Stay Classy, TBN

The latest allegations of sleaze to ooze out from under everybody’s favorite televangelical empire run by those Saints from Santa Anna, Paul and Jan Crouch:

McVeigh’s lawsuit, which was first reported by the Orange County Register, alleges “multiple cover-ups of sexual and criminal scandals” including: the destruction of evidence concerning a bloody sexual assault involving Trinity and its affiliated Holy Land Experience employees; the cover-up of Jan Crouch’s affair with a staff member at the Holy Land Experience; the cover-up of director Paul Crouch’s use of Trinity funds to pay for a legal settlement with, the the former Trinity employee who claims he had a homosexual affair with Paul Crouch; the cover-up following Matthew Crouch’s [he’s also a director] exposure of his genitals to cleaning staff on multiple occasions; under-the-table payments to avoid liability and punitive damages in the ongoing David Rhodes wrongful death suit, including payments funneled through All American TV, Inc., a nonprofit corporation controlled by Trinity lawyer John Casoria.

The suit alleges that Trinity has a gluttonous appetite for the things of this world, from multiple residential estates [including ones in Newport Beach and Miami] falsely reported as guest homes or church parsonages to “avoid income disclosures”, to meal expenses up to $500,000 for each of the company’s directors, as well as “multiple backchannel distributions, kickbacks, and related schemes, such as tens of millions of dollars distributed through a company owned by TBN director Matthew Crouch, called Gener8xionEntertainment…”

If that’s not enough, there’s more here (h/t, DA), but I think you get the idea. As most of you know, I’m willing to give performers (which is what the Crouches are to be sure) some latitude in constructing a persona on stage that may not - indeed, probably couldn’t ever - line up a hundred percent with the person off stage. But this is just beyond the pale: if even half of what is alleged in this suit is true, the wild disjunction between piety and profligacy here goes way past any allowance for the constructed identity of fallible celebrity and heads deep into the dark heart of congenital corruption.

Among other things, we may need to revise Dolly Parton’s axiom about how much money it takes to look this cheap. Apparently, it may turn out in the case of televangelists, it takes a lot of money and malfeasance off-camera to look so cheap onscreen and constantly claim you don’t have two nickels to rub together in the green room. But don’t worry, I doubt any of this latest reminder of the Crouches’ proximity to corruption will stop some of our favorite southern gospel artists from finding forgiveness in their hearts just long enough to sing for Paul and Jan’s reliable income stream legions of faithful followers.

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  1. cynical one wrote:

    STAY? Doug, that would imply they once were.

    Just sayin’.

  2. Mayor-of-Mayberry wrote:

    I think they ought to apologize to Jim Bakker. Today, he would be getting away with his shenanigans.

  3. sgpromochick wrote:

    you’re probably right, Mayor…this is so sad and ridiculous about TBN…but I am not shocked.

  4. CVH wrote:

    The first time I was at TBN was in the mid ’80s. I was there with a couple of artists I was working with at the time. I spent the better part of two days there.

    Even then, before TBN became as big as it has, the place had a very creepy vibe. Way too much gold-everything was painted or plated gold. And purple velvet. The whole place had an odd odor too; like a heavy floral fragrance. The overall impression I had was it was very cheap and tacky but everyone who worked there acted as though it was the Vatican.

    I wish this latest series of revelations would lead to a serious investigation on the state or federal level. Charges where warranted and merciless prosecution. But I’m sure that’s only wishful thinking. Even if it happened there would still be a lot of people who wouldn’t believe it.

    TBN has such strong appeal to lower socio-economic demos and minorities who embrace the charismatic three-ring circus they call a ministry, it’s hard to imagine it disappearing any time soon. And as long as an artist thinks they’ll gain more than they’ll lose by appearing on the network the charade will continue.

    The fact that God can use anything to accomplish his purposes doesn’t negate the implication behind the verse, “Depart from me, I never knew you.”

  5. Extra Ink wrote:

    Sadly, these type of indiscretions are a reflection on all Christians to a world of people who never darken a church door. It’s easy to lump us all with the scandalous “big names” on TV, the implicated priests who molested children, and the other misdeeds that are reported weekly by the press (and a large portion of it does warrant reporting). The truth is that though there are many, many people who are scoundrels who portray themselves as pious, there are also thousands upon thousands of people in this nation who practice what they preach every day, living a clean lifestyle in order to be pleasing to God and a light to a lost & dying world. Unfortunately,the good stuff is not really news and the bad stuff makes the headlines and paints a negative picture on what the press loves to call “evangelical, fundamental Christians”.

