Open thread

There’s a list of topics I want/need to post on piling up in my notes files, but for now you’ll have to settle for some time in the sandbox amongst yourselves, at least until the other world of work stops impinging quite so much.

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  1. irishlad wrote:

    Any one know what became of Eric Winston who sang bass for a Cecil Blackwood version of the BB’s in the 80’s/90’s?

  2. irishlad wrote:

    I just watched a fairly recent video of the Perrys performing Plan of Salvation with the excellent TS taking the lead.Only thing i would say he’s good enough as himself without a mimicry of George Younce from the very hand gestures to the shape of his mouth.Or maybe it was purely intentional like some sort of a tribute to the great man?

  3. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    So what else is new?

  4. CG wrote:

    Best SG live band ever - Happy Goodman Family, Hinsons, Kingsmen, Gold City, Oak Ridge Boys, etc ? Who was the personnel?

    My personal favorite is HGF circa 1976:

    John Minick - piano
    Gary Dee (DiMenico) - steel guitar
    Jeff Chambers - lead guitar
    Larry Strzelecki - bass
    Rick Goodman - drums

  5. Matt G. wrote:

    I think I’m one of those rare people who prefers hearing the Happy Goodman Family with Howard at the piano. I know he wasn’t the best pianist technically speaking, but he had a very unique style. I love it!

  6. MG wrote:

    Band? No contest…
    The Oaks Band: Tony Brown (’nuff said), John Rich, Don Breland, Mark Ellerbee

  7. Sensible wrote:

    #2 Whether TS is doing it intentional or not, I don’t know. However, I do know that George Younce was his bass hero. I remember back in the 80s while talking to TS he was getting all giddy and excited about a date the Perrys were singing on and The Cathedrals were going to be on the program as well. It could be that he has admired him and watched him do the song so much, he cannot imagine any other way to “sell” the song.

  8. Wade wrote:

    MG… NO Doubt… you said it before I did… Thanks for the topic CG… but if that is the best all star band you could come up with Lord Help Ya!!! rick G on the DRUMS…REALLY!!!

    Q-Man can tell us for sure but did not the ORB’s START the live Full Band????

    For it’s time ORB’s Performance LIVE was the BEST LIVE recording ever!!!

  9. Wade wrote:

    OK I am really HAPPY!!!! :-) :-) … some Bozo named A cappella man on APP had this to say about me as his reason my opinions should be disregarded, his Quote…

    “I will forever think of you as the guy who sticks up for gays so your comments will be disregarded with me. Also if this is the way you talk on a Christian blog I can’t imagine your language in real life. There is a commandment in the Bible about using Gods name in vain as well.”

    Love it!!!! I have MADE the big time and am proud to be the straight guy that takes up for the gays… a person is known by their enemies… I am proud to say I have this bozo and his daughter ygg are mine!!!

    Oh BTW… as far as my language I said “GAWD”, which is said in most Southern Baptist Churches every Sunday… and I called ygg a “B8tch”… I took the i out and subbed the 8, what else did he want???? I did not say blow job or drop the f bomb like ode!!! :-) LoL

    A cappella man… difference in me and most FINE Christian People is I am the same no matter where I am at. I do not profess to be close to perfect & bury my head in the sand while little boys are sodomized & profess to be classy & have honor right before my ass is fired and should be put in jail like the FINE PPL of Pedophile State University!!

    I’m not one way in public and another way in church like most CHURCH Ppl!!!

  10. nb'er wrote:

    Kingsmen Band
    Anthony Burger, keyboards; Arthur Rice, bass guitar; Gary Dillard, utility man; Greg Fox, drums.

    Band of Gold
    Gary Jones, keyboards; Ken Bennett, bass guitar; Jerry Lloyd, lead and steel; John Noski, drums.

  11. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Acapella man isn’t my dad. I have no idea who he is.

    AAP also asterisked out what you called me all the way once he noticed.

  12. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    I’ll give politics a rest. Okay…..don’t everyone stand up and applaud at one time. Wade, don’t throw a party yet……LOL LOL

    #4: My personal favorite SG group of all time is The Hinsons. They were true originals. And, they sounded great with either Chris Hawkins or Yvonne. You Tube has some great old Hinson classics. “He Will Calm the Troubled Waters of Your Soul” is one of my favorites.

    Their songwriting skills coupled with their unique country flavor sets them apart from the rest. Kenny Hinson could have easily been a country music star, but I’m glad he stayed with Christian music.

