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  1. Steve L wrote:

    I recently watched “Elvis: He Touched Me” again. In it James Blackwood, Jake Hess, and others mentioned Elvis singing with their groups on-stage during NQC.

    Do any of you readers have any memory of this? Or, have you heard others talk about Elvis singing at NQC?

    From Jake’s comments, this was when he was still with the Statesmen. He stated he never got to sing with Elvis because Elvis sang his part.

    I’d like to hear stories from those who were there about how this went over with the audience.

  2. Wade wrote:

    Still have not heard of or referred too a blog site with a detailed run down of the NQC!!! Please give me a clue somebody!!!

    What’s up with all the bass singer movements!?!?!?

    I have a GREAT STORY about one that was just married recently but don’t know it will ever be seen here… but it sure is funny what happened to him up in Gatlinburg!!

    Dove Brothers have some new band members… hear it was JAMMIN’ly Good!!!

  3. quartet-man wrote:

    I heard Elvis sang and then the Colonel wouldn’t let him sing for free. I also heard he would watch from behind the stage and in Richard Sterban’s book, he recounts Elvis hiding in a closet during a quartet convention.

  4. tix3 wrote:

    when is Paul Harkey starting for Ernie? and how soon can we get some YouTube videos?

  5. Doug Sword wrote:

    My wife and I along with our three grandkids attended the EHSS concert last night that was Ian Owen’s last night with them. Paul’s first date will be October 18 at Elizabethtown, NC.

    The concert was good and the band was spectacular. There was very little use of tracks. It reminded me of some of the best live music sets at NQC only this one was two hours long. “Any Other Man”, which is good on the CD was terrific as they staged it last night. The lead guitar would have been right at home in any professional band.

    After the concert, EHSS mingled with the fans for over an hour. There were no looking at their watches or no comments about needing to get on the road. They talked, shook hands, posed for pictures, and generally treated people the way all groups should. For me personally, the way they interacted with my grandchildren was great and is the way they’ve been treated at every EHSS concert they ever attended. They have made the kids fans for life.

  6. irishlad wrote:

    everyone knows the jd/Jake connection with Elvis and the nqc but i was surprised to read that he complemented George younce on his range at the nqc must have been in the 60’s when he was with the blue ridge qt altough i couldn’t be totally sure

  7. NG wrote:

    #1 and 3: I’ve read that the Colonel stopped Elvis from performing for free at gospel events as well as shows for the US President. I’ve seen a picture of him performing with the Statesmen in the 1950s. I was at the 1972 NQC on Saturday night when Elvis attended but did not perform. The audience was told Elvis was backstage and making requests (Statesmen with Jake doing “Climbing Higher and Higher” and Sherill Nielsen doing a solo on “The Impossible Dream”). Elvis then came out on stage to tremendous applause and lots of flashbulbs. If he had performed he would have likely received a stronger reception. Sterban was there that night (with the Stamps) so the hiding in the closet incident must have been another time.

  8. Elvis Presley wrote:

    To Number 3:

    Don’t presuppose anything,Sir. I know I’ve been getting some bad publicity, but you got to expect that. Closet was the place were the best talent in Southern Gospel used to stay, ‘near as I could figure. And sure as hell , you’ll pardon my language, but I mean it, they weren’t getting out. The rest was the same conveyer belt mass production, but as I said, I’m no hillbilly singer. But in that closet there were ma-any flamers. Truly on fire for the Lord!

    So, ladies and gentlemen, as I gather The Blackwoods really went downhill , got their name all muddy, and the last one ,”Mark” , is a real scoundrel.Well, God’s mill grinds slow, but sure, as mama used to say.

  9. Ed wrote:

    Yes, this has been quite the year of change for bass singers. I was very, very disappointed to see Brandon Barry leave the Lefevres. His sound was perfect for them and his comedic Lefevre Youtubes were a riot. I suspect he has hit a rough spot in the road, but I hope Brandon will return to SGM. Paul Harkey has come a long way from his van/trailer days with the Anchormen. Paul was certainly an extremely poor fit for the Lefevres. His gruff bass voice just didn’t work with their sound. His moving on to EHSS is a huge win-win. I don’t quite get Randy Byrd leaving the Blackwood Brothers. I wish he had joined either the Lefevres or the Dixie Echoes. The new DE bass (Jordan James?) is OK and can sing somewhat low, but just doesn’t have that really low end punch for such a traditional quartet. There are some fine bass singers out there, but it seems that they are mismatched with their present quartets. It would be fun to “rearrange” them… BTW, David Hester would be a good choice for a top notch quartet. One last thing, my comments are based of my having seen these groups in person numerous times, not from their recordings or internet video clips. I don’t claim to be an expert on bass singers, but I have 40+ years of attending concerts under my belt. Wish we still had the likes of George, JD and London…

  10. irishlad wrote:

    8 ha i knew weren’t dead

  11. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #9: Great observations. As far as Paul with the LeFevre Quartet, I’d encourage you to pick up a copy of their latest project, “But For The Cross.” It’s a great release in and of itself, but Paul’s sound fits quite well with the rest of the quartet, giving them a solid foundation. As a whole, the group has the best sound they’ve ever had, and I’m looking forward to hearing them carry on with a new bass. I agree that Paul going to EHSS is a great move, and it will make for a killer quartet.

    I was present for one of Randy Byrd’s first dates with The Anchormen. The sound hadn’t “gelled” and Randy was under the weather, but still pleasantly surprised me with how well he fit their material. It’s different from what he was doing with the Blackwood Brothers, but it’s a style that fits him.

    Speaking of the Blackwood Brothers, they have a solid lineup as well. They haven’t missed a beat since Jimmy Blackwood’s retirement, as Michael Helwig has a “classic quartet lead” vibe that falls into the mold well.

    Watch out for the Dixie Echoes; that lineup will go places if they can keep together. Thoroughly enjoyed their NQC sets this year.