  6. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    One of the saddest things about this entire TV evangelical circus is the fact that so many precious senior citizens spend part of their Social Security checks to help finance these clowns. It’s a shame and a disgrace.

    I have even speculated that it wouldn’t surprise me at all if one day we hear about some TV ministry who is heavily involved in drug laundering.

    I remember reading that some of these ministries, to include Benny Hinn, bring in over $250 million a year. Folks, that money is coming from somewhere. I’m starting to have a difficult time believing that there are that many people throwing THAT MUCH MONEY at these charlatans.

    Think about it for a moment…….if a criminal/drug lord wanted to run a drug ring …..all these charlatans would have to do is set up a non-profit 501 (C3) organization where everything is a donation and an offering. Every bit of money coming through could be an “offering”. Wouldn’t that be an interesting scheme to run, complete with handing out Gospel tracks and poor-mouthing for the mission field?

    Some of these scoundrels show up with $18 million Citation jets, multi-million dollar mansions, the wives wearing $1200 St. John’s suits, etc. etc. They literally rub people’s faces in their wealth. Brag, brag, brag and brag. If they really wanted to help people, why don’t they live a little more conservatively and give some of their massive wealth to more honest ministry-related functions? Oh, I forgot, they’re blessed and highly favored.

    I’ll never forget hearing Jesse Duplantis give his “testimony” about his wife going to the mailbox and pulling out a check for $100,000 (just one of her bank accounts) and buying his daughter a $2,000 rug. .

    The whole thing just STINKS BIG TIME. I don’t know how most of them stay out of prison - they must be paying off the right people.

  7. Wade wrote:

    Hey BWP… If none of them are involved with drugs and money laundering they still help out the drug trade ALOT!!!

    All who thinks I am so terrible… I had a opp to go play music with Benny Hinn and I JUST COULD NOT DO IT!!!

    Loving God and having a weakness while trying to REALLY help people is one thing… but totally calculating how they could maximize each person who walks through the door just gave me a nauseous feeling I just could not live with daily!!!

    CVH… Love it when you preach a little!!

  8. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    Wade, I don’t blame you for not taking the BH opportunity. Years ago, NBC covered a story on him regarding his extravagant lifestyle. One of the reporters actually found copies of receipts where he had spent $2500 a night to stay in a hotel room. When confronted about it, the claim was “it was about security”. (Oh, give me a break…) I know you didn’t miss the testimony about Benny and Paula White being invited to the Vatican… almost had Saturday Night Live quality.

    Little story……

    You can’t trust these people. I’ll never forget when our church had a huge revival with an evangelist from South Africa. At one point, and being in the travel industry at the time, I had helped this evangelist with an airline ticket.

    This evangelist (married with children) was bringing in huge crowds to our church. The revival lasted for several weeks and spread to other churches. People were being slain in the spirit - Benny Hinn style……and after the church services, he usually hugged me and complimented me on my appearance. At the time, I didn’t think much about it because he hugged a lot of people and was very friendly and outgoing.

    During this revival, he asked me to “meet him for coffee” one night before the service. I couldn’t believe it - I then realized that his “friendliness” was actually flirtation.

    After he invited me to “meet him for coffee” (yeah right…..decaf or regular), I NEVER attended another revival service. I couldn’t believe this guy. By the way, he’s still in the “ministry”.

    My point? These people have NO SHAME. They don’t care. They’re like the Energizer Bunny…..they keep on going (until scandal rocks their boat) …..and, the money keeps rolling in.

  9. CVH wrote:

    Wade, wait til we take the offering!

  10. irishlad wrote:

    4 CVH
    That sounds like a very creepy funeral parlour….shudder.
    BwP,to some you may come across as a bit OT with your theories,but i tend to agree with you.

  11. irishlad wrote:

    9,That’s OTT not OT..oops

  12. JM wrote:

    From Aimee Semple McPherson to A.A. Allen to Oral Roberts to Jim Bakker to Jimmy Swaggart to Pat Robertson and, now, to Paul Crouch…is it any wonder that Evangelical America becomes the fonder for all manner of jokes, stories and accusation? If the above listed group is fairly representative of the charlatans of 20th and 21st century American Evangelicals, who were the “enablers of SGM” that were often found close at hand, providing “comfort and cover” for their misdeeds? It seems that as time has moved forward, people choose to forget the close alliances which were forged between some of these discredited “ministries” and SGM artists.

