Just Sing: “It’s Settled, I’m Saved”

This song’s been kicking around recent comments and seems worth resurrecting to the main page.

For some earlier thoughts on Watts, see here. The ability she had to hurtle herself and a song headlong into the undefined space of musical possibility and create a mighty rushing wind of glory never fails leave me slackjawed with awe.

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  1. christy wrote:

    I loved her with the Perrys. She made a solo cd but it was contemporary. She sings with Jason Crabb on one or two songs on youtube recently. Would love to hear her return to southern gospel.

  2. WOW! Look at this! wrote:

    #1 christy, wow. if you call her cd contemporary, id love to hear what you think of brandon heath, third day or toby mac — heheheh, going back to lurking status!

  3. Wade wrote:

    She is HOT!!!!

  4. Joe wrote:

    Doug- you are so correct. Loved the way you described how this song left you. She DID give this piece a command performance, and her stage presence, plus fairly amazing voice, is brilliant. Thanks for the link.

  5. Joe wrote:

    After 2 hours of grass-cutting, with the words of this song on permanent rewind in my head, i have decided on my favorite line.

    “I’m saved, I’m free, I’m no longer a slave…”

    One of the manifold blessings of the new birth is Christian liberty. Not a freedom to do whatever I wish to do, but simply this:

    I no longer HAVE TO DO what I once HAD TO DO. I am now free, to choose to not sin.
    Amazing words. Even more amazing truth. The chains are broken.

    Thanks again, Doug…

  6. Hector Luna wrote:

    NQC looked a little more full in 2000.

    And yes, video is remarkable.

  7. Tad Kirkland wrote:

    Thanks Joe for comment #5! I sometimes miss the obvious.

  8. Extra Ink wrote:

    Like. A lot.

  9. Mark wrote:

    No song, in my opinion, more clearly shows how awesome Nicole could be. When I heard she was leaving the Perry’s I thought they would be hard pressed to find a talent that could keep them in the same calibre. Turns out they were genius for reinveting themselves into a “Goodmanesqe” quartet. They Became arguably for a time the most sought after mixed group singing.

    As an aside I heard Nicole singing with Frank Arnolds group, The Arnolds and she was lackluster to say the least. That could have been caused more by the mediocrity of the surrounding vocals and the so-so song selection than anything but I was expecting the spot on, pitch perfect, gloriousness that she displayed in the link above. Sad really that she isn’t around anymore.

  10. Brett wrote:

    right on about what Jesus could only do!

  11. Steven wrote:

    I remember on one monday night, the hoppers were in my town doing a concert. It was around the time that Kim was having her last child and she was off the road for a few weeks. Nicole was filling in with the hoppers and she did an amazing amazing job.

  12. irishlad wrote:

    Not only is she a great singer,to echo bro. Wade, she’d keep your ears warm too ;)

  13. Sam wrote:

    Is this so-gospel? He’s so good!

  14. irishlad wrote:

    13…sort of

  15. CopperHill wrote:

    #13 Apparently the NQC considers him to be SG, although I get the impression “not so much” with the majority of SG bloggers. Go to the NQC’s page or the 316 Networks page for the NCQ live feed and he is *very* prominently featured–also will be co-hosting one night.

    His new CD that is being released in October (Gaither Music) has totally “traditional” songs–God on the Mountain, Who Am I?, When He Was on the Cross (I Was on His Mind), I’ll Take Jesus . . . The fact is, he has a “progressive” (and fantastic) voice.
    And he’s got the live band thing going as well and can rock it out when he wants to.

  16. Andrew S. wrote:

    15- Jason’s a mixture of all forms of music which proves his excellent taste. Scorching vocals combined with rocky guitar, jazzy piano, and bluesy backing vocals make for another unique spin to Southern Gospel.

    Is he Southern Gospel? Well, he appears with Bill Gaither.. If that answers your question.

    To stay on topic, I’d like to hear Jason & Nicole Watts Jenkins do one of those soaring duets. :-)

  17. Bones wrote:

    Does another female outshine Libbi? Yes!

  18. justafan wrote:

    Back to the relevance at hand - This live performance is great. But what about Absolutely, Positively, Live? That was a great project. Nicole nails Absolutely, Positively in addition to a stellar performance on Praise God, It’s Settled, I’m Saved. But what about Until The Day and We’ll See Jesus Christ the King? Libbi simply shows out on the ending of We’ll See Jesus Christ the King (specifically the way she hits her note on the final two words at the end of that song), and David Hill communicates the message in Until the Day quite effectively. For those of you who were more in the loop during that period of time than I was, riddle me this…why did David Hill have such a short stay with Gold City, and how then did he land with the Perrys?

  19. Blackstone wrote:

    Re: David Hill, he changed groups alot, and at times wanted to just be a preacher which he is trained to do. Couldn’t make up his mind. Don’t know what he is doing now, but he was/is a great singer, and probably preacher.

  20. quartet-man wrote:

    #18, #19


  21. Tony Watson wrote:

    David originally left Gold City to form the group Malachi with Gold City pianist at that time Shane Jenkins and someone else. David didn’t stay with the group very long and the group didn’t last very long. Then it was the Nelons then Perrys for David.

  22. Deron wrote:

    Does anyone know who the pianist is in this video? He’s gettin’ it!!

  23. Bones wrote:

    His name is Dennis. That’s all I know.

  24. justafan wrote:

    I had forgot about Hill’s stint with the Nelons. Thanks for the reminder Tony. How long was he with Gold City, the Nelons and the Perrys? It had to be less than a couple of years with at least a couple of those groups, right?

  25. Tony Watson wrote:

    The pianist in the video was Dennis Horton. Also a pretty decent singer. #24, I don’t know the exact time frames of David’s stints with each group but I’d say you are probably right on course. He started with Gold City in 94 or 95 and finished up with Perrys somewhere around 2000. Before Gold City he had been with Carolina, Anchormen and Singing Americans

  26. Andrew S. wrote:

    David Hill’s time with Gold City: 95-96
    ” ” the Nelons: 97-June 99
    David’s time with the Perrys: June 1999- March 2000

    He left the same month the Absolutely, Positively Live! cd/video released.

  27. Glen Asbury wrote:

    One correction, Andrew S…as well as an amplification. The first Gold City concert I ever saw was in June 1994. The lineup: Tim Riley, Jay Parrack, Mark Trammell and a lead singer I didn’t recognize who turned out to be David Hill. He had been with them for about 3 weeks. Prior to that, he had stints with both the Singing Americans and the Anchormen (where, I believe, he started out).

  28. Andrew S. wrote:

    Glen, I understand your points. Thanks for the correction. I haven’t followed the whole mid-90s Gold City ’shake-up’ closely, so I didn’t know when Steve Lacey left and David Hill joined.

    But thanks for the clarification.

  29. Extra Ink wrote:

    I remember reading a thing on Dennis Horton in the Singing News stating that he liked piano work but he LOVED being a car mechanic…does anyone know what he’s up to these days? He was a phenomenal talent.

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