The CD at 30

Today is the 30th anniversary of what is understood to be the birth of the mass-market cd. Given the very reliable transition to new technologies in the music industry just about every 30 years, nobody may care or even remember to mark the cd’s 40th, or maybe even its 35th. So dust off that old Billy Joel disc and enjoy!

Unless you’re a typical southern gospel fan, in which case, you probably think the cd is finally coming into its prime, thank you very much. At least, I have members of my family who only started regularly buying cds and NOT primarily listening to their gospel music on cassettes (pronounced CASS-sets) within the last ten years, which means … I don’t really know what, except that southern gospel has never been accused of rushing into new technology, and somewhere there’s probably still somebody enjoying their favorite Inspirations music on an 8-track player.

Now if y’all will excuse me I’ve got to go turn the crank on my Victrola a few times.

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  1. NG wrote:

    Southern Gospel was not that far behind other music in introducing the CD. I bougth “Master Builder” by the Cathedrals on CD in 1986 on the Riversong label (26 years ago). It was only a couple of years earlier that I saw my first CD at someone’s house (think it was a Springsteen disk). Problem in SGM might have been that the fans did not make the switch to CDs as quickly as the leading artists did.

  2. irishlad wrote:

    8 tracks were great esp. in the car. i remember almost shreading a BB’s one out from circa 73 my dear old pop who was a gospel singer himself once remarked “do you have to keep playing that son?” ..i was 13.

  3. Lightkeeper wrote:

    I remember when the cassettes would stick in the tape player, and then you would string the cassette for a yard, destroying the tape. CD’s were a welcome change.

    I wish everyone would switch from the plastic covers that constantly break to these:

    They are the printed cardboard CD jackets. We have purchased CD’s in these and they are much easier to store; plus, you don’t have to worry about breaking the plastic cover.

  4. quartet-man wrote:

    I’ve had CDs for nearly 25 years. I was fortunate to get Master Builder, Symphony of Praise (Original), Prestigious / An Old Convention Song (sans a couple of tunes) all new just over a year later (in addition to Gold City discs). So, some CDs were available a bit after they hit the mainstream. Accompaniment tracks on the other hand took a long time to be on CD. The issue, I believe, was that many churches didn’t have or at least companies believed didn’t have CD players on which to play the accompaniments.

    I bought a Pioneer Rack system with a 6 CD changer in December of 1987. It was around $1000. I still have it and still use some components on occasion. I think the changer itself retailed for around $300 something. I can’t recall what a single disc one did. But, churches are often slower to adopt than individuals at times (although my church did get a mini disc player in the late nineties.

  5. McCray wrote:

    Hey speaking of things of the past! If you remember the DMB BAND and you like positive Country,Country Gospel and Sounthern Gospel, Oct 13th at Tanglewood Church in Kinston NC is the place to be! Come and see ” Jamming For A Cure For Alzheimer’s ” featuring Dixie Melody Boys, Dove Brothers Band and the DMB BAND Reunion!!! DMB Band had hits like, Good ole Boys, Too Much Thunder, Jesus is the Light, Dirty Deal and many others! Come see Two Live Bands, three Quartets and it’s all for a good cause!! Go to our website for the number to call for tickets!!!! Hope to see you there!

  6. Tim wrote:

    ONe of the best DMB band songs I remember is “Heart to Heart”. Someone needs to cut that one again.

  7. William Boen wrote:

    At least with the plastic covers,you can replace then.Not so with the cardboard covers.I have passed up buying a cd because it had a cardboard cover.My collection exceeds 100,000 cd’s and record albums and I buy a lot still.I said this because I detest those flimsy cardboard covers and would encourage artists and music companys to keep the plastic covers.

  8. Lightkeeper wrote:

    #7: My experience has been……. the plastic covers constantly crack or break, especially if you move them around from house to car.

    Maybe the best thing is to keep everything in a CD case. There are some covers that are a more stable, slim-line plastic. They seem better than the regular plastic ones.

  9. Wade wrote:

    I like the plastic covers if a similar size mirror is not around!!

  10. Brett wrote:

    CDS are so 1980’s-90’s time to get with the new medium SG Artists. Wade you made me laugh with the comment about cd mirror. :)

  11. cynical one wrote:

    #7 — Really? You won’t buy a cd, just because of a cardboard cover? Really!?

    Oops! There I go getting cynical, again.

  12. Alan wrote:

    The deal is that everyone who produces CD’s wants to offer what the buyers seem to want. There’s a lot of feedback against the cardboard covers, even though they’re a bit cheaper for us to produce. Jewel boxes can be found anywhere, even Wally World and Radio Shack if you break one. Brett - if by your comments you’re talking digital downloads, do you have any idea how few fans of sgm and the like have ever downloaded the first song?! So, why would anyone trying to make a living go wholly into that route, when our buyers want CD’s? And when plenty still buy any and every cassette you can muster up?!

