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Via a friend’s comment on someone else’s post on Facebook (h/t, SS), singing convention mainstay Tom Powell demonstrates conducting in the convention singing style:

At least, this is what’s possible when you’re accompanied by a musician of the caliber of Tracey Phillips, who is arguably southern gospel’s greatest living pianist. Leonard Bernstein once conducted an entire piece with his eyebrows, but I suspect even he wouldn’t have been able not to wave his hands at least a little if Phillips had been playing.

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  1. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    This kinda reminds me of the old North Georgia Camp-meetings in the Church of God that were held at the big open-air tabernacle in Doraville, Georgia every year.

    The huge choir would sing out of the latest convention songbook and we were treated to an incredible array of talented pianists and musicians. (ALL live music)

    Some of these convention books and the famous Red Back Hymnal can be found at:

    At the COG Camp-meetings is where I first saw the Klaudt Indian Family, Sammy Hall, Carmen, Lee College Choir, Judy Jacobs, The Motes Brothers and a host of others.

    Doug, I thought you might enjoy these camp-meeting and conference Choirs.

    #1: South Carolina COG Camp-meeting Choir

    #2: Part 1 - First Baptist Church of Jacksonville Choir in 2000 at the annual Pastor’s Conference(directed by Rodney Brooks, who is currently Minister of Music at Charles Stanley’s church in Atlanta). He is one of the best choir directors I’ve ever seen.

    Part 2: FBC Jacksonville Choir (features Charles Billingsly - just incredible!)

  2. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    If only all choir members and musicians watched and responded to the music director like this…

  3. Ode wrote:

    Jacksonville choirs links - beautiful. I am a huge lover of good choirs. thanks!

  4. cynical one wrote:

    What a concept! Following the director! Has this idea been around long?

  5. KC wrote:

    Tracey Phillips is brilliant! Hope everyone can send up some prayers for her mother, Eloise, who took a fall in February and is on the mend. She’s like the mother of great southern gospel pianists, and a very cool lady.

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