Just Sing: The Hinsons, Hallelujah Meeting

Aside from the blowout vocals and the Morty Seinfeld spectacles and an unpermed mustacheless Kenny and the spectacular spectacle of Chris Freeman in her vocal prime and the group’s astonishing transformation of classic quartet part singing on the chorus and the meta-commentary of multiple tags on a song that says when you think it’s just about over it happens all over again … agaaaaiiiiiinnnnn, … besides all that, this clip (h/t, KC) is worth it’s weight in southern gospel gold for just that cantilevered bass lick that launches those last few bars right on out into glory.

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  1. 2miles wrote:

    As a child I always hated when the “grown ups” talked about how us “youngins’” didn’t know what real singing (or preaching, or work or whatever) really was. Indicating it was so much better in the old days.

    However, although I’m only 37 and was fairly young when this video was recorded, I’m starting to feel like those old “fogeys”. I have every recording the Hinsons ever made, because my dad had every recording the Hinsons made and he taught me that they were the greatest. I believed him and still do…

    They just don’t “make’m” like this much any more. It’s not so much the talent as the “IT”…whatever your definition of “IT” is…

    I personally think Jason and the Crabb family come closest…Maybe Ernie and the boys…and GVB…but I can’t think of anyone else.

    I don’t pretend to know alot about Southern Gospel, I’m just a fan that has no connections and little talent so I can’t speak intelligently about why the groups of today don’t have what these older groups had or define any more than I have why I feel the groups of yesteryear seem to stand above the current ones…maybe it’s nostalgia.

    All I know is that when they sing about the Hallelujah meeting…I feel like we are leaving NOW!

  2. Jason wrote:

    Very true! I can’t think of any SG concert experience today that would even come close to The Hinsons or Happy Goodmans during that period.

  3. NG wrote:

    I think a lot of what one likes depends on what they listened to when they first discovered a genre of music. I first heard southern gospel in the early 70s and I still love listening to recordings by the first groups I saw — the Oaks, Stamps and Imperials. I later heard the Hinsons and Goodmans live in their prime and they did not create the excitement for me that those quartets did.

  4. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    The Hinsons were the finest Southern Gospel group on the road. They are the standard by which most fall short. The difference? Yes, their singing was incredible and the music was phenomenal, but the key ingredient was the fact that they believed what they were singing. The had a genuine presence about them.

    You can still feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in their music. Ronnie and Kenny Hinson were such anointed and talented songwriters. An experience with Jesus Christ comes through in the music - it’s not just about nostalgia. Groups such as The Hinsons had what many do not today - a walk with the Lord. It’s as simple as that.

  5. irishlad wrote:

    I dunno..i tend to side with NG on this one.

  6. Alan wrote:

    NG - I think you captured something there. I also grew up listening to the older groups, and heard them all. The three groups that you mentioned are obviously all-male quartets. You may be one who gravitates to the male quartet sound, which is why The Hinsons and Goodmans didn’t move you the same way. Obviously, as subjective as all music is, others will feel the opposite. I think I was fortunate in “the good old days”, because I loved all of the best groups, male or mixed. (As well as many regional and even local groups, who trained members that ultimately made it big in national groups.)

    Male or mixed, what we may be talking about and missing is the “realness” of 3-4 voices, a few live instruments, and that realization that what we were hearing was as it happened. In this day where big business runs so many group decisions, all of the overproduction, over-orchestrations, and multiple stacks, has created an artificial sense that may be highly “professional”, but lacks the realism of what used to be.

  7. Scott V. wrote:

    I always think that this is what the Goodmans would have sounded like if Rusty had gotten what he wanted. You can really hear the HG influence here, especially in the female lead’s clippy delivery of her parts…. And the endings….

  8. 2miles wrote:

    Well said Alan….

  9. Sensible wrote:

    I’m probably in the minority on this, but I grew up loving the Hinsons, Goodmans, The Paynes, The Perrys, The Hemphills, and the McGruders. Yes, they are all family groups, but that was not the reason I loved them. I loved them because they always came across as real and letting the Spirit of God lead them. I loved them because they had unbelievable bands and because usually they fed my soul not only with the songs they sang, but with the words they preached. (All of these groups had preachers for emcees.)

    In addition, they had more excitement and really sold theirs songs from the heart instead of being vocal perfectionist and silly on stage.

