Jessy Dixon, 1938-2011

Rest in peace, Jessy Dixon, and in that beautiful light.

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  1. NG wrote:

    I didn’t know until today about Jessy’s piano playing abilities. Here’s a link to a CD in which he and two other black artists play piano. You can listen to samples.

  2. Michael H. McIlwain wrote:

    I loved his rendition of Get Away, Jordan and Now I Have Everything. I’ll crank up some Jessy Dixion music in honor of him tomorrow.

  3. Auke wrote:

    My first album by Jessy was “It’s Allright Now” in was released on the Light label..and is one of the finest albums i own. I posted my favorite song on my FB page. Rest in peace brother Jessy..

  4. Trevor Haley wrote:

    I just found out about the Earth, Wind and Fire connection. You don’t play keys for them unless you’ve got what it takes. I knew about the work with Paul Simon, which was also cool.

    He had quite a resume. Sadly, the average SG fans, completely unappreciative of other styles of music, will never understand what that meant.

  5. Janet B wrote:

    Jessy was never one of my very favorites; however, I Stood on the Banks of Jordan always makes me cry. Just fabulous.

    What a loss. Deepest sympathies to his family & friends.

  6. irishlad wrote:

    RIP, Jessy….5 hits? hmmmm.

  7. suzie rice wrote:

    Stirrin’ up heaven, for sure, ’bout right now! We love you Jesse!

  8. carl wrote:

    I admired him. There aren’t many singers out there who can cover both Dottie Rambo and James Cleveland that creditably. There aren’t many singers in any genre who had the vocal control that he did, and the musical imagination to use it. I couldn’t believe how finely nuanced his keyboard was when I first heard him live, fronting a trio with two Chicago women, in a little theatre in the 70s. They were taping a show in a little theatre for Canadian radio. I was only there by accident because I’d promised to give their local pickup drummer a ride after the show, but J D and the trio turned my head right around. In his playing you could hear strains of country, stride, ragtime, and gorgeous jazz, right along with blues and soul. I thought his singing was High Art. I owe him for rekindling my own interest in any kind of gospel music that night, after having tried for years to get it out of my blood. If anybody needs to name a genre for his whole work to fit in, call it “American gospel”.

  9. Labrador wrote:

    Dance,Jessy,Dance! You could always tell on the Gaither DVDs Jessy really wanted to cut a rug but held himself in check. I heard some rumbling from the sky awhile ago; thought maybe it was Jesse singing I Saw the Light and letting loose…. go for it Jessy!

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