NQC 2011: Notes from all over

The interns have been monitoring our short wave radio feed for any dispatches from our far-flung correspondents, and this bit came in over the e-transom earlier this morning:

So I’m leaving Little Rock Monday after work and listening to the local classic rock station - which is about the only thing I listen to if I don’t have a CD in.  Every day at 6:00 they have the classic six-pack at six brought to us by Colonial Wines and Spirits.  This is what I hear next:

“Today we’re featuring groups with four members in commemoration of the National Quartet Convention being held this week in Louisville, KY.”

First song - Misty Mountain by Led Zepplin.  (A good song by the way.)

After the first two songs, she talks about the convention starting in Memphis in ‘57 and later moving to Louisville.

I ’bout had to pull over……

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  1. gina wrote:

    Didn’t I see that several gospel music performers were all giddy about touring Van Halen’s former tour bus this week at NQC? Maybe we’re on to something.

  2. Friday Night Revival wrote:

    Sounds like my kind of radio station.

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