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Apropos our discussion about the experience of hearing songs that echo one another in evocative ways, reader (and friend) Carl writes thusly:

I’m in my element at a 2- or 3-day southern gospel music event, but I have to admit that after a few hours the serendipity is in hearing a song that doesn’t sound like another one.


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  1. Oldtimer wrote:

    I am not too bothered by songs that mirror one another melodically, but I have a increasingly low tolerance for songs that mirror each other lyrically. There has to be some word that rhymes with God other than “trod.” Same with “grace” and “face” or “place.” And the list could go on. I know Jeff Gibson and Heavenbound made a career out of rehashing stale rhymes and gospel music cliches. (No disrespect to Gibson - he did have two or three real songs in the mix.) But give me solid harmony, creative arrangments and lyrics that do not mention mansions, mama, streets of gold, or angels. Previous generation shad guys that could break out of the mold - Lee Roy Abernathy, Mosie Lister, etc. Who are these guys or gals today? Who is out there writing “outside the box?” Southern Gospel without predictability - that is my dream.

  2. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    Well said, No. 1.

  3. Hector Luna wrote:

    aye, and what a dream that is. what a day that will be when un-predictable songs we shall sing. eh, ok that was a lousy joke. but mosie or dottie probably wrote it (ok, well Jim Hill).

  4. Bones wrote:

    What about singing about graveyards? Very inspiring!

  5. observor wrote:

    I could not possibly agree more, Oldtimer

  6. Auke wrote:

    I agree with #one 100%!
    We need a fresh breath of air..musically,lyrically..SGM needs to take a next step…of the beaten path.

    A other word that rhymes with God?….uhhmmm….iPod!?

  7. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    #1: I think there are a few (and I mean a few) songwriters in SGM who still write meaninful original songs without rehashing old songs with different melodies. Two who stand out to me are Kyla Rowland and Ricky Atkinson. You can tell when you hear one of their songs that the lyrics are going to be just as great (if not better) than the music. Kyla summed it up in “Did I Mention”. BTW, a simple arrangment of a simple song that just fits and hits home with so many Christians. “How many sermons can be preached about this Jesus? How many songs can be sung about God’s son?” A bunch, but how many are truly god-inspired and original? Not many.

  8. Hector Luna wrote:

    Blake, frankly i believe many are god-inspired. but what we do need is more God inspired lyrical content.

  9. Oldtimer wrote:

    I agree with the comments about Kyla Rowland - I think she has put out some good stuff. Ditto Dianne Wilkinsnon , Sandy Knight and Jeff Steele. But unfortunately they are the exception rather than the rule. And what has been said about the lack of originality in lyrics can also be said about the poor jokes that have been told by groups for 20 years. If I were a promoter I would fine a group 100$ for these frequent offenders : “Looks like a man and sings like a woman,” “We’ll have to go and get another limited supply,” and “Tape sales go to feed hungry kids - mine.” IN the 50s and 60s groups mimicked Hovie Lister’s routines. In the 70s and 80s all the local guys listened to the Kingsmen live albums and told those jokes without end. In the 90s it was George Younce and the Cathedrals supplying the material. Come on guys - we heard the jokes the same place you did. Again - I am believing for the day that originality in song and jokes comes to Southern Gospel Music! (Dream on - I know.)

  10. Brent Roe wrote:

    It could be said of any genre of music out there that there is a lack of ingenuity. Listen to any of the music channels. It takes a stroke of blessing or God’s touch to make any song stand out from the rest.
    For Phil Cross, or Diane Wilkinson, or any number of good writers and lyricists, it takes hours, mostly and that instant of
    God’s inspiration, to write “Lighthouse”
    or” Where No One Stands Alone” What
    we don’t need is for everybody whose
    gramma has a little nestegg and can count sixteen bars and a coda to pollute the ocean of music with their contribution. Have a little pride and a little discernment and ask is this really my best effort for Him and is this really an honor to Him or just a stab in the dark?

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