Don’t talk. Don’t preach. Just sing.

So John Ashcroft, former governor of and senator from Missouri, former Attorney General, as well as that great lover of southern gospel who wrote  “Let the Mighty Eagle Soar” and was part of the Singing Senators, will be this year’s keynote speaker at NQC. Last year, you will recall, Sarah Palin gave the keynote.

Evidently, the folks at the NQC mothership have never heard of modulations.

Reader CVH was thinking along similar lines in a recent note:

Who’s it going to be next year? Are they going to roll out some fat has-been like Ed Meese?

In fact, CVH’s comment is worth quoting at length, if for no other reason than a duet is better than a solo.

The NQC press release states Ashcroft is a “noted singer and songwriter.” Really? Really? I remember him more for notable actions like covering up the exposed breast (or “nekkid tit” as my beloved Aunt Blabby used to say) on the statue of the Spirit of Justice in the Justice Department headquarters because “we can’t have that kind of thing.”


Daniel Mount writes, “due to his (Ashcroft’s) long-lasting love for Southern Gospel music, his previous appearances singing, and the fact that he will be singing original Gospel songs accompanied by Greater Vision, there is likely to only be a minute fraction of the controversy that accompanied Sarah Palin’s appearance last year.”

Let’s hope so. At least he can clown around with Gerald and the boys which would be less offensive than Palin’s gaffe-filled comments. Her lack of knowlege and understanding were shamelessly on display. To quote our esteemed host, from last September, post-NQC, “does anyone really think Sarah Palin knows anything more about sg than what her handlers briefed her on before her speech and the odd cd she may have popped in for the ride over from the hotel?”


The mere presence of a politician is political, regardless of what they say or do. And because politicians are, by definition, opportunists, one can only conclude that the NQC is willing to let its event be used as a backdrop for the advancement of a political agenda. I don’t care whether it’s a right-leaning or left-leaning agenda. It doesn’t matter what the social manifestations of those agendas are, even if they’re in many ways agreeable to those in attendance. They don’t belong at an event that purports to be spiritual in nature. The cross, heaven, Jesus, the blood, grace, mercy and salvation are not the result of anything America (or the Republican party) has done. And the future of Christ’s kingdom doesn’t depend on whether President Obama is re-elected or not. Get over it.

God doesn’t need to be wrapped up in the American flag to be who he is. God doesn’t favor America. And he certainly doesn’t vote Republican (or Tea Party for that matter). And before anyone gets their red, white and blue stretch pants in a knot, he doesn’t vote Democratic either.

I realize I’m taking an untenable position here. The social and cultural history of southern gospel music is, largely, as much about your politics as anything else. Unlike any other style of Christian or religious music, southern gospel mixes simple gospel truths with a right-leaning, conservative, US-centric mindset; and gets away with it because of who its audience has traditionally been.

We have occasional discussions here about the decline of SG, the quality, market share, aging demographics, etc. If the genre is going to survive and grow, it’s going to have to address the tastes, values and yes, political mores of a changing society.

Someday NQC might not just be about strawberry ice cream, fake hair, bad sound and toe ring vendors. But I’m not going to hold my breath.

P.S. Do you think Ashcroft will autograph my King James Bible?

It may well be that this keynote won’t cause as much controversy as the choice of Palin. Or, it may just be that not that many people really care about these speeches all that much.

Sure the eight or so of us in the world of southern gospel who don’t hail from Teabagistan will push the  Sisyphean boulder of our discontent up the hill a few feet in the run-up to and in the immediate aftermath of the event. But I’m not talking about that kind of caring, because we’re not the audience for whom these speakers are allegedly aimed. No, I mean, how many of the loyal Tea Party Patriots and proudly right-wing Republicans who comprise the bulk of the NQC crowd, and will probably themselves go hear just about any preachy polemicist gussied up in the garb of politics and given a showcase by our NQC overlords  — how many of these people would really care or be upset if there was no keynote?

Given that we all got by just fine for decades when the keys and notes at the convention were left to the singers and players, one gets the distinct impression these political sideshows are pretty transparently vanity projects for the NQC leadership.

