Coming undone

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a convention singing quite come unglued this spectacularly. Take an electrifying look:

There’s more from the same event here and here (h/t, Derek). Think a good thought for Eloise Phillips while you’re at it.

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  1. MrGospel wrote:

    And yes incredible piano players as well. Also one incredible Hammond B3 player too. The biggest Red Back Hymnbook singing that I know of.

  2. Mark wrote:

    I didn’t see anything come unglued. We Christians call that a move of the Holy Spirit. I’m afraid the church where I attend would scare you to death.

  3. Alan wrote:

    Mark - I also wondered about the word “unglued”. But, I think I know what Doug meant. Nonetheless, this was fabulous! I’ve done concert work with both Tracy Phillips and Stan Whitmire, two of the best of all of Eloise Phillips’ piano students. So, yeah, a lot of real nice thoughts are going her way. The lady has had some magic going for a long time.

  4. Mark wrote:

    The man directing the choir on this tune is Dr. Devin Stephenson. The former 26 year minister of music at the Sumiton Church of God. Although convention style has hardly been done there in 35 years, Dr. Stephenson and many of his staff grew up in and around convention style and SG. He is an extremely talented director and formed the Spirit Singers Choir with 180 to 200 members at a given time. Truly one of the most gifted people in leading worship I’ve ever seen, and a great keyboard player as well. Also my mentor as a teenager, he is a true gift to the body of Christ. You can truly feel the Spirit of the Lord in this video.
    God Bless

  5. Mark wrote:

    Sorry I posted as Mark as there is another Mark posting here. I guess I can be Mark B

  6. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    This is what our churches are missing today - a genuine move of the Holy Spirit. There is no pretense in this type of singing. The songs were written for worship of a holy God.

    When the church turns its back on trends, fads, marketing plans, pandering to the culture, building churches with massive debt…….and does a 180 by focusing on the worship of God……we may see revival in this country and even more enjoyable music.

  7. Ted Watson wrote:

    Even though I’ve never gone to a church with music like this, just hearing it makes me homesick. If you have music like this at a church near where you live, give them your enthusiastic support - both spiritually and financially. I’m in Eugene, Oregon. I doubt I could find anything like this within 500 miles!

  8. Ellen wrote:

    So good to see you pop up here, Ted Watson! Your “Eugene” comment caught my eye; I live about 45 miles from there, and have heard you many times at PGMA events. Anyway, yes–I totally “get” your “homesick” comment, Ted! This brought tears to my eyes…maybe homesick for Heaven? And maybe homesick for the Mitchell family reunions we had in years gone by where we would sing this kind of music (this song, in fact) with my now-late aunt handling the piano end of things very capably. I could immerse myself in an event such as this for a very long time… You are right; Eugene is a very long way (to my knowledge) from anything like this.

  9. Sensible wrote:

    Check out this Though it starts with a trio, the choir joins in and heaven comes down!

  10. David J. Stuart wrote:

  11. David J. Stuart wrote:

    How bout this clip?

  12. Tommy wrote:

    Mark you are correct. This is a great example of how some people may love Gospel music but only as an art form just like some enjoy Jazz or Pop. They don’t have a relationship with the One who is talked about. They find their pleasure in the rifts or licks the guitar player plays but are immune to the moving of the Holy Spirit. Its truly sad.

  13. Kyle wrote:

    I can’t help but wonder….is it this “ungluing”/moving of the Holy Spirit an aesthetic that non-Christians view as “part of the show”? It was used to great effect in “The Blues Brothers” when the Triple Rock Baptist Church became Pentescostal with a huge black dance number…..

  14. Sensible wrote:

    #10 David J Stuart - The guy singing in the video is Rev. Earl Hughes, and this is an independent Baptist campmeeting. Most of them running and so on, are preachers. This is not uncommon in these type of meetings. This type of crowd may have a few CDs of Southern Gospel (such as Inspirations & McKammeys, Perrys - definitely not EHSS), but they are not really interested in going to a Southern Gospel concert. They are not interested in the showmanship, the quirky fake jokes or acts. They hate the entertainment side of SG.

    They are not even interested in a perfected correctly sung sound. Sure they want it to sound good with harmony - but even an elderly man are woman can stand who voice cracks and shakes and doubles on parts, and they do not care as long as the Spirit is in it. They like to see people who sing in sincerity with a tear in the eye and a smile on the face and the power of God on them. They had much rather see a service like this then to go see a Gaither concert (most would not even go to a Gaither concert - it is too planned and too much of a production).

    What they are really interested in is seeing God move in a service, people going to the altar. And they will always have old fashioned preaching at these meetings unless it “gets out of the banks” like it did in this meeting.

    My purpose in telling all this is to open people’s eyes to the fact that this is an example of another world that is connected to gospel music.

    There are 3 world’s to traditional gospel music and the last one splits (there may be more, but these are the ones I’ve noticed). 1) Conventional Singings - church choirs coming together to sing out of the songbook (like the video Doug posted) 2) Campmeeting Singing - folks like in the video of #10 post that I just explained. 3) Southern Gospel Singings - just the good ole gospel singing with 1 or more groups on the program. This group splits between really traditional groups (Inspirations, McKameys, Perrys fans) Quartet groups (Gold City, Kingsmen, etc.) then Modern groups whos sound is really commercial, showy, or on the edge (like EHSS) - Bluegrass gospel - then some are SG but on the edge of praise & worship (some of Talleys material)

    It really is amazing at how diverse the “traditional” SG field is. It’s just like Baskin-Robbins. . . there’s all kinds of flavors behind the gospel music glass.