  12. Bones wrote:

    #8, Mark isn’t more of a scoundrel than cuz Ron. #9, Ask why Jimmy Blackwood left Blackwoods. Do the math.

  13. just sayin wrote:

    You’d be shocked and surprised at what goes on in the closets at NQC these days.

  14. meatman wrote:

    On another note I attended the annual Old Fashioned Day at Rockhouse Freewill Baptist Church in Staffordsville,KY yesterday. The special singing was by the Branham Brothers Quartet from the Inez-Warfield Kentucky area.
    The line-up for this long time regional is:
    Tenor- Bo Branham
    Lead- Sammy Branham
    Baritone- J.C. Branham
    Bass- “Big” Jim Chaffin
    Song line-up:
    Next Cloud Passing By
    I Am the Man (with out any music)
    Out of the Dust
    Going Home
    Holy Hills
    Without a Valley ( Sammy nailed this one)
    When He Called my Name
    Come On- Big Jim was burning this one up also.
    Ater some real good Southern Gospel sinning and preaching we then had an old fashioned dinner on the ground.Hope you liked this review I will be going to the McKameys on the 18th and will review them if it is allright.

  15. Beans wrote:

    #12: I’m intrigued.

  16. Elvis Presley wrote:

    10 - Thank you, thank you very much. Yes, I‘ve been out of touch but I am more alive than anyone, except for Mr. Liberace,who, as I see, have lost weight, still keeps hair great and plays churches. I love living incognito but do miss singing and want to join a SG quartet, as a good way to, you know, do all the girls, drugs and eat all the food I want and still be praised for my godly character. Nobody can get away with it in the non-christian world, but SG fans don’t mind the darnest devil as long as he sings some old time gospel onstage.

    Yet I do make more money as a dead rock’s roller than any alive gospel singer so maybe hold on …

    12 - I am not worried about being ‘more of’ , I hope he is not ‘less of’ ! If I restart touring I need someone who knows how to ,hm, enjoy it with impunity.

    14 - Still ’sinning and preaching’ at the same time’? Glad that never changed!

  17. Elvis Presley wrote:

    Rock’n roller, pardon my bad spelling. Thinking of all the possible sinning we can do with Blackwood Brothers makes my hands shake!

  18. Kyle wrote:

    Let’s not forget Glenn Dustin, who for reasons unknown (or at least unannounced) left L5 after over a decade….

  19. meatman wrote:

    sorry I meant singing

  20. irishlad wrote:

    17 That was the best Freudian slip i heard in a long time :-)

  21. Pink wrote:

    I watched a youtube video of DMB singing “Jesus in My Boat” and at 4:49 the baritone sprints off the platform and goes down in front of the audience.

    Someone please tell me this is not a peg mckamey thing and he does it on the same song every night. He does hitch up his britches at the beginning of the song.

    Please. I don’t want to throw away my rose colored glasses.

  22. Ed wrote:

    #12, #15, #18: Admittedly, some of the bass singers’ departures were seemingly abrupt and without explanation: Glenn Dustin, Brandon Barry, Randy Byrd and maybe David Hester. I thought all four were perfect fits with their quartets. It does make some of us wonder… Is someone saying that Jimmy Blackwood didn’t really “retire?”

  23. Wade wrote:

    Bass Singers Tale — Once there was a bass singer who divorced his wife. The next day married his girl friend that he had been CALLING his wife!!

    Moved up North to Gatlinburg then much to the NEW BRIDES Surprise he continued cheating with old Girl Friends!!!

    NEVER let your cell phone and new wife be ALONE together if you do not LOCK IT!!

    Well once she found out she beat him like the dog he is… he called Momma crying to come pick him up!!!

    AND it goes on and ON!!!

    Moral of the Story ~~~ A Serial Cheater will NEVER STOP!!!

  24. irishlad wrote:

    21 pink keep those rose tinted glasses they look so good on you :-)

  25. Bones wrote:

    Skeltons in Blackwood’s closet. Black sheep in the family.

  26. Beans wrote:

    #24: Jimmy? I hear tell he and Billy are about the only ones of any account these days.

  27. Gravedigger wrote:

    Red Skelton?

  28. Fundie wrote:

    David Hester: retired to be at home after a long and fantastic run.

    Brandon Barry: former posts on this site by him are self-explanatory.

    Randy Byrd: there’s a possibility that he was hoping to land a job somewhere like L5 so he dropped his job to become a free agent. This is speculation, however.

    Glenn Dustin: the jury is out.

  29. cindytreadway wrote:

    are the gaithers not touring much or at all in 2013?

  30. Ed wrote:


    Seems like David Hester is too young to be retired. Wish he would resurface with a traditional quartet.

    I am unclear as to the posts regarding Brandon Barry. (Still hoping he will return.)

    Randy Byrd would have been great with L5. He has to be a huge asset to the Anchormen, a quartet that has had several years of struggles. At one point, they were more along the lines of maybe a regional quartet, if that.

    Glenn Dustin remains a mystery…

  31. irishlad wrote:

    27 Hey Fundie was that in-depth analysis hot off the press? :)

  32. truthseeker wrote:

    Sounds like there are some folks out there who are sadly aware of what goes on behind the scenes with some of these groups. #9: Randy Byrd left the Blackwood Brothers for reasons I am sure few are aware of. #22: Jimmy was forced into retirement. Something that was never shared with the Southern Gospel world. Rumor has it, he plans to move to Iowa soon. I would love to share all I know…and some day, I just might!

  33. Ed wrote:

    One last thought on David Hester…

    Maybe he didn’t want to be part of the Dove Brothers Band White Socks, Red Neck and Blue Ribbon Beer Tour.

    DBB Update: Devin Dove is letting both of his whiskers grow out!

  34. Fundie wrote:

    David Hester: most young people can’t survive the rough and tumble life on a bus, much less “older” folks. And who’s to say the retirement age for a singer should be significantly older than people in the normal workforce? That said, it is certainly possible there was a conflict with the more country direction of DBQ, but I don’t think there is any hard evidence of that at this point.