I’ve just finished a piece of writing on Dottie Rambo, which involved reading Buck Rambo’s as-told-to biography of the Singing Rambos, and all this talk of distractingly buffoonish gasbaggery at NQC puts me in mind of a line attributed to J.D. Sumner (of course) just before he gave the Rambos (at the time going by the name the Gospel Echoes) their first slot on the NQC mainstage:

Don’t talk. Don’t preach. Just sing.

Just so.

Let’s let the mighty eagle soar  … somewhere else.

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  1. Jason wrote:

    Amen! I’m so tired of Southern Gospel artists bringing politics to the stage.

  2. irishlad wrote:

    I don’t want to be as verbose(and i don’t mean that in a derogratory way)as my erudite friend CVH, but i will add this; i think the NQC is simply trying because of the declining numbers attending to re-invent it self.Now i don’t know who their marketing team are, in-house or not,but it certainly wouldn’t be the direction i would advice them in. I mention this because it just happens to be my day to day job. And no,i don’t want the gig :)

  3. Diana wrote:

    I can’t believe it —- but I actually agree with several points throughout this post!!!

  4. BUICK wrote:

    As one would say on FaceBook: “Like”

  5. Jonathan Sawrie wrote:

    “Don’t talk. Don’t preach. Just sing.”

    I miss J.D.

  6. Dean Adkins wrote:

    More time for me in the exhibit hall and/or regional showcases (as with last year’s keynote speaker.)

  7. Andrew S. wrote:

    Doug, thanks for some great thoughts. I truly enjoyed the comments.

    If you haven’t already, you need to pick up a copy of JD Sumner’s book with Bob Terrell. It’s a wonderful read with practical moves Southern Gospel desperately needs. His humor gives it a great flavor, too.

  8. Steven wrote:

    I am admittedly a conservative and a southern gospel fan.

    As a fan of the music, i am almost offended and dumbfounded by the nqc bringing in these types of speakers. I totally believe that you are right, that it seems to be a desperation marketing maneuver that will inevitably shoot themselves in the foot. The nqc should be about the music - a place where fans of this music can gather without throwing in politics in the arena. We have some really really talented artists, and some creative minds- and i think they could use the time much more wisely.

    To me, it seems SG lately has become the era of a “cheap pop” (to use a wrestling term loosely) - something to rouse a crowd for a minute but has no lasting effects and its a time waster. Dragging out politics, dragging out the ole patriotic song to get the audience to stand, dragging out the Jesus card - just to get the audience to dance.

    I believe the songs have the message, the gospel should be clearly presented, Jesus should be glorified for who He is and that He is our savior, that music can be entertaining and uplifting simultaneously. We can laugh, have a good time, and have quality music. It should be about the music we love and the message of the music and a celebration of a genre that we as fans appreciate.

    *falls off soap box *

  9. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    This is what you get when you don’t allow your genre to evolve: gimmicks to fill the hall at your allegedly most important event.

    Also, JD Sumner may have been a no-talent, beltching freak show jerk wad…well, I guess there’s no good way to finish that sentence.

  10. Sensible wrote:

    As with any business, do not discuss politics or religion. Leave politics out of NQC just like leaving denominational doctrines (Baptists argueing with the Pentacostals) out of NQC. When you bring politics into the mix someone walks away angry, and the ones who like it and don’t walk away, end up angry at the ones who do walk away. The same thing happens when you argue denominational doctrines. Let’s just have a singing instead.

  11. Brett wrote:

    soli gloria shutty. the man is dead and can’t even speak.

  12. Kim wrote:

    I am a relatively new Southern Gospel fan. If I actually had a bucket list, I’m sure attending NQC at least once would be on it. However, stuff like prominantly promoting these political figures would discourage me from going. I enjoy the music, but egging on the conservative base politically would make the atmosphere at NQC likely less pleasant for me.

  13. JD wrote:

    I sit here smiling. Its a comfort to know that Ms. Palin and Mr. Ashcroft irritate you so. In the immortal words of Buddy Holly…Rave on.

  14. Ode wrote:

    oh.A true feast for the eyes and mind, our precious Avery at his best.

    And why, pray tell, does Natnl singing conference brings only radical, crazy political figures? What’s with sophomore-ish rebeliosness? If they want a shot of politics why not invite normal, reasonable ones?