  13. Alan wrote:

    Wade, you don’t fool us. Not a little bit. We all know that the real reason you didn’t take the Benny gig was that the pay was too low for you, plus, he wouldn’t agree to give you the Gulfstream any time you wanted it! LOL

  14. Alan wrote:

    In all seriousness, though, it’s the wolves in sheep’s clothing like these people who are the face of evangelical Christianity to many around the world. How can any real believer defend themselves as Christians when this is the world’s example? I ask myself if I wasn’t a Christian, and people (and shows) like these were all I knew about our faith, would I want anything to do with it? Likely not. There are other examples of charlatans as well, that haven’t been mentioned here. The only thing I can say is that there are two days of reckoning coming; a Great White Throne and the Judgment Seat of Christ. Since He alone will be the ultimate arbiter, we have to leave this all with Him. But, it would not surprise me one little bit to learn, one day, that some of the most famous of the 21st century televangelists actually never knew Christ, or if they do, the way they went about God’s business leaves them little or no reward then. It’s sad, and honestly not a little bit disgusting.

  15. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #10: Irishlad - I know it does sound “over the top”, but that is a LOT of money. And, if a person is a charlatan, they will probably stop at nothing to get what they want.

    #12: JM - There have been some very close alliances between these charlatans and the SGM artists.

    Frankly, I’ve been very surprised that Karen Wheaton and Judy Jacobs would align themselves with TBN. I honestly thought and hoped that these two Pentecostal ladies had more discernment. I had always pictured them being more sincere than most.

    #14: Alan - More than ever, I understand the verse in the Bible that my grandmother quoted constantly, referring to people who were not sincere about the Gospel.

    Matthew 7: 21 - 23
    (this pretty much sums it up)

    21 - Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

    22 - Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

    23 - And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

  16. Alan wrote:

    BP: Sadly, yes, I think those verses sum it all up. I don’t really think that it’s all - or mainly - a failure in discernment, though. However, any conjecture might place us into a dangerous realm, that of taking the position of determining motive. Won’t you agree that each of us will be individually judged? So, I can’t judge anyone else for what they do or why. Having said that, it would appear (emphasis mine) that for some, it might be that any publicity is good publicity. If that’s the case, then spiritual discernment could be placed on the back burner while publicity is on the front one. But even then, good people can be tarred with the same brush as the corrupt are…

  17. Wade wrote:

    Alan… how did ya know!!?!?! I knew if I went to work in your ministry you would give me use of the G-5!!!

    BWP… congrats…think that is the shortest post in a while and you still got in several sites!!!

    Interesting who is NOT commenting on this thread… you’d think some of the fundies would be on telling us how this is the devil just working against good people!!!

    Also funny how some of the homohaters are not on here condemning Bro Paul!!!

    j-mo is not even here showing us how SMART he is or running Nashville Phil & myself down!!!

    Just US SINNERS & BWP!!!!

  18. CVH wrote:

    Wade, you can have the G-5 if I can use the Bentley on weekends. Alan will probably be using the Ferrari anyway.

    Seriously, Alan’s point is one I’m sure many people of faith struggle with. Judging is part of our nature and it’s hard not to when there are so many examples of false teaching, bad theology, lying, misrepresentation of finances and all sorts of immorality.

    I’ve gotten to the place in my life where I look at facts (as much as they can be determined) and things that have been proven, patterns of behavior. Then, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, guess what? I call it a duck. I don’t judge their eternal destiny but their actions? Absolutely. I think that’s one big reason the evangelical movement, modern Christianity or whatever you want to call it is failing so miserably - nobody wants to say anything ‘bad’ about anyone else. We’re too worried about being politically correct or offending someone we might need something from in the future.

    We need churches and leaders and writers and singers and bloggers who know how to separate truth from horseshit and help people of faith do the same. People with purer motives. Less concerned with their own ’success’ than with living the truth. Not focused on phony earpiece-assisted faith healing scams or the heresy that is the prosperity ‘gospel’ but committed to authentic faith.

