Summer break open thread

So the interns sent word up through the dumbwaiter today that there’s some question about whether or not more open threads will be forthcoming in this new season of comments-detente around here. Consider your question answered.

I’m taking a bit of summer vacation for the next several days, so here’s some sandbox space to play in. The interns will, as per usual, process comments with the semi-efficiency typical of intern labor.Meantime, let’s play a round of “help freshen up Avery’s iPhone playlist.” What should I listen to on the plane ride to and fro? Southern gospel or not. Leave a comment below.

Also: feel free to email me offline if you’ve got suggestions, ideas, questions, or queries I should tackle once post-vacation blogging resumes.

See you soon.

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  1. CVH wrote:

    This may be way off your radar but Joni Mitchell did a record in 2000 of standards and some of her early songs. Her remake of “Both Sides Now” is measured and moving. It’s on Amazon-CD or MP3.

    Jazz-wise some of the remastered early work by the Dave Brubeck Quartet on Columbia is really good. And Belgian guitarist Toots Thielemans (who also plays harmonica and whistles) has been recording for decades. He has a very wide catalog.

    One more - the Mormon Tabernacle Choir did a beautiful record a couple years ago called “Heavensong”. Gorgeous charts and recording. Mack Wilberg has done an amazing job redefining the sound, material selection and arrangements.

    Or you could go back to some vintage recordings by the Rambos from the Heartwarming years. They had a simplicity and earnestness that was as unique then as it is now.

  2. Norm wrote:

    I’m really enjoying the Avett Brothers especially the song “The Perfect Space.” Lots of good stuff on Rosanne Cash’s CD “The List.” Her Dad Johnny has great gospel stuff (backed on some cuts by the Oaks and Cathedrals) on his 4th bootleg CD. As for Southern Gospel, I’ve been listening to the Melody Boys through the years as they are retiring at the end of this year. I especially like their “Get Happy” CD from 2000. In Black Gospel, hard to beat the tribute album to the works of Thomas A. Dorsey called “Precious Lord.”

  3. irishlad wrote:

    Buck Rambo to me had one of the most pleasing of tenor voices,yet sadly that’s not one of the things you think of… :-/

  4. cynical one wrote:

    Willie Nelson’s newest project includes an interesting song, “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die”. He performed it last night on the CMT awards show, with several guest artists. We saw him the night before, and he did it in the middle of his gospel set. Right between “I’ll Fly Away” and “I Saw The Light”. Interesting program sequence. It made me lol.

  5. woodstock wrote:

    #3 - It’s what I think of, along with Dottie’s songs and the harmonies. Guess there’s a lot I don’t know…

  6. Tad Kirkland wrote:

    The Nelons’ Come On Home
    The Talleys’ Love Won (though the song order is all wrong)
    Brian Free & Assurance’s Never Walk Alone

  7. Ode To Buck wrote:

    3 :D

    Golden voiced tenor Buck

    Had a wandering, duck.

    (shucks, ‘in sickness’ was in there, too?
    But he offered remorse, if ‘in lieu’)

    Had misread marriage vow

    But repented - and Lo!

    He’s now plowing God’s field with his hoe!
    Buckie(Rambo), if you reading this, its friendly joking, I’m aware you and mrs are assis. preachers in Nashville now and if u are truly repentful believers, you surely used tougher words on selves then I ever could do in writing.
    Both of you are dirty adulterers, don’t ever forget that! But so are ALL OF US. Biggest sinner is a cocky selfrighteous one that doesnt’ understand how applicable to him “sinners, of whom I am chief” is. Sadly SG culture is filled with those fakes.. ( sigh) makes me so ashamed and usually hiding from my friends that I like this music.

  8. Ode wrote:

    CVH, thanks for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir ref - LOVED them!

  9. Ode wrote:

    3, :D

    Golden voiced tenor Buck
    Had a wandering, duck.
    (shacks, “in sickness” is in there, too?
    But he offered remorse, if “in lieu”)
    Had misread marriage vow
    But repented - and lo,
    Hes now plowing God’s field with his hoe!
    Buckie, if you reading this, its friendly joking, I am aware you and mrs are ass. preachers in Nashville and if you are truly repentful and are sincere believers, you surely used tougher words about self the I ever could do in writing.
    Both of you are adulterers, don’t ever forget that! But so are ALL OF US. Biggest sinner is a cocky selfrighteous one that doenst understand how applicable to him is “ of whom I am chief” - sadly SG culture is filled with those fakes.. ( sigh) that’s what makes me ashamed and mostly hiding from my friends that I like this music.

  10. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    Okay… are some of my secular favorites……these would be nice to listen to on a plane ride.

    Here are the You Tube versions… this…….”Downloading the Oldies” (because the old stuff is better).

    Englebert Humperdinck
    “Spanish Eyes”

    Ricky Skaggs and Boston Pops Orchestra
    “Highway 40 Blues”

    Alison Krauss & Union Station
    “Man of Constant Sorrow”

    Allman Brothers
    “Stormy Monday”

    The Glenn Miller Orchestra
    “In the Mood”

    Jeff Beasley One-Man Band
    Savannah, GA
    “Proud Mary” (His unique version)

    Marty Stuart
    “Ring of Fire” (Love the trumpets and Marty’s hair gel)

    Wayne Newton
    “Danke Schoen” (can’t help it, but I love this)

    Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton
    “Just Someone I Used to Know” (Too bad they parted ways)

    The Three Tenors
    “Nessun Dorma” (My high-brow contribution)

    Johnny Cash & June Carter
    “Jackson” (A pure classic)

  11. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Random hodgepodge:

    Johnny B. Goode — Chuck Berry

    Stand By Me — Straight No Chaser

    Jailhouse Rock — Elvis Presley

    Walking in Memphis — Marc Cohn

    Keep the Customer Satisfied — Simon & Garfunkel

    Forever Young (Continued) — Bob Dylan

    Jessica — The Allman Brothers

    Kodachrome/Maybellene — Simon & Garfunkel

    The Valley Road — Bruce Hornsby & the Range

    It’s Still Rock & Roll to Me — Billy Joel

    Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog — Three Dog Night

    Lady Madonna — the Beatles

    Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard — Paul Simon

    The Old Playground — Bruce Hornsby & the Range

    Late in the Evening — Paul Simon

    You Can Call Me Al — Paul Simon

    Man in Motion (St. Elmo’s Fire) — John Parr

    The Power of Love — Huey Lewis & the News
    Roll With the Changes — R.E.O. Speedwagon

  12. CVH wrote:

    Ode, glad you liked the MTC.

    irishlad, I always thought Buck’s voice was ok; it worked well with Dottie’s and Reba’s. But beyond the infidelity, anyone who was around Nashville and Benson in the ’70s knows there were a lot of other issues.

    One other album - back in 2000 Bill Medley (one half of The Righteous Brothers) did a solo record of classics and inspo songs that was very nice. His voice had that raspy quality along with power or warmth as the song dictated. Good charts and a nice fat sound without being ‘tubby’. Good for late night, lights low, refreshing adult beverage in hand listening.

  13. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Throw a little NeedtoBreathe in there:

  14. curiousone wrote:

    Would be interesting to know what the NQC thinks of the new Memphis Quartet Show. I’m definitely thinking about going there instead of Louisville. I’m tired of bad sound, Compassion International, flea market, bad emcees, short stands, politicians and so much more!

  15. Melody Thomas wrote:

    Did ya’ll see this? Jason Crabb Helped Scoop 10,000 Scoops of Ice Cream to Benefit Michael W Smith’s Rocketown


  16. irishlad wrote:

    11 ygg..there’s me thought I was the only one who liked ’straight no chaser’

  17. Beth wrote:

    Saw the Collingsworth Family in concert last night. WOW. The harmonies are amazing. Great versatility too with the ability to switch parts around. Seems like a great family!

  18. Gary wrote:

    #14 Would love to see what Memphis has to offer. Louisville is becoming tired!

  19. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #16: We’re in the same boat as far as being SNC fans. One of my favorite a capella groups.

  20. Deron wrote:

    #1-Mack Wilberg is an incredible arranger. I’ve had the pleasure of singing several arrangements of his, but never with a full orchestra. His orchestrations are remarkably lush, and really make hymns sound like they should. If he ever teamed up with Lari Goss, though, there’s a good chance that someone would be woodwind-ed to death.

    Even if he won’t make it to heaven, I hope his arrangements will!!

  21. curiousone wrote:

    I plan on going to Memphis instead of NQC. At least there’s stuff to do during the day like Graceland, Sun Studios, and I’ve heard they are building the worlds biggest Bass Pro Shop in the Pyramid with indoor fishing! A real quartet convention is right up my alley!

  22. Wade wrote:

    NQC… should be SKEERED!!!! Is Stewart still on the NQC Board?!?!??! Hope he KILLS it!!!!

  23. Sam wrote:

    Drop Kick Me Jesus

  24. Sam wrote:

    anything Quebe Sisters…

  25. Tad Kirkland wrote:

    Beth, thanks for the reminder. Doug needs to listed to the new Collingsworth CD–especially That’s The Place I’m Longing To Go and Ressurection Morn.

  26. NG wrote:

    Is anyone who read Doug’s book willing to post a review? I’m still waiting for a my copy.

  27. irishlad wrote:

    24 liked those Quebe sis harmonies, sounded like a long lonesome train full of hobos wailing its way mournfully through the night…ah.

  28. CVH wrote:

    Deron (#20), LOL, death by oboes…what a way to go!

  29. quartet-man wrote:

    #11 And I’m surprised they’re know outside of here in IN, let alone the States.

    #26 There have been reviews. I started reading it, put it down and never got back to it.

  30. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    #10 Is that guy’s name really Humperdinck??

    “Humperdinck, Humperdinck, Humperdinck…”

  31. John wrote:

    #30, Engelbert Humperdinck(the pop star, at least)’s real name is Gerry Dorsey.

  32. irishlad wrote:

    30. ‘Please release me let me go’ CVH’s swansong to ygg..prior to his untimely demise..
    Moral of the story; never lose the head with ygg..ouch :)

  33. RF wrote:

    Great music from everyone. My favorites are the Ricky Skaggs cur and the Glenn Miller Band. So much great music out there. Maybe not SG, but great nonetheless.

  34. Jim Markel wrote:

    I’ve been waiting for Doug to post an open thread opportunity, so that I could benefit from everyone’s wisdom, opinion or delusions.

    In the last few months, a web site that was supposedly begun by a SGM artist decided to shut down. This site had delved into some interesting areas of conversation, but lacked the “edge” of averyfineline (IMHO). My personal assessment is that a particular SGM artist or insider wanted to express him or her self anonymously about a host of issues that had “bugged” them for some time. They used the blog site for this purpose, until all of their perceived injustices and anoyances were expressed…and then, they disappeared.

    This case-in-point has given me a renewed respect for Doug’s site. Whether the members of this blog community agree with Doug or not, he continues to put himself out front and accepts both the accolades and the venom that comes his way. Saints, sinners, the Holy and the Hellish all contribute to this travelling SGM tent show.

    As I’ve read many comments over the years, there seems to be some general agreement that a fair number of SGM artists are “spiritually challenged.” Under the cloak of anonymity, we slice and dice people and their reputations…perhaps fairly and perhaps unfairly. If we see a white bird waddling down the road and if that bird quacks, lays eggs, and has a pronounced bill, we have no problem telling others that it is a duck. However, as it applies to spiritual issues, we have to hide behind initials or nicknames or false names. Why? Why is it wrong to acknowledge that some SGM artists don’t “walk the walk?” Why should we be reluctant to point out that SGM has made Mr. Gaither a wealthy man? Why shouldn’t we discuss the corrupt manner that Singing News uses to rank songs on their charts? Carrying stories or tales or passing along rumor and innuendo is wrong; however, the truth should never be hidden. So…getting down to the “nitty gritty,” I wonder why a SGM artist would accept the cloak of anonymity to point out flaws in their own profession, but wouldn’t have the strength of conviction to offer it under their own name? Just wondering…

  35. quartet-man wrote:

    #34 I’m not getting into the entire comment now, but although I am sure the Homecoming things have made Gaither some good money, he helped the careers of many due to them. Furthermore, he and Gloria were wealthy before due to their songs and other ventures. The Homecoming just added to it I am sure. Also, SG didn’t so much make the wealth, it is his talent in putting it together, packaging, investing and promoting it. Otherwise, many SG artists would have already been in high cotton without him.

  36. Wade wrote:

    #34 — Jim, GREAT COMMENT… I am proud to say I do my slicing and dicing and TAKE it back and do not hide behind any false names or initials. But then again very few people have the GUTS to do it!!

    Too many people too concerned about what other people think!!! I say you will get a NEW FOUND FREEDOM once you really do not care what other people think!!! Especially people who do not really know ya!!!

    While I do not always agree with Dr. DH, just like you I respect him for having MORE STONES than the MANLY heterosexuals that constantly bang on and condemn him!!!

  37. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    There’s this weird tendency to look suspiciously at people who happen to have made a lot of money. For Pete’s sake it’s the free market. If you do something well and make a lot of honest money at it, more power to your elbow. I know a family who’s not exactly hurting for cash, and they’re some of the most generous people I know. That’s how it seems to be for Gaither.

  38. Gospel Orchid wrote:

    Engelbert Humperdinck has a connection with Leroy Jenkins. I saw a clip of him at a recent service with Leroy on youtube.

    The ode to Buck Rambo was sad but true. Dottie was the light in the group and the drawing card. Their harmonies were so beautiful as a trio I must say.

  39. Robbins wrote:

    Listen up, quartet folks! Today diesel fumes were officially rated as a carcinogen.

  40. irishlad wrote:

    38 In 2003 Engelbert collaborated with Art Greenhaw to record the Grammy nominated Gospel roots album “Always hear the harmony:The Gospel sessions” ft The Light Doughcrust Boys,Jordanaires and the Blackwood Brothers.I know for a fact that James Blackwood and Ken Turner were on that album. It’s worth a listen to.

  41. Wade wrote:

    Robbins… that explains much … both the performers who travel on the buses and the Diesel Sniffers who chase them!!!!

  42. ode wrote:

    : D sweet interns, drinking heavily now that Av is out of the door? Or the ol horny goat Rambo is more important than I thought-why the duplicate posts? Unless Bucky is capable of “getting it” only the 2nd time around. To honor the mode in which you, lovies, seem to operate, the phenomenal Jeff Beck:

    ygirl, ilad, aaron, + 1, SNC an excellent acapella group. Speaking of which, a glass of good Barollo, if they have a decent wine bar in there, would really help tolerate NQC’s sound imperfections

    34, Sorry for being so dense,Jim, but how can an artist openly speak up without destroying his carreer in relig. showbusness, that’s so reliant on image of false perfection? One goes public criticizing it, w’d be like uncovering corruption in politics, sports, or Wall Street, he will become an outcast.

    wow, its as bad as asbestos. Groupies will sue Billy for dangerous exposure. Or good man Billy doesn’t have groupies? And SG’s cutiepants that do have groupies are usually not rich. Catch 22.

  43. irishlad wrote:

    42 Ode..i was gonna be bad and talk about a “2nd coming” ,but i’ll let it go :)

  44. Glenn wrote:

    I don’t come here often so this may have been discussed to death (if so, just ignore), but I was wondering what you all thought about the continuation of the Gaither Phenomenon. He has come to Lubbock Texas every other year for quite some time. Six years ago or so, he pretty much filled the Texas Tech arena that probably seats 10 or 15 thousand people. This year, they started out there, but because of ticket sales, moved it to a much smaller venue, maybe three or four thousand at most, and it was not full. Also, with the exception of the Vocal Band, which easily made the trip (200 miles) and the money worthwhile, the rest of the show was fairly lackluster. The Nelons and the Martins are good, but to me forgettable. They have never really attempted to make the show fresh. I think some of the jokes and stories are the same I heard 20 years ago. Is this what is happening everywhere or is Lubbock just an anomaly?

  45. Janet B wrote:

    Glenn, you’re not wrong. However…believe it or not, there are still people out there attending a Gaither concert for the first time. (Just when you thought the market was beyond saturated…)

    We went to a HC concert about a month ago…honestly, I think it was the best one we have ever gone to. I’d be perfectly happy if it was just the GVB, but I did enjoy The Martins & The Nelons (as well as Gordon…gonna miss him!).

    Bill does need some new humor material…although that’s a minor complaint, given the whole of the experience. To hear Michael sing Please Forgive Me…and Wes sing He Is Here…and David sing He’s Alive & Where No One Stands Alone…that’s worth sitting through a couple of old routines!

    By the way…the GVB sang 2 new songs that night…unbelievable. I cannot wait for their new cd in September. The longer this group is together, the better they get. And that’s just a little scary. :)

  46. cynical one wrote:

    Yes, attendance is down at many of the Gaither arena concerts. Part of that may be the economy. Maybe the novelty has worn off. Most of the old-timers has passed away — that was a big draw.

    But, yes, for those of us who’ve gone to see them multiple times over the past several years, Mark & Bill need some new comedy bits.

    I’m not sure that’s what’s keeping people away, though.

  47. ode wrote:

    (for your “places my readers enjoy the book at” folder, doug )i was too swamped with job related tech.lit, so just started yours. Thats were I read it - my usual place to have quiet lunch and relax,if weather is good. Vietnam Veterans Memorial, across the river from Marina Towers on “State Street, that great street ” as Frank Sinatra sung.Just after two pages I fell asleep on the on the grass. Kidding,Doug, its very interesting so far.
    so, what’s your fav place to read SG related stuff? ;)

  48. ode wrote:

    Why change it, gentlemen? if that fruit was hanging any lower it would be a potato. Oldtimers,(yeah, yeah, we all will be there, i know) surely forget what was said ,from one concert to another.

    we all know you are a nice guy, cynical,
    but calling that stuff “comedy bits” is pretty generous to Bill and Mark and offensive towards actual comedy bits ;)”Just shut up, please, and sing” is what jumps in my mind, and i only watch videos..

  49. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    The last time I saw Gaither was in Macon, GA about two years ago. The civic center probably held about 8,000 and it was jam-packed. The Isaacs were on the program, as well as Logan Smith (the new Vestal). It was a good concert, but after seeing many Homecoming Concerts over the years, the excitement has basically worn off for me. After all, part of my travel business included taking tours to Gaither concerts.

    The best concerts included a lot of the old-timers, including Vestal, Jake Hess, Jesse Dixon, etc. The concerts seemed to have a bit more variety back then. The most fun of all was the Gatlinburg Family Fest 3-day event on Memorial Day weekend.

    Like anything else under the sun, people get bored and move on to something new. Gaither’s Homecoming Concerts and videos have been going strong since 1994. That’s 18 years of incredible success. Not many people in the secular world can boast that record…….unless it’s Elvis or Michael Jackson.

    I think the new Memphis Quartet Convention may just be what the doctor ordered to perk up the Southern Gospel arena. Sometimes, change is not always comfortable……but then again, sometimes change is necessary.

  50. quartet-man wrote:

    #49 If memory serves, the first Gaither video was 1992 (although it might have been a little earlier than that). Granted the CD was released before the video, but I am sure that it was released at least two years prior to 1992. In fact, Murray was still in the group, so it would have had to have been. Franklin was there by 1994 and English gone around that time.

  51. irishlad wrote:

    49 Logan Smith the new Vestal,eh?..would that be before or after the sex change. Mind you you’d think he was wearing a dodgy rug already and he’s only a kid so he should fit right in with the Sg crowd.I’ve see some creepy things around Sg,but this takes the biscuit.

  52. Wade wrote:

    ode… my best time to read this site, which REALLY is the only SGM thing worth reading, is late at night after being CHILLED any way you can get there or in the AM when ya need a laugh!!!

    If I were Bill or producing that show I’d have the Isaacs, Nelons, Martins (never have got the Easters) any old timers you could put a wig on and feed enough oxygen to go… of course the GVB and one other male quartet w/ a real bass singer who could drop the bottom on stuff without a trick out mic.