    Ronnie Hinson, Dottie Rambo and Bill Gaither have produced music that stands the test of time.

  13. quartet-man wrote:

    Wade, I wasn’t old enough to see it live, but from what I can tell other groups like the Stamps had bands too (the Oaks added other instruments I think around the time Golden joined), but my understanding is the Oaks was the first to add a full drum kit. If drums were used at all, they kept it with snare drums and brushes I think.

  14. Ode wrote:

    9,you such a rascal. Ok, bring that clown in here, I‘ll carpertbomb his idiocies so well,all other comments he dislikes right now will feel like a blowjob in comparison.

    Openly ungodly people like him never change,Wade. He hates God and that’s why he hates certain groups of people. First it was blacks, then women, now gays. SonofaBaptist. No wonder people around here think that I am hanging out with sheer devils by talking to SBs on a blog…:(

  15. j-mo wrote:

    Wade, I love people that are the same regardless of their environment, I don’t have a problem with most of your language, and I respect the opinions of a lot of people who are part of the Christian-Gay movement. However, I agree that most of what you say deserves to be disregarded.

    For me, it’s abuot teh typos, the random WORDS you put IN all caps, the strange and excessive USE of ellipsis … the constant emoticons :( … the horrible spelling/grammar, the txtg abbreviations, the Adhd STREAM of consciousness style of your posts, and the bizarre amounts OF often incorrectly used punctuation!!!!?!?!$ It all adds up to make your ramblings seem unintelligent and not worthy of my time!!!1 Not to mention extremely hard to follow.!!!!

    Your comments on blogs are akin to graffiti along a city street. A few people actually like it and agree with the statement it makes. A small percentage are deeply offended and outraged over it. But for the majority of us, it’s just mildly annoying but easy enough to ignore.

  16. irishlad wrote:


  17. irishlad wrote:

    Hey Wade, Ode deserves a medal for that post. Well i’m fresh outta medals so i’ll get her a bottle of FCUK bubble bath..that’s French Connection U.K. for all you dirty minded sensitive types. :)

  18. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    That Wade… he coulda been a contender. He coulda been somebody. Instead of a bum, which is what he is, let’s face it.

  19. Wade wrote:

    irishdude — Def have a metal for ode!!!

    ode — Love me a jewish princess.

    j-mo — All fair criticisms and especially if this was a straight up english class. But it ain’t!!! irishdude & ode now even have me deleting formalized caps most of the time. So what ya gonna do??!?!

    Most of what I write here is stream of consciences…obviously not going to go and dissect sentences and formalize this type of INFORMAL communications.

    Did received an A in Informal Communications Class in a college. Blogs, emails and text. It was a REAL State University too, not some one line get your degree online school!!

    If you knew me better it might make more sense to ya. That is why I am ALL out there and you can go to my facebook page and know WHO I AM and not hide behind some gay ass name like j-mo. Well that wasn’t nice to the Gays I take up for so fervently!! Sorry

    the … or ellipsis is used much in informal communications because the society is so ADHD and have issues understanding a , or a . divide thoughts cause they see it as all running together.

    But any one that reads things so closely should be able to tell the words you say are randomly CAPPED are not random at all but is done for EMPHASIS!!

    Not to mention most of my post are done in the hours after a show while I am winding down and am often been drinking with irishdude & ode or just a little tired like I am becoming now.

    Just can’t apologize for adding the emoticons to the writing. Some ppl have a POSITIVE personality and since this is all WRITTEN… MUCH gets left on the floors as they say in movie editing because so many things can’t be communicated in JUST writing!!

    Hope I can drop some graffiti you can enjoy sometimes!! Thanks for caring enough to share!!! For REAL, cause some one who can;t figure out what I am trying to convey you did a GREAT JOB imitating my style!!!

    Q-Man — Thanks for that clarification I knew I could count on you!! The Oaks were THE BEST!!

    bwp — lol ;-) Still praying that with early voting now you will be able to find enough time to make a trip to vote while you are doing something else close by so you don’t waste your gas going to vote!! lollol… Thanks for being so positive and for your contributions.

    ygg — Did you REALLY think I thought that bozo was your dad??? Glad you go to APP enough, during your hard surfing habits to break, to notice it was up for a while and then edited later. There’s ya some clues and some indication there are more than ONE Artist. One let it slide, the other edited. lol… So who ya think AAP is???!?!? Come on you have some ideas??!?!?