    Today’s media/technology-saturated world is no help. For every good thing about it there are five ways these charlatans use it to propagate bad teaching and rip off the elderly, the fearful, the less-educated, the urban poor. Only God can sort it out but if they spent eternity in a particularly unpleasant part of hell I’d be fine with that.

  19. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #18 - CVH: Amen, Amen and Amen! I do hope some of these false teachers get saved and stop their foolishness, but if they don’t, then Christians need to have the backbone to step up to the plate and say something.

    There’s no sense in these useless scams continuing. Senator Charles Grassley tried to do something about it, but it finally got swept under the rug. That looked a little suspicious.

    They truly must be paying people off to stay quiet. I don’t know how they can funnel that MUCH money and stay out of the court system. I don’t care how much exposure that TBN or Daystar brought to my singing group, I wouldn’t want to be within 100 miles of their studios. They wreak of FRAUD.

  20. Wade wrote:

    No Can we take up the offering CVH?!?! ;-)

    In all my counseling the best thing I have learned and may have shared it here before… but do not let the actions of another fleshly human effect your relationship with God!!!

    If Alan made me mad it would not effect my relationship with irishdude so why do that with God?!?!?

    That was a light bulb turning on for me!!!

    Also when you get to a place in your life where there might be 2-4 ppl ( Maybe a Spouse, Close Friends or a Kid) who you REALLY care what they think and God!!!… THAT is very liberating feeling to not give a rip what some Bozo might think!!!

    That was another switch flipper for me too!!!

    Hope y’all have a fun HuMp DaY!!!

  21. Wade wrote:

    But I still am concerned about being politically correct!!! Go Newt!!!

  22. Alan wrote:

    So, Wade gets my jet, and now CVH wants my Bentley? Unbelievable. Will this be for every weekend? See, I get tired of driving the Rolls, and the cops just lurk about watching for my Ferrari since it’s red. You guys sure are greedy! :-) Well, the reality is that you’ll have to choose between one of two trucks; either a large SUV with 200K miles on it, or a pickup with 160K! And as for my jet, I’ll try and run to Hobby Lobby to see if they sell G5 models. LOL.

    CVH - well said. Like the old adage states, we aren’t supposed to judge, but we are to be fruit inspectors. And you, friend, did that well. We know that God is sovereign, and His promises must be kept. He said that His Word will not return empty, so we have to admit that even when it goes out from the basest vessels, it’s still His Word. But then there’s also this: even in our best and highest moments of spirituality, if He blesses others through us, it’s in spite of us rather than because of us. God made a choice to use His people despite all of our faults, foibles, and follies. Grace is an amazing thing. It has to be, given the way some people push its limits.

  23. Kyle wrote:

    Would Jesus wear a Rolex on his television show? - Ray Stevens

  24. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    Okay everyone, for a donation of $10,000 or more, you can use my Gulfstream. As you can see, there is plenty of room for your Board of Directors to kick back and have a meeting about the latest move towards the Mark Driscoll philosophy (uh-oh)

  25. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    So, if I have this right…

    j-mo and I can’t stand Wade

    Wade and j-mo can’t stand me…

    and Wade and I can’t stand j-mo

    Insert “great to be part of God’s family” quip here.

  26. praise song wrote:

    Shame on y’all, doing nothing but bringing the industry down with your comments. Who cares ’bout the pink hair? John 7:24 “Judge not according to the appearance”! Scandals and rumors about these 2 godly people circulated around for years, but it never stopped our artists from participating, so this one won’t matter either!

    SG quartets and mixed groups singing for Trinity Broadcast are doing it for God’s glory! Praise the Lord, Vintage Southern Gospel programs, SG Music Guild sponsored events. We have great ties. It’s an honor for us to help Paul and Jan Crouch’s ministry to expand and gather funds to save lost souls. As The Tribute Quartet’s manager said, we are proud to be a part of it.

    And what’s wrong with some velvet and gold, our beloved singers getting some royalty treatment after long hours on the bus? They deserve it for many years of hard work singing for the Lord. Would you prefer seeing them on secular TV that’s filled with feminist’s, sodomite’s, liberal’s and atheist’s?

    Think about it. Our artists bring the level of TBN musical programs up! SG singers are not Paul Crouch’s bottom, they are the TOP of his musical lists. If that man has indeed stumbled, any SG artist no doubt would gladly get down on his knees for Paul Crouch, with sincerity and passion, the best thing that one can do for the man. Praise the Lord !

