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Happy easter, dear readers.

An imperfect storm of technology complications and unexpected travel for me will mean for you a slightly longer what before I say what I would have said about the Doves, and other e-pearls of Avery’s wisdom. I know, I know. Steeal yourselves, faithful ones, for what will surely be a darksome path to trod without the light of this commentary for a few days longer.

In the meantime, please join me in humming “Up From the Grave He Arose.”

The thread is yours.

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  1. irishlad wrote:

    That had to be an intern, Avery (i doubt) would’ve spelt steel ’steal’.

  2. spiderchocolate wrote:

    and “trod” is a past tense verb.

  3. Melvin Klaudt wrote:

    OH NO!!! He arose and left town?????

  4. SG_Obzerver wrote:

    Four of the most chilling words I have ever read…

    “The thread is yours.”

    ~full body shudder~

  5. Ron F wrote:

    I think Avery has retired. If it wasn’t for Gold City this blog would be dead.

  6. ForgottenSwampWorld wrote:

    Also, notice that “wait” is spelled “what.” “A slightly longer *what* before I…” See?

  7. Jake wrote:


  8. irishlad wrote:

    Easter is a proper noun I believe.

  9. BUICK wrote:

    Apropos Easter: as a child, I thought the song was about how God can make something beautiful come from something else (even greasy!): “Up From The Gravy, A Rose!”

  10. Irishlad wrote:

    9 Aye and at Christmas i thought there was a fat guy in with the Jesus,Mary and the wise men…Round John Virgin.

  11. MyGrandmother wrote:

    “Bringing in the sheep, bringing in the sheep, we shall go rejoicing, bringing in the sheep!”

  12. bp wrote:

    Peas, peas, wonderful peas.

    “Why are we singing about peas and what’s so wonderful them?”

  13. Bones wrote:

    George Beverly Shea “A Bomb in Gilead”

  14. ForgottenSwampWorld wrote:

    In the Vocal Band song “The Baptism of Jesse Taylor,” whenever Guy Penrod said “the black eye of the law of will soon be well” I always thought he was saying “the black guy of the law will soon be well.” Weirded me out for years.

  15. Jeremy wrote:

    Isaac’s “I’m gonna move”. I thought it said “no bad news, booger bars. I’m gonna leave my windows open…”. I thought the iron bars on windows were called booger bars. To keep out the boogie man…

  16. Jake wrote:

    Speaking of G.B. Shea, he told the story on himself about an irate woman who wrote to them after a London crusade, offended because she thought he was singing, “It took America to put the stars in place, It took America to hand the world in space.”

  17. CatWhispurrer wrote:

    Oh my GOODNESS, Buick (#9), I’m a long-time lurker and you made me break my silence with that one!!!

    That truly made me laugh out loud…that is too, TOO funny! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Steven wrote:

    Since its an(other) open thread

    *deep breath* ENLIGHTEN IS BEING CANCELLED FROM SIRIUS/XM RADIO. Of course, you can still listen online.
    This is kinda sad, because honestly that was the reason I got it in my car in the first place. Even though, it WAS/IS cheesy alot with some odd music choices, I still think it was on of the best, all music all the time, PLUS had some pretty good specialty programs. Hope SG listeners try to fight it.

  19. art wrote:

    A couple of weeks back, I spent some time watching YouTube videos of gospel groups from decades back. Many of the songs they performed are still knocking around pretty regularly.

    What are the oldest SG songs that you know of that are revisited regularly by today’s industry? (No fair referring to centuries-old hymns)

    Any thoughts of which newer SG songs (since the past decade or so) will likely still be performed 50 years from now?