  15. MrGospel wrote:

    This is my church that I attend. And I was the one whi had this vision a year ago for this special service. I was so moved and touched by God and his presence. I’ve known Dr. Devin Stephenson for many years and he is truly a great leader and carries the anointing with him. That’s why I asked him to be part of this evening. God blessed in so many ways. Members of the Otis McCoy family were there. Their Uncle Otis compiled this book. I love these songs so much. Many people shed tears and shouted that night. And was told by several people that they had friends come that night who had not been in church in years and some over 40 years. PTL Godva special work. Isn’t he so good to us.

  16. Wade wrote:

    I grew in churches that ALL had the RED BOOK!!

    They were Baptist Churches that had what most people considered a Church of GAWD song book!!! After all it was published in Cleveland, Tn.!!! The churches I grew up in would be what I call BAPTICOSTAL!!! It was all like a Church of GAWD but they did not speak in tongues & considered every one SAVED and could not LOOSE the salvation that God gives us as the BEST GIFT EVER!!!

    When I have more time I will give a hard time to some of the people above. But I like rock, country & jazz and have played them all PROFESSIONALLY!!!

    Still I Never get the feeling I get when I hear some good ole gospel music.

    Thanks to Derek!!… who ever turned us on to this… YES it wasn’t UNPLUGGED like Alan & others were looking for . But it is better than 90% of the music I have heard in churches since I was 14. I am 46 now.

    Can’t we just enjoy the goodness of God and not worry about who has something BETTER than this or not consider it good if some1 is not running all over the place shouting and speaking in tongues and maybe running down the back of the pews, dragging out the snakes or rollin’ their eyes in the back of their head and falling out in the spirit!!!

    Don’t get me started!!! I’ve played in over 1500 churches of ALL kinds and I will embarrass you if you get too POMPOUS!!

    WELL GLORY!!!!!

  17. j-mo wrote:

    I think Wade is speaking in tongues…can someone please interpret?

  18. Renee wrote:

    I agree with Mark…this isn’t coming unglued…it’s worship in Spirit and in Truth! You oughta’ come visit our church if you want to see more of this in a more “electrifying” way! The Holy Ghost move is what is needed in our church and our nation today! Calvary Pentecostal Church, 238 American Inn Road, Villa Ridge, Missouri.

    “The church that’s alive is worth the drive!”

  19. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    Okay Wade…..this one’s for you! This is what you get when you mix a little Red Back Hymnal, New Orleans Blues, Lillie Knauls and some old-time Swaggart.

  20. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    This is another old one from the Red Back Hymnal - “Grand and Glorious Feeling”….. convention style.

  21. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    This is an incredible website if you love the Red Back Hymnal:

    Here is the You Tube link to their videos:

    Some great piano-playing:

  22. Wade wrote:

    J-mo see if you understand this…shamalaka elsmaklambda damananlika!!

  23. Wade wrote:

    Thanks BWP!!!! But you liked it too didn’t ya!!!!

  24. irishlad wrote:

    Unhinged would be a better way of describing it, certainly an outpouring of something,exactly what I’m not so sure…let’s start of with pent up sexual fustration coupled with the inability to express ones feelings in a non threatning situation ie a horny Pastor and a few or his dubious co-horts. My goodness a shrink would have a field day with that

  25. Derek S. wrote:

    RE: #9, Was that Scott Thomas (formerly of Tony Gore & Majesty) singing the lead on that one? And I also spotted Tony Peace in the choir. Good stuff!

  26. j-mo wrote:

    Wade (#22),

    That’s as much sense as you have made in years.

  27. Sensible wrote:

    #25 - Yes that is Scott Thomas singing lead, and that is Tony Peace in the choir.

  28. Wade wrote:

    Cool J-mo still waiting for you to make ANY SENSE!!!!

  29. Rick wrote:

    Here’s some acapella singing of one of Charles Towler’s songs.

  30. Blackstone wrote:

    As a lover of this type of music, but living in the North, can any or many of you give me some dates/places of future events like this to attend and sing in. I realize there was one in Atlanta two years ago, but their website doesn’t give any more dates of future events. We would be willing to drive to participate/attend. Thanks

  31. irishlad wrote:

    30 Yeah Blackstone, the first Church of God, Backwardsville are hosting their first annual bring your own snake all night sing-a-long in up state N.Y. Contact C.V.H for directions, unfortunately he can’t attend that night.

  32. up north guy wrote:

    #31 irishlad: I fail to see any humor in what you wrote.

  33. irishlad wrote:

    32 That’s because you’re confusing humour with satire,ung.

  34. ode wrote:

    32, Your perception unit can use some fine tuning overall. Out of 60 people, incl OP, on TBN thread, you were the only one defending those frauds, because, in your opinion, there weren’t enough charges filed against them by the government .]

    So I guess you wouldnt be among students from Bob Jones Univ. that forced that disgusting “christian” school to get rid of rape covering pastor and board memeber Chuck Phelps, despite the lack of formal charges. Covering up crime for the sake of the image…. Ugly southern funamentalist values for ya :D

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