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What’s that you say? Trying to post off-topic comments to recent threads and not getting through? I have just the thing. I’ve taken the editorial moderative liberty of front-loading the thread with some of the random collection of OT comments lately. The rest is up to you.

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  1. Tom wrote:

    Does anyone know what is going on with The Dove Brothers? There are no dates listed in Singing News ( two months as far as I know,now) and I heard they have dropped off the NQC schedule. And the only big engagement ! see them appearing is the Grand Old Gospel Reunion. No rumors, just curious.

  2. quartet-man wrote:

    This just in: Doug (Avery) has a dog:

  3. Texan wrote:

    Sorry to change the subject, but I tried to go to anartistperspective blogsite and couldn’t get in. Does anyone know what happened to blog?

  4. irishlad wrote:

    3.. Last time i tried AAP he said he was packing it in for a while, couldn’t think of anything to talk about,neither could any of his pals,but he did offer if any bloggers had anything interesting to talk about they could feel free.
    Fridaynightrevival i believe is still up and running.

  5. CVH wrote:

    No matter the genre of music many artists will do a record of ‘oldies’ or ‘classic’ tunes at some point in their career. So I’ve been thinking about what songs I’d pick if I had a group and was going to do that kind of project.

    For me the period I’d go back to would be the late ’60s through the mid ’70s. The group could be a quartet or a mixed group. Because I prefer big production compared to sparse, I’d lean toward mid-tempo ballads with a few uptempo tunes.

    Here’s my list (not in any particular order):

    The Lighthouse
    Jesus Is Coming Soon
    He Looked Beyond My Fault
    Had It Not Been
    Light At The End Of The Darkness
    King Jesus
    My Faith Still Holds
    Statue Of Liberty
    The Rock
    Good Old Gospel Singing
    If That Isn’t Love
    He’s So Good To Me

    What time period and songs would you pick?

  6. Extra Ink wrote:

    Did anyone see the new Florida Boys’ outfits in the most recent issue of Singing News? Oh. My. Goodness.

  7. irishlad wrote:

    CVH..i tend to lean toward those late 60’s 70’s days of Heartwarming/Vista/Impact.I visited a friend a while back who was clearing out his garage, came across a dozen of my old records from those days,boy did it bring back memories. I was a big Danny Gaither fan and found two of his best one was “Sweet and High” those were the days of Bob McKenzie productions..fantastic.Also enjoy some of the Skylight stuff the Blackwoods put out in the late 70’s early 80’s “Hymns of Gold being one i found.I tell you i was glad i had bought one of the new turntables combinations..i had a rare few nights reliving old memories i can tell you.

  8. Diana wrote:

    #1 Tom - I never, ever go by the dates in the Singing News magazine because of the publishing deadlines. You should check out the Doves’ schedule on their website instead:

  9. observor wrote:

    i think anartistperspective went down because someone posting figured out their identity.

  10. Jim wrote:

    Just wondering…if Bill & Gloria Gaither have tuned in to ‘Interiors, Incorporated’ on HGTV? “Interiors” stars Jonathan Pierce and his Nashville business Pierce and Co. Not a bad show…seems a far cry from Jonathan’s days with the Gaither Vocal Band in more ways than one. Ironic the show comes on Saturday nights right after ‘Color Splash’ that features David Bromstad, an openly gay man. To answer my own question, I’d say Bill and Gloria would cringe a bit.

  11. Carl Holmander wrote:

    Let’s AAP sleep in peace!
    If you know, do not tell me or aanyone else, please!

  12. Texan wrote:

    #9- I think you are correct. Last time I was on site several people including myself had pretty much narrowed it down to a very few groups. I won’t say which one I think it is, but it is a mixed trio…LOL

  13. 2miles wrote:

    Do the Kingsmen have a tenor yet?

  14. NG wrote:

    #1 and #8: The Dove Brothers have lots of bookings but seem to be skipping the big multi-group events they worked in the past. In January, they were listed to do two nights at NQC this year but now have none scheduled. They are doing the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion but only for one night. In past years, they did all three nights. Seems like a change in their booking strategy.

  15. sbry86 wrote:

    I hope they haven’t. I saw them back in January and they were awesome with Ernie. That night Randy was still out and the fill in sounded just like Ed Crawford so it was amazing. I wish Ray could convince Ernie to stay full time.

  16. Phil Boles wrote:

    I downloaded the new project by Guy Penrod, “Hymns”. In my humble and irish opinion it’s rather good. Guy sounds very “comfortable” with his vocals. One of the best lead singers of all time.

  17. weber wrote:

    Do the Kingsmen have a tenor yet? They have not had a good tenor in over twenty years..

  18. irishlad wrote:

    16 Phil.. Wish Doug would put in a like button :)

  19. William wrote:

  20. observor wrote:

    #17. I am only going to disagree because I thought Jerry Martin was a great tenor and the line up they had when he was there was one of the best (Martin, Hutson, Parker). Too bad he did not stay with the Kingsmen.

  21. nb'er wrote:

    #17 Well you know what Jim Hammill used to say, “Tenors are hard to find…someone that looks like man and sings like a woman…unless you’re in California”. LOL.

  22. Wade wrote:

    CVH… I am riding with you whenever the road trip comes up think you just hit 80% of my favs list!!!

    But I am surprised you did not have more Cat’s and GCQ from the 80’s!!!

    Yeah Another Artist Perspective is GONE!!! I said he must be getting chicken and I guess after that review of the Singing New Scam, I mean Fan Awards sent him over the top.

    I am not a freak about SGM like I was in the 80’s so some of ya need to put out there WHO YOU THINK IT WAS and we can go bomb their personal web site!!! ;-))

  23. Ode wrote:

    5,you asking us to pick songs for a hypothetical CD release, not just our song preferences, right? if so, it depends on who are the singers are and who finances the project.

    It’s one thing if I was, let’s say,CVH’s aunt, recently widowed from a Texas oil tycoon and gifting my beloved nephew with a nice chunk of change before taking my next life move-a soul reviving trip to Emerald Isle. I am happy my nephew engages in a musical endeavor instead of putting it all up his nose, as many musicians choose to do with unexpected large cash, and you are afforded limitless decisional latitude and a resulting CD is totally catered to group’s whims and your lil hearts’ desires. Add one of aunt’s favs, if you so inclined - “Your First Day In Heaven”.

    But,if you are financing the project and are expecting commercial viability, promotion, radio,good sales during tours, then my list of songs/rationale behind it would have to be adjusted to His Majesty the Market. Songs I like and songs I’d pick for a CD are like a flying saucer and a saucer from a china set, have very little in common, but the name.

  24. Ode wrote:

    19 ~ very nice!

    btw, so, Irish gentlemen, our Vice president J. Biteme told a lubrication joke to your Prime Minister lady in the White House? An Irish woman on another (remixing) forum i attend was asking if he was mentally normal. No. Dont mind him, our Crazy Uncle Joe always acting lubricated. It’s all “bullshit”, to use the recent public expression of a Conservative Fundamentalist Christian and mental Sanatorium hopeful Rick.

  25. irishlad wrote:

    19 ‘Lil Ernie all 90 lbs of him,as Big Jim H used to say “i’ve belt buckles weigh more” :)

  26. JR wrote:

    #5, I was just thinking the heyday of Southern Gospel was in the 80s. We have some awesome Hemphills, Gold City, Cathedrals, and Talleys songs to choose from.

  27. JR wrote:

    Is there anyone in SG music besides Jeff & Sheri Easter who has songs with intros that are cool enough to be made into ringtones.

  28. Glenn wrote:

    #20 Observor, I could not agree more. I think the “Proven” recording they did is one of my favorite SG albums of all time. I still listen to it every once in a while.

  29. irishlad wrote:

    27..That’s a very good Q….and i’m not dismissing it,but has anyone listened to Mumford & Sons? Right up Ode,CVH & maybe just maybe Wade’s street.

  30. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #28: I’ll agree with you on that, as well as “I Will.” I don’t think anything the group did since then came anywhere close until they did “Good Good God” in 2006. After that, I really liked “When God Ran” and “Grace Says,” their latest.

    #27: Mumford & Sons is incredible. I’m unimpressed when it comes to most of today’s popular music, but I overheard something of theirs and went out and got their CD as soon as I could. They have a very “organic” sound.

  31. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Sorry, the Mumford & Sons blurb should be directed to #29.

  32. Solo Deo Gloria wrote:

    No. 24: “Conservative fundamentalist Christian” does not accurately describe Rick Santorum. Well, he may be the first two…

    Why do I always have to straighten out the jacked up theology of southern gospel? #sarcasm

  33. Debbie Foster wrote:

    Have any of you heard the recitation by Gerald Sweatman. A Talk With the Master? Oh my gosh… it hit me right between the eyes.

  34. CVH wrote:

    #23 Ode,

    I didn’t really specify but I meant if it was a blue sky budget, a Lari Goss-budget. And I was just thinking of some of the great songs of that era, not necessarily commercial viability.

    Funny illustration about Aunt Blabby; my favorite Texas story goes back to the ‘mid ’80s when a Texas oil tycoon’s daughter, who was a marginal singer at best, wanted to make a Christian record. She contacted a certain writer/producer who had relocated from Nashvegas to the west coast a few years earlier. He padded the budget by about $20,000 (I’m not sure how much of it went up his nose) and convinced one of the major Christian labels to distribute it. Sold 250 copies (which Daddy bought to give to friends) and she was never heard from again.

    Think I’d pass on FDIH; kind of cliche and you can’t really do much with it.

    Irishlad - I loved Danny too and those records were well done. MacKenzie did a nice job. His later projects with Joe Huffman had a different feel but they were good too. I still like his version of ‘Daybreak’ better than Manilow’s.

  35. irishlad wrote:

    32 Ode’s gonna kill you Soli. :)

  36. Ode wrote:

    Now I recall you mentioning doda Blabby before,as an exceptional woman-wouldn’t take it from anyone, or give up without a fight. I know little about music,but am familiar with most songs on your list and, imho, they’d be perfect, also that you are a production technology wiz. It can spruce up even mediocre songs, let alone good ones. Love lavish productions

    On second thought, even though commercial viability is not related to quality, as consumer success of pop music proves…. we know that CD sales are not even a moneymaker, tours are – and lil Wadey said he’d join you. Boy is an asset, very spartan, low maintenance, only needs good food and occasional bail money. ;)
    (Doda is ‘aunt’ in modern language, and also ‘beloved’ in the old Hebrew, so I just played on words.)

