NQC 11: Saturday night

Or, goodbye to all that. Ok, not entirely. I will probably be back next year, but tonight, between a developing head cold and a general case of the musical malaise, I stayed “home” in Avery’s Undisclosed Location. Feel free to fill in the blanks here, to the extent that they are fillable. More conclusionary thoughts to come.

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  1. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Too bad Avery. You missed Michael Booth’s best performance of “Look For Me” ever. I believe it may even have caused you to wax poetic if you’d been able to see it. Your kind of moment.

  2. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Another great moment was Brian Free and “Looking For a City.” It was a tour de force of pure showmanship. Bill Shivers kept egging him on, and the crowd was eating it up. By the end all the guys were ganging up on him for one last key change, which of course he did with much grumbling. You’d have to have been there, but it was brilliantly done.

  3. Sherri wrote:

    By far the highlight of the week was the Dixie Melody Boys Reunion during the Singing News Fan Awards. Many of the former guys were all on stage. It was great to see some of my favorite singers all together. The old guys did great but I was blown away by the current group. They did a song “The Call Is Still The Same” that blew everyone away. Their new tenor was incredible and brought the house down. The Dixie Melody Boys have really stepped up their game and I hope the powers that be put them back on the mainstage next year. Ed ONeal has truly changed music in America. What a historical moment, I’m glad I didn’t miss it.

  4. irishlad wrote:

    Well Ave,i’ve a feeling if you go back next year you’ll end up every bit as depressed.My advice,for what it’s worth is,give it a 5yr hiatus then try it out.It’s the old law of “diminishing returns” as i recall mentioning before and who knows who’ll be on the scene by then….but i wouldn’t hold my breath.

  5. Rational One wrote:

    Yankee girl,
    If “Looking for a City” was a moment for you in any shape, form, fashion or capacity, then I suggest getting out of the house more. Find a little league game or a movie, or a prayer service…something!

  6. tj wrote:

    Rational One, I agree with you. “Looking for a City” was not a moment!! Neither was
    “King Jesus” by the Dove Brothers with 12
    encores…..is that going to be their new
    Get Away Jordan?? Sherri, I agree with you one of the highlights of the week was the DMB reunion, good stuff. The Big Boys of NQC missed the mark on not having them on the main stage this year. Guess the group owners of NQC didn’t want to each give up 5 mins. so they could add the Dixie Melody Boys.

  7. Rick wrote:

    I want to know who Mark Bishop has pictures of? He was beyond awful. All of the individual performers should have a showcase and that would give more time for quartets.

  8. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Rational One, I’m not sure what you’re talking about. It was very entertaining for everyone and funny to watch. After the tepid stuff we’ve sat through this week it was great to see the audience get excited. As for me needing to get out more, you really have no idea how broad my range of interests is, both musically and in life generally. If you did, you wouldn’t have said that. So I suggest pausing before you speak whereof you know not. In other words, shut up. :D

  9. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Rick, I’ll admit Mark isn’t the greatest of singers, but he sang some nice music. I enjoyed his set better than some others this week—like Ivan Parker’s for example. That said, it does make more sense for soloists to be reserved for showcases.

  10. Bones wrote:

    #7 He has always been awful. Nasal.

  11. Bones wrote:

    #6 Are the Doves wanting to be the Oak Ridge Boys? They need to find their own song.

  12. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    The Doves tend to use their same sugar sticks over and over. But I did like the one McCray did last night. What was it called? “He Made a Change In Me” or something like that… it was no “Baptism of Jesse Taylor” but pretty neat all the same.

  13. irishlad wrote:

    Ivan has ripped his voice to shreds over the years,he’s good but hardly a Tom Jones.

  14. tj wrote:

    #11 I agree, they are trying to be something….not sure what. Looks like they might want to be Gold Ring salesmen.(they sure wear a lot of them)# 13, smoking has caused harm to Ivan’s voice for sure.

  15. Rick wrote:

    I had an extensive conversation with
    McCray about Get Away and Rain. He said he would like to not sing them, but that people almost got mad if they didn’t. Kind of like the Perrys and Wish you Could Have Been There. MTQ’s new cd is excellent by the way.

  16. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    By the way Rick, if you meant what I think you meant by musing “who Mark has pictures of,” that’s a pretty low and classless thing to say. Then again I suppose that’s par for the course around here.

  17. Ben Taylor wrote:

    The showcase was incredible. I just wish it would have been on the night concert. More people should have seen that. The old members were touching to see. The current group suprised me. All I have heard is that Eds group wasn’t very good. Not true anymore. They were one of the best groups I heard all week. Matt Felts was a huge gain for them. He blew the last song away. Big sound. Ed mentioned he was behind the events planning. I’m glad has someone who appreciates him. I have a feeling after that show, a lot of people do.

  18. SteveSmith wrote:

    It should have been in the evening so that all the people who paid for the online subscription could have seen it, if for no other reason. Everyone who paid for the package was cheated out of a great memory.

  19. Rick wrote:

    Yankeegirl, sorry I offended you. I just meant that he has no business on the main stage and in my opinion neither do
    the Pfiefers.

  20. Bones wrote:

    The Oak Ridge sang King Jesus in the 70’s. But the Doves are no match.

  21. Hector Luna wrote:

    Whoa, whoa! DMB was a highlight I’ll admit. But we shouldn’t claim Felts to be Phelps just yet. That’s a lot of pressure on a guy. When we say he was dynamite, maybe we mean when compared to former DMB tenors.

  22. Diana wrote:

    #18 - All of the showcases from Freedom Hall were supposed to be in the webcast and therefore the archives. I don’t see anything posted yet in the archives for Saturday, but give them a day or so and I’m sure they’ll get posted.

  23. j-mo wrote:

    Brian Free has been doing the Looking For A City schtick for about 25 years now. I can hardly imagine it could have really been that exciting.

  24. Aaron Swain wrote:

    If the DMB are not back on mainstage next year, then the board will have made a huge oversight. I agree with #17; there has been a lot of talk of the group not sounding all that good anymore, but the current lineup is changing all of that. They have the best sound they’ve had in years and have just released a project that is the best collection of music they have had in a while. I’ll even go as far to say that they may become a force in SG once again if they keep this up. Ed O’Neal has a lot to be proud of nowadays.

  25. Ben Taylor wrote:

    I didn’t say Felts was like Phelps. NO one is. Phelps showed that again this year. But Felts can stand on stage with ANY group and hold his own. That was his first NQC appearance with the DMB’s and he had to sing on one of the most historic events in their history. Not to mention in front of all the old members and almost every major group in the business. That is some serious pressure. My point was not to compare him but rather to pay compliments to him and Ed Oneal for finding another gem. As said by Aaron, I hope this group stays together cause they have it going on.