    I used to like your blog before, Doug, but never read it anymore, and it will stay this way! Reminds me of our pastor’s recent sermon on 1Thess. “Keep the good and toss out the bad” Your blog is ungodly filth; I am surely not a keeper, but a tosser when it comes to your nasty rag! Why can’t you be like Daniel Mount, who sees only positive and cheers SG artist’s involvement with godly TBN ministry?? The man praises everything SG groups do, which assures them they are on the right path, so the industry is rapidly growing.

  27. CG wrote:

    @26 did you really just say the industry is GROWING ?

  28. Wade wrote:

    I really love you Brooke!!! CVH & ode talked me into it!!!!

    You just need a spankin’ every now in then which if you research SGM properly Brooke you will find that SPANKIN’S Both Fun & Abusive has been a very popular thing!!!

  29. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #26: praise song.

    I hate to break it to you, but you need to re-read the Four Gospels and understand what Jesus meant about the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and the “false prophets” and the “false teachers”. You can go to Bible Gateway’s search engine and read it for yourself.

    This is what is wrong with the church today. Everyone wants to be an ostrich and put their head in the sand and ignore the outright FRAUD and con-artistry that is going on in the church. This is not just sinful activity, a lot of it is criminal behavior.

    Most of them are hiding behind the famous non-profit 501 (C3) designation - that’s about the only thing keeping them out of the court system. A lot of them need to be locked up behind bars for misappropriating ministry funds.

    So, it’s okay for Marcus Lamb to have an adulterous affair, confess it on TV, and keep on going as though nothing ever happened? These people wouldn’t confess ANYTHING if they didn’t get caught.

    If there’s nothing going on with Paul Crouch, why has he had to settle lawsuits out of court? Google that one.

    So, you think it’s okay to take money from well-meaning people for the ministry and go out and purchase multi-million dollar properties? So, you can only serve God sitting in ostentatious grandiosity?

    SO……It’s okay to take part of the Social Security checks from white-haired grandmas and invest in expensive vehicles and luxury jets? ($18 million Citation Jets)

    Again, I would highly suggest an intensive review of the Four Gospels, concentrating on the Words of Jesus in red. That’s why He said, “Lay up treasure in Heaven……”

  30. RickinSouthGa wrote:

    Re: #26: From one of those sodomites (albeit one who still loves Southern Gospel Music), if you have been a reader of this blog, you well know Doug has never been one to rubber-stamp any person, group or their music just because they are southern gospel. That hasn’t changed.
    And “SG singers are not Paul Crouch’s bottom” may be an unfortunate choice of words considering your disdain for sodomites. Just saying.

  31. Extra Ink wrote:

    #26, I really can’t tell if your post is tongue-in-cheek or if you have drunk the orange Kool Aid. Stick out your tongue…is it orange? No answer. Bad sign.

  32. Extra Ink wrote:

    One more thing I would like to point out: Jan Crouch really does look like Michael Dukakis in the above photo with those eyebrows.

  33. CVH wrote:

    #26 - you’ve got to be kidding me! OK, I’m inclined to think that your entire post is in jest and that you’re just having a little fun. But on the off chance that you’re serious…”our artists bring the level of TBN musical programs up”. Look, three minutes of a vomiting chihuahua would be better than the C-level acts they use.

    RickinSouthGa makes a good point; I was thinking the same thing. We don’t really need to be thinking of Paul Crouch’s wrinkly white ass.

    But the best one is “any SG artist no doubt would gladly get down on his knees for Paul Crouch” - priceless.

    Last, your comment on Daniel Mount’s rose-colored glasses approach as compared to that of our esteemed host’s is…I probably shouldn’t use the word. Thank you for an amazing post.

    Alan, Wade, irishlad - yep…I can use the AstonMartin if the Bentley’s busy.

    And Brooke…good to see you’re back. But it should probably be “part of God’s dysfunctional family.”

    I love this blog.

  34. Deron wrote:

    #26: Also, from the sound of things, it sounds like somebody getting down on his knees for Paul Crouch is what led to some of this trouble anyway.

