Elmer Gantry in our Time?

Herman Cain breaks out into a Dottie Rambo song, around the 1:30 mark:

And here he is covering “I Must Tell Jesus” in something very close to a tent revival setting.

Cain has some ways to go yet to best Gantry in terms of womanizing, but this week’s events suggests all the facts may not yet be in evidence on this front.

As for the singing, I been batting this question around with a colleague of mine the past few days as to what on earth to make of all this. There may be some truth to this take, which basically pegs Cain as Uncle Ruckus running for president. Still … it seems it might also more complicated (and yet maybe more obviously simple) than that too. I have a few theories (one of which keys off the title of this post) but since y’all are probably more the target audience for Cain than I, maybe it’d be better for me to listen a bit first to your thoughts.

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  1. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    Due to my Christian convictions in living according to Biblical standards, most folks would probably think that I’m a hard-nosed Right-wing, “dyed in the wool” religious Falwell-Bush-Patriot Act Conservative. Surprise…….I’m not.

    In all honesty, I’m an Independent who woke up one day and smelled the political horse manure……and took off the blinders to see the religious ignorance that has permeated the American landscape.

    Even though I’m a registered Republican, I have NO allegiance to either political party. WHY? Because both parties are controlled by the same “New World Order” lunatics. Is this a conspiracy theory? I wish it was, but it’s NOT. I fully believe, based upon several years of research, that both parties are inherently evil. They plot and scheme wars and false flags in order to gain power and make money……it’s a “love of money is the root of all evil” thing. Ever heard of Halliburton?

    Both parties understand that they have to appeal to two different segments of society - the Liberals and the Conservatives. Therefore, they train and brainwash their political puppets to dangle some pretty orange carrots in front of the willing sheeple. Through the use of government propaganda in the mass media and corporate advertising, they have managed to dumb down every facet of this culture, to include education and religion.

    In return, this results in an uneducated, misinformed and ignorant group of voters who are more concerned with their wallets and the Kardashians than they are the TRUTH, the whole truth and nothing but the TRUTH……God help us all.

    So, will I vote for Barack Obama?….NO Will I vote for Herman Cain?….NO Will I vote for Hillary Clinton?….NO Will I vote for Mitt Romney?……NO Will I vote in the presidential election? No…..I’m tired of voting in a rigged system. Personally, I’ve had it - it’s all a fraud and a big fat joke on the American people. They (”the powers that be”) already know who the next president will be. Think I’m kidding? Just watch.

    For the next year, you will have a front row seat in front of the biggest political circus act you will ever see. Who will walk the hi-wire tonight? Who falls into the net? Send in the clowns……Who’s cheating Who?…….Who’s hiding what?……Who said that? Why don’t we just go to the nearest stockyard and breathe deeply? That’s what it smells like. Pure manure.

    That’s how they control us. Dangle the carrot and watch them twist in the wind. Watch them laugh, watch them cry, watch them become angry. But NEVER tell them the truth.

    This country, both financially and politically, operates on a fraudulent system. I don’t have time to provide articles and links, but 99% of it is a scam. The entire patriotic show is just that…..A SHOW. Wall Street, the bankers and the Pentagon War Machine run the show. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley closes the curtain. Remember what Thomas Jefferson said about the bankers? Remember Bernie Madoff?

    Let’s face it……let’s go back to Christopher Columbus……President Andrew Jackson…….

    Is any country really “one nation under God” whose beginnings started with running people off of their land? During the famous “Trail of Tears” when President Andrew Jackson signed the “Indian Removal Act”, records show that 15,000 Indians of various tribes were run off of their land, and 4,000 of them died in the process. Oh sure…..”God Bless America….my home sweet home”. I imagine the Cherokees, the Choctaw and the Seminoles have a different song. How would you like to have someone knock on your door tonight and run you out of your subdivision?

    But, who cares about the Indian folks? Palin and Bachmann will make things better.

    To think that someone like Sarah Palin could have possibly inhabited the White House shows the gross ignorance of the Religious Right. The woman couldn’t answer important questions on foreign policy, but “God Bless America”, let’s put an unqualified, uneducated loose cannon in the White House.

    And, look at poor ‘ole Barack Obama. The man basically showed up from out of nowhere sporting a new and improved name, complete with “birth certificate baggage” and lack of experience, but what do the Liberals care? So what…… he has very little political experience and has left a lot of questions about his license to practice law, wave the flag and make him POTUS.

    So Doug…….Hermain Cain can join the Gaither Homecoming for all I care. This entire house of cards will have to fall before we EVER see things begin to change for the better. We have literally returned to the Dark Ages. The system has collapsed, and a lot of people know it, but are scared to admit it. A political and financial system based upon fraud will never last. It can’t. Like the Romans, Americans craved bread and circus. Remember what happened to Rome?

  2. RF wrote:

    Wow. As long as this country bases leadership in secular government on religiious values, we will fail to do what we need to do. Shocking? Yes. But religios zealots have always failed. Why? I don’t know. Jimmy Carter was the best example and yet we continue. The field is Class A players in the major leagues. We love the rhetoric but forget the job is much more complicated. But never mind…

  3. tater1955 wrote:

    In this country you have the privilege to vote. You say that you are not going to vote then you have no reason to complain.

  4. JD wrote:

    Lets see Herman Cain is Elmer Gantry….Averyfineline is La Cage aux Folles. Pretty much.

  5. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Why lump everyone together in two great lumps? I have no fondness for the “parties” but could easily see myself liking some individual candidate.

  6. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    I have voted since I became voting age. In the 2012 elections, I have decided to stay home. In today’s current politically CORRUPT climate, it has become a waste of gas to go to the polls. I lived in Florida during the famous 2000 Bush-Gore election, and even though I voted for Bush, it has been reported that the “hanging chad” controversy was a cover-up for a “fixed” election.

    Tater1955, I used to believe as you did, but I have learned that both parties are controlled by the same people. For instance, when Obama came into office, he had promised that he was going to start bringing the troops home. He has literally continued Bush’s policies and legislation.

    The person in the White House is not the one running the show. They are simply the puppets. The president is the mouthpiece for the real power.

    The Republicans cover their evil deeds in Christian-talk, blue suits and flag lapel pins. One famous Republican group even shares a condo, has prayer meetings and discusses their extra-marital affairs. They are part of the “religious” warrior and “family-oriented” charade:


    The tolerant Liberals simply embrace diversity and everything from homosexuality to atheism. They are part of the “big government, embrace everyone” charade.

    It’s a little something for everyone to fool the masses. Have you ever wondered why all of these spiritual Republicans can’t seem to remain faithful to their wives? Because it’s all a charade.

  7. Mayor-of-Mayberry wrote:

    Somehow, I can’t place Cain in the same category with Sinclair Lewis’ Elmer Gantry. Gantry, unethical and with capacity to bring ruin, was at least a three-dimensional character with presence. Herman Cain is more like a well-tailored suit with a perpetually open fly.

    Gantry’s roiling personality, alcoholic and cynical as he was, is strong enough to reflect the backside of an era otherwise given to possibility, imagination and change. Alternately, the decade was called the “Roaring Twenties”, “Jazz Age” and the “Age of Wonderful Nonsense”.

