Music so amazing you can’t hear it

The Daily Mail has a story about the J.D. Sumner du jour, Tim Storms, who holds the current world’s record for lowest human voice. Here he is gutting it out with Amazing Grace:

From the news report:

The man who holds the record for the world’s lowest voice can hit notes so low that only animals as massive as elephants are able to hear them.

U.S. singer Tim Storms can reach notes as low as G-7 (0.189Hz). That’s a remarkable 8 octaves below the lowest G on a piano. So low, in fact, that even Storms himself cannot hear it.

‘I can feel them though,’ he told CNN. ‘I kind of hear them in my head as far as the sound my vocal chords are making but, as far as the frequencies, it’s something more or less that I feel.’

Indeed, though some of us have far less of a feel for this sort of stuff than others.

Sure, there’s enough of a popcorn and circuses dimension to extreme singing that I clicked through to the video, but I stopped listening after a few seconds. For people who like this kinda thing, this is the kinda thing they like. I’m just not one of them. The ability to sing this low bears about as much relation to creating enjoyable vocal music as the ability to play scales at superhuman speeds has to do with good piano. Fortunately, when these kinds of feats are done really well, I can neither hear nor see them. Perfection.

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  1. Ode wrote:

    “”" only …as massive as elephants are able to hear them”"”

    lol hey , not nice to hint at SG fandom like that.

    But there should be a SG group in need for a bass now.If not, wait a day or two, there’ll be. On a serious note, I hear you ,Avery, akin to having a 300 IQ or 20 inch penis ,you can only use some of it.

  2. irishlad wrote:

    Did you post that just for me Doug?….awww thanks a bunch pal. :)
    Ode i’m lucky i was blessed with both ;)

  3. Wade wrote:

    yeah I like to give people OPTIONZ!!!!

  4. irishlad wrote:

    Say what you like but he was taken seriously by that seriously serious stiff upper- lipped classical music record company Decca. I followed with interest the world-wide search they put on(started last April) to find a Bass who could sing an Eb1 required in the lowest piece of Choral work ever written.I thought for sure a Russian Basso profundo such as Vladimer Miller would have won the part but no they gave it to good old Tim(Accapella,Vocal Union,Rescue et al).
    So there you go…put that in your pipes and smoke it.

  5. Pat wrote:

    Well.. that was truly pathetic!! What pitches you could hear were flat. I prefered the ones you couldn’t hear!!!

  6. SKW wrote:

    Whatever happened to David Paul Kennamer? I thought he had the record for lowest note though I’m not positive (or maybe it was just vocal range). I thought he was pretty good, but… you heard one low note you’ve heard them all. I’d rather hear a bass with a smooth voice who knows how to blend even if not the lowest.

  7. irishlad wrote:

    SKW..such as Keith Plott perhaps ? :) pretty much sure he could hit an Eb1.

  8. Ode wrote:

    4,The guy is indeed great, I just listened to him. Loved “Evening Bells”, excellent piano accompaniment. And the classic “Dark Eyes”

    Despite the bad rep Bible gives the girls of my race I am very traditional and conservative, so if you want to do tikkun leil with me, Ilad, you should bring little wine and music entertainment to stay awake. Go low, like JD Sumner’s “Dig a little deeper” sounds appropriate for a Torah study.

  9. Wade wrote:

    ode… I did not know the Bible gave females of your race a bad reputation… I thought that was irishdudes job!?!?!? So how many of those 20 you like?!?!

  10. irishlad wrote:

    yes indeedy Ode “a little wine for our stomachs’ sake and a whole load for our heads. ;) Btw what night are we having the Shavuot on? i’ll need to book a week off work.

  11. Wade wrote:

    No matter what ya think about HOW this guy sings you can’t deny he has some PIPES!!! But I also bet his line was Babied on the board and his mic was SPECIAL for picking up the low end…and I bet they had a sub with it’s own SPECIAL LINE with a seperate AMP!! I am sure CVH can come on here and tell us!!!

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