  35. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    For a serious, spiritually accurate assessment of the “ungodly filth” (see No. 26) that is TBN, et al, I commend to you this by John MacArthur:

    For those of you with shorter attention spans, please see this one minute clip of Benny Hinn sped up and set to Yackety Sax:

  36. irishlad wrote:

    26,you ARE taking the proverbial piss aren’t ya ?
    If not, you certainly are the tosser you proclaim to be….(you guys know what the pejorative “tosser” is?)

  37. Wade wrote:

    Tosser!!! lolol Good One irishdude!!! Reminds me of 2 places Butt Hole Road in New England and Cockermouth in the UK or the OLD England!!! ;-)

    Somebody is thinking of Paul’s wrinkly ass CVH!!! I would say he is a CATCHER!!! But he could TOSS from time to time making him a SWITCH!!

    CVH… Brooke never left she is always watching!!! It might be fun to help her with some of her research and tell her how it REALLY IS!!!

    Yes 26 has to be tongue in cheek…NOBODY is that stupid!!! But a great piece of writing!!!

    REALLY LOVE IT WHEN people say they are not coming back… hell how would they have even known to post if they were not watching.

  38. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Yep, I’m back. Sometimes you just gotta do something completely inane and pointless just to shed those few extra brain cells you didn’t need anyway. Know what I mean?

  39. Ode, blushing wrote:

    It’s Purim- masks, jokes and tricks time- in US culture, it’d be somewhat of a mix between April fool’s and “trick n treat” holiday, only based on the Book of the Bible.

    (Putting the puppet back in the box)
    Do forgive me,friends, I was goofing around for the holiday spirit, being sure I gave myself up by the time I got to “Paul Crouch’s top/bottom”- alluding to homosexual partner’s roles and his rumored involvement (while quite seriously philosophizing about who is screwing who in SGM/TBN alliance?); “dropping down to one’s knees” (choosing to avoid way-too-obvious “may what’s down be raised up!” addition ;) ; and made fun of those poor delusional mental “tossers” that dutifully cum to read Avery, emitting claims they “never read it”, and then bash him elsewhere. Plus my usual stylistical clumsiness and signature promiscuity with the rules of English grammar…..

    Having little time to put any thought into it and I just quickly tried to give myself (and hopefully some of you) at least a smile.

  40. Ode wrote:

    After all the joke was on me :D I realized to my own horror that crazy creatures like my little purim’s marionette exist in Southern religious world often enough its reality is not dismissed right away.

    Thanks to all who replied- BP, I agree with your every word,Soli, for the links, and CVH – ditto to the last sentence #33! One thing for sure , friends, lets not kid ourselves: If “PraiseSong” was real, no amount of links, or proof would be enough to change his mind. He’s still be blindly kissing ass of TV preachers and SG singers that sell out for money…

  41. CVH wrote:


    So let’s see…”inane and pointless”…ah, you’ve been watching highlights from Mitt Romney’s debate performances? Only if accompanied by heavy drinking. Cutting out recipes from Singing News? No, too domestic. Wait…organizing your collection of Inspirations CD’s by degree of blandness. No, that could take forever. Well, glad you’re back anyway.

    And Ode…shame on you :).

  42. Hector Luna wrote:

    I know a girl who renounced Christ after “praying a prayer” and sending money to TBN after they promised God would make her rich if she did those things.

    She was a prostitute in the slums of Brazil who happened to catch the show in a hotel room during her “prostituting”. As you may guess…it didn’t happen and she was left wondering where Jesus was in all this. In God’s mercy, He did save her later.

    But #26 is clearly Jan Crouch. I’m not an ultra conservative, KJV only, Holy Spirit slaying, fundamentalist, but this is interesting. Mostly, check out the symbol at the top…

  43. greg wrote:

    So sad to see the economy so bad that artists see the need to work that endless money-grubbing telethon, all in the name of spreading the message around the world. The message they spread is send us money! Always heartbroken to see the Crabb kids whoopin’ and hollerin’ for the wolf preachers, but to see the Martins close out after Benny Hinn and Paul Crouch just about did me in . . . . that is why they don’t make old timey razor blades anymore!

  44. cindy treadway wrote:

    i don’t know how to say this but i thought at least two years ago that jan crouch was hanging out with the Jesus guy from holyland experience way too much. kinda like how she used to hang out with carman way too much. and i don’t even watch the channel…its just that everytime i was flipping thru she was with him….and i guess i read that enquirer article years ago and well chalk it up to my own nasty mind but it was OBVIOUS…..hello?????!!!!!!!!