    The year Gantry was published, 1927, U.S and Canada began diplomatic relations. Pan American Airlines incorporated. Babe Ruth became the highest paid baseball player in history and Charles Lindbergh flew his “Spirit of St. Louis” from New York to Paris to complete the first non-stop solo transatlantic flight. In this context, Gantry does more than give us a peek at what happens when a good thing goes bad. Elmer Gantry had real power. At least one person died in the wake of his activities.

    To ascribe to Cain that sort of presence is, I think, a mistake. Cain, if he reflects anything, reflects and to a large extent, is a product of a near brain-dead body politic in an age hosed by failed trust and awash in Orwellian realities. Doug Adams’ “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” may be the only trustworthy document a person should dare call a “guide” today. That Herman Cain sings gives him more of a nostalgic presence to be squinted at, and scored little more than a two on the “The Whiners Pathetic Scale”, with ten being the top score.

    Tom Robbins informed us in his “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues,” that “even a raisin can be queen.” Today the so-called run for the U.S. Presidency has that quality about it. Clearly, even wannabe’s who have the cash can give it a try. This one, Cain, just happened to drag an otherwise fine person into the tank with him. The first person he needs to apologize to is Dottie Rambo.

    But, Cain as an Elmer Gantry? Nah.

  8. Ode wrote:

    No. You can’t forfeit your right to vote and remain friends with your conscience. As a believer and USA citizen you do what you can to change the status quo but in the meantime you get out and vote. If the choice is Ahab and Herod Antipas, you cast your vote for the slighly lesser evil,to the best of your understading.

    Voting is not about YOU feeling good about self, but doing what’s good (or less bad of all av. choices) for your country.

  9. irishlad wrote:

    BP 1+6..of course you’re right,unfortunately it won’t get you anywhere.The puppet masters themselves would have to agree with you,but as you’ve said they’re all in it together(to a certain degree) and nothing will change.Well at least you got it off your chest.

  10. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    Thank you, Irishlad. I know that most Conservatives will never understand why I have said that going to the polls is a waste of gas. And, I say that as someone who produced a CD in honor of the U. S. Veterans back in 2006. I do support our soldiers, but I have no illusions of grandeur about our government.

    Our government has been sowing seeds of corruption almost since day one. But, like most everyone else, I bought into the patriotic flag-waving pride, hoping that what I was reading was just a little bad press.

    After Clinton signed the NAFTA agreement that cost this country millions of jobs. Then, after Bush signed the U. S. Patriot Act, granting the DHS the right to snoop on unsuspecting Americans (of course, in the name of security), after the Military Commissions Act of 2006 and the National Security Directive of 2007, I began to take a closer look at what was really happening. Let’s not forget the 2008 Bailout.

    If I call myself a Christian and I am only willing to point fingers at the Liberals, then I am not a Christian. To turn a blind eye to the antics of the Conservatives is gross hypocrisy.

    People refuse to believe that it’s “smoke and mirrors”. The research was shocking - it was a hard pill for me to swallow as well. But, it’s better to know the truth and feel betrayed than to stick one’s head in the sand and believe a lie.

  11. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Yes, Republicans screw up sometimes too. Duh. Big newsflash there. But to jump from a statement like that to “NOBODY CAN BE TRUSTED! THEY’RE ALL IN ON THE SCHEME. THERE ISN’T ONE DECENT HUMAN BEING IN THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE ON EITHER SIDE!” seems like… a bit of an exaggeration. We make rational choices and hope for the best. And if we don’t happen to feel like voting for anyone, we stay home. But give some people a chance for crying out loud!

  12. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Also, surprised to see you swallowing the “hanging chad” thing. Honestly, pretty pathetic stuff on the Dems’ part.

  13. Basssingerintexas wrote:

    #4JD- Now thats funny!!!!

  14. lee65 wrote:

    I knew Cain was gonna have trouble when he started wearing thst pimp hat.

  15. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #3, #8 and #11:

    I voted, they lied, we complained, they didn’t listen, they still aren’t listening, they don’t care……..

    I voted again….

    they lied again…..

    we all complained again…..

    they still didn’t listen…..again…..

    they still don’t care……..

    I went to the polls again……tried another one……said the next one will be different…..

    ……..and a lot of hard-working American people are still unemployed, broke, homeless and desperate. A lot of people still can’t pay their taxes or their medical bills.

    The rich do not understand the poor…….the rich use the poor.

    So, we listen to another privileged politician who excites and rejuvenates the party. Maybe some folks change parties. We all go to the polls and vote again…… and within six months, they break their promises again.

    Here’s another one…..he’s from Texas ……..she’s from Alaska……he grew up without a father and surely he’ll understand. That one read a scripture. Now, that one is different. He talked about Jesus. He’ll stop the war. He won’t raise my taxes. He won’t do business with the enemy. He said he would return us to Constitutional law.

    How many times does a sleazy politician have to lie to the American public before people finally realize that they are frauds? Have people lost all ability to reason, study, research and think?

    How many scandals does it take? How many affairs? How many times do they need to sell us out? How many more jobs need to go to China?

    How many soldiers and civilians have to die in wars……how many children have to be left orphaned…….how many home foreclosures will it take……how many people have to lose their jobs or their retirement incomes?

    How many senior citizens need to choose between drugs or food?

    When the gullibility ceases, the insanity will stop.


    By the way YGG, about the “hanging chads”, they’ll use anything for a distraction.

    Have you ever read the following news report?


  16. Heeeeere's Johnny! wrote:

    Holy Cow folks, we will never elect a perfect candidate. Some will be too much of this or that and not enough of the other, but we do have the opportunity to vote the the one we choose in America. Start at the local level and work up. The only wasted vote is a non-vote.

  17. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    His singing didn’t convince me, but add the sexual harrassment and I’d say Herman Cain has a big future in southern gospel…

  18. BMac wrote:

    BP…and your fix for the situation is not voting? Staying home and reading media internet spewage? If your “research” was done at home reading news blogs then your research is fundamentally flawed. The thing is I agree with you on most of your points, but to take your toys and go home isn’t the answer. Smaller government, and the power being given back to the individual states is the answer. Getting back to the Constitution, and the ideals of the men who wrote it, is the solution. This along with Gods favour is what has made this the greatest nation on earth.
    It’s easy to come on here and finger point and I say that to say this…to me it’s a reflection of the Church. WE have allowed this to happen. WE didn’t stand when prayer was taken out of school, WE didn’t stand when abortion was made legal and easily obtained for anyone with a few bucks. WE have sat by idle as we have allowed the government to brush the Church off like some second rate social club. WE have allowed our walls to be destoyed! It only takes a few minutes and a little effort to see our story in Nehemiah. Our walls have been destoyed at our own hands and we are sitting on the smoking ruins feeling sorry for ourselves when we should be praying to God Almighty to restore His favour on us and strengthen our nation to where it once was. We need a few Nehemiahs! Much like that day, the news isn’t encouraging. We should take Nehemiahs approach and weap for our nation, fast and pray. You may say we are in a situation that we cannot resolve and I would say I agree with you. And with that, we are right where God wants us! When the objective is to big for us God is at His best. Nehemiah spent four months in prayer. It took 52 days to rebuild the walls. Wow, are you kidding me? Nope, not even a little. I believe God is willing to do His part and He is waiting…waiting for a nation to repent. I challange everyone who reads this to read Nehemiahs prayer in chapter one and pray that prayer on bended knee in humility to God.
    BP I hope you don’t take this as an attack on you, but an encouragement to do something about it. Lets not point at “them” lets take a look in the mirror. We need Nehemiahs!