    CVH, also thank you dearly,what a joke i missed,I probably wasn’t in the country yet. Ashcroft doesnt know the difference between art and porn ?! He actually *covered” a statue? LOLOL

    I bet he never orders chicken “breast” in the restaurant and compliments his wife on her good looking “white meat”and demands that horses wear diapers. Oh, what a marvelous idiot. And his political delusions are thicker then his skull…

  15. Gary wrote:

    We attend NQC, at a considerable expense, to experience gospel music, talk with industry personalities and meet again with country wide friends. Politics and politicians soon become a bore because of today’s extensive news coverage without NQC organizers trying to add to our week’s expenses with more of what we’re there to get away from!

  16. matureman wrote:

    As for Mrs. Palin and Mr. Ashcroft, both are of the Assembly of God denomination, so, they ought to know, at least, something about Southern Gospel. A great number of our singers come from the AG tradition.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to remember that John Ashcroft is an ordained AG minister and quite a musician, too.

    I personally don’t know the man but everything I have read about him leads me to believe he walks uprightly in his faith and lives for God… even on the job.

    So, folks can make fun of him; he won’t be the first good man to be ridiculed. As you might remember, there was a prophet in the O.T. that was treated badly (2 Kings 2:23–25) and 42 young folks were involved.

    I don’t equate the prophet and Mr. Ashcroft and I don’t really like the idea of having a former political figure to speak, but, he may be speaking at NQC in his role as a minister and a former Gospel singer. His musical competence might surprise some of his critics, because he can actually read music.

    I’m just saying…

  17. CopperHill wrote:

    I find the intertwining of right wing Republican politics with SG musical performances/”ministry” to be distasteful. I was totally turned off to a popular quartet by their “leader’s” sarcastic comments about the President at a concert last July which elicited cheap laughs from the vast majority of the audience. I haven’t been and won’t be going back to any of their concerts.

    Apparently some people think that a legitimate part of “ministry” is speaking ill of the President, Here are a couple of scriptures that should give one pause about making snarky comments about the President while ostensibly spreading the Gospel: “the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will” (Daniel 4:32) and Romans 13:1-5.

  18. Lorie Arnold wrote:

    CopperHill I completely agree. The powers that be at the NQC should not assume that all southern gospel fans are conservative Republicans. Big mistake. The NQC is not the appropriate forum for political crap.

  19. irishlad wrote:

    A resounding YES! to 18&19…my faith in the voice of reason has been restored.

  20. irishlad wrote:

    ooops a daisy i meant 17&18 :/

  21. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    NQC can’t stay away from politics because internally NQC is full of their own politics

  22. BUICK wrote:

    #16, Mr. Ashcroft’s character and his and Ms Palin’s denominational affiliation are not the point. The point is they are politicians who have been put on the program to talk, not musicians who have been put on the program to make music.

    Also, as others have noted, not all SGM fans and NQC goers are of a particular narrow political stripe and the organizers are foolish to act as if we are. They will lose even more attendees than they already have if they do not abandon this shameless promotion of a partisan political agenda.

    #17, I may have heard the same group to which you are referring and, if so, I had the same reaction/revulsion. They even went so far as to promote FOX news during their concert. IMHO, they need abandon their campaigning and return to their legacy of GOSPEL music.

  23. BUICK wrote:

    Just to clarify, I am aware that Ashcroft is scheduled to sing at the NQC (in addition to speaking) but my point is he would not be scheduled to sing based on his musical ability. The Senators sang at the NQC a number of years ago and Ashcroft is, at best, an average amateur singer. There’s a passel of local and regional groups with singers with a lot more talent than Ashcroft. I doubt he would be on the program if he were not a right-leaning political figure.

    How long do you think it will be before the NQC invites Nancy Pelosi to speak? When the Pope goes Pentecostal and the Cubs win the World Series?

  24. Hector Luna wrote:

    CVH owned it. Jesus doesn’t wrap himself in an American flag, but a rope dipped in blood after crushing the enemies of God, because of their sin and their “politics”.

    Not to mention the tattoo. A lot of Baptists dilute the context of that verse.

    If Ashcroft just sings that would be fabulous. If he sings, talks about gospel music in America and why he loves it, that would be fine. If he sings, talks a little bit, and throws in anything more than a “God bless America…or America needs to get back to it’s roots”, would be unacceptable.