  26. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Rick, everyone’s got an opinion and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that there are ways of stating it and ways of stating it. It takes a strange mind to conjure up a risque blackmail joke simply to say that a certain artist isn’t a favorite. Why not just say “Mark’s not a favorite and I’m not sure why he’s on mainstage?”

    As for Brian Free, maybe I should clarify: Of course I know it’s an old routine. But there were little bits of extra business that made it especially good, and the electricity with the crowd was really quite a delight to watch after a tepid week where drawing crowd response seemed like pulling teeth. And since I don’t believe they’ve done it at NQC for a couple years at least, it was a smart and fun way to top off their set.

  27. MikeM wrote:

    As a sound contractor (and I have no aspirations to supply the sound to the NQC) I can tell you the sound was awful because the technology in the speakers is 1950. Hanging full range cabinets up there and expecting crisp natural sound is very old school. Regarding the programmatic content, ditch the pitch from Compassion. GVB is the most over-produced group there. Obviously, Lowry, Phelps and English can’t make a living without Bill. All in all it was an OK week and I’ll be back next year. It’s the only act in town, right?

  28. Guymiddle wrote:

    I attended a Jimmy Buffet concert several years ago. The 16,000 tickets sold out within 15 minutes of going on sale. We had a grand time tailgating with several thousand Parrot heads prior to the concert. Jimmy, his band and his back up singers put on a great show. 15,999 fans left very happy. One of the attendees wrote a review for our local newspaper. She criticized the fans, the tailgating, the songs, the singers and the entire experience. She didn’t get it.

    I purchased the 2011 National Quartet Convention webcast this past week, as I do each year. I anticipate this event; I schedule my calendar and even take off a few afternoons from work to ensure that I don’t miss a moment. My wife knows what I will be doing every night for a week and even insists that I enjoy dinner while watching the concerts. I set up our video projector and speakers to watch the concerts “big screen” style. I laugh, I worship, I cry, I am entertained and I am blessed. I love the event. I also love attending live Southern Gospel concerts when they come to my area.

    The internet has either exposed or created a group of fans and critics who think that their personal opinions matter and are the only correct and valid opinions.

    Does anyone really think that Jimmy Buffet has a great voice? He has thousands of fans and sells millions of records because he connects with his audience.

    Southern Gospel music connects with me. I get it.

  29. Bones wrote:

    Irishlad, I read where Brad White was enjoying singing in Ireland.

  30. irishlad wrote:

    Yes Mr Bones, i missed him,i believe he does his piano and sax routine with stacks to produce a quartet sound. I’M sure Mr Swain or Mr Boles will correct me if i’m wrong.

  31. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    This blog is so much better since yankeegospelgirl has begun to moderate what is and is not acceptable here.

    Perhaps someone has incriminating photos of her with which we can blackmail her to get lost.

  32. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    Oh, sorry. Maybe I should have simply said: Yankeegospelgirl is not a favorite, and I’m not sure she’s on this website. (See her instructions on how to post at No. 26).

  33. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    Correction: Yankeegospelgirl is not a favorite, and I’m not sure WHY she’s on this website. Wouldn’t want her to ignore the merit of my comment in favor of exposing a typo.

  34. More wrote:

    Anyone who was not there, and who is claiming “Looking For a City” was not an electric highlight of the night (and convention) was, well, NOT THERE.

    The crowd went nuts. He sang it and they went crazy. He stepped off stage, and they applauded again. Finally, Michael Booth said “Ok, that’s enough applause for Brian” and Brian ran down the tunnel. Then the crowd went CRAZY again.

    Say whatever you jolly-wall want, but that was a MOMENT.

    And to the one poster who was there and claimed it was not a moment, also said they love the DMB as a group…hmmm.

  35. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    How about “Soli Deo Gloria is a jerk, and we’re not sure why he exists?”

    If you’ll pardon my bluntness. I really oughtn’t to allow y’all to drag me down to your level, but I’m only human.

  36. cynical one wrote:

    #33 — Soli — I’m also not sure why she’s on here. Seems her skin may be a little too thin for the blogasphere.

  37. Auke wrote:

    “Obviously, Lowry, Phelps and English can’t make a living without Bill”.
    Really? Lowry does allright imho he has cranked out a string of very enjoyable classy albums, so have Phelps and English.
    Between the three of them Lowry is most succesful now (solo) and that’s because he sings the music most SGM/Gaither enjoy. And he’s deep,profound and sincere in a weird funny way. I bet you when Phelps and Michael English would both make solo albums that were more SG of nature they would be more succesful. If Bill Gaither would hang his hat in the near future, if Lowry/Phelps/English would continue as a trio, or with a real bass added they would be able to survive. The GVB along with The Imperials are my favorite groups, do i like what they bring in concert? No not really…it’s too much of a routine,…but i still attend if they’re in my neck of the woods..because they’re legendary…and each concert has special moments. And I can say that all this critique is not uplifting them..some are putting them down..and given their trackrecord in gospelmusic they don’t deserve that. Apart from that don’t forget these guys are all human, and have more talent than all the posters here combined.

  38. CVH wrote:

    Soli (#31, 32, 33),

    Thank you.

    I’ve had the “pleasure” of conversing with her over on her blog. While she maintains she’s not vying for Ann Coulter’s job, I have my doubts.

    In fact I’m not convinced that she’s a “yankee” or a “girl”. Her sniping drive-by postings are like that guy with the broken muffler who drives past your house at all hours of the day and night; annoying but not a lot you can do about it.

  39. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    cynical one, if you think I’m thin-skinned you ain’t seen nothin’. I’ve had some run-ins on different blogs (not SG) with people who were REALLY thin-skinned—so much so that when I tried to post articulate, polite disagreements with their particular perspectives, they started censoring me. While at the same time pretending that they were happy to welcome a variety of perspectives as long as it was respectful… gotta love that.

    If I can weigh in on the GVB discussion, I will say the people who have tried to make it apart from Gaither, eventually to return, do seem to get more attention in Gaither’s orbit. It may be as Auke said because their solo stuff is more pop or what-not than SG. I have noticed that most SG folks tend to be cold to other styles.

  40. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    More, exactly. It really doesn’t matter how many times Brian has done the routine. What matters is the chemistry that was created with the crowd. And besides, I think it’s been a while since he’s pulled it out at NQC.

  41. Hector Luna wrote:

    Soli, you’re not a jerk. Don’t let her bring you down.