  19. cynical one wrote:

    When will we realize that NO politician is going to help us? It hasn’t happened in our lifetimes, so what’s to make us think things will change?

    Yes, we have better health care available (if you have insurance) than our grandparents had 100 years ago, and folks who have a job have bigger, nicer houses than back then. And even those on welfare are making more than the average person did 100 years ago, but over the last 50 years, the middle class jobs have gone either to mechanization or overseas.

    Yes, there have been times of (relative) prosperity, but we haven’t seen that in decades.

    We were studying about Gideon a few weeks ago at church. Are we about where Israel was in Judges chapter 6?

    I hate to talk gloom and doom, but I think Christians need to forget promoting politics, and start promoting Christ. He’s the ONLY answer.

    I’ll get off my soap box now.

  20. More wrote:

    If there’s one thing that really annoys me, it’s a conspiracy theorist…

  21. Mayor-of-Mayberry wrote:

    We are the wife with the philandering husband. She knows, but she doesn’t want to know.

  22. Ode wrote:


    I understand your,very reasonable, arguments, but fail to see the logical path between these grievances and your decision “not to vote, or do anything effective, but complain about it” That’s how your position looks like, sorry. If not,clarify

  23. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    I agree with you 100%. And, that is where the majority of the problem lies, especially within the church as a whole. It became about politics, entertainment, Broadway-style productions and focusing on the spikey-haired preacher in the nice silk shirt. It ceased to be about Jesus. Therefore, when a Christian takes their eyes off of Jesus and begins to idolize a man or a woman, then we as believers receive exactly what we deserve.

    #16, 18, 20 & 22:

    First of all, unless people have been living in a cave for the last 30 years, what we are seeing is NOT a conspiracy theory, it’s the way they do business. Some call it conspiracy - THEY call it “business as usual”.

    In my #15 post, did some folks not read what I said. YES, we have voted. But, did they listen? NO. Does anyone understand the definition of insanity? We keep doing the same thing over and over again……and expecting different results.

    We keep endorsing the same con artists, the same adulterers, the same frauds, but the fact that they’re wearing a cowboy hat and eating at Joe’s Diner in Peoria, that makes them one of us. The fact that they can sing a Dottie Rambo tune makes them believable to the gullible.

    #19 - Cynical One has it figured out. Thank God someone understands and “gets it”. When it ceases to be about Jesus, we always manage to drive it into a ditch.

    One of the worst moves that the Southern Baptist Convention ever made was to step into the political fray……as evidenced when Dr. W. A. Criswell endorsed a political candidate on the front steps of the First Baptist Church of Dallas. Someone please tell me when mixing Jesus with politics has ever been fruitful, successful or even necessary.

    If the churches spent as much time on their knees in prayer, seeking God for His will as they did in standing on street corners waving political signs, we might see some much needed positive change in this country. We don’t need another savvy candidate, we need revival.

    By the way, a vote doesn’t count in a flawed system. Oh sure, it may count when voting on school board issues or for a small-town mayor (maybe), but do you really think that the Wall Street elitist bankers will allow someone in the White House who they can’t control? Folks, think about it……the handwriting is on the wall.

    This system of Babylon can’t sustain itself forever. People need to read and research, pray and listen, question and discern. Re-read the Four Gospels. This isn’t a surprise….

  24. Mayor-of-Mayberry wrote:

    Surprise. Surprise. Looks like Cain plans on being around a while. Or, at least long enough to shake the money tree a bit more. I just received some junk mail offering a way to ” Join the Herman Cain Train.” How? Send money of course. At this red hot moment Herman has his hand out hoping to make his
    “Herman Cain Iowa Fund” happen.

    I might need to re-consider my position on the Gantry in our day question.
    A shameless man knows no boundries.

  25. j-mo wrote:

    The fundamental problem with our current political system is that no one who ever wakes up one morning and thinks “I think it would be a good idea to go into politics” ever deserves a vote.

  26. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    There’s no really convincing evidence that Cain is involved in sexual harassment anyway.

    BP, I understand the feeling of disillusionment, and leaders like Bush have definitely been a disappointment. I just think you’re giving the impression that anyone who chooses to vote must be looking for a Messiah. That’s not to say I believe in voting for the lesser of two evils, it’s just that when all you have to say is “so-and-so isn’t absolutely perfect,” that’s kind of a lame excuse not to vote for him when other signs are promising. You make these decisions on a case-by-case basis. You reason your way through it in a cool moment. Don’t over-generalize.

    Incidentally, I take this as my opportunity to say that I want Reagan back.

  27. Wade wrote:

    BACKWOODS P — YOU GOTTA VOTE or you can’t Bitch!!! I learned that is 3rd Grade Social Studies!! So disappointed I had high hopes for you!!! What a bummer… isn’t it 5pm some place???

    Your CONSPIRACY isn’t backwoods it is more Koo-Koo… while I may believe some of it… it is our responsibility to vote… since you are so good at quoting bible verses I am sure there is one about being a good citizen and you gotta vote to be a good citizen!!!

    Yeah looking for a perfect candidate is like looking for a perfect church!!

    Well it is Friday you can start @ 12noon on Friday RIGHT???

    GAWD Backwoods that is about like getting a hot woman home for some whoopy and she takes out her teeth!!!

  28. BMac wrote:

    Nope, I haven’t been living in a cave. I live in the real world where people are not perfect. That is why Christ came, to redeem a broken, messy, imperfect people. Thank God our churches don’t take this same stance when they are seeking someone to lead their flocks, to fill their pulpits or the Church would be no more. At least most don’t. I am not perfect, you are not perfect, our political leaders aren’t perfect, the system isn’t perfect. But I do believe that there are people out there that are running for various offices that actually do have my best interest in mind. Sometime they win, sometimes they don’t.
    The whole point to my post (#18) was to point out that this isn’t a lost cause. We just have to take a stand together as a Christian nation and proclaim with a loud voice that it will not be tolerated anymore by voting their sorry butts out of office. But you can’t do that if you don’t vote. There is no perfect candidate and they will ALL be accused of this and that, some of it legit, some of it not. Believe what you want but my hope is only in the word of God that says (II Chr 7:14) “If my people”…you know the rest. It is tough to look in the mirror and realize that this is OUR mess that WE created (count the “they”s in your #15 post). But our answer is clear…”If my people…”

  29. KC wrote:

    Ever thought about putting “Like” buttons on this site? It’d be interesting to see how many readers Like certain comments. :) Or interface this with Facebook - it’d be fun to see everyone’s lovely headshots.

    Sorry, this is off topic; random thoughts - what I do best!

  30. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    My dear brother Wade……take a chill pill. :-) Sister Backwoods don’t want ya upset!

    For those folks who think that I’m a conspiracy nut, that I’m investigating Area 51 and having alien encounters on dark roads, please take a deep breath. The abduction was virtually painless. :-) LOL LOL (Sorry….couldn’t help myself)

    About government conspiracy, the police state, the conspiracy against the citizens…….and all of those other delightful subjects about the preppers who are out there sitting on their 5-gallon can of peanut butter clinging to their rifles in the middle of the woods.

