Blogging for the commitment-phobic

A new approach to blogging for people who have stuff to say … but are averse to blog commitment:

Surveys have shown that 95% of blogs are abandoned within 120 days and 60-80% of them abandoned within the first month. … Postary reduces the Blog Lifecycle down to step four: if you are inspired to say something, then just post it and share it with the world. It’s our philosophy that sometimes we may only have one thing to say and one time we want to say it.

By the stats above, it’s a regular Jurassic Park around here, where we’re in Blog Year 8.  And I’m not so sure that our comments sections don’t basically perform a version of the Postary function already. But I aggregate, you decide.

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  1. Wade wrote:

    Here’s Hoping YGG will Quit & be Quiet!!! Cause don’t ya have to have an opinion some one gives a sh*t about???

  2. judi wrote:

    Well, this blogger is in year 6 and although I haven’t kept up the pace of earlier years, it’s not lack of commitment. It’s Facebook, where I spend too much of my valuable blogging time.

  3. NG wrote:

    One thing I love about your blog as opposed to the other SGM gospel bloggers (some of whom I enjoy) is that you rarely respond to our comments. We’re free to say whatever we want (unless you decide there are legal problems). One example: I don’t recall you saying anything about Brian Free and toilet paper but the readers of your blog chose to post a bunch of comment on that subject.

  4. irishlad wrote:

    Are you sure you didn’t mean to say: ” But i exaggerate,you decide” :) ok ok i know aggregate means total or sum of all parts.

  5. Bud wrote:

    I heard that Gold City is reorganizing their blog and that it will be their best in years.

  6. MamaCope wrote:

    I am brand new to this blog, been watching for a while - figured I’d have to join sometime. Bud just made me laugh!

  7. Luke Forsee wrote:

    I like YGG’s blog!!! Who are you to disparage it? :)

    What’s your problem with her anyhow, Wade?

  8. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Thanks, Luke. As for why Wade doesn’t like me, it’s quite simple: I’m smart, and I’m a conservative, and I’m a GUUUUURL. I do confess to calling him a mangy canine once, but only after he had said plenty of nasty (and false) stuff about me, unprovoked.

    So there’s your answer. :D

  9. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Only thing is Luke, I do enjoy some rockier music and may occasionally post it for fun. Hope you won’t hold it against me!! :) :) :)

  10. Hector Luna wrote:

    YGG is decently smart. But not as smart as she thinks she is.

    Big props to you for writing about SoGo for so long. I’m sure it’s a task.

  11. steve k wrote:

    I think the reason some SG blog (such as yours) prosper so much is because SG is generally smaller community. I could go to any one SG blog and find YGG or quartet-man commenting. However, it’s very unlikely that I would find the same familiar faces week after week should I be reading rock music blogs. There are only so many places we can congregate.

  12. WB wrote:

    I have a love/hate relationship with this blog. A lot of what Avery writes is not found on other blog sites and it can create interesting comments. On the other hand, we have negative and mean comments, (demonstrated by Wade above) using profanity to attempt to show others how their opinion is correct.
    Ephesians 4:29 is not always remembered here. “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.”

  13. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    May I remind y’all that I never claimed to be Einstein? I don’t stack numbers in space in my head. (My dad does that. :) )

    However, I did grade writing samples for grad students when I was in highschool. One of them got an especially nice offer afterwards. It felt really good to have helped them out. And recently I got paid to give a friend some tutoring to prep for his GRE. I think he would have done just fine if he had taken it as planned, but he chickened out. Grrrrr. I hope our prep holds well when he finally goes and takes it.

  14. irishlad wrote:

    10 I concur Hector re: YGG. No doubt she’s a legend in her own household. :)

  15. quartet-man wrote:

    #11, thanks for the shout out, but I don’t read every SG blog out there and there are some I read, but don’t comment on. :) Even then, I don’t comment on every entry (although technically you could find a reply somewhere on most blogs). :p

  16. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    irishlad, I have some papers lovingly covered in bloody red ink by my momma. Would you like to see how “legendary” I was growing up? LOL.