  37. Ode wrote:

    29, Mumford and Sons are fantastic, love it. Thanxx for mentioning it!!I didn’t know about ‘em.

  38. Ode wrote:

    32, God be your helper, br Soli! theology, using the term very loosely,of SG would take a miracle to straighten.
    SG has religious values like a proverbial pawnshop has jewelry-valued them cheap at acquisition, and they are for sale. By his own and southern fundies’ standards, Rick is a Christian, but what to expect from that brood of vipers.

    But if you hinting that RC is a disqualifier, I’d respectfully disagree. SBC is also a criminal, inhumane, disgustingly immoral institution that blatantly violates God’s laws, but I know some individual Catholics and S.Baptists, that are better Christians, in true faith and in deeds, then I ever hope to become.

    (see, Ilad? Despite my bazooka at the hip ill repute, I am being a sheer pussycat lately)

  39. In Agreement wrote:

    No. 5: Great Songs!!
    No. 15: I saw the Kingsmen (with Gold City and the Kingdom Heirs) in January as well. I hope Ernie stays. It was a wonderful trip back in time on the old stuff; he sang the new songs the exact way they should be. I was thrilled with their set. I hope they stop the auditions and send out the word: Ernie is back to stay.
    No. 17: I disagree. Jerry Martin was great.
    No. 30: No doubt about the quality of the albums you mentioned. I love them all.

    Regarding the Kingsmen: I wish they would bring Parker back. Not that I’m suggesting that anyone should leave, I just miss his emcee work and the enthusiasm he added.

    Regarding Gold City: I was underwhelmed, to say the least. This is especially hard to type, because I wanted to be overwhelmed. I’m hoping for marked improvement.

    Regarding the Kingdom Heirs: One disclaimer is necessary: they had fans in abundance that enjoyed every single minute of every single song. Directly in front of me was a couple that crossed their arms, rolled their eyes, and either snarled at or snickered through every song of both the Kingsmen and Gold City. When the Heirs hit the stage, they got the Holy Ghost and kept it for the duration. It was a very spiritual moment for me when they gave up their sarcastic comments, changed their collective demeanor, and let the glory roll; when Joshua ‘fit the Battle, I just knew that the husband was about to kick his shoes off and pull a Peg. That he didn’t tells me that he was either worn out from his histrionics during “What We Needed,” or his wife quenched the Spirit by reminding him that he might scuff his penny loafers and stretch his argyle sweater beyond repair.
    Behind me, and to my left, was a group of 20 or so folks who had come (by their own admission to me in the snack-bar line during Gold City’s painful rendition of some Dixie Hummingbird’s hit) for no other purpose that to see the Kingdom Heirs stand. And like the previously mentioned couple, they ate it up from the same-starting-song-as-last-year to patriotic-prayer-preceding-the-product-pitch.
    So, the Heirs are doing something right. I admire their ability to give their people what their people want.
    But, between clichés, scripts, stacks, the fact that every fast song sounds the same, and every ballad they sing is Forever Unchanged, I was bored. The jokes were as worn out as the lead singer’s voice, the hair (real and imagined) was bad, and the sound was exactly like Steve French pressed play on their newest CD as he came on stage, then said, “don’t get behind the tracks boys.” In fact, I suspect “spontaneous” is as dirty-a-word to the Heirs as “planned program” was to the late Big Jim. Even the band solo was the same band solo I saw them do when the band was made up of different faces but the same back-up tapes. However, they know something that I don’t. Because, after the Gates Were Locked, and he was down in his short rows, when Mr. French informed the audience that forces are hard at work to stop Christians from worshipping freely, and that these forces are right at the city gate, ready to make us Muslims, liberals, or worse, the crowd all decided that they would stand. Then, to further help stop these atheist armies, they all stood in a long line in the lobby long enough to buy the new “We Will Stand” project. In fact, Mr. and Mrs. Argyle Penny Loafer bought several copies for their friends. I overheard them saying so as they were planning the best route to get to the next Heirs concert on the following Friday night. Really, I did.

  40. sgfan wrote:

    anyone excited for wrestlemania? ………………

    Maybe we could have a SG related wrestlemania…take a big love offering for the performers…cage match and everything

    i’m done

  41. Hector Luna wrote:

    If you like Mumford & Sons, you might like Asheville’s finest…The Avett Brothers.

    They got a little gospel in their music. And Soli won’t have to worry about a little cheesy, corrupted theology.

  42. irishlad wrote:

    38 That’s a good pussycat ,kitten. ‘Cmere let me give you a big mwaaaahh! ;)

  43. irishlad wrote:

    34 CVH, What became of Joe Huffman? He was the one of the first producers i noticed to have that big orchestral sound,i remember him on some Doug Oldham et al from the late 70’s early 80’s stuff. He then seemed to be eclipsed by Lari Goss to some extent.

  44. CVH wrote:


  45. Kyle wrote:

    There is a mystery out there that I simply can’t solve. That mystery….David Phelps’ hair….

  46. irishlad wrote:

    45 They’re called extensions i do believe. Ask the lovely Ode.

  47. CVH wrote:

    irishlad, as far as I know he’s still workiing out of his own studio in Nashville. The work he did in the late ’60s/’70s in Greenville was probably second only to Nashville itself. He (and Otis Forrest who was at Mark V at the time too) could use players from the Atlanta symphony and do orchestra charts less expensively. A lot of Benson (Heartwarming/Impact) work came his way in the ’70s when the company began spreading the work around and Little Caesar wasn’t doing it all. Huffman, Phil Johnson and a few others benefitted from that change. I’m not sure when he moved to Nville, late ’70s maybe, but he partnered with Randy Cox to form Meadowgreen Music which published a lot of ’80s hits for MWS and Amy Grant. They sold to EMI awhile ago. He’s one of the guys who’s made a big impact in the industry over the years but perhaps hasn’t had the ‘name’ outside the industry like some others have had.

  48. Wade wrote:

    Gawd I could have a lot of fun on this thread but I thought we were keeping it about the music, but I do love a smooth, “SHEER” Pussy cat with a bazooka!!!

    Might be back later after the games and after wrestlemania 2moro!!

  49. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #45 & 46: Well, no extensions anymore. Now he’s got a “Sig Sound” style cut.

  50. quartet-man wrote:

    #49 Maybe the IRS turned him down his request for an extension. ;)

  51. quartet-man wrote:

    Sorry meant “turned down his request for an extension”. I was re-wording how I said it and failed to get it edited properly before sending.

  52. irishlad wrote:

    47 yes CVH, thanks for the info,appreciate that.
    51 Tut tut Qman your grammer’s getting worser and worser. :(

  53. Sam wrote:

    Just discovered Cynthia Clawsons album Hymnsinger on itunes, anyone know who the amazing piano player was?

  54. Doug Sword wrote:

    #53, according to a review on Amazon, the pianist is David Maddux

  55. Wade wrote:

    IN Agreement # 39… I have had some of those same feeling at concerts where KH’s & GCQ were at.

    Can you give us a little more detail about WHY you felt UNDERWHELMED by GCQ’s performance???

    You know I will later but I wanna hear what you have to say first. When I get on them they get mad at me!!!

  56. irishlad wrote:

    49 Doesn’t suit that!

  57. Robbins wrote:

    #53 - apparently his name is David Maddux.

  58. woodstock wrote:

    #53 - Pianist is David Maddux.

  59. Aaron Swain wrote:

    I wonder if that pianist’s name is David Maddux..

  60. In Agreement wrote:

    Wade: Gold City was a great group when I heard them in the 1980’s and ‘90’s. While I liked the “let it all hang out” style of the Kingsmen (In the KingsGold era) better, it was hard not to be impressed by GC at their best. They had a great band, a wonderful presence, incredible songs, and a hard-driving smoothness that was captivating. Fast forward to today: they sound like the Stamps Quartet without JD. In other words, a poor substitute for the original. I don’t know enough about music to put my finger on the intricate deficiencies that combine to minimize their sound and diminish their performance, but I know that what I heard was just plain sad. Just plain sad. Add to that, I firmly believe that the singers knew it too. I have heard of groups (secular and gospel) “dialing in a performance” but, now I have actually seen it happen in person. Not one member seemed truly happy to be on stage. Not one member seemed truly happy to be standing next to the person they were standing next to. Not one song seemed fresh, exciting, or even, at a minimum, rehearsed. Instead, the group gave the impression that they were enduring: one another, the crowd, the songs, and the evening. This is, of course, only my opinion.

  61. quartet-man wrote:

    #59 No, Aaron, it’s David Maddux.

  62. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #61: How could I have been so foolish? I stand corrected.

  63. quartet-man wrote:

    #62 :D Wouldn’t you be more comfortable sitting? I don’t like typing standing up, and am not fond of being corrected while standing either.

  64. Wade wrote:

    IN Agreement — Understand what ya said… Saw them before the present lead singer started in Cleveland at a singing school graduation concert and they were 6.5 outta 10… better than most going. But it still was not what I expected from GCQ!!! Which is a Tough standard!!! Gotta go right now but will be back a little lubed up and give ya what I think this evening!!! Thanks in Agreement for playing along!!!

    As far as David’s hair cut… remember that was apparently during LEISURE TIME and at the ocean and that is not usually a great time to have extensions in… his hair is so short there if you really look when you see him in concert he probably has a full fledged wig on to at minimum a HAIR prosthetic!!! :-) and I am not hating saying that… when you sing like that you can do ANYTHING you want!!!

  65. ode wrote:

    40, LOL, yes! About time something to delight closeted gay SG singers and fans!
    If you are such a wrestlemania enthusiast, go for it. Collect love offering for whomever sweet boys John RuPaulaugh and Josh from ‘Freedom’ accidentally land on, but charge full ticket price for the show. About a good third of SG singers would’d qualify as heavyweight, they are rather Sumo. Not sure seeing them undressed in High Def is a good marketing ploy, but overall a good idea… Mark Lowry would get a legit reason to wax his chest/ legs/ get into tight spandex boxers, but keep Ernie Haase from it, his mannerisms will end him in a knowout right away.

