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It’s seems about time for one of these. The academic summer of self-directed work is here for me in the real world, which ideally will mean more time to listen and write about some of the music that’s piled up during the school year (plus feel free to suggest an album, recently released or not, that I should dig out of the pile). And of course I’ll be trying to put the time to good use on some non-blog writing projects that need attention, including a piece on Dottie Rambo for a volume of essays about the literary qualities of country and gospel music.

In the meantime, here are a few items to kick things off:

  • Dylan turned 70 yesterday. I used to live a few blocks from a house his mother inhabited for many years in Duluth, MN, and several of my friends made the trek up to the Iron Range to see Robert Zimmerman’s birthplace. Most of my Dylan exposure and the associations I have with his music come from the years I lived up North, most memorably hearing his music from the jukebox of a dive in Superior, WI, called the Anchor, where my colleagues and I on the copy desk evening shift would retire after putting the paper to bed. There’s a tangled up in booze joke to be had here somewhere, but nevermind: Happy belated to America’s latter-day bard.
  • Also via KC (who must have too much free time on his hands), a clip of the Brooklyn Tab choir backing one Shara McKee singing “Oh The Cross.” Aside from the singer’s mildly unnerving machine-gun vibrato and the lyrics’ cringe-inducing “you and I” (an issue about which I vaguely recall ranting years ago when I was still handrolling the site, though I can’t find that post in the archive now), you could do worse for your mid-week youtube diversion.
  • Via NG, Canada’s international trade minister has a southern gospel group, Father’s Daughter, in which he plays the piano. Go figure, eh.
  • And unless there was any doubt that it’s early summer, I have begun making NQC plans.

What else?

  • Here’s what else: I forgot to note that a reader is looking for a pre-release copy of the Perrys’ Blue Skies with Troy Peach on the recording. If anyone has one for sale, leave a comment for DPC500.
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  1. Eric wrote:

    What a great day to start the day! That article on the “history” of SG music had me, due to a sudden burst of laughter, spitting my morning beverage on my monitor.
    Not only is the author greatly misinformed, but it is clear the author has a lot of trouble with the English language. To be fair, I have the feeling the author may not speak any English, but relied on translation software.
    “This had a major influence on childish (young?) Southern artists such as Elvis Pressley, Johnny currency (Cash)…”

  2. JM wrote:

    #1 / Agreed. However in the spirit of international brotherhood and goodwill, I vow not to critique or review the Kama Sutra, if they will stay out of the SGM corral.

  3. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    That history looks like a Babelfish translation.

    It reminds me of an instruction leaflet that came with a hard drive enclosure I bought a few years ago. There was an entire section on “Whopping the product properly.”

  4. Eric wrote:

    LOL @ JM!

  5. CVH wrote:

    The best part of the SG history is the disclaimer at the bottom: “**NOTE** - Amitosh Singh has claimed original rights on the article “Southern Gospel Music Origin and History” … if there is a dispute on the originality of this article … please contact us via our Contact Form and supply our staff with the appropriate details of dispute.”

    I say Wade, irishlad, quartet-man, me and a few othes all dispute the authorship of the piece - that he stole our laptop while we were in Mumbai for the Indian Southern Gospel
    Convention. I know I get a warm feeling and a tear in my eye every time I hear The Sacred Cow Quartet sing,
    “Veena Vadama Tatvagnaha, Sruthi Jathi Visharada Talagnanacha Aprayasena,
    Mokshamargam Gachachathi”.

  6. NG wrote:

    Re Dylan: In the late 70s and early 80s, he recorded three gospel albums in a row — Slow Train Coming, Saved and Shot of Love. I’m not aware of any SGM artists covering any of the songs although ones like “I Believe in You” and “When He Returns” would have worked as SGM songs.
    African-American gospel artists did covers of various Dylan gospel songs.

    Anyways Happy 70th Bob. “May your heart always be joyful; May your song always be sung; May you be forever young.”

  7. Joe wrote:

    Doug, I’d be very interested in reading your piece on Dottie Rambo. Hope you post it when it’s completed.

  8. Hector Luna wrote:

    CVH, you’re right. When Wade and Irishlad go to battle, they go hard. Only expect surrender, Mr. Amitosh Singh!! Of course he may be related Vijay Singh. If that’s the case, maybe there’s no way he could give up his original rights.

