Joyful Noise

That was one of the titles I considered for my book, actually, but I think we’ve probably had enough of that topic for the time being, nes cafe?

So instead let’s talk about the Dolly Parton/Queen Latifah film by that title soon to be released. Via DBM, here’s a clip of Karen Peck in the film.

I’ll reserve fuller judgment for a fuller viewing, but going by this clip alone, the “Joyful Noise” may end up being a “good” example of big-screen focus-grouped “gospel” that’s beyond experiential resuscitation even by a singer of Peck’s considerable ability.

At any rate, I saw a trailer for the movie in the theater last week and the acting looks to be dreadful and leaden (an inference that Peck’s over-amped stamping about the stage in this clip does nothing to rebut). And of course I’m sure I’ll go see it.

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  1. Amanda wrote:

    I love Karen Peck, but this clip is difficult to watch. Dreadful acting, indeed. Lol.

  2. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    Like #1, I love to hear Karen Peck sing as well. She is a talent, but as usual, Hollywood has a way of making a Gospel Choir or Gospel Singer act like a caricature of themselves. It seems that Hollywood Directors have a unique ability to make Gospel Choirs look completely fake in their presentation.

    By the way, I saw pictures of Dolly Parton on the UK’s Daily Mail. Sister Dolly needs to part ways with Brother Botox. Today, unlimited funds seem to equal unlimited plastic surgery.

    Just from watching the trailer of this film, it seems to be rather cliche and corny. Maybe Dolly needs to do a remake of 9 to 5.

  3. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    I’m expecting a fluffy film along the lines of _Sister Act_.

    I will consider it a success if they manage to get through 90 minutes without breaking into “O Happy Day” (AKA “the official Hollywood gospel anthem”).

  4. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    Dolly…….. before Botox and overdone soundtracks. I’m sorry folks - I like the old stuff! :-)

  5. NG wrote:

    Read some reviews of this movie. My favorite line in the reviews was in the Vancouver Sun:
    “At best, it’s the worst episode of Glee; at worst, it’s the best episode of 7th Heaven.”

  6. Melody Thomas wrote:

    AND GUESS WHAT? People have made money with GLEE and people LOVED 7th Heaven!

    Way to go Karen. I actually bought this soundtrack today, and the music is absolutely AMAZING! The movie may not be good (haven’t seen it yet - comes out friday) but the music is superb!!!

  7. Amanda wrote:

    Bless her heart. She darts across that stage like she’s being chased. And, about 30 seconds into the clip, it looks like her head is going to pop off her shoulders! Lol. Great singing, though, without a doubt.

  8. Tad Kirkland wrote:

    Does anyone know how Karen got the part? I love Karen, but it’s rare an SG performer gets enough notice to do something of this magnitude. Maybe Dolly caught KP at some SG event at Dollywood?
    In the late 90’s, I got a friend who is a non-SG fan to go to a Michael English concert that KP was also at. He likened her to a Gospel Dolly Parton! I don’t know that I disagree.
    I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I prefer Karen’s voice when she was with the Nelons–less pushed and clearer. Same thing with Kim Hopper (Greenes/early Hoppers). Age likely plays a role.

  9. Wade wrote:

    I could listen to Karen Peck sing the phone book… but I rather watch her too!!

  10. Charlie Sexton wrote:

    Keep in mind that this is a VERY short clip, and that it could be heavily edited from what will be in the actual movie footage.

    I’ve watched it several times, and I don’t see Karen doing anything different from what she does every other night on stage with her group. And, furthermore, ‘that thing she does’ has won her a vast audience of beloved friends and fans. There’s NO denying that! The secular world is getting a taste of what we’ve known for years - and that is that KP is a sweetheart!

    Like her or not, she is a Southern Gospel Music mainstay, and we should be proud for her. I’m personally glad to see her get this attention!

  11. NG wrote:

    #8 How Karen got the part: A website called Access Atlanta, which interviewed her, says she got a call September 2010 from a New York casting agency telling her that the film’s director, Todd Graff, had researched gospel singers and wanted to offer her a role.

  12. NG wrote:

    Todd Graff, the director, said in a New York Times article that “Joyful Noise” is not a religious movie. “For me, it’s a movie about the transcendent nature of art and music, and all kinds of high-falutin stuff.” The film grew out of a childhood memory. He would come home twice a week to find a Hadassah choir rehearsing in his living room, his mother drilling it to perform at nursing homes. The film’s setting was inspired by a gospel choir competition he attended in Newark a few years ago.

  13. Sensible wrote:

    I agree with Charlie #10. When I saw it, I thought - Karen is doing exactly what she does every night on stage. It’s kind of like the old Buck Owens song: “They’re gonna put me in the movies . . . . . and all I have to do is act naturally!”

  14. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    Just in case you haven’t seen these, here are some good pictures of Karen at the Joyful Noise premiere. This is on the Gaither site:

  15. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    Here’s an article I thought the Dolly fans might enjoy. It’s about how she and her husband Carl met. It explains why we never seem him with her.

    Pictures of Dolly & Carl:
    (The music on this video is great - vintage Dolly. Her best songs are like this one and “Jolene”)

  16. gina wrote:

    I saw the movie on opening day and honestly, was disappointed. Karen was wonderful in her role though and nobody could blame her for getting involved when offered this opportunity.

  17. Robert York wrote:

    I thought the movie was excellent and that Karen did a very good job. It isn’t a Southern Gospel singer gets to perform in front of millions of people on the big screen. It was made for Hollywood and a lot was spent on the movie so they had to make the movie so that all types of people would want to see it. I’m looking forward to seeing it again maybe a DVD will be relesed sometime in the future. The sound track is already released. What’s going to be interesting is watching the ticket sales of the movie compared to other movies. Monday will give you some kind of hint if people are going to see the movie when the numbers are released for the weekend. All I can say KAREN if the opportunity arises again take it and share the gospel with people.

  18. SteveSmith wrote:

    This is what Karen wrote on FB the morning after the movie came out. This is what Karen is about, and it tells a lot about her heart.

