Doves in Hotlanta

The Dove awards are or will soon be underway in Atlanta. I guess now we’ll know what Nashville looks like without a Christian music industry, if only for a day.

I’m sure I’ll have some post-awards wrap-up to offer by Friday, but in the meantime I leave you with this salient thought on awards:

[Professional awards] are less, it seems to me, a true measure of quality. What they are is what most awards are: a reflection of a professional elite’s view of who is respectable and who isn’t. It’s about reputation, and safety, not quality and risk.

Except, of course, when the people and work we like win. Then it’s about excellence rising to the top.


Anyway, comments particularly welcome from those enduring enjoying the show live.

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  1. Braxton Shaw wrote:

    Phenomenal quote about award shows——I stole it but gave you credit on my FB.

  2. JM wrote:

    I’m going to venture a guess that the lack of response on this subject reflects the point of your posting. I believe there are two issues at play here:

    1) It’s probably difficult for many of your readers to see the Dove Awards committee as a repository of well-informed, objective opinion regarding gospel music. Most of us have seen various artistic award processes “highjacked” by the intercession of well-placed special interests. BTW, this includes awards within the SGM community. So, many of us are skeptical, if not cynical about the Doves.

    2) Given the nature of the message expressed within SGM, it seems somewhat unseemly to have Christain groups, songwriters and bands competing or measured against each other. From a personal point of view, I turn to specific artists, groups or songs when I have a specific need or am in a particular type of mood. Is all of the music I listen to deserving of awards or accolades? Probably not; however, it ministers to my soul in a way and at a moment when I have need of it.

    So, let the Singing News, the Doves or whoever continue to hand out those “at-a boy” awards and the public will continue to view the process as compromised and cloudy. The impact on my heart is more important than the number of awards garnered.

  3. Yes and No wrote:

    I’d say the “[Professional awards] are less, it seems to me, a true measure of quality. What they are is what most awards are:” a behind-the-scenes jockeying for support, by those with access to votes, resulting in the best rarely being honored.

  4. observor wrote:

    I agree with most of what is being said about these “professional” award shows. Most of them are a joke. However, i do give some props to SN. At least it is subscribers that vote and not some unnamed/professional panel or whatever. With SN if you subscribe you can vote. My problem with SN in the past has been that it is not independently tallied. Does any one know if this was ever changed?

  5. Tony Watson wrote:

    #4 - it was recently announced that the SN awards will be independently tallied beginning this year

  6. Janet B wrote:

    Fans are not the best judge of quality, though. Plus, they let their own prejudices color their choices.
    I suppose it’s nice for the person/persons being honored…but it certainly wouldn’t spur me to go out & collect their cd just because it won a Dove or a Slurpee or something.

  7. Melvin Klaudt wrote:

    As an outsider, why not pin a rose while you can? My only complaint is there are so many roses you can’t keep track of the roses much less the color of the rose.

  8. JJ wrote:

    Well said, Melvin Klaudt #7!

  9. Jim2 wrote:

    Big furor now in the Contemporary world now that the Doves have been “A-WORD-ed”

  10. Casual Observer wrote:

    Good point Jim2. The Doves are all about how many GMA memberships your company can purchase (1 for each employee and artist) and the block voting power that results from this purchased influence. The bigger the company, the more votes that company controls (even though the GMA officially forbids block voting - try enforcing that one!). So emails circulate at these companies informing the employees that “The Company” is backing Artist “A” for New Artist of the Year…implied within that memo is that The Company (who paid for your membership) expects you (the humble employee) to vote for the artist The Company is wanting to promote that year. And JM (#2) I don’t think that the public sees these awards as “compromised or cloudy” - I think, for the most part, they believe that everyone on that stage deserves to be there. Perception is reality. I sum up The Doves the way someone once described CCM Magazine…”it’s for those who don’t know so they WON’T know.”

  11. Wade wrote:

    Great BIG OLE Yawn!!!

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