  142. Ode wrote:

    (to wrap it up) To Fundies and sympathisers: don’t flatter yourselves, nobody cares what you do. Sweet, “live and let live” kind, i have nothing against. Enjoy your ways.

    I am concerned about crazy radical ones - those whose posts advocate racism, intolerance,cheer killings of abortion doctors, who bully gay kids into suicides, advocate killings of politicians they dislike,come here sounding like runaways from asylum, spitting venom and proclaiming all of us heretics, saying Jesus is a sinner for he drunk wine …
    I dont give a darn what they believe in the privacy of their own skulls - i am asking are they safe to be in the same room with?

  143. Ode wrote:

    136 - excellent CD overall, thank you. I also needed a dance song, badly, for church dance class, one in there is just perfect!

  144. Irishlad wrote:

    140 i take a decent tan myself..we’d make a lovely couple ;)

  145. Irishlad wrote:

    Bones:just spotted your post on Earworms and Music sales on 11th April..i’ve duly replied.

  146. AFoster wrote:

    #9 Irishlad- Yeah, I opened up for him and sang with him at a Benefit concert back in January, but it was a makeup event for one that was cancelled back in February of ‘10 that he couldn’t make it to due to the neck surgery he had… thanks tho man :D

  147. Kevin Jackson wrote:

    Enlighten Radio on Sirius/XM radio will be moved to an Internet Radio only tier on May 5th. I have setup a page on Facebook to get people aware and active in an effort to try and save the Enlighten channel. Please visit:

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