    “This am my heart is overjoyed with gratitude to the Lord for His favor, mercy and grace. If He can use me, He can use anyone. Be encouraged!”

  19. NG wrote:

    Site called Box Office Mojo estimates that “Joyful Noise” took in $4.5 million in ticket sales on Saturday (Jan. 14). That put it in 4th place for the day. Number 1 was Contraband at $8.6 million.

  20. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    Here’s an interesting review on “Joyful Noise”:

  21. SteveSmith wrote:

    Leave it to BP to find the negative in everything. No one said that the movie would be Oscar-worthy. But it isn’t everyday that music that is uplifting and God-praising is featured in a Hollywood movie. I left the theater singing the songs, and felt very uplifted. I think we should support the movie and applaud the fact that we have a movie that shows people singing about a loving God with joy in their hearts. The world needs more of this.

  22. Tony Watson wrote:

    My wife and daughter and I went to see it Friday night, and my other daughter in Tennessee also went to see it at the same time. We all loved it! I rarely go to the movie at all (much to my wife’s chagrin), but we really did enjoy it and my wife is interested in buying the soundtrack.

  23. cynical one wrote:

    I saw the movie Saturday, and enjoyed it. Bear in mind, it’s NOT a gospel movie. A little bit of “Sister Act”, in that they put a gospel twist on a couple of secular songs, and I thought it was well done. A little hokey? Maybe. But it’s good clean fun. A few words that my parents would object to, but all-in-all, I thought it was cute.

  24. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    Steve, I’m actually not trying to be negative. I know at times it sounds as though I’m not too fond of anything relating to Southern Gospel music today, but let’s face it, the quality of music as a whole has gone downhill.

    Anyone who has studied music can see that for themselves. This most definitely includes secular music. Country music has definitely taken a nose-dive into the ditch.

    It’s not just music, though. For example, most of the movies of today are not nearly as good as they were years ago. Years ago, a director would rely on plot structure and the creativity of subtlety, but not anymore. Why bother when you have an audience willing to accept the inferior? Entertainment is much easier to produce with cursing and/or graphic violence and/or explicit sex scenes.

    With that said, I am going to see the movie. I want to be fair and see it for myself. But, here are a few other reviews that don’t 100% paint the movie in a totally positive light.

    Christianity Today:

    Serious Faith:

    Now, the following link is to a website called, “A Toast to Wealth”. This particular site didn’t appreciate what the movie did to Black Gospel Music. This also includes a high-energy performance by Kirk Franklin:

    Here’s an interesting article by “The Week”, lamenting Dolly Parton’s plastic surgery, saying that it impedes her acting abilities:

  25. sgpromochick wrote:

    I thought Karen did a great job and sang great! The music was good. The movie itself had funny parts but was cheesy and corny…I was very disappointed in the fake speaking in tongues part. Actually, I was offended….

  26. gina wrote:

    sgpromochick, I agree with everything you said. The speaking in tongues part was disappointing, as well as the general overall feeling the movie left. It seemed to imply that one must conform to the latest, in style, worldly views to be successful. This is no reflection on Karen at all, and as I stated before, I think she played her role superbly. It’s just confusing to me to hear people say it left such an uplifting feeling with them, when it was actually a slap, in some ways, to Christianity and good morals.

  27. j-mo wrote:

    Roger Ebert’s review linked below. Even if you hate him and his agnostic-ish ways you can’t deny his writing ability or film knowledge.

  28. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #26: (First of all, excuse the long post - Doug, I hope you don’t mind)

    J-Mo, that seems to be a very fair and unbiased review, even though I haven’t seen the movie. I plan to go this weekend. However, after reading Roger Ebert’s review, I do have to agree with him about a few issues, based upon the fact that the film is based in Georgia.

    I was born and raised in Georgia in a rather medium-size town (Population 100,000 to approx 150,000). After living in another state for a while, I moved back to Georgia to live in a smaller town. Now, some observations about the movie’s plot line…….

    1. First of all, thank the Lord, modern Georgia has pretty much overcome the racial tensions of yesterday and the black and white population pretty much get along. (However, in the more economically oppressed areas, the black people still live in their particular area and the Caucasian people still live in theirs) The same holds true in Florida.

    2. Secondly, even though the black and white communities mostly get along, it is (as the movie shows) highly unusual for Caucasian people to attend black churches on a regular basis. Roger Ebert was correct in his assumption.

    3. Now, if it’s considered a modernized mega church or just a large Charismatic church, you will see black, white, Asian, and everyone in between. But, a small black church will mostly consist of an all-black congregation.

    4. Even though the racial tensions are mostly gone, black people still have their form of worship and the white folks still have theirs. This is why most Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian Churches are still predominantly white. This is not intended in any way to sound racial, negative or critical - it’s just a report on what goes on in most small and medium-sized Southern towns.

    5. Plus, on top of this, even though their are interracial marriages down South, you rarely see two teenagers like those portrayed in the movie unless it’s a white female with a black male…..and, they’re usually in a lower economic class. Around the military bases, you will see quite a few interracial marriages, but it’s usually white women married to black men.

    6. A wealthy, white Southern woman would want her grandson to be involved with someone on her same economic level. (Again, not trying to sound racial or negative, but this is still the Old South in many ways) Obviously, the director of the movie doesn’t have a clear understanding of the Old South. This doesn’t make it right or wrong, he just doesn’t understand life in the Old South.

    7. And last, but not least, the black community still loves their pure Black Gospel Music, not “getting down” to Michael Jackson tunes in the choir loft. Pass by any tent revival and you will not hear folks holding a Motown concert.

    So, it looks to me that a director saw two huge celebrities who are fun and who can sing, and thought……..”it would be fun to make a movie with those two. That would be wildly entertaining.” And apparently, that’s what happened.

  29. Ode wrote:

    what doe “nes cafe” mean in your OP, avy? pardon my ignorance,the only nescafe i know, and drunk about a small lake of it totally, when i lived at home, is this

    (Forgive me, a dumb foreigner. When I heard “Oral Roberts” I thought it was some mid-tier porn movie, than recently learned that its a person, some crooked tv evangelist and con artist.)

