NQC 11: Erhlers in the offing

I refer of course to the delectable ice cream at Freedom Hall. The Averyfineline bus rolled into town just a few minutes ago after a raucous hours singalong roadtrip (h/t, JC). The interns are arranging the blogging suite as I type, then it’s off to Freedom Hall.

This is the first year I’ve made a Wednesday appearance, and given how demanding three nights of listening and writing is for me, I may be selective about feedback either tonight or some other night if the alternative would be four nights and overload, and thus turning (above averagely) cranky, as I did toward the end of last year’s marathon of mediocrity. But watch this space, and keep your comments and emails coming.

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  1. Bones wrote:

    ‘ve heard it’s not so great this year. Alot of people have been left out.

  2. Deron wrote:

    I’ve noticed, watching the live feed, Josh Simpson is playing for the Hoppers again. If he’s in a full-time gig with anyone, I don’t know about it. Anyone know if he’s just filling in, or (fingers crossed) whether that’s a permanent thing?

  3. fo' real? wrote:

    I’ve been following @NQConline on Twitter and Facebook.com/NQConline - it’s been going really well so far - good updates!!

  4. Byron Kinard wrote:

    Really want to know your thoughts about wed night. After Ernie Haase and Great Vistion, I thought that was one of the worst hour and half and nqc. Last night was weak. This is suppose to be a quartet convention. wow Where are the quartets and even trios. People are off key and once again nqc can’t get the sound right. So much wasted time where they could have groups on. Their even would be time for the DMB. Just want to hear what you thought of wed night.

  5. Judi wrote:

    Don’t know if the Lesters are on the bill or not this week, but the Bus Was In when I went by 39th and Castleman tonight. I always think of Avery, and SG, when I drive by the place and see the bus.

  6. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    The emcee work is absolutely terrible. Those girls and Jason Crabb reading off their papers on stage facts about the upcomin group is very unprofessional.
    The board needs to drop this regional thing which means groups they don’t have to pay and add more full time groups that people know and want to hear.

  7. KC wrote:

    Was this h/t for me, or Jesus Christ? :)

    The Averyfineline bus rolled into town just a few minutes ago after a raucous hours singalong roadtrip (h/t, JC).

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