    Brandon Barry went through a messy divorce, and was on here defending himself, etc. Stuff like that has a way of blowing open the exit door.

    Haha. Not really. More like a compilation of press releases and innuendo.

  35. Elvis Presley wrote:

    24,The entire Blackwood brood is a herd o’ black sheep, Mr. Bones, with a honest one appearing about one per generation. Let’s examine the evidence:

    Old Cecil wasn’t an exemplary Christian by any stretch of imagination, James got caught with his hand in a cookie jar cheating the Dove awards -glad that Gospel world has such low standards, no secular artist would’ve been that easily forgiven.

    Mark is a creepy liar, even his wife came here with some very unflattering words about him, Jimmy the con artist aren’t nothing but a hound dog and a swindler that ties himself into knots ‘preaching” TBN and 700 Club’s prosperity garbage . Billy is a selective moralist, and another apple that fell exactly by the main rotten Blackwood tree .

    They just continue the trend , doing the old tricks, yet flying under the radar, except the ol’ Ron …

  36. Elvis Presley wrote:

    23 - Admire your constraint and pussyfooting, Mr Irishlad; I confess , I do love seeing dames rather removing pieces of their attire. Speakin of 1971, when Blackwoods conned the Dove Awards… Right after my “Lord, You Gave Me a Mountain” song, bras and panties flying onstage… the good old days! Do they still throw bras’n’ panties onstage at SG concerts? See, I want to get back and as I’ve said,have some good clean gospel fun

  37. truthseeker wrote:

    #35: Elvis Presley, you must have spent some time on the Blackwood bus. You know them quite well. #22: Rumor has it, Glenn and Randy couldn’t keep it at home…if you know what I mean. But then, neither could Jimmy and that is why he is “retired.”

  38. truthseeker wrote:

    Btw, Elvis, I am just curious which Blackwood from this generation is so honest. Terry maybe?

  39. McCray wrote:

    Ok number one, David Hester and the DBB are still close friends ! We knew that David was wanting to come off the road a year before he left!! When he came he agreed to sing for five years but he stayed eight!!! David is a good man and a dear friend! He went back home to spend time with grand kids and he is back with the company CP&l making more money than any top gospel qt could ever pay him! He is home every night and he is very happy! He does miss singing and the friends he has made down thru the years but doesn’t miss the traveling!

    Our style change had nothing to do with him leaving because that decision was made a year before we decided to add country style to what we do! Is it Hester’s kind of singing? No it’s not but if he was still here he would sing it like it was the best thing since pop corn he’s just that good! We knew David was not going to be what we call a life timer in gospel music!

    How do we know that, because that is what he told us! I would love to see him back singing with a good qt because David is a great bass singer and great bass singers are hard to find! I feel that the DBB has had two of them Burman Porter and David Hester!

  40. McCray wrote:

    Oh and Burman is still here!

  41. Fundie wrote:

    Thank you, McCray. That oughta clear up Ed’s speculation.

  42. Hector Luna wrote:

    I love the open threads so much more when Mr. Dove gets on board. Mr. Dove: Since George Strait is supposedly starting up his farewell tour, I think it would be awesome for you to cover a couple of positive numbers from his hits catalog. There are so many options. Just an idea.

  43. CVH wrote:

    #38 Truthseeker, I’ve known Terry since the Andrus-Blackwood days and have always found him to be one of the ‘decent’ Blackwoods. I can’t know everything that’s in his heart but if you look at his life over the years there’s a lot of good fruit there; a lot of good music too.

    Then there’s Ron and RW…and Cecil.

  44. McCray wrote:

    Good idea Hector! We just might do that!

  45. Trevor Haley wrote:

    Re:George Strait “positive country” tunes…”The Breath You Take” and “I Saw God Today”, are two of the BEST!

  46. truthseeker wrote:

    #43 CVH….I would have to agree with you. I just think it has been easy for many of them to hide behind the name for years. It is truly sad at what is going on behind the scenes. Lots of folks in southern gospel know about it and sweep it under the rug. If the fans knew, a lot of groups would not have any following. There are some wonderful groups out there who have maintained their integrity over the years…but there are those who certainly have not.

  47. truthseeker wrote:

    #23….you hit the nail HARD right on the head. Like I said…some of them can’t keep it at home. If they will cheat WITH you, they will cheat ON you.

  48. Tommy Howe wrote:

    Well let’s talk about the Blackwood’s. It seems from time to time it is a popular thing to want to point out some of their “faults”. But rarely do I see anyone remarking about some of their good qualities. Well first of all the Blackwood Brothers Quartet blazed the trail for Gospel music bringing it to the national scene by winning the Arthur Godfrey Talent Show before the plane crash and again after Cecil and JD joined the group. This opened the door for SG music to be accepted everywhere. As great as the Statesmen were, Hovie has told me in essence James was the driving force behind the Statesmen/Blackwood team. So as I see it everyone singing SG music owes a debt of gratitude to James and others like him (there were many). I have been with James, in the presence of “important” people, such as senators, governors, etc. when some “nobody” would approach him and he would spend time talking with them and make them feel as if he was honored to get to talk to them. I am a personal recipient of some of his kindness. I have spent many occasions reading the Bible and praying with him, at his request. I have already gone on too long but I could go on and on. Do I know of some of his shortcomings, yes but let him without sin cast the first stone. Now as to some of the others, I have known RW and Donna for many years and can tell stories of many good works and kind deeds they have done. After attending Cecil’s funeral, knowing I had picked on and criticized him for years for his offering taking, I told my wife I needed to apologize to him after seeing and hearing the Russian pastor, with tears flowing down his face tell of Cecil’s support. Cecil was always good to me.
    Ron will be the first to tell you he has made many wrong choices but I can tell you of people Ron has helped and been a friend to when they needed a friend. Mark without a doubt, like most of us, has done or said things he would like to have a “do over” but I consider Mark my friend and am so glad he is carrying on and still singing the gospel. I think Billy is great and know Mim has got to be proud of him. I’ve got to stop, but as you can see I would rather look at the good they have done than their faults, we all have them. God the righteous judge will take care of this. I feel I am a better person and my life has been made richer because of the Blackwood family.