    Some folks may want to start closely monitoring…..


    and read the legislation that is being passed. What sounds like a conspiracy to you is going through the House and Senate as we speak. By the way, much of the “conspiratorial” legislation is slipped through under the radar while the media is showcasing a new scandal (remember Weinergate?)

    What I have learned is that once people cast a vote, they are basically finished with their patriotic duties. Folks, the most effective thing you can do is call your Congressman and Senators’ offices, which we do on a regular basis. Just going to the polls every 2 - 4 years won’t get the job done.

    Even if the politicians didn’t get into office fair and square, they know that if they “tick off” the constituency, that the money stream may dry up. Your constant calls and emails DO make a difference. Calling and emailing Congress is highly effective, especially when it’s done by a LOT of people. There is power in numbers.

    At one point, my husband kept calling our Georgia Congressman’s office and were were also asking him to make an appearance to discuss this legislation. Finally, he called my husband and they had a nice, long conversation.

    Guess what? If you vote and NEVER call your Congressman or Senator’s office, then do you have the right to complain about State and Federal issues when the vote doesn’t go your way?

    By the way, any tax-paying American who pays federal, state, property, local sales tax, ad valorem tax, business tax, not including taxes to the phone and electric companies….has the right to “say something”. If our tax dollars are paying the politician’s salaries (AND THEY ARE), and our tax dollars are paying for government funding, and paying for our infrastructure, then YES, we do have the right to complain about destructive legislation.

    SO…..it’s NOT just about going to your local poll and putting the “I Voted” sticker on your jacket.

  31. Ode wrote:

    27,everybody knows you are quite a ladies man, Wade, and can turn it all into your advantage.By playing your cards right as a respectful lover u get a *great* fellatio, if I may extrapolate the conventional widsom about love and teeth on this situation.

    30, BP, Wade gave you a compliment because he is a nice guy. I will call you a liar and a cheat if you keep shamelessly weaseling your way out of direct answers. Show some dignity and respect.Nobody objects to fasting, prayer,calling congressmen,or raising awareness or social activism. You said you wouldnt vote in 2012 el., we asked whats you rationale to do so?
    Stay on topic, plz.

  32. irishlad wrote:

    When a country is split almost 50/50 in an election for its leader that in itself adds up to massive instability…that’s what’s wrong politically at present and the country as a whole,although it’s a global problem too….not who is President.

  33. irishlad wrote:

    Do you remember the last time a Nation was split almost 50/50 over a contentious issue?..the biggest loss of life in a Civil war was recorded.What was it,half a million souls..really,was it worth it?


  34. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    Since you asked about Herman Cain being a comparison to Elmer Gantry, I want to address that specifically. I got off on a tangent (don’t everyone say “Amen” at one time) with politics because it’s a David Copperfield spectacular of illusions. (At least David Copperfield gives an entertaining show)

    However, about Cain and Gantry. I consider that to be a pretty good comparison. It could just as easily be a comparison between Cain and Benny Hinn or Cain and Joel Osteen. Most of them are cut from the same piece of cloth.

    Herman Cain has all of the hallmarks of a slick TV preacher. He sounds good, wears nice suits and makes a nice argument and/or selling point. But, what’s behind Door #3?

    Voting for a politician or listening to a TV preacher is like watching “Let’s Make a Deal”. If you choose Curtain #1, you might get a lawn mower. If you choose Curtain #3, you might get a brand new Toyota Prius. Now, the Prius is a pretty good deal, until you realize how many taxes the show will require you to pay before you can take accept delivery of your new vehicle. There’s always a price to be paid.

    Just like the TV preachers who will promise God’s favor for a nice $$$ donation, a Herman Cain-type will promise you the world in exchange for support. Pandering to the Religious Right crowd with a few Dottie Rambo tunes is an added bonus.

    People truly do not realize that when a man or a woman reaches a certain pinnacle of power and success, and they have the influence to run for president, many of them have basically sold their souls. So, even if you vote for the lesser of two evils, you still get another version of evil.

    You just have to decide which version of evil that you’re willing to live with for the next four years. So, when you go to the polls, you’re still ending up with the same results. More war, more taxes, more cuts in Medicare, same illegal immigration problem, more health care costs……..Seriously, how much has honestly changed since Bush left office? Let’s face it, something as massive as Obama’s Health Care Plan was designed a long time before Obama came into office. He just happened to be the one who pushed it through.

  35. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    What do you mean I keep weaseling out of giving a direct answer? How much more direct can I be? If you can’t figure out where I’m coming from, then what else can I say; however, if you don’t feel that I have directly answered the question as to WHY I won’t be voting in the 2012 elections, I will SAY IT AGAIN.

    In George Bush, Sr.’s famous words - “Read my Lips”. :-)

    The elections are RIGGED. There is no sense in posting link after link proving that the elections are rigged. There is no sense in giving links to books on Amazon to prove the elections are rigged. There is no sense in showing studies completed that say the vote doesn’t count. WHY? Because as usual, it will be called conspiracy theory. God forbid that anyone ever questions “the system”, they are automatically put into the mix with alien abductions.

    Listen, I’m not trying to insult anyone or be contentious. I was teasing with Wade. He’s teasing with me. Everyone knows that people go back and forth with each other on here. I’m not trying to weasel out of anything.

    So, to answer your question directly. I am not voting this time because the person who is going into the White House in 2012 has already been chosen. Listen, I live in a really small town (by choice). I moved from a huge town (by choice). Even the little country lady at our local post office believes that the elections are rigged. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. (And, no offense meant by that statement)

    So Ode, I hope I’ve answered your question. I don’t see how I can be anymore direct. It’s like this, why would a woman enter a Beauty Pageant if she already knows that the pageant is fixed?

  36. art wrote:

    #33 Irishlad — If you were a slave, maybe it was worth it.

  37. Wade wrote:

    Ode irishdude told me that was good and thanks for the compliments…irishdude b is much of a ladies man even more than I … he plays all those bass recordings to get his women in the mood!!! ;-))

    But bwp can a little slippery much like the politicians she complains with NO right to & is DUNG unless she votes…!!!

    Party On!!!

  38. Wade wrote:

    Did not mean bwp was dung herself… just much of what she writes and most of her lost credibility!!! I am still gonna pray for her!!! There is hope!! Maybe

    I miss Dr Joe and wish he would comment on this… & any other extreme right voter with BLINDERS on… and hey some libtard comments would be fun too… they give us so much of this prez obozo stuff!!!

  39. carl wrote:

    The more I thought about Mr Cain as Elmer Gantry the more it seemed that the satire in Lewis’s novel had to be ratcheted up to the level of burlesque if it was going to describe Mr Cain.

    A new generation of performers has reinvented a whole new 21st century incarnation of burlesque in the past few years, so it shouldn’t be surprising to see it pop up as a performance style in politics.

    Cain might have more in common with one of the majordomos of the new burlesque than he does with Elmer Gantry. His studied seriousness, vocal delivery and stage management put me more in mind of Armitage Shanks The Carny Preacher.

  40. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    So I’ve lost my credibility because I’ve recognized the truth about politics? I hate to break it to everyone, but there are many millions who feel the same way I do. Y’all need to stop reading the mainstream media news reports and start reading the history books, the studies, some other blogs and the books on election fraud. Y’all need to start paying attention.