  17. TommyJohnCulpepper wrote:

    Congratulations Avery on eight years of blogging.

    To my fellow-posters: quit giving YGG such a hard time. She’s a smart woman. She has her own blog, and it’s well done. At least she’s not advertising for toilet paper donations like some other SG singers we know.

  18. irishlad wrote:

    I think i quite like you YGG…Oh sugar! Ode will kill me.

  19. NG wrote:

    If I had a complaint about this blog, it would be that comments on one topic go on forever and to read the latest ones you have to go to the bottom of the list of comments. In the recent open thread there are now 170 comments and and at the end some interesting info is being offered on the cost of running a gospel group and potentials earnings.

  20. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    So, is Doug praising or abusing us with this post, er, blog entry?

    Hector, turns out our girl can’t decide whether John Piper or Paul Washer is her favorite preacher. Perhaps we should invite her to our NQC Tailgate Party next year…assuming of course Wade promises to play nice.

  21. Wade wrote:

    Well my feelings for YGG has nothing to do with her being a GURL or Smart… I’ve dated 3 valedictorians and was married to a certified genius!!!

    Hey if you wanna read something written from a Know it All who never respects anybody else’s opinion BUT YOU MUST RESPECT Her’s, who has been a fan for 2 years then Go For It!!!

  22. Brett wrote:

    big babies y’all whine whine whine,

  23. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    What’s the topic?

    I like blue. I hate chartreuse. Are you a chartreuse fan? That’s great! We’ll go on our merry way having different favorite colors.

    I like Ernie Haase’s singing. Do you prefer Brian Free’s singing? Great! We’ll go on our merry way having different favorite tenor singers.

    I oppose killing babies. Are you not sure whether killing babies is wrong? Do you think it could be hunky-dory? Then you must be a relativist, which means you’re a moron, which means you don’t deserve nuthin’ from me. Except a good kick in the butt of course, if I feel so moved.

  24. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Thanks Tommy, much appreciated… tho I’m sorry to disappoint, I did stick up for said artist on my blog.

  25. irishlad wrote:

    Had a quick look just now at YGG’s blog and this bit cracked me up to no end. “I’m a brainy kind of person..blah blah blah..I have zero patience with..blah blah blah.. people who pretend to be much smarter than they really are”.
    YGG, i have never ever heard a clever person say they were clever/smart/brainy.Why? because they don’t have to. You drive a Bugatti Veyron you don’t race other cars…get my drift?

  26. Heeeeere's Johnny! wrote:

    I like YGG…she has more class than a whole lot of her detractors.

  27. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    People post little personality tidbits like that on their profiles and About pages all the time. It’s a “getting to know you” type thing. “I’m the artsy type, the sports type, the brainy type, etc. Basketball is my life, I think math is cool, etc.” Besides, I wrote that way back when I first started the blog.

    I can’t believe I should have to explain this to you. This is dumb. And pointless. And a waste of time.

  28. Wade wrote:

    NG… if you like a blog where the blogger and 2-3 other ppl talk among themselves then you have plenty of other options.

    Soli I always play nice especially at a Tail Gate Party!!

    Irish Guy… I promise to have your scoop for you tomorrow… and WELL SAID…all of them!!!

  29. GospelMusicFan wrote:


    “If you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!”

    “Why keep on the raising the issues? The dead dog you are beating might be your own!”

    “The vehicle that took years to bring you up to your level can take you down overnight.”

    “If all else fails, it would have been easier to do it God’s Way first!”

  30. cynical one wrote:

    I think MOST of us are not as smart as we think we are.

    YGG — I think the last paragraph of #27 was “dumb. And pointless. And a waste of time.”

    And maybe this post of mine was, too.