    Tommy Howe

  49. Wade wrote:

    47 - Truth Seeker about 23… yes you are correct. I often laugh at my buddies who will cheat on their wives get divorced to marry THAT AMAZING WOMEN who did not have to put up with all their shit at home and it seems that 2nd marriage last 1-2 years before they cheat again or the 2nd finds out about the BS the 1st put up with for years!!

    This particular bass singer in the tale is not just a black eye on Gospel Music but a black eye on ALL HUMANS PERIOD!!!

    I thought it was funny in the tale how he called his MOMMY after the 2nd wife beat the day lights out of him.

    In this tale the Mother funny enough is a Sunday School Teacher at a BIG church is is head of the single women’s ministry… but yet she continues to make excuses for her BABY and enable him to keep on doing what he has done!!!

    I could go on and on but if you did not know the tale from multiple sources all saying the same thing you would not believe anybody could be that stupid and cruel at the same time!!!

  50. truthseeker wrote:

    Tommy, I agree that there are some good qualities to some of the Blackwoods. James was Mr. Gospel Music no doubt. He did so much for Southern Gospel from its beginning. RW and Donna are good folk. I have always liked them a lot. Don’t know enough facts about Ron to say anything about him. All I have heard are rumors and I don’t function off rumors. Billy is not great and if Mim knew everything, she would NOT be proud of him and if you knew, you wouldn’t be either. And just curious as to why you have no comment about Jimmy. Could it be because there is not much good to say? It is hard to find something good to say about someone who has continually made the mistakes he has made and the way he has treated Mona over the years. Why she is still with him is beyond a lot of people. She should have left his cheating butt a looooong time ago. She deserves better! Truth is we are all human and sinners and we are all forgiven by a loving Heavenly Father but not all of us are out there representing the Lord on stage but then going back to a hotel to our mistress/girlfriend who is there waiting. The truth needs to be told. God will not tolerate this or bless these people. It is flat out sad that this is going on out there. I am not passing judgment on these people. I am just stating facts. I am a sinner who has made my fair share of mistakes. But I don’t stand in front of 1000’s proclaiming to live one life when I am really living another.

  51. weber wrote:

    I agree that the Blackwoods had a positive influence on Gospel Music in the early years however over the years the behavior and leadership of the Blackwoods completely erased any good that was done in the beginning. Take a look around the industry and you can find groups that have clung to a high standard and have avoided the legal and moral decay the Blackwoods have found themselves in from time to time. Whats a bigger shame is the fact that not a single Blackwood has been on the Board of Directors of NQC at least not in my memory over the past 20 years. With that said many of the current board members do not deserve to be there. For example, the Vice President does not have any experience running a company, has a degree from an un-accredited college that dis-respects every denomination other than IFB. I digress, it should be mentioned that there were many solid, talented quartets whom worked for James D. Vaughn among others that on any givin Sunday would bury any performance of the Blackwoods and Statesmen, however not the point, while some had good experiences as the previous post, many have not.

  52. truthseeker wrote:

    #49 Wade….I know what you mean. It is just sad how many people want to be like an ostrich and stick their head in the sand…even when they know the truth….and pretend none of this stuff is going on. These guys are on the road and away from their spouses for 100’s of nights every year. It would be easy to understand how it happens because of that but it is WRONG. It isn’t just the cheating. It’s the drinking, the foul language and crude jokes and for some, pornography. It is a harsh truth. Those who say it isn’t happening are either in denial or need to stop talking because they clearly don’t know what is going on out there. Again, there are many wonderful groups out there who have it right…but that doesn’t make it okay for those who aren’t.

  53. Bones wrote:

    #48 Same song, blah, blah, blah.

  54. saddened wrote:

    The fact is, this is apparently going on more and more in the southern gospel world. Unfortunately I speak from regretted involvement and not rumor. Not only was this particular singer good at being a cheater but very good at lying as well. I’m sure there are some women that do not have to be lied to for these men to have them for a mistress, but that was definately not the case here. I understand we all have sin and all make mistakes but when you apologize, ask for forgiveness, and (supposively) repent, then turn around and do the same thing over and over again, where’s the true repentance? It seems as if they are only sorry that they’ve been caught and not truely sorry for their sin. Reguardless of my opinion or anyone elses about this awful sin that seems to be taken so lightly amongst this group of people, the opinion of our Lord is what really matters and His stamp of approval is not on any of this. I’m reminded of Matthew 7:23 and 24 “Many will say to me in that day, Lord Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name?…and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then I will profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” Maybe these people have done alot of “good things” but has it been for the right purpose and with the right heart? Only God knows and we may be fooled, but His word is clear when it says, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

  55. Hector Luna wrote:

    I think “Truthseeker” hit a strong chord. I don’t care what denomination you’re a part of, or who you sing with, adultery is an epidemic that has plagued us since the Genesis.

    But…with easy access these days, pornography may even be a hotter topic. You close the blinds on your bunk and go to town. You’re away from your wife. Obviously, justifying that this “isn’t exactly cheating” and consider it the lesser of the evils.

    You get home from a long weekend and are home for 2 days before the next trip, and for whatever reason, your wife isn’t feeling well. Instead of intimacy, you pull out the laptop. It’s everything he could want without the emotional relationship. Free prostitution. Except it’s not free, but very costly.

    He soon realizes that his wife can no longer satisfy his wildly erotic desires from this addiction he now has, and neglects to touch her.

    Then…adultery. Divorce. Heartache. And the world lost another gospel singer.

    So I vote: get rid of the blinds on the bunks.

  56. McCray wrote:

    I say stay at home or better yet go hear the artist that is not standing on stage and proclaiming to live one life but lives another! It really doesn’t matter if you have done bad things but don’t stand on the stage and proclaim to be something else or not the both of you or me will have a price to pay!