    If you don’t think this is a very real problem, just go to Amazon, click on the Book Department and type in Election Fraud, and look at the number of books that show up.

    If you don’t think that the government and corporations won’t try to twist and scheme, just Google the BP Oil Spill, keep Googling and pretty soon you will find how many people who spoke out against the BP oil spill are now dead (many due to strange circumstances).

    So, go ahead and believe the propaganda and the mainstream media……by the way……a lot of these uprisings in the Middle East……a lot of the activists and protesters were trained here in the U. S.

    Folks, no offense meant, but we need to get our heads out of the sand.

    By the way, did you know about this?


  41. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Well okay, so yes we’re virtually certain Obama’s going to get re-elected. Deep down everyone knows that (though fewer want to admit that it’s all about race). But hey, ever hear of fighting for lost causes? I hear they’re the only kind worth fighting for.

  42. irishlad wrote:

    36…true Art,..true.

  43. irishlad wrote:

    For what it’s worth,i’m with you BP,although i don’t think Wade will concur…but sure him and me are pretty tight :)

  44. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Oh please… yes, we’ve trained people who went on to become terrorists (e.g. Osama Bin Laden). All that proves is that we’re completely and utterly idiotic. It doesn’t have to mean a conspiracy theory. I suppose you think 9/11 was an inside job too?

  45. Cain Train wrote:

    “Obama is virtually certain to get re-elected.” (YGG)

    Have you seen the polls with him vs. Mitt Romney? How about his approval rating? How about the public opinion on the direction of the country? How about the unemployment rate? How about the US’s credit rating? How about the economy?


  46. cynical one wrote:

    As to re-election of Obama, frankly, my crystal ball is broken. I guess I need to borrow yankeegospelgirl’s for a few days.

  47. Ode wrote:

    BP,Yes,#35 that was to the point, thank you, as well as 34- just saw it, we crossposted.

    Your idea is logistically unfeasable, has few inconsistencies and contradictory statements, and lacks rational path to conclusion. That’s the reason why for serious professionals and media sources- except the yellow press-it remains just a ConspiracyTheory. I respectfully agree to disagree with you - I know I won’t be able to convince you. “One can’t be reasoned out of position it didn’t take reason to get himself into”.. ;)

    Your advocating of political activism while simultaneously claiming election results being predetermined anyway is also self-contradictory.

  48. Ode wrote:

    :) But what we do agree on, BP:
    *Some* electoral results are counted wrong, by neglect or by malicious acts; Economy indeed rules over politics; financial powers are buying off politicians. Public is getting dumber and easier to manipulate, yes. If given unlimited financial means I can get anyone, incl. my mom’s cat Bibi, elected to any public office, including US Presidency. And Bibi is not even US born.

    But voting is ans will be valuable democratic achiement. Not vogin just because you don’t like either cand. is childish and irresponsible. Even if the result of your activity a tad lesser evil, it’s all worthy…

  49. cindy treadway wrote:

    backwoods philosopher…the LAST people you want to tell to “get their heads out of the sand” are christian music fans. they have NO IDEA how that’s done.
    thats why they make constant idols out of christian music “stars”….who are just flawed human beings who sing for a living. or a tv preacher. or a sarah palin, and now a herman cain. puhleez…..
    vote ron paul. 2012.

  50. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    I know, Cain. I know all that. But mark my words: It will happen, by hook or by crook. Not to sound like BP, but corruption IS possible. And besides, I have a hunch he may not even need the “crook” to win. Ultimately he’ll pull through because he’s black. Simple as that.

  51. cindy treadway wrote:

    what a hypocrite.

  52. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    I totally understand where you’re coming from and I have always voted, too. I know that it is indeed a privilege to vote and to have the freedom to vote; however, election and voter fraud completely destroys a democratic process.


    Our financial system, along with the New World Order globalists, determine the presidency. By the way, the term “New World Order” was used by Bush, Sr. in one of his famous speeches. Plus, it’s been used by Kissinger and Rockefeller. The NWO is a very real elitist group of corporate billionaires who control legislation and public policy.

    Bush, Sr. NWO Speech:


    Kissinger NWO:


    By the way, the famous Tea Party was funded by the ultra-Conservative Koch Brothers (even though they may try to deny it - just follow the money trail). The Koch Brothers’ dad, Fred Koch built oil refineries in the Soviet Union during the Joseph Stalin regime.


    You might want to read some Bush Family History and who Grandpa Bush had ties to during World War II.


    I could go on and on…..but my point is……the people who are running the show do NOT have your best interests at heart. I still think keeping the phone lines hot to the Congressmen is more important, but STILL, on very controversial legislation when the heat is on, their allegiance will be to the lobbyists over the constituents. The constituents do make a difference, but MONEY makes even more of a difference (always does). It’s a very complicated system (just like our tax code), but then again, scheming and scamming is a convoluted process.

  53. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    My Kissinger link didn’t work. Here is the Kissinger interview referring to the New World Order:


  54. irishlad wrote:

    BP, your rehtoric is quite admirable, unfortunately it’s not really getting you anywhere, not when you’ve a smart cookie like Ode taking issue with you.

  55. irishlad wrote:

    *Rhetoric.. When you use big words you’re supposed to be able to spell right…right?

  56. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    I know, Irishlad! :-) Thanks for the support! :-) :-) Do you reckon if I can get Ode and Wade to one of my political revivals, that I can get them converted? LOL LOL At least get a good offering out of them? LOL

    Cindy, I love to hear Ron Paul in the debates. He provides the shock value! Ron Paul is so anti-establishment that he wouldn’t even accept Medicare in his GYN practice.

    I honestly don’t expect people to agree with my point of view. It’s something personal that each and every person has to figure out for themselves. The “light bulb” didn’t turn on for me overnight. It took years of reading, listening, researching, paying attention, reading and watching legislation and even talking with others…..becoming dismayed…..then hopeful……and then starting the process all over again. The lies and the contradictions became too strong to ignore.

    And, despite what people may think, it doesn’t upset me that people don’t agree. People will never agree on everything. A lot of people share my point of view, but many just stay quiet about it. We have talked to people of all ages - from their 20’s to 80’s - and many folks are dismayed, discouraged and disillusioned. They keep hoping for the best, but know in their gut that the party is over.

    We would think that the fall of the Roman Empire would be a lesson, but it isn’t. History keeps repeating itself. We would think that what happened in Germany with Hitler would be a lesson, but again, we keep seeing some of the same things happen here that happened in Germany.

    If people were 100% honest with themselves and with each other, they would have to admit that something is terribly wrong. Even from a totally spiritual perspective, you can almost feel it in the air. Something hasn’t been right for a long, long time.

    It’s always interesting to read the many different points of view and I do respect all of the different opinions. My suggestion now is that we can all do something in common……pray, pray and then pray some more…….and hold on tight…….I’m afraid it’s gonna be some rough sailing for a while.

  57. Wade wrote:


    I submit to you that anything you want to think you can FIND some kinda BS on the internet to back you up… it is supposedly SMART ppl like you that are greatly contributing to the HURRIED downward spiral of the country.

    The BIGGEST thing you should consider in determining if your theories are flawed is ygg is agreeing with you!!