    A good example is to listen to The McGruders live version of “I’m Going Home With Jesus” compared to Gold City’s Live Version. It just ain’t got “it” when Gold City did it. Look it up on Youtube, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

  10. Ben wrote:

    i’m 34 years old, since but a child i’ve heard or sat through most every big time group on the road from the early 80’s till now and my conclusion is this i’d trade 75% of todays so-called southern gospel for 1/2 of a kenny hinson, i care nothing for dressed up pretty boys that choreograph dances and jazz-up old tunes and try to relate to a group of people that aren’t interested anyway

  11. Ode wrote:

    5, And Sigmund Freud is siding with all of you gentlemen. He thought our preferences for enjoyment are often set quite early in childhood /stay with us indefinitely, that’s why foreign born go to ethnic food shops even half a century after their immigration and CVH is hardwired to adore blond Susan forever. Tastes are mysteriously interconnected in our brains, he believed. Ilad, who’s the SG prototype of your dark eyed etc. femme type? :D maybe good ol Klaudt family had an exotic looking singing niece/cousin? (no,i am not exotic, I seem to be on the light side of “terrorist”to airport security guards).
    I love all male q-ts, for barbershop was the babysitting music of my brother’s choice, when I was a kid.

    Thanks for the Hinsons video, Doug. A sure contender- always on the lookout for old authentic God glorifying dancing pieces for our church

  12. CVH wrote:

    Ode, it’s that obvious? Oops…

  13. Nashville Phil wrote:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading the views. It’s cool that nobody has been Disrespectful.

  14. cynical one wrote:

    Phil, it’s early, yet.

  15. irishlad wrote:

    11 CVH hardwired to SS…hahahaha :)

  16. j-mo wrote:

    You suck Nashville Phil. You are probably one of those queer homosexual leftists.

    Or maybe you’re one of those closed minded judgemental traditionalists who only likes quartets and republicans and men with no facial hair and women in modest dresses.

    Either way you are an idiot and I have no respect for you!

  17. The Real John Johnso wrote:

    This is for Nashville Phil Cross- You gave it away with “cool” and “refreshing”. Don’t lie and use my name as donating to your new group (which I give a year, if that). As I predicted, you charged the last $4000 to kickstarter to meet the $12,000 goal….forty some donations from countless emails begging for money…is that the fruit of the many years of your laboring?

  18. Nashville Phil wrote:

    J-mo. The only thing you got remotely correct…Yep I like Chicks in a dress’ & tight fit’n jeans too.

    Yo Johnson. Phil Cross I am not! If you and others have such a disgust with Mr. Cross, should contact him. I can’t be much help as I’ ve never met him. We just share the same first name Dude!

    Don’t hate me

  19. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    Even aside from the spirituality aspect of it, the older groups just seemed to have something that many of the groups today do not have. Everything from singing ability, vocal strength, live music, and a genuine charisma/friendliness that wasn’t contrived. #6 and #9 are absolutely correct. The older ones were different.

    We used to have The Hemphills quite a bit at our church, and we didn’t just have a “singing”, we had an old-fashioned church service. It was different with The Hinsons and The Hemphills….and a few others.

    Speaking of singing in the church……Most groups today have an entertaining performance, but quite a few groups back then actually had a church service.

  20. Nashville Phil wrote:

    Doug, see what happens when I drive by for a visit. Geesh!

  21. Jason Smith wrote:

    Someone stepped on a nerve….so Mr. Cross was creative enough to make some extra cash. Is that really true 40 donations out of all of the people he has known over the years?

  22. Hector Luna wrote:

    I’m so glad Doug lets some of these e-mails go through. It’s not every day we can talk about Poet Voices, even as it pertains to begging for money, putting stuff on credit.

    I wonder how much money is going to upstart southern gospel groups (not specifically PV), only to be wasted as the thing subsequently dissolves.. when it could be given to missions or other gospel centralized or Church endeavors.

    Although “Champion of Love” has propeled folks to salvation.

    But anyways, ‘dem Hinsons were something special. Transport me back. I’m a lover of nostalgia. That’s GOOD music!!