  9. ode wrote:

    #3, heeee..the chinese manual :D
    yeap, the original is this:

    #5, ROTFL …”Sacred Cow Quartet” bet it won some fan awards, “Best of” something..

  10. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    No. 1: Greatly misinformed and a lot of trouble with the English language? Sounds like Ode to me…

    Would love a southern gospel group to cover Bob Dylan’s song “Saved.” Check that: I DARE a southern gospel group to cover it. Crazy that a Dylan tune has more theological truth than most southern gospel ALBUMS.

  11. irishlad wrote:

    Soooo, Scott McCreery won American Idol eh?It’s a cryin shame he’ll go unnoticed in the UK,majority of folk here just don’t “get” bass singers(apart from Sg lovers).I base that on the fact that Josh Turner,Trace Adkins et al remain virtually unheard of in the UK.
    Btw i hope Colet Selwyn(or is it the other way round?) and the Sunshine Singers aint related to Amitosh Singh :)

  12. Wade wrote:

    CVH he did not steal my lap top in India. I spent the night is a cheap hotel is cousin owned!!!

    Thanks Dr DH for not allowing the Shannon Childress thread to turn into a gay referendum!! I was afraid that was what was going to happen!!!

    Like Hector says I was READY to go HARD at some one!!!

  13. natesings wrote:

    Third Day covered “Saved” by Dylan on their “Offerings” CD.

  14. ode wrote:

    :D LOL oh, yeah. But I dont have a lot of trouble with English language, my sweet, Engl.language has a lot of trouble with me! I abuse it to levels unknown to mankind,cancel grammar and castrate sentences like SG groups song lyrics, turning text into an acid trip. As my precious Business Comm professor,recovering baptist,used to say “Ms. B-n,you screw English so bad,if the language was a virgin, you’d have to marry it after what you’ve repeatedly done to it ”
    Trying to fugde my way into Avery’s online class…

    Someone lied to me you say?Ok,Ill kick their ass later, for now, if possible, give me your correct version of what I got misinformed about. I have great deal of respect for you,Soli, so it would be an honor.

  15. ode wrote:

    Rock on, Wade :D! neah,nobody tried. Even fundies have respect for death; often they are much nicer people then their theology warrants.

    I saw yours,I-lad, C VH, and q-man specs on The Queen, LOL . majority of SG kingdomites are traditionalists. Kirk’s candidacy won’t work.

    Kings marry for duty, not love. I’ll apply, when are auditions? For his Majesty’s amusement the King can hand-select a Quartet and few personal male Soloists, as a modern take of King Solomon’s concubines. Heir? promises. Avie, can we close our eyes and think of England? If elected a queen, I outlaw, at the threat of beheading: cheesy, two-dimensional and lame SG lyrics,toupees and other hair dont’s, older women’s illrepute-looking heavy makeup.

  16. cynical one wrote:

    Ode, what, then, would we have to look forward to @ NQC?

  17. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    Ode (No. 14), I just thought it would be a funny comment. And I was right. No specific offense intended.

  18. Hector Luna wrote:

    speaking of Kirk, a little preview from GV, including the Talley signature. from what I understand, this project should be a bit of a departure from recent GV recordings. of course, key word being, ‘a bit’. they got a little more punch now.

    and Soli, thank you for your heart for theological truth. and yes Third Day recorded it on “Offerings”.

    Lastly my favorite piece would be as #1 mentioned, “Johnny Currency”.

  19. BigC wrote:

    Southern Gospel, gardening, and Glen Dustin.

  20. irishlad wrote:

    That Mike Allen with Le Fevre now?? Talking about Mikes and bassos…where the heck is Mike Bullock now?

  21. Wade wrote:

    EVERYBODY have a FUN Safe Memorial Day Weekend & of course remember what the holiday is ALL about!!

    If you are a facebook friend, you can click on link by web site & get ya there… but if you are a FB Friend from Avery post your fav Patriotic Song on my wall!!!

    Y’all are ALL CRAZY as I in your own way!!! AND I LOVE IT!!!

    I’m a hardcore entertainer and THIS ENTERTAINS ME, plus I love all the people who secretly love SGM.