  25. irishlad wrote:

    Hey Soli, allow me to finish your JD rant for you. “JD may have been a no-talent,belching freak-show jerk wad,but, he single handedly and unselfishly did as much for Sg as anyone did, with humour,street smarts and a fair amount of his own cash if the truth be told”
    I’m quite sure the likes of Jim Hill, Larry Strickland,Tarzan,Richard Sterban and countless others would second that.

  26. SteveSmith wrote:

    Amen, Lad!

  27. greg wrote:

    Irish . . . it is Tarzen.. No “A”

  28. Hector Luna wrote:

    Obviously, I meant “robe”.

  29. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    No.25: tell you what, I’ll endorse your part of the sentence (except the “unselfishly” part) if you’ll endorse my part of the sentence. Deal?

  30. irishlad wrote:

    29,I’ll think about it.

  31. irishlad wrote:

    27 Sorry Grag, shouldda just stuck to Tony Brown :)

  32. Stan Wikle wrote:

    As a concert promoter, I wish more artists would follow the suggestion of J. D. Sumner and “just sing.” That isn’t only my personal wish, it is also what folks buying tickets are telling me and believe me, I am getting beat up often because artists are talking more than singing.

    With respect,
    Stan Wikle

  33. who cares! wrote:

    WHO CARES if they invite ONE speaker that you don’t like? BIGG BOOO HOOO!!! Wahhh!!! They don’t schedule him to sing EVERY NIGHT! They only invite him to do something for 1 day! BIG DEAL!!!

    I dont like some of the artists that perform on the main stage so you know what I do? I DO SOMETHING ELSE or sit through it!

    The nice thing about his SPEECH is that at LEAST it happens DURING THE DAY so you can go do something else! I am sure people will have showcases to go to, etc. :-)


  34. irishlad wrote:

    Granted Soli,there may have been a bit of self-interest shown, perhaps,but no more than Bro Hobbie mind!

  35. quartet-man wrote:

    #27 No, it is Tarzan. There was one album he released with it misspelled as Tarzen, but that doesn’t make it right.

  36. Ode wrote:

    27, :) so its a nickname? interesting .what does it mean?
    there is a middleeastern word tarzen, which means a lute player, but thats originally in farsi, i never heard it used in States..

  37. greg wrote:

    Qt. Man,
    Sorry, don’t know where you got that, but the former Stamps piano player and JD sidekick was TARZEN.

  38. JD wrote:

    You Rock 33!!!

  39. cynical one wrote:

    q-man — #35 — Tell the Telestials one album with a misspelling doesn’t make it right. The changed the name of the group from “Celestials” because of a typo on their first custom album, about 30 years ago.

  40. apathetic wrote:

    #12 Kim wrote she was a “new Southern Gospel fan”. Holy cow! I thought those had all died out in the 80’s!

  41. irishlad wrote:

    35..thank-you Q-man,ever the gentleman :)

  42. Ode wrote:


    You are one mouthy rascal,dear. You insinuated that CVH, I, etc. deserve death for making fun of a politician’s silly acts? LOL Theology is beyond the scope of this blog, and I respect Avery , but just so you know, Melachim (Kings) II story about prophet/42 kids/bear is idiomatic. Taking it literally makes just as much sense as expecting animals to fall down when its “raining cats and dogs”.

    Modern pastors often know just enough of OT to be dangerous. On how they misuse the Tanach I can write the book, but.. I let it go , rather thinking of gospel truths that unite us.

    Fishing out verses out of context to justify evil punishments for those who disagree with you is not an honorable practice

  43. Ode wrote:

    Also, he is not “walking upright with God” unless the faith that you expecting of him is not exceeding that of Pharisees. Spending 8K on drapes to cover an art object symbolizing the Spirit of Justice?! People like him do immense damage to the gospel, publicly promoting the mere appearance of godliness, obeying the Letter,not the Spirit.

    You know, saying has it that Israelis have a complaint, an appeal to Almighty and a sexual innuendo in every sentence. I disagree that its in “every” , but, God be my witness, the statement is groping the reality pretty firmly ;)

    But neither there or in USA, no normal man over the age of 11, unless he is a ultrareligious extremist, should see any PORN in the Statue of Justice -his ancestors paid for Justice with their lives. Ashcroft must be a real pervert.

  44. quartet-man wrote:

    #36, it was a nickname for Tony Brown. I always presumed it was after the cartoon character which is spelled that way.