  31. steve k wrote:

    I love seeing Wade and YGG flirt with each other here…

  32. sogoblog wrote:

    Just started new blog. Still working out the kinks. lol I hope I am not in the number that quits. Just kidding. I won’t. Check it out

  33. NG wrote:

    Wade: In my post #3 on this thread I wrote that one thing I love about this blog as opposed to the other SGM gospel bloggers is that Doug rarely responds to our comments.

    My complaint in #19 was simply about accessing new posts when threads get up in the high numbers like 170 but I don’t know if there is a way to change that.

  34. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Steve, please… honestly, not cool. I know that in normal life we think it’s cute when the boy and the girl obviously like each other and are trading barbs. This isn’t even remotely like that. It’s honestly very creepy from my perspective, and I probably shouldn’t even be responding to anything he says.

  35. irishlad wrote:

    32 sogoblog: all the very best in your new venture.I’ll send you the wheelbarrow over next week ;)

  36. steve k wrote:

    Ok, sorry. I just think Wade is such a catch for any lady…

  37. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Yeah, he’s a catch all right. What kind, we could debate.

  38. Wade wrote:

    YGG it would be The BEST you ever had from a male!!! Have no doubt you could have a debate with a STOP SIGN!!!

  39. Luke Forsee wrote:

    Wade, smart people don’t have to use offensive words to get their point across. ;) It actually kind of sounds like you’re the one that can’t stand other opinions. Especially conservative ones.

  40. RickinSoGA wrote:

    I am a liberal who disagrees with much that is said on this board. But I agree with Luke (#39). Frequent use of profanity and vulgarisms reveal a limited use (and perhaps, knowledge) of vocabulary. Invective undermines argument and certainly betrays poor logic and mere opinion.

  41. irishlad wrote:

    39..Wade can’t help it he’s got a mouth like a sewer….bless him.

  42. Wade wrote:

    Just & looked and did not see anything vulgar or cursing on this thread… Irishlad made me do it if there is!!! lol;-)) Have a FUN WEEKEND Y’all!!! Cheers…

  43. art wrote:

    #40 - Greetings from a fellow liberal who often disagrees with stuff that is posted on this site. In fact, I disagree with you regarding the use of profanity.

    Contrary to the accumulated wisdom of generations of teachers, scoutmasters and dutiful parents, a foul mouth does not necessarily indicate an inarticulate dunce. I’ve known many erudite — and entertaining — cussers.

    I think we could agree though that it’s rude for people to demonstrate a talent for profanity — or aspirations for that talent — on a blog that is oriented toward a Christian audience.

  44. Brett wrote:

    people who curse are the ones who lack the fruit of the spirit of self control. Much like gay people.

  45. Samantha wrote:

    I just heard the dove brothers are looking a tenor singer. Guy got in some trouble and has to come off the road, so rumor has it.

  46. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Comment #1…

  47. irishlad wrote:

    43 Well said Art, i always knew Wade was a potential rocket scientist and/or brain surgeon. :-/

  48. sonja wrote:

    Sam, you are correct. Well partially, I don’t know if McCray has a new tenor yet though . Its a very nasty rumor, I received an email from a good source about it. I would hope McCray wouldn’t put up with this kind of behavior in his group. Without going into details its just a terrible terrible situation. He shouldn’t be allowed to sing gospel music anymore.

  49. Carla Lane wrote:

    Are you guys talking about Jonathan Price is right? The Dove Brothers current tenor???

  50. Bones wrote:

    Singers have survived scandels,drugs, jail, ,wheelin’ and dealin’, cheatin’ stealin’

  51. Connie wrote:

    So glad we have fine upstanding faultless humans like Sam and Sonja to protect, point out, and shine a spotlight on others faults.  I find that we just simply dont have enough people, let alone Christians, adding fuel to fires or kicking people when they r down.  Bravo!   Not to mention the harm you could do to the rest of the group with your excellent fire starting skills. Well done, ladies!   The rest of us will feel sooo safe with your super Christian capes, your ever listening ears, and your long wagging tongues watching over the flock.   Dont forget to dust off your knee pads to bathe any failings of any Christians that u may know or not.   I know after your posts, that was the next thing on your “To Do” lists.