    I sneak it in on the crowd many times like Stand Up by Kingsmen at the end show bumper music!!! Of course it starts on the course but I clip it together & ppl hear the entire song, if they LISTEN or not I don’t know, but it is s fun song having 4 guys yelling STAND UP at ppl… surprisingly they do!!


  22. NG wrote:

    Letter to the Editor in today’s Toronto Star:
    “Perhaps the Rapture did occur on May 21 and we were all left behind.”

  23. irishlad wrote:

    22 There has been a Rapture: Alan Parks, Joe M.D., Blake Edmondson to name a few have all disappeared.

  24. irishlad wrote:

    In one of my more lucid moments I got to thinking about that orange-haired mogul Bill Gaither and the wonderful legacy he has left behind of that miniscule genre or music we now call Southern Gospel. One shudders to think if it had been left in the hands of say an Eddie Crook(who said crook)that alone tends to make be believe in the Big Man.

  25. Wade wrote:

    Irishladdy… Joe MD … now that is funny!!

    Preach on about the other stuff too!!

  26. irishlad wrote:

    To CVH & anyone else who’s interested on the Richard Sterban fan page on FB some fella has posted old audio clips of the Keystone Qt many featuring a young Richard. :)

  27. CVH wrote:

    irishlad - thanks for the tip - I’ll check it out!

  28. Wade wrote:

    ode… Sadly you were wrong there are some ppl do not respect the dead!! I knew it was coming over on the Shannon Childress Thread!! Could you ppl not come HERE to the OPEN THREAD!!!????

    I pray I get to stand beside some of those ppl while they receive the most important judgement!!!

  29. irishlad wrote:

    28 yes Wade I didn’t have to look to hard on the SC thread to pick up on that. The bad spelling and grammar’s a dead giveaway .Those folk certainly are multi - talented in THEIR display or ignorance.

  30. JM wrote:

    As this is an open thread, I wondering if I can ask a question and start off in another direction? The history of SGM is full of individuals and groups who were, pardon the candor, stinking, lousy, rotten singers and musicians; however, some of the very worst were actually quite successful. I know that God can use anyone for His glory; however, what gives a rotten singer/musician the nerve to try to pass themselves off as somewhat accomplished? Just wondering…does that person really hear themselves or do they just ignore the bleeding ear drums around them?

  31. Jake wrote:

    JM (#30) — Maybe if you name the particular individuals and/or groups you are thinking of we might be able to getsome answers here. Otherwise it is rather general and speculation, since nobody knows for sure who or what anyone else is thinking of.

  32. Alan wrote:

    Irishlad - #23: Someone told me that you were using my name in vain, so I had to see. If the Rapture did take place, Phillip, I’m still here. And I wasn’t supposed to be! Recently e-mailed Dr. Joe and he’s still around too, alive and very well. I guess I’m like most who used to be fairly avid readers here. The history of AVFL is a number who are involved for a while, but eventually leave. I’ll check back at times if there’s significant news like a personnel change of note, a death, etc., to see Doug’s response, if any. This used to be the most relevant blog on this little genre of music, but that was a while ago. Best to you!

  33. NG wrote:

    Alan #32 — So what is now the most relevant blog on Southern Gospel?

  34. Alan wrote:

    NG - I’m not sure there really are any as of now that are what I’d call relevant. I check Musicscribe at times to see what the guys there are writing, but it seems to me that as this genre has gone, so are the blogs. When I first began reading Avery, Doug posted fairly often. Even when I might have disagreed with him, his words were thought provoking. But, over the last couple of years, he writes very infrequently, and often on topics that seem to foment few comments. That’s not a huge surprise, really, as I can’t imagine that many fans of this music would find the majority of topics of much interest. Also, without judging, the comments threads have taken a massive downturn here. Rare are there great comments, and many (most?) appear to have been written by people who seem to have no real understanding of, or belief in, basic Christianity, which should be, after all, the basis of any form of “Christian” music. I did come by to read the threads on Gold City, and was pretty disgusted by the comments that were obviously coming from the usual cast of characters who are utterly clueless about both Gold City and the situation they were going through, or what it’s like to be in this business. So, if and when I drop by these days, I’ll check the headlines of Doug’s posts, to see if any pique my interest, (few do) but I’ll avoid the comment threads. Once upon a day, the pros would read this blog, even if they’d only admit that to trusted friends. But today? Very, very rarely, and I say that on a good bit of personal knowledge. So, hence my thoughts on relevance. It would be nice if one day a strong believer in Jesus Christ would write a blog about sgm, from a Christian perspective, with the grace and wordsmithery of Doug. But, that’s probably too much to expect. All the best to you.

