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Some music recently performed in memory of Harold Lane (h/t, KC):

I covet that bow tie.

More clips here and here.

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  1. Bud wrote:

    I regret that the pianist is in the witness protection program, allowing them to show only his hands.

  2. Ode wrote:

    beautiful, thanks. Esp the last choir clip

  3. LeviSJ wrote:

    Yay! I’m singing in this choir. It’s from the Mountain State School of Gospel Music’s 3rd annual school. The director (Trey Daugherty) said that Harold Lane was his mentor and that he learned a lot from him, so we certainly had to do a tribute to him.

    By the way, here’s a video where you can see Seth Gregory (pianist featured above) playing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F17yFfmJLek&feature=related

  4. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    I believe it was Stan Whitmire playing the piano not Seth

  5. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    oops! Never mind. If you were in the choir you should know. That just sounded Stan’s style a little more than Seth

  6. Extra Ink wrote:

    Seth Gregory is one of many young talents coming up in the convention style pianist ranks. He is around 19 or 20 years old…I believe he has taken lessons from Tracey Phillips, and her influence is evident…..The director of this choir, Trey Daugherty, is also a talented pianist, but perhaps his forte in his musical years ahead will be songwriting…very gifted.

  7. Janice Greogry wrote:

    That was SethGregory playing piano, not Stan Whitmire. I am his mother. He has had a lifetime of singing school summers, but never played piano at all till fourteen and took all theory knowledge and put it to his hands and played like someone who had played for years. HE had about 5 lessons from a brilliant man in East Tenn and five from Tracey Phillips, and attended North Ga singing school where he studed for 2 weeks from Nancy Vaughn. He was gifted and had music knowledge all in his head from singing, but never tried to play. He decided he would and he did and God gifted his knowledge aleady and the other teachers were to help him be diverse in his fields of playing. He is now getting degree in music edu at MTSU. We are very proud of him. He is in a relationship with Katie Leaptrot who taught at Mountain State School as well, and this has been going on for 2 years and ‘i don’t see this ending anytime soon.

  8. Steven wrote:

    Is it my ability to hear or is the piano way ahead of the vocals….it is so distracting to an otherwise masterful memorial contribution to Mr. Harold!

  9. cdguy wrote:

    Steven, that may have to do with mic placement.

  10. Janice Gregory wrote:

    This my youngest son Seth Gregory playing piano. This is one of four singing schools he teaches in this year. He has such a deep love and passion for sharing with others how to sing or play the instrument. It blesses him and the ones who learn for they can teach someone else and it go on and on. We are very proud of him. he is 20, and is dating Katie Leaptrot who teaches in the Mountain State School and one more each summer .

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