  52. irishlad wrote:

    50. That sounds like an accurate description of the ‘bad boy of Gospel Music’ ….ole CN would make a fine counsellor for the latest crop of young recalcitrants…but hey it always went on, just harder(much harder) to keep the lid on it nowadays.

  53. RickinSoGA wrote:

    Re: #44: This particular gay man has more self-control than many non-gay people I know.

  54. samantha wrote:

    Excuse me? I said nothing offensive in anyway. But If you want to come to Georgia and say that to my face ill show you what’s on my “to do” list.

  55. Timmothy wrote:

    Well we all look forward to reading the release soon. ” Jonathan Price decides to come off the road to spend more time with his family, states McCray ” ;) ah the irony in southern gospel!

  56. cynical one wrote:

    #51 - Connie — Maybe Sam and Sonja know first had about whatever the “trouble” was, because they were party to it?

  57. Big John wrote:

    #54- Sam- Connie is right about you and Sonja. I’m going to sum it up. If you can’t say or post anything good about someone then shut your pie hole. It appears that you guys don’t like gospel music because if you both did then your comments would be positive instead of you spewing poison or even insinuating such garbage. go back under the rock you both came from.

  58. JL wrote:

    #51 - AWESOME - thank you!! Too bad what you said will fall on so many deaf ears. The sad reality is, we are all sinners and fail daily, in many different areas. But what is even more sad, is us Christians who thrive on spreading the latest scandal. Public record may be the law in the US, but the “did you know” or “have you heard” is totally wrong according to the Bible.
    #54 - really?!?!

    How about a good word —- went to Meramec Caverns for the Fall Festival — wow! The Lester’s are just awesome, and the line up this year was GREAT! Karen Peck & NR, Brian Free, Whisnats, Dimplomats, Blackwoods, Jerry Goff & Goff Reunion, The Perry’s — FANTASTIC!!!! Certainly my pick over other national venues.

  59. Aaron Swain wrote:

  60. Braxton Lyric Shaw wrote:

    Why dont almost any of you use your real names?? I honestly dont get it.Why is it so unpopular and taboo to give a less than worshipping account of a southern gospel artist or business practice?? Maybe thats why blogs die so soon.Because sooner or later someone is going to challenge your opinion and you may have to back it up,but your identity gets in the way.Just a thought

  61. Bones wrote:

    #55 Don’t you love those press releases. Remember Mr. I. came off the road due to his back problems. McCrary, find a better excuse. You think we’re stupid.

  62. Butch wrote:

    This blog used to be fun. Now a bunch of perverted boneheads.

  63. irishlad wrote:

    55 I heard you guys didn’t get irony,but there you go.
    56 Threesome?….oh my,that’ll get Wade’s crank turning. :)

  64. George wrote:

    What is the rumor on the Dove Brother tenor? Dove Brothers sounded great last month. I hate that.

  65. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #61: Would you rather he give a public blow-by-blow of the situation? He knows people are already talking. I’m not sure what exactly he could say other than he’s coming off the road to deal with personal issues without just giving every detail of what sounds like a very messy and personal situation.

    If anything, a press release of this nature acknowledges the fact that, no, we’re not stupid. We know something’s up. And it mentions that while also protecting the privacy of those involved.

  66. Under A Rock wrote:

    #61: Maybe I’m just tired, but Mr. I? Huh?

  67. Dale wrote:

    Reply to Bones, “You think we’re stupid”

    McCrary ??? Hum No we think you are nosy.

    Reply to Sonja,

    “He shouldn’t be allowed to sing gospel music anymore.”

    God forgives but church folks never will that is the man made church way.

    Reply to Bones,

    Bones wrote:

    Singers have survived scandels,drugs, jail, ,wheelin’ and dealin’, cheatin’ stealin’

    So have ministers, deacons , teachers, etc.

    Reply to:

    Timmothy wrote:
    ah the irony in southern gospel!