    Bring the GVB out to open with a QUICK UPBEAT 3-5 song teaser set, no power ballads yet!!

    Then the typical 3 song sets for Nelons & Martins. Not much humor or banter except for one story about the group during their intro.

    Give the Isaacs a 5 or 6 song set because they are so good and different. Then same to what ever other male quartet (NOT EH&SS) there. KEEP THIS MOVING QUICKLY… YOU DO NOT NEED HUMOR FROM A GUITAR PLAYER OR SOUND TECH…here is a novel idea… squeeze in some more singing!!

    Then Bring the GVB with a real bass singer out (Bill can come out too for the show) and have them do 45. Let Mark and Bill do any comedy and story telling they want to do in this segment.

    Take the break…come back with every one on the stage and have a sing along featuring different members of each group even putting together some unique scrap iron groups. Maybe let some comedy happen while the groups are coming around

    Then while every one else is still there get the GVB together for another 30-45 with the choir sing along on any courses and endings

    NO SOLO artist unless they are NEW, FRESH and SPECTACULAR!!! If you have to have a solo artist they sing featured parts during the choir part.

    The issue with the Gaither Shows are they do go long and you get your money’s worth but they BOG DOWN with too much banter… like we talk about here some JUST SING MORE and keep it MOVING!!! First songs of each sets with extended intros as bumper music!!! SOMETHING!!!

    I would also give Mark more and more MC duties cause Bill ain’t gonna live for ever!!!

  53. Glenn wrote:

    I do really miss the Isaacs and always enjoyed Signature Sound.

  54. irishlad wrote:

    Assurance Quartet has to be the VERY best amateur quartet i have ever heard.They’re miles better than any regional quartet(save maybe the Vintage boys) and a whole lot better than 75% of the professional groups.Check them out on you tube only 4 clips available, Wonderful Grace of Jesus is highly recommended, it’s the Cats arrangement.I really can’t speak highly enough of these young fellas

  55. CVH wrote:

    Yeah, what is the deal with Logan Smith? Does anyone take this more seriously than a novelty act? And even with the HC crowd, how long can you ride the Vestal thing? (Like riding an overstuffed sofa)

    I imagine somewhere in the country there must be a few “Vestal” drag queens. Maybe we could get some of them together along with Logan for a showcase at NQC or the new Memphis show.

    Or maybe when he graduates he’ll just turn his back on it all and become a political science major at Louisiana State.

    “this takes the biscuit”…irishlad you crack me up.

  56. Scott Whalen wrote:

    Since this is an open thread…

    1) David Phelps came to my town a couple weeks ago to a rather small church. The place was packed (as expected). Just wanted to note that David put on one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to, even when singing to an audience of only around 500. Verr impressed;

    2) a Kenny Bishop song that is several years old now played on the radio today which made me wonder…. he has fallen completely off the map. His websire hasn’t been updated in quite awhile and the “tour” page appears to be 8 months old. Just wonder’n - did the SG world abandon him or did he abandon the SG world. Is forgiveness that hard to come by or did the SG world not believe him.

  57. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #50 - Thanks for the correction on the Gaither Homecoming. For some reason, I thought it was 1994.

    #51 - You crack me up! Yes, Little Logan seemed to be the new Vestal the night he was in Macon. He literally brought down the house. The audience loved him.

    #56 - I don’t know what is going on with Kenny Bishop, but he seems to make regular appearances at a gay church in Sherwood, Arkansas.

    Here is the ad about their 2011 Fall Conference:

    At this particular gay church, there are other artists who have performed such as Cynthia Clawson, Lulu Roman, Kirk Talley and Joyce Martin.

  58. irishlad wrote:

    57 Kenny came out years ago…didn’t ya know?

  59. Bingo wrote:

    Kenny B is gay? I never heard that confession.

  60. observor wrote:

    ok i am glad someone agrees that the logan smith thing is just weird… was at a concert recently with some folks that were not that familar with SG and i was embarrassed to say the least with the entire “little logan” segment and the fans yelling… Just weird.

  61. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    58: Irishlad, I thought his scandal was with a woman, along with his bar-hopping. I’ve read quite a bit, but like #59, had not heard that particular confession.

    Of course, I was a little suspicious with all of his appearances at Sherwood Open Door.

  62. Ode wrote:

    51, :D Ilad, you are a hoot ! Just watched the boy’s video, pretty grotesque. how could they… In US you need a license to catch a fish, but the basic parenting skills are believed to be inborn (unfortunately for lil Logan)
    “Assurance” group is quite incredible, thanks. Wish they had a CD.

  63. Ode wrote:

    to clarify, I’m not claiming I’d know how to raise such a cute little bubaleh like Logan- being, at best, a borderline good mother to my pet goldfish (as it would gladly reveal if it could talk), but yes, even I see the gross errors…

    as for Kenny,hey, if he is straight(ish) and yet still stands for the rights of others, that’s even better! Means we, the world, are finally learning from lutheran’s pastors famous poem “ First they came for…”

  64. BUICK wrote:

    PEOPLE: quit slobbering on yourselves. Yes, Irishlad has a way with words: an Irish way with words. This side of the pond, we say “That just takes the cake.” On the eastern side, they use the term “biscuit” for what we would call a cookie. (Our biscuit is their scone. Let’s not even talk about napkins and serviettes!) So to say “takes the biscuit” is akin to “takes the cake.”
    Laddie, I don’t mean to diminish your insights or your wit; just trying to put it in the cultural and linguistic context of your nationality.

  65. irishlad wrote:

    64 send me a bucuit Buick..always wanted one dipped in gravy. We really don’t have an equivalent over here. :(

  66. Wade wrote:

    Think Kenny is just open minded and not setting in judgement of people. Some of you people should be ashamed of yourselves for starting such rumors. [shaking head back and forth, while rolling eyes]… you have acts doing TBN and all of Paul’s butt boy doings but then will not play a church where gay people are not REJECTED!!! UNBELIEVABLE

    On a more positive notes I have heard great reports that the Dove Brothers Band has been killing it with live music and mixing a little positive country in some of their shows and AHHHH STOP WAIT for it!!!!… has actually been ENTERTAINING PEOPLE!!!! SHOCKER I heard they even did SWEET HOME ALABAMA at a show the other night… Check them out on youtube and their AMERCANA TOUR!! Drop in Dove Brother Band to find it easier!!!

    I’ve said for years if anybody had the guts to be positive entertainers they would make it BIG!!!! Hope they do!!!

    From what I understand they are not working the NQC and some of the big events where they feel lucky to be paid anything and especially like the NQC where they beat everybody down on their flats while paying Sarah Palin BIG MONEY!!! Here’s a shocker…ole Bill does not pay most of the acts big money either!!! I hope Stewart beats their (NQC) brains out with the Memphis Quartet Extravaganza…. MY GOD their might be ENTERTAINMENT THERE TOO!!!

    Do some of you people not know that the Statesmen and Blackwood Bros in the hey day of their sell out major label tours did western songs!?!?!

    No one has answered but I presume he (Stewart) is no longer a board member of NCQ??????

    Whats the word on Dixie Echos??? What is up there… ya don’t have 3 members quit in such a short time with out there being something up!?!?!?

  67. Mike wrote:

    What’s the web site for the Assurance Quartet?

  68. Bingo wrote:

    Assurance Quartet. Now that’s original…

  69. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    About the Dixie Echoes: I thought Stewart Varnadoe had part ownership in the group. I am really shocked that Stewart is leaving……unless……..with this new Memphis Quartet Convention, he is planning on going into promotions full-time.

    Plus, like anything else under the sun, being on the road full-time for 14 years could get a little old……but………three leaving at one time? Plus, why on earth would the bass singer travel from Maryland to Florida to be in a group? That’s a little much.

    In my opinion, the best line-up that the Dixie Echoes had was Pat Beasley, Wesley Smith, Scoot, Randy Jr. and Stewart. That was a major nostalgic sound from the 40’s……simply great!

  70. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    About the Dixie Echoes…….I meant Pat Barker, not Beasley. (I think I’m tired)

  71. Dean Adkins wrote:

    Stewart was not a member of the NQC board although he does (or did) own more stock in the NQC than some board members.

  72. Carl Holmander wrote:

    Put your seat belts on!
    It going to be a very newsworthy summer.
    Happenings of the past has yet transcend into the news of the present thus it will be the news of the future.

  73. Wade wrote:

    Dean… How does that happen with something that closely held and not publicly traded?!?

    What exactly is the stock worth??? It is an event that has continued to decline year after year!!?!?

    Hope they are getting a share check after the event each year!!!

    Maybe after the Memphis event embarrasses them they may put him (Stewart) on the board because I am hearing that he has signed up some NICE corporate sponsors. I have always wondered why NQC never seemed to have much of!!

    Those old guys need to catch up and drag themselves in to the 2012!!! It has really been sad to see how the event has declined!!!

  74. Wade wrote:

    If Dean has to come to the stage to help work sound when it is SUCKIN’… then NQC is too closely held!!!

  75. Shay wrote:

    Dean is correct, Stewart isn’t a member of the board, although he is a shareholder in NQC.

    #73 Wade, will you be attending the Memphis event? Where did you hear that Stewart has signed up “nice” corporate sponsors??

    #69 BlackwoodsPhilosopher - Three leaving at one time: A little digging around and you can probably figure out why three left at one time. ;)

  76. irishlad wrote:

    Attended the final Westlife concert in the Odyssey arena in Belfast last night. What a show, the boys launched straight into a 6song opening set no messing about.. Plenty of visuals, pyrotecnics etc the guys sinkiing into the stage after the final song of that set only to re-emerge in a change of clothes the intermitting time and space taken up with short interviews of the boys on overhead screens,much better than the maudlin crap you get inbetween songs at some Sg concerts. All in all one of the best concerts I’ve attended in awhile..well worth the 50 quid (75bucks).Even their final farewell speeched were suitably sincere without being overboard.

  77. irishlad wrote:

    I realised after the post I made about Westlife most of you guys wouldn’t know who I was talking about because as an Irish boy band with worldwide appeal they however didn’t exactly shake up the US market, surprising though since Backstreet Boys & *Nsync were both of the scene at the time

  78. observor wrote:

    #75 - digging where? Dont make accusations or hints. If you know something come on out and say it or dont say anything at all. Obviously something went on that was pretty clear from the tenor singer’s statement (thanking Stewart and not even mentioning the Shelnuts).

    My favorite DE lineup was when Randy Sr played the piano anyway, so I am not sure it really matters to me. They will find someone else and keep on going.

  79. Wade wrote:

    Shay I agree with observor, roll it on out… sock puppet another ID if you are skeered.

    Shay… I will probably try to attend. As far as where I heard about sponsors, I can’t tell everything but I believe it and I am rarely wrong and I hope Stewart KILLS IT… sound like he will from the momentum he has going this far out!!

    Looks like Wed & Thurs will be the nights I want to see.

    Here’s the web site…

    Here’s the facebook page… for all you people who complain about how BS SGM stuff is… here is YOUR chance to support something that will be a good and a GREAT YOUNG MAN trying to do something a little different. Here is your chance to put your money where your mouth is!!

    Least ya can do is LIKE the page and repost it to your feed!!!

    Thanks Dean & Shay for confirming my other source. Just do not understand why the NQC would not put a share holder that owns that much stock on the board… they need to do something a little different… they need some new ideas… it is tough to teach old dogs new tricks. They have a BUNCH of OLD DAWGS!!!

    Heard there is a BUNCH of Stock… FOR SALE!!!

  80. Melody Thomas wrote:

    So, the NQC starts a BRAND NEW BLOG and this is their first focus!? THE CHUCK WAGON GANG?!?!!? ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDIN’ ME?!?!

    Now, don’t get me wrong…I LOVE the pioneers who are STILL AT IT TO THIS DAY and I LOVE THE OLD STYLES! I LOVE THE OLD GROUPS, I LOVE LOVE LOVE GOSPEL MUSIC - but this isn’t the best way to get a DIGITAL, INTERNET BASED AUDIENCE to come to your blog!!!!

    How about using someone that is YOUNGER, with a LOT of fans/friends on the internet with HIGH Facebook/Twitter followers..??

    MY GOODNESS, 2 steps forward, 5 steps back!

  81. Carl Holmander wrote:

    The current version of the Chuck Wagon Gang does not look or think old to me and that is good!

    Take a look at the last paragraph on their home page:

    “The purpose of the 3rd generation Chuck Wagon Gang is to not only preserve and continue the grand legacy of the group,

    but to be a relevant and viable ministry of the Gospel through song.

    While the music certainly has its entertainment value, the real impact is the spiritual message of hope and grace for the listener. The style and sound of the Chuck Wagon Gang is intact, but the message is pertinent for today.”

    They are doing all things well!

  82. Carl Holmander wrote:

    By the way, I would take the current schedule of the Chuck Wagon Gang over any number of friend request acceptances or follower clicks any day of the week!

    You cannot live on a legacy alone.

  83. CVH wrote:

    All this chatter about NQC and the new Memphis Quartet Convention. I guess I get the gossip and speculation, the odd
    personalities and backroom deals but beyond the tabloid attraction who cares?

    It’s a second-rate event (at best) in every way. The same issues come up year after year. Every attempt to make a positive change seems to end up with befuddled stares and questionable explanations. It’s like a cross between a Benny Hinn miracle service and a really nasty carnival midway.

    If this is the best representation of southern gospel music the industry can present to a national audience it’s no wonder the genre remains largely unknown. And adding the overtly political keynote speakers only emphasizes the bozo mindset of the organizers and diesel-sniffers who plant their fat asses in those oh-so-comfortable seats for a week. (Just to make sure Brooke doesn’t pop a vein, I don’t want any politicians there, from the right or the left. Can you imagine sitting through a speech by Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden? Followed by the Kingsmen?Please…)

    Fast-forward 10 years…or 20. Will there be a viable crop of new talent? Will travelling across the country in a Prevost be financially possible? Will churches and promoters still be doing concerts? How many labels will exist? The Archbishop of Alexandria has been the gravitational center of the SG universe for a long time but what is it going to be like in 2030 AB (After Bill)? And as the technological divide continues to widen how will the industry market itself to new generations of fans whose attention spans are shorter and expectations higher?

    No. Wait. On second thought, just go for it. Who cares? Put up with the lousy sound; sit through the stale bits. Speaking of stale, take your chances in the food court. Follow your favorite star into the restroom. Go on, use the urinal next to his. He won’t mind you striking up a conversation about why you went with 50-amp power in the new RV instead of 30. Trust me, they love this stuff. Then go home…with higher cholesterol, a smile on your face and a stack of table projects you’ll forget about by next year. Ahh…another NQC.

    Just watch out for Logan Smith. I hear he can outdrink a sailor.

  84. irishlad wrote:

    Haha CVH,young Logan outdrink a sailor,that’s a rum one.

  85. Bingo wrote:

    No. Wait. On second thought, just go for it. Who cares? Put up with the lousy sound; sit through the stale bits. Speaking of stale, take your chances in the food court. Follow your favorite star into the restroom. Go on, use the urinal next to his. He won’t mind you striking up a conversation about why you went with 50-amp power in the new RV instead of 30. Trust me, they love this stuff. Then go home…with higher cholesterol, a smile on your face and a stack of table projects you’ll forget about by next year. Ahh…another NQC.

    That’s pretty funny right there. What’s even funnier is that despite your incessant negativity regarding the event, you have obviously been there - multiple times.

  86. sgmlover wrote:

    For the record, Stewart Varnado is NOT the only one investing in the Memphis Quartet show..there are 4 other guys that are in on it. So its not his show and he’s not the only one working on this!
    @Shay, truth be known, if we started digging it wouldn’t take long to find out why the piano player left ;)
    People crack me up! The DE will be better than EVER and Mr Shelnut should go back playing the piano and giving us what we loved about them before Stewart came along…they just can’t hang! :)

  87. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    Whatever happens in the future plans of the Dixie Echoes, I will say this……..

    Of all of the many SG groups I have heard over the years, they are one of my absolute favorites. They have an incredible, pure sound that is thankfully devoid of canned, over-bearing soundtracks.

    The simplicity of their music lends itself to the quartets of years gone by when people had to “carry a tune”. They understand four-part harmony.

    I have never been disappointed at a Dixie Echoes concert and also found it refreshing that they NEVER participated in the “beggar on the bus” routine. (At least they didn’t at the concerts I attended)

    On top of this, they are down-to-earth, friendly and feel like regular home folks…….plus, they bring a warmth to their performance with their two-mike set-up. And, Randy Shelnut, Jr. is fantastic on the electric guitar. He really needs to feature his guitar skills more often.

    So, whatever happens with the Dixie Echoes, I just hope they keep their same performance style. It’s a style that is easily heard in a large concert hall or in a small church venue.

    About the Memphis Quartet Show:

    I truly hope the organizers keep the show limited to singing…….and only singing. Some unsolicited advice……

    1. No politicians…….NONE. No speakers of any type or kind……NONE. (Both are a waste of time and money because most have NOTHING to say) After all, this is about music.

    2. No money pleas for non-profit organizations. Do we really know if 100% of the money received goes to help out the needy?

    3. No wasting time with bad comedy when quartets could be singing.

    4. Remember…….when people pay money to hear music, they want to hear music……not everything else but music. (See #1 - #3)

    5. Be sure the sound system is crystal clear and not too loud. We want to enjoy the music, not be assaulted by it.

  88. Ode wrote:

    He-he-he… Gents, you are hilarious and if were just a tad more wicked you’d be as bad as us girls. But CVH, Joe Biden often is, unwittingly, a comedian, he can come in that capacity, no?

    Speaking of, I have a q-n for Wadey about what you, BP and others’ve said. You know the entertainment world, so explain to me, why does SG culture even necessitates emceeing? Sure, Mark & Bill, they are funny boys in a sense of friendly bantering- like we are doing here. Every BBQ and water cooler gathering has it’s own Mark Lowry, look at some funny gents at Avery. It’s all great fun in a spur of the moment, among friends, but I cant imagine all the same,repeatedly, concert after concert..yeack. Why not get actual comedians for longer segments, if they aim for laughs? I never get tired of watching old George Carlin routines, so why not let singers do singing, actual comedians do … etc?

    And that long foreplay rap before songs- religious, but usually pretty bland and lacking sincerety.Why not just sing? All (non sg)concerts I go to have minimum of talk, if any, works just great.

  89. Wade wrote:

    sgm lover why you Hatin’ on Stewart???

    Of course he has other investors. It would be irresponsible of him to NOT Have other investors. But I would say it is HIS BABY and he is the PASSION behind it!!!

    Just FUNNY to me to see the BIGGEST stock holder not on the board of NQC putting on the event that will have the BIGGEST negative impact run an event like this. That venue is nice and you can stay RIGHT there and walk to the event!!!

    But hey looks like L5 will be there this year!!! But did not see Kingdom Heirs. Dixie Echos are there 2x so it must not be too bad why Stewart left them.

    Wonder if Singing News will go there and sell subs and give away CD’s!?!?! lolo

  90. Ode wrote:

    68 :D yeah, “Assurance” sounds like an insurance company or car rental. But religiously-flavored yet overused,tacky, and dull band(song) names are a plague of xtian music.

    See, I’d call GVB after my childhood’s fav cereal, “Assorted Flakes with Fruits and Nuts” (the box send my dad’s visiting American friend, at the time an electric engineer and a professor at Berkley with working knowledge of Hebrew, into paroxysm of laughter, caused by mental associations with academia world)

    to 4 Memphis Show fellas: God speed, good luck, and, gentlemen… german octopus “Paul” has 93 000+FB fans, you got 477, and he’s been dead for 2 years. You want exposure,add some life -song clips, interesting (classier then NQC’s, plz) postings. Same with the is it. 50% is what you got, another 50..