    #37 I have seen it spelled both ways on LP and other materials. I would have to check In J.D.’s book, but as I recall he even spelled Richard Sterban’s last name both the correct way and another way within the same book. However, almost every time it is spelled as Tarzan.

    #39 I forgot about that. Yeah I can see how in that situation it might have been a good choice to go with the wrong name if they were starting out and had a bunch of lps already made. This is a little different though. That misspelling totally changed the group name. For that matter, Vestal Goodman’s name has been misspelled on album covers too.

    #41 You’re welcome, Laddy.

  45. Videoguy wrote:

    Promoters: If you don’t want your groups to talk politics on stage, make it contractual. If they don’t abide, don’t pay. If they won’t sign, don’t hire. What am I missing?

  46. BUICK wrote:

    #39 - don’t know if it is a coincidence or not but the word “telestial” was coined in the “Doctrine and Covenants” (#76) per Joseph Smith. Don’t know if the artists are Mormons but the term is.

  47. BUICK wrote:

    #33 - “Who Cares”? I do.

    This discussion is not about a mere motivational speaker, nor even a preacher who will be addressing the NQC. Ashcroft is a politician and some of us do not think the NQC is an appropriate forum for politicians from the same side of the aisle two years in a row…no matter their denominational affiliation. It is not a RQC (Republican Quartet Convention) nor an AoGQC (Assemblies of God Quartet Convention nor is it a Tea Party Quartet Convention. It is supposed to be a NATIONAL Quartet Convention and it should be for all of us not just the furthermost right-wing of us.

    In a few years when they do the autopsy of the NQC, the choice to give partisan politicians a platform may very will figure in the coroner’s report.

  48. Wade wrote:

    Stan… if you are PAYING them and they do not do what you TELL them to do, then either do not book them or do what I did I started writing in on the contract that they were to sing at minimum 45 minutes of their hour set!!! If they do not comply have an amount you DEDUCT from their flat. Not even Russ Farrar wanted to mess with me about that…

    Also put in if they do not come off within 5 minutes of getting the cut sign there is a deduction too!! I had a group one night that did everything they could to wear out the crowd before Gold City came back to close the show. That OTHER GROUP left $250 lighter too!!!

    You have to control the monkeys or they will control you and you are the one PROVIDING them a DATE to SING!!

    Irish Lad I will go pick up the package tomorrow!! I figured you had sent me some of that IRISH GREEN!!! ;-))

  49. BigC wrote:

    I really love the idea. I think Christians should back causes and politics that are moral in nature. The big thing that bothers me is the liberal/democrat folks will kick and scream over a conservative coming to talk, but they’ll support a racist commie at the local university graduation.

    We had Palin at one of local universities, and every nutjob in the valley came out to protest her being there, as if she doesn’t have a right to speak, nor us a right to listen. They had all sorts of sexist, racist, and slanderous signs against her. I had a sign, too. “Democrats Suck”. And they do, for the most part. They’re ok with tolerance unless someone has an absolute moral foundation. I like hearing people like Palin and Ashcroft speaking to us about our nation standing for the right and against the wrong. Nothing wrong with that. Hopefully, next year it’ll be W.

  50. Bones wrote:

    Elvis Presley liked JD, Did you even know him? LEAVE JD ALONE

  51. irishlad wrote:

    40 lashes for you Ode! :). When i first heard TB called Tarzan/Tarzen,i immediately thought of the Johnny Weissmuller of the Tarzan the ape-man movies. A play on the fact that Johnny was around 6′4″ and Tony 5′4″…you know the sort of thing JD would come of with,if that’s true then Tarzan’s the correct spelling.

  52. quartet-man wrote:

    #51 Laddie, yeah that is who I thought it was for. That was the only Tarzan I ever knew (movies/TV/cartoons/Comics) and it is indeed spelled Tarzan. Next time Tony and I do lunch ;) I’ll have to ask him what the nickname signified. :)

  53. cynical one wrote:

    Was JD the one who named Tony “Tarzan”? He was known by that nickname when he played for the Oaks, and wasn’t that well before he worked with JD? I don’t know. I’m asking.