    All this talk about this mess does nothing but hurt the ones that are really trying to be what the Bible saids for them to be!!! Am I taking up for the Blackwoods NO!! But I have never seen any of these things you are talking about! Nothing but hear say so I don’t go by hear say!

    I am taking up for the music and the industry! I believe there are some true blues out here! I’m not talking about myself I’m not getting spiritual on ya, I’m just an old sinner SAVED by GRACE!! I would be that same sinner no matter if I walk out on a stage or punch in a clock! So this junk about ” At least I’m not on stage standing before folks proclaiming to be this or that”!! Does not mean a thing!

    Tell me what are you proclaiming? What kind of differents are you trying to make? James and Cecil are dead and gone and on Judgement day they will answer for what they have done or what that has been said they have done! If you don’t like what I’ve posted I really don’t care and if I’m in the wrong I pray that God forgive me and show me!!!
    James was a dear friend of mine and was the one that wanted me to start the Dove Brothers ! So are many singers out on the road today that I love and respect that I call my friends!!! When you start this kind of talk you are really hurting Southern Gospel Music or any style of Gospel music for that matter!! There has got to be something better to talk about than a Gospel Singers problems and failures!

  57. Elvis Presley wrote:

    48 - Did Backwoods pay you to trade in your conscience, Thomas Howe? So you saying swindling people out of money, cheatin, lying, stealin, misusing others and despising God are not even “faults”and should be swiped under the rug?

    Nobody denies they’ve done some positive and made great contributions to music, but by covering up the well-known, proven reality you do terrible disservice to the industry, appearing as a hypocrite. Honesty is a Christian virtue, and the lack of it in SG hurts it a lot . Backwoods - fighting for greater goods for 76 years straight ; ) !

    You poured some much sugar on that piece of poop, Thomas Howe, it almost looks like a cake, sa Col Parker would’ve said

    38 - No, just stating what’s proven by public court documents, openly published bios and talked about in Mr. Harrison’s book, Mr. Truthseeker. If I were to describe their bus activities I’d have to ask the ladies and young children to leave the place in advance! Trying to presume the best about people, as mamma always told me, but it’s hard to do when talking about Blackwoods and their kind.

    Doubtless there are few ok ones among them, yet the most were a rogues gallery at the best of times. If not a grifter, then a cheat, you play with pigs you will get dirty and muddy .And right here may I offer an apology to all the wonderful domestic animals for comparing them to RW,Cecil, Billy, Jimmy, Ron” Jailhouse Rock”and Mark Blackwood, God bless their little hearts.

    “They are a devil in disguise, oh yes they are…”

  58. Elvis Presley wrote:

    33 - ha, the good one! I wouldnt emphasize beer though, betcha with McCray’s puffy face and so often slurred speech people think he is an alcoholic. Dont be dismayed, brother Dove!They said the same about me, and I was always sober as a kite.

    50 - yes, amen. Price you pay for being a cheat is too high! Multitudes of people travel extensively for much less glamorous and creative employment then singing on stage, like military people, commercial fishermen, immigrants, etc and still remain decent , godly husbands. No special provision for singers here. Condition-based morality is not morality at all.

  59. irishlad wrote:

    Strong stuff from Elvis here. Have you got the moody blues? or maybe you’re just where the man. Huh huh huh.

  60. McCray wrote:

    Wow it really is Elvis!!!! He’s all shook up!!! Lol

  61. Tommy Howe wrote:

    Okay Elvis, here we go again. I never was too good at saying what I am trying to say. But no I have not been paid to defend anyone. JD told me one time when some of this stuff was being discussed “Tom, God delivered me from the judging business”. I do not condone any lifestyle that brings a reproach on the body of Christ, and I know that generally where there is smoke there is fire. But years ago I was singing with a regional group and someone spread the rumor that I had a problem drinking. When the person they told challenged this they replied, “I know this for a fact, I saw him”. The ironic thing is I am now 71 years old and still have never had an alcoholic drink to this day. Whether this person thought they saw what did not happen or they were just malicious, I don’t know but I do know you cannot believe much of what you hear and only half of what you see. If these people are as bad as you say then they should be called out, but as for rumors…

    Now, we know there are those who claim to be in “the ministry” that do live hypocritical lives and if I was a pastor and I knew this to be true I would never have them in the pulpit of a church I pastored, I don’t care what their name is. But as for as me making the remarks I made about the Blackwoods, I like most other people have heard many rumors and do know of some things which are true but the things I said in the earlier post are true and they have always been kind to me. I am sure I am a failure in many areas but ‘hypocrite” I am not and faithful to my wife and family I have always been.

    I agree with McCray on judgment day James, Cecil and all the rest of us will answer…

  62. Hector Luna wrote:

    Ha…Tommy!!! JD lied to Tommy Boy. You are referring to JD Sumner, right? The man who admitted to an alcohol problem? I either doubt he told you this, or was simply putting you on for a laugh.

    Those bass singers sure are smooth talkers. Nonetheless, I’m a JD fan.

  63. H. Falutin wrote:

    Well, well, well. Isn’t this a lovely brood of “christians” sitting around laying their eggs of gossip and backbiting on a homo’s website. It’s like clumps of mud thanking the Lord they’re not really as dirty as others (at least not according to “what they’ve heard).

  64. Hector Luna wrote:

    Speaking of bass singers, isn’t it utterly amazing that God’s will for Ian Owens’ life was to quit EHSS and join Soul’d Out?!

    God certainly does put bass & tenor singers on the carousel of life.

  65. NG wrote:

    #61: He is a link to a video from a TV show in which JD talks about his drinking. He is identified on the show as a recovering alcoholic.