  20. DamoninKY wrote:

    Old songs that stay around:
    I Saw the Light
    I’ll Fly Away
    I’m Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs
    Oh What a Savior!
    The Old Country Church (although this one is about to go as the number in any audience who remembers the old country churches diminishes)

    Newer SG Songs with Longevity:
    Perrys Songs (I Wish I Coulda Been There, I Remember the Day, I Rest My Case at the Cross)
    My Name is Lazarus
    The Blind Man Saw it All

  21. Steve H wrote:

    re: 9-15,

    “…with four hundred children and a crop in the field…”

    Lucille should have left a few hundred children ago.

  22. Irishlad wrote:

    19 Art, I didn’t really know how old “My God is real” was when i heard the Florida Boys with Josh Garner taking the lead a few years back.It sounded pretty new and fresh,imagine my surprise then when i picked up on a new Youtube post of Denver Crumpler singing it when he was with the sounded just as good IMO.

  23. Rick in southGeorgia wrote:

    The Rambos, in a tune called “Send in the Clouds,” sang: “Standing, gazing toward the sky, waiting for my cherry pie.”
    At least, that’s what I thought I heard (not, “waiting for my chariot ride.”

  24. cdguy wrote:

    Steve, I thought it was “four hundred children and a COP in the field.”

  25. Janet B wrote:

    The Family of God:
    “Join hairs with Jesus, as we travel this sod…”

    Guess Guy took that one to heart. ;)

  26. JD wrote:

    Pans of gravy, clouds of gory.

  27. topsy wrote:

    “Temptation yet ensnares
    Often takes OUR UNDERWEAR
    An’ our hearts are made to bleed
    For a thoughtless word or deed
    An’ we wonder why th test
    When we try to do our best
    But they’ll understand it better bye an’ bye

  28. Melvin Klaudt wrote:

    # 22, I first heard, “My God Is Real” in 1946 in a church service in So. California. If my math is right, that is 65 years ago. Many of these old songs were sung for years, before someone decided to copyright them. We used to sing “How Great Thou Art” in the late thirties and early forties and then someone decided to copyright it in the fifties. It was called an old Russian Melody back then.

  29. Irishlad wrote:

    Just caught the news that Rev David Wilkerson (Cross and the Switchblade) was killed in a car crash in Texas,he was 79 RIP.

  30. Sensible wrote:

    Every father’s day there used to be a guy in the church that wanted to sing “Father Alone” instead of “Farther Along”

  31. Bones wrote:

    I wouldn’t take nuttin’ for my jersey cow!

  32. Gayla wrote:

    #30 Sensible, I know personally of Quartets that have received numerous requests over the years for “Father Along” - too funny!

  33. ode wrote:

    9 Buick and all followups.. heeee… LOL that is cool thread!! :D

    13Bones, re: “bomb in gilead”- darkfunny,sadly true. huge parts of Jordan valley east of river are Area B, just like one in West Bank, can be traveled only with military convoy,mainly to prevent eager for adventure peeps from stepping right into roadbombs. Peace treaty in place,but Jordan cant figure out how to remove mines that been there since 67. Few blown up bridges- who cares, they think ;) “God helped you cross Jordan on foot back then,who needs all the bridges”
    Jewish boy and his 12 brothers cant wander around jordan valey and mountains of gilead freely anymore as in old times.. here,color commentary
    (are girls in shorts = abomination? like wine and dancing? just in case,all personal stuff removed)

    Ok, thats history derail.back on music track. What cave is Avery hiding at?

  34. ode wrote:

    28 -Seriously,that how it happens sometimes? people can just take the old folk songs or spirituals,etc. slightly tweak and copyright them? wow. sad.

  35. Auke wrote:

    The song ‘baptism’ by Randy Travis..i always heard this song..and it’s 2nd verse like this….
    ‘Daddy, in his good hat
    Mamma in her sunday dress
    Watched with pride as I stood there
    In the water up to my ass’.

    Originally it says ‘chest’..but ass works fine

  36. Brent Roe wrote:

    Surely you”ve all sung about Gladdy, the crosseyed bear.