    You know how to really sell it?Selfighteous dirty old Baptist men love soft porn, Dancing with the Starts, etc( try reading SG forums ;) ) If you get The Sisters do mudwrestling, add some good ol’ SG singing, feel good’ preaching Obama hatin’ shoutin’ and a snackbar -50$ a seat I guarantee you.

  66. ode wrote:

    love all CDs of GoldCity, absolutely fabulous singing, hope they overcome whatever bumps you saw and get back strong.

    what does “pull a Peg” mean? went to see kingdomheirs fb page - why is ALL the audience old ? Do they eat their young there?

    you love ’smooth’, as in ‘hairless’ ? will get it for you but you taking care of it, son :)
    but absolutely no weapons in my house! th closest to terrorism i get is liking the music of radical religious southern fundies .

  67. ode wrote:

    65, “knockout” that is

  68. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #64: As far as the hair thing, he’s had it cut like that for a few months now. The cruise picture was just the most readily available!

  69. Actually wrote:

    #10, it is unlikely that they are surprised, and also that they are reacting as you assume.

  70. irishlad wrote:

    64 keep your hair on Wadey :)

  71. Wade wrote:

    Just got the hair cut irishdude… but still have LOTS of it on my head!!!

    ode…come on you could inbox me the RIGHT pic… ya know!!!

    I feel too good right now to worry about GCQ… I have tried to help them for a few years I do not think one more night will hurt anything!!

  72. ode wrote:

    71 (recalibrating on the fly) Wade, so you don’t want a bald cat; you want a bald pussy? American idioms, I am just bad at that. Why bother with inbox, take it right here! Third from the left:

    In contrast, a handsome bald man with respectable selfconfidence, enough bravery to not making fool of himself, is right next to it. Added benefit- no rug burn. (to clarify: but who’s without vices? Gospel singers is just as bad as vanity of the rest of us and should be making fun of selves (if they are worthy people, of course). I dont have any formal musical education, but to my taste, Tim Riley is the best bass singer of all, in any genre. Admire his son Daniel’s voice , too)

  73. CVH wrote:

    Ode, I’m not certain but my guess would be that’s the first time the phrase ‘bald pussy’ has been used on a southern gospel website. Congratulations!

  74. Wade wrote:

    ode…since we were talking about Gold City you just wanted to blend them into the “bald pussy” discussion… but still no pic… guess I will have to go to another site for that!!!

    also ode… “pulling a Peg”… refers to Peg of the Mckameys. when she gets in the SPIRIT she kicks off her shoes. The amazing thing is THE SPIRIT has a way of showing up at the same time every night!!! But have not seen her do it in a while. I’m sure some of our incredible SGM lovers will be able to find video of THAT but not the Bald Pussy!!! Although many have seen both TONIGHT!!!

  75. Wade wrote:

    IN Agreement — I promised to come back and tell ya what I thought about GCQ and the concert I saw them at in cleveland and the over all take on what is going on with them. Let me be like Mom (odie) and do 10-12 comments in a row!! lolol

    Of course Tim had to come back to save the day although he was loving hunting while being retired. What I do not understand is why he thinks he has to shave his beard off when he is back on the road full time. I guess it is a image thing and many of the churches and the potential fans might object to it.

    Love Tim to death and I agree with ode he might be the best guy traveling and never understood why during his retirement that Bill did not get him with his circus. But any way…

    … understand what you are talking about phoning it in I believe was the way you said it… but in actuality both of the newer guys in GCQ are THRILLED to be there… or at least they should. Both of them DREAMED of singing with GCQ… the issue is they just do not have IT!!! Having IT can make the difference in it appearing to be phoned in or look like they were working their ass off.

    Believe me the last 6 mos that Ivan & Brian where with GCQ they phoned it in ALOT!!! Neither wanted to be there for many reasons. But because they were true professional and having IT not many people ever knew it!! Was backstage at a concert one night and 15 minutes before they were to go on I thought Tim & Brian were going to come to blows. But as soon as they were announced you would have never known it!!!

    Neither one of the newer guys especially the tenor singer will probably be around very long. He is just not a GCQ singer. Just as when Benny sang tenor one time during a short period Brian quit in one of his spats. He is very tentative in his singing and that is both TOUGH on the voice and comes across as you described.

    Another thing that probably contributed to your observation is they knew they were going to get their ass handed to them with Ernie being with the Kingsmen and the KH having a huge fan base there. That is a tough thing to do.

    Was the night you are talking about the gainesville singing I have heard about and is all over youtube???

    What you might have saw was just 2 guys that might be realizing their time is short and they are in over their heads. THAT will get in YOUR HEAD!! You have 3 guys up there that are in over their heads. THAT is tough to over come and will give the appearance you described.

    I am the same as In Agreement. I WANT them to be GREAT again and it is very tough when you are a big fan to see it happen…almost like watching some one you love die.

    It is tough being a child of a legend and getting to take over the family biz. Not many people can live up to that. A great example in another biz right now is the owners of the LA Lakers. Jim & Jeanie the children of Dr. Jerry Buss are having a hard time taking over a one of the most successful basketball franchises of all time. Much like GCQ, Dad has attempted to hand over control only to have to come back and get more involved. It will be interesting to see in the long run how well the Steinbrenner children will do with the yankees. Simply being the spawn of a great person does not necessarily qualify you to take over such a great things. Be it the yankees, lakers or gold city!!

    Think this ended up being more of a backwwod phil post!! ;-) :-) lolol

  76. irishlad wrote:

    73 :)
    You were ‘waxing’ lyrically there CVH

  77. Ode wrote:

    Thanks, especially on the southern gospel website that’s gay owned.I should’ve been more sensitive that bringing up topics the boss doesnt particularly care for. Sir Avery is a martyr of tolerance as is….


    whenever a ’spear’ thought strikes… our dear Chief of Staff always gets poetic ;)

  78. Ode wrote:

    “”…Let me be like Mom (odie) and do 10-12 comments in a row!! “”"

    and how many have you made? Two. Underpromise and overperform, my bunny. (lest.. as chiche anecdote about a newswoman and a weatherman TV dialog after the weak snowstorm “so Bob, where is the 8 inches you promised me last night” )

    Thanks,I checked Peg Mckamey vid. Girl has a spark, even at advanced age! may she be blessed.

  79. Ode wrote:


    unless bass Tim Riley is in a play,a movie or is representing SG at a Gay Parade, putting a toupee on is a sign of a self-delusional pussy that lacks confidence and assumes the worst about the spiritual state of his projected- mostly christian! - audience. It doesn’t stop Tim from being the GREATEST singer. But he is a bald pussy when it comes to looks.

  80. CVH wrote:

    irishlad, yep but I was thinking of more like a French wax…vive la France!

  81. Chubs wrote:

    17. - Weber - Our trio opened up last Sunday for the Kingsmen and they still did not have a tenor and didn’t say much about it. On top of that, they are a very unfriendly group. Their only redeeming grace was their lead singer Bob S. who was very personable and nice. We have opened up for our share of groups and compared to the rest, my wall has a better personality then most of those guys did.

  82. Wade wrote:

    ode is was 10 in a row I just combined them into 2!!! That’s at least 8 inches.

    Happy Good Friday!! Maybe this comment will make it through!!! My last one didn’t maybe Dr. DH is saving it to start the next Open Thread about ppl who are OCD… kinda like ODIE!!!

  83. ode wrote:

    thats my Wadey! :D

    Joyful passover and happy Easter to all AFL, blessings and peace ! off to vacation….

  84. irishlad wrote:

    78….and Bob said ” with a face like that i don’t think so”.

  85. CVH wrote:

    Ode, just be grateful I didn’t include the link on #80…

  86. Brandon Reese wrote:

    Sorry that you feel that way Chubs, I thought you guys did a good job.

    You are correct about use having a good friend of ours filling in at the tenor position. Hopefully that spot will be filled soon.


  87. irishlad wrote:

    At Christmas i received a CD & a DVD and being the laggard i am i only opened them yesterday.The Dvd was of the original Masters V; Rosie,James,Jake,JD and Hovie. The Cd is a bit rarer “The way it was ” The Blackwoods 1953 before the crash. Bill S, James,RW,Bill L & Jackie M. The both are on the Bibletone label which seems to be a joint effort between James & JD.

  88. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Apropos of #86… Chubs, whoever you are, I think the word you want at this point is “Oops.”

  89. quartet-man wrote:

    #88 I know who the group is, but not which member of the group Chubs is. Nonetheless, Brandon had a very Christian response to the post. Secondly, that type of talk from Chubs (even if it were true) wouldn’t exactly endear the group to other acts.

  90. CVH wrote:

    #88 Brooke, how have you been?

  91. irishlad wrote:

    Welcome back babbling Brook(e) :)

  92. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    #89 Brandon’s a good guy.

  93. irishlad wrote:

    92 must be true then :)

  94. Alan wrote:

    Chubs - Another word you’d be welcome to use is “Ouch”. Brandon, what a classy and dignified response. Well done. Q-Man was absolutely correct; a Christian response. I think I know who comes out of this little snark looking best.

  95. Chubs wrote:

    I apologize to those who I may have offended.

  96. quartet-man wrote:

    Here’s the deal. Most all of us have opinions. We share some of them. Some things are better left unsaid or at least with the people involved.

    I know I post under a pseudonym here and do so for personal reasons. Nonetheless, there are people who know exactly who I am and even if they didn’t, God knows. I answer to Him even if I could post anonymously. Yet, some use that anonymity to say things they think will have no consequences. Even leaving God out of it, I think most people are eventually found out because they slip up.

    In this case, the Kingsmen knows which group opened for them as does the fans at the concert. So, if someone asked the Kingsmen about the group, could this come up? Possibly. Sure they could say we thought the group did a good job (which is honorable since they apparently believe that). Some groups might not be so nice and let the accusations color their perspective. Nonetheless, they still might tell about this not for retaliation, but to warn the other groups that this group has a member that might badmouth your group if you don’t behave like they think you should. I don’t know if the Kingsmen had a bad night, were just quiet because they were saving their voices, or the other group had unreasonable expectations. So, I won’t comment on that part of it any further.

    However, not even do the Kingsmen and concert attendees know who the group is, but I was able to find out via Google. If I was, so can others.

    Was the accusation something horrid? Of course not. Nonetheless, I do think it reflects badly on the opening group. At least with the Kingsmen, people have likely already made up their minds on how personable they are or aren’t, so Chub’s comments probably won’t affect them too much. In fact, Brandon’s response actually makes the group look good. So, even those who don’t really know the Kingsmen or have an opinion on how personable they are, can see Bradon’s response and form an opinion from that.