  30. Ode wrote:

    …So lovely siren Karen Peck is praised by fans for readily jumping into a movie by an openly gay Jew director, alongside a strong supporter of homo-rights and artificial boobs co-star, a movie that approvingly portrays casual adultery and light cussing.

    Yet some are telling me that being featured on a cover of a gay author’s academic book is wrong? That’s low even by SGM’s dwarfed moral standards. My hypocrisy meter just blew a gasket.

    Poor Avery! You can’t grow a rich bosom, own a theme park and aren’t a movie director….how about you write a SG novel, then dumbify it into a glittery musical. “Glee gone southern gospel”. Singers will be fighting to star in it and fans will universally approve you, at last.

  31. Kysongman wrote:

    I was disappointed in the movie. The fake speaking in tongues really pushed it over the edge for me. I find it hard to believe Karen Peck would not have read the script before accepting the part so I must believe that she knew that scene would be in the movie. I expected more from you Karen hope the money and the fame were worth it.

  32. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #30: Ode, you definitely have a point. People do dismiss one thing and okay another, especially if they like a certain singer.

    Within this particular article,

    there is a quote from Karen Peck:

    “This is a dream come true for me because I’ve always wanted to do something like this,” she said. “I just hope this will be a platform for more people to hear our music. I know that everything is in order by God, and I know that he has a plan for all of this. I just pray that this will be a way to extend my ministry and what we are trying to accomplish.”

    ……so, I guess a person can justify most any project or film, even though it does have a little cussing and casual adultery. Hmmm………..

  33. Mayor-of-Mayberry wrote:

    Martin Luther King had a dream and Queen Latifah tagged along. Dolly Parton and Karen Peck got thrown into the mix and we got “Joyful Noise.”

    Latifah’s movie distributors have a habit of opening her movies over Martin Luther King weekend. Earlier Latifah MLK weekend openings include 2006- “Last Holiday” 2008- ” Mad Money”.

    From those who keep score, “Joyful Noise” opened in fourth place this last weekend behind Tom Cruise, and ahead of Robert Downy Jr. Both should break the $200 million barrier in the next few weeks. “Joyful Noise”, not so much.

    With a budget in the area of $25 million, referred to as modest, an opening with a lower than expected $13 million, “Noise” should pay the rent and put at least some small change in Warner Brothers’ pocket.

    I wouldn’t expect the duo of Dolly and Latifah to become a so called Movie Franchise. And, for what it is worth, Southern Gospel, by way of Karen Peck, has had its shot. The Gospel is made of sterner stuff. When it is trivialized, ala the quaint goings-on of a “Joyful Noise”, it is soon forgotten. Compared to Robert Duvall’s “The Apostle”, well, there is no comparison.

    If you’re going see the movie before the flim quality breaks down and those little sparkles fleck every other frame, hurry. Projections are that this one has, at best, a few more weeks.

    Make no mistake about it. “Joyful Noise” is a Queen Latifah film. Look who winds up in the headlock.

  34. Melody Thomas wrote:

    About the language in the movie…It is NOT ok’ed. When someone does cuss, it is frowned upon.

    I think this film depicts what really happens in an every day lives. People cuss, people lie, people sleep around. It ain’t right but it does happen.

    I was just listening to a sermon about sheep. Did you know that we are compared to sheep in the bible? WHY? Because sheep, if they are not LED, are easily moved away - not on purpose, but they just tend to move away if not led.

    So, in this film, people are led astray but IN THE END, EVERYONE is reunited, redeemed and it ends HAPPY!

    Now about the gay Jewish director. . .Sin is Sin and if he is gay, he’s a sinner but guess what?! MAYBE Karen was able to be a LIGHT to him, maybe him directing a film with the GOSPEL in it helped his eyes be opened. MAYBE being around KIRK FRANKLIN cast a seed in his spirit.

    I am reminded of the scripture that says something to the effect of “God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.”

    Maybe HE has a BIGGER PICTURE here!?

  35. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #34 - Melody,

    I understand where you’re coming from, and yes, you have a point. However, I have to agree with #30 - Ode as well. Ode and I don’t always agree on much LOL, but Ode has definitely made a good point. To ignore one thing and okay another is hypocrisy (and Melody, I’m not calling you hypocritical, just making a point as well).

    If Christians in general are willing to pay to see a movie with some cussing, fornication and/or adultery (things you say depicts what happens in everyday life), then why would some folks get upset about Doug’s book?

    After all (and I’m not condoning the gay lifestyle), but there are a lot of gay folks in Southern, Contemporary and Black Gospel Music.

    On top of this, the “speaking in tongues” part of the movie has obviously offended some Christians, as seen on here. I was raised Pentecostal myself and I certainly don’t appreciate a movie director or anyone else being irreverent towards something that is considered holy and sacred to the Pentecostal church. (Does that fall under the redeemed part of the movie?)

    So, here’s the argument, if “the sins” in the movie are what happens in everyday life, then guess what else happens in Southern Gospel Music?

    As Christians, we are not being honest with ourselves or anyone else for that matter, if we’re willing to point out one thing that is considered sinful and ignore the other.

    If a Southern Gospel singer was not in this movie, I honestly wonder what the Christian, Conservative, Fundamentalist, “It’s all About the Min-uh-stree” crowd would say about the movie? Once “one of our own” makes it to Hollywood, it changes the landscape of things……doesn’t it? After all, is it really about “the ministry” or a “chance of a lifetime”?

  36. Melody Thomas wrote:

    I am at work so I don’t have much time to respond.

    Let me say how I took the speaking in tongues part of the movie.

    At first, it offended me - I am pentecostal as well.

    Then I thought about it. They were depicting what would most likely happen at an event like this. I THINK that it’s highly likely that a boy would break out in tongues during a service.

    YES, this is HOLY, but so is praying, preaching and singing - and all those are in the movie. Is it ok to depict someone praying but not speaking in tongues ?