  37. baritonebob wrote:

    Many years ago there was a repeated radio ad for a SGM concert in my area and at the end when the admission price was stated it always sounded as if the announcer was clearly saying “Black children get in Free” but finally after a couple of weeks it was announced that he was saying “Lap children get in Free’

  38. Granny wrote:

    He could have “hauled” ten thousand angels.

  39. CatWhispurrer wrote:

    Okay, granted, absolutely NOTHING to do with SGM in the least, but…

    …when I was a kid we drove a “4 Dorsey Dan”, and were thinking of converting our house to “4 stair heat”.

  40. melvin klaudt wrote:

    nime ot under the alcafluence of inkahaul as some thinkle may peep, the drunker I stand here the longer I get.

    I’m almost eighty, humor me!!

  41. Bones wrote:

    Ode Back in the 50’s we had drills in schools cause the US thought someone was goin’ bomb us. We hid under the desk. I didn’t know why he say about it. I found out it is BALM not Bomb.

  42. Irishlad wrote:

    Stay off the old firewater Mel :)

  43. Bones wrote:

    Irishlad, That is funny.

  44. Jason wrote:

    What happened to Ed Crawford? I see MMQ are looking for a baritone.

  45. carl wrote:

    Oh Gloria, Stay!

  46. carl wrote:

    Melvin, you being almost 80 let me ask a couple unrelated old timey questions. Can you tell me if the Klaudt Family spent any time ministering &/or singing on the reservations of southern Montana (Crow, Cheyenne) during the late 1940s and 1950s? And do you remember singing a song called “In the shady green pastures of the riches of grace” by Ross Minkler?

  47. cynical one wrote:

    #44 — Bones — Yes, nothing could protect us from an A-Bomb like a school desk! The radiation wouldn’t be able to get to us down there. lol

  48. Thetenor wrote:

    I have an uncle who many years ago was leading the congregational singing at my Grandfathers ch, and said ” please join me in singing that great old chorus, Thank you Lord for saving my soul. Thank you Lord for making my hole ” funny stuff, but he sure didn’t think so at the time!!!!

  49. melvin klaudt wrote:

    # 44- Yes, we ministered on the Crow, Cheyenne Reservations along with many others in the Mid-West, West and Southwest. We had a tent that would seat 3,000 and all the equipment that we would set up on Indian reservations during the 40’s-60’s. “In The Shady Green Pastures” by Ross Minkler was one of our most requested songs.

  50. Another wrote:

    We had a minister of music who refused a bride’s request to sing “He Touched Me” at her wedding.

  51. John H. wrote:

    My brothers and I used to sing…
    “Mercy there was great
    and Grapes were free
    Pardon there was
    multiplied by three”

    Whe you are a little kid multiplied by three made sense with Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

  52. melvin klaudt wrote:

    My post # 49 should have been to post # 46 instead of post # 44.

  53. Bones wrote:

    Junior church kids thought “Heavenly Moonshine” was funny

  54. Casual Observer wrote:

    At the cross, at the cross
    Where the train hit my hoss
    And the wheels of my wagon rolled away
    It was there by chance
    That I tore my Sunday pants
    And now I have to wear them everyday

  55. Bones wrote:

    The post is diffently not written by Doug. Poor sentence structure.

  56. carl wrote:

    The substitute words and misheard lyrics in this thread bring to mind a game I used to play as a youngster when I was bored in church: pick out a song in the hymnal and think of real other words that when read aloud fast sound something like the actual lyrics. Only trouble was, when I got one I thought was too clever to keep to myself, I’d have to show my buddy and we’d get to laughing. I’d also feel guilty about messing around with inspired words, but not enough to stop me next time. I catch myself doing this at gospel concerts sometimes.

    The first verse of Wonderful Peace might read like this.

    Faroe Wayne Ned Epsom eye spear rut stun height
    Flow some mellow Dee Swede urn saw ulm
    Insult lest jewels train sit-in sea sing leaf low
    Soar mice awl icon nymph in it comb.

    You better get back here Doug. Look how far we stray when you’re away.

