Spotify CEO: Spotify good for music industry

Well he would say that. But he’s also probably right too (despite his self-regarding messianic poseur pose). Anyway, the gospel music selection ain’t bad, comparatively.

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  1. RF wrote:

    Not bad. Lots of old stuff, but is there anything new in sg anyway?

  2. irishlad wrote:

    $150 mill back to the industry probably says it better…”money doesn’t talk,it curses.” h/t BD.

  3. Michael H. McIlwain wrote:

    I’m not convinced. I like having a hard copy or at least a file on my computer that I can transfer to other devices or to a disc. I’m not sure that streaming is going to be good for the musicians. It might be good for the label, but the musician needs to be paid.

  4. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Streaming music is only cost effective for me at home, so I use Spotify for a completely different reason than buying music.

    If I want to listen on the go or want my own copy for whatever reason, I buy the music.

    Spotify, though, is the best tool on the planet for research and comparison. If I hear a song that sounds familiar, it’s off to Spotify to see if I can find an earlier version. If I want to juxtapose Dolly Parton’s version of “He’s Alive” against the GVB, Don Francisco and Lauren Talley versions (plus discover a few more versions I’ve never heard before), Spotify is the place to do that.

  5. David Ching wrote:

    #4, Spotify’s iPhone app is great for on the go. I use Pandora to find similar artists to the ones I like, then listen to them on Spotify. The two are a killer combination, for not much more than the cost of a CD per month.

    As for the artists, most of them don’t seem to be making any $ worth speaking about. But the free publicity seems to make it worth their while. If I were a current artist, I would put all but my last 2 years worth of music on Spotify and hope to whet people’s appetite for the new stuff.

    Selection is quite good for some artists like Collingsworth Family, Kirk Talley, etc. but I was disappointed not to find much from lesser known groups like The Wilburns. It seems to be hit and miss. But there is so much that is there, there is always something to listen to and what’s not there isn’t missed so much. Highly recommended.

  6. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    I wish Spotify would stop requiring you to be a Facebook user. That’s a huge down-side in my opinion (but naturally it would be since I’m not on Facebook).

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