Just Sing: Donna Summer, Dolly Parton, Mac Davis and Tom Jones sing gospel

Via reader MF, a fine way to enjoy a holiday Monday … hop in the way-back machine to 1977 and a gospel medley mash-up of songs and singers on the Mac Davis show:

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  1. ng wrote:

    Good stuff. Maybe Gaither caught the show at the time. Also a reminder of how gospel music used to be a part of secular music shows 35 years ago.

  2. cynical one wrote:

    ng — that was especially true with country music shows — Porter Wagoner, Johnny Cash, et al.

    Were the teleprompters in the ceiling?

  3. Snarfie wrote:

    Enjoyed it, but what a unique quartet! If I’m not mistaken, Tom Jones released a gospel project sometime within the past couple of years or so.

  4. Wade wrote:

    WoW back when you could go hear gospel music and be joyfully entertained and even get a blessin’ without having to listen to senseless preaching and right wing head in the ass politics!!!

  5. Gary wrote:

    Thanks Wade! You would think that maybe groups today would leave all that stuff alone and just sing; but then, maybe they can’t sing and that’s why they try and preach that stuff!

  6. Wade wrote:

    Yeppers Gary… the first group that does will make it BIG!!! Never see Bill in a church for a love offering do ya!?!?!

    Ernie got close but he lost a real bass singer and is now almost always at big churches!! Or so it seems!!!

    Have said it for years and thank goodness I have started hearing it back… but the Happy Goodmans KILLED Gospel Music!!! So much so it now has to be called SGM and is the red headed step child!!

  7. Wade wrote:

    Ya ever think what the Oaks would have sounded like with Willie Singing Tenor instead of Joe?!?!?

    Why did Willie leave?!?!

  8. quartet-man wrote:

    The big reason Willie left was being stuck in the middle of the Oaks and his wife. His wife wanted him home more, so Wilie tried to oblige when he was not touring. However, when “home” the Oaks had a lot of business to tend to and Willie was constantly absent. Sadly, after leaving the Oaks the marriage ended anyhow. I do think that Willie was more suited to the traditional gospel stuff, but Joe was more suited for the direction they were going leading into country.

  9. Wade wrote:

    Thanks Q-Man… I knew if anybody knew… but it would be fun to hear Willie sing Y’all Come Back Saloon!?!?!?

  10. Ode wrote:

    6 “”"the Happy Goodmans KILLED Gospel Music”"”

    ;) You mean killed the name and corrupted the image? No biggie.Life happens. Bill Clinton gave media solid reasons to rename the “Oval” Office; the original great 80’s rap genre was later killed by gangster themed hip-hop, myriads of religious charlatans are actively screwing up the image of “christian” - yet we can’t claim eternal damage to the brand. Just as we can’t indefinitely ride on coattails of ancestors. If Lecrae and Subliminal returned the respect to rap, SG quartets can do the same to sogo. Every new crop of singers hold the power to redefine the terms, regardless how badly their predecessors messed them up.

    Lame quality of many today’s “so-so gospel” bands is squarely their own, not the Goodmans’ fault, I am afraid

  11. Wade wrote:

    No the goodmans killed gospel music as it was known in the heydays when gospel music acts where on major labels!! They brought in evangelism, politics mixed in with their special style of back stabbing of course the latter had been around forever I admit!!

    Have been beating that drum for several years and glad now it has been established by authorities higher than us ode… even had a very prominent member of the community inboxed me confirming same… and they were going to bring back show in the show business!!

    Nobody needs to try and give the goodmans a pass!!!

  12. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    Wow! Tom Jones would have made an incredible Gospel singer. He has such a unique voice. I love the different voices all blended together.

    Tom Jones, Englebert Humperdinck, Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer, Dolly Parton, Mac Davis…….these folks not only have vocal talent…..they have SOUL……(It’s a shame Tom and Englebert were such womanizers)

    I remember seeing Tom Jones in Las Vegas at Bally’s and was completely amused at how women of all ages reacted to him (especially the black women who were on my tour - it was hilarious). Tom Jones may not work out at a Gaither Homecoming……can’t imagine women’s undies being thrown on the stage. (okay…..tacky humor)

    Of course, I’m sure Gaither could find some lucrative marketing relevance in a 3-Pack of 100% Silk Homecoming Undies in a variety of colors. LOL (Sorry……that was tacky as well…..but a funny thought) Wade…..get thee behind me and don’t push! LOL LOL

  13. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    Regarding my tacky humor on #12:

    I was also reminded of the little lights that Gaither passes out at his concerts…….which brings me to an observation about the middle class. My husband and I have made observations about our American middle class culture.

    1. They LOVE big crowds (such as Gaither concerts).

    2. They LOVE gadgets and marketing ploys of all kinds (such as the little concerts flashlights, prayer cloths, 5-pack CD special and limited quantity specials).

    3. They LOVE sappy stories and silly gibberish that is constantly used as a method of entertainment at these concerts….gibberish that basically has little meaning……but tugs at your heart emotionally.

    4. They LOVE to watch rich people get richer and hear their sob stories that really aren’t sob stories.

    Anyway…….just some observations……..maybe this should go on the open thread!

  14. Ode wrote:

    Darling,I wasn’t aware of all that, but will gladly trust you, respect the view shared by many and totally agree.

    Not trying to give Happy Goodmans a pass, God forbid, even though Vestal indeed had a great, inspired stage presence. What I am saying : it’s not HG fault many quartets suck and labels don’t want them. Il Divo, secular q-t, is on Columbia.

    Screwups of others are not our excuse to be lame and refuse to work to repair the image.

  15. Wade wrote:

    Backwoods P… there are enough panties dropped out of on those tours… throwing them on stage would just be greedy!!! ;-)) But I will get BEHIND ya!!! ;-)))

    Ode it is ok… but there have been sucky quartets even way back then!!!

  16. ode wrote:

    :D :D Agreed,some quartets sucked then, suck now and some’ll suck in the future. Hey,as long as not each other- that’s today’s “worst sin”, currently designated by fundie SG crowd as a speck in their brother’s eye, in need of urgent removal.

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