    Make it appealing. Its all gonna be all boy bands show? Oh, you CAN sell it.

  91. Shay wrote:

    #86 - Why single out the piano player? I said a little digging and one could figure out why all three guys left.

    If you’re not careful, you’re going to let your ugly show.

    And really, why does it bother you so much that Stewart is getting credit for the Memphis show??? Anybody who had enough sense to read the first press release that was sent out knows he isn’t the only one putting this thing together.

  92. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #88 Ode:

    About the emceeing…….

    If not a Gaither Homecoming Concert (and that’s in a class all by itself)……..the emceeing that is needed at a SG concert is someone who can properly introduce the groups without turning it into an opportunity to beg for an offering (maybe someone from the local SG radio station, a promoter or a local pastor). Someone who can make it short, but sweet!

    There is a certain promoter from Florida who always emcees his concerts…..and uses it as an opportunity to sell his 4 CD’s of various SG groups for $20.00. (You should hear the build-up for this sale… feels as though you’re getting CD’s plus a night at Graceland! LOL) By the time he’s finished (and before the concert begins), people in the audience are literally rushing outside to take advantage of this great deal.

    By the way, I have always wondered how he makes money off of these CD’s AND pays the group or songwriters their royalties……or does he pay them? This $20 CD package feels like one big copyright-royalty violation. I guess he has arrangements worked out with the groups. Copyright issues always bothers me, though.

    Anyway, unless it’s a funny comedian, a local “celebrity”, a pastor or someone who is a “natural” at emceeing…….the SG groups could honestly introduce each other. They are already accustomed to standing in front of a crowd and it definitely comes natural to them.

  93. CVH wrote:

    Bingo (# 85),

    Guilty as charged. I do it for the same reason I love to bang my head against the wall…because it feels so good when I stop.

  94. irishlad wrote:

    90 Ode, Paul the soccer score predicting oracle octopus (jan 2008-oct 2010) R.I.P. has been replaced by a score predicting Llama called Nicholas :)

  95. CVH wrote:

    irish, that’s no llama…that’s Logan Smith in a costume.

    sorry, I’m on this Logan Smith thing lately.

  96. CVH wrote:

    Back to one of the original questions on the thread, good summertime music, I saw Diana Krall last night and it was a world-class performance. Seriously. Her record “Live In Paris” is a few years old but a great representation of her work.

  97. irishlad wrote:

    Logan the Llama yes indeed CVH there’s a certain ring to that . Anyway it’s not all your fault, BP started it all off, you & I merely took the bait.

  98. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #97…..Uh-oh, I knew I would eventually get the blame for that! ;-)

  99. TQfan wrote:

    #92, Answering your ? First singers do not get paid royalties (whether it is right or wrong they still are not due to make any). Second, if the individual buys the CD’s from a source for 1.50 or 2.00 apiece he or she would have at most 8.00 invested and stands to make 12.00. The person who this individual bought the CD’s from (the source) is responsible for songwriter royalties.

    Just trying to help.

  100. irishlad wrote:

    “Holy is Thy Name”,Assurance Qt. I can’t get enough of these guys,even with the wobbly camera work and dodgy sound you can’t help love ‘em. If you can get over those couple of setbacks you will be treated to a great tenor (think Larry Ford) and a first rate pianist, who manages to remain anonymous,not to mention the other fellas. Enjoy.

  101. irishlad wrote:

    If the Oaks ever decided to throw in their country towels i really do believe the Dove Bros Band could fill in the gap. They’re doing a fine job cutting their corn chomping teeth on Country music at various venues.Let’s face it they have a lead and a bass as good as Duane & Richard, only younger. I’m not taking away from the Oaks at all but every product has it’s sell by date.

  102. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    Many members of SG groups are also songwriters. Some group owners and/or members are music publishers or have made the transition into publishing.

    I am a member of BMI because I have written songs for a certain CD we recorded that was a patriotic tribute to veterans. Most entertainers who are songwriters or publishers are either members of BMI or ASCAP.

    Here is some information regarding the manner in which BMI pays royalties:

    If there is one discrepancy-problem-complaint-grief in the music industry, it’s the way copyright violations and royalties are handled. Some things that I see in Southern Gospel are truly questionable.

  103. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    One more note…….

    The CD that I was referring to……. I actually had written poetry that was placed with patriotic-religious music.

    In this situation, I was working with a friend of mine who is a musician, publisher and studio owner. We were very careful that he either composed the music originally or used music that was in the public domain (such as Amazing Grace). Music must have a copyright date earlier than 1922 to be in the public domain.

    There was a certain Vince Gill tune that would have worked perfectly with my patriotic tribute; however, we didn’t want to get into copyright and/or royalty issues.

    The project wasn’t that big and would not have a huge audience, even though it did receive some regional radio airplay. This particular project was not about profit; it was about a tribute.

    Therefore, even with a small project, we were extra-careful to use music that was original or in the public domain. As I’ve said before, I’ve had newspapers steal my work, remove my name and copyright…..and remain unapologetic for it.

    On top of this (and this is sad), we have also learned that if the copyright violation does not net the attorney a $$million$$ or more, he usually won’t touch it……because it’s not worth his time.

    Therefore, since I’m not Lady Gaga or Bill Gaither……so much for copyright laws. (You think I’m kidding?? ……Try contacting an attorney about a copyright violation that isn’t connected with a huge company or a huge artist)

  104. McCray Dove wrote:

    Well its been a long time since I’ve posted something on here. But I do read this site because some of the comments are entertaining and some comments are pretty rough but it is a free country! Speaking of Country! Many of you in Blog land have heard that the Dove Brothers are going Country. Let me answer your questions. Yes and No! We are doing some shows that we do Classic Clean Positive Country Songs. We don’t do Drinking songs or cheating song but we will sing songs that deal with real life and songs that tell the story of how true love should be!

    I love my family but like all families we have our ups and downs and that’s life, But if we can bring a positive light on the family or relationships then would you say that a Pastor does the same thing when he preaches a sermon on the family! But folks will think and believe what they want and that’s fine have at it!

    We sing Southern Gospel in. every show and we do something that some of you like and some of you don’t ! We ENTERTAIN but with a MESSAGE! I wouldn’t sing nothing I wouldn’t sing in a Church and we have perform that’s the way love goes in many Churches! And people love it! We are the Dove Brothers not the Statesmen not the Cathedrals not the Oaks We are the Dove Brothers Band!

    So check out some of the shows we are doing like the Americana Tour ! Honoring the Veteran and American Music! Also come to Kinston NC Oct 13 and see The Dixie Melody Boys, Dove Brothers Band and The DMB Band Reunion! That’s gonna be a great night! Hey folks We are still a Gospel QT with a five pIece BAND we still sing our Gospel hits and still sing some Classic Gospel Standards! We just broaden our fan base and venues! We will always do our best to represent Christ in all we do and perform All we ask from you are your prayers!

    McCray Dove

  105. irishlad wrote:

    I’m glad to hear the Oaks have signed contracts for 50 shows taking them well into 2015..there’s life in the old dogs yet :)

  106. Wade wrote:

    irishdude… where did you see that story???…not doubting it… but does not look like from their tour schedule they are slowing down much… but ya know they can’t fill every date requested. Wished they would mentor a group like the Dove Bros and allow them to do their fall outs and PUT THEM OVER and pass the torch. Because irishdude is right they can’t go forever and Dove’s are as strong vocally and not skeered of the entertainment word.

    If anybody deserves any kinda of SGM award for spreading the music NOBODY has sang gospel music more, in more places to more people than the Oaks!!!

  107. quartet-man wrote:

    I didn’t do it yesterday, but I have some commenting to do. :) Although the Doves are talented (no question), they couldn’t replace the Oaks. I am sure there would be some overlap in fans (including me) and they might even get some Oaks fans should they go that route. However, there are some problems.
    1. The country industry has changed big time and even the Oaks themselves don’t get much if any radio play (except perhaps on classic shows). Even other great groups like Alabama, Restless Heart, Exile, Gatlin Brothers, Diamond Rio, Lonestar etc. are lacking from the radio. I am not sure how many would even make it if they were starting out today.

    4 Runner had some good stuff and had moderate success, but never really hit it big. When groups like the Oaks and Gatlins came in, groups weren’t really accepted (except the Statlers), but they managed to get in anyhow. Larry by using the Family and Friends description until he had established himself, and the Oaks simply by putting on great shows and recordings and having a fan base from gospel. Don’t get me wrong, the Gatlins had great stuff too, they just weren’t as established and sort of had to come in like a Trojan Horse.

    2. When the Statlers (a pretty different group than the Oaks) retired, I suspect the Oaks got some of their fans who hadn’t come before simply because they missed the four part harmony. However, I doubt they got even nearly a quarter of them. Now, I think the Oaks are light years better than the Statlers, but it just goes to show you that just because a group has the four part harmony and great at what they do doesn’t mean they are interchangeable with another.

    As far as McCray, I see nothing wrong with positive country songs. Others have done that. Sure they are missing the answer sometimes (being Christ), but talking about God’s blessings, struggles etc. can be good in part. Guy Penrod is one who comes to mind here. The Oaks did it, of course. I loved Gold City’s “What Children Believe” and that worked in concerts where other songs gave the answer (and we already knew it anyhow).

    Even if they were to do strictly country shows, I don’t think it is sinful. God should be a part of our lives, but even the best Christians don’t talk about Him in every breath though we should see things in a Christian perspective and live our lives as He would have us live no matter what we are doing. If they do country concerts, but put in some Christian songs (like some country artists do), they might reach people no one else is reaching.

    Now, I hope they stay SG (which it sounds like they are), but that would depend on where God leads too. If a country career took off, they stayed faithful to the Christian walk, and were able to do that and possibly reach others that could be good. God could even lead them that way.

    Although I hear of people being saved at gospel concerts, it is my belief (and might be wrong) that most people being sung to are already saved. Now, there is something to be said about ministering to the body but the harvest field is greater outside of where SG reaches in my opinion. That is where going to other places and taking Christ with you can be good.

    Keep on keeping on, McCray. I haven’t been to your concerts except once shortly after David Hester joined. That isn’t because I don’t like you, I just don’t make many concerts. If I heard of more, I would probably make more if they were decently close by. My point is though, I have heard good things and I like the addition of the band (in theory at least). We also share a common love of some of the old Oaks stuff (at least). I do hope to catch you again sometime to hear the difference. You were really good back then and I am sure are still so (although different).

  108. Olaneljonoisle wrote:

    @McCray Dove

    I think it’s great! If you are able to also give the gospel in the new venues then you are following our Lord’s example of tending to the sick. The typical SG concert crowd is “healthy” and we are suppose to be a light in the dark world around us.

    I read that DBB will not be at NQC. Was that your choice? Did this expansion into country music have anything to do with it?

    I pray the Lord will continue to bless the DBB!

  109. irishlad wrote:

    Nice post Q-man :)
    Wade it came up on the news feed straight from their page.The dates were booked through their management company William Morris so it’s more than likely true.

  110. Dale Guyton wrote:

    The Dove Brothers Band have made a splash in The Beach Music community working with Carolina Soul Band on The Americana Tour Concerts. This is a great show with a theater presentation.

    You can read all about this show at

  111. Ed wrote:

    OK, I give up. What’s the deal with the Dixie Echoes? More than a coincidence that so many have left in such a short time? I hope all is well with them. They are my favorite quartet…

  112. McCray Dove wrote:

    Post 108. I don’t think so. DBB and NQC could not come to terms on the price. It was nothing personal just business! I pray they have the best NQC ever! Now I. Am excited about Memphis!!!!

  113. Stewart Varnado wrote:

    We are excited about the possibilities in Memphis too! Initial sales have been better than we could have imagined and I fully expect a sell-out.

    In reading some previous posts, let me clear up a few things…

    1. I am not the only promoter of this event. It was my initial idea, however, it is a team of 6 promoters joining together to produce the event.

    2. I am still a shareholder of the NQC. I’ve never been on the board of directors, nor am I a majority shareholder.

    3. Obviously, I want NQC to continue to succeed. It is in my best financial interest for it to! I didn’t get behind Memphis in order to compete with NQC. It’s simply another concert event, with the exception that it features only all male quartets. MQS is a 4 night event with different groups each night. If you are looking for events comparable to NQC that could actually potentially draw people from NQC, you’d have to look at Myrtle Beach or Gatlinburg. These are big events featuring all of the major groups and last a week long. In fact, Dean Hopper (who is also a shareholder in the NQC) is one of the owners of those events. So it’s not uncommon for board members and shareholders to promote other events across the country. Gerald Wolfe promotes events too. I just don’t want people to think that we started an event to compete with NQC. We may have the ability to bring back people who have already decided that they aren’t going back to NQC anyway. But I love NQC, and there’s no other event that you can visit with the artists all in one place for the entire week.

    We hope to load our new website within the week. The new flash site will be a lot better than the temporary one that has been available. Please go to our Facebook page and click LIKE. This event is a work in progress. We have great groups, 2 great emcees (Danny Jones & Duane Garren), reasonably priced tickets, convenient hotels, plenty to do in Memphis. Come to Memphis expecting lots of singing only! With 4-5 groups per night, you can expect at least a 40 minute, then another 15 minute stand from each of your favorite Quartets Every night!

  114. irishlad wrote:

    Just fell in love w/Sandy Parker (Hagee)…her voice that is.

  115. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    I believe there is a definite space for good, clean, family-oriented traditional country music. Why? Because the modern-pop country music has completely taken over Nashville, producing the most boring, over-hyped, studio-engineered music in three decades. It’s simply awful. It all sounds the same on the radio. There is no originality whatsoever.

    The new modern country is basically, as I have said many times……not country. The country music award shows are overrun with scantily-clad bleached-blonde female performers who all look and sound the same and with male performers who are caricatures of themselves. It’s laughable and pathetic at the same time. I wonder what some of them actually do to get a contract.

    We know entertainers who finally left Nashville because they weren’t willing to participate in the drug scene. It’s very sad, but typical of the modern music culture. Unfortunately, Nashville has completely crossed over to the dark side.

    So, McCray…….if you’re willing to keep it traditional, clean and family-friendly, there is a market out there for true country music. Most importantly, if you intend to stick to your Christian roots and glorify Christ, you could end up being a very positive influence on people who may not darken the doors of a church.


    Stewart….I wish you the best. I think there is plenty of room for more than one huge SG event. After all, it only adds to group bookings and the opportunity to showcase to another audience.

    I’m just sad that you won’t be with the Dixie Echoes anymore, but sometimes we all need a change. Your piano-playing and your personality will really be missed! However, best wishes on your new venture!!!

  116. Regular NQC Attendee wrote:

    I for one am totally bummed out that the Dove Brothers are missing from this year’s NQC program. Especially if it involves contract terms. The NQC has rocks in their head to let go one of the best live performers at NQC. Even though the Dove Brothers are maybe my 5th or 6th favorite group (not my top), their live show at NQC is always in the top 2 or 3. Always.

  117. irishlad wrote:

    116 Apart from McCray’s great voice and coat-swirling performance the thing i enjoyed most was standing beside him…even though i’m around 5′5″ in by bare feet he made me look like Robert Wadlow :)

  118. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Hey BP, I’d recommend checking out some of the new country songs Benjy Gaither has written for _The Last Ride_. You might be pleased with his “throwback” sensibilities. I especially love the title theme song.

  119. quartet-man wrote:

    One thing I don’t understand is this: People don’t get upset with plumbers who work on people’s houses that aren’t Christian. They don’t get upset with the many people who take on vocations outside of the church. However, these same people are likely to get upset with singers who aren’t gospel singers. I suppose they might not be as much with ones who start there, but the ones who do go there are looked upon as selling out. Do people do the same thing to pastors who take on another job? Do they think that those who either get out of the ministry (as a vocation) are less Christian than they were? So, it is better to have never served at all, than to do so for a season?

    I understand how it might appear, but we are all called to minister, just not always as a vocation. Those who quit it as a vocation should still live good lives and be witnesses, they just won’t have it as a means of making a living.

    Now, this isn’t to say all should change or those in the ministry aren’t doing a good work.

  120. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #118: YGG, thanks for telling me about Benjy Gaither’s new music. I’ll definitely check it out.

    #119: QM, it’s the same thing that happened to me in the travel business. One minute I was escorting tours to Gaither Homecomings, the next minute I was asked to take groups to Las Vegas or D.C.

    It’s sad that good entertainment has to constantly be mixed with booze and/or drugs in certain venues. That’s probably what some Christians would get upset about……thinking that any style country music automatically equates with drinking.

    I learned which country music concerts were safe to attend and stayed away from those that were not. The Statler Brothers, Reba, Gatlin Brothers, Oaks, Ronnie Milsap, Vince Gill and folks like that brought in an upper middle class, family-oriented audience. Even if beer was served at the civic center, most of the folks who came were of the Coke and Sprite persuasion.

    One time I attended a Fabian (the older version) concert to raise money for the firefighters. A lot of families were at the concert, but the civic center decided to serve alcohol. A drunk came by my chair (I thought the man was crippled at first) and then realized he was drunk about the time he slung a whole cup of beer all over my nice outfit. He soaked me and we had to leave. He was so drunk that he didn’t even realize what happened. Now that’s pathetic.

    Entertainers like Hank, Jr. brought in…..well, the redneck beer belly persuasion. In other words, don’t inhale at the concert or bring a surgical mask. I stayed away from the Hank, Jr. concerts.

    So…..yes…..there is definitely space for some good, family-oriented country music that attracts a nice, sober crowd.

  121. Ode wrote:

    100, Heavenly. Bible college boyband w. a girl pianist, one CD, now sings very occasionally, as a hobby. I didn’t know about such bands, so I checked a few videos, wow, some are highly talented, acapella or not. Looks like most dissolve after graduation, having a sober grip on music market realities, namely how many groups can make a living off extremely generous with their money church audiences - the wisdom so many adult bands sadly lack. Bet the number of traveling SG groups can be comfortably reduced by 60%, as a drastic quality improvement move.

    (Conservative upbringing,“adult means being responsible”, I can’t help it. I guess SG artists’ parents used more liberal arts-y ,free spirit-y,who-cares-about mone-y approach)

  122. Ode wrote:

    BP, thanx much for the reply on emcees /insights on copyright issues. Interesting. Do they ever hire pro comedians? Wade, you didn’t answer,did you ever performed at SG concerts?

    Agreed fully with you. MUCH less talk on stage needed. See, dear- talking to brother McCrayDove here- as ample evidence, and your own post shows, most artists can’t effectively speak to large audiences. God gave you singers a great talent but tiny oratorical prowess on purpose, so artists,for your business sake, beg you, shut up, nothing besides a few short introductions, refrain from abusing your vocal cords, save them for your wonderful singing.

  123. Ode wrote:

    115 :D Well, sis,you sound like my brother,a chef. He insists that cast iron skillet was the pinnacle of culinary evolution, every skillet invented afterwards demonstates progressive decline in quality. Overall I agree with you, pop country, pop rock, etc. is overrun by cheap glitzy imitations of former greatness.

    “”"”"”"The country music award shows are overrun with scantily-clad bleached-blonde female performers”"”"”"

    Depends on a blond. Openly Christian Carrie Underwood is undeniably talented and isn’t afraid to stand for God. Where I’m getting –there are some decent xtian country acts, DBB boys wont feel alone.

  124. Ode wrote:

    Sure,you don’t have to go into other ventures, you can sell out while reminaing in SG! Look at their lovely cooperation with TBN, parody comes alive…. And Alan wondered why “southern” gospel,brand of christianity, etc. is a dirty word for the rest of the country?! Ha!

    “”"”"”It’s sad that good entertainment has to constantly be mixed with booze “”"”"”"”

    Jews are behind this abomination.You think I am trouble? Ha,I am Mary Poppins in comparison. One of ours… you wont believe it. Rascal turns regular drinking jugs into good wine and lets -already inabriated, as Bible indicated!- peeps indulge. Ah, dont let those into the good Southern G concert, i tell ya.