  54. irishlad wrote:

    53 Maybe Q-man will confirm this; TB was with the Stamps first,from around ‘66 when he would’ve been around the 20 mark.The Oaks came after and the DMB before.You maybe thinking about Elvis’ last couple of years when Tony was on the scene, but that was with Voice,not JD. So happy to be of assistance old chap. :)

  55. quartet-man wrote:

    Tony was with the Stamps from around 65-71 or 72 after having been with the Klaudt Indian Family and Trav’lers, I believe. He then took the position left open in the Oaks when Fairchild left to go with the Blackwood Brothers. He later left the Oaks (around 1974-5 I think) and did the gigs with Elvis and Voice. Garland Craft then got the Oaks job.

  56. CVH wrote:

    #49 Big C: I don’t disagree with your suggestion that people of faith should back causes or politics that they believe are morally sound. However, there are two problems with that in this case.

    First, this is, presumably, a convention centered around southern gospel music. People aren’t buying tickets to listen to politicians, or hear about unrelated moral causes, whether it’s the conservative Family Research Council or a liberal group like Jim Wallis’s Sojourners.

    Second, whether or not fans would support it, the NQC management should have the brains (I’d add spiritual discernment but I don’t want to presume too much) to know that such a move is contrary to the best interests of its audience. (Yeah, I know…)

    Just to avoid any confusion maybe groups should hand out miniature copies of the Declaration of Independence when they’re doing an altar call? Better yet, give the penitent a Ralph Reed autographed New Testament when they make a commitment to the Republi…I mean, Jesus.

    One thing I’ll agree with you on - I hope they bring in W next year too. That would be awesome. Oh please, Jesus, make it so.

    And hey, if W’s not available, I vote for Howard Stern.

  57. irishlad wrote:

    56 Bring on Barack,he seems like a fine upstanding Christian young man. :)

  58. Extra Ink wrote:

    Next year maybe they could get Dan Quayle. He’s from just up the road in Indiana. They could let him sing a duet with a sopranoe.

  59. Bones wrote:

    I think Tony’s wife a the time was named Jane. Groups years ago liked to have fun.Now everyone acts like their at afuneral. Tarazan didn’t mean anything, They were having fun.

  60. Joe wrote:

    Ode- if you start going thru the Bible and re-telling stories to suit your own needs, then it becomes very easy for you to expect Heaven, without ever accepting the crosswork of Christ. God worked in stranger ways that that, all through the OT. If literal sense makes good sense, then any other sense is nonsense.

  61. Jonathan wrote:

    You guys are missing the point the NQC is having these speakers in to make money and people buy tickets to hear them. If they had lost money with Palin last year they wouldn’t have done it again this year, also remember they are marketing an event to alot of people from a variety of backgrounds so they have something for everyone. I don’t like the whole two mic thing they did a few years ago or the parade of pianos so i just don’t go and to be honest thats what you all should do shut up and not go. For those that want to see John then let them pay and go. By the way John Ashcroft is a great man of God first and foremost and he does know southern gospel music lets wait and see what he says before you say its a RNC speech shall we.

  62. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Just Imagine this scenario in 2012
    NQC picks Mike Huckabee in July of 2012.
    The Republicans nominates Mike Huckabee as VP at their national convention during the last week of August, 2012 in Tampa, Florida.
    An afternoon speaking engagement is any public servant’s delight.
    A natural and lower keyed newsmaker bringing a national audience with a VP’s tag or not!
    Who would sing with The Huck?
    Three possible choices comes to mind.
    You can go with Legacy Five. Scott Fowler is no stranger to Huckabee.
    You can have The Browns to keep it on the farm.
    Bringing in Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers will have a familiar
    Mike Huckabee has been at major southern gospel music events and churches in the past few years .

    By the way, John Ashcroft is a excellent choice.
    Over the years Ashcroft’s father was the involved in Bible colleges that gave us many past and present southern gospel music artists.

  63. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    URL for “ring”

  64. Wade wrote:

    Jonathan…SELLING TICKETS?!??!

    IF that helps them sell more tickets then that’s ok with me… but if it is ALL about selling tickets… then let’s have a LATE NIGHT SHOW CASE that is a Fashion Show with Kim Hopper, Taranda Green , The Sisters & Kirk Talley… but they do SING as they come down the run way…OK we have also have some MORE Hot Guys for the Women & The Gays to make sure we have everybody covered, I know there will be some Gays that like the Female Singers also.

    So have this Singing Fashion Show and as they got to the end of the run way have a POLE there they dance around some before they headed back the other way!!!

