Welcome, Pinnacle readers

So a while back I think mentioned that I was a writing short piece on how to listen to southern gospel. It was for the alumni magazine at the university where I teach (and the how-to column is a standard feature that’s shopped around to various faculty). Anyway, the article is out in the current issue, and since it points readers to the site, it’s time to greet anyone who may be joining us for the first time. As the newcomers will soon see by the deconstruction of my article that will begin in the comments momentarily, we’re not short on opinion or rhetorical verve. So before the din commences, welcome!

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  1. irishlad wrote:

    Was that Doug using plain English for a change? :)

  2. Janet B wrote:

    Amen. Hallelujah, Brother Doug.

    Welcome, Pinnacle readers. Just so you know - Doug is just kidding. We always agree with him. About everything.

  3. Wade wrote:

    last line…”din commences”… now THAT is FUNNY!!!

  4. Wade wrote:

    Good article Dr. DH for a new comer… no din commences here… but yeah I saw a few lines from which the noise will come!!! ;-) Looking forward to the book!!

  5. KC wrote:

    Nice article, Dr. Doug. :)

  6. ode wrote:

    It’s “Beit Din”, you gentile dog :D yes, we commence and judge :))
    - It’s a great blog and a known house of ill refute, boys and girls. Welcome, welcome, wash your hands, stay a while.

    On a serious note -great intro article, Doug. And “”it reflects piety of the people who consume it”" made my day. You can stick a verbal pin right into a commodious butt of a typical SG fan as no-one else, you sly devil. We Heart Doug.

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