    Nosy people want to know.
    So what you are implying is other venues of music go into details in their press releases?

    Sorry many of you are disappointed as
    McCray asks for your prayers for Mr. Price. I am sure many of you will find the words to degrade his request.

    I do not blame The Oak Ridge Boys for leaving the so called world of Love, compassion, brothers, sisters, and forgiveness many years ago to go out earn a great living and sing to folks who mind their own business.

  68. quartet-man wrote:

    #65, I agree. The release doesn’t get into specifics (which we really have no right to know) and yet doesn’t insult our intelligence by putting a spin on it that isn’t the real reason. This release is vague enough to keep specifics out, but still gives the real reason, so therefore is truthful.

  69. John Crenshaw wrote:

    #67 - Dale, you’re a beach music guy? Glad to know there at least two of us that enjoy beach music and gospel music too!

  70. BigJohn wrote:

    It is normal human nature to want to know the details however we have no given right to the details. I think that whatever happened was serious and very sensitive and it would be very hurtful to reveal. With that said the questions are expected as it would be with anyone who steps from the crowd and puts themselves in front of people whether they be gospel singer, athlete or movie star. You lose some of your privacy when you choose that career.

  71. Wade wrote:

    BiG John THANKS for explaining it too them… too many ppl want to have it BOTH WAYS!!

    DALE… lol… I am sure you know the Oaks left with a few knifes in their back from the Godly Goodmans and the Jealous Jim Hamill!! Had the good fortune to work on a show where the Oaks were at and 2 of them agreed they should send some of those ppl a check cause they ran them off to a BETTER SITUATION!!!

    NOT just because the Oaks left but that EVANGELIZING of the Music is REALLY where the DOWN TURN began in SGM… THINK ABOUT IT?!?!?

  72. Ode wrote:

    (catching up with what I missed last month)

    Wade, brother of mine,considering there was no objection from anybody,it must be true, so I agree with u and other gents’ consensus on TG. Donating living organs to sick husbands is heroic, but unsufficient to cover up for adultery, or any other sin for that matter. But my heart goes for her…John 8:7. It must’ve been a lapse in judgement,georgeous blonde could’ve have easily gotten herself a hot stud bachelor instead. There is clearly no short supply of passionate SG fans, look at Averynation’s fights!

    (I am still trying to give her a break, presuming it was just a booty call. If she wanted “love” from a married man, that’s even more wicked)

    Just hoping people are consistent…. Unless the guy was/currently is chained in Taranda’s basement and raped against his will… leaving his family/kids was his decision,he is just as guilty. The lame “SHE gave me the fruit” excuse hasn’t worked since Adam.

  73. Bones wrote:

    Blue Ridge Qt.and Thrashers Brothers gpt the same treatment.

  74. Ruth wrote:

    Jessy Dixon will be missed indeed but by whom?
    Just wondering …seems odd… 16 years with the Gaithers and unlike the response to the deaths of other longstanding members of the homecoming crowd, no one participates in this funeral service?

  75. irishlad wrote:

    72 Ode, when I was younger I recieved phone calls like that, but Mon Dieu, I didn’t realise they were called ‘booty calls’!
    74 Ruth, I have pondered over that one myself :-/

  76. Ruth wrote:

    Isn’t this called “publishing and sharing ” my email?

  77. Timmothy wrote:

    So where’s the line drawn? At what point does our sinful nature ruin a career in the ministry? Or can it ever? We can go about this all night about singers and ministers and the dirt that gets them fired but Jesus forgives…that’s true. I see both point of veiws sam, sonjia and connies..big johns too! If it was my daughter I would have issues going to a gospel sing where a guy committed adultry and ruined a family. On the other hand we are all sinners and can never come close to the life and examlple of christ. Does it give us the right to go sin just bc we are forgiven, no… what if a sex offender joined a church and wanted to teach your childs Sunday school class? How would you as a parent feel about that? Who would let them? Who wouldn’t worry? But jesus forgave them! So is he entitled to be a Sunday school teacher bc we all sin?? Hmmmm idk…Where is the line drawn?