  66. Tommy Howe wrote:

    We all know of some of JD’s problems but to my knowledge lying was not one of them. It so happens someone had told us a rumor about another singer and JD’s remark was about rumors and he said I have learned to only believe someone has done something if I see it myself or they tell me theirself, Tom God has delivered me from the judging business. This I know and I really do not care if you or anyone else believes it. Just go ahead and run everybody down maybe it makes you feel better about yourself. Oh, by the way JD also had many good traits. I was with him when a past singer of his called and told him when they were with him they had stolen record money and had been under conviction for it and although they did not know how much it was they wanted to begin to pay it back. JD told them to not worry about the money that he was glad to know they had repented and gave them his blessings. See I can dwell on JD’s faults or I can think of his pluses. As I said earlier God will do the judging. I’ve got to run we can talk later.

  67. Elvis Presley wrote:

    59 , 60 - Glad to see you have no objections to the substance of my posts.I knew you two would agree. Thank you,my friends!Thats why I’ts important to only say the well documented truth, as Col always warned me.

    And I am all shook up, yes! Mm mm oh, oh, yeah, yeah… This place can take some strong stuff, I see. I’d wax softly if there were ladies around. That, Mr.Harrison, is the only downside of your electronic magazine, of whatever this contraption is called.

    Beatiful Ms. Pink , what drove you away? Men here aren’t nice enough,I know,but what to expect from this brood of crocodiles, you come to papa! Keep you rose sunlasses on, well, for now at least. Let me be your teddy bear, buttercup.May I have the honor to sing for you, my princess? “Love me tender… love me sweeeet“

  68. Elvis Presley wrote:

    61 - Now you’ve shoved both of your feet in your mouth,Tommy. I said 5 times that I brought up only well documented info, publicly available court papers and published,confirmed materials How will you spin this now, my boy?

    So McCray supports your view? Stop the presses! Everyone must be wrong and you are right then! OF COURSE McCray agrees, he needs to kiss the right asses to coexist, play the game, fit in, he is not an idiot to speak the truth and shoot himself in the foot. If tomorrow dear McCray hires me as a tenor,a baritone, an occasional bass, PR adviser, holder of a guitar in effective poses and Doves’ leading ladies man watch me say only what’s good for business, cover up and sugarcoat the worst of the worst.

    I’ll not only praise but erect the statues of the all Blackwoods right there in Graceland. Those erections will be the most respectful ones some Blackwoods ever had!

  69. Packers Fan wrote:

    I have to chime in here. So many of you have hit the spot with what you share regarding some of these groups….especially the Blackwood’s. Jimmy Blackwood is a cheating snake….and numerous people in the industry know all about it. It is a disgrace. The bass singers you all speak of are just as bad as Jimmy Blackwood. It is so sad that this is all going on out there but it is and those of you who want to say it doesn’t are just as bad. It is the same as condoning it!

  70. CVH wrote:

    Interesting discussion but I think you’ve squeezed about all the life out of it. If you take away the extreme views on either end and look at the broad middle many of us are saying the same things.

    Morality is good, especially in public ministry; immorality is bad, especially in public ministry. People who act immorally shouldn’t be in public ministry; they should have the good sense to get out of the spotlight or they should be ‘outed’ and forcibly removed.

    Tommy makes the point (#61) that if the behavior “is as bad as you say then they should be called out…” O.K. By whom? Biblically, the local church body the offender is a part of should have some say, right? Or not? What about the owner/manager of the group? Sure, but that’s predicated on their having a strong moral standard that they’re willing to uphold. Too often the degree of ‘the sin’ is weighed against the popularity of the talent or the potential of bad PR or reduced revenue from shows and product sales.

    Contracts with a morals clause? I’ve got a Rolex out in the car I’d like to show you. The GMA or NQC? They have no legal authority or jurisdiction. Or better yet how about the spouse who’s been cheated on? I say spouse because it’s not only women who are victimized.

    There is always more rumor than fact in these types of conversations. Rumor: the Blackwoods are bad, ethically and morally. Fact: in the mid-eighties I was emceeing one of their shows and was backstage during the preliminaries. I’d worked the venue many times before so I was familiar with the layout of the dressing rooms, green room, etc. At some point I heard sounds I recognized but that seemed out of place. A moment later I realized I was listening to someone having sex. It got a little louder and a little more intense and then it was over. No one else was close by so I stood off to the side and who comes out of the dressing room but one of the (now deceased) Blackwoods, followed by a young, slutty looking blonde. He walked out the side stage door and she pulled herself together and went in the opposite direction. She was later introduced as one of the member’s nieces who was along to help at the record table. Uh-huh.

    Was I shocked? No, I was already aware of a number of people in the business who, let’s say, didn’t quite live up to the “code”. Was I surprised? Yes, and when I saw who it was, a bit grossed out. But that was more than 25 years ago. Has human nature changed? Has the instinct for self-preservation diminished? Has the concern for profits or recognition or success lessened? Of course not.

    The entire industry is a patchwork of people of every description - honest and dishonest, true to their faith, struggling with their faith and faking their faith. Those who are sincere and those who aren’t. And because there is no governing body (and really, how could there be?), this thread could have occured 10 years ago or 10 years from now. Do we hope and pray that people in the business aspire to the best? Of course. Do we believe that a sovereign, holy God will ultimately judge our choices and behaviors? We’d better. Can we live with the fact that in southern gospel music, as with any other Christian endeavor, the reality is you get what you get? We don’t really have a choice. So to all the idealists and purists, suck it up. It’s not about you or your standards. To all the cynics and naysayers, lighten up a little. The industry has enough problems trying to grow a new generation of fans and survive in today’s cultural and economic climate.

    Oh, did I tell you the one about the day Buck Rambo stormed into Bob Benson’s office and…..

  71. irishlad wrote:

    63 what are YOU doing posting on a “homo’s” blog?

  72. H. Falutin wrote:

    #71. A friend happened to mention this particular discussion to me, so I checked it out to see it with my own eyes. While I’ve learned it’s best never to visit this site without wearing some sort of protection, this thread epitomizes the abhorrently recreant state of what calls itself the “church.” True believers would not sit around “tellin’ what they ‘know’” about anybody, regardless of what they’ve done. Nope, what slithers through this thread are mostly effeminate gossipers who wouldn’t understand how diametrically opposed to biblical doctrine this sort of speech is, even if it bit the hind ends of their high horses.