  20. SG_Obzerver wrote:

    How does all the talk in recent posts line up with Epheians 4:29? “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”

    The use of questionable (at best) language is not the sign of a progressive modern Christian…it is the sign of a heart full of questionable(at best) attitudes and thoughts.

    Luke 6:45 - The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.

    Just sayin…

  21. MG wrote:

    Another hot band: The Downings, McGuire-Piano Master, Satterfield-Drums, Fairchild- Keyboards, Catron-Bass

  22. nb'er wrote:

    Did anyone hear the songs featured on the Gospel Greats last wekend from Gold City’s new C-D?

  23. Videoguy wrote:


    After Cecil’s death, Winston sang with Mark Blackwood for a while, but left around 2003-2004. Winston has been MIA since.

  24. irishlad wrote:

    Thanks VG, i picked 2 tapes of him up at the NQC,one a solo effort.I couldn’t make my mind up wither i rated him or not and i can’t find the cassettes for a did you find him(as a bass)? I think maybe i was comparing him with Ken T who was the whole go at the time.

  25. Jim2 wrote:

    Best SG Band? Crabb Family Band!!

  26. David J. Stuart wrote:

    Prbably the best band currently now is The Dove Brothers Band.

  27. Lurker wrote:

    I’ll cast my vote for Jason’s Crabb’s band as well:

    Blaine Johnson on keys–piano, organ (at the same time!)

    Lori Sykes on base (what other SG band has had a female bass player)
    Michael Rowsey on drums and

    JASON on guitar.

    Also, both Blaine and Lori now have mics and are singing backup for him.

  28. CG wrote:

    I would have to agree that The Hinsons’ band were some great pickers. Country artist TG Shepherd had (at least) 4 former Hinson band members with him on the road during the early 1980’s:

    Greg Taylor - bass
    Keith Moore - bass
    Ronnie Moore - guitar and vocals (played steel with Hinsons)
    Steve Dixon - lead guitar

  29. CG wrote:

    #8, Rick G was a great drummer, just ask him !!!

  30. Ethan wrote:

    EHSS’ four piece band (counting Wayne Haun) is pretty good. They are better than the Dove’s band.

  31. Chaz wrote:

    … … … …

  32. John Crenshaw wrote:

    I believe JD Sumner and the Stamps Quartet was the first group to have a four piece band with a full drum kit.

    Tony Brown: piano
    Duke Dumas: guitar
    Mylon Lefevre/Tim Baty: bass guitar
    Billy Blackwood: drums

    They released an instrumental album circa 1968 titled “Gospel Music’s #1 Band” and also released a vocal selection as the “Stumps Quartet”.

  33. Hector Luna wrote:

    Wade: You are not irrelevant. You do have some wisdom. Maybe not always godly wisdom, but at least it’s realistic.
    I don’t do light beer, but wouldn’t mind buying you a Winter Lager sometime.

    As far as current live bands, I think The Isaacs and Jason Crabb’s band would be hard to beat. That piano player is golden. Right Doug?

    Regarding AAP, he’s given hints to who he/they are.

  34. Just Thinking wrote:

    15. j-mo: Loved the post!

  35. 2miles wrote:

    Does anyone know any information or the whereabouts of “Tracy Preston Richardson” the drummer for the Hinsons on at least one of their live albums. I remember as i kid listenting to that album a hundred times. I haven’t heard what happened to him once they disbanded. I believe he may have been their drummer at the disbandment.

  36. cynical one wrote:

    Wade is seldom irrelevant, but often irreverant.

    Sometimes I’m an ill elephant, but that’s another story.

  37. CG wrote:

    #35, After The Hinsons, TPR worked for a short time with Michael English. In between gigs and even now, Tracy has made a living selling men’s apparrel. You can find him on FB under the exact name you inquired about.

  38. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    Best southern gospel band today:

    Mike Nesmith: guitar
    Peter Tork: bass
    Mickey Dolenz: drums
    Davy Jones: tambourine

    Well, given the amount of pre-recorded stuff the “live” bands use, it might as well be these guys…

  39. BUICK wrote:

    @19, you certainly proved the point of #15.

  40. irishlad wrote:

    Another list:
    Top 10 bass singers singing at present(in no particular order)
    Keith Plott
    Joe Brown
    Jeff Pearles
    Tracy Stuffle
    Brad Smith
    Burman Porter
    Aaron McCune
    Armond Morales
    Tim Duncan
    Ian Owens

  41. cdguy wrote:

    #40 - irishlad — I think Gene McDonald & Mike Allen would have to be on my list.

