Just Sing: Now I have Everything

A song by and a remembrance of Jessy Dixon:

Most southern gospel fans know Dixon in one of the half-lives of his later career as a Homecoming friend, but of course Dixon had an accomplished history in both secular and sacred music long before joining the Homecoming tour, as reader (and friend of Avery) CU recalls:

I admired him. There aren’t many singers out there who can cover both Dottie Rambo and James Cleveland that creditably. There aren’t many singers in any genre who had the vocal control that he did, and the musical imagination to use it. I couldn’t believe how finely nuanced his keyboard was when I first heard him live, fronting a trio with two Chicago women, in a little theatre in the 70s. They were taping a show in a little theatre for Canadian radio. I was only there by accident because I’d promised to give their local pickup drummer a ride after the show, but J D and the trio turned my head right around. In his playing you could hear strains of country, stride, ragtime, and gorgeous jazz, right along with blues and soul. I thought his singing was High Art. I owe him for rekindling my own interest in any kind of gospel music that night, after having tried for years to get it out of my blood. If anybody needs to name a genre for his whole work to fit in, call it “American gospel”.

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  1. Michael H. McIlwain wrote:

    Thanks for sharing that video. I wish the editor of the video had not cut away from Jesse during the chorus. He was having a Hallelujah moment. Jesse will be missed. I had the honor of meeting him at the Gather Homeccoming in Nashville back in 2003. He was very gracious. He blessed us with his rendition of Get Away Jordan. Jake jumped in and did Hovie’s part that night.

  2. Wade wrote:

    WoW I thought Sammy Hall did it Well!!! Yes thanks for sharing!!! JUST SING!!!

  3. Jim wrote:

    Thank you for all you do for Southern Gospel Music, I loved watch Jesse in all the Homecoming videos.

  4. Auke wrote:

    I bought my first Jessy Dixon back in the late 70’s early 80’s..loved it when he resurfaced with Gaither in the early 90’s. I last saw him live in 2001 in Holland…with a live band, great back up singers, the venue could hold about 1000, and i estimate that only 150 souls showed up…nevertheless he gave it his all…and he and his band were electrifying and stellar..one of the best concerts i ever attended.

  5. Larry Ferguson wrote:

    I’m really going to miss Jessy. He and I became friends. I remember the first road show that I worked with Dottie and back then we were still selling cassettes. I was pushing our product accross the lot and hit a crack and the cassettes went everywhere. All the artists looked and walk passed but none offered to help. Some joked. Jessy came up and got on his knees in his suit and helped me pick every cassette up.

  6. FosterChild wrote:

    Hey did anybody notice that Gaither cut down on his use of Jessy (a lot, by the way) in the recent years?

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