  42. tommy jones wrote:

    I think Burman is a great bass, but while I used to drive 100 miles to see the Doves, I would not go across the street to hear them now. They have left their SG roots and I can’t tell if they are doing com. or mainly country, but it sure isn’t the type they originally did. Just the opinion of a seemingly dying breed of SG fan.

  43. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    CVH, I was willing to listen to your arguments and reasons for why I was supposedly wrong about, well, everything. But you never gave them. You essentially smirked and said “Ah well, you’re cute, but wait 20 years and you’ll be just as wise as I am.” That doesn’t sound like an argument to me.

    For what it’s worth, I really am a yankee and I really am a girl. It’s part of why I get so exasperated when I see men who don’t argue like men. Honestly, it’s not much fun for me when that happens. A bit like trying to fence with a hamster. I want to feel some true steel clashing against mine—some clear thinking, some reasoning. Apparently that’s too much to ask.

  44. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Don’t worry Hector. Trolls have thick skin. I doubt I even penetrated the first layer.

  45. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    You’re not sure why I exist? What are you, in junior high? Your bluntness is pardoned. Your failed attempt at an insult is not.

    Look, I get that you could never get the audience or the attention you get here on your own. You can’t get your own audience. I get that. But your lack of respect for this blog and its readers is going to continue to bite you.

    Welcome to the club…but I don’t think you can hack it.

  46. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Tommy seems to prove my point about SG purists… and I consider country to be a pretty close cousin too. Not that I can’t see the perspective of that sort of purist, it’s just that they puzzle me a little sometimes. I mean, would they literally not walk across the street to see the Doves? That doesn’t make sense.

  47. Wade wrote:

    Observation — yankeegospelgirl seems to think SHE can say anything, make any observation or opinion…and we should ALL AGREE… AND she can disagree with ANYBODY & EVERYBODY else and it should be OK.. but GAWD help you if you do not agree with HER!!

    This all from some one who admittedly has only been a fan for a year.

    Love it too when some one PROFESSES LOUDLY they are not thinned skinned because they THINK they know SOME ONE else MORE thinned skinned than THEY are!!!

    EVEN More Funny is some one who BAD MOUTHS this blog OFTEN on other blogs and even calls us Non Christians and TOO CRITICAL!!! Her behavior on other blogs is different than when she is HERE… but continues to come here to SPEW!!!

    I know women can have contradictive behavior but still gotta call it when I see it!!!

    She must just like coming here when she feels like the devil!!

    Hector… I would not worry about Soli!!! Me Thinks Soli can take care of Soli!!

  48. MikeM wrote:

    Sunday night was brilliant and thrilling and less attempt @ glitz. Tuesday was a 6/10. Thursday was poorly conceived programmaticly speaking and even worse in terms of sound presentation. Too much fake bass and too hot on the 1st tenors. And Bill has enough money and fame, get them out. Friday was better and Saturday was about a 7/10 and should have been the crowning moment and wasn’t. Too bad about the technical glitch on the finale. I’m sure it was suppose to be a killer moment. So much for “Replay 2’s” reliability.

  49. Dean Henson wrote:

    Saw a promoter on FB post and thank Kim Greene Hopper for honoring her brother and ‘keeping his memory alive’ at NQC. And Tim Greene was also spotted there keeping the Greene tradition alive.

    So who was MIA and why is there no mention of it? Per folks on the recent Alaskan cruise Dennis Swanburg and other artists had quite a lot to say about the Greene ‘legacy’.

  50. Kathy wrote:

    Anyone think they are being a little to hard on the Doves, they are not the only Southern Gospel group that have ventured out of their roots a tad. They are a great group of guy with a great sound! Get away Jordan and Didn’t it Rain are their trademark songs as another post mentioned regarding other groups. I thought King Jesus was great!

  51. Sensible wrote:

    Speaking of Brian Free’s “Looking for a City” bit, I remember seeing him do that in Kentucky when he was a soloist. This was when he had disbanded the group for a while. What absolutely shock me was when he did the one verse, he sang a harmony part through the whole verse - as a soloist!! I was like, “Does he realize he is standing up there singing by himself and not singing the lead?” When he got to the chorus, he sung lead, but only then. It was amazing, and not in a good way.

  52. Hector Luna wrote:

    Good call Wade. Short drive bye’s from yankeegirl don’t bother me ova here. She can have her own opinion. But she can’t argue as articulately as she thinks, she’s not as smart as she thinks she is, she’s narrow minded (possibly home-schooled), EHSS is perfect, loves gossip, and she’s no expert in southern gospel after having only been listening for a year or so.

    This place should be a safe haven for her considering she can say whatever she wants and Dr. Harrison won’t moderate it. “Alas, the one with eyes, but cannot see!”

  53. CVH wrote:

    yankeegospelgirl (#43),

    Just a couple of thoughts before you leave. I wasn’t smirking, I was shaking my head at disbelief in your arrogance.

    I didn’t think to myself or say, “Ah well, you’re cute…”. I find your whole demeanor quite unattractive and as far as your physical characteristics, you’d have to post a picture so I could make a determination on your cuteness.

    Lastly, I wasn’t suggesting that in 20 years you’ll “be just as wise as I am.” I would hope you’d be wiser. But you’ve got a long way to go.

  54. DRL wrote:

    Okay, I have to weigh in on this Looking for a City thing. Seriously, how can anyone claim that was a “moment” when the whole thing is pre-programmed on a track? It’s the worst kind of vaudeville routine for the guys to egg him on to go to the next key. Of course he’s going to the next key … IT’S ON THE TRACK! Do you think he’s going to throw one more key change in there tonite because it’s NQC? Am I the only one that’s cynical enough to realize there is nothing special about the whole thing?
    There was an opportunity to create a great moment, if he’d pulled up a live drummer and bass player and a couple of tenors to tag-team off of, it could have been great, but to me … I was merely embarrassed for him by the whole thing.
    And sadly, the entire BF&A set had been going wonderfully until that song.

  55. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    “But she can’t argue as articulately as she thinks…”

    Frankly, there’s a very simple reason why I don’t spend even more time hammering out every bit of my arguments: I’m tired, and I don’t have the time. But I write constantly, practice my craft, and would like to think I’ve attained a reasonably high level.

    “…she’s not as smart as she thinks she is, she’s narrow minded (possibly home-schooled)…”

    I’ve never even taken an IQ test, and in fact I often find myself second-guessing my mental abilities. Smarter than the average bear, perhaps, but no Einstein. As for narrow-minded… by some standards perhaps, but by other standards I am considered downright impious. I seem to irritate people on the left and right alike, though I’m proud and unashamed to admit that I have many more friends on the right. As for my schooling, let’s just say that I’ve never been pampered and had to work pretty darn hard if I wanted a nice row of As on my transcript.