  73. SteveSmith wrote:

    # 63 and #72 As opposed to true believers who use derogatory, unnecessary epithets? Pot, meet kettle.

  74. Pink wrote:

    #67 Still here EP. I felt the need to run out and purchase extra rose colored glasses. :)

  75. Packers Fan wrote:

    #63: I speak only from experiences that I KNOW are fact. I am a sinner saved by grace and a God-fearing Christian. That doesn’t mean I can’t share the truth with those who are being lied to and misled. This truth NEEDS to come out and the fans deserve to know who and what their hard earned money is “supporting.” Their money(donations) should not be paying for girlfriends to be flown in for a “long weekend.” Nor should it pay for an extra hotel room for the girlfriend to hide out in and then rendezvous after the bus gets back to the hotel. It shouldn’t pay for the extravagant gifts these girlfriends are lavished with. THIS IS ALL THE TRUTH!!! Like it or not, it’s the truth. People like you are condoning it by being so naive and judging those who are discussing the facts. Talk to Glenn’s wife, or Jimmy’s wife, or Randy’s wife. Ask them if their own bills were being paid or if there wasn’t enough money coming “home” to pay the bills after the girlfriends were taken care of. There is a good reason why these guys are divorced. Pull your head out of the sand!

  76. H. Falutin wrote:

    #73. Oh, you mean like “whitewashed tombs” and “brood of vipers”?

  77. Wade wrote:

    H. Falutin — If I had to bet is a relative of one of the cheaters or a cheater themselves and doubt she ever wears protection at all!!

  78. Hector Luna wrote:

    #72 - This blog is not the “church” nor affiliated with it. Half of the commenters are probably lost. And half of southern gospel artists are probably lost. Welcome to South Park. Bright, intelligent, realistic, rational, and often comedic insight on the nature of sg, and banded together as true equal opportunists. This site does not discriminate on who it calls out or makes fun of. It’s for everyone.

  79. Tommy Howe wrote:

    #68 I was told many years ago by a good friend, Jack Reeves, that I only opened my mouth to change feet, but you are the first to tell me I am able to put both feet in my mouth at once. I guess I have a big mouth.

  80. H. Falutin wrote:

    “Moreover if your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he hears you, you have gained your brother. But if he will not hear, take with you one or two more, that ‘by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.’ And if he refuses to hear them, tell it to the church. But if he refuses even to hear the church, let him be to you like a heathen and a tax collector.” Matthew 18:15-17

    And, #78, you are more than likely being overly generous in your calculation of percentage of posters here who are lost.

  81. Ed wrote:

    This has really gotten interesting, sort of. Buck? Glenn? Jimmy? Randy? I can see how none of this is any of our business, but at the same time, are we supporting guys who are morally corrupt? I don’t want to be overly judgemental. Maybe there are some factors that we are not aware of. There are usually three sides to every story. I heard things back in the seventies. I guess some could be true. In the nineties, I was told by someone who could actually know that a SG icon (not JD) was an alcoholic. Don’t know. Don’t want to know. There is a Blackwood Brothers Youtube from around 1970 or so where they leave the stage and walk out into the crowd. (I’ll Meet You in the Morning?). The women were swooning. Very noticable…

  82. irishlad wrote:

    73 my point exactly

  83. irishlad wrote:

    70….said ” wheresthatsonofabitchJD?” :)

  84. McCray wrote:

    Is the Church World any different? How many preachers and Ministers of Music or Sunday School Teachers done things just as bad? But the whole Church is not like that. Just like the whole world of Southern Gospel is not like that! Many of those preachers ect go somewhere else or start there own church!!

    I am no way taking up for anybody or kissing anything. I am not in the click of Southern Gospel so to speak anyway!! I do feel there are some great men and women who are really doing there best to do it right!!! That’s my reason for my post! I just think there are better things to talk about!

    I know I want win this debate, if you can call it that. But those who know all this stuff for a fact that have post what you know about that side of the coin, Will you post what you know on the other side of it!! Can you tell us about the ones who really done it right way!!

  85. NG wrote:

    Moving away from controversy for a moment, I note that Isaac “Dickie” Freeman, bass singer of the black gospel group the Fairfield Four, has died. David Bruce Murray has the info and links at his Musicscribe site including a clip of the group’s wonderful appearance on an early Gaither video.

  86. Elvis Presley wrote:

    76 ,

    ” wearing some sort of protection…. homo’s site…. slithers ….effeminate men….. hind ends..”

    You are so very right, Sir. Another man besides me that you can trust, Ms Pink, he is harmless for you!

    You saw them through and exposed them, my friend Falutin. Please, make yourself at home ,but expect those wretched beasts to burst in rapidly, with a deep penetrating attack of their false arguments! Hold you own, stay up and strong, don’t do down infront of them lest they think they defeated you and brought you to your knees. If they attack hard-on from behind, with their sneaky evidence… fight hard, it will deter the approach from the rear.Face them full frontal!

    Stay long, we love you insighfulness, but remember - there are no women around here,and that can make your life, literally, a pain in the ass

  87. Tommy Jones wrote:

    I am really surprised at the vicious bashing of the Blackwoods. Some of it seems to be personal and vindictive. I have no idea as to the validity of the comments, but I do know they have done a lot for gospel music.I am guilty as anyone, but the Bible says, “Judge not, that ye be not judged,” and “let him who is without guilt cast the first stone.” Pray for them in stead of condemning them.

  88. Larry wrote:

    I remember when I first started reading this post, it used to be about Gospel music and groups, their songs and concerts. If someone didn’t like a group or a concert they posted it and a few agreed or disagreed but I just don’t remember the bad language and name calling and backbiting being done. Sure there is a lot of bad things going on,and they will have to stand before God and give account for their actions, but, I also believe God can use everybody and every situation for His purpose and His glory. There has probably been many people saved at a concert because of one of these groups singing Gospel songs.