  97. cynical one wrote:

    Another thing Brandon might have said would be something like, “I’m sorry we came across as unfriendly. We’ll try to work on that.”

    That might have even been classier.

  98. I Write Mama Songs wrote:

    Saw the Kingsmen last week and got to interact with each of them briefly except Brandon (surrounded by fans). They were all personable and I enjoyed their singing, too.

    Chubs, maybe they just don’t like trios. Some of us don’t.

  99. Wade wrote:

    irishdude… Brooke was never gone. She was just quite, Thank God!!! But she was what Brandon needed. All SGM artist wished they had Brooke taking up for them. It’s kind of an absolution they all seek!!! lol

    What is wrong with Chubs coming on here telling about his experience??? I am sure he did not set out to come on here and hammer the Kangsmen!!! I mean I like them. But if you are part of a local or regional group that opens for a national act it can be a chilling experience He said good things about the Bob!!!

    That is a function of this site.

    Don’t know what made Brandon’s response necessarily CHRISTIAN!!! Maybe professional but he did not say God Bless, Be Blessed Or May Jesus be with you. Let’s pray before the concert next time. Am glad Brandon had enough GUTS to come on here and respond. Everybody in SGM either reads this blog or if they are mentioned someone in the biz informs them.

    Chubs you come on here anytime you want and bitch about a group not being nice to ya. Did y’all share a sound system???

    Always loved it when back in the day and it was not just the kangsmen that where guilty of this… but the local group would come on get all kinds of feed back & distortion, unbalanced levels. Either not enough juice or too much…. then yep as soon as the headlining group came on everything was PERFECT!!!

    So see Chubs it could been worse!!

  100. Kyle wrote:

    I’ll go ahead and add my two cents worth. Not in defense of either side of the Chubs/Brandon debate, but for insight.

    I know plenty of full-time artists who are very friendly and outgoing, and I know plenty who are very reserved, shy, or downright introverted. It has no bearing whatsoever on their singing.

    I have a tendancy to be shy. It takes a lot of my part to be open and talkative because I am very uncomfortable in doing so. I am good, however, at making myself be more open. Some people are not, and if they DO force themselves to be more outspoken, they come across as awkward or maybe even rude.

    Another thing to consider is this….when a group is loading in (or out), they want to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. They don’t want to sit around, chat, shoot the breeze, when there is work to be done. Get in, set up, then go relax for a little while. Don’t expect to make friends during load in/out.

    That is not to say that there aren’t any singers who truly are rude or simply don’t care. Sometimes singers forget that they are on stage from the moment they step off the bus to the moment the drive away. Just because they are not dressed up and singing doesn’t mean someone isn’t watching them (and forming an opinion).

  101. cd guy wrote:

    Sometimes, when someone appears to be less-than-personable, it could be that, at the time of the encounter, he/she was so focused on something else, they didn’t give the other person the attention anticipated. Not that they were being UN-friendly, but just so busy with their work, they couldn’t take the time they might otherwise have given.

    Mary vs Martha?

  102. cd guy wrote:

    And sometimes there’s a difference between how an artist interacts with fans, verses how they interact with other artists. Not saying it’s right.

  103. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    “I apologize to those whom I may have offended.”

    (Read: “Sheeeesh, touchy, touchy.”)

  104. Texan wrote:

    Sounds like “Chubs” needs to go a new direction….LOL

  105. I Write Mama Songs wrote:

    I want to say that if I join the Kingsmen and I’m not friendly to anybody, it will probably be because I want to go home.

  106. quartet-man wrote:

    Wade, when I say Christian is that he still bragged on the guys singing and was personable. He didn’t respond in a nasty way. Being Christian is acting like Christ. Christ didn’t going around saying “God Bless You” every other sentence.

    There are some other valid responses here. Kyle is right about some not being as personable. I used to be a lot more shy than I am now, but I suppose I can still have my moments. Also, people can get tired. Having to be “on” for all the fans could make someone tired and they just need some time to rest, think, or whatever.

    Also, there is the Mary / Martha thing. There are times I think both are needed. If everyone always concentrated on talking and enjoying, no work would ever get done. If people always worked the reason for the work would be forgotten.

  107. CVH wrote:

    This is more ink than the Kingsmen have gotten in a long time. More than they deserve.

  108. nb'er wrote:

    I remember a number of years ago observing a member of the Stamps (during the J-D years). People would come up to him and try to talk and he would barely respond. After this happened a few times I formed the opinion that we was not a very friendly person. A few months later I saw him on national t-v in an interview. He was exactly the same way with the interviewer. Not much response to her questions. I realized then that I had probably judged him unfairly. He was probably just a quiet person who didn’t talk much.

  109. irishlad wrote:

    108 Shouldn’t talk about JD like that. :-/

  110. Wade wrote:

    Q-Man… Ha Ha I love you… you always have a Christian like response!!! ;-) Give us an update on the mega Church and how it is going??! SERIOUSLY!!!

    CVH — Why you being so mean to Kangsmen!!! For what they have to work with I thought they been doing good!! Especially when you consider Ray got SCREWED and had to sign as Carolina Boys for a time just STOPPING the Kangsmen MOMENTUM!!! Then having probably a huge debt service to pay for the name. That whole thing was soooo stupid!!!

    See Q-Man wasn’t that Christian like of me?!?! ;-)

    CVH & Q-Man — Since y’all are such audio experts how about PLEASE taking the Oak PERFORMANCE Album and post it in 8-10 minute segments on youtube and just post the album cover as the video part. If you could also as a bonus throw in KING JESUS… man I would love it and I know MANY more would too.

    You could look at it as a Ministry if that helps get ya to do it… Just think about ALL the BLESSINGS you would be sending out?!!? :-) ;-) … I’m smiling but serious too!!!

    Who was it bitching that these things never hit 100+ comments. We are at 110 and on a roll and no gay talk, ocd odie is gone, Brooke has not been around much and there were many days the post were not updated for A LONG TIME!!!

    If Dr. DH or the Interns had been moderating quicker we’d be at 125+.

    Has anybody caught GCQ in the last few weeks or Ernie and the Boys??? Or anybody else of note?? We need some concert reviews not too blindly colored by FANatics!!! Heck you can even do those as long as it is obvious.

    Brooke who you chasing lately?!?!? You know Brandon just had a kid, right?!?! Leave those married men alone.

    Who do y’all think Another Artist Perspective was?!?!? Know Brooke, CVH, Alan, Irishdude have some thoughts and I think Q-Man KNOWS!!!

  111. j-mo wrote:


    Either that or he just wasn’t a friendly person regardless of whether you were a fan or a media personality.

  112. weber wrote:

    Most singers are not friendly because….they’re not making money and if they are making money… they’re not in SGM. Most gospel singers live at the poverty level…because they choose too.

  113. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    About friendly versus unfriendly singers at a concert (mostly behind the table and at concerts). I can’t comment on some because I haven’t had personal interaction with them, but some I will comment on others (realizing that everyone has good days and bad days……..)

    Friendly List:

    Jeff and Sheri Easter
    Tonya Goodman
    Peg McKamey and McKamey Ladies
    Bill Shivers (Very Friendly, Good Spirit)
    Bill Gaither
    Candy Christmas
    Janet Paschal
    Aaron Wilburn (Very down-to-earth)
    The Dixie Echoes
    Randy Shelnut (Down-to-earth, kind)
    Joel and Labreeska Hemphill
    Kelly Nelon (relatively friendly - seems distant to a point)
    The Shepherds (Very friendly)
    The Maharreys (Very friendly)
    Pat Barker
    Wesley Smith
    Ron Blackwood

    Unfriendly List - I do realize some of these folks may have been in pain or had something else on their mind…..but a public career means a public presence…. which means a lot of folks watching you. Public personalities need to be on guard of how they are perceived:

    Larry Ford - (seemed aloof and completely disinterested in our CD purchase)
    Ruben Bean - (had a scowl - maybe he was in pain?)
    Bill Bailey - promoter (seems relatively ungrateful for help with concert)
    Nancy Harmon - (terribly unfriendly on the phone - and over 30 years ago she stayed at my house)
    Jeremy Lyle - (appears to be asleep)
    Tracy Stuffle - (maybe he was sick)

    These are just a few; however, in many cases, I found Barbara Fairchild, Reba McEntire, Bill Anderson and various Grand ‘Ole Opry country music stars to be much friendlier than a lot of the SG singers.

    The same thing happens with various evangelists. They seem incredibly friendly and preach with such vitality and animation…….and then off-stage, they behave like a deer in headlights or seem aloof. I’ve always found that strange. The Charismatic excuse is that they just walked out from under the anointing. So, is there a reference to Jesus behaving like this in the Bible? (Don’t think so)

    I’ve also noticed that quite a few artists have more time for you when you’re doing stuff for them. (Bookings, articles, money, food, etc.)

  114. quartet-man wrote:

    Wade, I won’t take the time to get into the church right now except to say I am doing some different things there.

    My Performance LPs are in storage. I do have a CDR I burned from converted files from probably 12 years ago. I have never uploaded to You Tube. I should have King Jesus on a CDR where I did the same thing.

    I don’t know who AAP is for sure. I had some hunches early on when he first started and maybe a little along the way, but never really spent time looking into it. I only did the other because I was wondering if it were anyone I knew and because finding out was easier than trying to figure out the AAP puzzle. :D I also had a hunch on who Friday Night Revival was too due to circumstantial evidence, and found out I was dead wrong when he revealed who he was. :D

  115. irishlad wrote:

    Weber weber weber WEBER!! FOR PRESIDENT…YEAH!!…ahem, good post young Web :)

  116. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #110: Might be going to see GC next week, but with college going the way it is, I may not be able to make it over there.

  117. Wade wrote:

    JD was real nice one time I saw on TV with Lorianne Crook!!!

  118. nb'er wrote:

    Wade is that the time he told her he loved her legs or the time he chastised her for wearing a granny dress?

    By the way in the earlier post I made, it wasn’t J-D I was referring to. J-D was always responsive. Sometimes bluntly, sometimes with a joke, but he was always responsive.

    Anyone know what happened to the Mystery Men? Never cared for the name, but I liked their music.