  78. CVH wrote:

    Ode (#72), beautiful…right on and to the point.

    Ruth (#74), I’ve wondered the same thing. I thought it might be by request of his family that they not do anything big. Maybe Bill’s been getting mixed feedback about them. I mean the Dottie Rambo piece was a sideshow but perhaps he feels like it’s time to give it a break. Plus, not to be harsh, but how far down the food chain do you go. Not that they don’t all have worth but if he keeps going one day there’ll be a Homecoming (going?) celebration for the master electrician at Emens Auditorium in Muncie, IN.

  79. Wade wrote:

    ode… accidentally answered questions from this thread on the Open Thread… we missed you badly!!!

    Yes TG was a BAD Girl… but hey I LOVE BAD Girlz… I would go hear her sing the phone book if she was bangin’ the preacher!!!

    Soprano singers have been BAD Girls for a LONG LONG Time TG won’t be the LAST!!!

    Bones… yes they did!!! Like I said the evangelizing of the music was the FIRST down turn towards what we have today!!!

  80. cynical one wrote:

    #74 Ruth — Maybe the family didn’t want a Homecoming Funeral?

    #77 Timmothy — I think the answer is that forgiveness doesn’t take away all consequences. Is “forgive and FORGET” really a Biblical principle? I know the Bible talks about the “sea of forgetfulness” and “as far as the east is from the west”, but it also states we’ll be held accountable for every action on Judgement Day.

    Any clarification?

  81. Dale wrote:

    To John Crenshaw:

    Yes indeed Southern Gospel is my first love and beach Music is my second. I cannot listen to the same kind of music all the time. If I owned a group i would sing both beach and Gospel LOL.

    Give people something to really talk about haha.

  82. irishlad wrote:

    75 Received Philip, received, i before e except after c & all that old crap.Tut tut..and i’m lecturing ole Wade!

  83. Wade wrote:

    Jesse Dixon — At least we give him a good going away here… Very Few People who Die get 2 Totally Different Post here at Dr. DH’s Beach!! (Sand Box)

    I know I had more than a couple of Services ( Moments ) Enjoying not JUSt the 2 Videos posted here but all those cool ones linked as suggestions after they play!!! … any of the “Wicked Shall Cease” Videos can leave ya in The Spirit!!!

    Jesse was REAL!!!

  84. spiderchocolate wrote:

    #62 preach it bro.

  85. Butch wrote:

    #77: Penalty removed; not consequences

  86. irishlad wrote:

    84..are you getting some sort of a perverted pleasure lurking here then? With a name like spiderchocolate,that i wouldn’t doubt.

  87. Aaron Smith wrote:

    Perhaps the reason a wayward singer would be deemed unfit to sing is that, for a large part of the SG audience, musical involvement is quite nearly synonymous with leadership. So within that aura a transgressing singer is no longer “fit to lead”.

  88. Ode wrote:

    79 :D You have a big kind heart,Wade. I went home for new year and missed avery’s brothers in arms, too.A few christians I know in church and online – you, brothers, are all I have,being, sadly, the only convert among my family, relatives or close friends.

  89. Ode wrote:

    77, Convetional wisdom dictates you do “what’s good for business and your faith”. Even in secular word, having a robbery or sex offense conviction on the record prevents one from obtaining employment at banks or schools, respectively, so that’s a disqualifier. As cynical said, consequences ….

    It appears the line is all over the map, depends on the list of sins we designate acceptable at a particular time. A haver of sex with kids and multiple women, owner of a private whorehouse King David not only had a great carreer in musical ministry, his tehilim are part of canonical Bible.

    Mere 100 years ago a divorced/remarried woman in pants with a short haircut or a black person would be just as likely allowed to teach white protestant sunday school kids as a sex offender. Now we can’t deny adulterers jobs in ministries or we run out of staff.