  35. More wrote:

    That oughta be obvious. The one that actually comments on things like NEWS in SG on a regular basis. It doesn’t allow enough free speech, but is becoming more relevant than this site. This site is good for comments and hearsay in SG and interesting NQC coverage - that’s about it.

  36. fridaynightrevival wrote:

    It’s pretty hard to to find something to say newsworthy on Southern Gospel every single day. I just recently entered the blogging world, and I can see my own writer’s block in a month. So I semi-know what avery and others go through.

  37. irishlad wrote:

    32 Alan my man, you’re a real laugh a minute, if i ever need a light hearted read i know where to read.

  38. Alan wrote:

    #36 - Thanks for contacting me and for not only recommending your new blog, but for what you have to write. Great stuff! I just spent a little while reading through it all, and was delighted with your excellent blog on Lari Goss. I’ve bookmarked it now, and will be checking back in fairly often. Thanks again, and God bless!

  39. Jake wrote:

    Alan (#38) — have you tried Daniel Mount’s blog site?

  40. NG wrote:

    #34 Alan: Thanks for responding in detail to my query. #36 Fridaynightrevival: Enjoyed your new blog. Like like most of them I could do without a few of the comments in the threads. Oh well, some might feel the same about my comments.

  41. Wade wrote:

    ishishlad… love it when they talk about us!!! ;-))

    Challenging ANY ONE to let us know a MORE READ, MORE MEANINGFUL, NOT KISS ASS, REAL LIFE, TRUE LIFE, NOT overly moderated Blog w/ a SGM slant??!?!?!?

    Every time any of your goodie goodies get in the flesh this is the first place you come to FIND out what is REALLY HAPPENING!!!

    Don’t forget before you deny it …the cool thing about these blogs is Dr. DH can get on his dashboard & SEE what page, how long, & how many threads you visit!!!

    Kinda like making a fat joke at a show and the crowd goes flat & it is like I CAN SEE YOU I AM NOT BLIND Ppl!!!

    It’s also funny some TALENT most ppl outside the industry has never heard of comes on here & gets all INDIGNANT!!! …and for some one who NEVER hardly comes, sure does know when to respond!!! You either come here MUCH Alan or you have alerts sets, either way get real please!! God Bless!!!

  42. Hector Luna wrote:

    I won’t lie. I check it every 2 or 3 days at least…it’s like my soap opera of the week. But better than that. It gets a little nasty sometimes, but it is mostly real life and usually all is well in the end.

  43. Alan wrote:

    Um, Wade? Was your latest little rant about me? If you read the things I wrote, I didn’t call smack on anyone. Just stated my own opinions. But, like much of what you write, friend, I didn’t really understand it. And, if your last paragraph was also about me, I’m not in sgm. I cut my teeth on it and still have a love for it. And, I still have some good friends in the genre. I’d love for it to prosper. But, I do have to smile. God has allowed me to travel to 58 countries of the world, and my unknown albums have been sold in 178 countries, manufactured on five continents. Around six million miles of traveling, Wade, and I’m grateful to the Lord for allowing me the little ministry He has. So no, I’m not in sg, but we both have a love for it. And we both believe what we do, so we’ll both just carry on, right?

  44. Rick in southGeorgia wrote:

    Re: #44: I bet you are Alan Osmond, aren’t you. Come on, bud, fess up! :)

  45. irishlad wrote:

    44 Bahahahahahahahhaha!

  46. irishlad wrote:

    Wade, Al plays for the Brethern folk…gentlemen, scholars and fine judges of cheap wine :)

  47. Blackstone wrote:

    just curious about your Duluth experience. I live 45 minutes from Duluth and go there at least once each week.

  48. Edie wrote:

    I’ve been seeing some posts on Facebook saying Harold Lane has died. Anyone have information on this?

  49. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    No. 32: I just checked out another prominent southern gospel blog which was featuring a nice, polite, one-sided debate about the merit of matching suits and ties, and matching suits and ties were winning in a landslide.