  42. Tom wrote:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  43. Ode wrote:

    17, dark bitter chocolate medal, ok, Ilad?With coffee.Don care for milk choc. much. Ummmm, FCUK bubble bath,i need relaxing, thanks. Emancipation proclamation doesn’t cover H1 US visa holders :D

  44. Ode wrote:

    That’s pretty myopic, brother Obz. So you don’t look any deeper then the surface, all you notice are “bad” words?

    Google why Tony Campolo -a Baptist pastor, author, seminary grad and theologian- likes to say word “shit” in his opening speeches. He tries to wake up people like you. Hate and ungodliness in the quote ol’ Wade brought in here didn’t bother you at all - but bad words did. Evil things are ok with you; you are more concerned about the outward appearances.

    I speak 2 languages fluently and Arabic passably, can read Aramaic and have university education - trust me, I am able to find printable equivalents to “fuck”, so does pastor Campolo.
    Why don’t I at times? That’s the perfect idiot repellent/content cleaner for the blog; it effectively filters out self pious people ,too narrow-minded to contribute anything of value, musically or culturally

    And if that bothers you, how do you tolerate the neutered SG “theology”, filled with sanctimonious pretense? That’s where sins abound, much worse than bad language or sex…..

  45. Ode wrote:

    20, “” ..Luke 6-25 “”

    Luke was (probably) a Jew and a doctor, good at writing prescriptions. I am a Jew and a developer,good at writing code. Like cannons, we shoot straight, and are about just as subtle. If one needs a comprehensible religious text that encompasses ambiguous and nuanced ideas,you’d hire a Jew who’s a lawyer.

    Mouth speaks whatever it’s owner wishes it to speak. Actions is what validate them. Most ungodly speeches I ever heard had no swearing, but much Scripture in it.

    Luke’s verse is pretty confusing if taken at face value. Jesus spends lots of time confronting those who honor God with just their lips, his harshest criticisms were not for drunkards, etc. but for pseudo-pious religious people with evil hearts.

  46. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #40: Pretty much agree with every singer on that list! Although, Ken Turner is singing again, and I know you’re a big fan of his, so I’m surprised you didn’t include him. Also, where’s Tim Riley? ;)

    I’d add that young guy with the Old Paths (Daniel Ashmore). Look him up on Youtube; I know Burman Porter in particular had great things to say about him after a recent concert the Dove Brothers and Old Paths did together. I’d also add Brandon Barry of the Mike LeFevre Quartet. Look out for that group; they’ve got a dynamite sound.

  47. Faith wrote:

    Amen, j-mo!

  48. Gayla wrote:

    I would add Gerald Williams of The Melody Boys Quartet of Little Rock, AR. He is in the SGMA Hall of Fame and in his 62nd year of singing Quartet bass. Go and check out some of his features on You Tube if you are not familiar with his talents.

  49. irishlad wrote: know A,I had KT on it and took him off,why? i dunno,in fact i should’ve made it top 12.Tim is great,but i thought i’d throw a younger version of him in :) (couldn’t use CW as he’s not sangin’)

  50. Steve Barbour wrote:

    Just found out that Jackie Wilburn passed away this morning.

  51. JLL wrote:

    Sure can feel the “Christian love” on that thread over on AAP! That was a hoot! It’s nice to know that fine Christian people with a clear knowledge of “exit orifices” can still be jackasses. That was the most fun I’ve had reading things on the internet in a long time.

  52. BigC wrote:

    Clayton Inman makes an appearance on The Gardener!

  53. irishlad wrote:

    48, I’m very well aquainted with GW, top ten is too short to fit all the greats into. Gerald should be in there, I’ve even told him face to face how good he is . I apologise for omiting him

  54. Eric Winston wrote:

    Eric just did a new album with a lot of J.D. Stuff at Donnie Sumner’s. Other than that he ain’t doing much.

  55. irishlad wrote:

    Good luck Eric.

  56. irishlad wrote:

    Buford Abner(94) RIP former lead singer of The Swanee River Boys.John Crenshaw pays a very informative tribute in the SN.

  57. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    You need a little grace and a truckload of salt to read this blog.

