Housekeeping: For the mac addicts

The iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users will notice that when you open the home page, you will now (or should, at least) see a prompt that will ask you if want to add a shortcut icon for this site to your home screen.

I had asked the interns to look into this option while I was away on hiatus, though honestly I didn’t get my hopes up (as intern coordinator, it’s best not to expect much: after all, it’s been nearly five years since the site switched over to wordpress from the old handroll approach, and the archives from the handrolling years still have been fully converted … but then again, when the only compensation for interning around here is a Just Call it Southern cd every September and a chance to do a rotation in the mailroom and read all the gossipy unprintable email from and/or about all their favorite performers, one can’t really be too picky, can one?).

But lo! Wonders never cease. As you’ll notice, they haven’t quite figured out how to get the shortcut prompt to stop appearing once you’ve added the icon. I’ve been told a fix may be possible, so stay tuned, I guess.

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  1. joe wrote:

    Just added it on my iPad. Cool touch…but it will be nice when they make the prompt go away.

  2. Judi wrote:

    So that is what that is…and it’s OK to add it. Hmmm….I clicked the x and made it go away. Sorry. Hope it tries again the next time I visit Avery via the iPad. Live and learn.

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