    Right or wrong, at least people here bring the heat, and that makes this the most relevant blog in southern gospel. Because, honestly, what’s the point in a blog where everyone cordially agrees with one another (e.g., the matching suit “controversy” referenced above)?

  50. quartet-man wrote:

    #49 It isn’t totally one-sided. There were some mild disagreements on it. There is certainly a degree of control on what is allowed there (they want to keep it positive how that is defined there), but let’s be accurate. Even the moderator is undecided and different people had different ideas.

  51. Ode wrote:

    34, you forgot to inform us about your enormous male endowment, cars, homes and new set of golf clubs :D

    Easy does it, Alan.. you ride here on your high moral horse, acting selfcongratulatory and smarmy, offend participants, belittle Avery, criticize the blog, declare majority of commenters unsaved and unchristian, claiming you are “not judging” and demand respect for “your opinions”? All that while denying people the same right to criticize musical groups? Classy! Admire your audacity, you can run for public office.

    Irishlad joked, so what? Soli joked with me,I joked with Avery,everybody jokes at good ol’ Wade’s expense, why are you off limits, you such a big poobah?

  52. Ode wrote:

    16 ,cynical ;) Status quo remains.

    24, LOL wonder if there is a causitive correlation between orange hair and quality of music manufacturing? Billy Gaither, Barry manilow… should we rewrite the king’s decree to force all aspiring SG producers to color their hair orange?

  53. Wade wrote:


    Nice to have some one else around to call BS on some of these ppl!!!

    But thanks to Alan I discovered that dadgum I have some music & other things on 3 continents & 10 countries!!!

    Heck I have sold stuff to Irishladdy on 2 different continents & 3 countries maybe 4 I do not remember where we were that last time!! :-)

    Yes, Ode VERY PPL on here can take a joke and MANY think themselves WAY important!!!


  54. Joe wrote:

    Hey Ode (#51)-

    That name is short for “odious”, right? Thought so.

    Next time before you give Alan a good pounding (and he says more in less concerning both spiritual AND common sense matters than most any other 5 posters here….), I’d suggest you take three things. A deep breath, your prozac, and your premarin.

    The reason he proclaims so many here as having “no real belief in nor understanding of basic Christianity”, is a simple one, and it’s not his fault.

    Y’all give yourselves dead away.

  55. Ode wrote:

    to #54, Joe- Kid, why are you trolling the musical blog? Your parents don’t supervise your internet activities ?

    Incoherent rants at bathroom graffiti level and jokes about vaginal dryness meds in a blog read by a lot of elderly women? What, you are in 5th grade? (no offense to all the smart 5th graders out there)

    Avery is liberal, but trust me,boychilk, if you keep trolling, even he will eventually ban you.

  56. Joe wrote:


    10 grandkids. #11 on the way. In and around SGM all of my adult life. You question me on “incoherent rants at bathroom grafitti level”?! You started this…re-read at your high-class literary prose in your first paragraph of post #51. All I did was briefly stoop to your usual level. Sorry.

    I’ve had the honor of Doug banning 2 of my posts so far. Not nearly as many as ol’ Wade, mind you…so that’s not a big deal. Just don’t try tackling Alan on any subject that is even remotely spiritual, however. You’re out of his league.

  57. Alan wrote:

    Whoa. I need to drop in here. Ode - did you once post as “Odeliya”? Sorry if I misspelled that….In any event, thanks, Joe, but I must add this. I wouldn’t respond to Ode’s comment, although it did give me a little smile. ;-) If Ode is indeed who I assume, then you’re Jewish, right, and from Israel? I’ve made five separate trips to Israel, and have a very deep love of, and passion for, both Israel and her people. I try and pray almost every day for the peace of Jerusalem, as the Bible instructs us to do. So, Ode, I will not pray for the safety and salvation of the nation and citizens of Israel, and then turn around and snark you. Fair deal?