  58. Linda Dillon wrote:

    This is off the subject of what you are talking about, but I’ve wondered for some time if Stephen Hill with the Homecoming Singers is related to Jim Hill.

  59. irishlad wrote:

    If i’d one guess who AAP is, i’d say Mr Wolf.

  60. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    I know for a fact that Gerald Wolfe isn’t involved with AAP.

  61. quartet-man wrote:

    #59 As in the “Big Bad Wolf” or “the little giant, Gerald Wolfe”? If the latter, I believe YGG said it was not. How she knows, I am unsure, but I believe she has talked with him. Besides, I believe that AAP said he isn’t a group owner and I don’t see Gerald Wolfe lying.

    but I do want to say that Gerald hasn’t been shy about speaking up for things he believes (not copying CDs and letting people know it is theft), politics, NQC, etc. while using his name. Now, would he say the things AAP says (even if he believes them), probably not. I think that because he is smarter than that. :D Also, the things Gerald stands up are usually more moral and ethical, things and things that can cost his group income, not pet peeves or things that in saying so (were he found out) could cost his group income or hurt people.

  62. art wrote:

    What is AAP? Is it a fun SG-oriented site?

  63. Lurker wrote:

    # 59–It could only be him if he is writing things (that aren’t true) to conceal his identify.

    Do you really think said artist would object to the TV on the bus being tuned to Fox News?????

  64. beans wrote:

    #59: That guess would be wrong.

  65. Hector Luna wrote:

    Love ya Laddy, but that guess is wrong. When Wolfe comments on something, he always leaves his name.

    AAP is much less relevant. But you’d know him.

  66. irishlad wrote:

    58 They’re identical twin brothers,sure a blind man could tell that.

  67. Yeah... wrote:

    Irishlad - the main writer on AAP has said that they don’t have a shower on their bus. If you mean the same Mr. Wolfe that I’m thinking, GV has a shower on their bus. So back to the drawing board…

  68. Dean Adkins wrote:

    Stephen Hill is the son of Gordon Hill (sang bass with the Statesmen in their formative years).

  69. Kathy wrote:

    Love the Dove Brothers band also! Think they do and awesome job along with The Dove Brothers!

  70. John Crenshaw wrote:

    #58: Linda, Stephen Hill is the son of Gordon Hill. Mr. Hill was original bass singer for Hovie Lister and the Statesmen Quartet. I don’t think he is any relation to Jim Hill.

    (and thank you for the kind words, irishlad!)

  71. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Gerald isn’t afraid to speak his mind, but he prides himself on not doing it anonymously. Also, he would never stoop to the level AAP has stooped to.

  72. Ode wrote:

    39,Et tu, Biuck? Disappointing.
    You originally made a good impression on me,as someone smart and not shallow. Look beyond the surface.He has a lot of wisdom, street and otherwise.

    Avery used Wade’s quote alone - the biggest one he ever borrowed from a poster for OP, from what I’ve read– to create a thread that generated 150 or so comments. If that’s graffiti, damit, we have some cool, conversation-inspiring wall art here.

    But the big boy is a wild cat, that’s given.

  73. Ode wrote:

    36, cynical ,LOL

    38, Soli - you got me! :D I didnt know who that band was before. If SG artists had a quarter of The Monkeys business savviness they’d be packing arenas.

    And entertainment ability.Average SG singer, poor darling, despite having heavenly voice, got less personality and common sense then God gave a jar of mayonnaise. Thus the poor resultables

  74. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    Regarding AAP’s blog or any Southern Gospel group in general:

    Why does SG raise the questions that secular music does not? The deal-breaker is the fact that SG music includes the Message of the Gospel in song. Because of that very important fact, it changes the entire landscape.

    Therefore (and I know that there are 1000 different opinions on this), that’s why there is a different set of rules……or accountability factors.

    Now, I said all of that to say this……I have let AAP know that when he says the fans have halitosis, body odor or any other irritating habit, that it is STILL the fans who keep SG singers on the road. They are the ones who buy the music.

    As a matter of fact, it is the fans who keep country, rock, pop, rap, jazz, soul and R & B artists on the road. If you can make a payment on a Prevost or MCI, you might want to thank a fan.

    As I’ve said on AAP’s blog, I know that fans can be a royal pain in the derriere, BUT when a group of people makes their living from the “FANS”, then some things may be better left unsaid.