  37. SteveSmith wrote:

    Can I see a show of hands of those criticizing the movie who have actually seen it? Only after you have seen the movie will I listen to your opinion of the movie.

  38. sgpromochick wrote:

    the “fake tongues” part is pure blasphemy. Any way you spin it, twist it, see it, whatever- it is blasphemy and the Bible is very clear on blasphemy! It made my heart hurt when I saw it in the movie. It was so unnecessary. That scene did not need that added….

  39. Melody Thomas wrote:

    So, is it not blasphemy to mock praying to God, singing to God? I am not being dumb - I just wanna know!

  40. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    I saw a preview of this movie last fall. Without knowing anything else about it, the most distinct thought I had was, “Well, that looks like a cheap, dumb waste of money.”

  41. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    Melody, I was raised in the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee denomination). I am married to a Southern Baptist minister and author. He considers himself more of a moderate Baptist as opposed to the more fundamentalist persuasion.

    Both of us would agree that any form of worship unto God should not be taken lightly. The worship and ministry of God, whether through music, prayer, preaching or even giving of offerings, should not be done in a flippant way.

    After all, the gift of the Holy Ghost is a solid part of the doctrine of the Pentecostal Church (whether it’s Assembly of God, Pentecostal Holiness, Church of God of Prophecy or even Apostolic).

    What is missing in Christianity today is respect for the House of God, His Holy Word and our fellow man. Today, people seem to have no respect for any doctrine, commandment, scripture, or even tradition. The modern-day church has lost its reverent fear of God and its understanding of holiness. It’s not about faith, obedience and evangelism anymore, it’s about money and success.

    This lack of respect has permeated our churches, TV ministries, Gospel Music and of course, Hollywood. That’s why the Christian community today is okay with a little cussing and a little fornication…….and now, Lord forgive them……a little pretending to speaking in tongues.

  42. quartet-man wrote:

    I am sure there are some out there who will overlook other sins besides that one or overlook sins that their favorite artist might do, but I think some are thinking the agenda of the book is to push acceptance of homosexuality whereas the film is more about entertainment and making a buck.

    I could be wrong, but that could be the way some are looking at it. I don’t know that the book is about that, I am just saying some might perceive that to be the case whether it is or not. In the case of the movie, it isn’t presenting itself as being about sin and corruption whereas the fact that the book had the tags about homosexuality (even if it only ends up being a small part of it).

    You also see how some are upset with Karen even IF she didn’t know the other parts of the film (once again, I don’t know). So, that goes to prove that people can get upset with an artist who is involved (knowingly or not) with a project they consider to be immoral. That is what COULD happen to the guys on the cover in the same way. Whether there are many, or the damage to the careers have yet to be seen.

  43. Hector Luna wrote:

    Regarding Karen, it’s totally possible that she could’ve signed up for it, and some of it be re-written later. Now, I wouldn’t call it a family movie, nor does it depict a realistic context. It was a cheesy plot, cheesy script, and cheesy acting. I find it more satisfying that KP was essentially, herself in the film.

    But I don’t think we can cast stones for a short appearance and minor role in the film. If someone finds out who Karen Peck IS and buys her music, hears the Gospel message in a song, and surrenders their life to Christ, it should be an irrelevant point.

    Now that is highly unlikely, but not out of the realm of possibility. Moreso, it provides more ammunition with what Southern Gospel (and the Church) has had conflict for years. How do you stand biblically and BE culturally relevant. There is a balance. In KP’s mind, she may have assumed this was a good way to balance those views.

    Now as a member of the “young, restless, and reformed” crew, I don’t necessarily see getting a gig on a Queen Latifah flick the best way to go about it, but you can’t argue KP stands by her gospel platform and attempts to engage in cultural relevance.

    Although, this does seem like a gig best suited for a guy like Ernie Haase.

  44. Wade wrote:

    IT’S A MOVIE!!! Is every movie with a church service bad??? Then STOP watching Little House on the Prairie!!

  45. cynical one wrote:

    OK, how many of you missed the point that there was a consequence in the movie to the fornication? They may not have talked about that consequence, but it was there.

  46. Ode wrote:

    “”"”if he is gay, he’s a sinner”"”"

    I tell you more,darling, if he straight, he is a sinner, too. Being straight doesn’t remove your “sinner” status,neither being gay grants you one… being a human does. Our sins are removed by God thru faith, not by being of a certain sexual orientation.

  47. ode wrote:

    “”"”" So, is it not blasphemy to mock praying to God, singing to God? I’m not being dumb - I just wanna know!”"”"”

    No it’s not. Just like godly praying, dancing, singing or preaching, speaking in tongues (if you believe in it) can sometimes be fake, all show and no substance, as Jesus reprimanded those puffed up about their worship style hypocrites. He repeated a rabbinical joke “for a pretense you make long prayers….strain at a gnat, but swallow a camel”, mocking hypocrites was a long Oral Torah tradition. Unlike rebuking an obvious sin, exposing the truth covered by psedopiousness done best with humor.

    In my culture we have a holiday called Purim, it’s celebrating the Book of Ester’s events, when it’s custom to wear costumes, etc then removing masks to symbolize the uncovering of truth.

    So yes, mocking fake tongues,fake prayers, fake faith is just fine. Strictly speaking, we can’t mock anything godly and real, for “One can’t mock the truth without condemning himself”- says Talmud, the point later repeated in Galatians 6 :7.

  48. ode wrote:

    35, BackwoodsPhil,
    True, but in comparison to some friends i have of radically different political/ religious stances, you and I are identical twins, worldview–wise. Even outside of both being Christian sisters…. But, naturally, I am socially liberal, and passinately hate So.Baptism. :D

  49. joe wrote:

    #46 Ode,
    Perfectly said.

  50. irishlad wrote:

    47 Ode my lovely, is Oral Torah the Jewish porn equivalent to Oral Roberts?…only teasing :)

  51. Wade wrote:

    50…irishdude… TEASING is what ode does to ME!!! :-) :-)

  52. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    Well, tonight I finally had a chance to see the movie, “Joyful Noise”.