    For CVH, Suzan Spear could Produce the Show since she is affiliated with a Modeling Agency. CVH could be the Stage Manager & Irish Lad Could be the Fashion Director!!!

    NOW THAT would sell some tickets!!!

  65. jonathan wrote:

    I don’t think having a christian politician who happens to be a republican, preacher,singer and musician quite compares to a strip fashion show but I will say there would be many artist who would be more familiar with that scene than that of a man speaking about Biblical things just saying…

  66. CVH wrote:


    You are a genius…great idea. And maybe to return the favor, the RNC could have a southern gospel singer give the keynote at their convention in Tampa Bay next year. Maybe roll out Les Beasley one more time.

    As far as I’m concerned, Suzan could produce anything she wanted to…and she’d do it well I have no doubt.

    Just keep Lulu Roman away from the pole.

  67. irishlad wrote:

    Oooooooooooooooooooooh Wade, CVH you two are AWFUL! (no worries about the pole, they’re made of titanium) :)

  68. cynical one wrote:

    Wade — Kim Hopper on the pole? I don’t think so. Sisters? Sure.

    Jonathan — Wade didn’t say a word about stripping. You’re taking this to a whole ‘nother level.

    Not that, with the right talent, it would be all bad. I’m just sayin’.

  69. Ode wrote:

    60- Joey, it doesn’t even merit a serious reply. Unwise scriptural literalism is responsible for much evil in history.

    You know what my birth year is? For real, in official birth cert,is 5746. Generates jokes among US friends, but the point I am driving at – studying Scriptures in my culture goes way before Christian one ever started. It’s beyond any lecture that your pastor ever slept thru in his alma mater OralRoberts.

    Your camp’s knowledge of NT vastly exceeds mine , i am totally self-taught- just recently, BUICK explained for me few metaphors, I was very grateful. But dont even try to argue Tanach, my left foot knows more on the subject than your entire head ever will.

    PS :D if you hate naughty loud kids so much, don’ seek biblical support to kill them! Take care of it preemptively by wearing a condom.

  70. Ode wrote:

    51-52 - Ah, just cancel vowels altogether, they are overrated. We r managing just fine :D

    Quartet-man to the rescue, as always. Please do so, get some other fun stories from Tony Brown, and don’t forget to share here.

    Wade, what a great ,witty and humorous reply to Jonathan’s questionably moral premise “if it sells tickets- why not use it?”
    Unless the NQC is equipped with bigscreens, we need a binoculars rental booth, 20$ a pop, cheap price for keep ol granps happy during the pole show.

  71. SteveSmith wrote:

    Back in the 80s the NQC did sponsor fashion shows, and they were hosted by Suzanne Speers. They were very prim and proper, not at all like you are suggesting. I remember Kelly Nelon, Karen Peck, Debra Talley, and most every female SG singer walking the runway. I remember the room always being full, and I don’t remember why they stopped doing them.

  72. Wade wrote:

    Well there ya go THANKS Steve… see it was a good idea… they don’t have to strip, just take a couple of swings around the pole at the end of the run way before going back the other way!!!

    Its all about SELLING TICKETS remember, no matter who it might offend or how silly it might be… many of the DIRECTORS were not around in the 80’s on the Board so maybe they will pick this up. I would certainly be glad to Host/ MC it!!

  73. cynical one wrote:

    Wade, just be sure you pick the right music to play during the show. Needs to have a strong beat, lots of drum & bass guitar.

  74. cindy treadway wrote:

    i flat HATE that song, The Eagle soaring one. (many time watcher of that Michael Moore movie)

  75. RF wrote:

    I’ve about given up on NQC’s attempts to politicize (is that a word?) the big event. As one who used to just love this genre, I have decided that the core is a bunch of bigoted idiots. It turns me off. and for a guy who has love this music for nearly 40 years, it pains me.

  76. cdguy wrote:

    Yes, RF, that’s a word, and it’s probably quite appropriate.

  77. Larry Ferguson wrote:

    I think that getting into politics has ruined white gospel music. At one time gospel music had a wider audience and now I believe that the heavy plunge into politics in the 1980s on it has stifled Gospel Music to a mainstream audience. Secular outlets are so reluctant to have a white gospel artist on yet black gospel music thrives and it’s not uncommon to see black gospel on secular television shows and networks. Just a thought. I’m pretty sure that most of the people that go to NQC though are in line with the conservative politicians that speak there though.