    If AAP wants to discuss “An Artists Perspective” from the road, that’s fine. Even if he wants to do an article on some of the irritations of the “fans”, well, that’s okay, but when many of the articles are about the ignorance or bad behavior of the fans, it doesn’t necessarily help the plight of SG music.

    Actually, I have asked AAP about discussing songwriting in SG, how to submit your music, how political it can be and subjects of that nature, but then again, I guess the subject of B. O. grabs more attention. LOL LOL

  75. irishlad wrote:

    Gotchyas thinkin’ anyway ;)
    68 He was the Statemens’ first bass,am i right? Strange (sort of)that SH should have such a high pitched, soulful voice.But then again you have Tim Riley & Danny.

  76. irishlad wrote:

    ….plus i never mentioned GW’s name..did i?

  77. Linda Dillon wrote:

    #70 - John,
    Thanks for the information on Stephen Hill. I’ve just been curious - enjoy his voice.

  78. irishlad wrote:

    Oh boy i’ve just had my head well and truly melted wading my way through 190 posts on AAP, which in truth involved a lot of to-ing and fro-ing by BWP Q-M and YGG on,wait for it… “guys who bat for the other team”.Young Wade tried to calm them down but sadly seemed to get caught up in the feeding frenzy. Phew,i need to lie down now. :)

  79. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    An Artist’s Perspective is still in business? Wow, I owe someone five bucks…

    In the interest of being helpful, someone should let them know that southern gospel doesn’t have “artists.” It has karaoke singers, backup karaoke singers and roadies who also happen to play bass…but no artists, per se.

    I don’t know which of these categories the authors of that blog fall into, but someone should tell them so they don’t continue to humiliate themselves with a name like An Artist’s Perspective.

  80. cdguy wrote:

    Please be praying for Labresska Hemphill. She’s been in a Nashville hospital this week with heart-related issues. She’s home now, but Candy says it was pretty scary for a bit. I’m sure the family would appreciate prayers on their behalf.

  81. cdguy wrote:

    Ooops! Misspelled Labreeska. But y’all probably knew who I was talking about. I know the Lord did.

  82. irishlad wrote:

    Lovin’ the Conquerors Qt.Great tenor & powerhouse bass.The two in between aren’t bad either(Andrew Goldman the Ryan Seaton Qt on lead).Check out “Heaven” on youtube.

  83. Ethan wrote:

    #74 BlackwoodsPhilosopher

    I asked AAP about the song selection process and if there was any song(s) they have ever cut they don’t want to stage or wish they hadn’t, and I got 0 response. I guess it got lost amongst YGG and Wade (God bless him) going back and forth and everyone apologizing for responding to the wrong person when the responses were finally posted.

  84. quartet-man wrote:

    #78 It isn’t a way I particularly enjoy spending my time nor is it a favorite topic. However, I will chime in when it is brought up. There are plenty of sins we can talk about and although none are fun to talk about, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. Life doesn’t always have to be fun. Now, on to SG. :D

  85. irishlad wrote:

    79 Come on Soli baby, don’t exaggerate, there are a few artists in Sg. Well you have Buck Rambo and one time Sg turned Country tinged star William Golden.
    Now if that doesn’t convince you,you could always call it from ‘ An A***hole’s Perspective’ ’cause it seems like that’s what you think most of them are.

  86. Linda Dillon wrote:

    #62 -

  87. pink wrote:

    If avery’s real id was found out after his blog started, why doesn’t someone know who this aap is?

    I went to that blog to see what all the fuss is about and after reading a few of his posts I think he is in his 50’s b/c:

    he referenced the kingsmen of reece, hamil, squire & ernie, he’s cranky and he’s jealous that the only folks who want to hug him are stinky. Apparently he is not getting attention those young diesel sniffers. lol

    I don’t think he is in a major group and he is getting his frustrations out in a blog b/c old guys in their 50’s like to voice their frustrations. lol

  88. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    I did hear a whisper that he might be in a regional group. And he said once that if people knew who he was, it would be much less fun for them.

  89. irishlad wrote:

    85 Love your music btw, esp. the video where you beat the crap out of the other slapper in the boxing ring. :)

  90. irishlad wrote:

    slapper*..N.Irish slang for a Britney Spears trailer trash type.

  91. cynical one wrote:

    Pink — “old guys in their 50’s”? Really?

    I resemble that!

  92. Ode wrote:

    79,Between the army and job hazard of being a developer, I grew unto such a stickler for details its borderline anal-retentive, so forgive me, but definition of an “artist” in todays musical lingo is “one who makes his own music/songs”. Lots of SG singers do qualify, strictly speaking. Some are very good at it , IMO.