  45. cynical one wrote:

    I may have told this story before, but about 20 years ago, before TBN bought Twitty City in Hendersonville, Jan used to stay at a prominant Nashville hotel, where I was working front desk. She NEVER checked herself in. She ALWAYS sent her boy toy to do the work. I never saw any other “celebrity” do that. Not even the biggest tv & music stars who would stay there.

    Well, ok, maybe the President.

    Also, about that same time, Paul & Jan were apparently house shopping in Nashville. It was revealed at that time, they EACH had salaries over $500,000 from the network. That’s a lot of money now, but 20 years ago, that was HUGE.

    And that was just the salaries. Didn’t include the houses (excuse me — parsonages), cars, travel expenses, etc. I think Jan’s dogs may have been on the payroll, too, but I can’t swear to it.

  46. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    As a Christian, there is something that I’ve never understood. It seems that when Christian people (or so-called) end up in TV land on any of the Christian TV networks, their behavior becomes very bizarre, very self-gratifying and very narcissistic.

    First of all, Jesus preached humility, love, kindness, and a lack of materialism. He encouraged discernment, watching out for the “wolves amongst the sheep”, etc.

    Everything the Christian celebrities (Paul, Jan, Benny, Paula, Jesse, etc.) do and say is basically polar opposite from what Jesus preached. It’s like night and day.

    Jesus said “sell all you have and give to the poor”. These folks grab all they can and buy multi-million dollar homes, and high-end antiques, and designer cars, and Citation Jets.

    Even Paul encouraged a certain amount of modesty in dress with women. Look at Jan Crouch - monstrous pink hair and false eyelashes that look to be 10 pounds in weight (how any man could find that attractive is beyond me).

    FYI: About the modest dress…….I wear pants, makeup, jewelry (love big jewelry), but there is a “line of tacky” that doesn’t need to be crossed The wives of the televangelists never seem to understand where the “line of tacky” is located. Tammy Faye, Jan, and many of the other wives who have slippage in that department.

    I think modesty could also apply to wearing extremely high-end and expensive clothes and the big-initial $1500 handbags. Look at my Louis! ………..ESPECIALLY when you’re begging for money. (There’s the rub…..BEGGING for money and wearing a $1200 St. John’s suit, carrying a Louis or driving a sporty BMW or Mercedes)

    The thing that rubs me the wrong way more than anything is their gross lack of shame. They practically RUB IT in your face. Look….I have gazillions of dollars that I duped you out of and LOOK……I am blessed and highly favored.

    How can folks ignore the “in your face” sideshow that goes on with these people. And now……the latest gimmick on the preaching circuit is sex. Have anyone seen what Ed Young, Jr. is up to lately? I can’t believe he’s the son of a highly-regarded Conservative, Southern Baptist minister.

    Ed Young and his wife actually had a bed-in on top of their church. They were in bed for 24 hours broadcasting about their new “sex book” for Christian married couples. I think someone needs to check Ed Young, Jr.’s medicine cabinet.

    This doesn’t include the BIG-TIME controversial book by Mark Driscoll:

    ……thus the reason we attend very small churches……….

  47. MB wrote:

    I lose a lot of respect for people who perform on some of these people’s shows…either they use the “God works in wondrous, strange ways” rationale or plainly don’t care how it looks as long as the check is right. Gaither is one of the biggest dissapointments on this, as i wouldn’t have thought his “Homecoming Act” would have to stoop to anything he didn’t want it to. Whatever, but it doesn’t help that the SG groups get on Twitter and Facebook and ignore everyone trying to dialogue with them and they just share war stories about their latest ‘bling’. Am I perfect? of course not, but I don’t put on the mantle of the Ministry of God, and like it or not, that is what you do when you perform in God’s name.

  48. irishlad wrote:

    46..Guys like those mentioned above who attempt to put God in to the human sexual relationship equation only help to further enslave the already befuddled minds of today’s average church going Christian.
    You’d get better advice from an agnostic/atheist couple who have been in a loving faithful marriage for 60yrs.

  49. Wade wrote:

    BWP… can you post some picz of you in BLING?!?!?

    Cynical… So Dolly comes in to check in or she never stayed there?!?!?!?