  58. Cain Train wrote:

    YGG, corruption happened last time. Can you say ACORN? However, PTL Acorn has been defunded (and is now paying “volunteers” to Occupy Wall Street).

    With enough momentum it is possible. Although I would tend to agree that by human measures it will be VERY close.

  59. BMac wrote:

    I saw it on YouTube so it must be true. Geesh, some no body that says he is a computer programmer / code writer goes under oath and claims that he could rig a voting or counting machine and was actually asked to do so. Then if you listen closely later he then says that if he actually wrote the code you would not be able to prove that he actually did later. In other words…I can go before the state, under oath, and lie and there is nothing you can do about it. And if some of your previous posts are true, this man would have never seen the light of another day much less make it there to testify. With every one of these guys there are ten that say there is no way. It’s all about what you want to believe. I don’t know maybe I am the one in the dark.
    NWO…well…ok whatever. If thats the case, they sure are slow. They have had years and years to plan and execute their evil plan…still waiting. Looks to me that all of the money and power is in China now…might want to ask Mr. Bush Sr. how thats going for him.
    Now the last paragraph I can agree with, except I do still believe there are some, may not be many, that do have our best interest at heart. Money always talks.

  60. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Hey, don’t knock Rockefeller and big corporations. I like them. Yay for capitalism.

    HA, I shoulda guessed you were a Paulite BP. Figures… not that I disagree with the man on economic policy, it’s just, well, everything else that he’s more than a bit loopy about.

  61. Alan wrote:

    I very much like Rep. Paul’s domestic views, but on foreign policy, I cringe at some of what he believes, personally. When he said last weekend that what we need to do with Iran is to make them our friend and not an enemy, I almost drove off the road.

    If I may chime in on Mr. Cain, here’s what hits me: Where were any of these ladies during the numerous early months of his candidacy? How many debates did he participate in before we heard the first accusation? When he was consistently tracking around 7%, not one of them came forward. Only after he did well and his numbers shot up did these people come out of the woodwork. Obviously, I have no idea whether the accusations are true or not, but it seems suspicious to me. And, when I saw Gloria Allred standing beside one of the women, that was all I needed to begin wondering….

  62. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    Wade, the thing that is contributing to the downward spiral of this country are the complacent, materialistic, apathetic, uneducated and uninformed sheeple who cannot see past their front door.

    Do you know why this country is in a mess? Besides the obvious corruption in Washington, D. C., on Wall Street and in the Federal Reserve, we have a population who refuses to give up their idols in exchange for the truth. If you want to see the truth, it requires taking off the rose-colored glasses.

    However, why speak the truth or try to be informed when you can go have a few beers and forget about it? Just medicate it, smoke it, drink it or feed it…..and it will go away. Welcome to America, land of the numb and home of the drunk. Pardon me, I must go now…….Macy’s has an extra 25% off their clearance rack with free shipping.

  63. irishlad wrote:

    Look, he’s good lookin black fella with a bit of a brain in his head give him a chance will ya?

  64. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    I would tend to think you all do not have time to to attend the daily discussion at your hometown coffee shop this morning where they tried to solved all the world’s problems from the viewpoint of being on the outside looking in.

    So you tried to do it here. That’s okay!
    BWP and YGG are good at it. It is good for Doug because he needs a spark to keep the fires burning.

    Someday you might be blessed to be on the inside to help solve all the local issues in town.
    It won’t take long that you will start feeling unblessed to be on the inside.
    Working with budget will get you in the depressed mode in a jiffy when you find out that over 85% of the budget is fixed epenses based on contracts, previous votes and mandates.

    All rhetoric in the world will not solved any
    situation but will satisfy your heart content.

    The other big concern is what is now known as the Joe Paterno factor.

    Simply stated, the media (aka entity) that
    builded you up over the years can take you down overnight.

    Lesson learned would be to be good all the time without a shadow of a doubt so people will not a a negative perception of you some time in your life.

  65. cynical one wrote:

    I like the Ron Paul/Herman Cain joke Jay Leno told last night: Even in his GYN practice, Ron Paul never touched as many women as Cain has.

    That’s funny, right there!

  66. Ode wrote:


    Ha, here on Avery’s Island even small words aren’t required to be spelled correctly, I saw “to” and ”by” misspelled. We the aborigines voted off all grammar rules ages ago, due to having too many elderly SG fans that outlived their brains but haven’t acquired good manners or keyboard skills, letting them type their indecipherable linguistic abominations, under their usual cheesy motto “It’s my own participle and I dangle it when I want”

    And Ode-cious shamelessly molests the tongue of proud Anglo-Saxons using all the power of her vivid imagination :D

    So your typo, Ilad, is just a small misdemeanor. Invite me out for coffee someplace really nice, and I’ll hack into AvFineLine and delete your record. His system is totally rigged and lacks security (Pointing at intern that cringes “Not for those “wages”", giving the middle finger to boss’s door)

  67. Ode wrote:


    Ten? make that 11. I make a living as a SQL/C#developer, specializing in databases and inter(intra)net security. If any IT professional were to seriously entertain BP’s conspiracy, (s)he would seriously undermine his(her) professional credibility.

    And I am fully aware of time honored Chicago tradition to bus in homeless to vote and never take the dead people off the voters lists..

    But that BP Girl is wonderfully crazy, her thoughts jump and run around like wild spring rabbits. Thats fun,thats why she fits here on avery ;) As a colonel I had an honor to serve under would say about nutties like her ” If her craziness is channeled right, Mr. BP is one lucky bastard in bed”

  68. Wade wrote:

    bwp… much of what you say is true but ya still have to vote to be a good citizen.

    Until then other words & good deeds are meaningless!!!

  69. Ode wrote:

    Appreciate our agreement on finances and politics.

    :D BP’s Political Revival? Its like a rally, right? Why not, I am game,and open to different viewpoints, only dead and stupid people never change their opinions.

    Invite some gospel or just good singers!I can’t vote, but will gladly donate to moderate republican causes.

  70. BMac wrote:

    BP…How long will MREs actually keep and for how long should I ration? (sp?)

    I figure since we are all just ignorant and you and Ron Paul are the only ones that know the “truth” you could help us with a few of these questions. I mean I am behind here and have to get moving.

    I do have one serious question. Assuming you are 100% correct, what do you propose that we do? I know you have said educate yourself on the topics and not listen to mainstream media but that isn’t doing anything to change the situation. What do you propose we do? And this really is a serious question, not trying to be antagonistic like my comment above. Actually I like good debate, just not when myself and the likes of me are all called uneducated, materialistic, brain dead sheeple for having a different opinion.

  71. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    YGG……I didn’t say that I was a Ron Paul supporter. I just get a kick out of him in the debates. You have to admit that he is entertaining, but I would not vote for him. Ron Paul wants laissez-faire capitalism. If he was president, the Koch Brothers would rule while the rest of American would realize their sharecropper’s role.

    Even though Ron Paul seems anti-establishment, let’s not forget that he has been in office a long time. He’s still “in the midst” of it all up there. So, is he “one of them” or not?

    About Cain……it kinda reminds me of the ousted IMF Director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, where the women gradually came out of the woodwork for their 15 minutes of fame. The “victims” always wait until the politician or celebrity is filthy rich before they reveal the years of emotional damage that has scarred their life. It’s just another part of the dog and pony show.

