Crowdsourcing: Dottie Rambo

Contra the Demotivators assertion that none of us is as dumb as all of us, let’s do a little a Dottie Rambo crowdsourcing shall we. Particularly, I’m interested in high-profile or otherwise noteworthy covers/performances of her songs (yes, The Preacher’s Wife, I know, I know). Please show as much of your work as possible (names, dates, album title/performance venue, etc.).

Also: recommendations of good DR songbooks beyond The Dottie Rambo Collection: Songs of a Lifetime that Daywind/Word put out would be welcome as well.

That is all.

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  1. Michael McIlwain wrote:

    Elvis recorded “If That Isn’t Love.”. Allison Krauss and Connie Smith recorded “Remind Me, Dear Lord.”

  2. Rick in southGeorgia wrote:

    I don’t know where they might be available today, but there are:
    1. Great Gospel Songs of the ’70’s: Dottie Rambo, published by Charles Hansen Educational Sheet Music & Books, c. 1971

    2. More Great Gospel Songs: Dottie Rambo, also published by Charles Hansen Educational Sheet Music & Books, c. 1972

    3. The Rambos: Silver Jubilee: Celebrating 25 Years in Gospel Music, published by John T. Benson Publishing Company, c. 1979 (Companion book to compilation album of the same name.

  3. sj wrote:

    There is a long list of her songs covered and recorded by Christian and secular artists on her Wikipedia site. I know it’s not always entirely accurate, but it’s a good place to start.

  4. Dean Adkins wrote:

    I have this one:
    The Dottie Rambo Songbook
    John T. Benson Publishing co.

    Includes guitar chords & Symbols
    Four Part Harmony Shaped Notes

  5. Janet B wrote:

    I’ve got the sheet music to a 70’s Rambos song - Go Ye. I can dig it up if you’re interested in it.

    There’s a song of hers on a classic Imperials album (New Dimensions, mid to late 60’s) - Marvelous Grace. Beautiful song…don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone else sing it….although I’m sure someone did at some point. Right?

    Wikipedia? Now, how come the learned professor didn’t think of that? ;)

  6. CopperHill wrote:

    “Noteworthy” is subjective, but there are two short videos on YouTube of Dottie Rambo as a guest on Michael English’s old TBN show. She is sitting on the sofa with her guitar and (he says in one of them “unrehearsed”) she accompanies him and feeds him the words to her songs I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before in one of them , and in the other, If That Isn’t Love . These are noteworthy to me!

  7. Steve Kittle wrote:

    Sandi Patti (-y) made a career out of “We Shall Behold Him”…that high note on the end pretty much put her on the map in CCM.

  8. Nick wrote:

    David Phelps recorded Behold the Lamb on his Life is a Church album and If That Isn’t Love and He Looked Beyond My Faults on his No More Night live cd/dvd. All three amazing.

  9. cdguy wrote:

    With Jessica King’s new “Best of” and more that was just released, I’m reminded she had a cover of “Come Spring” several years ago, which, if I remember correctly, got her some radio attention.

  10. Rebecca E. Joihnson wrote:

    I am looking for a recording of the music “Little Flowers” copyright 1974 by John T. Benson Publishing Co. I have the sheet music but I need a recording of the song. Can you direct me to how I can find someone that sings and recorded that song??? I would like it sung at my furneral and I am getting everything in order so I know whomever is incharge of that, will have the music.
    Thank you very much for your help.

  11. Woodstock wrote:

    Steve Archer re-recorded it a few years ago. You can buy the CD, Call it Grace, or an mp3 of the song here:

  12. quartet-man wrote:

    Rebecca, a quick Google search shows that the Nelons and Walt Mills both sang songs by that name. A You Tube search comes up like this:

  13. Larry Ferguson wrote:

    1). Whitney Houston- I Go To The Rock (dove winner)
    2). Bill Monroe: It’s Me Again Lord
    3). F.C. Barnes: It’s Me Again Lord, We Shall Behold Him
    4). Alison Krause: Remind Me Dear Lord
    5). Vince Gill & Tim Surette: Tears Will Never Stain the Streets Of That City
    6). Elvis: If That Isn’t Love
    7). Jerry Lee Lewis: He Looked Beyond My Fault, One More Valley, Too Much to Gain To Lose
    8). Barbara Mandrell: I Will Glory In The Cross
    9). Dottie West: Tiny
    10). Connie Smith: Too Much To Gain, Build My Mansion, Remind Me Dear Lord, In the Valley He Restoreth My Soul (maybe He Looked Beyond My Fault can’t remember).
    11). Carol Channing: He Ain’t Never, One More Valley
    12). Albertina Walker: He Looked Beyond My Fault, I Go To The Rock
    13). Larry Gatlin: This Is My Valley (unreleased), Too Much To Gain, and Sheltered both live with Dottie
    14). Crystal Gayle: Tiny, Come Spring (unreleased) both live.
    15). Rhonda Vincent: Sheltered In The Arms Of God and a non gospel song Just One Of A King
    16). JD Crowe: It’s Me Again Lord
    17). Doyle Lawson: Too Much To Gain
    18). Dolly Parton with Dottie Rambo: Stand By The River (Dove Nominated)
    19). Barbara Fairchild: Bring All Your Needs To The Altar, I Wonder If The Angels Could Use Another Singer
    20). Jimmie Davis recorded aprox 50 of Dottie’s songs
    21). The Bill Gaither Trio: If That Isn’t Love
    22). Andrae Crouch: He Looked Beyond My Fault
    23). Dannibelle Hall: I Go To The Rock
    24). Vanessa Bell Armstrong: Her career song was He Looked Beyond My Fault
    25). Sandy Patti: We Shall Behold Him (Dove Winner song of the year), Keeper Of The Well
    26). Larnelle Harris: I Go To The Rock, I Will Glory In The Cross, and We Shall Behold Him. We Shall Behold Him was recorded by Larnelle before Sandy but when Benson wanted Sandy to record We Shall they pulled it from Larnelle’s album.
    27). The Barrett Sisters: I Go To The Rock
    28). David Phelps: If That Isn’t Love, He Looked Beyond My Fault, and Behold The Lamb (Dove nominated)
    29). Jessica King- Come Spring (dove nominated)
    30). Vestal Goodman/The Goodmans: The Holy Hills, There’s Nothing My God Can’t Do, Oh Blessed Hope, and many more.
    31). Isaacs: He Ain’t Never Done Me Nothin But Good
    32). Pat Boone: I Go To The Rock, Reaching Around The World
    33). Hank Snow: Just One Of A Kind
    34). Jim and Jesse: Just One Of A Kind
    35). Jean Shepard: Too Much To Gain To Lose
    36). Crabb Family: I go to the rock, Tears Will Never Stain (live), New Shoes live (unreleased).
    37). Speers: If That Isn’t Love and others
    38). Wendy Bagwell and Sunliters: I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before
    39). JD Sumner and The stamps: Build My Mansion, He Looked Beyond My Fault and others
    40). Cathedrals: He Looked Beyond My Fault
    41). Gerald Wolfe: For What Earthly Reason
    42). Greater Vision: I Just Came To Talk With You Lord
    43). Hoppers: I Will Glory In The Cross
    44). Kirk Talley: If That Isn’t Love, Things Are Gonna Get Better After while
    45). Karen Peck: Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That City
    46). Perry Sisters: He Looked Beyond My Fault
    47). Ruppes: We Shall Behold Him (maybe others)
    48). Mark Lowry: I Call Him Lord
    49). Kingdom Heirs: Ive Never Been this Homesick before
    50). Paid In Full: Sailing Toward Home, New Shoes
    51). Karen Wheaton: He Ain’t Never
    52). Nancy Harmon: He Ain’t Never
    53). Walt Mills: Build My Mansion, Remind Me Dear Lord and many others
    54). Greenes: Weathered Storms Before, Stand By The River, Love Letters
    55). Jeannie C. Riley: Love Letters and Home Never Looked So Good To Me
    56). Lulu Roman: He Looked Beyond My Fault, I Will Glory In The Cross, Unmerited Favor of God, Move Upon Us O Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit Thou art Welcome and others?
    57). Porter Wagoner with Dottie Sheltered In The Arms Of God
    58). Mel Tillis with Dottie Remind Me Dear Lord
    59). Downings/Ann Downing: Sheltered In The Arms Of God, The Holy Hills, others
    60). Steve Greene: When His Kingdom Comes and others
    61). Ray Boltz: If That Isn’t Love
    62). Freemans: Come Spring
    63). Vicki Winans: We Shall Behold Him
    64). Ron Kenoly: We Shall behold him
    65). Commissioned: We shall behold him
    66). Truth…(can’t remember titles)
    67). Vern Jackson did two albums of Dottie Rambo songs that sold hundreds of thousands of units through TBN
    68). Porchlight Trio a/k/a Ponder Sykes, Wright did an incredible tribute album to Dottie blugrass style So many more cuts by artist we would never have the space to type them all.
    **An amazing tribute album I got to be a huge part of is coming out very soon with 19 cuts by top artists from all genres who have been touched by Dottie. The biggest one ever.**

    1). Best of Dottie Rambo 12 songs
    2). Choral Concert of Love
    3). Down By The Creekbank
    4). Camp Goolamockee
    5). The Dottie Rambo Songbook vol 1, 2, 3
    6). Love Letters
    7). Heartprints
    8). Destined for the throne
    9). Crossin Over
    and many others

  14. G. L. Cook wrote:

    Today (January 2,2012), I listed for sale on Amazon “Great Gospel Songs of the 70’s - Dottie Rambo for $10.00 if anybody is interested. It was my daughters book.

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