  78. Wade wrote:

    The REAL ULTIMATE first downward turn in SGM came when the GOODMANS tried to get a comptitive pious edge by being so judgemental about groups who supposedly was not a Close to GAWD as they were.

    Which lead all of other gospel music to flee and then all of a sudden the DOVES were not the SG Music AWARDS any more they became the awards for most all other forms of gospel music EXCEPT SG!! Which if you look has become more and more trvialized because of the hypocracy & judgmental BEND to the music and many of the major players.

    The Goodmans ALL but disappeared from what most people would have considered gospel music because of their nature, being mostly relugated to evangelic shows on UHF and then cable TV!!!

    Remember when SGM was on NATIOANAL NETWORK TV ALL the time???? Johnny Cash, Tennesse Ernie Ford and numerous other variety show, don’t forget Hee Haw, laugh if you want but it was Nation Wide on NBC and had GREAT RATINGS!!!

    Then Bill SAVED the Goodman Act and took it on the road but only after the Goodmans significatly MELLOWED after they had a few scandles IN THEIR FAMILY!!

    I remember in Nashville when the NQC was FULL almost every night. How’s it working for them today???

    SGM’s major award show is now held in a SMALL theater in a amusement park.

    The higest trafficed web site about the music is one like this that is all inclusive and only judgemental from a small minority of its contributors!!!

    Even Jesus cast a WIDE net. Funniest thing that has hit me a few years ago is HOW unpopular Jesus would be among most of these FUNDAMENTALIST people today because he hung out with sinners and was found out in the world and not in a 1-3 hour service preaching to mostly the choir on Sunday Morning.— wanna have some fun???… show up to a Baptist Church on Sunday Morning with long hair and a beard like I have and see how WELCOME you feel!!

    Yes people like Scott Fowler & L5 might do well 1-2 times a year at their events in Nashville & Dallas with a RED MEAT Fundie Political Act. Red Meat might get you a bump in Product sells on these few nights. But for every RED MEAT person you fire Up you run 3 others off.

    The bigger mistake it trying to take what might have worked for them on a limited basis and then trying to inject that in to the BIGGEST SGM Event of the year!!

    Thus be prepared for another BIG TURN down in ALL OVER SGM biz again…looks like from the videos from the NQC & the over all feed back I am getting from all over and my personal decision not to, eventhough I love the music, promote SGM events any longer.

    Thus MANY MORE SGM events are held in churches and thus a more narrow trivialized audience!!!

    Thank God there is Bill to balance this out in a BIG WAY!!!

    So over all HOW is the NQC & MOST of the other SGM Biz doing???

    How’s BILL DOING???…well he is doing well and now is the most popular night of the NQC and they had to go to HIM BEGGING after loosing that AWARD SHOW to that SMALL Theater in that amusement park!!!

    SEE proved my point again!!!

  79. ADottieFan wrote:

    I would rather see John Ashcroft there than Buck Rambo onstage signing Dottie’s songs After the things he put Dottie through.

  80. Wade wrote:

    ADottieFac — PLEASE Enlighten US (no pun intended from XM Radio!!) about what Buck did??? Or post a link to a story… I am a little too young to remember the Rambos Much in Rambo Form!!!

    Heard stuff about Paul Downing too!!!

  81. ADottieFan wrote:

    He left her while she was ill and couldn’t work. He ran off with her personal assistant who he married later on He took her for a ride financially to top it off.

  82. woodstock wrote:

    Don’t know the Rambos, but know people who knew them. I’m sure that Buck was not perfect, but Dottie fans tend to gloss over her indiscretions completely, while demonizing him. At one time in the early 70’s she was living with a well-known bass singer. She only broke off the relationship when Buck attempted suicide. Not meant to speak ill of the dead… but there are two sides to every story.

  83. ADottieFan wrote:

    I am a Dottie Rambo fan no glossing here I will say that is the most ridiculous lie from the devil I have ever seen There is absolutely no truth to it at all whereas with Buck there is no denying he ran off with Mae who was Dottie’s personal assistant, because he is married to her now. There is no doubt the family rushed to auction off some of Dottie’s most treasured possessions or that Mae Rambo was at her funeral visitation acting like she was running the whole show She should have never shown her face there

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