  125. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #124: Ode…..about Carrie Underwood….

    She’s a phenomenal singer and a beautiful young lady. I just hope her “handlers” don’t try to turn her into something else, especially with some of the “hot pants” outfits they give her to wear.

    Plus, her vocal ability far outweighs some of the music on her CD’s. She’s capable of singing far better lyrics/music. She really needs to record a Gospel hymn CD - it would be a bestseller.

    Ode……..about the booze and entertainment…….

    What I’ve noticed over the years is that many of the folks who attend the country concerts don’t have just one alcoholic drink. They keep drinking until they almost fall over the balcony. (I saw this at an Alabama concert in the nosebleed section……I thought the guy was going to kill himself…..thank God he finally made it up the stairs and out the door)

    Some folks can exercise control, but many go hog-wild when they mix beer with a public venue. It’s as though they’ve been tied up in an asylum and they finally get free. Consequently, it’s a bad deal when parents bring their kids to see their favorite country performer and they are surrounded by show-off drunks.

    Vegas showrooms seem to attract a crowd with a bit more composure and control; and therefore, you’re able to enjoy the concert.

    Country concerts …….on the other hand…….sometimes it’s like this…….Bubba and Thelma Jean show up in their tight, faded jeans and big hair and make it miserable for the folks who honestly wanted to hear the music……and paid a big price for good seats.:-(

    It’s kinda like going to a cinema and the person behind you talks through the entire movie.

  126. irishlad wrote:

    121 Thank-you for that Ode,so that’s what a middle/upper middle class Sg Qt sounds like :)

  127. irishlad wrote:

    Bp because you seem to have some first hand experience :) is it true that some of the rougher honky tonks have those chicken wire cages round the “artists” to protect them from the flying missiles when the evening hots up ..or is that an urban myth displayed in some movies?

  128. Ed wrote:

    I just hope the Dove Brothers don’t go the way of the Thrasher Brothers…

  129. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    By the way, since this is an open thread, let’s have a moment of silence for the American republic. May John Roberts’ name and memory be erased. Just in time for July 4th too… hoo-rah.

  130. CVH wrote:


    To answer your question (#127) from one of the best films of our generation:

  131. irishlad wrote:

    128 Nah this time next year they’ll be “still the one” to watch out for and hopefully “best of friends” :)

  132. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #127: LOL I don’t have experience with the honky tonks, just the regular performing venues such as civic centers, auditoriums, Vegas showrooms or the Grand ‘Ole Opry. Of course, Wayne Newton and Tom Jones don’t bring out Bubba and Thelma Jean!

    Sounds like you’ve been watching some old Patrick Swayze movies. ;-)…..maybe a Sam Elliott special?

    Some security guards at a Gaither Concert told us about a group that is a hot ticket (had never heard of them) called Widespread Panic, a rock band from Athens, GA. They said that when Widespread Panic shows up at the Macon Centreplex, the building is clouded with marijuana smoke. According to security, they play to a packed house of drunks and dopeheads (hence the name of the group?) ……Not wanting anyone to miss out on the latest……here’s Widespread Panic. :-)

    #129: YGG, it looks as though the Republicans and Democrats are in cahoots on this one. I have yet to speak with a doctor’s office who is happy about it.

  133. irishlad wrote:

    130 CVH,that clip’s not available.Is it Roadhouse w/Patrick Swayze by any chance?

  134. Carl Holmander wrote:

    Observing a moment of silence that issue at hand for you is not relevant to overall focus of this blog. (I might even agree with your suggestion but not here.)
    I much rather have moments of silence for all who are lost without spiritualcare including the people heeding the message of the music we so loved.

  135. CVH wrote:

    irish - sorry, some iPad thing…this should work…The Blues Brothers…awesome…

  136. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    What exactly is the overall focus of this blog?

  137. Mark wrote:

    Brooke, please be quiet and go back to your isolationist, home-schooling, paranoid, the sky is falling world you live and live us alone. Your rant on the supreme court decision has no eternal significance whatsoever.

  138. Mark wrote:

    Sorry I meant “leave us alone.”

  139. BackwoodsPhilsopher wrote:

    Okay……you’ve gotta love this one! This takes “Homecoming” to a whole ‘nother level! ………Some Bobby Jones Homecoming Music.

  140. BackwoodsPhilsopher wrote:

    Love this one, too! Great performance! This group would had some soul to Gaither’s Homecoming Choirs!

  141. BackwoodsPhilsopher wrote:

    In #140, I meant to say they would “add some soul”…….my editorial skills are lacking today.

  142. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Mark, did you just comment on my blog recently? Because that would be ironic if you’re the same Mark.

  143. TFN wrote:

    YGG, Republicans seem to get it wrong about 50% of the time (Souter, O’Conner, Kennedy, to name a few), while the libs seem to get 110% of their picks right (Ginsberg, Soto, Kagan, etc.)

  144. TQfan wrote:

    143, You are kidding— Right!!!

  145. irishlad wrote:

    135 Thanks CVH lol ..i started the show off as usual :)

  146. irishlad wrote:

    142.Yes ygg, that was the schizo Mark.They’re attracted to your site for some reason.

  147. irishlad wrote:

    Before this open thread is finally closed i’d like to leave a few quotes from one of my favourite childhood American writers,Samuel Langhorne Clemens(Mark Twain).
    “Faith is believing what you know ain’t so” and “If Christ were here now the one thing he would not be …a Christian.”
    I think he struggled with things of faith like the rest(honest)of us.

  148. Carl Holmander wrote:

    My application outlined in comment #134 is the same for you, too.

  149. Observer wrote:

    Heard a clip of the Inspirations new recording… Is this the best sounding quartet singing presently? I know a lot of us have preconceived ideas of the Inspirations but putting all of that aside and listening to the current lineup - they sound really good together!

  150. Mark wrote:

    No Brooke, wrong Mark. Must be one of the other millions of Marks out there. I have no desire to write on your blog. You seem as though a young college now-it-all, and live in your own little world. You and your kind are the same religious group that wanted Jesus dead.

  151. Wade wrote:

    Amen Brother Mark.. you got that RIGHT about Brooke (a/k/a YGG) she knows it all just ask her… loved your post at 137 & 138 too!!!

    She always has to come here when her blog #’s are down ( less than 2-3 people per month) and try to mention her blog some way like somebody gives a [Edit]… it is all about her… you had to be the Mark, no pun intended, to have commented because she just knows you are stalking her like she Diesel Sniffs those MCI’s & Prevost and the people on them!!… She loves her some Prevost fumes & fluids, but she will settle for a van pulling a trailer if she has to!!!

  152. gina wrote:

    Observer - You are so right! This is the best overall combination of the Inspirations I have heard in years. Jon has really added alot at the baritone position and David has that smooth lead sound that had been missing. The blend with these four is great and I hope they stay together for years to come.

  153. Josh wrote:

    What is going on with Promoter Frank Arnold? He isn’t putting on his Seminole Sing in Oklahoma(took over by others) and some of his other business dealings from my understanding isn’t up to par?

  154. Tommy Jones wrote:

    JMHO- When the Dove Bros. were first formed, I felt they would be one of the all-time great qts. They had four great voices that blended well and I terrific pianist. They were singing the great classics of the Blackwood Bros. and Statesmen and M. Dove was not into all the histrionics at the time. I bought all their cd’s and dvd’s for several years and traveled several hundred miles to hear them sing. Now, I would not cross the street to hear them and have not bought any of their products in a while. If I want country music, which I do not, I’ll listen to Reba, Randy, Alabama, etc. If I want ear-splitting bands, which I certainly do not, I will go to some acid metal concert. The many of you who like the Doves as they are now, for goodness sakes, support them. I know they can reach people with country singing, bur i am just talking about music preferences. I will stick the the pure Southern Gospel of Triumphant, The Melody Boys, The Blackwood Brothers and the Mark Trammell Qt. Oh, and also continue to enjoy the old Dove Brothers music I have.

  155. Observer wrote:

    #154 have you actually heard the new dove bros band lineup in person?

  156. McCray Dove wrote:

    Thanks Tommy! Because somebody would like to have your seat! You’ve got plenty of groups to choose from that do it the way you like it and good ones too! Hey while we are across the street from you would you please be on your knees in prayer for your brothers in Christ!

  157. DLP wrote:

    #154…Mr. Jones, in all due respect to your preferences in what you prefer to listen to it’s obvious you haven’t seen the DBB recently. Ear-splitting the band is not! I love traditional quartet music too but come away from many of those with a headache from the tracks being piped in too loud! You said you wouldn’t walk across the street to hear the Doves…I think you would miss out on some great music.

  158. Dontkikamoocow wrote:

    Any thought on creating an iPhone and Android apps for Avery? Other message boards use them and it’s a good convenience for us mobile users.

  159. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    I doubted it was the same Mark, but I was just curious.

    The same religious group that wanted Jesus dead? Literally? I assume you just meant I’m a Pharisee for my time. Amusing. Boring and cliched, but amusing. But I know your type all too well.

  160. Kyle wrote:

    Remember how Doug was always giving Bruce Taliaferro crap about the “stank face”?? Well, that’s nothing compared to this….

  161. Tim wrote:

    In today’s Southern Gospel marketplace, where do you see bluegrass gospel fitting ?

  162. irishlad wrote:

    159 Ygg, never start a sentence with “but”.Tut tut, with your unrivaled command of the English language i’m in deep shock.

  163. Stewart Varnado wrote:

    Just because someone has a band doesn’t mean it’s ear-splitting. If mixed correctly, you shouldn’t notice anything different than a group with tracks. They are my friends and I love both groups, but I know you’ll not hear the Dove Brothers with a live band to be anywhere near as loud as Brian Free with tracks. (still love ya brian :) I’m only making the statement to defend the automatic assumption that live music means louder.

  164. Mark wrote:

    #159- Brooke if you mean, by knowing my type all too well, that I think we need to go wherever the lost are to develop a relationship so they trust us when we tell them about our Lord, then you are 100% correct. You see I take Jesus literally when He said go where they are and be salt and light in a dark world. Not keep to myself and avoid any communication with the lost of the world. If it means going somewhere where I normally would not go to build a relationship with a lost person then I will go. And I understand that you and people like you do not understand how a christian could be in these horrific places. But I just see it as trying to be light in a dark place. That doesn’t mean I partake in these things, but that is where the people that need Jesus are.

  165. McCray Dove wrote:

    Thanks Stewart!

  166. Harken wrote:

    I love Brian’s music loud and I love the DB’s. Just sayin…

  167. Wade wrote:

    Is there anything LOUDER than BF & his Tracks!?!?!! I love him too but it is always funny to go to see them at a church they have been at for the first time and watch the reaction… LoL;-)))

  168. Joe Lane wrote:

    Hey Tommy,

    You really aren’t making great sense. In one sentence you hate us and the next you want people to support us. Are you going through the change? I went through it and still made sense. By the way I love to joke and carry on so don’t take the change thing to heart. As far as 1 great piano player I’m the best McCray has. I’m all he has for now. Lol. In all honesty I get a kick out of the blogs.

    Joe Lane

  169. Joe Lane wrote:

    On a serious note I am getting to pick with a some great musicians. Devin Dove is a beast on drums and Jacob Danieley can play anything including piano. He played for the Hoppers so you know he has to be awesome. David Cable plays acoustic and bass and McCray can whip a bass guitar too. We have a blast. I love Stewart’s piano playing and wish he was with someone but that’s being selfish. He is doing what God has laid on his heart to do and that is promote SG music. He does some great ones too.

    Joe Lane

  170. irishlad wrote: have the Isaacs and D&V, The Lewis family,Jeff&Sherri Easter all with strong sg ties .Strikes me there is a strong and healthy market out there.

  171. Wade wrote:

    WoW we have over 170 comments on an Open Thread!!! I guess Avery Fine Line is not dead… except for the Fundies who wish it was, but even they cant stay away because they are really of The Devil.

  172. Fundie wrote:

    The death of is what revived it. Back when that site was rolling, the posts on this blog were boring as fire.

    Now that AAP is gone, the posts are still boring as fire, but the the user comments are fireside entertainment.

  173. 2miles wrote:

    Andy Griffith died…

    This article list him as a “southern gospel singer” among his other occupations.

  174. Tim wrote:

    We worked with Dove Brothers about 18 months ago and I have to say their performance was exciting. A live band gives young musicians a place to belong in gospel music. Not all can sing or play a keyboard. I can’t imagine going to see a CCM act with no live band. When the age 18-40 crowd pays a ticket price, they expect a live show including a band.

  175. irishlad wrote:

    172..”Boring as fire” what in three Devils names are you talking about??..try sticking your hand into the barbeque and find out how boring it is.Painful yes,boring never. ? :)

  176. Fundie wrote:

    Irish, I could not have said it any better. HAHA

  177. irishlad wrote:

    Hey Wade! want something better to look at than Greg Cook? Check out Holly Erector,sorry Holly Rector (one of Swaggart’s babes)giving a fine rendition of “When he was on the Cross”..Youtube.Enjoy ;)

  178. Cindy Drost wrote:

    I am curious…who are the current members of the Board of Directors of the NQC?

  179. irishlad wrote:

    Bashful-G.Wolfe(some chance)

  180. Stewart Varnado wrote:

    Earlier in this open thread, someone mentioned something about our website not being up-to-par basically. We had already put into motion the design of a site facelift. What was up originally was just something I threw together on iWeb, just to have the basic information presented.

    Last night we launched our new site, but we have plans to add more stuff to it too. Obviously we don’t have live footage from the event to come up with any promo. Maybe if someone reads this who is a wiz in video editing and wants to help me put something together, contact me :)

    Until then, check out and if you happen to catch a mistake of any kind please let me know by emailing There’s always a chance that I overlooked something or maybe there’s something that we can improve upon. I’d love to hear from you!

  181. Stewart Varnado wrote:

    #179…I’m not nor have I ever been on the NQC Board of Directors. I am simply a shareholder and the youngest one at that, so I don’t really bring the experience to the table that the others have to offer.

  182. TQfan wrote:

    179, Way off dude, there are nine- and you only got 4 right.

  183. Wade wrote:

    irishdude I will check it out…thanks for the heads up!!!

    Great info about the board of directors… so I guess the Hoppers are just stock holders too… like Stewart had come on here and said he was a Stock Holder but not a board member?!?!?

    Maybe some one will come on here and give us more info about NQC Board vs Stock Holders.

    Heard there was plenty of stock for sale!! Maybe Clark will come on here and give us the PITCH!!!

  184. irishlad wrote:

    A train of thought : groups through out the years who looked liked they were truly enjoying themselves.The flip-side we can keep to later. Here are some of my choices past and present.
    1.Triumphant Qt.
    2.Statesmen w/Jake
    4.Blackwoods w/JD/K.Turner
    5.Kingsmen w/Big Jim& Eldridge (when he was in good health)
    …go ahead there’s a start.

  185. Wade wrote:

    ode… I forgot to answer you about MC’s and Comedy. Yes a Good MC can make or break an event. Corny humor always seems to drag a show down unless it is corny humor that has not been heard before.

    Most concert promoters try to MC at least part of their concerts and usually SUCK at it!!! I am constantly amazed at the ones who sell product that competes with the groups or they come out and moan an groan about how they need more money and will take up an offering after people have paid for tickets to get in!!

    A good MC can go out and engage an audience while the stage is being changed behind them and ad lib while things get done and not seem uncomfortable if it goes a little longer than expected. Will be glad to do it ANYTIME Some one needs one!!

    irishdude — I know you are miles away across the pond but you always seem to know about BASS Singers and their lives. Have you or anybody else heard anything about the guy singing with Mike Lefevre, Brandon something???? I am constantly amazed at what people will walk up and tell me when I am out and about. I am waiting on more PROOF the investigator said he would send me before I roll it out here. But was wondering if anybody here had heard anything. My Folks go to church where he recently went and it will be interesting to hear what they has to say at the Family July 4th Dinner I am about to go to!!!

  186. irishlad wrote:

    184..4 out of 9 aint bad :)

  187. TQfan wrote:

    C. Hopper
    B. Spear
    M. Burke
    S. French
    D. Shoemate

    Along with about 6 or 7 investers who have no say in the way things go.

  188. DMBfan wrote:

    wade- You should come to California. We have a gospel music promotor who has a group as well. Not only is his mcing bad, his group is lacking as well. We are all ready for the main group to come up as soon as the mc stops jabbering! and wade- fill us in brother! Their website lists him as Brandon Barry. Didnt know an investigator could release info to the public. Hate to be a rumor-mill, but it sounds juicy.

  189. Wade wrote:

    Maybe the 6 or 7 who have no say should maybe get a say and then the sound would not suck so bad and they might start spreading the money around a little more. Pigs get Fed Hogs get slaughtered and it sucked REAL Bad the last 2x I was there!!! Can slaughter be a slow painful Death!?!?!

  190. Wade wrote:

    DMBFan — It always amazed me what people would PAY to make themselves the Center of Attention!!!

    As far as rumor mills… do not think I have ever said anything on here that was not true. The investigator was as in PI — Private Investigator working for his soon to be ex wife’s attorney. It is def going to be juicy but I will wait until I get the stuff he said he was going to send.

    Plus what my folks said at dinner while ago matched up with what she said.

    I’ve never heard this guy that I know if… let me ask you this… when he performs does he just get up and SING or does he get up there and cry and boo hoo about his testimony!?!?! Because if he does that I will REALLY light him up!!!

    The investigator is a SGM Fan and just ask me if I had heard anything about it!!! He seemed to REALLY enjoy trying to get the info out!!! ;-))) We prayed for him!!! lolol;-)))

  191. Cindy Drost wrote:

    #187…so what happened to Clark Beasley? Is he not on the NQC Board anymore?

  192. CVH wrote:

    Yikes! Almost forgot it’s time for my weekly rant on NQC (with apologies to Bingo). Regardless of who is on the corporate board or who the shareholders are, the best and brightest among them can’t effect changes that would improve anything and the rest are just along for the ride. Expect another week of bad sound, a less than impressive artist lineup and semi-embarrassing, awkward moments on the main stage. Check. Moving on…

  193. irishlad wrote:

    Oh yes Wadey,i have followed Mr Barry’s career with interest from his Old Paths days to his brief tenure with Ed Enoch & The Stamps to Lefevre Qt mainly because i thought he was a fine bass singer,in fact i’ve mentioned him on this blog in the past. It’s interesting that he sings a song called “Guilty” with Milke and the boys….mmmmm ;)

  194. irishlad wrote:

    182TQfan & 181SV, post 179 from me was to be taken w/a great big dose of salt. Maybe i should have sent out a disclaimer.BTW(187) the only name i’m not familiar with is D.Shoemate.

  195. Dean Adkins wrote:

    D. Shoemate — actual name is Don Shumate

  196. Ron Foster wrote:

    I wonder what JD Sumners Family wanted to charge to use his name for the big concert in Memphis TN?

  197. irishlad wrote:

    One can see the elusive Mr Shumate on YouTube @ ‘09 NQC singing tenor on “Hide me Rock of Ages” w/two other Directors(grumpy&doc) and Ed O’Neil on bass plus none other than Bill G on piano. :)

  198. irishlad wrote:

    190 Wade i must say i kinda liked Brandon,never did strike me as the blubbering sort..more of a Jeff Chapman funny guy type.Although he does break your heart a bit on “Guilty”..but sure they can all milk it on a ballad.

  199. Wade wrote:

    Irishdude… I thought ya did!!! That is why I ask?!?!? Guilty… Yeah that is FUNNY!!! I will have to go youtube that… but it looks like JD & The Big Chief might not have been so bad after all!! lol;-)) The investigator called him… The Tiger of the SGM Tour!!! lolol;-)))

  200. Wade wrote:

    CVH… Thanks for Stopping By…NOTED!!! … sounds like we had the same experience!! I was setting there and thinking THANK GOD I did not pay for this [Edit]!!!