    Irishdude… I would have thought sex advice would be good for you no matter WHERE it CAME from!!! ;-)))

  50. irishlad wrote:

    49 Wadey,,that’s a 10-4 good buddy! :)

  51. cynical one wrote:

    Wade, Dolly has a home just outside of Nashville. She’d have no need to stay in a hotel, unless there was some hanky-panky going on. We really didn’t have a lot of country music stars staying there.

  52. Wade wrote:

    Thanks for the info Cynical God!!! Just had heard from others she would never do the front desk biz when she was out… now I don’t blame her if I was THAT BIGGA Star it might be a hassle. Rarely do I go back after check in… EXPRESS CHECK OUT!!! I LUV IT!!!

  53. cynical one wrote:

    Wade, that particular hotel had (probably still has) a special VIP office to handle special check-ins behind closed doors. But Jan would stand in the middle of the lobby (pink wig and all, almost as if she WANTED to attract attention), while someone else came to the desk. She probably wasn’t a big enough deal to warrant being sent through the special service desk, but was quite self-important.

  54. Wade wrote:

    Cynical Gawd… if you wear a pink wig in public… YES you are wanting attention!!! Did you ever see any of the ppl besides paul who checked in with her?!?!? lolol

  55. cynical one wrote:

    Wade, I never saw Paul. Only the boy toy.

  56. Wade wrote:

    Well Cynical…Paul was probably with his own Boy Toy!!!

    Gawd looking at both of them what kinda boy would TOY with Either of them!?!?! Hope it pays well!!!

  57. cd guy wrote:

    Wade, $$$.

  58. up north guy wrote:

    While I am not a fan of this network, if all the things mentioned above were true, I would thing there would be a multitude of charges from the state and Feds. Lacking those, one has to be skeptical of the assertions.

  59. cynical one wrote:

    up north guy — The problem is, the feds are very slow to get involved with church/para-church matters, until hundreds of people claim to have been swindled (remember PTL?). That doesn’t appear to be the case, here.

    And although the deal with Paul and his hush money may not be new news, some of the rest is relatively recent. We wheels of justice generally turn slowly.

  60. Anon wrote:

    Having worked for TBN for several years, I can tell you that some of what is in the article is true (can’t vouch for the other pieces of information - but I wouldn’t doubt it) - and that there is much much much more. Mrs. Crouch is indeed having a very active and open affair with Les Cheveldayoff - the man who plays Jesus at the Holy Land Experience theme park. His own marriage has been in trouble because of it. And there is a lot more. Expensive dinners at $200 a plate that are billed as “business expenses” when they are anything but, expensive houses that are “parsonages” but that do not have ordained ministers living in them. (And they ordain anyone to get the tax break, from a whole cleaning crew to random employees. The aim is the tax break, not to actually have them minister.)

    They do what they want, when they want, how they want, to whom they want, and as much as they want. Whether it is Mrs. Crouch loudly cursing out an employee in front of everyone (happens regularly) or firing someone without cause, TBN employee sexual harassment coverups, or she and her boyfriend taking donated funds to live it up at Mardi Gras … her expensive hotel rooms for her dogs (yes, her dogs) or her dogs $100,000 motorhome (yes, her dogs) … or Matt Crouch using TBN as his personal purse to fund non-existent films and to pay for his and his wives living expenses … these people are dirty, dirty, dirty.

    I have never seen anything even remotely like this at any other job where I’ve worked - and I’ve seen a lot. Their employees are stressed, there are regular random firings, and constant fear because you do not know from one day to the next what is going to happen. Ask any TBN employee who has been there a while at any of their properties. Most have seen and heard these things and then some.

    The amount of coverups and scandals associated with TBN would make the writers of Dynasty and Dallas blush.

  61. Faith wrote:

    You all will be judged and you will not have your mom or friends around to take up for you, I have been healed many times by the prayers of TBN and Benny Hinn, And I will say this, I have been in Big Name Homeless Mission in a Big City Praying for the Homeless while the staff is more than happy to tell dirty jokes and gossip about christians that raise their kids in church, this same ministry would turn away homeless people to the streets only to die of hypothermia, I would not want that blood on my hands, Heres the Thing, Instead of judging, watching and gossiping, The bible says to reprove these type of people. I have been around anointed christians many times and they are always being gossiped about, Judge not except ye be judged, I plan on going to Heaven, Do YOU?

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