    To make another SG related example- an unperforated toilet paper called Singing News is, technically, a magazine, despite its language/content being at 6th grade level.

  93. Wade wrote:

    Ode — Thanks for being able to recognize talent!! lol;-))

    Gotta love your Haters!!!

    Hope ya all had a FUN Thanksgiving!!!

    Probably the main reasons AAP wants to stay anonymous is 2 fold…

    Even Alan ( one of the nicest ppl in around the biz) agreed with his points in offering FANZ a few behavior modification suggestions.

    So much of what he says is true no matter if you like it or not and would not be able to be as POINTED in his writing if some of you idiots knew who it was, won’t mention any names but her name is known as ygg… she tried her BEST to diesel sniff it out in the beginning (thanks Pink for reminding me) and when she could not she suddenly was indifferent, what a load of crap.

    Plus if he has noticed at all how some of y’all treated Dr. DH when he came out he probably does not desire that treatment even though it might be a little different… but ya never know!!!

    Doing comedy is much like what a SGM Karaoke singer (h/t Soli) does because we are so close and approachable before & after a show. Often have a pack of gum on the bar or product table to offer ppl a piece when they insist on long close convo’s…. & ppl do stink… am constantly amazed at how little regard for person hygiene the public has in general! ESPECIALLY SMOKERS & males!!

    Soli… agree with the karaoke comments… it is ashamed there are not more musician any more involved in the biz. Some of the bigger groups like The Hoppers, Gold City, Perrys, L5 etc et al should be ashamed of themselves for not having more live music. If you can’t afford it that MIGHT be a SIGN!!

    Say what you want about EH&SS… he some how finds a way to do it… and although I am not his biggest fan I’ve gotta to say they put on a Hella Good Show with a message and you do not have to set there and listen to all the bullshit from my big toe is hurting, we need toilet paper, legalistic eye rolling horse piles or the political hacking. I paid to see them.

    You would think some of the other people who are so jealous of him & the Gaither Types MIGHT learn a lesson or 2 from just OBSERVING… oh yeah not many of them are on the shows with them. That’s another thing you do not have to set through 45-50 minutes of some other WORSE karaoke from local or regional pretenders OR OR OR the promoter up there with his family group or the beggin’ & moanin’ about the crowd & $$$

    irishdude — SLAPPER!!! lololol Thanks for sharing an international flavor!!

  94. Ode wrote:

    87-If so, it’s his own fault…:D Real men only age to perfection. As a singer, by 50 he should’ve mastered a great conduct of the mouth and both heads in presenting/shmoozing/ restraining himself well enough to get groupies of any age fly all over him.

    One colonel I owe much to used to tell us girls,total glitter-for-brains at the time: “You ,birdies, remember, menfolk has only 2 types: a real man and not a real man.Its age independent”

    Went to see ZZtop in summer,had some lusty thoughts about the bassist, a wee lad of tender age of 60 or so, even he’s too skinny to my taste.Rolling Stones ,each one is about 150 years old, give or take. They have groupies, ok… So age is no excuse, if you are right and he indeed wants groupies ;)

  95. Ode wrote:

    86, thanx. i should go refresh my memory on the boy, she whats the hype is about.

  96. Alan wrote:

    Why thanks, Wade. :-) I finally had to give my two cents on AAP, and hope that I did it constructively. As I stated there, after 40 years of fairly non-stop travel, I can easily identify with every single one of his pet peeves. But, it’s gotten to a point of real whining, and what caused a smile at first has become too much. I like the blog, and it’s often thought-provoking. But. When “fans” read it, I wonder if it’s become counter-productive. He has said that his groups’ owner/manager has no idea that he’s writing the blog, and I can almost guarantee that if they found out, he’d get a cease and desist order quickly. When are you coming to our town next, Wade? Remember - you have a standing invitation at our house, right?

  97. pink wrote:

    94 ~ I understand your thoughts, zztop just puts a sexy vibe out period. This is sgm we’re talking about and regional at best for this guy so the sex appeal takes a nosedive here. He might even be local and padding up those dates per yr #’s with nursing home gigs. :)

    He’s not happy where he is or he wouldn’t be fussin’ so much. His family got tired of listening to him so one of the grandkids set this blog up for him. lol

  98. pink wrote:

    91 ~ Pardon me, no disrespect meant. :)

  99. Wade wrote:

    ode…l you will love it but you might get EDITED… he allows NO graphic language even if it is appropriate!!!!