  201. TQfan wrote:

    191, Was he ever? He does work for the NQC. I might be wrong but from what I understand he is the person that get’s things done, but he does not have a seat.

  202. Carl Holmander wrote:

    Having a concert in seven thousand plus venues with no acoustic helps is like having a wedding at a train station.

    Most venues of that size is built with all concrete and steel. Not enough carpeting, curtains, cushioned seating, drapes or banners.
    It is the way it is!

    The real reason that the TDGarden in Boston for all the championship banners is to help with the acoustic. Trust you do not believe that one!

    It is fun to be a commentator quarterback.
    Talk about improvements?
    NQC really did a great job on doing a makeover of their website.

    It is just like the big time sites because, like or not, NQC is big time.

    Do a comparison check:

    Even Rick Pitino whould be proud with what NQC is doing in his house.

  203. Wade wrote:

    Ahhh Carl… There are major concerts at that venue ALL the TIME!!

    What the TD Gardens Web site has to do with anything I am still trying to figure out!?!!?

    Maybe NQC can get the web designer to run the sound?!? ;-))

    That is my issue and seems to be it for many others including the FAMED CVH that knows lots more about it than any of us!!!

    If the NQC is to be such a Spectacular Event for SGM… THAT is SAD!!! Because it sure did suck the last 2 times and I had been MANY years and it was good!!! Who wants to go to that expense to travel and get there and the sound suck so badly!!

  204. Carl Holmander wrote:

    Let me redirect to the comparison suggestion of the websites of The Garden and NQC. Check out the features iof the websites.

    Do a comparison check:

    Most of my comment dealt with the sound!

    You will never get the symphony orchestra or Nashville sound at any big time venues.

    Only way you can get that sound would be to move the NQC to a smaller, controlled setting for a “made for TV” production and anything else along that line.
    We can’t do that because a different of commentators would be telling us that NQC does not have enough seats in the house!

  205. DMBfan wrote:

    wade- I guess it is possible then if its a private investigator. Odd that its someone who likes gospel music. On the flip side, I found a clip of him singing the song guilty. Very ironic!!!! :) mmmm….does the owner of the lefevres know whats going on in his group.

  206. Wade wrote:


    They have MAJOR concerts in that building all the time… Not unmuting some one’s mic til half way through the first verse or a mix so bad that EVERYTHING is distorted has nothing to do with the building!!!

    It IS the OPERATOR of the Board… the sound TECH!!! Not the BUILDING or ARENA!!!

    Maybe that will be clear enough for ya unless you are just a straight up shill for the NQC!!

  207. Fundie wrote:

    Wade, I agree. But then again, how can they expect someone to be able to run sound for multiple SG groups when they probably have never even heard of the groups before?

    You need someone FAMILIAR with the groups and the genre. There inlies a big problem.

  208. Wade wrote:


    That is true and a good rule of thumb. They should thank Gawd not many groups have live bands. That cuts WAY down on the # of channels significantly that need to be managed.

    But 2 ways to fix it or at least make it better. Set up the mics where they are pretty hot and allow the performers to WORK the mic and help the balance and it pretty much puts the burden on them and then you ride a main or tweek them a little as they get into something.

    Most performers at that level know about WORKING a MIC!!!

    The other idea and it goes along with what you are saying is… most groups now have a Sound Tech that travels with them. When I run a multi group event I would have a Master Sound Tech there to take care of anything that goes crazy, but we would allow the bands to have a person sit down and ALL they could touch was the volume slides.

    I have watch the sound techs that travels with groups like Gold City, Sisters etc and there sound tech will literally run their board with 4-5 fingers giving subtly giving any solo part a push.

    But making sure the same 4-6 channels are open when the group is introduced is not a monumental task!!!

    Simple sound balance isn’t too hard either once the main levels are set & saved!!!

    There is NO excuse for how bad I have heard it and how bad I have been told it still is by others who KNOW!!! (See CVH’s Weekly NQC rant above)

  209. pink wrote:

    #199 - Interesting little song by Mr. Barry

  210. Fundie wrote:

    Agreed on all points, Wade. Someone behind the board has this idea that you pretty much mute all mics until you see someone’s mouth moving onstage - then you figure they probably should actually be heard, then they crank them back up.

    Otherwise, if you have no solos and your mouth never moves with no sound, you’re mixed out of the set.

  211. Ode wrote:

    168, He makes perfect sense,brother Joe. You need to find whomever taught you and Mc Cray Dove logic (and English punctuation) and slap them silly. It’s like this, if you hate spinach you can still pray and encourage support for farmers that grow it. You might dislike rapper Lecrae’s songs, but I am confident you still want people to support his work. Actually I bet you wish he has more success then SG groups with whom you fiercely compete for your fans’ scarce dollar ;)

    Tommy dislikes your performance style , but still respects your hard work, talent and graciously wishes you the best.

  212. Ode wrote:

    180, Stewart, I didn’t say MQC’s website and F-Book were not “being up-to-par basically”, I said it had much less appeal then a mute octopus, the soccer prophet. Not just to be too harsh, mind you. As one sergeant I knew believed and acted on profound wisdom : “The best way to make one move forward is a swift kick in the rear”

    The new site looks excellent! Keep up the great work.You need to stretch the foreplay for almost a year, so keep people engaged with clips, history tidbits, etc. When you sell out the place, it’s still no time to sleep on laurels. A great restaurant on North Side of Chicago just went bankrupt after 1,5 years, and back on it’s opening day it was booked solid for two months ahead. So staying on the top of the game is good idea of yours.

  213. Ode wrote:

    Thanks for the explanations, Wadey. Irish , lol.. dwarfs :D You are gentle,I’d have said, based on poor resultables, that all nine can effectively share the roles of TinMan, Strawman,and Cowardly Lion, with respectively similar needs; Ms. Parton as Dorothy, as TBN’s Paul Crotch as The Wizard

    CVH,brother, would u be so kind to explain, based on your experience, what is wrong with the NQC sound? Many talk of it, but POV of a technical geek like you, pls :)

  214. Joe Lane wrote:

    Ode you take things too serious. If my little way of cutting up with Tommy bothered him he would have said so. As far as your analogy with the spinach me nor Tommy either one said a thing about farming. Oh well. For me it’s all in having fun with SOME of you guys n gals. Talk to you later Ode.

  215. McCray Dove wrote:

    Ode thanks for opening my eyes! I guess I took brother Tommy wrong. Sorry Tommy! Ode I will start taking grammar classes online as soon as possible. When I get this English thing Mastered, I will come back and give my opinion and then you can grade it! Lol.
    But if you think he really wants folks to support us then I’ll take your word for it! I hope my English punctuation was better this time for you!

  216. Wade wrote:

    McCray… don’t let people being critical of grammar worry ya much… that usually means they can’t think of anything else to be critical and/or they are creatively LOST!!! ;-))

    Fundie… that is who has been running sound for a while at NQC and I have heard from multiple sources that Dean is in charge of sound!!!

  217. McCray Dove wrote:

    Wade, Ode didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know! Lol! I’ve been through this before.

  218. Wade wrote:


    We all can’t be good at everything!!!

    You are good at singing!!

    We are both good at calling a set!!

    I am a good Hype Man and caller of BS and ain’t too skeered to put my name on it!!!

    You are a good manager because if you were not you would not have been married and had a group full time on the road for 14 years!!!

    So we can’t all be great at PERFECT Written communication LIKE SOME FOLKS!!! ;-))

    Happy TGIF to ya ALL!!!

  219. Fundie wrote:

    Wade, I don’t think Dean is in charge of sound. If he is, he sure does not take charge. I think he works some of the showcases, and if things go REALLY bad, he might show his face, but the normal people who run sound are 1 or 2 younger, non-SG guys who wear black and who are very obviously contracted sound “techs.” I also think they are DIFFERENT EVERY YEAR. There inlies another huge problem.

    Phil Brower is the Producer, but not the sound tech. If Dean is in charge, he sure does not run the board much. I get the feeling they’re trying to save money and contract possibly a different tech(s) to run the board every year.

  220. Wade wrote:

    Fundie… well I will come wear black…won’t work for cheap but promise it will be a better experience!!!

    Whomever the PRODUCER is… is responsible for the EXPERIENCE!!! The last 2 NQC’s I was at I would have been embarrassed to put my name on it as The Producer and I have heard it has only gotten WORSE!!!

    Think they might be helped some of they got away from being in the ROUND… that set up is always WAY more difficult to deal with sound wise, limits the amount of space you have on stage to set up stuff, but allows of course for more GOOD SEATS!!!

    The toughest thing I would say is all the groups using there own Stack Machines and In ear monitors… that has to be a nightmare technically!!! Especially the monitor system, except we never know just the performers but it is funny to watch them put their hand behind their back to adjust… about like hitting a cymbal PING at a Blue Haired church and watch them all go for their hearing aid volume control!!

    Can’t wait to go to Memphis though!!!

  221. Brandon Barry wrote:

    Its amazing to me what people will post especially those who don’t have their facts straight. First of all, What goes on between my ex and I is our business. I talked to my her on a regular basis and there is no fight going on between us. I also know for a fact that her nor her attorney ever hired a private investigator. Furthermore, why would that private investigator be contacting you? interesting. Also, I’m pretty sure i know who you are and if you arent him then you are associated with him. I left the Old Paths. I wasn’t fired or let go. The job i have now provides for my kids….its amazing that some peoples jealousy and or fear of what may get out on them will drive them to start rumors about somebody else to try and get them fired to where they cant provide for their families. I don’t cry and blubber over my testimony and i don’t live a double life. All this you are posting about me will come back on you. I am not going to sit by and let someone run my name in the ground when they have no idea about anything. I hope it makes you feel good to hide behind a computer screen and blast people all day when you know nothing about nothing. Seriously…why would a private investigator hired by my ex’s attorney be conctacting you? Its all news to her too because i just got off the phone with her. So….once again…stop with the slander.

  222. Ode wrote:

    216, :D Easy, fellas. You smart alec, I didn’t say a word about his grammar,my English is much worse. I want to understand what he is saying,some of it is just undecipherable. That’s a compliment - I do care to know his opinions, singers are a rare on blogs. Commas, bros:

    Joe Lane’s bio absolutely sounds as if he has a wife, and a woman on the side with a few kids, plus some unknown brother (If you like rough fun at someone’s expense and to laugh at others, Joe, I am sure you love the same towards self)

    Creativity I got a boatload, Wadey, just staying tame not save elderly AFL-ers from heart attack ;)

    Ok, back to scheduled SG talks

  223. Joe Lane wrote:

    Ode your ability not to be able to interpret some things tells me your not from around here or the other states in America which makes this even more fun. I do have a beautiful wife of 19 years now that still has it. She’s 5′ 7″ 115 lbs and loves me today like she did 19 years ago. No other women in my life and there will never be another lady as great as what I’ve been blessed to be given. We have 5 great kids that we have been blessed with. My unknown brother is an FBI agent that loves to play and sing gospel music. He just returned from the Holy Land with a group from our church and got to sing in a chapel service over there. You ought to visit over there Ode. You would love it. I did.
    Ode you crack me up. If you want to learn good clean comedy go listen to Aaron Wilburn instead of taking a page out of Carrot Top’s book. LOL!

  224. DLP wrote:

    Lord have mercy Ode what have you started??? McCray’s grammer is fine and if you can’t understand him you wouldn’t understand me either. I actually had a “friend” in my car going somewhere who was quite to the point…”your accent irritates me!”…she was from southern California.

    Regarding Joe…I know his wife and kids. A beautiful family! a family most only dream off.

    Brandon…keep singing brother!

  225. Brandon Coomer wrote:

    I’ll vouch for #223. His wife is one of the sweetest Christian ladies I’ve ever met and his unknown little bro is one of the most talented “weekend warriors” I’ve ever been around.

    See you Sunday, Joe! Can I video? I will bring you a couple of DVDs of the last 2 Doves concerts I’ve been to and recorded.

  226. Ode wrote:

    WOW, this is scary.

    224,225 I didn’t say anything about his grammar.Or “grammer”. And what’s with the strange fixation on wives? We are talking COMMAS. Punctuation, people. Get your mind off women.

    223, What does your family status have to do with your misuse of commas ? What does comedy, by Wilburn or whomever, have to do with anything
    here? (did Joe Lane really posted his wife’d body measurements on a gospel blog or am I seeing things?)

    Ok, time out, you must be posting after a few beers or whiskeys,Joe, that makes you funny as Carrot Top, but you are too much me.Bowing out for now.

  227. Hector Luna wrote:

    Ode - I love that we have measurements of his wife. Ain’t she tall…

    I also love that Mr. Barry spoke up and stood his ground, even if he provided details for concealing details. I hope it stops there. Not much you can do with this bunch, but that should suffice.

    Regarding McCray…I love that man. And his polymath musician, Jacob D. EOU teaches enough grammar to help a man live and love what he does. I’m going to that school. I know they’re hiring.

  228. quartet-man wrote:

    Ode, I never read Joe’s bio*
    but I suspect it was like the one I read that sounded like the person had more than one wife due to the way it was worded.

    So, if that is true, I understand your point about it. Nonetheless, your comment about it “Joe Lane’s bio absolutely sounds as if he has a wife, and a woman on the side with a few kids, plus some unknown brother” is enough to be misconstrued as your saying he does (even though you were referring to the grammar and wording of it).

    Bear in mind that rumors have been started and misunderstandings have happened with far less. So, I understand Joe wanting to make that clear before it even went there.

    *Goodbye Joe,
    Me gotta go, Me oh my oh,

    Son of a gun,
    We’ll have big fun
    On the bio.
    Oh wait that was bayou. ;)
    As soon as I started writing the first sentence above I went off on the tangent of the song, but did at least move it to the bottom. :)

  229. quartet-man wrote:

    I had a snip between the lines on my version of the song, but apparently the software saw it as HTML code. :)

  230. Norma-Jean Payne wrote:

    This website is very disturbing. What would happen if people their time and energy being positive and lifting people up instead of tearing them down, what a wonderful place we would have to live in. Christians don’t tear people down they pray for them. You wouldn’t want someone to run your name in the mud as I have read on this website.

  231. Dale Guyton wrote:

    If you talk with McCray Dove you will find out real quick he still loves quartet music; however, earning a living and loving quartet music is two different things. I have seen things change in world of gospel music. From The Statesmen & Blackwood era to the late 70s and 80s era with the bands and those who did not have a band at least had a piano & bass player. The 90s brought on sound tracks and more groups coming on board full-time. The industry was overrun with groups forcing many groups to depend on churches rather than concert halls. In return this hurt concert dates. People quit going to concert halls because sooner or later a group would land in a local church for a love offering. To make matters worse for SG. groups churches are going praise and worship ditching their choirs for a small group of singers who sing and sing numerous sleepy songs before the preacher delivers the sermon. These churches no longer want Southern Gospel in their programs. Promoters are not going to book four guys with canned music in fairs and festivals. Another thorn in the side for SG. groups is $4.00 per gallon fuel. So lets sum it up. Concert hall concerts are down in attendance even The mighty NQC and mostly likely will be worse this year because of the absence of major groups and The Memphis show. Churches no longer want S.G. Expenses are up and fees are down. I read a book entitled “Who Moved My Cheese” and in my opinion SG. cheese got moved and those groups with four guys, four mics, a tiny sound system, and a suit case full of music have no where to go. McCray Dove is finding new cheese. I do know The Doves have been accepted into the world of Beach Music. The Americana Tour will make a big splash in 2013. This show is clean, family oriented as one person put it is about God, Family, Country and American Music. Folks the cheese has been moved I love the old music as much as anyone I often post a classic Gospel song on my Facebook page for Sunday mornings. I would love to walk in my church one Sunday morning and hear the choir sing “When The Roll is Called Up Yonder” but isn’t likely to happen just as a packed out concert hall featuring SG. is far and few between. I remember the day when three semi-professional groups in our area could fill up a concert hall. I do not know of any group in the business today who can cover their fee at the gate. That is the reason most concerts promoters have to sell a book of ads to cover their cost. There was a day groups would work the gate with promoters on a percentage basis. My point to all this is “GO McCray” keep loving God and American Music. It is our biblical obligation to provide for our families. Country cannot be all bad The Oaks, The Gatlins and others have been featured on Bill’s Homecoming Show and he has a nice little crowd. People will talk now but when you soar they will want your autograph LOL.

  232. irishlad wrote:

    I love each and every one of u guys and girls..even u QMan

  233. DLP wrote:

    #226…Ode…no….don’t drink so no whiskey or beer here just sleep deprived. As for my misuse of commas, etc., well I’ll be the first to say my grammar and sometimes spelling isn’t correct. LOL! I misspelled grammar and Brandon’s last name in my previous post.

  234. quartet-man wrote:

    #23, Oh to be the only one singled out. I must be really despicable and difficult to love. You are commended to love such a horrible human being such as I.

  235. revpaul wrote:

    Such as me. (Grin)

  236. quartet-man wrote:

    Regarding #234
    Sorry number 23, that comment was to 232. The last “2″ didn’t take.

  237. Stewart Varnado wrote:

    With all the opinions formed in this blog, I figure it may be a good place to get some feedback…

    While I’ve promoted before, I’ve never been a part of a new event with the potential of the Memphis Quartet Show.

    I realize pleasing everyone is impossible. But just so I can have a general idea of what the fans want in an event, I’d like to have all the feedback that you’ll give. Since the event has never taken place before, there’s no comparison to mistakes we’ve made in past promotions. But you guys have been to other concerts across the country. What do the people want? I want the MQS to be the concert that comes the closest to providing that.

  238. Wade wrote:

    Since my last comment responding to Brandon Barry categorically denying everything is being moderated just wanted to say I am not hiding behind any computer as he states.

    If my last comment [had been] allowed to post it [would] be the most spectacular post ever dropped on this blog on how people who are allowed to get away with stuff for a long time with out anybody seriously calling them on it will think they can get away with stuff forever!!

    I deal with all the stuff in that post about me not being perfect. But sometimes a con has to be stopped!!

  239. DLP wrote:

    No Compassion pitches 50 times a night. Other than that I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys put together.

  240. Dale Guyton wrote:

    Stewart it is your concert but you asked.

    “Leave the politicians at home”

    Ban The Blue Light Special from the stage

    I love American Music

  241. Tad Kirkland wrote:

    I’ve never been a big Dove Brothers fan–through the Statesmen years to the Oak Ridge phase, BUT, I am loving the ultra groovy keyboard on a song I’m hearing on radio about loving deeper. The song is a little trite, but love the keyboard!
    Sounds like from earlier posts the keyboardist is Joe Lane. There was a Joe Lane with the Anchormen or Singing Americans awhile back. Not sure if its the same one.

  242. Hector Luna wrote:

    #237 Stewart:

    1) I know we’ll have to deal with some of it, but as little “canned” music as possible.

    2) No political pitches.

    3) No flea markets (unless they’re selling vintage LP’s)

    4) Bring in The Oaks or Statlers. Broaden the stylistic components of the genre. They’re still a quartet. Have them do a country set and a gospel set. It’s not the “Southern Gospel Memphis Quartet Show”. You’re bringing the Dove Brothers anyways. Put people in the seats too.

    5) Have 1 good emcee who doesn’t do comedy on overkill.

    6) Sell popcorn and coke

    7) If it turns out well, do an “Atlanta Quartet Show”.

    8) Ask yourself, WWJD? if He was promoting this…

  243. NG wrote:

    Stewart 237: I can’t tell you what other SGM fans want but I can tell you what I would appreciate. They include a quality sound system; a reasonable time for a quartet to show what it can do; no politics; limited preaching but if done so make it good (think Jim Hamill); good but short introductions; no commercials for anything (even a good cause); good quartets and for a little variety a few groups of members from different groups (think late-night jam session at Grand Ole Gospel Reunion.)