    If I were going to support a candidate today, I think I’d support this fellow!


  72. irishlad wrote:

    Ode, how about an Irish coffee in the Galt Louisville swiftly followed by nice slow tender backrub,finishing off with a night at the NQC…we could have a right good old time methinks.

  73. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    You do not realize how much you disappointed me!
    And I thought we were on the same team. (LOL)
    The only reason I like him is pictures on his home page of his site.

  74. CVH wrote:

    So no one’s posted here about Devin McGlamery’s little Twitter-fit about Scott McCreery. http://twitter.com/#!/DevinMcGlamery
    (November 9 & 10)

    First he takes a semi-cheap shot at McCreery; when someone objects it devolves into a series of even more critical tweets and the assertion that McCreery’s fans are only supportive because he professes to be a Christian.
    McGlamery argues that it should be about talent, not faith.

    Agreed. However I don’t think anyone was suggesting that they like McCreery just because he’s a Christian. They obviously think he has talent. (I have no opinion one way or the other.) If McGlamery doesn’t, that’s fine, but what’s the point of making an unnecessary jab?

    The kid’s only 18. His debut record sold nearly 200,000 copies in its first week. That may not be talent but it’s not a bad start.

    And on a happy note, yankeegospelgirl and I actually agree on something (#60). I like the Rockefellers too. In fact, it’s a phrase you don’t hear anymore but I’d categorize myself as a ‘Rockefeller Republican’. There’s hope for a better world.

  75. BackwoodsPhilospher wrote:

    For all of those who are firm supporters of the Rockefellers, you might want to read a little quote from David Rockefeller’s book, “Memoirs” on page 405. The following was taken from an Amazon reviewer and here is the reviewer’s quote:


    From Amazon Reviewer:

    “Whether or not he actually said this publicly, it does seem to capture the thinking of someone who makes the kind of decisions Rockefeller does. In his memoir on page 405, he actually does say this, “Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”



    Rockefeller is a firm supporter of economic globalism. Now, let’s all take a look at what the globalist economic policy is doing around the world. Why don’t we talk to the folks who live in Greece and Italy? Why don’t we talk to a few of the unemployed American workers who lost their jobs due to globalist economic policy such as NAFTA?

    These billionaires are not interested in the American people, they’re interested in increasing their bank accounts. It’s about money and power……..not patriotism or the plight of the common man.

    Everyone loves Capitalism until it steps all over their toes. That statement does NOT mean that I support Socialism, Marxism, Communism or any of the other left-handed economic principles. But, Capitalism certainly has its demons as well.

    Free Enterprise is a hallmark of this country, but the greedy Capitalists grew claws and turned financial freedoms into vast opportunities for fraud. Does anyone remember the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933?

    Bill Clinton signed the 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bilely Act that repealed the Glass-Steagall Act’s restrictions on bank and securities-firm affiliations. Think about this…….this was a Republican supported law signed by Democrat Bill Clinton. This explains the massive shakedown in the derivatives market.


    A lot of what we see on Wall Street is “smoke and mirrors”, or in more serious terms, outright FRAUD. Until we are able to recognize the dangerous legislation that Republican and Democrat lawmakers are passing through the House and Senate, we will not be able to carefully select and elect the right candidates. Folks, think about it…….how many times do we elect people who are capable of destroying the American way of life?

  76. irishlad wrote:

    CVH, awhile back I noticed Jeremy Liles taking a swipe at young McCreery, he pronounced he couldn’t sing?? I thought bass singers stuck together.

  77. BackwoodsPhilospher wrote:

    Continuing my last post…….

    We attempt to elect people that THEY put in front of us. Even though I believe that they put the person THEY choose into the White House, there are a lot more of US than there are of them.

    Until we read and understand the legislation, we will NEVER understand the need to REJECT the frauds they place in front of us. Think about it:

    1. Approximately 300 million (give or take) American people

    2. 100 senators controlled by the ultra-rich corporate lobbyists

    3. 435 Representatives controlled by the ultra-rich corporate lobbysists

    There are a LOT more of us. However, we continue to accept the fraudulence of a few instead of saying “NO” to the sell-outs they place before us.

    By the way, Ode…..your comment on #67 post…..regarding your first paragraph comment about those in the IT industry. That has to be the most naive comment I’ve ever heard in my life. Who do you think is guilty of identity theft or messing with voting machines? Who hacks the computers? The waitress at Shoney’s? Could it be the cleaning lady? OR could it be an IT developer or computer hacker with a degree in Computer Science?

    Who is hacking into Pentagon computers? The patients at the nursing homes? You need to re-read your comment and rethink that statement.

  78. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    I already knew McGlamery wasn’t a fan. He liked the girl better.

    Going on and on about it is different though, and I don’t really appreciate that latest back-and-forth of tweets, with Zak Shumate joining in. Apparently anybody who actually does think Scotty can sing must be “ignorant.” I liked Scotty’s voice before I even knew he was a Christian. So…. how about losing the attitude and letting us enjoy good music? I’m sorry to sound acerbic, because I really do think Devin is a sweet guy, just a product of the new Christianity, that’s all.

    And then Maddy Easter had to chime in with something about how you’d better not say anything against Tebow, “sweet lord.” Again, little attitude thing going there, maybe?

  79. Wade wrote:

    told ya irishdude was mucho ladies man. ode probably already has her teeth out!!! ;-) Love ya both and so happy for ya…

    GM Fan I know how you feel I might not be on the same team with her but I sure was disappointed too!!

    CVH… well glad DM admitted it is all about the talent for the folks who think they can suck but if they do it for the Lord ppl should buy & support them!!! But yeah DM musta been having a bad day!!!

    But as far as agreeing with ygg…that will have to be on your conscience!! lol ;-)

    Don’t encourage her she is busy going blog to blog, especially AAP’s since they spurred her diesel sniffing offer if they would just TELL HER WHO they are, trying to take them ALL OVER cause SHE KNOWS BEST!!! ;-)

    It would be quite comical if it she wasn’t so irritating!!

  80. More wrote:

    I love Tim Tebow and Scotty McCreery, and the fact that they give all the honor and the praise to Jesus Christ is a real testimony, in my opinion. We should get behind unashamed Christians braving the secular world in venues such as the NFL and American Idol.

    Can anyone say “jealousy?” We’re all “so sorry” these SG guys haven’t made it to the big times. But if they ever do, I sure pray their former “little” friends don’t cut them down. 18 y.o. Scotty does have talent, faith totally aside, and so does Heisman Trophy recipient Tim Tebow.

    Not your favorite? Fine. But the bashing has gotta stop.

  81. Aaron Swain wrote:

    I saw Devin’s tweets, and everyone else who joined in. Count me in the number who agrees, and got a big chuckle out of Madison Easter’s tweet especially.

  82. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    I don’t think it was the fact that Devin was saying Christians should be able to evaluate talent and good art aside from the beliefs of the person whose talent is in question. That’s something I think we can all agree on. What bugs me is his attitude (which I see everywhere else, so Devin’s certainly not alone here), that Christians are INCAPABLE of judging talent, artistic merit, etc., and that we’re so blinded by sincere professions of faith that we don’t know real talent from a hole in the ground.