    Can we form a band of 4 singers, owners of great talent, fashion sense and physical shape who are also women resistant? Maybe, if they are all gay, but usually we settle for just some of the above. Remember “Dad, I want to marry a pretty, kind, smart girl that cooks well- Son,make up your mind”

  90. Ode wrote:

    oops, tehilim=Psalms.

    (just finished reading missed archives) LOLOL My respect! Hilarity and wit of some posters ..true delight.

  91. Hector Luna wrote:

    Had a Sunday School teacher once who was convicted of embezzlement in a large sum. But she always brought Panera Bread bagels and Orange Juice (with pulp) on Sunday mornings. She was the best Sunday School teacher I ever had in my adolescent years. Very attractive too. I missed her when she got locked up.

    Still waiting for the comment about the bass singer who had a “secret stash” of females lined up on the West Coast. (is it Irishlad that always brings that up?) That comment never gets old.

  92. Wade wrote:

    Hector you should have went and visited her in prison!! It would have been a ministry!! ;-))

    As far as Bass Singers having a stash of women… it is not just on the WEST Coast!! ;-)

    But I am sure irishdude will chime in!!!

  93. art wrote:

    Ode #88 –Given your family background, would I be too nosey to ask what attracted you to Christianity? If that’s too intrusive, how about what attracted you to SG music? Seems to me that SG’s appeal is a cultural thing (even though it was not a big part of my background).

  94. irishlad wrote:

    JD&BC allegedly had one a piece out West when the famous BB and Statesmen collaboration hit the road in those far off halcyon days of quartet singing. Quick,give me those rose-tinted glasses back. :)

  95. Niven wrote:

    When Jake Hess formed The Imperials I have heard that the members were to adhere to a “morals clause”…was that a reference to #94’s comment…

  96. Bones wrote:

    I don’t think it was all secret. Big Chief had lots of diesel sniffers after him. With what we now know wouldn’t they get a BIG surprise,

  97. Dale wrote:

    A typical church made up of a pastor, deacon board, Sunday school teachers, with a total membership of 125 to 150. Even though the core values of the church is as it supposed to be does not mean every member is where they should be with the Lord. The same may hold true for a gospel group made of a leader and members. Yes there are situations where a member may feel that they should bow out or in extreme situations where a member may be asked to bow out. When people make mistakes instead of kicking them when they are down we should lift them up and pray for them. Gossip and speculation does not help matters. People like to gossip until it hits home.
    Funny thing about people is they pick and choose who they forgive. A gospel group may sing a few secular songs at a fair, festival, or private event and they get criticized by the same folks who think it is wonderful that George Jones, Randy Travis, The Oaks, or Ricky Scaggs appear at The NQC or on Bill Gaither’s Show. Their Kids, grandchildren, best friend, or favorite politician get forgiven for their mistakes; but let a gospel singer wander astray, and they are branded for life. My suggestion to gospel groups is to never put out press releases, just show up with a new singer and move on; secondly, if God forgives you move on do not worry about folks who enjoy gossiping.

  98. Ode wrote:

    93,Sure,Art. I bet you heard of a jewsih boy Moishe, who was a terrible student and such troublemaker he got kicked out of every school in town.So his longsuffering dad,all out of choices, enrolled him in a private Catholic one. In a few weeks he gets a letter from dean,praising Moishe as “the best and the godliest boy in class”

    Puzzled, father calls lil Moishe.“On the first day a man dressed in black took me to a dark room with a candle and picture of a dead man,nailed to two planks of wood by hands and feet, and said:This,Moishe, is Jesus Christ. He also was a Jew. That’s when I realized, dad – you don’t mess with these people.”

    So , the same with me;)

    But no, I don’t have a blog-worthy conversion story,just God’s drawing (sounds hardcore Calvinistic-Reformed, hope I get cookie points with br Hector and Soli), but that’s it .

    Love barbershop singing, SG and choirs. In the times of glitzy sound magic of ProTools-Nativeinstrumetns, etc, I love a good unadulterated sound of a talented voice in its Godgiven purity.