  244. Norma-Jean Payne wrote:

    Remember if you are pointing a finger at someone to slander there are four fingers pointing back at you. Maybe some soul searching needs to be done.

  245. Joe Lane wrote:

    Thanks DLP, Brandon, Hector and Quartet Man.
    Stewart your concerts are first class. I can say that I know because we worked Pace for you this year and that was my first time being there. I’m pretty sure McCray has worked with you before. We are Stewart fans for sure. I’ve still got the color book I got from you in Georgia at the barn we worked at in November. I’m excited about memphis. I know without a doubt this will be a huge success. One reason is because your heart is in it and that’s the most important thing. Anyone that will take time to talk with you Stewart can tell that you are doing EXACTLY what GOD is leading you to do.

    Anyone that don’t like Stewart then their “liker” is broke. Lol. How’s that for grammar.

  246. Joe Lane wrote:

    Hey Tad #241 I hope you’re not too disappointed but yeah I’m the same guy you referred too. Lol. I’m a whole lot older now not just a little older.

    Dale G not the Blue Light Special. LOL! I’m a bit heartbroken. Well no I’m not. All your points are goodn’s. Oops a grammar slip up.

  247. Stewart Varnado wrote:

    239. We have no affiliation with Compassion or any other similar organization. I’m sure they do great things, but nothing like that will take any of our stage time.

    240. All of our money is going to pay the groups the flat that they have asked, so we can’t afford a politician anyways :)

    242. Unfortunately, we’ve become a Karaoke industry. I know that it’s primarily because of financial reasons. So tracks are out of my control. The Dixie Echoes, Inspirations, Primitives, Dove Brothers, and EHSS will all provide live music. Trammell and Triumphant do a lot of live music as well.
    -Also, we only have 42 booth spaces. More than half of those are groups, along with some lps booths. There will be probably 15 exhibitors selling non-musical products. But hey, gotta pay the bills. haha!
    -Statler Brothers won’t perform anywhere again. Who’s to say I’m not working on the Oaks :)
    -We only have 2 emcees (Duane Garren & Danny Jones). They are great, they will get the job done, not kill time, they emcee concerts year round, and as someone mentioned earlier in this thread…I’ll make sure their mics are on :)

    243. Sound is #1 on my list. There will be someone running sound who knows this music and is liked and respected by the groups and has ran sound for them before. Plus, with 4-5 groups performing each night, I don’t have a problem with groups “running a line” that way they control their own ear mixes, etc. Hey, we do it at every other major event and it works, why change? Seriously, in a typical 5 group concert, when groups do this, I’ve never heard them complain.

    Everybody will have full stands of approximately 35-40 minutes the first round. Then we will have an intermission followed by a full second round (not 2 songs per group). No matter what the groups want, they’ll be paid to come sing, so it will go late every night. Nobody will be able to complain saying they didn’t get enough singing in the night show.

    We’re listening. Great points so far!

  248. NG wrote:

    Lots of talk here about difficulties groups have in making enough money in SGM. Toronto Sun had an article today on what rock music performers (some of them top stars) do to make extra money. I was amazed singer-songwriter Amanda Palmer wanted to raise $100,000 from fans to make her new album. Instead she apparently raised $1.1 million. Article is here:

  249. DLP wrote:

    Sounding good Stewart! I agree Compassion is a great organization but think some over do the pitching.

  250. CVH wrote:

    Norma-Jean (#230 and 244),

    Wow…thank you for feeling comfortable enough to share your concerns. However you may be better off avoiding sites like this and sticking with or You ask what would happen if people spent their time and energy “being positive and lifting people up…”; what would happen is this curious little subculture and industry would continue much as it has for the last 40 years. It’s called denial.

    Whether a person considers this ministry, the business of Christian entertainment or a hybrid of both, one of the biggest shortcomings is its timidity. A failure to innovate. An unwillingness or inability to identify and deal with the real issues.

    Dale Guyton (#231) did a great job laying out the practical issues and concerns but the underlying questions remain; and while there are exceptions to my criticism (J.D. Sumner, James Blackwood, Bob Benson, Marvin Norcross, Bill Traylor, Gerald Wolfe and the Archbishop of Alexandria to name a few), the industry falls short of it’s potential. What Stewart Varnado and his crew are trying in Memphis is commendable if for no other reason than to provide an opportunity for a fresh start. But the question remains whether the industry can migrate to younger audiences that can sustain it or help grow it. There are some very talented up-and-coming groups but in ten years who will they play to? While SG has always been popular south of the Mason-Dixon line, it’s never been a truly sustainable commodity in the rest of the country.

    This blog is distinguished by its open approach and the willingness of our esteemed host to encourage dialogue and even a little dissention without, or almost without, censorship (hey, Wade!). We need this kind of transparency and sometimes brutal honesty to advance the conversation even at the risk of offending some readers. Your Jesus is meek and mild; mine tends to be more mean and wild.

    No one’s tearing people down or slandering anyone. The music business is a contact sport and if a person can’t take a few knocks they don’t belong in the game. They’d be much less “disturbed” if they were discussing the latest issue of Reader’s Digest in the sewing circle at the Bible-Rite Baptist Church in Bozeman, MT.

    And actually I only have three fingers pointing back at me; my thumb points straight up. Are you double-jointed or something?

  251. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #247: Stewart, I agree with #242 - Hector Luna. After taking groups to Gaither Homecoming Concerts for several years through my group travel business, I can definitely attest to the following opinions about concerts:

    Don’t invite politicians, don’t spend time promoting non-profit charities or extra offerings, and don’t blast people out of their seats with loud, muffled speakers.

    Continually asking people for money to support a non-profit charity is a HUGE turn-off. Many times, people won’t return to concert venues where this happens. And, to be perfectly blunt, people question if the money is really going to the “good cause”.

    By the way, the new MQS website looks phenomenal. It’s clean, very professional, easy-to-read and presents an overall nice aesthetic. In all honesty, it looks much better than most SG websites out in musicland.

    The gray background color is nice as well. I have developed three websites and a blog, and I have told people NOT to use a black background with white fonts. It hurts a person’s eyes and is very hard to read. Trying to read white print on a black background is like watching TV in a pitch dark room. It is exhausting to the eyes. So, thank you for not using a black background.

    Stewart, all in all, I’m excited for your new venture! I think the MQS will be a blazing success!!!

  252. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #237: Stewart…….one more thing……..

    This is strictly my own personal opinion, but I would be hesitant to affiliate with TBN as the NQC has done (as stated in the following link).

    When it’s all said and done, TBN has had a LOT of really bad press and scandal over the past few years (Just Google Paul and Jan Crouch). I don’t understand why the NQC would affiliate with an organization that stays mired in scandal. …….yes, they have a national audience……..but sometimes quality has to overrule quantity.

    Hopefully, the MSQ will stay away from Pink Hair Broadcasters, Inc.

  253. Wade wrote:

    Will be back to comment on being MODERATED or CENSORED a little later today… but let’s just say it has been a most ENLIGHTENING Experience!!

    We have to remember this is Dr. DH’s Sand Box and even if he likes what he has to moderate he still has to take into account the amount of BLOW BACK he gets from Bullys and OTHERS who are CONCERNED!!! But I know how he feels to get BLASTED by a PARENT of a Performer!!

    Until then I have Shit to do !!!

  254. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #231 and #250:

    You both make very valid points about the SG industry. Thank you. I applaud your honesty.

    For years, the Christian community as a whole (especially in Charismatic circles) has been shy about brutal honesty. If someone in the church world makes an honest, but negative statement, that person is branded as a troublemaker or gossip (a clever way to shut people down).

    Therefore, many church music programs and churches in general, have suffered. They have suffered both spiritually and in the quality of their music and sermons.

    Fads come and go……trends come and go…..but quality, good music and truth will stand forever.

    I truly believe that the one big thing that has hurt SG overall has been the decision to leave live music and go canned (even though I do understand the financial situation with paying extra band members).

    On top of this and probably even more influential, Christian television such as TBN made it fashionable to literally beg for money and made Praise-A-Thons, Share-A-Thons, and “help me finance my Mercedes-A-Thon” a way of life in evangelical circles. Thus, integrity, honesty and financial responsibility was driven into a ditch.

    On one hand, the evangelists or singers proclaimed, “I’m blessed and highly favored”. The next minute they were proclaiming seed-faith mentality and behaving as though they couldn’t purchase a Happy Meal if you didn’t whip out your wallet.

    Thus, when you attended a church to hear a SG group, there was a good chance that you would hear the offering plea of a lifetime, to include the announcement of the grand sacrifice of being on the road. (And you attended the concert because you just wanted to hear some good four-part harmonies)

    The PTL Club of the 70’s and TBN of the 80’s made it trendy and fashionable to look and act like a rich person and, at the same time, behave like a poverty-stricken con artist. This is called duplicity. Emotionally divided behavior does not work, and never will.

    …..AND…….no matter how bad or cheesy it looked…….churches, evangelists and Gospel singers could not help themselves.

    If soundtracks become the fad, they bought in. If big hair and gobs of makeup became the fad, they called Mary Kay. If praise choruses were all the rage, then the hymnal was tossed into the empty Sunday School room and everyone jumped up and down to the latest spine-tingling, guitar-bending praise chorus (whether or not it ushered in the presence of God).

    So, in all honesty, I blame the groups and performers who felt it necessary to follow every trend and every fad instead of focusing on quality, integrity and musical ability.

    I also blame group leaders who cannot afford to be on the road, but who enjoy the spotlight so much that they will rely on the “beggar on the bus” routine. As I’ve said before, if the good Lord wants people on the road singing, I fully believe that he will provide a way without sacrificing their dignity and Christian example.

    …, if we look at the lack of attendance at SG Concerts, we also have to look at what has gone on in evangelical circles for the last 30 years.

  255. irishlad wrote:

    Haha CVH…double jointed…..thumbs up to that!

  256. Stewart Varnado wrote:

    252: Don’t worry, no plans at all to make that connection. Unless I’m wrong, I don’t thing the typical TBN crowd will be watching the channel hoping to see Southern Gospel. I realize that SG artists perform on there, and when they do so, those artists advertise it to our fans, and that’s probably the only time any SG fans tune in to TBN. As sure as I click POST, someone will come back and say they watch it religiously, but I really think for the most part that I am right. If we want it televised for the sake of people who will watch it anyway, there are so many other choices.

    Ed O’Neals show “Great American Gospel” is on Daystar, and I’m able to watch it on Directv, and was able to see it when I had cable too. It has a big potential for a show, but I do wish that it had more people that I want to listen too. I DVR it every week, and find myself fast forwarding to the people to only watch the people that I know.

  257. Jon Barry wrote:

    Find it funny that all the people that post here have some crazy nick name or something to hide their identity but have no problem talking bad about people and calling their name out for all to see. I wished I had the time to sit behind a computer screen all day and bad mouth people without knowing anything about them. Just good Christian gossip I see haha what a joke

  258. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    Stewart, another possibility would probably be RFD-TV (The Rural Network).

    This network seems to be very open to Country and Gospel Music programming. We have it in Georgia on Direct TV. Plus, it seems to be a very family-friendly, down-to-earth network.

    They seem to have a wide variety of the more traditional country music, as well as, the Gaither Gospel Hour. If I wanted to broadcast the NQC, I would much rather promote it on a family-friendly network such as RFD-TV.

  259. Stewart Varnado wrote:

    257… Jon, While I do agree about the nicknames..Keep in mind, it would be just as easy to put a fake “real name”, so if Wade wanted to be “Johnny Walker” he could just as easily type that in. But he does link to his Facebook page that gives his identity.

    258. I’ve already thought about that, though this first year, I don’t think we are going to even offer it as an option to watch online, since that promotes people staying at home. I like RFD. I DVR several shows on there every week.

  260. Ode wrote:

    230, How do you know we aren’t praying? You don’t see it out and loud? Godly prayers have to be in secret, not for others to see and take notice.

    And what’s wrong with telling the truth?It can never hurt. Many godly and wise men, from Hillel to CS Lewis have expressed the same idea ”Whenever I am being bashed I feel happy they don’t know everything about me”

    We ought to be our own harshest critics; nobody can reveal anything worse abut us then what we ourselves know. By encouraging hiding the truth you advocate lying,how is that a Christian virtue? You have some really strange theology, m’am. Where is good ol Soli deo Gloria..

  261. Ode wrote:

    228, Didnt know SG fans were THAT gossipy. :) Ok, I’ll clarify for them -it’s all fun and games, don’t take it seriously. Think about it- Joe Lane an adulterer? Noooo. With his double chin, beer gut, short temper and bullying mouth? Man is a great keyboard player, but a diesel sniffer can find far more pleasant looking and better behaiving artist to sigh after :)

    See, that’s it. You say you loved learining it, other men would too. A Christian singer advertising his wife’s body on the internet , bringing up her size as a proof of his fidelity? Brilliant logic! As if she was short and juicy, like Libby from Perrys, that’d justify adultery. I know by SG low moral standards anything goes, but we wonder why nobody except religious southern crowd takes this SG stuff seriously? You think I wont repost this elsewhere for peope to laugh at? I am but a sinful human ..

  262. Ode wrote:

    that’s not haha.
    This is what “haha”, considering the content of your post :
    According to 1.5 second search at there are 51 men called Jon Barry in the USA.

  263. Jon Barry wrote:

    Ode do u even read the stuff u write? I don’t need ur name to know who u r. A simple search on google under moron would would give your identity away

  264. Joe Lane wrote:

    I’m starting to think Ode is jealous. Bless your heart. On second thought Ode you have no heart. It took you 3 days with probably no sleep to think up that kind of garbage. You’re a loser Ode. You stuck your nose into a conversation that didn’t have a thing to do with you and now by you comments this shows you have zero intelligence.

  265. Jimmy Walker wrote:

    #259 Stewart, that post was Dynomite!
    Jimmy “J.J. Evans” Walker

  266. irishlad wrote:

    I don’t need to defend Ode,but i can vouch for her being one gorgeous looking lady.

  267. Brett wrote:

    Stewart, You nailed it. I don’t watch TBN but for southern gospel music and occasionally for Charles Stanley & James Merritt.

  268. Mayor-of-Mayberry wrote:

    Stewart, good to see you branching out with this new program.

    Just a couple of background thoughts.

    Think about moving to the point where you or the principles don’t use the “we are not them” approach relative to the NQC, especially during the nights of the MQS event .

    Explaining yourself, your program or its mission in terms of what you are “not” seems counter-productive to me. At some point, I’m thinking that referencing the NQC by way of comparison might need to cease, especially if you’re looking to expand and grow the program. Innovation within a genre is hard to do when we first have to check off with the established order. Let the fans do the comparisons. That, as I’m sure you are more than aware of, will be done with abandon anyway.

    Also, I would think you would want to leave yourself open to develop a broader following than nostalgia might provide. I really wonder how far nostalgia will carry SG. The crowd who “remembers when” has hair the color of mine.

    It seems to me the quartet format you plan to use could actually be something at this point in time that a younger demographic could see as new. I’m not sure. I haven’t seen any real demographic numbers for how small or large the subculture is. My view from South Georgia tends to be gray.

    If, as Doug contends, SG has become the soundtrack for fundamentalists, it could be a large and varied market.

  269. Mayor-of-Mayberry wrote:

    Here is the link that I was referring to regarding the “soundtrack for fundamentalists”:

  270. Deron wrote:

    #264 Wow…that’s that Christian love coming out, I see. What a small person you must be, having to come on blogs and call people names.

    I can’t help but notice a significant amount of irony in the fact that the readers of this blog are often castigated for “tearing down” artists, when in fact some of those artists come on here to call people names.

  271. Joe Lane wrote:

    My comments or views of this person I have been replying too in no way reflect the views of the Dove Brothers at all. Lol. Just thought i would get that out of the way.

  272. WARNING wrote:



    Most crooks that monitor internet traffic of that nature don’t use obtained credit card info right away, so you won’t notice it for a while. NEVER give your credit card numbers online if the page address doesn’t start with https: , “s” stands for secure.

    Surely its just an careless oversight from the owners’ part, but it has to be mentioned for your own safety.

  273. Stewart Varnado wrote:

    268. We’re not trying to be compared to any other event. I simply asked opinions of what people would like, and I’m trying to deliver what I hear that people want. Also, we’re not trying to create a “nostalgia” event. While I enjoy events like the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion, I’ll leave that to them. This is simply an all Male Quartet event featuring Todays big names. We’ve never said that we’re trying to re-live days gone by.

    272. Our order form that is embedded in the site is directly from an https site. I appreciate your concern, and anyone worried about internet security can easily call our phone number (because we all know that nobody can possibly overhear a phone call. haha). But again, the order page has a page within that is linked to:

    A simple look at the page’s source code will reveal this. So you can use your real name.. no real WARNING needed :)

  274. Wade wrote:

    As far as the on going conversation about the behavior of some singers I have said here before MANY TIMES!!!…. I…

    …Never claimed to be perfect. I do not get up in front of people and fake a cry to con people and get sympathy & money.

    …Admit I am about as big a heathen as it gets but I do not put myself out there for anything more than THAT!!!

    …Make my money from entertainment DJing Events and Promoting Shows in Secular venues. I have NEVER been accused of taking money from groups or churches or any one else for that matter.

    Nor do I call, have my family members call and harass & bully people and threaten to out others to cover my butt and deflect attention off of my self!! BULLYING of people is the reason I even made the post. For some reason since Elementary School I have been blessed with the ability and strength to deal with bullies!!! Any man who calls and threatens a woman, or really anybody else for that matter is a coward!!

    Every time I have been in trouble I take my beating like a man and don’t flip on others because that NEVER works out well!!

    At the current request of Dr. DH I will not talk about it for the time being. Pretty much all of it will be Public Record shortly…. and just like with all the other things I told you about you will say… yeppers… Wade told us FIRST!!!

  275. gina wrote:

    Stewart - Any plans to add a “Mixed Group Night” in the future? ;-)

  276. Stewart Varnado wrote:

    No. Being all male quartet is the only thing that sets the event apart. Every other event in Gospel music offers Quartet, Mixed Group, and Trio variety. While I love all of those, we want to offer something unique.

  277. irishlad wrote:

    Most definitely have to get the Richard Sterban book due for release 1st August cutely named “From Elvis to Elvira”.

  278. Mayor-of-Mayberry wrote:


    1. Comparison happens. You have no control over it. You will either understand it and use it to aid you in your marketing, or be forever explaining and defending as you did with me.

    2. Nostalgia. Same deal. Either understand it and use it as an aid to your marketing, or miss an opportunity to advance your efforts. It is that simple.

    Nostalgia and comparison, plus other attitudes and motivations, are a function of the person who chooses to attend an event. You have no control over either. You can influence both.

    Best of luck with your new venture.

    P.S. Watch this site the day after your first event. Count the comments based on comparisons that you will find.

  279. observor wrote:

    #278 - What are you talking about???

  280. Mayor-of-Mayberry wrote:

    #279. observor LOL Surely you jest? But, then again you seem to have misspelled your user name. Or, maybe not.

    For giggles and grins, it may assist you to locate a dictionary. Explore the definition of both comparison and nostalgia. Apply those definitions to the business of selling any commodity in the marketplace, to include SG.

    If you don’t understand selling to a market, skip the dictionary exercise.

  281. irishlad wrote:

    280 M-o-M,you should ask Wade’s opinion he’s a degree in marketing….but then again so have i. :)

  282. Wade wrote:

    CVH… Ha Ha… “FULL CONTACT Sport!!”

    I love it… some people come to play FLAG Football!!! Intramurals!!! They can dish it out but most often can’t take it!!!

  283. Carl Holmander wrote:


    You make too much sense for some of us.

    Do you have a degres in psychology?

    I would love to sit down with with over a cup of tea someday!