    First of all, before I give my two-cent review, I have to admit that I was a little shocked by concession prices. It has been quite a while since I’ve been to a movie theater. When did a large Coke become $5.75 and a large popcorn become $8.25? For a few dollars more, I could have a steak. I’m glad that we went to Applebee’s before the movie.

    About the movie…….I’ll list my thoughts and opinions in bullet points.

    1. First of all, Karen Peck was the best singer in the entire movie. However, I was disappointed that the director didn’t give her the courtesy of the entire solo without cutting to other scenes. I honestly expected her solo part to be in its entirety without interruption. That was truly a cameo appearance.

    2. The movie is basically a combination of three things…..a chick-flick, a musical, and a romance. It moves fast and is not boring, but yes, it is one of those cheesy “feel-good” movies that probably won’t have a long run at the box office. At best, it’s silly, sometimes funny and basically irreverent. It’s definitely not evangelical. Oh sure, they mention God, but in typical Hollywood style. I don’t foresee anyone being called into the mission field after this flick. I’m always amused at the Christian folks who think movies like this will spread the Gospel.

    3. About the music…..basically, the director used a church as a venue for a secular musical. I personally didn’t hear a whole lot of Gospel Music. I don’t know many small churches who put on a choreographed show featuring Michael Jackson selections. The only thing missing in the choir’s presentation was the moonwalk. From start to finish, there wasn’t anything that really resembled church music.

    4. About the only thing that would make me think the movie was in Georgia was the “Going Out of Business” sign on the hardware store. To watch this movie and be told that the film is set in Georgia, A Southerner really has to suspend their disbelief. What you saw in the movie, for the most part, does not happen in small towns in Georgia (I’ll let y’all figure that one out).

    5. I get the feeling that the director has never traveled to the South, especially to a small Georgia town. This is not meant to sound racially motivated, prejudiced or anything of the sort, but he included a lot of interracial situations that are not commonly seen in small towns (unless you’re near a military base).

    6. I have always thought Dolly Parton was a beautiful woman, but she has seen the plastic surgeon one too many times. It actually made me sad that she has done this to herself. She is such a talented singer, she didn’t need to re-sculpt her face.

    7. About the speaking in tongues. If I had not been told that this was coming up in the movie, I would honestly not have noticed this. It was almost drowned out by the music. But, it was also not necessary.

    8. The grand finale choir competition scene could be compared to watching the cast members of Glee overdosing on Red Bull. It was high-energy, but overdone. Who has ever seen a choir rip off their robe and start dancing as though they were guest-starring on Soul Train. I think the director meant to call Paula Abdul and dialed Karen Peck’s number instead.

    The only thing that could have made the choir competition any stranger would have been a guest appearance by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith singing “Walk this Way”.

    To sum it up, the director of the movie said that this was not intended to be a religious movie. He’s right. The one-night stand part of the movie was a joke theme throughout the rest of the movie. Yes, we heard the words - sh*t, bullsh*t, *ss, piss*d, b*tch, h*ll…..and the famous line at the funeral after the one-night stand resulted in the Asian man’s death. “You tap it, you die” was certainly an unexpected statement made to the pastor.

    I grade the movie a C for entertainment value. I grade the movie a B for actual music (not choreography). I grade the movie an F for the realism of a Georgia small-town setting. I grade the movie a D- for a faith-based message; however, you kinda have to overlook a lot to see any message of faith.

  53. Mayor-of-Mayberry wrote:

    #47 Ode said,”But, naturally, I am socially liberal, and passinately hate So.Baptism. ”

    Socially liberal? Does that mean you won’t be asked to be the designated driver when we leave the Club?

  54. cynical one wrote:

    Backwoods — I pretty much agree with your review. I have heard Karen’s entire song is going to be in the extras, when the dvd releases.

    Let’s just keep reminding ourselves, it’s only a movie.

  55. Ode wrote:

    50, LOL, ilad, you are a hoot!you dont need to clarify, I won’t take offense,i love poking fun at myself, my religioun(ex and current),etc…

    “”"”" Is Oral Torah the Jewish porn equivalent to Oral Roberts?”"”"”

    Yes.But a nice Irish fellow from a good hardcore Christian family shouldnt watch it- considering it was concocted by all male group of religious zealots who prohibited women from: religious studies, teaching, preaching and ministry, it’s probably pukably digusting and possibly illegal (for further study on the subject, see ‘catholic church’)

    They were also preoccupied with the silly law forbiding the “spilling of seed”, and I’ve met enough religious fundamentalists that you can take my word for it - their DNA isn’t worth passing on. The only difference b/n 2 movies-OT is,likely,a straight picture, but the word “Roberts” means “2 guys names Bob”, right? sorry, I am ESL speaker, so…

  56. Ode wrote:


    Good point.Cinematography has little to do with reality, otherwise all the love stories in the world would be sheer heavenly romance from girls’ standpoint, and porn from menfolk’s. Movies are ,largely, just sheer escapism, or they’d be called “documentaries”.


    :D I offered you to adopt you, Wadey,you refused. So if I start a serial monogamist/black widow career I can marry you (but after death does us part I better get the hell out of GA, or all the angry gorgeous belles that are in love with you will surely put a serious bounty on my head)

  57. Ode wrote:


    definition of a “Social liberal” doesnt include any mention of alcohol consumption habits or lack thereof.

    Pardon my curiosity, but share with me, friend, what’s “The Club” and what are you celebrating that you plan to get inebriated and be in need of DD?

  58. Mayor-of-Mayberry wrote:


    Thanks for the reply friend. I too am a big fan of curiosity. What does “Social liberal” include?

    Forgive me my assumption. I thought this was going to be more fun than this. Asking a question you already know the answer to is not a question. It is a ploy.

    Now friend, please tell me what “Social Liberal” does include.

  59. CVH wrote:

    Interesting conversation. I haven’t seen the film, don’t intend to. There’s nothing about it that interests me. But the comments about the church service scenes brought to mind the great scene with James Brown in “The Blues Brothers”. That is a classic.