  119. nb'er wrote:

    #113 Backwoods Philospher
    I’m surprised about your comment with Larry Ford. I’ve heard he is a very humble person. I have never met him myself. This is based on someone I know (a friend of a promoter) spending a few hours with him.

  120. cd guy wrote:

    Wade, who WOULDN’T be nice with Lorianne? What a pretty lady!

  121. cynical one wrote:

    Backwoods — You’ve seen Bill Gaither at a product table? You’ve seen him talk with fans? WOW! I’m impressed! Been to dozens of his concerts/events, and NEVER seen him interact with fans. Gloria, however, is a different story. I’ve seen her talk with folks at length.

  122. 2miles wrote:

    Weston and Christy Hinson have a pretty slick APP for Android. Not sure if it’s for the Ipad as well. Anyone know other groups that have APPs?

  123. gina wrote:

    Backwoods - Are you sure you didn’t mean to say Roger Fortner rather than Ruben Bean? Just asking, as Mr. Bean has always seemed very humble and approachable.

  124. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    Another guy I forgot to put on the friendly list is bass singer Gene McDonald (formerly of The Florida Boys). He now travels on Gaither’s Homecoming Tour. Gene is not only very talented, he is very friendly as well.

    Brian Free has always been friendly, but during one of his last concerts that we attended, he walked into the church ignoring everyone around him. That seemed strange for him.

    It has ALWAYS amazed me how the artists need a good offering, want to sell a bunch of CD’s, want folks to go on their cruises……and then some of them have the audacity to ignore people and/or be rude to them.

    I would honestly LOVE to teach a “Customer Service - How to Get Fans and Keep Them” Seminar to people in the Gospel Music business. Some of them understanding how marketing and public relations works, but some of them don’t.

  125. quartet-man wrote:

    #118 nb’er:

    1. I remember that, Trammell was still with them, but Toney gone and Enoch back. They sang “If Those Walls Could Shout” and maybe something else.

    J.D. asked Lorriane why she wore the long skirt when she always wore shorts ones. He asked if it were because the gospel group was on. He said gospel singers liked to see “‘purty legs too”. She moved it up and said she couldn’t believe she was hiking it up for a gospel singer.

    As far as the Mystery Men, they have changed their name. They are now called Mark209.

  126. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #121 - About Bill Gaither:

    I’ve seen him down on the main floor at one of the Homecoming Concerts (when I had my group travel business) and he was extremely nice. He was very animated and genuine.

    Also, one time a group of mine was sitting in a restaurant in Gatlinburg. We began to laugh at something that someone had said, and we began to laugh uncontrollably.

    Gaither had walked in with Mark Lowry and Jesse Dixon, and a few others (that I can’t remember). He walked over to our table and began to laugh and said, “Now, I want to know what is so funny over here….” He is a really nice guy - no pretense at all. I will gladly buy his product and support his concerts. (Get the picture?)

    #123 - It was definitely Ruben Bean. The McKamey ladies were very friendly and very helpful. I bought about four of their CD’s and asked if I could use a credit card. His daughter asked him if they would take a credit card (which I thought was rather strange), he looked at me and scowled and barely nodded, “Yes”.

    (I reiterate…….I wasn’t behaving like someone “in awe” nor was I dressed improperly. I was very well-dressed, approached the table very kindly (as usual) and was very professional (because I am a professional).

    I will say that Peg McKamey Bean will answer your e-mails. She is very, very kind and responsive. It’s truly the ladies that bring the personality to that group.

    About Larry Ford: A good friend of mine who knows him very well says that he is just shy and doesn’t like crowds. I told him that I don’t buy that at all - especially when you’re willing to perform in front of 10,000 people. To be blunt, I found him to be arrogant and rude. (I also found out that I’m not the only one who finds Larry Ford’s behavior to be rude). In all honesty, I have barely played his CD……He was very friendly and seemed genuine on stage, but off-stage…….that’s a different story.

    I’ve basically stopped buying CD’s and product from a lot of groups. I’m sick and tired of the superior and/or aloof attitudes. It’s ridiculous because a lot of them need the money. Interestingly enough, when some of them find out what I can do for them (bookings, articles, etc.), their cup runneth over with friendliness.

    One more note……I also notice a lot of groups and quartets who stand behind the table as people walk into a concert. They NEVER speak, always look as though they’re surveying the crowd…..NEVER give you a reason to walk up and buy product. This would be called DUMB. Friendly = more people to the table = possibly more product sales $$$$. Again, I would love to teach a public relations class to these folks.

  127. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    ……By the way, what is going on with Larry Stickland and Palmetto State Quartet?

    I was surprised to hear that Tenor Wesley Smith has already left the group. He just signed on for the second time last year. Wesley has one of the most incredible, nostalgic tenor sounds from the 1940’s. He really adds a level of sophisticated sound to a quartet.

  128. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    I misspelled Strickland. I meant Larry Strickland.

  129. CVH wrote:

    Wade, #110 - I just like to pick on the K-men…same with the Florida Boys. Has anyone told these guys the ’70s are over? And this cover just plain scares me…
    The first guy? OK, whatever. Second guy, hmmm…pensive…”shall I take a dump now or wait until ‘All in the Family’ is over?” Third guy? “Gonna come getchya!” Fourth guy - disturbing. I think he really likes his microphone.

    Good idea on the ‘Performance’ record; hadn’t thought of that. I have the original record and a digital copy. I’ll check out the Youtube option.

    I had a couple of ideas on AAP but I didn’t get anywhere.

    On the friendly/unfriendly lists (which can be a little scary) I’d add three names I haven’t seen yet to the friendly side: Mark Lowry, Gerald Wolfe and Scott Fowler. I know everyone has different experiences but mine with them have been consistently positive, real, encouraging.

    I haven’t seen Bill out after a show since probably 1981. But otherwise, he’s always gracious on the phone or in other settings. One of the funniest
    ‘after-show’ moments I remember was early-mid ’70s after a concert by the Oaks. Most of the crowd had left and they were beginning to pack up their product. Willie was sitting on an Anvil case counting cash. Had a glint in his eye and a big smile on his face. You could almost read his thoughts, “God is goooooood tonight!”

    BP - great idea on the marketing seminar but I’m not sure how many groups would have the mojo and business sense to implement and maintain it. (The ones who do already, GV, EH&SS, etc., are far ahead of the competition.)

  130. nb'er wrote:

    #125 Thanks Quartetman. I guess that means I didn’t win the name the group contest. Hahaha.
    As I recall the next time they were on Lorianne wore a very short skirt.

  131. nb'er wrote:

    #124 Backwoods. I haven’t met Gene, but I walked by his table at a Gaither concert. I glanced over at him, made eye contact and he flashed me a huge friendly smile.

  132. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #129: I love that Florida Boys cover. That is hilarious - it’s like taking out a time capsule from the 70’s.

    Even though I love to hear the Blackwood Quartet, I was always fascinated by their continued dedication to the 1970’s Elvis style…….with their jewelry, bold suits and hair styles. (especially during the Cecil Blackwood days)

    #131: Gene does seem to be a very genuinely nice guy!

  133. Sensible wrote:

    On the friendly side, you have to include Karen Peck Gooch. People will be lined up out the door around her table just to talk or get a picture. When you talk to her, she is totally focused on what you say as if you are the only one in the room. You never feel rushed by her. I have always admired the time she takes with her fans.

  134. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    We’ve had some additions to the friendly and unfriendly list - wanted to add them!


    #129 CVH added:

    Mark Lowry, Gerald Wolfe, Scott Fowler

    #133 Sensible added:

    Karen Peck Gooch

    Gene McDonald
    Brian Free (mostly at the table)
    Jeff and Sheri Easter
    Tonya Goodman
    Peg McKamey and McKamey Ladies
    Bill Shivers (Very Friendly, Good Spirit)
    Bill Gaither
    Candy Christmas
    Janet Paschal
    Aaron Wilburn (Very down-to-earth)
    The Dixie Echoes
    Randy Shelnut (Down-to-earth, kind)
    Joel and Labreeska Hemphill
    Kelly Nelon (relatively friendly - seems distant to a point)
    The Shepherds (Very friendly)
    The Maharreys (Very friendly)
    Pat Barker
    Wesley Smith
    Ron Blackwood


    #123 gina added: Roger Fortner

    Larry Ford - (seemed aloof and completely disinterested in our CD purchase)
    Ruben Bean - (had a scowl - maybe he was in pain?)
    Bill Bailey - promoter (seems relatively ungrateful for help with concert)
    Nancy Harmon - (terribly unfriendly on the phone - and over 30 years ago she stayed at my house)
    Jeremy Lyle - (appears to be asleep)
    Tracy Stuffle - (maybe he was sick)

    Okay…..we’re kinda divided over Larry Ford and Ruben Bean, so maybe we put them in the “Depends on their Mood or the Day” category.

    #119 nb’er would place Larry Ford on the Friendly List and #123 gina thinks Ruben Bean needs to be on the Friendly List.

    ……Wade, my dear brother, I know that you have some opinions on this!

  135. Alan wrote:

    #113 - BP: Wow. Need to step in here for a bit. It concerns your comments about Larry Ford. In the last 10-12 years, there’s no one that I’ve worked with more than Larry, in 5 countries, I think. In fact, when we were in Scotland, I showed him this blog for the first time, He had never heard of it before that. I love the man and I respect him, and not just for that amazing voice. He’s a very good man and a very fine Christian. He has loads of qualities, of the type that you only come to truly know when you travel, work, live, etc., with a person. But, Larry can be intense. And, he can be distant. And on occasion, it will come out. He has an artist’s temperment. He’d probably tell you that too. But, he is a humble man, serious about Christianity. Less than ten minutes after my first wife died, a relative walked into the room holding the phone, and said “A Mr. Ford is on the line for you.” Yes, it was Larry. He asked if I knew when the funeral would be. I knew he was in TX on tour. Long story short, he canceled days of his tour, flew to Raleigh/Durham on his own, rented a car, and drove to Myrtle Beach to sing two songs at her funeral. He cared for me by phone and e-mail for months, BP. I know of others he’s done this for. He’s not a rude man. You have no idea what might have made him preoccupied that night. We never know about any singer…we all have nights when we feel on top of the world, and we’ve all had nights when we’ve gotten those phone calls, heard that news, had that something ignorant said To us, on and on. I felt the need to say this. In every sense, he’s my friend. I can’t make you move him to your other list, but I know which side he’s on to me.