  99. Ode wrote:

    97 - and u know why, Dale, public doesn’t forgive SG singers like they forgive others? For the same reason relig right politicians get harsher treatment when caught with their pants down – public hates hypocrisy. Dems break ‘em just as fast, but they don’t piously preach “religious values” while doing it.

  100. Cain Train wrote:

    The new Gold City cd is great. The title cut, “Somebody’s Coming” has a womp to it that keeps ya jamming long after the song ends.

  101. Ode wrote:

    94,(lets corrupt a British national’s vocabulary with US slang)that’s a “booty call”, ilad.

    To see the glass as half-full,i hope that boosted the boys’ inspiration to write good gospel songs. Solomon wrote an eternal piece of sexy Holy Scripture about love affair with his current mistress. But King Shlomo was a Jew and therefore a ballsy bastard, as all of us are.Hopefully JD’s affairs inspired something, if more modest, but just as timeless.

  102. irishlad wrote:

    95 Yes David,it probably was you know.Canny ole Jake didn’t want the wheels coming off his wagon before it started rolling. :)

  103. BigJohn wrote:

    97. Could not agree more forgiveness is between the person and God. Now with that said the judgemental church has not allow the person to “prove” they have suffered, repented and served their time to insure forgiveness was more than a word. I think that we have short term memory loss when it comes to our politicians and others because in that environment you are looking to the lesser of two evils approach. They have to be better than the other guy (democrate). You will see this in the current election Herman Cain will be left off the hook if they think he can win. Rick Perry will be forgiven for being a mindless, gun totting twit and Mitt Romney will be removed from accountability for all the flopping if they can dethrown the evil one.

    At the end of the day mistakes and adultry and all sorts of things happen and in this case it was allowed to be handled in a graceful some what tasteful way. When and if this young man comes back to SG music he will need to do it with the understanding that some forgive and some forget but rarely do they do both.

  104. irishlad wrote:

    101 Ode,you guys certainly are BBs ;i heard on good authority King Sol had Hiram Abiff make him a special wheelbarrow to cart them around in :)

  105. Ode wrote:

    104,neah, that’s just a fable he fed to those useful idiots in the media to convince his dumb electorate he was so testosterone-ladden he actually had a practical use for his 700 wives.

    But Irishfolk is no less ballsy.To make a point and teach fuckers some respect, a sabra grabs matate (broomstick, slang for M16), but an Irishman resolves the issue with his fists, without ever putting his drink down, as i heard :D

  106. irishlad wrote:

    Well Ode, my delightful and no less beautiful friend,i’m one irishman who would rather solve an issue by using his head whilst imbibing at the same time, rather than spoiling his arguably good looks ;)

  107. Hector Luna wrote:

    Ode, cookie points given.

    Love the description of the Irish resolution. I am Irish by blood. And been in a few bar fights in my time. Until God saved me. Now I just watch the bar fights from afar, with my little New Testament in the back pocket.

  108. Ode wrote:

    Thank you for kind compliments and for cookie points.

    Wonderful to know that Avery’s resident Irish are faithful men of a highest moral caliber.To take it a step further (maybe smoke out our Soli for an Amen,too ;) I admit that yours, and mine, current pacifism is God’s grace, not our own achievement. Fistsfight or pulling out a gun, getting dragged into war or sharing collective guilt for nuking Iran to Kingdom come… Anything can happen to either of us, in a blink.

    “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us… “

  109. Tom wrote:

    I’ve been following this blog since the beginning. Are we ever getting back to Southern Gospel. Tired of all the politics and political discussions.

  110. Wade wrote:

    Tom… but politics has become SO important over the years not just the running the country type of politics as we have seen the last 2 years at NQC and has now become embedded (no pun intended unless you are a bass singer)…

    …but the butt kissing kind that gets ppl SPOTS at the NQC or determines the price & support you get from the Singing News when you have an event!!

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