    That may describe some Christians, but I’ll wager it doesn’t really describe as many as some people would like to think, and it’s downright irritating for those of us who CAN judge talent and simply DISAGREE.

  83. CVH wrote:

    Wade, too funny. I think if we sat down over a cup of…I don’t know, maybe hot chocolate…or some Bailey’s, ygg and I would have more in common than we think.

    It’s one thing to talk privately about other artists but in our social-media-driven world, one tweet can do a lot of damage. I don’t know anything about Devin or his motives but it was an unnecessary, cheap shot.

    Backwoods Philosopher: Good quote from David R. but Nelson was my favorite - ” The secret to success is to own nothing, but control everything.” So other than saying “no” to “them”, what do you suggest we do?

  84. Ode wrote:

    Going by the old rule that all publicity is good publicity, the man just wants to keep people engaged by checking his half-(t)wits.

    “”"…I don’t think anyone was suggesting that they like McCreery just because he’s a *professing* Christian..”"”.

    Amen. If it was true, SG quarts’d be at least popular enough to not have to pathetically beg for money, park their buses on Walmart lots, hoping they won’t be kicked out, and could afford to splurge on a few extra rolls of toilet paper.

  85. Ode wrote:

    You cant possibly drink that much Bailey’s … as w‘d be required to achieve such result :)

  86. Ode wrote:

    Yes, its IT people, pro or selftaught,that hack,etc. That’s given.What is completely unrealistic – from a programmer’s/DBAdmin viewpoint- is your “all elections are rigged” Consp. Theory.

    Happy for me why, sweet brother? :D one’d think I am applying to become Ilad’s future ex-wife,not just having a little innocent flirt.

    Yeah, my dad also says my mouth is bigger then Atlantic Ocean ;)But if I am lucky to become so old I outlive my teeth and someone angers me enough (BP, you are coming dangerously close:D) I’ll bite his/her head off even with dentures. You now me well by now

  87. Ode wrote:

    72, Fancy place! Downtown hotels are ideal for classy socializing,not so much for staying in unless on a corporate dime…You heard, CVH might come with us, he is inviting lovely YGG out. With his ambitious goals, he will need a designated driver ;)

    Galt’s has a massage parlor? or we go to massage booth at sing. convention? BTW, Ilad, why backrubs are a required overture to NQC? They are known for being relaxing before long flights, to assure sleep, or before sex…. So is NQC tends to make attendiees fall asleep or just makes them feel screwed?

  88. CVH wrote:

    Ode - I think a couple nights at the Brown Hotel would be just right. Of course I don’t know where ygg has her domicile…perhaps we should consider Boston. Bailey’s, Kahlua, a fine port…all good. :)

  89. Wade wrote:

    ode… lolololol :-) ;-) All of it ( 84-87 ) but especially 85… I’d need to get into the vodka to get close to that!! lolol

    Q-Man does not drink so he could be the DD!!

  90. irishlad wrote:

    79&86..of course we were flirting ;)
    Ok i’ll come out of the closet and admit it, i’m gay…as in happy and very much in love with a girl from Salt Lake City and yes she’s a Morman,but i’m working on it. :) :)

  91. Ode wrote:

    before a trip to a training class I got warned that in Bible Belt football is The religion. Christianity, otoh, is negotiable
    A week at Dumbwoody, GA proved that to be right. Out there an Allegiance to Jesus is highly optional, but one to Dawgs is required. Christ, the Southern version , so to speak :)

    88,That’s our selfless Chief of Staff. Risking liver damage to establish diplomatic relations with neighborhood blogonations.

    90, …Ode is silent, biding her time until Ilad sees his love’s “magic mormon underwear” ……

  92. irishlad wrote:

    87 Ode liebling,the back rub’s for me,(Belfast to Louisville 10hrs) if you’d oblige that is, and i’m sure i could reciprocate in some manner fitting to your exacting and no less demanding requirements.Swiftly followed by a…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…see! you’ve burn’t me out already. ;)

  93. Wade wrote:

    Irishdude… Had heard you were gay in those gossip emails I was sent… that you were Dr. DH’s Gay Irish Uncle but that you were Bi!!! Because of your deep voice & charm women were throwing them selves at you… and what is a guy to do??!!??

    Just here you have ode ready to be your next ex and willing to take her teeth out for ya!!! Which I’ve been reconsidering just what kinda experience that would be since she brought it up… deep thinking I am tellin’ ya!!

  94. Wade wrote:

    Question of the Day— Looks like Herman Cain will soon end his run to be Prez!!! WHY??? Because he got caught messing around??? JFK did, Bill did, David did they ALL even LIED about it like Herm.

    98% of all men in any position of power does, not just because men are Ho’s because we are, but you might not like to hear this but women will literally THROW themselves at any man with Power or if they have any kinda game!!!

    Men have been weak & women have been USING their sexual influence over men since the Garden of Eden!! NEWT’s a Dog and now he is the front runner.

    But I ‘m telling ya if you start disqualifying men who are Ho’s from being leaders we will get even WORSE Choices!!

    Oh Herm was doing SOMETHING RIGHT & Paying some bills for a long time 13 years). She had what wanted & He Had What She NEEDED!!

  95. Ode wrote:

    94, i can’t vote, so I, technically,should shut up, but IMO- if a prez is screwing women we might, hopefully,leave the country alone. As history proves, there is no actual correlation between being good husband and good president. Clinton was a hard dog to keep on the porch,but left you with a budget surplus. JFK wasnt the boss over his willie, but was highly regarded as a president.

    Ok, you can disregard me as not a trustworthy opinion – after all, the last time a Jewish girl was frequenting the Oval Office, you know what she was doing. But look, now you have a black dude that also sucks! That damn Oval Orifice shows no improvement as time goes by..

  96. Ode wrote:

    oops, typo. *He* might leave the country alone…

  97. Ode wrote:


    Philip, wake up! We are at NQC already. Singing starts, finally.

    Before some old dudes were giving themselves cutesy awards, public semi-successfully faked lil interest. Then one guy screamed ”Kim Hopper,come here, you dirty, promiscuous whore” and covered poor girl in drapes. Hey, singer has assets and shows a little cleavage, very tastefully, but our Ashcroft says he won’t allow “no porn, from anyone”

    T’was all so boring, I took a nap myself, thus substantiating the notion that ode and ilad actually slept together and eliminating the need for any further rumors.

  98. Ode wrote:

    93,:D LOL
    i am late, no vacancies in Ilad’s harem. Coleens unionized, Occupied!, now rule the place and refuse to allow Catholics( devils spawn!),Jews (We are a respectable Irish institution. You should have thought about it before you killed Christ) or Yankees (guess, Wade, who else tried to apply…? ;)) So we’ll go the biblical route, Song of Songs, secret lovers, she lies to her family,he sneaks out from his wives. So shhhh…. Don’t breathe a word about this, brother,except if in vague scriptural poetry.

  99. Wade wrote:

    ode… who is is applying???

  100. Ode wrote:

    certain yankee. She might apply to yours next ;) Grandpa used to tell my brother when he became infatuated with a fundie (our version of your fundamentalists) girl: “Shmueli, watch out. Those who love religion more then God are secretly very dirty, despite a thin veneer of perfection and superficial faith. Have a condom with you”.

  101. Wade wrote:

    lol duly noted ode

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