    “…EHSS is perfect…”

    They’re not. They have strengths and weaknesses like any other group, and I’ll critique them like I critique any other group. If Ernie cracks on a high note, or Devin changes something up too much, or Ian sounds choppy, I’ll make note of those things. But, as with any group, I will do so with constructive intentions.

    “… loves gossip…”

    I have no idea where you got that idea. I have concern for the personal integrity of artists I like because I want to be sure I’m looking up to someone admirable. When people pass around rumors that are nothing but, that infuriates me. Hardly something I “love.”

    “…and she’s no expert in southern gospel after having only been listening for a year or so.”

    I’ve never claimed to be an expert. I’ve learned what I can in a limited time and blog about what I like.

    And on that note, I think I’ll end my little jaunt over here. I thought I’d try it for a little while just for fun, but I realize I’ll only be wasting my time. I only began commenting here at all because I simply couldn’t stand to see someone plagiarize a comment from a fellow blogger. So long.

  56. Butch wrote:

    You guys are weird, childish. This is ridiculous. Go to Sunday School or something. Wow!

  57. Meg H. wrote:

    Whoa Dean! Where did you come from? First time I’ve heard that brought up other than in hushed tones. It is a shame, Tony loved SGM and the NQC, glad Kim & Tim are each trying to make sure his memory is recognized. I pray that his girls will have the chance to know and understand what he meant to the industry.


  58. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Butch, for my part I’m sorry. I realize now that trying to engage over here in the first place was a mistake. And while I don’t go to Sunday School, I do have a philosophy paper to write and other college work to prepare. That sounds like a profitable way to spend my time.

  59. NG wrote:

    It’s been a rough few days on this blog but it’s still the one to read if you’re an SGM fan.

    Good things happen in SGM and here’s one old story (I’m old) that might change the mood a little.

    In 1982, I went to see the Cathedrals in a church here in Canada. I passed the record table (didn’t buy anything) but told Younce that I never was a fan of the group until it put out the album “Something Special” that year. He thanked me.

    On the way out of the church after the concert (nowhere need the record table) someone grabbed my arm. It was Younce. He said and I never forgot: “I really appreciate what you said before the concert.” I was stunned he even recognized me as the church held close to 1,000 people.

    Norm Graham

  60. Glenn wrote:

    I wouldn’t walk across the street to hear the Dove Brothers precisely because I would have to sit through Get Away and Didn’t it Rain one more time.

  61. Meg H. wrote:

    George Younce was a class act!

  62. BigJohn wrote:

    Interesting I attended NQC several years and I beleive the reason it is losing its pop its passion is that if you want to see the best in SQ go to a homecoming concert or buy a video. Top rate sound and/or the top groups. The videos include more folks but besides the top tier groups who appear on the tour with Gaither and EHSS who is left that has determine what they are going to do and is not changing group members or sound like most folks change underwear.

    What we need is some innovation something where the SQ base is still happy but the younger almost ready to go buy a praise and worship album will get excited again. I don’t go to NQC anymore because suffering through hours of groups who look like they would rather pass a kidney stone than sing to the crowd plus the smell of ben-gay and cigarettes makes me little quesy……

  63. quartet-man wrote:

    #62 At my first concert with the Cathedrals (early nineties) I asked George if they could sing “What A Meeting”, he said he thought he could or would try or something. Even though I am much taller and bigger, he was bigger than life. Although he either remembered the wrong song, or chose another, he announced doing a request and looked right at me. So, that is still a special memory. The song he did “Suppertime”.

  64. Wade wrote:

    you know it is a GOOD thread when you see Dr. DH hit it with a EDIT and it was an entire paragraph PLUS!!!

    Love to read YGG’s philosophy paper bet that’s a dooosie!!!

  65. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    It’s only going to be a few pages long—targeted assignment on the history and phil. of science. Sorry to disappoint.

  66. Dean Henson wrote:

    Wade, if you are talking about the #57 edit, it sure made me wonder since she was replying to me.

    Are certain folks off limits to talk about here? I’m near here but had always heard this was where you could speak the true without fail.

    It took 3 rewrites of my post to even get it put in, definitely beginning to wonder if there are rules I’m not aware of. Can we only speak the truth about men??

  67. Dean Henson wrote:

    should say new here.

  68. eddyray wrote:

    NQC 2011. Boring and predictable.

  69. j-mo wrote:

    “I seem to irritate people on the left and right alike”. - Yankeegospelgirl

    I think that pretty much sums it up.

  70. lovelife wrote:

    So if we want to hear good southern gospel, we should listen to GVB and EHSS and the homecoming singers..REally, they sing the same ole songs, night after night. YOu buy the video and you already have those songs on the previous videos Gaither put out 5-10 yrs. ago. The very reason I stopped purchasing them. There are alot of good gospel groups out there. It’s not my job to judge who, what , when, or where.. Did I think this NQC was the best, absolutely not. In fact, I thought it was probably the weakest I’ve heard…My opinion of course. I for one do not like live bands that take over and that’s all you hear is the noise they make, or too much orchestration. I thought the NQC had too many piano recitals each evening. Save that for a pianoroma and I don’t think we need a “theme”, like Christmas. Very boring for me. So, I’ll just sit back and wait for next yr. and go to some gospel concerts I enjoy in between..

  71. cynical one wrote:

    I thought she said she was leaving? Then she posts again 45 minutes later?

  72. eddyray wrote:

    I agree #70 and if I heard one more group sing one more Cathedral song I think I would have puked! Unbelievable!! I really think the industry needs to move past this, there’s an entire generation out there in churches that have no idea who Glen and George are. It’s sad they didn’t but it’s pitiful that groups are still trying to cash in on it! Cathedraloke! Horrible! I must admit I did like Ernie on Wed/Thurs night, but they should have gave Gaither Fri/and Saturday night might have helped fill some more seats on Saturday.

  73. Wade wrote:

    Dean Henson…

    Really Dr. DH does not moderate much, especially as compared to other sites. But if you do facebook click on my name and send it to me in a message there… you do not even have to be my friend. I have a public page almost any1 can get on. If you do not do facebook lmk and I will post an email addy!!! Can then tell you probably WHY he Moderated you!!! lolol;-)))

    I’m pretty out there and he has only moderated me 2-3 times for real…& I PUSH it sometimes just to see what he will let through.