  57. melvin klaudt wrote:

    As a preacher evangelist kid, and normally in a church for maybe 2 weeks at the most, and sitting with the deacons kids, we would read a title in the hymnal and then say, “beneath the sheets”. Kind of raunchy at times.

  58. Odeliya wrote:

    Bones,sure,I listened to it -balm in Gilead is an old african-american spiritual, very pretty song.
    i was just joking that balm n bomb, both actual realities of Jordan valley land..

    thanx for mentioning GBShea, I googled him-the man is quite a legend! Got a chuckle,too-so he marries a girl 33 years his junior? Look at the chutzpah on this one. I mean, my father is 76,he goes to bed at 8, but that one still marries someone his child’s age? May God bless his days, I say it as a respectful compliment, of course. I myself see boys that are slightly gone to seed as ones having great charm.. You are an old horny goat, George :D

  59. irishlad wrote:

    While shepherds washed their socks by night all seated on the ground….

  60. Shelia wrote:

    I always loved singing Thank You Lord for Your Blessings on me, but I would inevitably sing: “There’s a roof up above me, I’ve a good place to sleep, there’s shoes on the table and food on my feet.”

  61. Bones wrote:

    “There’s not a friend like the Lonely Jesus”

  62. Wade wrote:

    Saw The Sisters yesterday while accompanying Mom to Mothers Day Service!! Got to give the Music Minister Tony Hullender ( Jeff’s Brother who played Bass for Gold City in the Glory Days when it was just he & Garry Jones in the Band) He did not shove the choir & 42 special singers on us. 1 song to warm & welcome & 1 to take up the offering.

    It was interesting the minister did 25 minutes FIRST & then the Sisters did 25 minutes. HUGE CHURCH they were VERY busy at the table. Heather & Kim had on some GREAT SHOES!!!

    The Girls can sing!!!

    Kim did a good job as MC & coming from ME that means something.

    Heather can really GET DOWN really enjoyed how her low tones filled out the sound. If you have a woman reach that low it makes it much easier on the women singing the upper parts.

    Is Val really not spoken for??? Dadgum… the girl can go!!! I think Kim might be a little jealous!! :-)

    They had Greg Shockley running sound. Now that’s a job I would like to have!!!
    They did not blast in volume which was very impressive after the last concert at the church the Whisnants apparently had deaf godzilla running sound for them!! The tracks did not over power the singing and it did not sound like they had vocals stacked.

    Mom said she wished they had sang more songs she had heard, and it would have been nice. But I enjoyed it regardless… Tonz of Talent. Was not sad Greg & Michael stayed at home!!! ;-)

    If you get a chance to see them in concert I would recommend it!!! It was nice hearing the blend with out Momma Ruppe crying or attempting to preach the entire time!!!

    If you would like a fun commentary on the pastors sermon go to my facebook page by clicking my name link and look for post called Sunday Sermon. Did not know that among the list of things that have brought down the family apparently Sterilization is a new sin.

    Hysterectomies & Vasectomies are now also an abomination in the eyes of God. NO it was not a Catholic Church is was baptist so of course they had to have homosexuality on the list!!! More on my page!!!

  63. melvin klaudt wrote:

    My dad used to tell a story about a farmer’s wife in the Dakotas that got saved. so to keep peace in the household, daddy farmer would attend church with her. One day the mamma farmer said we need to start giving to the Lord. which really upset the conservative daddy farmer. Upon much head butting and verbal abuse from mamma farmer, he decided to give the next calf that was born. However when the next calf was born it appeared to be a champion looking heifer. So daddy farmer decided to negotiate with God and give the next calf to the Lord. So when Sunday rolled around and while they were parking the pickup, the church was singing “The half has never been told”. He thought they were singing “The calf has never been sold”

  64. Craig wrote:

    #44 Jason. Ed and Jym were having disagreements about the direction of MMQ. Ed sold MMQ to Jym

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