  136. quartet-man wrote:

    Now, I have never met her, and maybe I shouldn’t say this, but Valerie Ruppe did something that I find rude and I am not sure I can let it go. She married someone else besides me. ;)

  137. gina wrote:

    Backwoods - I didn’t intend to add anyone to a “list”; I simply wondered if you were referring to Mr. Fortner, as I know he can come across as unresponsive at times. And one of the daughters had to ask if they accept credit cards? Really, in what year did this incident occur?

  138. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    Alan, I’m glad to hear this. I had always enjoyed hearing Larry Ford sing because he has an incredible voice. (He’s like the Pavarotti of Southern Gospel)

    When I saw his behavior, he was actually performing on a Sunday morning in Jacksonville, FL at a rather small church. He seemed to have a close relationship with the pastor and was very animated and friendly on-stage.

    When I walked up to the table with my mother, I wanted to buy a CD. He literally turned his head and looked away and barely answered my question about how much (for the CD) so that I could pay him. I tried to compliment him on his fantastic performance, and it was as though he could care less. In all actuality, I was shocked. The man I saw on stage and the man I saw behind the table were two different people. It was really surprising. Even my mother commented about how unfriendly he was.

    A friend of mine who knows him well basically echoed the same type of sentiments that you do. I’m honestly glad to hear that he is such a caring man; however, the day that I met him, he was aloof and seemed completely disinterested in a very nice compliment. But…..thank you for sharing……I will say this….

    He does have the unique ability to be one person on-stage and another off-stage.

  139. SteveSmith wrote:

    Once again I have to say that I found Backwoods Philosopher to be extremely self-serving and judgemental. It’s one thing to have made these judgements about people, and totally another to announce to the world who you deem to be ministry-worthy. For example, you decided that Tracy Stuffle is unfriendly, although maybe he may have been sick. I have never found him to be anything but friendly and approachable. For you to damage his reputation is reprehensible to me. If you have a problem with any of these or other artist, tell them. I’m sure that you wouldn’t like it if I declared that you are a pompous, self-righteous unhappy person based on your posts here.

  140. irishlist wrote:

    A short list of the uber 1.unfriendly and uber 2.friendly based on personal experience :
    1. in no particular or of nastiness.
    Ann Downing
    Larry Ford
    Gerald Wolf
    Bill Gaither
    Tim Reilly(depending on his mood swings)
    2. in no particular order of conviviality.
    Jake Hess
    Danny Funderburk
    George Younce
    Roger Bennett
    more baddies:
    Dean Hopper
    Ernie Haase
    more goodies:
    Lily Weatherford
    Jeff Pearles.

  141. Frosty wrote:

    Everyone has probably had an encounter with certain singers in Southern Gospel that they find to be a not so pleasant experience. I would say the singers could claim the same thing at times with the fans. I have paid attention to singers over the years and have found most to be very friendly over time. The Hopper’s in my opinion are one of the more friendly groups in this genre as are The McKameys. I have found Danny Funderburk to be very friendly and Gold City down through the years could be questionable at certain concerts. Gold City members of the past that were always friendly are Ivan Parker,Mike LeFevre,Mark Trammell,Steve Ladd to name a few. Yes, some of the others have been friendly at times and not so friendly at others. I do not judge them based on one encounter, but rather many and as I have seen the Hopper’s the most I must say they are a Class Act! Some may disagree and that is fine. I think most Cathedral singers during their time with George and Glenn could not help but be friendly. After they left may be another story.

  142. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #139: Steve Smith

    Steve……when people sign up to sing Christian music or Gospel music (no matter the style), they are making a certain statement.

    I won’t begin to quote scriptures on how the New Testament admonishes that we are to behave with our fellow man. I’m sure you’ve read them.

    When people stand up and sing about Jesus and claim to be a Christian, that sets the standards a little higher than those who sing secular music. In other words, after a beautiful, anointed, spine-tingling religious testimony or emotionally calming presentation of spiritual music, a concert-goer doesn’t expect to land at the product table and witness a bad attitude.

    No, I’m not ruining their reputation. When they behave inappropriately, they are ruining their OWN reputation. You seem to forget who helps to pay their mortgage, buy the fuel for their bus, pay for CD replication and pay for studio time.

    It is the generous FAN and SG music lover. We buy the tickets, the CD’s, the DVD’s, the songbooks, and the weekend packages to Gatlinburg and Myrtle Beach.

    Even though a lot of us on “A Very Fine Line” make comments about this, that or the other, we still love SG music and we still buy the CD’s and admire the tremendous talent that graces a SG stage every night.

    However, the SG performers need to realize that they did choose to be in the spotlight. They did choose to be around the “fans”, knowing that people are indeed watching them and their Christian testimony. They knew this going in.

    It is very difficult to be “on” 24/7. I do understand that; however, when your income depends upon a generous public, you need to be nice to the public and ask God to help you demonstrate kindness and consideration.

    So….I’ll reiterate…….a person singing about Jesus needs to demonstrate friendliness and kindness.

    If they’re truly sick or having a bad day, they need to go to the bus and ask one of the other members of the group to cover for them. It would be better to do this than to leave a very bad impression with a person who has looked forward to meeting their favorite singer.

  143. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    Hi Irishlist! (lad) LOL

    I was kinda surprised that Ann Downing was on the unfriendly list. One night after church, we talked to her for a long time. See……this just goes to show the mood swings a lot of these folks have. We are all truly having different experiences with the same folks.

    It’s really a shame because it’s making a lot of them appear a little moody and, at times, un-Christlike.

    In the interest of full disclosure, one of the folks on my “friendly” list is a friend of mine - I’ve helped to work their table and another group, I’ve been to their house. (Obviously, as Alan has shown, it makes a difference if you’re their friend)

    However…..regarding a pair on my friendly list……another friend of mine (Music Director) personally witnessed them in a bad argument with each other at the table. She said that it was completely distasteful and was a real turn-off.

    So…..there ya go……..

  144. sgpromochick wrote:

    Ann Downing is without a doubt the worst southern gospel singer out there. She is rude, crude and socially un acceptable. She came to our church and will NEVER be allowed back due to the things she said and how she treated people. I am sad for her, she is clueless, really and needs a wake up call. God help her!

  145. Wade wrote:

    nb’er — Well who were you referring to??? I saw JD both times that have been spoken about!!!

    Cd Guy… I agree and she has been much fun every time I went with my buddy who plays on the Grand Ole Opry!!!

    Q-Man — Well sometime when you have time would love to hear what ya have going on at the Mega Church. I still play at one from time to time ( even after getting fired at a 1st Baptist type church by a Tenn Temple Grad for my at that time long hair and the fact I played in night clubs) and it always fascinates me the different direction they go in.

    Some have the SAME SERVICE (in multi AM service churches) some will have a traditional service (Robes, Organ, Hymns etc) then one that is mostly P&W and no robes and rock & country feel to music. Don’t be SHOCKED but I actually went to one the music was TOO ROCK for me!!! It was ALL secular music with gospel words plugged in. Then there is another they actually have different service going on at the same time and then they video in the message when it comes time and the pastor alternates which service he goes to LIVE!!!

    PLEASE Be my friend on facebook please… of course all ya have to do is click on my name I have a public page. Even ode, irishdude, Dr. Joe, Alan, Swains and a few others have found it!!!

    The latest thing I have started to see more and more is a church having Multiple church Campuses in different areas of town and they video in the pastor but the music is customed to the area of town… funniest is s lilly white church going in to an Urban area and TRYING to BLACK it up!!!

    As far a marrying a Ruppe, I am so sorry… they usually have GREAT shoes. But since we are talking about peoples dispositions…lol… Valerie might be to young for me, Kim although fun would probably be too bossy but Heather would be JUST RIGHT!!! I like Tall Women w/ raspy a voice!!! ;-) :-)

    CVH — You would be even MORE my HERO if you did that… It would be a real ministry and lotsa fun!!!

    Steve Smith — Did you just judge BWP?!?! These are opinions deal with it!!!! That is what this site is about just in case you have not figured it out!! I’ve been surprised at some of the names on different sides of it. BWP is a little judgmental but never thought she was MEAN about it!!! I see BWP as a nice lady who will speak her mind. She can probably juggle 2 different phones at once and email all at the same time.

    BWP — Why would you think I would have some opinions?!?!? lolol ;-) I’ll think about it and get back to ya. The boring conference call is about over!!!

    We are heading towards 150 on this thread and I have had one kicked. WHO was IT that said nobody was reading this any more and threads rarely reach 100?!??!? lolol ;-) :-)

  146. cd guy wrote:

    I won’t name names, but I’ve seen some artist who are great at the record table with fans, but not-so-great in other business dealings. It’s as if they know the fans are the ones who “butter their bread”, but people they have to deal with business-wise owe the artist something, and have to take the nastiness daily.

    Kinda sad to know that.

  147. Alan wrote:

    I can see that it’s time that I dropped out of this comment thread. To see Tracy Stuffle and Dean Hopper on “unfriendly” lists, while my beloved i-Lad proclaims that old JD was on his friendly list? Wow. That’s just surreal.

    BP, I had some hopes for your reason until I read your last paragraph: “I will say this….He does have the unique ability to be one person on-stage and another off-stage.” Really, BP? An interesting thread on here would indeed be about just that…people who appear one way on stage yet who are well-known for their off stage behavior. A different twist than you had intended, but. So, while it’s not my week to watch Larry, I’ll tell you again that off stage, he’s a great Christian, and family man. Every living, breathing human being has triggers, and something may have activated one of Larry’s triggers on that one night. I have no clue.

