So begins Blog Year 8

Thanks for all the happy blogbirthday wishes on Avery’s facebook page yesterday. This little experiment in southern gospel in the etherspaces turned seven yesterday.

A wise man has noted that, “Generally speaking, blogging is like shouting into a hurricane: it might make you feel better, but hardly anyone hears you and it rarely has any real-world impact.” And this is true. I kinda think of blogging as the grown-up equivalent of a child projecting his voice into a box fan set to HIGH and listening to the distortion. Or maybe that was just me as a bored kid finding ways to pass the time in a single-wide trailer on a rock-holler farm in the Ozarks.

In any case, it wouldn’t be too much to say that the community of conversation and candid camaraderie that’s taken hold over the years around here has irrevocably changed me as a writer and a thinker - transforming my view of myself, the music, and the various modes of relating to it that co-exist. Plus, like a younger me talking into a fan on that farm in the faraway foothills of Missouri, it’s just plain fun. Thanks for seven great years.

Onward into Blog Year 8.

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  1. Ode wrote:

    Happy A-line Birthday, Doug. Mazel tov, may more to come.

    Appreciate the privilege to learn here.You also changed my mind on a few things.
    Leaving for a trips, etc.-related hiatus for a couple of months, looking forward to catching up when back.
    God bless you and all other sg fans.

    with love,

  2. Dean Adkins wrote:

    I’ve enjoyed the first seven years and I’m looking forward to what the future unfolds.

  3. Wade wrote:

    Thanks Dr. DH!!

    Been watching this thread… was hoping it would take off like a GAY discussion around here but it not be gay specific, just the flooding of THANKS for MODERATING this MADNESS as it can be!!

    Hear to Cheerz for Many More!!

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