    The only things he has got me on is rumors that could get him in trouble with LAWYERS or anything that poundz prez obama or the left & anything that is REALLY Out or Outting some one that can’t be proven!!!

    Welcome to the site!!! You will love it… EVERYBODY does even if they don’t admit it!!!

  74. Wade wrote:

    cynical one — she will be back today…maybe not post but she will be here she has to subscribe to the post to respond like she does!!

    YGG…Hope the paper goes good…post it on your blog and let us know here… I mean you do have time to do that between the paper & loving on Artist Perspective trying to figure out who he is so you can get in his pants…lol… since you have only been around the SGM music for a year have you heard the term Diesel Sniffer???

  75. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    This group only had a piano and four incredibly strong voices……and it sounded great. Their voices were their instruments……not a muffled soundtrack. This is the Statesmen from a rare 1949 recording.


    The NQC needs a little more of this.

  76. lovelife wrote:

    I don’t mind groups singing Cathedral songs. I enjoy it, In fact I sing them. Everyone has an opinion on things. I quit enjoying Gaither and EHSS a long time ago. I can’t figure out why people think Gaither deserves the red carpet. I know he’s done alot for gospel music, but, so have lots of others.

  77. Dean Henson wrote:

    Wade, will do that tonight- no social networking on work computer. Basically it had to do with why widow wasn’t at NQC. I see how he could call it rumors, however when there are verified sightings, I think that is credible.

  78. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    To #76:

    I think the reason people like Gaither is because he has a quality product. He sells nostalgia to the middle to upper middle class Gospel music audience. His ticket prices may be a little more expensive, but you hear some good singing, a good sound system and bypass sitting through the “beggar on the bus” routine.

    Gaither’s popularity also came back in 1994 when the Charismatic movement’s Praise & Worship choruses had basically invaded every denomination in the Western hemisphere. I think people were tired of the onslaught of contemporary music (that all sounds the same) and wanted a return to the “good ‘ole days” of meaningful hymns and sacred music that touched the soul.

    As popular as Gaither has been, I have never understood why more Ministers of Music didn’t follow his trend. Instead, the church mostly “went contemporary” and the church music programs were basically one-sided - all praise & worship and no hymns. This left the older members of the congregation “out in the cold” while the younger generation took over. (This happened in my home church) I can’t help but wonder if Gaither noticed this trend and capitalized upon a very willing and ready market.

  79. eddyray wrote:

    My point was about attendance wed/thur/fri was waaaaay better then every other day of the week. I didn’t mean performance. Go ahead and keep singing those Cathedral songs, but I really don’t see the benefits of it. Sorry.

  80. Southern Gospel Revi wrote:

    Hello. I was wondering if you could add my blog to your blog list. http://gospelreviewblog.blogspot.com/ Thanks. :)

  81. cynical one wrote:

    #76 — lovelife — Bill created a mystique about him decades ago, when he took over his own management, promotions, bookings, etc. I don’t think that was part of his plan. It just happened.

    Because of the way they’ve planned their tours, they are not in every little town, or every little church, every 6 months. They’ve only booked larger venues, and once per year at the most.

    Because of this, they can travel less frequently, and spend more time at home. It has also made him appear larger than life, because he draws big crowds, when he does come to your town. (He may not fill the huge arenas, but even there, he has a pretty good showing.)

    Of course, having had “He Touched Me” recorded by Elvis didn’t hurt him, either.

  82. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #77: From her Facebook page:

    “I won’t be attending #NQC this week. I’m just not ready to be there. It was the last big stage I sang with Tony. May take a while for me to commit to it. I’m sorry for letting any of you down. I’m taking the steps I feel like are positive for my children & me. And this isn’t one with which I’m settled. I’m continuing to fill my schedule for 2012. Looking forward to a great year!! Love to you all!!”

  83. carl wrote:

    FWIW, this was my first time at NQC. I’m glad I went. There were some fine moments, even a few of transcendent beauty. Most of those were away from the main stage. I gave the Gaither moments a pass because my gut response to the way his productions are structured isn’t positive. My observations are in line with Doug’s, but I want to go back next year.

    A first-timer’s capsule review if NQC 2011: NOT supernal.

    I’ve been waiting decades to use that word.

  84. steve wrote:

    Found a new blog. Check it out at http://sogoblog.com

  85. Dean Henson wrote:

    Wade plumbing issues at home kept me off the internet last night but I will get in touch tonight.

    #82 if you believe that quote, boy do I have some property I’d like to unload, I mean sell you.

  86. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #85: Ha. Duly noted.

  87. lovelife wrote:

    And why would that quote not be true??

  88. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Time for handwahing after the plumbing work.
    Do it twice if it was done in the bathroom.

  89. Hector Luna wrote:

    The last big stage? She’s done plenty of big stages since last year’s NQC. What about the last small stage? Why couldn’t that have been mentioned? Are those people not important?

    Nobody believes that. TaRanda is wonderful, and I’m sure she’s still going through a hurtful and emotionally sullen process in her life, but that doesn’t mean she ain’t no drama queen, and a bit superficial. ‘Cause she is that… But God bless ‘em.

  90. Ode wrote:

    (slowly catching up) thanks for all reviews,Avie, and I bookmarked songs,‘ll check em after the holidays.

    You I love, Doug - :D Made my day: “Freedom Hall Sound: It still sucks”, reporting from a Singing(!) Conf, of all places, is a darkly hilarious version of similarly all encompassing, profound brevity of Ernest Hemingway’s reply ”For Sale. Baby shoes. Never worn” to “Can you tell a story in six words?”. Classic! Gifted writer you surely are.

    Agreed on the lack of professionalism in sg. My first boss, savvy media man, used the sage rule for hiring staff: “If you mix 3 lb of best raspberry jam with 1 lb of shit, you will end up with four pounds of shit”

    Manager, promoter, songwriter, techs, band members..*all* have to be pros at what they do. Amateurism is great and expected from a sg group of hobbyists singing semi-charitably at local church or nursing home. Gift horse, mouth. But on a real stage …..

    Oh, ;) after a morning prayer, cigar and a double espresso he liked to further philosophize on how “subsequent attempt to remove an abovementioned pound of manure won’t leave us with initial 3 pounds of jam” Damage done by a bad crew member is often long-lasting, esp. in show business.

  91. Ode wrote:

    74, She does? What for,one ass is already in there.Wade u are such a good bullshit repellent.

    so,much kind folk came to assure the cleanup of AveryFineLounge. Sorry couldnt help, swamped with work, we being screwed hard by something mislabled “Micro” and “Soft”. English, as i just learned, is a very deceiving language.