  23. Basic SG Fan wrote:

    I’d be careful of ever saying money was “wasted” when the efforts are for the Father. Scripture is clear that He will increase that what is done for Him if it brings glory and honor to Him. Just because it may seem like a failure in the worlds eyes, does not mean it is a failure in the eyes of the one that matters. I also question if that was true about 40 supporters out of all of the fans out there. That is very hard to comprehend.

  24. Wade wrote:


    Hinsons where Tha Bomb!!! No BS like with the Goodmans!!! Look how young Chris is… what a set of LUNGS!!!

    They were always a PLEASURE to DEAL WITH!!!

  25. Wade wrote:

    WoW J-Mo… guess you just snatched Worlds Biggest Dick Head right away from me!! Least when I am a dick head I have an agle… not just attacking some one outta the blue… where did that come from!!! Surely is was alcohol or drug related… that would be the only excuse besides just being mean!!

    Nashville Phil… stop by any time!!!

    How did Phil Cross even come up on this thread!!!

    Cynical was RIGHT!!! AGAIN!!!

  26. j-mo wrote:


    What is an agle and where can I get one? If it’s all I need in order to feel justified when I act like a “dickhead” then I would pay good money for one.

    That said, I know zero about Nashville Phil and was (quite obviously) being sarcastic.

  27. Hector Luna wrote:

    #23 And I’d be careful to assume all sg artists are focusing their efforts on gospel centralization and authentic Church endeavors.

    Some artists? of course.
    All? No way.

  28. Gavins Man wrote:

    They always said bad publicity is still publicity.

  29. SG FAN wrote:

    hector-just remember what you said with the upcoming decisiions you have to make.

  30. Nashville Phil wrote:

    J-mo, be careful…You dang near apologized

  31. Roadmanager wrote:

    a step back in time, as a kid i grew up listening to The Hinsons. I would play their records and pound out the chord progressions on an old upright piano and never deamed that i would have the opportunity to meet, and later on in life be able to spend time, travel on the road, work with and become friends with these talented people. Many sounds have come and gone but the sound, music and spirit that The Hinsons brought nite after nite still remains so prevalent in many of our hearts and minds.

  32. irishlad wrote:

    Whaoo there Wadey my son :) J-Mo was taking the piss,a right winger one minute a red under the bed the next.

  33. irishlad wrote:

    Looking an agle j-mo? , just go into the agle shop and ask the man behind the counter for one and make sure it’s a green one too.
    Hold on..that’s an algae..you know one of those large and diverse group of simple single brain celled organisms who are often found frequenting Averyfineline :-/

  34. KC wrote:

    The Hinsons were southern gospel rockstars. =] Here’s one of my favorite Gaither-Hinson moments with Buddy Mullins, Vestal Goodman, and Ivan Parker, nailing a Hinson classic.


  35. KC wrote:

    This is a pretty cool Kenny Hinson moment.


  36. j-mo wrote:

    I would never apologize to you Phil. You are the worst!

  37. Tim wrote:

    It all started with a song and Ronny was and still is a great songwriter as well as a stage master. You throw in a few songs that Kenny wrote with his singing and live band and you had a memorable evening.

  38. Wade wrote:

    j-mo… the angle is… HAVING A REASON!!! I did not see a reason for you to jump on Phil!!!

    My Angles or reasons are:

    Danny @ GCQ missing a sound check when the group was struggling and did not need to throw a stinker especially in Nashville in front of many trades people!!

    OR… Dr. Joe taking up for the Goodmans although they have done more to kill off SGM than anybody else in the industry!!!

    OR… All the ppl who as humans throw all Homosexuals in to hell but ignore the long list of other sinners who the bible also said would not inherit the kingdom like the ppl who over eat, drink too much or screw their neighbors wife!!!

    OR… people who condemn any one to hell while doing worse but because they do it is is one of those forgivable sins… THE LEGALISTIC people who if they were right we would still be sacrificing lambs and cattle if they were right!!!

    OR.. Brooke(ygg) dropping by to spew her dumbassness who has not real clue about SGM

    I did not see any reason to go from Cynical Ones…”IT IS EARLY yet”… to you going STRAIGHT to…

    ” You suck Nashville Phil. You are probably one of those queer homosexual leftists.

    Or maybe you’re one of those closed minded judgemental traditionalists who only likes quartets and republicans and men with no facial hair and women in modest dresses.

    Either way you are an idiot and I have no respect for you!”