    Ode - so do you approve of Oral Roberts between consenting adults?

  60. Mayor-of-Mayberry wrote:

    #59 CVH

    Good decision. I saw it. Keep the dollars in your pocket.

    An accidental and free association with the “The Blues Brothers” scene is as close to good as the Dolly flick will get. Once viewed, any such association vanishes.

  61. Wade wrote:

    BWP — wrote at her review… “I don’t foresee anyone being called into the mission field after this flick.” … that’s funny!!! I’ve already been CALLED to Karen Peck’s Mission Field!!!

    BWP — What is the last movie you saw at the Non dollar theaters??? You are supposed to Sneak your own candy & flask in to the movie, but be careful sometimes Twizzlers will get lost if you sneak them in your pants!!! As far as the BOWl of popcorn sometimes you find a PRIZE in the bottom WORTH the $8.25!!!

    When is the last time you been to a full fledged Wide Open Black Church??? Here is my take after playing in over 1500 different churches:

    Methodist & Presbyterians may NEVER get in to the service. But their communions are much more fun!!!

    Southern Baptist… I feel the SAME way ODE does… Don’t like them… they shoot their wounded too often & WAY too quickly. They are the biggest hypocrites of any organized religion. They MIGHT go to the alter and repent after they are BUSTED and needs to go to rehab. Their singing is often lacking because when they sing they can’t say God well because they try to make it a 3 syllable word… GAAAAWDdddd… that might have been 4. What they do sing is often as fake as the movie!!!

    As you know Church of God is usually into it by the 2nd song!!!

    Black Churches are INTO it after 4 drum clicks cause they listened to USHER or now Lil Boosie on the WAY to church… WIPE ME DOWN!!! (that’s a VERY popular Urban song from Lil Boosie)… I have seen Moonwalking in Black Churches, but I have also saw some one walk down the backs of the pews in a C of Gawd!!! Walking in the air on pew backs is MUCH MORE DARING!!!

    Speaking of Daring… one night at a CoG a man was IN THE SPIRIT and he thought the Lord was telling him to HELP me play drums and went for a stick in the pouch I keep extras on the floor tom. As he went for it with out missing a beat I NAIL HIM HARD on the back of his hand… THE SPIRIT LEFT HIM and he shut up and went and sat down. He would not have done well at a Snake Handling Church!!

    Don’t get me started on some of the more charismatic churches keeping sheets on the front roll so if a Sista Falls Out in the Spirit and her dress flys up they can quickly cover her up. Was banished to the bus unless we were playing the rest of that trip when I ask the Pastor… “If the Lord was REALLY in it do you think the dress flying UP would happen?!?!” — Thought it got VERY cold in here!!!”

    At a snake handling church they proudly wanted to show us their snakes.
    So I WENT… but stood back out of STRIKING Range… when they got a few snakes out you could tell by the big lump about half way they had been recently fed. Which if you do not know make a snake like me on some xanax… VERY DOCILE!!

    After about the 3rd one I told the guy.. ” LOOK they have just been FED!!! If you have FAITH Starve them for a couple of months!!!… and THEN pick up a pissed off hungry snake and put it on your face!!!”

    Lost my merch bonus on THAT TRIP!!! lolol ;-)

    Ode a Club as in NIGHT CLUB… adult meat market, irish pub???

    A DD = Designated Driver… who stays sober while every one else gets BLASTED!!! My advice is make sure to PICK the DD BEFORE YOU ALL start drinking cause the LAST MAN Standing Choice does not work!!! lolo

    If you already knew that I was just trying to be a Good Son in Christ and explain it to ya since for you ESL!!!

    CVH… A very wise man told me when I was about 16 if I was proficient at Oral Roberts I would always have lotsa girl friends and they would want my Richard!!

    When I first read your comment about James BROWN being in Blues Bro’s… I thought you said James BLACKWOOD… I was like I did not see James in THAT MOVIE. But hey he made it into the JD Brothers!! ABOUT THE SAME!!! God Rest JD’s Soul!!

    ode… Thought I said the adoption thing was OK… irishdude can’t live forever and then I will make my move… heck I’ll poison him!!! ;-)

  62. Wade wrote:

    GAWD that post is as long as BWP’s!! ;-)

  63. CVH wrote:

    Wade - you’re right - that was a long, freaking post!

    And in the words of Shakespeare, “wise man speaketh truth.”

  64. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #62: Wade, you might have seen this video, but ‘ole Brother Franklin should have had a part in “Joyful Noise”.

  65. irishlad wrote:

    61 Wade, great post.You’re a good boy.
    59 CVH i wholeheartedly agree about the James Brown scene.

  66. irishlad wrote:

    Ode honey i’m still alive and well,but i know how Wade’s gonna do it,he’ll get me to take up a big sonofabitch snake,look it in it’s cold beady eye and shout “HALLELUJAH DO IT!!!”

  67. irishlad wrote:

    The way i feel about Karen and the movie goes like this: as said many times before first and foremost it’s a movie and if you come away from it feeling better,happier,more carefree ,friskier sexier,better looking whatever, then it’s done it’s job…and, if you happen to get saved a soon as you hit the fresh air outside, well that would be icing on the cake then. Have a nice day.

  68. ode wrote:

    My apologies, too quick on the draw, I see you meant well. If we are already in a club, I’d rather expect to see immoderate drinking from a religious fundamentalists, not liberals. Prohibition of anything causes those deprived souls to overindulge in forbidden fruit, usually in a perverted way.
    SL definition is quite elastic and covers wide variety of beliefs, but i’m not in the mood to talk politics on this blog, its about music/southern religious subculture, unless it’s connected to it somehow?

    As for dd, count on me,I can drive anybody crazy.

  69. ode wrote:

    “”"”"Wade, great post.You’re a good boy.”"”"”

    (bragging)thats my son to be. Blue eyes, golden curls,chubby, when naked, he looks like a sweet angel from Victorian postcards. Sizable all over, but heart is still his biggest body part.Real ladies’ man. I brought him up right and I “finally see the fruits of my labor”, as my first American boss said to us interns after 2 weeks of training, “you are an apple of my eye and a plum in my anus”.