    SoliDeoGloria,you are bright, interesting, theologically wise Christian brother, that, among others here, I so dearly love and enjoy learning from.YG knows her music,but acts way too ungodly to be here, glad she’s gone.

  92. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #89: The quote was “the last big stage I sang WITH TONY.” (emphasis mine, caps used for emphasis, not shouting, since italics isn’t an option in comments.)

    It’s hard to deny that NQC was the last big stage she sang on with Tony before his passing. I just posted the quote for full disclosure; she addressed it on her page, so the matter was at least brought up by somebody. I have no opinion about the truth behind it, which is, apparently, up for debate.

  93. Ode wrote:

    pointing at #87..Dean, here is your customer! ;)
    going thru pics and videos.. Irishlad,that was wise of you to plan Las Vegas trip over moneywasting at nqc. Both places are polluted with with prideful, addicted to cheap praise,ungodly-but-religious aging queens heavy on makeup and age/stage- unappropriate clothes, singing mostly substanceless songs,but Vegas has better buffets and sound.

  94. irishlad wrote:

    Ode…leibling, you truely are beautiful and I want each and every one of avery’s readers to know this. Hugs and kisses.xxx.

  95. Meg Hopper wrote:

    Dean, I got some property to unload too. I’ll be glad to make it available for sale for those that buy that routine as well. Just let me know if you need it.

    It’s sad, a man that so many people truly cared about being subject to a lot of hurt and unnecessary pain. May he rest in peace.

  96. NG wrote:

    OK I’ll bite. Does the person posting as Meg Hopper (#95) claim to be related to those in the Hoppers and, if so, what is her connection to them?

  97. Meg Hopper wrote:

    No I’m not related to them to my knowledge. And that’s my married name anyway so it would be my husband not me related if we were. I guess if we went far enough back in the family tree we might find something, my husband’s grandparents are from Western NC.

    I posted as just Meg H. the other day but then thought someone might think since I agreed with Dean my last name was Henson so tonight I used my last name too.

  98. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Dean and Meg: you can keep your property. Trust me.

  99. Meg Hopper wrote:

    Aaron went over and read your blog, you seem like a nice young man. I wish everyone that is associated with this business could have that said about them.

  100. Bones wrote:

    Avery, sometimes it is better to do things like NQC without a group. Some things are hard to explain if they have never been there, I’ve learned from experience. Less days is better. The “Good Ole Days” we didn’t have a BOARD running things. The Statesmen andothers sang as long as they wanted. The people who rented the building out in Nashville let them sing til day light. They loved it too.-

  101. NG wrote:

    Thanks Meg Hopper for your clarification. I’m Norm Graham and as far as I know I am not related to Billy or crackers.

  102. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #99: That is quite a compliment; thank you!

    #100: I wish I could have been to one of those years of NQC, if only to see The Statesmen, Blackwoods, etc., in their heyday.

  103. church fire wrote:

    A little bit of dirty involving Nelson Parkerson and The Hinsons. Read it this morning. Anybody heard anything about this? http://fridaynightrevival.wordpress.com/

  104. Dean Henson wrote:

    Wade, I guess I’m about to show my FB ignorance. When I read your comment that said we didnt have to be friends for me to see your page, (ok insert word Dummy here) that I am, it didnt register I couldnt see it if I wasn’t on FB. I’m not.

    After some trial and error I think I’ve figured out what can and cant be said. LOL I have a comment yesterday that didn’t get posted, I thought I had worded carefully but it still says awaiting moderation but I’ve seen several with times after mine posted.

    Meg, my great aunt’s first cousin married a Hopper so we could be related! LOL

  105. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    A toast to the best blog in southern gospel: We may all be a little crazy here in Avery Nation, but this craziness is surely worth defending, especially against condescending philosophy students.

  106. Dean Henson wrote:

    Meg your simple statement about Tony is so true.

    As far as his widow these are some things I believe. I believe many of her actions were hurtful to not only Tony but many innocent people. I do not believe what has been quoted as being her reason for not going to NQC on Facebook.

    I do believe that her reasons and actions were less about the good of the family and more about not facing people who knew the truth. I believe her actions have caused other children to now live in a single parent home without a daddy.

    I believe that promoters who have refused to have others perform while engaging in wrong practices need to be consistent in their actions.

    This may or may not make it through moderation but I feel better having written it.

  107. observor wrote:

    Since we are on this topic I was suprised to see that “The Greenes” (formerly The Tim Greene Trio) performed at NQC (showcase I am guessing) and that Dave McVay (formerly of Three Bridges) is singing with them (confirmed by their website www.thegreenesmusic.com). Was anyone able to see them and what was your impression. I have not seen them in concert as of yet, but am curious.

  108. Wade wrote:

    Dean… loandr4u@yahoo.com gets me if you don’t do facebook!!!

    Soli — Wish we had a LIKE Button after these post but since there is not as it regards to you last statement…LIKE

  109. gina wrote:

    As this seems to be a somewhat open thread, does anyone know if Gold City plans to renew their website domain?


  110. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #109: Yes.

  111. CVH wrote:

    soli (#105),


  112. Meg Hopper wrote:

    The Gold City website worked for me just fine.

    Dean, amen.

  113. Blackstone wrote:

    I am not sure where to post this comment, however here goes; We have attended 24 straight NQC’s. Got lucky several years ago and scored seats in the second row floor. That said, I want to state that this NQC was one of the worst I have seen. Starting with the 11:00 quitting time. The NQC was on a money saving binge this year. Let me explain: Quitting at 11:00 saved at least three appearances each night. Having 4 free showcase winners each night saved at least one personal appearance of a major group. Having three Compassion presentations of 14 minutes each saved three appearances. Bringing on Clarke to plug some program saved paying a couple of other artists. All told it is at least 30 appearances eliminated for an increase in ticket price. How can they have the Rambo’s on two nights singing their version of Rambo music and eliminate Southern Sound, Dixie Melody Boys and Melody Boys, three traditional groups who have paid their dues. Speaking of the Rambo show, how can they have Buck up there getting rewarded knowing what happened. (I am trying to be careful here). Anyway, a disappointing week and I heard the same from several permanent seat holders around us.

  114. Dean Henson wrote:

    Blackstone I understand what you are saying, however if you decide to let them 2nd row seats go, can I send you my email?

  115. Dean Henson wrote:

    Just saw on a blog that Charlie Burke had passed away. Charlie brought some of the best singers into SGM.

  116. Hector Luna wrote:

    Charlie may have been cheap, but he could put a standout group together for a few months.