    Some ppl on here don’t GET IT but I am sure you will!!!

  100. FosterChild wrote:

    Okay, um, back to the original topic at hand… In my opinion, the best lineup of musicians out there in SG is the GVB’s band…
    Drums: Greg Ritchie
    Bass: Wesley Pritchard
    Guitar: Kevin Williams
    Piano: Gordon Mote

    Granted, Gaither has enough money to pay for the absolute best in the music industry. But these guys are incredibly talented and love what they do.

  101. Ode wrote:

    97, LOL
    how is “regional group” defined, tell the dummy, plz. It’s guys that sing as a hobby locally, they dont travel or own bus, or what ?

    99, No, got no desire to post elsewhere.
    But I can get anything in, Wade, if I wanted ;) Westerners are cultured and polite, but we are the badass bunch gentle as tanks - the hardcore erotica that you sweet gentiles can only find on X rated sites? we got it joyfully inserted into Holy Scriptures.

    Gotta admit, glancing thru his topics, AAP can raise some interesting points, I warmed up to the guy(s). Except pet peeves, that’s shooting self in the foot

  102. Ode wrote:

    Alan Parks,great job in there!

    Reading his grievances reminded me of an old joke on definition of success at different ages: At 2- not peeing in your pants, at 10 –having friends, 16 – having driver’s license, 18 – having sex, then making money, etc it goes up and then slowly down, ending with 70 - having friends,75 - drivers license, 85 – success is not peeing in your pants.

    Most SG fans are in the bracket between “still have alive friends” and “not peeing in their pants”.Telling them to change is useless; they are slowly regressing towards death.

    Gotta deal with em cauze it’s how life works, AAP darling, at the natural progression of events we’ll all eventually need kindness and patience from others.One day, by no fault of your own, you might become stinky, saliva dripping, half-demented old man that still loves concerts, too.

    And young hillbillies and rednecks wont change to please “ya fancy singin ass, boy”.Don’t waste your time crying.

  103. Ode wrote:


    “”"”……I personally see no problem with the red carpet at the Singing News Fan awards….. It gives the artists that “celebrity” feeling… while giving the fans a feeling of importance …..walking on a prestigious red carpet..”"”"

    Huh ? FC, bud, I am dead serious,is your quote - located in october OP in its entirety- a satire, parody, right? You are making fun of self-absorbed SG culture, correct? You can’t be seriously promoting the sin of pride and ungodliness. “Poe’s Law” gets me each time…

  104. pink wrote:

    101 ~ Step above local group with a little more shine than local but not nearly as polished as professional should be. Will travel farther than local but all travel has to be contained in weekend because most have other jobs. Sometimes owner with more money to burn than talent to sing. They think they have arrived when they get a bus no matter how old it is. There are a few regional who sound better than professional but don’t want to give up their better paying jobs for sgm $$$.

  105. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    You are no dummy!

    1. Definition of a regional group is depends on your perception.
    Just like in political world, people do not want to be told what to think.

    2. Here is a definition of “shooting self in the foot.”

    To save you some time, here is shortcut to a definition.
    It is when you depend on clarifications to expressed what you meant the first time.

  106. irishlad wrote:

    Lark News..HO ho ho !

  107. Ode wrote:

    pink, thanks, got it.
    GMM , LOL , thats funny!yes,when it comes to utterly mesed up american churchianity, i am totally dumbfounded… :D

  108. Just Wondering wrote:

    With the announcement from Tanner with Soul’d Out Quartet anyone guessing who is going to replace him?

  109. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #108: Look for an announcement soon. I think a lot of people will be surprised.

  110. Just Wondering wrote:

    Seems like a lot of bloggers know who it will be. I’m surprised someone hasn’t told or started a rummor.

  111. More wrote:

    I’m gonna guess Jeff Snyder

  112. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #111: Would be a great hire, but that’s not the guy.

  113. Aaron Swain wrote:

    The news just dropped: Bryan Hutson joins Soul’d Out.

  114. Bill wrote:

  115. Mark Drennen wrote:

    Former Hinsons drummer, Tracy Richardson, passed away on July 8 2012. Tracy had been battling health issues for some time, and was recently diagnosed with a rare blood disease.

    Tracy also played more recently for Michael English.

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