    I was just telling people,right now i am concerned and worrying sick about my Wade. What with him ? they ask. With him? My car, that’s what with him. The boy’s name is Trouble.

  70. ode wrote:

    Seriously though, good post, I learned much interesting stuff.

    See Wade darling? won’t be easy to run him into the ground. Those kissably cute heart melting irishlads are really cool cats,they have 9 lives, are tough and too sarcastic.He’ll grab the snake thinking it’s a plastic sextoy “whootiver Yanks..but it’s way too slow” , and try to unscrew it’s head to “change the batteries”, thus killing poor defenseless God’s creature.

    (quickly realizing I cant praise just’s Americans who got all the nukes, ode, keep it balanced)

    ..Also tough is our CVH , who managed to escape, in one piece, from equally tough American girl,and contrary to her demands, without getting his head relocated to a silver platter.

  71. ode wrote:

    To get back to OP – thanks for the reviews. Sounds like it should come to TV soon enough, I would like to see it , just to see the dancing.

  72. j-mo wrote:

    I’m starting to think Christians should leave crass humor to the secular world.

    Not because I find the content offensive so much as the fact that Christians apparently really suck at it. I have found a lot of threads here to be an embarrassment to Christianity, this one is an embarrassment to comedy.

  73. irishlad wrote:

    64..and that was the just the overseers committee meeting :-/

  74. Ode wrote:


    You seem to be acutely unaware of what comedy actually is, j-mo.

    This thread is NOT comedy, it’s a friendly banter and goofing around about the things the non-regular like you evidently doesn’t get, it flies right over your head. I need to get home and have some dinner,or I’d link to actual comedy to teach you what it is.

    And if you think threads here are an embarrassment to Christianity, you should read some fundamentalists’ SGM blogs, that stink of worst sins, especially selfpiousness, hate and pride. Avery’s is the only one that at least attempts to show the truth.

  75. irishlad wrote:

    74 Ode I wish there was a like button.

  76. Wade wrote:

    ode… 74… you took the words out of my mouth again Mom!!!

    Thanks for all the kind works… most of ya enjoyed it any way!!!

    Maybe j-mo will write some of what she thinks is funny!!?!?!

  77. j-mo wrote:

    Ode, you misunderstand where I’m coming from. I am actually a regular, I just don’t post multiple times in every thread. And the threads I have found embarrassing to Christianity here are the ones filled with the type of legalism, self-righteousness, piousness, and hate that you speak of. I’m fairly certain from what I’ve read that we don’t disagree that much theologically or socially. I just happen to find most of the attempts in this thread at comedy (defined as one person’s attempt to make others laugh) to be extremely unintelligent and many times vulgar for vulgarities sakes. It seems as if many comments have been intended to shock and awe the conservative readers while somehow impressing those who believe that being crude, crass, profane, and irreverent or occasionally enjoying an alcoholic beverage doesn’t make a person less of a Christian.

    I just wanted to say that, as someone who falls in the camp of believing that being crude, crass, profane, and irreverent or occasionally enjoying an alcoholic beverage has very little to do with ones status as a Christian….I am not shocked, awed, or impressed. What I am is embarrassed by the way that the people I actually agree with are representing all of us in the world that share similar viewpoints with stupid failed attempts at humour.

  78. CVH wrote:

    Ode (#70), Brooke (aka YGG) is just toying with me, playing the shrew for effect. And while it would be a noble thing to follow in the tradition of John the Baptist, I’d prefer something less bloody like being duct taped to a metal chair and made to listen to Bill Gaither’s solo record over and over. Actually, that would probably end up being considered a suicide.

  79. irishlad wrote:

    77 j-mo. I took it for granted you were American ,then humour caught my eye…mmm.

  80. Wade wrote:

    At the risk of offending j-mo all I want to say is CVH… more like duct taped to the chair why Oral & Richard Roberts watch…oh no that was Jimmy Swaggart… he just WATCHED!!!

    I know ode & irishdude will be there too!!!

  81. cynical one wrote:

    Wade — Speaking of Richard Roberts, did you read he was recently arrested for “suspicion of drunk driving”? I’m not sure why the “suspicion”, when he failed the sobriety test.

  82. Wade wrote:

    cynical… yeppers I heard about it… pretty funny… but after knowing several ppl who have had the same issue… the suspicion thing is just the way many state laws are set up… especially if he was not belligerent & falling down in the middle of the road… they will drop that charge on ya because of all the defenses they have now to DUI!!!

    Hope this does not make J-mo uncomfortable us talking about drinking… TGIF everybody have a fun weekend!!!!

  83. Ode wrote:

    that’s were you naively err,presuming posters are here to entertain you and seek your approval. You flatter me suggesting noble desires like “to make someone laugh”- I wish I was that nice. Sorry, bro(sis), but I’m here to entertain MYSELF only. I don’t care if you laugh, cry, climb the wall, let alone not trying to impress or shock-awe conservatives. I’d love to drive ‘em away from here,yes ;)
    My only goals here are to show myself as a believer and to be understood - while making it light, lest I appear as pomptious prideful ass that routinely butchers English.

    You bitching and moaning would be legit only if you bought a ticket to a comedy show, and performers sucked.

    So I will say whatever I want, if I want to be dumb and silly I’ll be so dumb and silly that elderly SGM fans with their 6th graders level bathroom/farts and Gerald Wolfe kind of humor will look brilliant as Einstein in comparison. ;)

  84. Ode wrote:


    Sorry, I see none said. Lets see: Oral sex and toys-is it a taboo concept for some Christians? well,that’d explain the divorce rate in BibleBelt being among the highest in the nation. Interns a huge pain in boss’ ass? If one doesn’t grasp this vital truth and gets off his high horse, remaining a little conceited shit every one of us grads are at first, he has no chance at longterm employment.