    BTW, I know I misselled degree but I want to be able relate to the misspellers.

  284. observer wrote:

    #280 - What a relief. We are glad to know that you can spell… LOL. At least I can follow one train of thought. your posts are contradicting. In one you seem to be saying one thing and then you say the opposite in the other (is that how you spell opposite?)… What is a dictionary anyway?

  285. Hector Luna wrote:

    Mayor of Mayberry. I get it. You’re actually trying to own the “Mayor-of-Mayberry” alias. Mayor Stoner. Rash decision maker, always the one with the idea, glory thief, overly worried, flesh-pleasing, bigger than the pants, always correct/never wrong, put others down kind of dude.

    I dig it. You pull it of well. I think I’ll change my alias to “Ellie Mae” and run for Town council.

  286. Ode wrote:

    Deron, thank you.Brotherly love and charity rares its head, I see :D Yes, looks like SG better stay south of Mason Dixon for good, CVH. As long as it has low standards –it will have low impact.

    (Confidentially: 5 inch stilettos would make me 5’7, Ilad. U might need to eventually carry me home, though. I have tin ears, not tin feet)

  287. Ode wrote:

    M_of_ Mayberry and Carl H, take also ole CVH with you and I’ll pay for the tea, just to listen to you, gentlemen. Will keep my mouth shut, promise.

    Great point about nostalgia’s marketability,if properly packaged.In DH’s book, that I so enjoy reading, he talks about it with gusto.You got me laughing with Soundtracks. Acc to appnx.B of the said book, gays are not statistically significant in SG, and he claims the Diva is not much a gay icon anymore.Dont know, Lady Gaga concert had more gays then a broadway show and city of Vatican combined…..Logan! he can be the next SG “Divine” or “Vestal”

  288. Ode wrote:

    273, Absolutely NOT! You got cheap Godaddys’s cert, that’s not seen as wise by any respectful business that handles customers’ info, its way too common for fraudsters to buy cheap security certs for fake domains. “The Motley Fool” had a great article on the issue recently, citing a staggering % of people who’d skip buying from a site like yours. No, nobody can tap into phones unless you actually hire thieves. Yes, there are personal checks,etc but next year upgrade it to real padlock/ green bar,don’t undermine your own cause. Hope your approach to sound is not cheap ;)

    I sign all I post*- I just wished to bring yours (you seem to ignore posts unless you perceive them as flattering) and others’ attention to long-lamented lack of professionalism in SG. CVH’s right, so far you look like NQC Jr minus songstresses, clowns-as-politicians and massage booth.

    You really want opinions, Stewart? So far you reply only to posts revealing what you already know/have implemented, you basically blew off M-o-M who tried to give a really profound advice. AFL site is different – we tell the truth. As many people much smarter then I’ve said, the lack of truth, “ostrich” approach, backdoor deals to get awards of questionable value/worth are killing sg…

    Many things that require no extra cash, just some better structuring and originality can be advised to MQS, but I see no one does it- we aren’t sure of your intent. I won’t waste time making post if you are here only to get a kick from ego strikers. Confirm you are serious. Best of luck, I do mean it :)

    *freshman year, horrific English, I order 1800 flyers for big DJ-led school event, so it has my full name as poster’s designer and “NY PARTY IN FOOL DECORATION” . Neither spell-check no print house caught it. Was it a hit!

  289. Jamey wrote:

    Wade, could you let me know you got my email

  290. irishlad wrote:

    you can have a piggy back home any night Ode ;)

  291. Stewart Varnado wrote:

    Ode…I am seriously looking for good ideas. I just didn’t see where M-O-M provided any profound advice.

    He basically said not to use the “we are not them” approach. I don’t see where we are doing that. We are simply providing a different type of event than any other, not just one specific. I’ve not compared to NQC, I’ve only asked opinions. The fact that most of the opinions deal with others venting on other events is from other posters.
    Fans can do comparisons, I’m just offering an ear to their requests. I hardly see anything wrong with listening to the fans in order to attempt to provide the best event that we can. So basically, he says comparisons happen, yet we can’t do anything about it. So end of story. Nothing to do or say that will benefit the event, right? I fail to see how a statement like that provides insight.

    He mentioned to develop a following broader than nostalgia might provide, then turned right around and said to use it as an aid in marketing. So I’m to avoid a nostalgic event, yet use the nostalgia as a selling point?

    I don’t really see what I was avoiding another response? He said comparisons are going to happen no matter what I do, and avoid nostalgia while embracing nostalgia? Am I missing the point? If so, I’m serious, please explain…

  292. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:


    Allow me to make a few suggestions since the MQS is located in Memphis. Speaking of the marketing of nostalgia………I notice something that is missing…..a picture of The Blackwood Brothers.

    In my humble little opinion, The Blackwoods’ picture should be the first picture of a quartet that pops up on the site. They have a rather long history in Memphis, to include backing up Elvis (Mr. Memphis himself). The “feeling” of Memphis needs to come across on the site.

    Also, a history page could be added on your site about the history of the all-male quartets, which definitely includes the Blackwoods. The historical perspective could definitely influence the “feel” of the event AND could further educate the young folks about the history of quartet music. It’s a WIN-WIN idea, in my opinion.

    On the history page, add some old black & white photos, pictures of old concert posters, etc. People of all ages would really enjoy this. After all, people still have a strong affinity for the quartet sounds of the 40’s and 50’s……and for the Gospel music sounds of Elvis Presley with the Blackwoods, Jordonaires and Stamps.

    If we’re going to have an all-male quartet convention, GO FOR THE GUSTO. History, B & W photos, pictures of Elvis with various quartets. You have a golden opportunity to make a tremendous home-run with the first event. Think outside of the box and go for it!

  293. Hector Luna wrote:

    Agree w/ Backwoods about Blackwoods (that sentence was constructed weird). And you must include something about Elvis. Maybe bring in Kevin Costner or Kurt Russell. They both played a type of Elvis in Hollywood’s Graceland. Would be a big hit and draw a much broader audience. Costner could even bring his own band as the house band. They’re not bad…with church music backgrounds. K. Russell would also be a great emcee dressed as Elvis. SGM fans still live Elvis and I don’t think Russell is that busy these days.

  294. Stewart Varnado wrote:

    292… We do plan on putting the Blackwood Brothers (and Dixie Echoes) on the top of the website. We were waiting for both groups to have a current photo. Little did we know that Trammells photo would be out of date so soon. But they WILL be on there!
    Anyone who knows me knows that I love, appreciate, and want to preserve the history. But at the same time, I want it to be a “modern” event that happens to feature male quartets. Some people immediately see this as a “back to the old days” event, but while we have older groups, we have also added todays younger groups too.
    That is a good idea though to have a page with history. I’ll definitely keep it on a to-do list. But rest assured that the current Blackwood Brothers will be added…Jimmy Blackwood is one of my partners in putting the event on.

  295. Mayor-of-Mayberry wrote:

    Stewart… said, “…..avoid nostalgia while embracing nostalgia?”

    Stewart sorry for the confusion.

    You can’t avoid nostalgia. I didn’t intend to imply that. I’ll take another shot. Memory and the reminder of past good experiences i.e. nostalgia will surface in your customers minds with little more than the simple reading of the name “Blackwoods”. Nostalgia is inevitable. You can initiate it, influence it. But, you can’t control it.

    I think in the short term, nostalgia will work because of the age of the crowd you are most likely to have show up.

    Long term though, what will you or SG do to develop the younger market? I’m thinking my age group is heading out the door at a faster rate than younger folks are coming in the door. Age has a way of doing that to people.

    #284 – Observer. You don’t know that I can spell. You know my wife can spell. I married my editor. She posts here as Backwoods Philosopher.

    Granted, the spelling thing was a cheap shot. I should be ashamed.
    ( But, I’m probably not.) Can’t let Doug’s site drift into a serious mode for long. What would the place be if we weren’t sniping at each other?

    #283 – Carl. No psychology degree. Did spend a lifetime paying attention to people. We the people are a curious and a fascinating lot. I did rack up three degrees before I finally had to get a real job. My father was my inspiration. He made sure I had a nice long ditch to dig every summer from Jr High forward.

    The thing that fouls you up is learning to read and liking it. As Dr. Suess says, “Oh, the places you will go.”

    #287 - Ode, I’ll buy the tea, but you have to promise to let me take notes when you unload “your always to be counted on” quips. You are the master of the zinger. :-)

  296. McCray Dove wrote:


    Did the Blackwood Bros and the Statesmen QT look back or did they go forward ?

    Did they change the way you perform and sound ?

    Did they go against the status quo?

    Did they keep up with the modern day?

    Did the Statesmen do arrangements that DJ’s Broke there records on the air?

    Did they stop leading?

    Did they quit finding new songs that would compete with what was being played on radio?

    Did they try to carry on the Legacy of Artist before them or try to create there own ?

  297. Stewart Varnado wrote:

    We’ve only got a little over 2500 seats to fill, and it we’re a third of the way full and still a year out. While Kevin or Kurt might bring a different audience, if we can fill it up without them, we save lots of money. I’d rather be able to build the event around the groups than outside gimmicks. I will actually get to see Kevin Costner on Tuesday night, kinda looking forward to that.

  298. Carl Holmander wrote:

    Comparison is inevitable.
    Ask any local public servants who are members of the various local civic organizations.
    People in the community will be the first to connect a public servant to any new and bold action to the elected public servant.
    Same here!
    It started long before it was ever discussed in the public domains.

    1. Staying about the fray goes a long way in marketing any event.
    2 Contrary to popular opinions, showcasing the newer established quartets or “younger looking” will help bring the newer market.
    You all ready have the other market just based on the “nostalgia” of the longer established and “good looking” groups.
    3. Promoters having 50-100 booth exhibit hall have a tendency to have “marching band music” to up the tempo of the hall. You will find all the potential customers will be marching right by the booths.
    4. Commentators and people love to pigeonhole people or events in a “us vs them” format when it could be the farthest from the truth.

  299. Jon Barry wrote:

    Jamie Evans I’m pretty sure u should just go ahead and stop before u say anything. U got a little too much dirt on u to be saying anything

  300. Wade wrote:

    Stewart I hope you guys absolutely KILL IT!! Thanks to for the nice way you tell some of these people they are idiots!! :-) ;-) lol

    Fun to be part of a dieing blog as we near 300 post on this open thread… I know there has been at least 8-10 post that have been moderated or we would already be to almost 400!!

  301. David J. Stuart wrote:

    Bummer, just heard Glen Dustin is resigning from Legacy 5. Another founding member leaving. He will be missed.

  302. 2miles wrote:


    I appreciate what you are doing and I don’t really have any suggestions. I like the idea of having a little nostalgia with modern too. I’m not sure we will make it but rest assured you have given us pause to rethink our summer 2013 vacation plans.

  303. Wade wrote:

    Wonder who Legacy 5 will hire!?!?!

  304. Jonathan Sawrie wrote:

    Stewart and McCray,

    You both have my number if you feel that you need any additional advice not previously provided in comments 1-302.

  305. McCray Dove wrote:

    Thanks Jonathan I’m picking up the phone!

  306. Auke Bijlsma wrote:

    Legacy Five should go with my bass singing buddy from NC Teddy Ray Bullard who sang with The Stamps a few years ago! Great bass..and a super guy! I’m with McCray and Jonathan..look forward and look up!

  307. Noninsider wrote:

    Wade I’m hearing Randy Byrd or matt fouch as possible candidates…

  308. DLP wrote:

    #307 Noninsider…I think you must have been reading our comments on Absolutely Gospel Forums…we were just throwing out names we like. No one has seriously mentioned either of those names as being considered as possible candidates.

  309. Butch wrote:

    How about the bass singer of driven-I think his name is Wil Lane.

  310. Stewart Varnado wrote:

    Jonathan Sawrie…Aren’t you the new Buddy Burton? haha!

  311. Mountain Man wrote:

    Leg 5 should give Will Lane of Driven a listen; classy guy.

  312. Wade wrote:

    Jamey… I did get your message…Thanks for writing!!! It is the most incredible thing I have ever seen in SGM and I have been around it for a WHILE!!!

    I hope they try to sue me I will wear their ass out!! They are threatening everybody but oh BOY if they do I LOVE the DISCOVERY PROCESS!!!

  313. Jamey wrote:

    299..I’ve never committed adulty If I had to pay child support I would for the sake of my children, and I wouldn’t move out of state to avoid my problems. I have never begged for money. I have never stoled money from a ministry. I have never lied about my testimony. I have never lied about being saved. I have never stood in front of a church congragation and lied about who I am. I have never claimed to be a Christian gospel singer and doing it for the Lord. I have never threatened to beat a woman . I have never committed a felony or written bad checks.
    However, I have slept with multiple girls before I got married. I have been an alcoholic. I have been an adict, I have smoked pot, done acid, coke, crank, and every pill made. I have been to rehab. I have been arrested for fighting in college. I have filed bank- ruptsy. I have cussed and faught. So by all means, fill me in on the dirt you have on me, please.
    Above all–I have been forgiven, washed in the blood of Christ and am saved. I have regrets and I changed over a decade ago. I live to serve because I was saved from death. That is what makes my testimony so great. I have been able to wittness to many people and have led some to get saved. I am still willing to help. What’s yours?

  314. noninsider wrote:

    DLP I have not visited those forums in quite some time…

  315. Busman wrote:

    Does anyone know how to reach Mike Presnell these days? Just curious? If you have his info, i can be emailed @

  316. Ed wrote:

    Will Lane is probably the most underrated bass singer in SG. He could certainly fill the bill for L5 or the Dixie Echoes…

  317. Fundie wrote:

    Matt Fouch is way better than Will Lane. Just sayin.

  318. Wade wrote:

    Noninsider… I bet it won’t be Brandon Barry!!!

  319. Jon Barry wrote:

    So now that u have been forgiven u should gossip and be judgemental about someone u haven’t seen in years and you are bringing up stuff from how long ago? Everyone has done stuff they never should have correct? As a Christian you know this is wrong man. You have had me in your house before I know you have a good heart. By doing all this you guys are not only hurting him you are hurting his family. This is just judgemental which is wrong. If there is going to be a court case then let it all out then not out here to only be mean and try to ruin someone. I have nothing against u Jamey or wade. I have said a few things I shouldn’t have and I can admit that and apologize all I ask is that u guys as Christians do what u know is right. Help a brother out not tear him down. Yes there might be problems but care enough to help. Hope the two of you have a wonderful day

  320. doesitmatter wrote:

    It amazes me that people claiming to be christians get on here and judge other christians. Do you honestly think that you will not answer or be judged by God himself for judging someone else, claiming to do it because you believe in justice? GOD is the judge of every one of us. Not any of you. As for Wade and Jamey, you both need to grow up. I really hope I am present when you each stand before the judgement seat. I have a feeling that even though you each claim to be christians, what God will be saying to you at that time is ” Depart from me, I knew you not”. I would suggest you both ask forgiveness for your recent behavior on here. It amazes me that you think you can be forgiven by God, but you don’t believe the person you are repeatedly tearing down could be. How incredible.

  321. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    This site is having a National Enquirer moment……

    The commentary by #312, #313 and especially #319 reminds me of this famous song by Elvis Presley!!

  322. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #312, #313 and #319 -

    ………..or maybe this one should be a special dedication!

  323. Jamey wrote:

    doesmatter–We are not judging. We are helping other people that are lost understand that all Christians are not the way that person is. If someone that is lost hears about him they will think, one, all Christians must be this way and two, if Christians are this way, whats the point in getting saved. We are on the boarder of gossip, but gossip is something that comes to you from a third party from which you don’t know is true or not. We know everything we say about this matter to be true because we either heard it straight from the horses mouth or from the other party that has been affected. I have experienced it first hand. Since you do not know the facts you think I am judging. Im just sharing and hope, hope others that have had the same experience, will have the courage too. It is an injustice.
    As far as when I get to heaven, I will make a long distance phone call to you and tell you just exactly what he says to me.

  324. Wade wrote:


    Thank you so much for your message!!!

    If you come on here and promise all the bullying will STOP then this can be the end of it!!!

    That is ALL anybody has ever wanted!! STOP the BULLYING!!

    There is no doubt your brother is an incredible talent!!!

    doesitmatter — Hi RKB…seems it does to you!!! You need to be glad that Dr. DH is a merciful person!! I tried to stop it a few days back and it just keeps coming!!

  325. Mayor-of-Mayberry wrote:

    # 298 Carl

    You have a great site. One stop info gathering for sure.

    Yes, “tea” would be nice. We would have a blast. I have a feeling from looking at your site that you look at SG and its current “marketing” and think, “this could be so much more and have a greater reach.” You obviously have the imagination to connect the dots.

    I hope the MQS works for him/them. Hopefully, they have the business side of this thing figured out well enough to make a buck so it can happen again. If not…….

    I doubt many promoters list their market as their favorite charity.

  326. doesitmatter wrote:

    what matters is that you both are seriously misguided in your actions. It’s pathetic really. Jamey, you won’t have to make a long distance call. Besides, it will be too hot where you will be, while I, on the other hand will be cool as can be by the river of life. I am very sure of my salvation and do not destroy others for sins of the past. I just wonder how you both would feel if all your sins were revisited and brought to light over and over again even after you were saved. Oh, but wait, you both would actually have to get saved first.

  327. WWJD wrote:

    #321- The only “inquiring minds that want to know” are those who live to hurt people and have no real heart for God or others. This whole blog is a just a way for bullies to beat up people with their hateful, vindictive and meanspirited words and there is nothing God honoring about it whatsoever. I am sure most who post aren’t concerned about what God thinks anyway. Very sad actually.

  328. Hector Luna wrote:

    This is so entertaining.

    First, “Doesitmatter” - The answer is no, it doesn’t matter, especially as it corresponds to you. I hope there’s more than sitting “cooly” by the river of life. That’s a rather boring picture of heaven. What about Jesus being there?

    Ok, that was in semi-jest. Forgive me.

    secondly, I love that we’re “comparing” our salvation by our works/what we do/don’t do. That’s not the narrow road. That is indeed the road to hell. We can’t compare grace either. It’s hard to even understand its’ very magnitude, especially for the individual.

    I know Doug isn’t the SGM police, but what I appreciate about Wade, Ode, Irishlad and others, even if it appears to be rude at times, is that they call out the CRAP.

    Calling out a person’s sin should be balanced, and prayerfully and privately initiated. And when it begins to filter bit by bit to the public, (and SGM artists are in the public eye), it will turn into a rumormill of non-factual information.

    Therefore, when that happens, the “repentant” thing to do is publicly “repent” and fess up your mistake. We dont’ need every little detail, but show a contrite heart. That is one thing that is LACKING in this genre. I’m under the conviction that more than anything that is why SGM is dying. Not as much with the age group or the culture (but that too), but because of unrepentant sin and covered up sin. God blesses a repentant heart.

    If you’re going to be a public artist, BE ONE. You have a private life, yes…so balance it. But there are some things that will inevitably surface because of the fan/artist contact.

    Reach Records does it right (yes that’s a Christian rap label). They have a 2 year discipleship program before they officially sign any artist. In that, they are studying Scripture, held accountable, learning what being a Christian man is all about, bearing fruit before being turned loose to the public.

    We all love a karaoke group singing Cathedral/Statesmen classics in suits that covers up sin and provides little accountability.

    I’ll be sympathetic for the artist that has moral failure, is repentant, and owns up to it. Not so much for the one hiding it asking not to be judged. And if that’s the way it’s gonna be, then call out the crap.

  329. tusk molarr wrote:

    How exactly can you complain about those who question somebody’s salvation and then turn right around and question the salvation of the ones who do it?

  330. Melody Thomas wrote:

    Who is Brandon Barry?

  331. NG wrote:

    Doug: I don’t klnow if you have forsaken your blog or if you plan on using the 329 posts (thus far) on this thread as the basis of your new book titled “The Thread That Never Ends.”

