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One of the reasons for my silence around here lately has been preparation for and travel to this year’s American Academy of Religion conference. Later this morning I’ll be presenting a paper that reflects on my experience in the digital world of southern gospel music. As always when my work turns in these self-reflexive directions, it’s worth explicitly stating my thanks to the readers of and participants in this site. As I say in my paper at one point, y’all often steal the show around here, and that’s fine by me.

And with that, a very southern gospel welcome to any visitors coming our way from AAR.

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  1. Ode wrote:

    A 13 century poet Jalal Rumi said “a moth is judged by the beauty of its candle” . He was Persian*, hashish was legal and widely used, so the saying’s psychedelic clarity better translates into practical English as “your worth is evaluated by eternal value of things you are attracted to, the love you obsessed with and passions that consume you”
    Your moral integrity* and honesty never been in question, Doug, that why its the only blog on the subject I limit myself to.

    Will you burn your wings? Or always balance close enough to the fire, providing entertainment and spiritual enlightenment with your fascinating wordsmithing dance, drawing others to mysteries of self-discovery and stopping just in time before the fire consumes you? Only time will show… But what is life but a vapor, coming up and disappearing quickly… It pays to make the best of it.

    *Land of poetry, music, culture, art, philosophers, scientific inventions and intellectual advancements. Until fundamentalist religionists took firm hold and turn it into current Iran, thorn in the world’s butt.Take a note, SB fundies.

    **Despite your multiple vices. Did I just compare our dear host to a pest insect? Retaliation for the mental image of you in pajamas and bedhair I wish I could unread. (j./k, I love you.)

    Good paper on the subject.

  2. Ode wrote:

    add second * where required, please, sweet interns :)

  3. irishlad wrote:

    1st glance i thought it read “welcome AAP readers”,was gonna say they’re all on here anyway :)

  4. Tom wrote:

    Glad to see you’re finally presenting at AAR! Hope it went well. Wish I had been able to go this year….

  5. cynical one wrote:

    * Also the land of nice rugs. ;-)

  6. cynical one wrote:

    Not to be confused with the nice rugs at NQC.

  7. CVH wrote:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all…here’s a clip from an old episode (94?)of Dr. Quinn with Johnny Cash singing. The tune starts about a minute in…be blessed.


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