Catching up

So, after a round trip to Missouri, a funeral, finals and grading, and a computer malfunction (on a solid state hard drive that I bought less than a year ago on the assumption that SSHDs are more stable), I’m back. Or, apropos the ongoing discussion of misheard lyrics, through many dangerous toys and snails … I have returned. However, this return shouldn’t necessarily dissuade you from continuing to deconstruct my prose and figure out ever more inventive ways to mishear old favorites.

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  1. quartet-man wrote:

    The SSD technology isn’t quite there yet. People who are in the know that I know haven’t started using them yet. Although part is due to the price per gigabyte, part is that they aren’t real stable yet. Some brands might be better than others, but I would still wait before using them.

  2. judi wrote:

    Misheard lyrics: as a child I thought my grandpa’s Men’s Bible Class was singing “bringing in the sheep”……

  3. pj wrote:

    A youngster in our church asked her mother what the word ‘kinky’ meant. The surprised mom said “where did you hear that word?”
    The little girl answered: “This morning in church. The choir sang “Lead on, O kinky turtle!” ;)

  4. Skeeter McJones wrote:

    Did any of you go to Nashville for the Gaither Tribute?
    It was a fantastic evening. I think even you Gaither bashers would have enjoyed it. You may not agree with them all of the time but you cannot overlook the fact that they have written some of the best songs out there.
    There was a great line up of artists there. Amy Grant and Vince Gill were not there due to her mother’s death.
    The daughter of the late Dottie Rambo was there…….she is trying to look like she is 30. I think her face and a little bit lower have all had some help/work. So sad.

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