Belinda Smith does Mountain Stage live

For a while now, southern gospel songwriter Belinda Smith has been branching out into some adjacent styles and genres on the both sides of the singer-songwriter hyphen. She recently kickstarted her way to a live album of her own material, Time Machine, some of which she reprised recently on a local NPR-affiliate show, Mountain Stage at West Virginia Wesleyan College. Listen to the show here.

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  1. j-mo wrote:

    The apathy is palpable.

  2. irishlad wrote:

    maybe everyone thinks this BS post is BS?

  3. Belinda wrote:

    Thanks, Doug! That was a really fun night. A total honor to be on such a prestigious show. I liked ,”Hallelujah.”

  4. David wrote:

    Irishlad, there’s medication to help with excessive negativity. Enjoy the retrospective into the typical variety show of the 70s.

    That Tom Jones’ is still singing is fascinating! What a voice and what a career.

  5. Ode wrote:

    6, :D just dont overdose on it, Ilad! Poor Jerry Kirksey must have took too much in his pursuit of positivity, look what it did to his pious pseudo christian sweet little mag

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