    Joe, the comments here often reflect a pretty large misunderstanding in the differences between judging and discernment. The former, we’re forbidden to do…”Judge not lest you be judged”, right? But, the Lord Jesus Himself said that “By their fruits you will know them”. I initially responded way back when a relative told me that Irishlad had said that we’d been raptured, with what I thought was a tongue-in-cheek reply, and was grinning as I wrote it. But, if I have any discernment, as I said, there are lots of comments here that show the “fruit” of a persons language and thinking. I wasn’t judging, at all. Last week my daughter told me that she feels I’m the least judgmental person she’s ever met, which, if that’s her belief after growing up in our home, I’m very thankful she believes that.

  58. Wade wrote:

    Hi Dr. Joe some one mentioned you , was probably Irishladdy… & it made me grin & chuckle in a good way & I posted so. I missed ya posting.

    Dr. DH has only MODERATED 2 of my post… one was ok with me and the other was on a presidential political matter I think even Joe & Alan would’ve agree with me on… so SEE… we can ALL find common ground!!!

    Hey Dr. Joe the worst thing you ever did to me was make me think… but you can get DOWN in the mud as good as any one!!! I know it is still on my wall. But I love ya and cheerish our even private communications.

    But I still think the Goodmans were wrong!!! ;-) :-)… but the Oaks should have sent them some money for being like they were. It was fun for me to watch them (Goodmans) change and MODERATE in their thinking, it mighta taken their kids & grandkids turning out to not be near as righteous as they. Hey Vestal even found it in her heart to sing with George Jones towards the end!!

    Nite Y’all!!!

  59. Joe wrote:

    Hello, Wade, my friend- good hearing from you! Hope all is well…
    Yes- I am rarely here any more. I get to keep up with you from time to time on FB. I too enjoyed the emails we shared back and forth…and ya know what? I kinda agree with you about the Goodmans and the Oaks. I do think the Goodmans mellowed in their later years…I also don’t think Rusty was ever vindictive. As you know, we almost signed with the Oaks to record an album, but did several with the Goodmans instead. Maybe that’s while why I’m a bit more partial to the HGF.

    I too laughed when Irishlad thought we had been raptured. I wish! Poor old Mr. Camping now has been hit with a stroke, and apparently can’t speak or write…sort of ironic for a man who has been so often wrong on the Lord’s return..

    Great hearing from you. Be good.

  60. Ode wrote:

    (sigh) Alan, you dissapoint me much by being dishonest (”Relative told me about this post” is a blogosphere equivalent of “dog ate my homework”),carelessly offending (encouraging joe’s insults?) , being way too judgemental, prideful and bragging about yourself too much. It’s sad, because such behaivor, to paraphrase Ghandi, is so resembling of christians and so unlike Christ. No wonder Israelis have such low opinion of christians- the majority gives the rest a bad name.

    But I’ve forgiven my brethren in Christ much worse offenses, if they do pray for Eretz. I dislike you (maybe I am mistaken,will you redeem yourself in my eyes with future posting? only time will show) but I truly appreciate your prayers and are very grateful for them. Oh, well. Nobody is perfect.

  61. Joe wrote:


    The arrogance, affrontery, haughtiness, and bloated ego with which you write is almost incomprehensible.

    Sure hope you’re happy way up there on that lonely pinnacle you’ve made for yourself.

    You truly are in a class by yourself on AVFL.

  62. Ode wrote:

    As it always happens, if trolls like “joe” are not fed, they usually go away by themselves :)

    he probably will spit venom for a few more weeks or a month and will dissapear ;)

  63. Alan wrote:

    I read your comments last night, Ode, and wondered through today if I should respond. I will, and then it’s time for me to leave this old thread. A few things first.

    You accuse me of “dishonesty”. And then, of judging. Seriously, Ode, think about that! In your two comments “to” me, you’ve said about ten judgmental things, and never one time have I judged you. But as to my being “dishonest”, here’s an offer. Click on my name, which will take you to my website. Then find the “Contact Me” tab, and send me an e-mail with your e-mail address. I will forward it along to my brother, to let him respond to you, and tell you about his call to me, in which we had a great old laugh when Phillip (Irishlad) said on here that I’d been raptured. Let’s see if you’ll follow through, Ode, and see who’s the honest party of the two of us. I really do have to thank you for your last comment, though. More than anything that anyone could ever say, it speaks volumes. It’s fascinating on here when the people who yell the most about certain commenters being “judgmental” are light-years more judgmental than any of those they love to blast.