    Speaking of sick jokes…laughing at OR name is every christian’s DUTY, if I didnt hear it ridiculed,I ‘d never dared to enter a church in the South,thinking they are disgusting perverts. Lil Oral’s parents must’ve been potheads,can you imagine the bullying? “Jesus Loves (insert name)” Blasphemous dirtbags,no wonder Oral Roberts grew up such a shameful man. May God has mercy on his dead mom‘n pop, what screwups…

    But I am glad we share theological and social stances, that is , after all, is more important :)

  85. Ode wrote:

    75, wrong model. I don’t come with a “like” button, my sweet, that’s installed only in lovely western girls. In me it was replaced by “Warning! Bullshit Alert” button, that gets pushed here often..:D

  86. irishlad wrote:

    …85 A.Did i press your button?
    B. Did you like it? :)

  87. Wade wrote:

    ode… thanks for the warning but the “‘”””””vulgar”””””” thing is like a red flag to irishdude!!! Well and CVH while he is taped down to the chair!!

  88. Harriet wrote:

    Wow, Avery. You don’t have to post this. I don’t care if you do or if you don’t. Well, I do, but it’s not up to me, Doug.

    I know I speak for a lot of us. Lots of us. I’m a regular reader…not necessarily a poster, but I’ve been a regular reader for years and years and YEARS. Just want you to know that I’m done. I can’t handle it anymore.

    Doug, why are you letting this happen to a board you worked so hard to create? I know you did. A board that was at one time held in such high esteem by SGM Fans and Artists alike? That lively discussions and debates about SGM used to transpire on??? That people bonded on and people found common ground on??? That we could catch up on SGM news on? That many SGM Artists themselves held in such high regard that they would even would POST on from time to time??? Doug, what happened and how could you allow this to happen to your board???

    Although it’s been building and escalating for a while, I really think it was the name dropping of one of the SGM artists that I really love that actually clinched it for me I guess it, lol.

    I’m upset. It’s no one’s fault, yet it’s everyone’s fault, but it’s especially your fault, Doug. I just am so perplexed as to how…why…you EVER in a million years would ever make the choice to allow this to happen.

    I don’t know what else to say. It’s just a sad day, Doug. I wish you the very best.

    I just feel that today is the end of an era for me.

  89. Wade wrote:

    Believe me Harriet… they still come and so will you!! What specifically upset you to end your era??? You are upset in a few paragraphs but LOLing in another.

    NAME dropping can you explain… I know ode & irishdude will want to know!!

  90. Ode wrote:

    98, ha, look at chutzpah on this one. Avery owes her the entertainment she likes, he and others, whom she deserves to order around, should cater to her needs. Woman doesn’t realize SHE is the poster responsible to provide the desired comments’ content. Every poster is welcome to bring any ideas he wishes. A sad example of baby boomers’ mentality,self entitlement polluted their minds. No wonder USA is in such bad political/economical shape.

    She got one thing right: Doug lost his mojo. He declined suggestions of guest writers, and it’s his right. Online entertainment is a buyers market, there is more then enough other choices.

    But Doug, may I program you a standard form for typical “harriets”? Bashing the blog, self aggrandizing, passive aggressive moralizing and vague threats, promises of exodus and “this is my last post” grand finale… They all use the same nomenclature, we need to simplify the submission process

  91. Ode wrote:

    78, so good ol Bill Gaither had a CD? Hm. I think his songs and band overall are pretty great, strange it didnt work well for his solo…?

    CVH, I just realised I didnt reply to your earlier question, sorry. I am losing my mojo for SGMusic/discussions too, i think :(

  92. Ode wrote:

    Unless both adults are already married to other, blissfully unaware of the said act, people. CVH,as a Christian man of your age you probably are a father, uncle,or just a mentor/role model to young people, so I’ll reply as honest as I’d to my own dad :

    Issue gets complicated when it comes to OR in unions one believes God hates: post-divorce remarriages, Richard & Mildred Loving, fornication, or 2 Bobs who in most locales can’t yet legally marry.

    The list of sins religious society deems acceptable have been changing for 5771 years now. Sins once seen as a terrible violation against God’s law today are amnestied and often ADVISED to engage in by christian family counselors.

    Yet some actions, like sins SB founders fought for the right to continue in, or behaivors of many God-loving Biblical saints, we now call immoral AND illegal.

    It’s probably wise not to be very categorical in what we (dis)approve… All jews are prone to occasional idiotisms ;) at times we betray the brand and act as real dumbnuts. Apostle Paul, for example -a good egg overall, but his advice to marry if one is too horny is beyond stupid and, when followed, responsible for much pain, divorces and singleparent homes. Marriage miraculosuly cured Tiger Woods, yeah..

    as in matt.19:8 sins were “permitted…. because your hearts were hard” .At times allowing sin, in a somewhat controlled fashion, is much lesser evil then forbidding it or hypocritically covering it up with “noble” intentions

  93. Ode wrote:

    86,are you petting that snake,darling :D Those are here for clinically crazy Pentecostals, Wade said. Speaking of which, so St.Pat actually billed you guys for driving the snakes out of Ireland or is it an urban legend? I mean, what snake with any selfesteem would live in colder climate, they live in florida? It’s like expecting snakes to move to Chicago.

  94. JD wrote:

    I have been around SG more years than I want to admit and have seen and heard it all, I’m not easily offeneded. While I’m not offended now I guess I’m disgusted. But you have lost me too Doug. I looked forward to the SGM posts but this is garbage that I can read on any rag. You used to have some great SG opinions that you couldnt get on any other publication, most certainly not on the Singing News etc. But this is too much. Bye Doug, I wish you only the best.

  95. irishlad wrote:

    94..shut the door on the way out pls.

  96. Wade wrote:

    JD… you will be back!!! We love ya!!!

    ode… you crack me up and what is funny is as disgusted as ppl might be they rarely take ya on!!!

    Funniest of all the ppl who are complaining you rarely hear anything from them… ya get what ya put into it people!!

  97. Ben Thomas wrote:

    Check out my video tribute to Tim Tebow and Jesus! It’s Tim McGraw’s song called “Touchdown Jesus”!!
    Great tribute!

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