    This all underscores a deeper question. Exactly what do you feel you deserve from artists? I don’t live in the sgm world, but I do know that it’s fairly unprecedented in the access fans get with their heroes. Name me another genre of music where you even get to meet and talk with its stars, so that you can form your highly judgmental opinions based on a thirty second meeting? Ever try to meet one of the new country stars? Pop or rock stars? Or even how about CCM artists…have you ever been to one of those concerts, and tried to meet the folks from MercyMe or Casting Crowns? Are they “bigger” than sg artists? Likely. But, the majority of them do their thing, walk offstage, and leave. If you felt like you did after meeting a soloist, would it not have been better to ask him directly if there was something bothering him? Answer: yes. Knowing Larry pretty darn well, my guess would be that he felt that he didn’t have his A-game as he sang. And, I know how he reacts after an evening like that. Soloists have no one else to fall back on, BP. We travel alone a lot, we set our own stuff up and do our own sound checks often. There are no other voices to hide behind when we’re having a night of vocal struggles. Soloists have a wife and kids too, maybe even grandchildren, miles away, and something negative might have happened that weighs heavily on our mind. The feeling of helplessness that all traveling artists feel at times can literally be overwhelming. I had to sing in San Jose, CA one night 32 minutes after learning that my first wife had been diagnosed with the cancer that killed her. Maybe someone who was at that concert follows this blog, and will come on and tell how aloof, distracted, and unfriendly I was at the product table afterward. Some might even mention that when I asked for favorites, and had to sing “Look For Me”, I broke down and cried and missed an entire line. Who knows…?

    But, because you’re there with $15 for a CD and a free compliment, everyone has to be bubbly and bouncy. Not fair, BP. Not really fair at all. I actually understand why you feel like you do, but every artist can have a bad day or night. Some of the folks named here might deserve the blasting they’ve received, because it’s a pattern of similar surliness or unfriendliness. But not all, and not always or even most of the time. My two cents.

  148. nb'er wrote:

    #140 Irishlad. Again a surprise with Ann Downing. I have met her twice and found her nice to talk to. I was really surprised when she remembered my name the second time. It had been about 2 or 2 and half years.

    My wife met Sheri Easter and found her nice to talk to.

    The first time I met Brock Speer I thought he was unfriendly. But the second and third times (and no he didn’t remember me) he was very friendly. Who knows, maybe I had bad breath or something the first time. Faye was always friendly.
    I found one of the adopted Speers towards the end though unfriendly. Even seemed annoyed when I changed my mind on buying something.
    A former Dixie Melody Boy chatted with me a lot one night until I bought the blue light special instead of their latest project and then he changed his tune. You could see the disgust on his face. I didn’t buy it to be cheap, I bought ’cause it had the songs I wanted.

  149. irishlad wrote:

    144 in response: i said in no particular order but if it was , Ann D would go top of the list . I watched her along with 2000 other folks in Belfast pulling a fully fledged tantrum on stage of all places.Totally appalling,i felt for the poor(sound) guy who was on the receiving end of this vitriol. I can tell you the soother was well and truly fired outta the pram that night. And at the table she pulled another unbelievable and unforgivable stunt on a 90yr old friend of my father who thought she was the best thing since sliced bread. She was well and truly off his Christmas card list before he hit the sack that night!

  150. Alan wrote:

    I-Lad: “Soother”. I think we call them pacifiers. And prams we call strollers. I say this for anyone not versed in Irish lingo. LOL

  151. quartet-man wrote:

    I just have time for a couple of quick things.
    BWP, as far as Larry Ford, perhaps it was an issue of being overwhelmed at the table. Although I haven’t worked at a table, I have worked retail with a lot of people all wanting attention, service, all having questions etc. It is wearying and try as a person might, they just cannot give everyone the attention they demand or maybe even deserve.

    nb’er , of course Ann remembered your name. How could you forget a name like nb’er ? ;)

    Wade, I’ll try to get back to you. As far as Valerie, she is a bit younger than I , but not too much. As far as height, Heather would be better for me. I am unsure how tall she is, but it probably couldn’t be as tall as I am. :)

  152. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    Steve, Alan…..and anyone else who wants to listen LOL…….anyway…..

    When I planned, escorted and conducted group tours, I worked with all ages and all types of people (good, bad, funny, aggravating and indifferent). At times, I escorted middle school groups along with many chaperones.

    Back in 1993, I was escorting over 100 middle school kids to Washington, DC. To say this was stressful work is a gross understatement. Honestly, I wouldn’t do it again.

    Right before this trip, I had been helping to take care of my grandmother since 1987. Before that, I helped to take care of both of my grandparents who had been very sick.

    My grandfather passed away in 1985. I lost my father when I was very young due to a massive heart attack. He was 43 years old. In addition, I have no brothers or sisters, and it was just my mom and I helping to take care of my grandmother who had been in and out of the hospital. (While we were both working)

    Even though my grandmother was sick, my mother stayed with here while I took the middle school group to DC. After I arrived in Virginia, I immediately received a message to call home. My grandmother had passed away. I had to immediately scramble and get everyone together - teachers and chaperones and explain what had happened and give them the schedule.

    Long story short, a lot of money needed to be counted for one of the school excursions and NOT ONE teacher or parent offered to help me. During my grief that night, I had to count the money and stay up until all hours of the night.

    The next day, I had to catch a flight out at 7:00 a.m. to go back home and help my mother make funeral arrangements. My mother also doesn’t have brothers or sisters.

    During this entire VERY stressful situation, (not to put a halo on my head), but due to professionalism in my business, I was NEVER ONCE rude to one person. I took care of business, got my “ducks in a row” and caught a plane back home to plan the funeral.

    Was I sad? Of course. Was I stressed? You better believe it. Was I overwhelmed? Definitely. Was I hurt that NO ONE offered to help me? Yes, a little, but some people are just selfish.

    I won’t go into this story, but one time I had taken over 50 people to Las Vegas on a company trip and another long story short, we had to make an emergency landing due to mechanical failure. I thought we were going to die. But, I prayed, kept my cool, we landed, and I did everything in my power to help and reassure my group.

    My point in all of this……YES, I have been through some really tough times…..yes, I have cried many tears in private and have almost “blown a gasket” over rude people, BUT I DID IT IN PRIVATE. I did not mistreat my clients and customers. THAT IS GROSSLY UNPROFESSIONAL. Even when I was mistreated by clients, I kept my cool, bit my tongue and moved on down the road. Was it easy? Absolutely not.

    So, call me judgmental or tag me with whatever name you prefer, but EVERYONE GOES THROUGH HARD TIMES. There comes a point in life where people need to exhibit a little self-discipline. Am I perfect? NO WAY, but I do try to do my very best to be kind, compassionate and considerate.

  153. irishlad wrote:

    Thanks Alan i WAS in fact trying to use the US terminology ,thank god I did’t call it a ‘dummy tit’ , which is far more used than soother lololol.

  154. irishlad wrote:

    152 Bwp….self recommendation or the blowing of one’s own horn does not sit well with most ppl, least of all me. However in your case an exception has to made simply because you told it without sour grapes or a feeling sorry for oneself attitude. Most of all it was a totally believable account. I for one take my hat of to you….. Still running the tours?..i’d go with you anyday :)

  155. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    I stopped running the tours around 1998. I really enjoyed it and had a blast, well most of the time. LOL But, the internet brought increased challenges to profitability. Plus, my mother had to have major surgery and she became very sick for a while. It was just a lot to juggle.

    A lot of travel industry folks began to lose money over a period of time, especially when people could book travel via the internet. Internet competition became fierce.

    I’m a people-person (believe it or not) LOL, and tours became increasingly stressful as well. The one Lobbyist group that I took to the Pentagon was beyond belief. They brought new meaning to the word “demanding”. After the trip, I refused to take them again.

    A trip to the Capitol for the group to meet with Newt Gingrich resulted in one Lobbyist asking me to drop him by the liquor store……another asking to stop by Wendy’s Hamburgers…….well, you get the point……

    I have taken a church group to a Gaither concert since closing my business, but I just did that as a favor to the church. I didn’t make money off of it. It was just fun!

    Right now, my husband and I have a website-blog (not Southern Gospel), we’re writers and outdoor photographers. For a short while, I was writing articles about a new TV show for an entertainment blog, but right now we’re concentrating on our website.

    We feel that we can better help people through our own blog writing about real-life issues. My husband has come through cancer, a heart attack and serious retina surgery…..and God has miraculously brought him through.

  156. CVH wrote:

    #153…Ilad…first it was bald pussy…now dummy tits…what’s next?

  157. nb'er wrote:

    I have to say two of the friendliest singers I ever met. Joy Gardner. A joy (no pun intended) to talk too. Very friendly and enthusiastic. She was great. The other, not a SG singer, but CCM singer. Paul Colman. I first met him while he was with the Newsboys. I’ve met since as soloist. He makes you feel like you’ve known him forever.

    Also Glen West of the Lumber River Quartet is a very pleasant person to talk to.

  158. tommy jones wrote:

    I always found Larry Ford to be very business-like, yet at the same time friendly and most gracious.

  159. irishlad wrote:

    156 CVH … C&W v’s P&W v’s SG v’s S&M… Who the devil knows?

  160. Used To Be A fAnn wrote:

    #144 & 149 — Oh, yeah. Don’t doubt you two at all. I used to be an avid fan and supportor, until I saw her shred her ‘Girl Friday’ to tears in front of 200 ladies one time. Also seen how she treated the volunteer A/V staff and hotel staffers, too. Left the event heartbroken, never to return. Sad.

  161. crazyjoe wrote:

    Dean Hopper not nice-You are nutz!! The Hopper boyz and their parents are the most friendly people, and not to mention hardest working, in sogo music. They go out of their way to be cordial and friendly.

  162. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    That’s why I don’t see a problem with a Friendly/Unfriendly List. If people are going to sing or proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they need to leave their bad attitude on the bus.

    #147 - Alan’s comment in quotes:

    “But, because you’re there with $15 for a CD and a free compliment, everyone has to be bubbly and bouncy. Not fair, BP. Not really fair at all. I actually understand why you feel like you do, but every artist can have a bad day or night.”

    Response #147 (Alan’s comment above)


    Yes, if I enjoy a group or an artist enough to buy a ticket, purchase a CD and kindly give them a compliment, then yes, I expect an artist to have enough respect for me as a human being to show some kindness. We’re not asking to go to Shoney’s with them or to tour their bus……just a gracious demeanor and respect for their supporters.

    If I had treated my clients as some of the artists treat the concert-goers, then not one person would have gone on my tours. Not One.

  163. Wade wrote:

    BWP.. Shoneys…Ha Ha!!!! Do they still have them where you are at??? They closed them all in Chattanooga!!!

  164. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    Thought y’all would love the Shoney’s reference!

    In our small town, we actually have a great locally-owned Shoney’s with some outstanding cooks. It’s honestly like going to your grandma’s for Sunday dinner. Their buffet is incredible! (Some of the best sweet potato souffle you’ll ever put in your mouth)

    However, most Shoney’s are going downhill, but in our small town here in Georgia, we happen to have a really good one!

