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It’s self-interested (for me, at least) crowdsourcing time, folks. As most of you know, I’ve been working on a book about sg for some time now. It’s in the final stages of production, which includes developing cover art. And though there are a lot of great action images of southern gospel happening in visually valuable ways out there, getting access to the rights to use those images can be tricky. So here’s where you (potentially) come in.

Consider the mailbox now open for high-quality (ideally 300 DPI and 5×7 or larger for most images but there’s some room to negotiate) images that say “that’s southern gospel” in action (that is, not posed). Images on CDs can be mailed; contact me via email for mailing address.

Iconic groups from the mid- to late-twentieth century on stage (classic quartet or mixed groups) preferred, but all comers are welcome. Blackwoods, Goodmans, and Cathedrals are common points of reference in the book, but the image need not necessarily involve these groups. Images with audiences captured in some way = even better.

The trick and key is: whatever the image, it needs to have been taken by you or be an image for which you control the rights. No press photos or media kit images, unless you control the rights to those images. You’d also have to be willing to allow use/manipulation of the picture in a cover art image and receive nothing more than my thanks here and formal acknowledgment in the book. This is academic educational publishing, and there isn’t a lot money involved here for anyone, least of all the author (I’d probably try to kick in a gratis copy of the book if your image gets used and you wanted one).

Bonus points for early submissions. This is a quasi-deadline driven process.

That is all.

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  1. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    By “academic publishing,” do you mean the book is going to be priced at four times the ordinary rate…like a typical college textbook?

  2. Jeremy Bell wrote:

    I have a lot of photos on my website Those are some of the first ones I took and then on my facebook are more recent ones. I have only been shooting over the last few years so there wont be anything that is really old on there. You are more than welcome to look through those.

    The links below are the last couple concerts I shot.

  3. Janet B wrote:

    I have no old photos for you, Doug…wish I did. (All I have is one of Dallas Holm and me, circa 1977…and no one else wants to see that one, trust me. LOL)

    I am really interested in getting my grubby little hands on the book when it’s finished, though. A signed copy, of course. :)

  4. Anthony Thaxton wrote:

    Sent you some images through facebook…

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