  13. Tim wrote:

    I wonder if there will be an awards show at the DMB Band reunion. LOL

  14. McCray wrote:

    I think there has been enough award shows! This will be a great night of music!!!!!

  15. William Boen wrote:

    #11..I do buy cd’s with the cardboard covers sometimes,however I take a paper cutter to the cover and cut it fit a plastic cover. When I pass on paper covers is when I am in a store and there are more choices available. Plastic covers fit my shelves better and I like them better.

  16. Mark wrote:

    Sorry to change topic, but it has happened. YGG (Brooke) has bagged (her word) me from her site. You see if you say anything negative or don’t agree with any of her posts, she will bag you from her site. (even if it is the truth). I will surely miss the dozen or so people that regularly read and comment on her site…LOL Folks my dad taught me many years ago that the greatest threat to winning the lost of this world is not the heathens of this world it is the legalistic christians such as Brooke and her bunch. I never remeber reading the scriptures where Christ said to homeschool, not watch tv or movies or go to ballgames. The Christ I know said to go to where they are to reach them, not to seperate yourselves from the very people needing Him. OK off my soapbox, and again I apologise for not staying on topic. God bless, Mark

  17. Tom G. wrote:

    CD’s never were cutting edge -and now, they’re “so yesterday” -not old enough to be “retro” and not new enough to be “cool.”. Analog sound and LPs were one of the best things about gospel music - among other things, southern gospel always had the best LP jackets. And yeah, don ‘t knock Victrolas - 78rpms have their own charm.

  18. Ode wrote:

    7~ Pray tell, what are you doing to them, using them as coasters? Unless you are spinning in clubs I cant see how can one systematically wear out good quality cardboard jackets, in the year 2012 A D, with all the other listening options available. For all practical purposes almost everybody digitizes CDs , various “lossless“,etc, tricks combat mp3s limitations, so pardon my curiosity…

    Judging by all I buy, the quality is superb ,very durable. Unless some indie or amateur bands use preordered cheap jackets that are generally designed to be semi-disposable, for example, to dress a sample CD for trip to a label/ radio station and subsequently, trash can, or keepsakes like Aunt Blabby’s Anniversary, Philip’s Brit Milah or Doug’s Wedding , that were barely listenable once.

    If I was an avid collector like you I’d aim at smaller and lighter.Considering the reality of used CD /record market, realistically only about 2-5% of your collection,of, presumably, variety of genres, has decent resell value, let alone old SG albums/cds that are worth jack, as evidence shows. After you stop breathing Boen kids are stuck with, lets count, ok, about 13500 pounds of plastic in urgent need of relocation to the dumpster, “I wish granpa Will collected stocks instead”, why make their life harder ?

  19. Ode wrote:

    10~I share your view, yet am afraid that until the new, better physical medium hits the market, a CD is here to stay; people just want to own a hard copy of albums, just like they buy paper books in addition to kindle versions. My parents, otherwise intelligent people that grasp the intricacies of real estate,are convinced I own a “piece of air”, because, well, 4th floor condo doesn’t come with its own piece of land.

    In case of personal music collections such devotion to tangible goods is not entirely irrational and has a practical point. As someone who cares for data integrity as a part of my job, I know firsthand what it takes to ensure its safe recovery, and always say that people’s personal data, regardless how many times it’s backed up, is sustained largely by a prayer, unless it’s stored on a “cloud”,or carbonite, etc somewhere away from one’s house.

    But not many do it for music files.Yet it takes quite a catastrophic event to physically destroy CDs, but almost nothing but lil bad luck to kill or render unusable the info on all 3 of one’s backup drives.

  20. Wade wrote:

    ode… the cases will crack if you are not careful when you push a razor down on them at the wrong angle!!!

  21. Wade wrote:

    Mark… be proud of being BAGGED from there… that would be a badge of honor if it were me!!! Brooke only likes to agree with herself!!!

  22. Wade wrote:

    Dr. DH… let us have an OPEN Thread and let us RUN WILD…please!! I know it must be frustrating to you to put up all these good threads and nobody seems to care… I enjoy them!!! Thanks for all the hard work and the attempt… but it seems time to BUST THIS WIDE OPEN again!!! lolol ;-) TGIF!!!

  23. McCray wrote:

    DMB Band was Awesome! After 20 years they were incredible it was a good night!

  24. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    “I never remeber [sic] reading the scriptures where Christ said to homeschool, not watch tv or movies or go to ballgames.”

    Okay, I generally don’t comment here but I did think this was amusing enough to warrant a brief reply… I don’t know where my friend Mark is getting that I’m against watching tv or movies or going to ballgames (or listening to secular music, or whatever other extreme thing he could come up with off the top of his head). That’s a pretty bizarre stretch. But then I’ve found that people like Mark are prone to exaggerate.

    Ciao all.

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