Happy Thanksgiving

The interns will be holding things down for the rest of the weekend. Have a good holiday.

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  1. irishlad wrote:

    You guys must be well & truly
    sick of the sight of turkey by the time Christmas rolls round….Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Michael H. McIlwain wrote:

    I’m selling a very rare album by the Velva Tears. You can check it out here. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Velva-Tears-His-Velvet-Touch-/330647763072?pt=Music_on_Vinyl&hash=item4cfc247880

  3. irishlad wrote:

    Apologies folks, i’m still suffering from a severe case of verbal diarrhoea…anyway,anyone heard of the “Vintage Quartet”? good sound and good stage presentation,they seem to be a tad better than your average regional group.Can easily be found on youtube,i viewed just the one clip,”Have a little talk”…nice spin on it.

  4. melvin klaudt wrote:

    Invited to three Thanksgiving Dinners. Marge and I ate at 12:00 Noon, 3:00 PM, 5:00 PM, took some food home. We literally rolled into the house at 8:00 PM and then ate some cake before retiring for the night.

    Too much!!!!

  5. Ode wrote:

    Interns? You might as well leave it in the care of your pet goldfish. Those kids are on strike, i think :D

  6. Wade wrote:

    ode… the interns are OCCUPYING AFL!!!

  7. irishlad wrote:

    How many times on fb have you seen a well known group saying they will be performing in such and such and would welcome an engagement for their return journey home or a free slot available over the w/end ? Really is hand to mouth.

  8. Fosterchild wrote:

    I actually have heard these guys before. They’re a really great group of guys with a fantastic sound.

  9. irishlad wrote:

    I thought so…notwithstanding the poor quality of the clip something shone through.

  10. irishlad wrote:

    9 @ Fosterchild

  11. Michael H. McIlwain wrote:

    I’ve relished it. The Velva Tears - “His Velvet Touch”


    You can’t say I’m not persistent. It’s a great album.

  12. Michael H. McIlwain wrote:

    I intended to say “I relisted it.”. The spell checker on this iPad can be aggravating.

  13. irishlad wrote:

    11 Did you not relish it as well? :)

  14. John Crenshaw wrote:

    Mike, it’s a shame your Velva-Tears LP didn’t sell the first time. I think I spent nearly $75 for my copy. Collectable gospel record prices just aren’t what they used to be!

  15. Michael H. McIlwain wrote:


    I do,have another copy of this album, and I do relish it. There is some great singing on it. I used to have “Velvet Touch” in the cd alarm clock. “Velvet Touch” with all of the quivering vocals was an interesting way to wake up every morning.

  16. Ode wrote:

    1, neah, we are professional eaters here, its USA. Look at good ol Melvin :)
    3 dinners in one day, that little trooper.
    Good baritone those Vintage fellows got. My fav part always, but this ol boy just rocks.

  17. irishlad wrote:

    15 Mike i hear they sounded more like the “Sons of Song” than some of the later versions singing under that name.

  18. Michael H. McIlwain wrote:

    John, I paid $38 for the Plainsmen’s “Lonely Street” album and feel that I got it cheap. I had two watchers for the Velva Tears album the first time,but they didn’t make a bid. I ‘ve got a watcher this time. I’m in no hurry. I know it’s a collectible album.

  19. irishlad wrote:

    Whaoooopeeeeee. Yes, just watched 5.46 of the Vintage Qt doing “Under Control” w/out switching off(& i’ve the attention span of a flea)What a cool bunch of sangers..love them :)
    Yes Ode, the baritone’s definitely the fat dog’s plums. ;)

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