  332. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    I see that another song dedication is necessary……

    If You Don’t Love Your Neighbor……….

  333. Knows Nothing wrote:

    To BackwoodsPhilosopher …..Now those are some funny links right there..I don’t care what anyone says!!

  334. noninsider wrote:

    Brandon Barry sings bass for the Lefevre Quartet. He is a solid singer… Wade you are probably making a safe bet…

  335. Regina Barry wrote:

    re:#324- Wade- if I was going to post on this blog I would do so using my own name and not hide behind a fake one. I have no reason to do so. I don’t know who “doesitmatter” is…but I like them. ;-) I have no more to say here. God bless.

  336. irishlad wrote:

    Jon and Jamie
    “Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile smile smile” :) :)

  337. irishlad wrote:

    oh and ..Matt Fouch awesome (hate that bloody word) Bass.

  338. irishlad wrote:

    Stewart,for what it’s worth i think you’ve got things just about right.If you can get your sound as close to perfect as possible then i think you’d be on a winner.As far as attracting a new audience..well, the more polished the show then you’ll get them.Personally i’d have Canton Junction & Ryan Seaton’s boys on and if you could manage to nail them down Assurance,that would get the collage kids in.

  339. irishlad wrote:

    ..also get an “All Star Quartet” together that also creates a lot of interest.

  340. Carl Holmander wrote:

    1.Thank you for the kind words and wishes for an invite!

    2. Romans tells us about grace.
    Titus tells that grace is not a license to sin.
    I won’t make it simple to key in on singular verse because if you find the need to look it up you might need to the read it the most!
    Any more, contact God, maybe your local pastor or trusted prayer warrior. Certainly, not here.

    3. You all on this thread distracted me from my current and on going crusade.

  341. quartet-man wrote:

    Irishlad actually has some good ideas. Maybe he laid off the sauce for a while. ;)
    I think Canton Junction and Union Street are great ideas. Both are a bit more modern than many groups and you get former SSQ members as well as McCune and a Crabb as well as Sykes. Now, I like them regardless off names, but these are some talented people and the other lesser known people are good as well. I am not really familiar with Assurance, but I suspect they would be good too.

    The All Star quartet is a sound idea and I am not sure if I have mentioned it before, but things like scrap iron quartets and other things you won’t see elsewhere are draws. Maybe you could have a classic night with groups from the past (be it current groups who have a long history and could maybe do older songs they used to do), reunions of groups from the past (either with members there who are currently in other groups or who no longer sing) etc. Example could be Gold City, Singing Americans, The Sound, Stamps etc. I realize this is done at the Gospel Reunion, but there are those who don’t make that or who would like more of it.

    There are those who aren’t quartets that I like, but understand your desire to stand out. If you were going to branch out eventually I would suggest groups like the Perrys, Hoppers, Martins, Sisters, Talleys and Booth Brothers (who are a big draw). Greater Vision might not be an option.

    I do like the Oaks idea and of course the GVB and EHSS would be good choices if feasible.

  342. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #338: Irishlad, I absolutely agree about Canton Junction. They are phenomenal. They bring a lot of energy!

  343. Stewart Varnado wrote:

    I agree that both Canton Junction and Union Street would be great vocal additions to the event. Being only 4 nights, and wanting to allow groups a good amount of time to sing, we don’t really have more room on the program this year, plus you have to keep in mind money…we’ve got to stop spending at some point. Plus, if you can sell out with 21 groups, why add more just to spend more money? Now, if I have any volunteers wanting to donate money for me to bring in a group, feel free to contact me. haha!

    btw, 341… we do have EHSS. There’s no way we can afford Gaither. With the exception of NQC, nobody else is able to book him. I did attempt to contact, but what reason would he have to listen to little ole me?

  344. GD wrote:

    I’ve just returned from a Lefevre Quartet concert. I have never attended one of their concerts but would go hear them again. I found them to have a very polished sound and a sincere heart. A couple of observations: if something doesn’t happen, the future of SGM isn’t very bright. I am in my forties and I was by far one of the youngest folks there. TLQ is fairly young and should have some appeal to a younger audience but they were not there tonight. Secondly, I found Brandon Barry to be a great bass singer. Other than being a little goofy, I found him to be a lot more sincere and authentic than many SGM singers on the road today. he basically stood there and sang, and sang well. I know you can’t always judge a book by its cover. Finally I found Mike to be very genuine and real. I would find it hard to believe that he’d knowing hire a loser like I’ve seen described above. I was blessed tonight and would encourage others to go see for yourself and then form your own opinion like I did.

  345. CVH wrote:

    Holy crap! Brooke, please come back and straighten out this mess!

  346. Beans wrote:

    #344: No connection to this drama; just a passerby with a Facebook.

    Seriously? If you’re gonna post something like that, do a spellcheck. The names are not spelled the same. Nice try though.

  347. RF wrote:

    Doug. Come back. Soon. Please.

  348. irishlad wrote:

    346 she’s the last thing we need at this point :)

  349. irishlad wrote:

    2# Norm..i have to say The Avett Bros are right up there with Mumford & Sons . :)

  350. quartet-man wrote:

    #343 I wondered if you had EHSS or not. I probably noticed initially, but wasn’t sure. Yeah, I figured GVB would be out of the price range and realize they do limited dates. As far as getting the other two groups in, I could put a dollar in the plate. ;)

  351. Carl Holmander wrote:

    Check out blogger, Aaron Swain, on his Facebook page where he has selections from The LeFevre Quartet in concert this past Friday night.!/aaron.swain

    or here:

  352. Auke wrote:

    At DBM i can’t read the comments on’s up? Anybody excited about the upcoming GVB album, and Michael English solo release?
    I know i am…

  353. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #350: Thanks for the free plug! :)

    I will have a post up tomorrow morning on the blog that will have all the videos in one place, or you can click this link to the playlist on Youtube:

  354. GD wrote:

    #346 what are you talking about? Other than leaving “ly” off of knowingly, I didn’t see a need for spellcheck.

    “#344: No connection to this drama; just a passerby with a Facebook.

    Seriously? If you’re gonna post something like that, do a spellcheck. The names are not spelled the same. Nice try though.”

  355. Jim Markel wrote:

    Dear Lord,

    Forgive my sick sense of curiosity as I continue to monitor this thread. While I’m sure there are more important things to do, like dusting my Homecoming bobble-heads or playing Dolly Rambo songs backwards to listen for hidden messages or doing arobics to Signature Sound tunes, I can’t seem to shake the adictive nature of reading this Jerry Springer-like blog. Make us all as holy as we think we are and not as fallen as all the others who don’t agree with us. And please ask Doug to clean up the mess he seems to have made.


  356. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #354 - Jim, that was great! Bill Gaither needs to hire you as comedian on his next Homecoming Tour! LOL

    Jim, since you’re addicted to this blog, I wanted to offer something a little different for you and the viewing audience. The Pentecostal/Apostolic folks also love SG and we love to see what they can do with long hair.

    Therefore…….I present to you…….

    Larger Than Life Pentecostal/Apostolic Hair

  357. Ode wrote:

    291, that’s all, ab. 2 500? Then you need our advice like a bass needs an umbrella, you got it all covered - nice groups, best possible sound, no deals with shady entities (TBN) and limiting junk pushers in the hall. Even though bath salts booth might help cover sound imperfections;) What more can we tell you? You nailed it.

    I thought you needed at least 10 times that much… An ambitious attempt to bring young audiences would require some gamechanging, starting with boosting the level of professionalism in all aspects and ,considering change-resistant elderly base and the time needed to regain young people’s trust, some patience.If you wish opinions on that, ask DH for a dedicated thread, we can do it.

    But for such small audience, no need. Between Memphis, cancelling stage beggars and hosting only male bands-the old SG cougars’ eye candy- you’ll sell out. It’s way early, most fans are at age they shouldn’t be buying green bananas, let alone tickets for year 2013 events.

    (bass - fish that is ;)

  358. Ode wrote:

    ~Hector, excellent post!

    ~Good songs, BP. Love Elvis’ backdancers on “SAVED”,all their moves ,lifting girls up in the air - for ’68 those routines are way before their time, great

    ~M_o_M, so you are BP’s worse half? Great,lucky man,now con her into coming to our tea party. So 4 of you sages-promoters give me an idiot-proof explanation of SG culture issues I just can’t wrap my mind around.

    ~Canton Junction: Hope the lil apple Matt fell far away from his slimy prosperity crook tree. That anti-Semitic bastard J.Hagee achieved something a rare human or beast ever could - Israelis (that are aware of his exstance) united solid in hate of him, be they left, right,yehudim, meshahim, jews,Christians, all :D But CJ got a nice sound, indeed

    “”"”Piggy back ride”"”"”

    (blushing)Are you talking dirty to me, Ilad? Mentioning an unclean animal, you gentile. I am forbidden to pet a piggy, love,with Deutoronomy, Levit, Mishna and Talmud on my back…. Make it a camel or a horse ride

  359. Jim Markel wrote:

    #356 Backwoods - A couple of years ago, I attended a great A of G church in New England. A number of dear saints tried to “prime” me into speaking in toungues, but they just couldn’t get the pump primed well enough. A dear sister even grabbed me from behind at the hips and tried to squeeze something out of me. I was happy because: 1) after all these years and extra pounds, I was glad to know my hips could still be located and 2) I didn’t end up passing gas in church. After watching this video, I’m very tempted to grow my hair out, put it in a Holy bun and go back to that church to see if they can then squeeze something out of me. Regardless, I love the marraige between soulful gospel music and evangeical hair styling. I believe this is a very unique outreach…to both the musically impaired and the coiffeur estranged!

  360. Wade wrote:

    328 Hector — Thanks for the kind words… if you notice I am the only one who will call BS on somebody that uses my real name and have a link to my facebook page so I am not HIDING ANY PLACE!!!

    I have said what I need to say right now but the second I hear about people being bullied again I will be right back calling more names.

    As I said I am one of the BIGGEST Heathens alive I do not call out anybody for doing their own thing. But when I hear about OTHER people being hurt by complete CONS, BULLIES or other BS I will CALL IT OUT!!!

    McCray — You are such a REBEL But I am so proud of you and what is in store for the DOVE Bros Band!!!

    Jim Markel — you will be forgiven… it would be nice if there were more honest people like you!!

    Jamey — I wished there were more people like you too who will call some BS on people who basically harbor criminals!!

  361. BackwoodsPhilosopher wrote:

    #357 - Ode……the comment of “buying green bananas”…….we have laughed since last night about that one. :-)

    #359 - Jim……I grew up in the Church of God (Cleveland, TN version). People would go to the altar and pray for folks.

    One minute a sister would say, “Hold on” while another one was saying, “Turn loose”. One night a friend of mine was in prayer and this was going on during the altar service. He had a great sense of humor and told me that he couldn’t decide what to do because he was being told to do two different things! LOL

  362. Jim Markel wrote:


    My pedigree was originally EUB/UM; so, overt expression and freedom of worship was different for me. In the 70’s, a group I used to sing with were fortunate to host the Cathedrals at a number of concerts. When George would get excited (whether it was part of the schtick or not, who knows), he would hold forth with a “Well Glory!” Good, good memories.

    Having travelled on the road for awhile, in and out of Heinz 57 varieties of churches and having been blessed with the friendship and caring of many of God’s best people, I have to say that I miss a good old fashioned A of G, C of G, Pentecostal service. The kind where God is so close, you can feel him sitting next to you! But rather than sounding like a snake-handler or an altar dancer, I’ll just say that those brothers and sisters hold a special place in my heart. Or, as some of them might say…”Jimmy, it’s better felt than telt!”

  363. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    L5 would do well to hire Randy Byrd, or a young up and comer like Paul Harkey…

  364. Wade wrote:

    Since all the other bloggers who maybe have 2-3 ok… maybe 4 followers are posting THEIR choice of AWARD winners in the lame ass NQC awards… I hope he (Dr. DH) will post HIS PICKS of AWARD WINNERS!!!

  365. irishlad wrote:

    361 BP/Ode, you could add long playing records to the green bananas…they mightn’t be around to hear the end of them :)

  366. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    You know Wade, I always enjoyed Dr. DH’s award list he used to post after NQC was over.

  367. Mark wrote:

    #345- Don’t hink she will be returning anytime soon. A dose of truth is sometimes hard to swallow.

  368. Ode wrote:

    I disagree; you don’t necessarily need young bands to attract young audience. It’s like saying you need mostly male performers to attract more young men to a night club musical event.

    In the last 4 weeks I saw 3 incredible classic rock groups – Scorpions, Aerosmith and ZZ top( last two, sadly, overlapping) at a famed beer city outdoor festival. All band members in their mid sixties, audience –mostly college age. There were enough young bands, 11 stages did provide choice,most of them free vs. 100$ for Aaerosmith,yet… I wont even start with how almost an octogenarian Rolling Stone and his buddies in their 70s, celebrating the band’s 50 anniversary, generate young fans. It’s the quality of music and showmanship , not the musician’s age.

  369. Ode wrote:

    359, LOLOL they do that? She grabbed your butt to evoke the Holy Spirit movement?

    I didn’t finish the post monday – I am owned by a 2 br condo, it wanted new blinds. So, 1 more thing.
    About talking on stage- smart of you to get rid of holly rollers,but remember, fundies of SBapt. stripe can’t live without a cause to champion. Don’t wean them off the politico-preaching pacifier altogether. Just let a band member run his mouth a bit, Gerald Wolfe style: how we, good Christians, ought to hate homos, Obama, those nasty poor, women that dare to speak up.. all wrapped in pretty godspeak. Make them feel all warm,fuzzy and self-righteous.No, I am not being sarcastic. Little poison tongue is like little sex, would sell well, just don’t overdose - palin-ashcroft scam failed, even NQC promoter gang figured it by now ;)

  370. Ode wrote:

    On the ODDEST chance 2500tix don’t sell completely,you out of money and want music related attractions, start digging into famous “12 never fail to bring people in musicians’ tricks”.From the bottom up.

    12. People love seeing themselves , and even more so their kids on stage, talent level/lack thereof notwithstanding, even more then they love seeing good singers, thus cult-like popularity of Idol. Start a contest “Sing with___ (insert group(s) name)”. Send in mp3/cds, open to boys from 4 to 95+, accept submissions up until the event, announce the winner right before(but you sell non refundables, so..) Polish the logistics, 1-2 songs with a good kid isn’t much sacrifice + tons of parents, granps etc. You promote the genre to youth, win-win. If more seats still unsold - move to next trick, etc..
    Band I go to see next doest it for HS choirs

    - wise boys!

  371. Wade wrote:

    Nate 366… I enjoy most everything that Dr. DH writes… even if I have to google several words of every paragraph…sometimes it is funny the meaning of the words he sneaks into some of his writings.

    Mark 367… We can only hope!!!

  372. Mark wrote:

    #371 - Wade I will be praying for you and Jamey. God can work with people like you guys who admit the truth in your life. It is the first step to true repentance. God bless

  373. Wade wrote:

    Thanks Mark for those prayers… but go read everything myself and Jamey wrote above and JUST WAIT!!! A storm is a coming!!! You will know it when it happens!! Tick Tock!!!

  374. Nate Stainbrook wrote:


    That quartet you were referring to (assurance) earlier on in this thread are based out of Cincinnati Ohio. They got their start as a Bible school group at God’s Bible School, and College in Cincy. I know all of them personally, and they are great guys. They could hold their own with a lot of regional groups, and even some major quartets.

    Their lead singer is related to, and travels with the Collingsworth Family as their sound technician.

    You should check out their version of “I Found Grace” on youtube. It is quite excellent. Their tenor really shines on that one, as does their bass singer.

  375. Wade wrote:

    Tick Tock Tick Tock the time is drawing nigh!!! Just wait… I have NEVER BEEN WRONG on this kinda thing!!! If you have read this blog for any length of time I did not write things that are not WELL SOURCED when I tell ya something is going to happen!!!

    Wished I could drop on ya everything in the file that is sourced WAY more than most stories in major publications. I STAND BY IT and ready to defend any BS… but this is Dr. DH play ground and I respect his wishes and it is s tough line to draw for most people between gossip and clear cut FACT… and with those 2 distinctions I have never traded in gossip!!

    If you do not like Paul & Jan & the like CONNING people why would you like your SGM singers doing the same!!?!?!?

  376. irishlad wrote:

    Thats for that Nate..really appreciate it.

  377. Cindy Drost wrote:

    I attended the “Praisefest” event today in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The Freedom Trio, consisting of Josh Garner, John Rulapaugh, and Tyler Vestal, was one of the many fine groups performing today…only, they introduced themselves as The Freedom Quartet for “today” because they had a fourth member for “today”….Randy Byrd as their bass singer. Randy sounded great with them. He blended well and added great personality to their stage presence.

  378. Mayor-of-Mayberry wrote:

    Ode…… I’m sorry I missed your request. “So 4 of you sages-promoters give me an idiot-proof explanation of SG culture issues I just can’t wrap my mind around.”

    Something tells me you already know me well enough to guess I couldn’t give you even a part of a single explanation for the cultural issues associated with SG. The first time I sat through an SG concert billed as one featuring quartets, I thought…… “you’ve got to be kidding.”

    Maybe I lived a sheltered life. But, like you, I associated “quartet” with four people who actually sang. Something more along the lines of music produced by the barber shop style you mentioned on another thread.

  379. irishlad wrote:

    I’m repeating myself here but there’s not one Sg Qt out there who could hold a candle to Tonic Sol-fa,technically,vocally or otherwise.

  380. Wade wrote:

    WoW Brandon Barry’s bio is GONE from Mike LeFevre’s Quartet Bio section!!! Wonder what will happen next!?!?!?

  381. Wade wrote:

    I do not have this as SOLID as I had the Brandon Barry info… but has anybody else heard Glenn Dustin is going to Gold City because Tim just can’t take the travel that GCQ needs to collect the flats they require to make a living!?!?!?!

  382. Brandon Barry wrote:

    tick tock tick tock willy…you about to find out whats next…see ya soon

  383. irishlad wrote:

    380 Wade,i really don’t like Billy Bass or the sound of his voice,he’s the Bass vocalist for the Fishermens Qt and there’s something fishy about him. Could you sort it out for me please?

  384. noninsider wrote:

    Wade that is rather intriguing… Brandon seems to be a bit of loose cannon IMO. Uber talented; but just can’t seem to stick anywhere for very long…

  385. Wade wrote:

    nonisider… agree totally, uber talented for sure. There is usually a reason when some one goes from Group to Group and never stays long.

    irishdude — you are a nut… I’ll let ya know!!!

    Brandon — I’m not hard to find [edit]. Be careful what ya wish for!!!!… my advice for you would be the same advice we often hear here at AVFL… Just Shut Up & SING!!!

  386. noninsider wrote:

    Wade, I for one have not heard that about Glenn. That would be a solid move for Gold City after their failed attempt with Chris West… Glenn seems to be a high character family man. He also happens to have nearly the same bass range as Tim Riley, though not as much sheer power. That can still be developed as he is only 40 years old.

  387. ode wrote:

    Oh, you are just being humble. For all i learn here from you dear people - SG culture’s good, bad, ugly + visual proofs to “this is why we are broke and dying as a genre” as a bonus - Avery should charge me tuition each semester.

    “”Maybe I lived a sheltered life”"

    I highly doubt it. Married to a wild maiden like BP? She is a beautifully crazy and partially lives in totally imaginary, fairytale world, but all in an appealing, feminine way. I wish I had that in me a little .

    hehehe, ilad :) I want to know, too

  388. irishlad wrote:

    386 I agree, if it happened it would be exactly the very thing to take Glenn out of his comfort zone and really explore his lower register. Let’s face it he’s 40!.. CW & AMcC were then easily as low as Tim in their 20’s.

  389. Wade wrote:

    Hey LOOK Mike LeFevre Quartet has a NEW Bass Singer!!!

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