    What did Nashville Phil do to set ya off???

    All the things mentioned above were REASONS or ANGLES!!!

    I do not see you having a reason to be SARCASTIC as you say it… you just went from 0 to DICKHEAD with no provocation!!!

  39. j-mo wrote:


    First and foremost, you still didn’t explain what an agle is!

    I would suggest you try focusing really hard while reading through the comments again. See if maybe this time you catch on to why my fist post was a very harmless joke with no ill intent toward Phil.

    If you don’t catch on, may I suggest that you check out a fantastic website called opportunityvillage.com. They are a great charity that helps people with intellectual disabilities find their place as functioning members of society. Even if they never get you quite that far, I’m sure you will at least meet some other people who use caps and punctuation like you.

    Uh oh, I better find myself an agle…this time I really was a mean dickhead!

  40. Basic SG Fan wrote:

    When you guys said give it time….you knew what you were talking about. Shall we ring the bell for round two?

  41. ode wrote:

    25,Wadey, you aren’t a dick head, sweetie, even all menfolk employ it for decisionmaking at times. If my greatuncle Gadi didn’t outsource the thinking to the abovementioned head every time it came to women, he’d avoid 4 divorces and be rich as baron Rothshild now.

    This is what happened: NP, while being, as quick glancing thru archives proves, totally great guy, felt frisky, walked in with the smartass attitude, which we do require to check at the door. Received a well deserved, very clever retort from J-mo, who didn’t insult our Nashville brother, but made fun of his smug line “you AFLiners,disrespectful bastards,are finally calm, huh? nice! ”
    (translated from smarmy, fakely congratulatory BS into English).

    I’d have given him an Adele (or w’d that be MIA? I am closer to an arab then to fair british maiden) then forgiven and forgotten it. Let it go, please, I am asking you personally.

  42. ode wrote:

    “”"”diverse group of simple single brain celled organisms who are often found frequenting Averyfineline “”"

    hey, I can hear you! And after the morning coffee I get much smarter, Iladdie. :D I thought “angle” was hmm , a tool.

  43. ode wrote:

    22. Good word.Yes, only God knows the outcome of all our affairs. “Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain”

    PV band can’t foresee God’s plans, will they be a success,a failure, or failure with some learned experience benefits. They should try anyway.

    I bet people put no less thought and prayer into decision to marry,yet divorce statistics for evang. Christians even by modest estimation are 33%, a firm one third.
    But “calculated risk works” as one grandma replied to question how did 6 Day Yom Kippur War ended so fast. “My husband Itzik was drafted, and he was never able to keep a job for more than a week”

    Good luck to PV boys.

  44. Wade wrote:

    j-mo I will use caps any time I want don’t let it worry ya… who’s the dumb ass you do not even know what an angle is after it was EXPLAINED in simple english… YOU are the one that needs to go to your game site… funny you knew RIGHT where it was and ALL ABOUT IT!!!! …obviously you have been there before!!!

    If that is all ya got you are the weakass you appear to be!! I’m sure & it is quite apparent you could not articulate what is was without your nonsensical, unimportant ramblings!!

    Won’t waste my time going back through and reading anything your dumbass wrote!!! Got better things to do!!!

  45. j-mo wrote:

    Wade, you have built your entire reputation here based on nonsensical unimportant ramblings, so I wouldn’t trash the girl who brung ya.

    I’ll use some caps and unnecessary punctuation this time so maybe you’ll finally get at least this one small part of what I said: you still haven’t explained what an “A-G-L-E” is!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. 2miles wrote:

    Kenny Hinson sure could sing! #backontopicplease

  47. Wade wrote:

    j-mo… God Bless Ya!!! Did not know Brooke’s relatives where on this page. I am glad you are so smart!!! Y’all should start a blog 2gether!! Then maybe both of ya would have a life… 2gether!!!

  48. Chuck Stevens wrote:

    In the day, they had it all. Ahead of thier time song writing, a great road band and excitement in the music. With all the tracks these days, it’s hard to create any of that from the stage. I’m glad I was there when it was still LIVE. Hinsons, Cathedrals, Hemphills, Kingsmen, Gold City, McGruders, Rex Nelon Singers etc. Good times.

  49. Andy Kinman wrote:

    That’s my Uncle Greg playing that Cantilevered bass lick. lol.

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