    In a weird way, he was a great ambassador for SGM, and ALMOST a savvy businessman. Thoughts and prayers with the family.

  117. pinetreepreacher wrote:


    You should check out the Singing News Forum (Southern Gospel Folder) and see what one poster had to say about the NQC Flea Market. They even had a Massage Therapist there this year. I asked if there was a conspiracy to ruin the convention. I also asked why the money allocated to politicans couldn’t be allocated to top-of-the-line sound equipment. (At least allocate money toward the lease of a good sound system and top-of-the-line sound engineers)

  118. mike wrote:

    I’m in the dark, what did Tiranda Greene do?

    On the Nelson Parker/Hinson issue, I heard many years ago while the Hinsons were in their heyday, that Parkerson had cut a deal where he got a much bigger cut of the song royalties than was normal and that Ronny and the group were kind of locked in. I don’t think Ronny gave over ALL his songwriting royalties for a bus.

  119. BigC wrote:

    @church fire 103:
    It’s the absolute truth. Unfortunately.

  120. 2miles wrote:

    I too will be more than willing to take someones good NQC permanent seats off there hands… 1234miles@gmail

  121. Blackstone wrote:

    #114. Got it about the tickets. Re: Charlie Burke, just saw him sitting at the TCA booth and the NQC. He hasn’t looked good for a few years, though I only saw him at NQC.

  122. irishlad wrote:

    118 If i told ya Mikey,i’d have to kill ya :)

  123. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    I had not seen this performance.

    This is Amick Bryam and Taranda Greene:


    Here’s another:


  124. 2miles wrote:

    I will gladly purchase 2 season tickets for the NQC for anyone who is so disallusioned they aren’t returning…Granted your seats are good…This was my third year in a row and I love it….

  125. Ode wrote:

    106,Whatever she did, imho, I’d give her a break. She gave her husband a kidney, trying to save his life. I know a lot of women that demand the world from their husbands just for the prilivege to temporarily rent their body parts, and then ask for an arm and a leg in divorce;)

    Ok, TG wrote a totally idiotic, fake-smelling and insulting to people’s intelligence post on FB (but who’s perfect?), Aaron quoted it. Lets have mercy on the girl, she is a great singer.

  126. Bones wrote:

    Why the Taranda bashing? She donated a kidney. Sometimes the live donor dies,

  127. Ode wrote:

    105,Amen, Soli. Not “little”.We are crazy turned pro, even if a poster is not initially crazy, we train.

    Avery is too smart to moderate a religious site thru something ineffective and silly, like “no bad words”. Bullshit! Most God hating, inhumane,ugly and devilish posts I’ve seen in forums are swearing-free and heavily peppered with scripture, as parody sites like LandoverBaptist prove as well.
    Best mod is the site’s Citizens Police ;)

  128. Ode wrote:

    :/ hm…Not only we stole the poor uncircumcised philistines’ land, killed God’s only Son and masterminded all financial scandals, now lovely irish Coleens can accuse jewess’ of stealing their charming available bachelors. That’s what I call a stellar badass criminal record. Beat that, americans!

    Yeah,thanks,Ilad, I’ll take hugs :) XX Throw in a backrub, I got long onestop plane ride to deal with on sunday.

    (PS your blog is hot, Avery! they say best pieces of art has bad/good guys, suspense, music, poetry and a lovestory in it. Music can stand some improvement, though ;)

  129. irishlad wrote:

    Since the Hoppers,Tony& TaRanda have all been mentioned recently i’ll tell you all about the Hopper concert i attended in Belfast N.I. on thurs night last.
    I’ve been to quite a few SG concerts through 2010/2011 and although i’ve heard them(Hoppers)before in the States i’ve always conciously gave them a miss anytime they were over,simply because they wouldn’t be my first choice type of SG group.
    I know the group well,the line-up,the songs..and i thought, here we go again just another concert…or so i thought.The Hoppers that night brought about a concert experience that was refreshing,energitic,funny and crucially, musically fulfilling and exciting.Now i won’t bore you with the set line-up,save to say it was all there all their latest and popular stuff,but a couple of things and people stand out in my mind: Connie was her usual solid self as was the talented young painist Josh Simpson but the ones who impressed me were Michael and Claude.Now we had the usual standard of greatness embodied in the star that is Kim and her ever present satellite Dean who orbits her continually physically and musically to produce a fine compatibility in sound and stage presence,but back to Michael and Claude.Michael filled in where necessary with bass vocals lead vocals drums,he even managed to find the time and dexterity to run the sound via a laptop…what a guy.Now Claude.A few years back i would have referred to him,perhaps unkindly, as bombastic Claude but tonight,in turns, he was urbane,avuncular,clever,comedic,corny and before i run out of describing words…very humble.What brought me to this earth shattering conclusion was his two solo numbers.Now, Claude’s vocals usually get lost in the mix,in fact at times one wonders what part, if any at all, does he play?,well a rendition of “If i can help somebody” swiftly followed by “Less of me ” soon changed my view of his singing abilities..almost enough to purchase his CD.. but not quite.Well folks i’m starting to rattle on but i hope you’ve gotten even a small feel of the sort of night everyone enjoyed.

  130. NG wrote:

    Irishlad: Thanks for the detailed review. How many attended at the 800-seat Church of God At Glenmachan in east Belfast? I assume that isn’t your home church. I never saw the bombastic Claude and always appreciated he had taken the time to know something about the place he was appearing. A few SGM artists (certainly not Gaither) didn’t seem to realize they were in a different country when they came to Canada.

  131. irishlad wrote:

    Yes indeed NG, I need not say you’ve visited before? Well all 800 were filled,maybe more.It was truly great to see 300 or more blue hairs doing the coffin dodger’s shuffle on the finale of ” Shoutin time”(that song really warms the heart)zimmer frames and crutches and all happily thrown away…God moves in mysterious ways.Well thats what i heard one guy from the DHSS say on the way out :)

  132. Bones wrote:

    #118 there was another group involved in the Parkinson Hinson mess, You could figure it out if you remember.

  133. NG wrote:

    I just saw the latest Gaither event on TV called Tent Reunion and I never saw individiual singers featured as much on one general show as TaRanda and Phelps were on this one. Also interesting that the Nelons — even the guy in the group — got so much prominence considering they weren’t worthy of the mainstage at NQC this year (except for a four-group number).

  134. mike wrote:

    132 _ I don’t remeber- who was the other group in the Parkerson/Hinson mess/
    By the way, what happened between the New Hinsons and the NQC? That was during a span of years I quit follwing southern gospel at all.

  135. Brandon Coomer wrote:

    Someone pointed me to this thread… lots of “interesting” things to read.