    And then, you say you dislike me, but that I might “redeem myself” in future posts. And you dare to state that I think too highly of myself?!! Ode, please. Am I to live my life for the approval of an anonymous commenter on a blog like this? If so, sorry, ma’am. I try to live in such a way that my wife and kids consider me a good husband and a good dad. I don’t take myself seriously at all, but I do very much take what the Lord has given me to do for Him and His people very seriously indeed. Above all else, at the end of the day, when the Lord Jesus reviews my life - with all of my faults, shortcomings, regrets, and a few victories - I would love to hear Him say “Well Done”. So, I’m sorry, friend, but I can live without the “approval” of any man or woman. It’s nice when it comes, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not really all that important. I wish you the best, Ode…

  64. cynical one wrote:

    Hmm — I thought Joe was one of those people who promised to never read this stuff again. Am I wrong?

  65. Wade wrote:

    CO… there are a few that say that… last year I did a paper using this blog as a cit and went back through the archives and the same ppl have been saying the same thing for years… they were not coming back, they only come here occasionally etc etc blah blah blah… They are NEVER far away!! But I love them too!!! But it is funny!!!

    Ode… just chill Baby nothing is gonna change’m!!! Don’t waste your breath…or whatever!!

  66. Joe wrote:


    So why DO we come back? I guess it’s kinda like the crowd of gawkers that always seem to gather at a crash site, the morning after a fatal…

    And believe this or not, some of us want to keep in touch with ol’ Wade.

  67. Wade wrote:

    Well Joe I want ya here too!!!

    Like i have said at the VERY Least ya always make me think!!! No debate is any fun with out both ends of the spectrum.

    But just don’t come get mad and say you are never coming back… that is silly.

    Dr. DH has really only OVERLY moderated me ONCE. Many of those [Edit’s] were me just having fun.

    THERE IS NO Other SGM Blog that you can have this much fun & be so wide open. EVERYBODY & I MEAN EVERYONE in the biz reads this blog. You would not believe how many facebook friends I have from here, and how many will send me a private message agreeing with me when for some reason they will not here!!…and let’s not forget how many scathing notes I get too sometime!!! ;-)

    You would also be surprised how many entertainer in ALL forms of music especially country & light pop who got their start singing in church also read this blog, I MEAN HUGE MULTI Grammy, Multi Platinum selling artist are here every day & some of the names they post under!!

    So let’s all go listen to the Singin’ Cooks on the NEW thread and see what Dr. DH loves about them singing I ‘ll Fly Away!!!

    TGIF to ya ALL!!!

  68. Ode wrote:

    63, I just wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe I misjudged you… So you brother is Abe Lincoln? ;)And you don’t care what strangers think of your behaivor? Hm. “anonymous”?I wish! Who is these days? FB, Mekusharim, Skype, email available for asking, even hebrew and dance youtube channels to those whom I trust :)

    Ok, for the last time:

    If you come here acting “holier then thou” ,endlessly brag about self, offend the blog, Doug, commenters, proclaim majority of us unsaved - one just doesn’t get any more judgmental then that ,Alan, musical criticism doesn’t even compare, ONLY GOD knows people’s salvation status - expect your sanctimonious ass kicked, old school, by me. You got my word, Sir.

    If you refrain from that - I would always love reading your posts. Someone who has a long, successful singing career always has a lot to share.

  69. Ode wrote:

    65, :D I bet.. Ok, I better go be productive- trying to book a hotel in Charlotte,NC (work-related class next week), All are Indian owned, looks like. between my bad accent and theirs…I end up sleeping in a rental car
    Bye, gentlemen, its always a pleasure to read Av’s blog. Have a nice weekend.

  70. Wade wrote:

    Alan, you do the things Ode says in 68, It was broken down for ya there pretty well!!

    Seems to still bothers Ode, some of us just roll our eyes now!!

    But hey if Dr. Joe can admit to not being able to stay away, maybe you can too!!! :-)

    Like I said in my last post, EVERYTHING I said to Dr. Joe ditto to you too… but Dr. Joe is my favorite judgmental person right now!!! ;-) But you are a close 2nd!!

    I mean I know you are not looking for Man’s Praise, but I thought I would share somewhile you are still alive & not after you are Raptured w/ the Calvinist ;-) and we are all LEFT BEHIND!!! lol

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