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I wish Dean Adkins or some such southern gospel collector with troves of great images from back in the day would do the equivalent of this for southern gospel.

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  1. NG wrote:

    Pretty sure it was these country pictures I saw on display at a site in Knoxville when I was there for the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion around 2005.

    I have a Gospel Music Directory and Yearbook from 1972-73 which has pictures of all the name groups of the time but most are promotional shots.

  2. irishlad wrote:

    NG i think i have that book in hard back: is it called the “Encyclopedia of Gospel Music” written by two people,one of them called Anderson. This is all off the top of my head as it’s 30 yrs or more we’re talking.

  3. NG wrote:

    Irishlad: Pretty sure they are two different publications. The one I have is soft-cover. I use to own the one you mentioned but I believe it covered more than just Southern Gospel.

  4. Jim Markel wrote:

    This is an awesome suggestion! I remember going to some of the Orrell (spelling?) productions at the Scottish Rite Cathedral near Pittsburgh bak in the 60’s and 70’s and hearing so many SGM groups from “down south.” Many of the groups were fairly well known; however, for each concert Lloyd Orrell would include some new or less known group. Love to see some candid pictures from 60’s and 70’s SGM groups.

  5. Mike S wrote:

    How’s this for looking back? Just received an entire 1979 concert by the Hinsons in Shreveport, LA on DVD from a great 81 year old gentlemen who recorded it and ran the sound. The upshot is the video is… well…1979…but the audio was recorded through a soundboard and is incredible (and loud! have to turn it way down)
    This concert was about a year after “On the Road Live” was recorded and its the Kenny sound I liked best. Big broad powerful vocals rather than the more nasal, thin style he went to later in his career. Chris Hawkins (Freeman) is the female voice and though I really liked both her and Yvonne, I always thought Chris was the more dynamic singer.

    Live band, no tracks or vocal stacking, dynamic, unpredictable vocal moves from both Kenny and Larry…It don’t get no better than this!

  6. Steve wrote:

    Mike, that sounds like amazing video. Any chance you could upload some to YouTube?

  7. Michael McIlwain wrote:

    I agree with Steve. Please, Mike, upload some of these.

  8. Mike S wrote:

    About 12 songs from that 1979 Hinson concert have already been uploaded to YouTube by the man who video taped it that night.

  9. Sensible wrote:

    I watched some of the Hinson videos from Shreveport, LA in 1979. I think this was recorded after the “Prime” album at least. Ronny had the fro which He introduced us to on the “Prime” album, and Kenny did “You’re All I Need” which was on the “Prime” album as well.

    The “Prime” album was released in 1979, and the picture was a white background, a Rolls Royce Car, and the group in formal wear (Tuxedos with Chris in an evening dress.)

    “On the Road” was pictured around a piano in the middle of the road, and Ronny did not have the fro.

    Gary Primm told me an interesting story about the “On the Road” photo shoot (no photoshop back in those days). They did the picture on a road that had not opened yet, and it was due to open in a week or two. The transfer truck in the background is actually the truck that hauled the piano (I think that’s right.) Here’s the good part. The piano company’s movers were loading the grand piano after the shoot, and they dropped the piano and broke the thing. It tied everybody up at the scene of the drop for hours as they tried to figure out what to do.

    The piano company tried to hold the Hinsons responsible, but they were not loading it nor were they even helping to load it. There was a lot of back and forth between the Hinsons and the piano company over it that lasted for months, but it ended up that they did not have to pay for the broken piano. Just a cool story Gary shared with me in a recording session one time. I’m sure it is one of those photo shoots they will never forget.

  10. Mike S wrote:


    Great story about the piano! I loved Gary Primm at the piano, I know he went into the studio after leaving the Hinsons and was/is one of the top studio musicians.
    You’re right, “Prime” was the new album when the Hinsons did this concert in December of 1979. They gave away a copy during the concert and Ronnie refers to it several times. This was about a year after “On The Road”– which they give away that night as well.

    Ronnie apologized to the audience because they could not do “Who Do You Know” live and several people had requested it. “Who Do You Know” was on the Prime album and was one of the most cutting edge/contemporary sounding songs of its day in SG. I remember being enthralled as a teen ager that only the Hinsons could pull off something like “Who Do You Know”. But it was difficult enough (at the time) that they didn’t think they could do it live that night.
    On their next album (”Song Vineyard”) they recorded “He Makes A World Of Difference” which just blew my 16 year old mind for its forward thinking style. It showed a dexterity vocally for Kenny and Larry that was astounding for its day. (and today as well come to think of it)

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