    One thing really jumped out, but all I will say is no one should get a “break” for adultery, especially if they are playing the part of the grieving widow.

  136. Wade wrote:

    This is a good thread…to bad all the details I have been inboxed the last few days could be posted here!!! It would really blow some of ya up!!! But they were comments moderated off here!!!

    Understand to SOME degree… WHY… but after Brandon’s post I don’t see WHY the other comments where MODERATED… they just mentioned NAMES & more details!!!

    Wonder if I posted them on my facebook page if that notification would make it through MODERATION!!?????

  137. Dean Henson wrote:

    yeah, Wade I had another one ‘deleted’ it appears.

    But Brandon AMEN.

    And to those who say it is bashing, if holding someone accountable for their actions is bashing we need more of it!

  138. Wade wrote:

    OK everybody write me all the credible gossip you have and I will post it in a note on my facebook page!!! lolol;-)) Just click on my name to go to my facebook page or my email addy is above!!

    I mean send it ALL about EVERYBODY… I want to see if some one will send me something I WILL MODERATE!!!

    Will post 2moro by noon!!! GET BUSY!!!

    Irish lad — thanks for the review of the Hoppers!!! Did you ask them about Denice!!!???

    ODE — I agree with you to some degree about cutting her some slack and cutting EVERYBODY slack… but do not think it is unreasonable to call BS on some one when they are not all out there… you are right she did give a kidney and I am sure she loved him… she is an incredible talent I WOULD and HAVE PAID to hear.

    NEVER JUDGE some one about how they act when some one dies or they sin… we ALL HAVE!!! But do believe the sun should shine on every one and if you are rollin’ one way in public and it does not jive with reality… well then many of us and MANY MORE Women by a % of the population would be guilty of that!!! lololol

  139. Michelle wrote:

    Ok, so I had planned on keeping my mouth shut until someone had words about me. Yes I am the Massage Therapist that was there, and the ONLY reason why I even considered being there was because I felt that it would be a service that would be very helpful to not only the patrons there but the performers. I had many of both. In fact some of the performers came by every day. So there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with having a therapist there whether it is me or someone else. To tell you the truth, I wish they (NQC) had this years ago. I am speaking from experience this past week and it was much needed AND appreciated by both the performers and guests.

  140. Wade wrote:

    Thought the Massage Therapist was one of the GOOD things at the NQC!!!!???

    Bet you did have many artist… I’m sure a few offered to return the favor as many are quite Gifted with the Hands and the Tongues that help them SING!!!

    Michelle…massages have been going on at NQC for a while!!! ;-)

  141. Bones wrote:

    # 140 many, many years. Try decades.

  142. Michelle wrote:

    Yes so did I. I was going off what everyone told me during the week, that NQC had never had a massage therapist before me. I guess they were wrong…

  143. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    No offense to #139 - Michelle. I’m sharing an opinion on what has happened to the religious music market, especially the Southern Gospel camp.

    It looks to me that a lot of the SG performers need to resort to performances and shows under “the big top”. The term “circus” should replace the term “convention”. Maybe they could sell cotton candy and peanuts up and down the aisles……along with the little battery-operated flashlights, of course.

    They’ve brought in the politicians - where is the hi-wire act? Oh, I forgot - politics is a circus.

    Massages, flea market finds, purses, rhinestone jewelry, and oh yes, Gospel music CD’s. Our entire American culture has become one gigantic yard sale. What’s next - manicure and pedicure booths at the NQC? Maybe the singers could get a chiropractic adjustment before going on stage. Having to sign autographs at the booth can be hard on the spine.

    Where is Barnum & Bailey when we need them?

  144. Dean Henson wrote:

    LOL, Michelle just not in a booth by a licensed professional.

  145. Gayla wrote:

    There was a pedicure booth at NQC this year. I went by it almost every time I made a “potty trip”. I sure wish I could have met you Avery! Maybe I can meet you next year!

  146. Logan Pettis wrote:

    #143…at the risk of being tongue in cheek… doesn’t Gaither pass out little battery operated flashlights??

  147. Wade wrote:

    WoW this is tougher than I thought… I gotta give an extra bit of respect to Dr. DH… you would not believe some of the stuff ppl have written me as gossip!!!

    Some of it is widely known and old… some of it is Fresh and may not be known, interesting their is so many drinkers in the biz!! Some of it I hope is not true, even though I wouldn’t judge the ppl harshly. Hardly think I am in any position to HOLD ANYBODY ACCOUNTABLE!!!

    Think that is Best Left to The Good Lord on Judgment Day!!! Oh yes I have heard about how it is supposed to be cool to have a group of Elders go Speak to some one they think is wrong!!! The whole thing I think is wrong about that is every time I’ve seen that done there was MORE than ONE person in THAT Group of Elders that had considerable SIN in THEIR Lives TOO!!!

    Some of it is TRUE!!!!.. and if you are going to play up one angle to garner public sympathy and you are doing in reality the total opposite some one should call BS on that!!

    EVERYONE WILL BE OFFERED A WAY to defend themselves and deny if they wish and then it will be up to each individual to decide if you want to blindly be a FANATIC!!!…or like me…

    Guess I am one of the rare persons who can KNOW someone is not perfect, even have considerable sin in their lives & still get a blessing from what they might bring to a performance!!

    Gonna make a post don’t worry my gossip hungry SGM FREAKZ… but since I missed the 1st Deadline wanted to give you an update.

    Continue to send me your gossip submissions to my facebook inbox you can find my clicking on my name which is a link… or loandr4u@yahoo.com

  148. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    Yes……as a matter of fact, he was giving away those little battery-operated lights at his last concert. My mother thought she had won the lottery when she was handed one of those little lights. LOL LOL My husband and I have laughed and laughed about that flashlight.

    She put it on her key ring and we actually used it to help open her front door at night. They actually gave her two flashlights and she was so proud of it that she gave one to her beautician.

    It was so funny. Finally, the light burned out. I think I’ll go to Wal-Mart to find another one. Thanks to Ticketmaster, that flashlight costs us about $185.00. (for three of us) LOL LOL

  149. eddyray wrote:

    #148 GIVE IT AWAY

  150. GD wrote:

    Breaking News!!! Gold City has a new lead singer!!!! Jeffrey Pelfrey. Two Youtubes are already posted from weekend concerts. He sounds pretty good.

  151. Tom wrote:

    #150, it is not breaking news. This news is at least a week old and his name is Jerry Pelfrey.

  152. irishlad wrote:

    150: unless you’re trying to be funny…that’s history.

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