Just Sing: Jack Black does “Love Lifted Me”

This is probably only new to me - because I am hopelessly late to most mainstream culture stuff like this - but tonight Avery HQ screened Bernie, a Jack Black/Shirley MacLaine/Matthew McConaughey flick about a swishy smalltown southern funeral director … but I repeat myself (seriously though, this really does seem like a movie at some level about the costs of repression for the southern gospel sissy). Anyway, near the beginning of the film, there’s a “Love Lifted Me” cameo - it’s the Florida Boys, if memory serves, though I’m sure the commentariat will correct me if I’m wrong - that charmingly captures the jaunty folksy surface - and  the undercurrent of endearingly warm souled feeling - that so often bespeaks  small-town southern sweet-tea gospel-and-gossip pietism. It immediately won me over, at any rate.

Rollicking fun, idn’t it. More soon on NQC post-mortems. In the meantime, if you want to enjoy the song above without Jack Black’s character’s instrusions and you can’t find the box in your basement that contains the LP on which the song originally appeared, you can indulge yourself with a digital copy on iTunes.

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  1. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    This post is virtually identical (minus your academic prose) to the one I have set to go up on Monday morning. I thought about pulling it when I saw yours, but this clip from the film deserves the double promotion.

  2. Aaron Swain wrote:

    He also sings a verse and chorus of “He Touched Me” at one point in the movie.

  3. irishlad wrote:

    Brad Smith posted that clip on my fb wall a month ago…loved it.

  4. irishlad wrote:

    Not sure about the Florida Boys,but i remember Big Jim Hammil cranking it out in his own inimitable way with the KM.

  5. joe wrote:

    I saw this movie when it was in theaters, and I gotta say, it’s my favorite movie of the year.

  6. Auke wrote:

    According to my friend Michael McIlwain the singers heard in this clip are in fact the Florida Boys (Tommy Atwood era).

  7. irishlad wrote:

    6 yeah,on refection, you’re probably right.

  8. VideoGuy wrote:

    It’s Steve Warren!

  9. Dean Adkins wrote:

    It is on The Many Moods of the Florida Boys Canaan CAS-9680-LP.

  10. Stewart Varnado wrote:

    This is most definitely the Florida Boys with Tommy Atwood, Les, Glen,, & Billy Todd.

    However, if you watch the movie, you’ll see that the youtube clip may be the song in it’s entirety however it’s worth noting that in the movie, his surroundings change (not all driving in the woods), and it cuts in and out of other clips. So this youtube footage isn’t directly from the contents of the full movie.

  11. Wade wrote:

    VideoGuy… HA HA!!! wonder did he a bleached blonde BUXOM Wife!?!?! IN THE MOVIE!!!

  12. Brandon Coomer wrote:

    I think that cut of “Love Lifted Me” is from 1970 LP “The Many Moods of the Florida Boys.”

  13. irishlad wrote:

    wonder did that old fox LB pickup any royalties? lol

  14. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Here’s audio of “He Touched Me:”


  15. Auke wrote:

    #14 Jack sings the Gaither classic quite well…..

  16. Lightkeeper wrote:

    #8 - I had thought the same thing. He looks exactly like Steve Warren!

  17. Wade wrote:

    irish dude… of course Les did… he is SLICK when it comes to that!!! Sand in their Toes and a Song in their heart!!! With a BiG Phat Wallet!!!

  18. LaTrecia A. Chancey wrote:

    LB might have, but my daddy Tommy Atwood did not lol

  19. Wade wrote:

    LaTrecia… thanks for stopping by and helping us make our point!!! Your Dad was a GREAT TALENT!!!

  20. Gayla wrote:

    We saw the movie tonight, and I loved it! Of course, I am a Texan, so I could appreciate the east TX people, humor, etc. I have spoken to people in the area before we decided to watch it “on demand”, and they truly feel he should not be suffering the consequences that he is at the present time. Sorry if that is a bit of a spoiler! I would recommend this movie highly! They do use the “f word” one time, which I absolutely detest, but the movie is definitely worth the time! I love interesting true stories, and I love it that they included “Gospel Music”!

  21. carl wrote:

    (Spoiler alert for the film.) Whoever chose the music for this film is either one of us or a very quick study in the history of gospel music. Pure genius to choose “Flee as a bird” as background for a slow piano piece as the body leaves the yard. That song is about 160 years old and has had so many lives–shape note, funeral dirge, blues–all of which stacked up layers of meaning on top the visual images on the screen.

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