  165. irishlad wrote:

    161 Not to put to fine a point on it pal, you really have no clue ,have you? The DH you’re talking about I assume is the stage personna, you know the one who takes your coin. The one I’m talking about is the hard nosed part owner or the NQC whom I met on a private visit…not nice my friend, not nice at all. Sorry to introduce you to the real world.

  166. weber wrote:

    Stayed tuned for my unfriendly list, you will be amazed////………

  167. irishlad wrote:

    Here’s a thought on Sg groups and their bordering on breadline incomes:The top 10 poorest states in the US from Louisiana breezing in at an inflation busting #10 to an indigently eye-watering Mississippi at #1 and the states within just happen to make up the feeding ground for the poverty stricken minstrels and troubadours who call themselves Sg artists. Interesting too perhaps is that all 10 without exception are red states.

  168. Jake wrote:

    I find the friendly/unfriendly comments to be quite interesting. Unfortunately in a business like this, artists tend to create good or bad opinions about themselves by one-moment situations. Somebody may be having a wonderful time at the product table, talking with fans and being enjoyed by all, until their is a counting/change error with someone who gave a large bill, and for a moment while trying to figure out the problem, he or she seems distant, unfriendly, etc. Or it may be that someone just complained at length because they didn’t sing a particular song, or the sound was too loud, etc. Sometimes they just got off the cell phone that the wife is having problems with little junior. And on and on.

    It’s true that professionalism dictates that you always put on the best face in spite of what else is going on. Unfortunately, sometimes professionalism gets trumped by humanness. It’s unfair — but life.

    I find it interesting in the posts about that certain artists have given off both positive and negative vibes at different times. Unless someone has a continual reputation for being nasty or cold or arrogant, etc. it is probably safe to assume that they may be having a bad moment or they may even be distracted, and their mind is on something else which is probably directly related to them being where they are at the time. Professional? Maybe not. Human? You bet.

  169. Ode wrote:

    Alan and q-man- while Br.Reese’s post(#86) was, indeed, nice, nothing in it strikes me as particularly Christian, especially not his lack of humbleness. It’d earn him B- or C+, depends on a teacher, in Business Comm 101 class. Even by secular standards of business ethics he made 2 bold mistakes in his reply, and failed to address the actual complaint.

    156, “”"”"dummy tits…what’s next?”"”" In SG context? I have no idea what’s that. Euphemism for “Dolly Parton”? Analogous to journalistic pop expression “government tit”,many artists/groups trying to suck on it, coveting the benefits Dollywood brings; in perfect accordance with the situational SG morality , they are fine with Gay friendliness of the park and Dolly’s openly vocal gay rights supportiveness ….when it benefits THEM ;)

    112, Can’t understand why though.. mystery to me.Music is often great, vocals fabulous…Care to elaborate?

    168, Good point. One-two encounters are not a statistically significant representation, so it’s all good fun and sharing of experiences, not issuing verdicts. By “unfriendly artist” BP doesn’t mean one is a bad Christian or unfit for ministry, as she is being accused of here. Some of the godliest believers are shy and reserved, yet the friendliest people one can possibly meet are crooks, used car salesmen, pastors of mega churches and con-artists of similar caliber. Superficial friendliness is an acquired quality, unrelated to true values of character.

    Friendliness on the job is a requirement for all in customer service. If a flight attendant can do it during 16 hour trip, caring for 230 people, some of them babies, crammed in one tiny capsule… then demanding it from SG singers- self proclaimed Christians - isn’t unreasonable at all.

    “””ocd odie””” LOL.. :D remember the story about godly old maid, well organized, orderly and proper woman, that finally gets married; as the wedding night progresses, she finally breaks down :“Sir, make up your mind, in or out. This repeating of the same thing over and over is highly annoying”

    I make many posts for it’s hard grasping large blocks of text in a column format, written left to right, with caps and much punctuation. So here, all replies in one, just for wadey :)

  170. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    The accessibility of southern gospel artists is one of the genre’s charms. I remember some years ago, I was contemplating going to see Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith live in concert. Chapman was auctioning off a limited number of meet and greet tickets. The bidding was ridiculously high. Now, I’m not necessarily saying that was wrong, it just gives you an idea of how CCM is a wholly different world from southern gospel.

    I say we should enjoy what we have and roll with the changes.

  171. Derek wrote:

    Some people on this blog may be familiar with the recent resurgence of the red back church hymnal published by Pathway Press in 1951 and used in many churches across several denominations. I grew up in an Assembly of God Church singing out of the red back church hymnal which is full of familiar songs. On Saturday April 14, a red back hymn sing took place at Gardendale First Baptist Church in Gardendale Alabama. It was a wonderful evening of great gospel songs sung by a choir of 200 with 1600 people in attendance. There were many fine piano players present, but Tracey Phillips especially shined in her beautiful performance of ‘Wonderful Peace’, and she let loose on Albert E Brumley’s song, ‘I’ll Meet You in the Morning’. It is awesome when you stop in a singing and just enjoy the incredible power these songs still possess. I wish the quality of the videos were better, but I just wanted to share.

    ‘Wonderful Peace’:

    ‘I’ll Meet You in the Morning’:

  172. I Write Mama Songs wrote:

    Dean Hopper laughed at me once. I can’t say that I blame him. If I had seen him in the predicament I was in, I not only would have laughed, I would have taken pictures.

  173. MrGospel wrote:

    Gardendale FBC Red back church hymnal singing. I was so overwhelmed by the choir and the anointing poured out that night. God was truely in the house.

  174. Wade wrote:

    We missed ya ode… you can make 20 post in a roll if ya want!!! So OCD ode which way you like it IN or OUT?!?!? ;-)

    Jake has many good points in his post… too many FANATICS expect way too much for their merch buy & compliments.

    BWP has made reference a few times about how artist treat ya all nice and cozy as long as they think you can DO something for them… and society is the same way so to me it is not a big surprise.

    My list of friendly/unfriendly would be too colored because my main contact is from booking them. I’ve got a couple of friends that have been in the biz deep, but I knew them before they were!!!

    Most singers are cry baby artist types and need serious management!!! Because of the unique abilities are much like elite college athletes. They have been catered to and had their ass kissed most of their life and have no real sense of reality!!

  175. NG wrote:

    Over at David Bruce Murrays’s Music Scribe Blog there are some strong allegations made about well-known promoter Frank Arnold (who promotes in Oklahoma and other places). If anyone knows Arnold I think they should make him aware of the posts in case he wants to defend himself.

  176. observor wrote:

    Frank Arnold has been promoting great concerts for 30 years. I am greatly surprised by these allegations.

  177. Wade wrote:

    AHHH the life of a promoter!!! Sometimes for publicity sake you have to put it out there WHO you want to show up!!!

    Artist are so fickle when you have a booking agent and agent/personal management to deal with. Sometimes you just gotta go with it and make the proper disclosure… ALL ARTIST SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE!!!

    Promoting is a tough biz… it is a BIG RISK… if you have a bad night the artist are always there with their hand out. Funny is every time I had a bad night the artist did very little to put it out to their fans where they would be… despite promising they would do everything to help.

    In today’s economy everybody has to work together to get the crowd there!!

    Even in secular promotions the artist usually works their social media and contact list to help the promoter out.

    If they don’t it usually spells disaster!!!

    Don’t have any particular love for Frank because when I promoted dates in Missouri he never made it easy for me. But ya have to do whatever you have to do cause it is still bi’ness!!! But he has been working a long time and has provided a venue for many artist to perform and SALE!!!

    Let’s hear from Frank before we skewer him!! I know for a fact he has paid all the artist in question MANY TIMES!!!

    As I said in todays market with the lag time between trying to book, the need for content for advertising and the constant game of negotiating with booking agents and management simultaneously, most of the time NONE aware of the desires of the other and the artist being out in left field you just want to pull your hair out.

    I did not see the Perrys advertised for this weekend any place on Franks Site.

    Artist need to be careful blowing up a promoter that provides good multiple dates.

    Anybody that has ever put on a concert can certainly feel Frank’s Pain. It’s tough having a $20-30K talent budget and usually that same amount in marketing before 1 person steps through a turnstile.

    I STOPPED doing SGM events because it is worse than trying to herd cats. Try having 3-4 major groups and making them all happy with Sound, order of performance and product table placement. … better have lotsa xanax and pass them around. ALL ARTIST are the MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!! If you do not believe it… just Ask THEM!!!

  178. ode wrote:

    174,my english took a real dive since college. I’ll solicit some lessons from sweet brit ilad ;)
    -What “it” means in here, Wade? SG industry? Then I‘d prefer all gay singers and artists are OUT, for their own sake, and that’d color the “Gay”ther Homecomings beautiful. Can they afford it, all things considered? Dunno, but hope they are never out of the industry, leaving SG in straight hands only….. That’s when my assumption that the median age of SG fans is “Deceased” will become more truth than a joke

  179. irishlad wrote:

    i can tell you missed me’s a big mwaaah from me to you xx

  180. Wade wrote:

    Thanks Derek for sharing those videos I went and watched most of them!!! It’s ABOUT the MUSIC & the LOVE of it and God, no matter what anybody say that brings the sinners, the fundies and the rest together!!!

  181. greg wrote:

    Maybe need to start a new open thread, but does anyone besides me hope that winning a couple of Dove awards will help Jason Crabb escape from the clutches of TBN?????????

  182. weber wrote:

    If Frank had any business sense at all, he would retire from promoting. The worlds greatest throat singer wins a dove award? No, TBN is where he belongs, he has become a media hound.

  183. Wade wrote:

    Frank is doing JUST FINE!!!! Who else is gonna put on SGN Multi day events a loose money!!!?????

  184. George wrote:

    Chubs (Or should I just say your real name, Shaun). You got the PRIVILEGE and OPPORTUNITY to open and sing before the Kingsmen. It doesn’t matter if you thought they were unfriendly or whatever, it wasn’t your concert (New Direction Trio). You don’t get on a computer and talk bad about another group that’s sharing the gospel no matter what you think. You don’t know if they are having a hard time behind the scenes, etc. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  185. cynical one wrote:

    Doug, I’m disappointed you haven’t weighed in on the Perry’s new dvd “CELEBRATE ME HOME”. I’d be interested in your comments.

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