  89. Wade wrote:

    ELVIS —- Did you ever do any of those GOOD Drugs with the Blackwoods?!?!? Or were those just for JD!?!?!

    Just who was in that closet with you at the NQC!?!?!?

    Can you give us a clue what group you are singing with now since you had your plastic surgery!?!?

  90. Joe Lane wrote:

    Hey Mac

    Don’t know what made me look at this site today but maybe this great song you wrote will help totally explain what you are saying. I understand your post entirely. If this link won’t work go to youtube and put in They Wouldn’t Forgive Me by the Dove Brothers. Awesome song!!

  91. Elvis Presley wrote:

    I am afraid with all the recent eyewitnesses popping up even an extra pair might not help, Ms Pink. To efficiently shield your lovely eyes from seeing the ugly you’ll need to use a blindfold - may I apply it? Sadly you won’t be able to see,so I promise to lead you, hold you all the way and not take my hands or eyes off you, lest you stumble and fall. You trust me and don’t mind, right? Remember, I sang gospel , and gospel singers spotless reputation is beyond reproach.

    89 -
    Mr. Wade, I am a good christian boy, I only ate prescription drugs and food. Wine and pot are for those godless, devilish yankees to poison their bodies with. Well, and that heeb Jesus, too. Our Jesus never touched a glass of wine, ask any good Baptist pastor.

    Even though, in perspective, JD lived to 74 and I almost kicked the bucket at 42…maybe I would’ve been better off digging into his stash instead.

    2. Can’t tell you. That would be gossip. I only reveal things that are documentally proven or were accepted in court.

    3.Still working on surgeries. Looks like they like different types if male singers now…;) They say I am still not feminine enough, not next to Ernie.

  92. irishlad wrote:

    91 Elvis sing me a song baby..ahem i mean man ;-).

  93. meatman wrote:

    Does anyone want the review on the McKameys performance last Thursday?

  94. Packers Fan wrote:

    #81: Ed, yes, the fans money is definitely supporting some morally corrupt groups. Actually, I retract that. Not groups but members of certain groups. And well known groups….big named groups! It is the truth and the folks posting on here acting so shocked and appalled are just as guilty as these people for protecting their actions. There is so much more going on out there than what should be. Also, you named one of the well known alcoholics in SG!!!!!

    #84: Triumphant definitely has it right and there are certainly other groups but they don’t have the responsibility to make up for the actions of those who aren’t doing it right.

    #88: Larry, there are definitely many who have been saved at the concerts of some of these “corrupt” groups. Are you saying that makes it okay that they sing songs that save people, pack up their goods, call the wife and say goodnight and then head back to their mistress at the hotel? I would hope not!

  95. Packers Fan wrote:

    #8: You got it right about Mark!

    #9: Ed, maybe you should ask Jimmy Blackwood why Randy left the group so abruptly.

    #11: Aaron, any idea what Randy Byrd did between Blackwood Brothers and The Anchormen…besides get a divorce? I have heard all kind of rumors but so far they are just rumors. Just want the facts to see if in fact he is as tarnished and corrupt as the rumors accuse him of being.

  96. Wade wrote:

    I’d love a McKameys review meatman!!!!

  97. Wade wrote:

    I’d also like recent reviews on Gold City, Nelons, Dove Bros Band and the Kingsmen!!!

  98. gina wrote:

    meatman - I’d definitely like to hear the review!

  99. Ed wrote:

    I prefer to give these guys the benefit of the doubt on their rumored divorces. Maybe their wives were from you-know-where… Not making excuses, it’s just too easy to assume the blame is on the husband. Also, with their men gone 3-4 days a week, they could be “entertaining” others…

    Meatman, I would prefer not to hear about the McKameys. Thanks anyway…

  100. Elvis Presley wrote:

    83, :D ha-ha! But that was short lived, trust me. My darling friend told me h’self “If I want a heartache and a few STDs that only a good Christian womanizer can bring ya, I can get ‘em right at home from the one I am legally tied to“

    92 ;-) I usually don’t swing that way, but hey, sure.. khm khm.. Blue Eyes Crying… neah.

  101. McCray wrote:

    Packer fan you proved my point and you don’t even know what you proved! So I will leave it at that.

  102. Packers Fan wrote:

    Ed…it takes two to make a marriage work and it takes two for a marriage not to work so I am sure that the wives can share the blame.However, the wives are not up on stage singing about our Heavenly Father and then going back to the hotel to another person besides their spouse. This isn’t about who is too blame. This is about the ministry being two faced. I am sure Randy and Glenn’s wives had their faults. [Edit] We all have our faults! But that’s not what is at issue here. These guys are living a HUGE lie! It is not fair to the 1000’s of people who know nothing about this stuff who financially support the groups these guys are in. Seriously….if the fans had an inkling of an idea, do you really believe there would be the kind of support there is? I don’t care if the wife is at home boinking five different guys…it is about the hypocrisy of what these guys are doing. AND the divorces aren’t rumors!!! You can look at these guys Facebook pages and it says they are divorced.

  103. Packers Fan wrote:

    McCray…careful there pointing fingers. There are some serious skeletons in the closets of some of your members…and their friends. It would suck for those to be exposed. I will leave it at that!!!!!

  104. irishlad wrote:

    100 Ah……..Elvis xx

  105. irishlad wrote:

    I mightn’t agree with his pappa’s gung ho brand of politics/religious piety but i sure as heck love to hear young Matthew sing :)

  106. irishlad wrote:

    Hagee that is.

  107. Larry wrote:

    #94, Packers Fan, no I don’t think it’s ok, but I don’t know all the facts about all the groups everybody on here somehow knows. I just know God is in control no matter what and these people will have to answer to that.I just feel all this negative talk discourages people that read this stuff and hurts those who are real.

  108. DixieD wrote:

    # 81
    Glenn who??

  109. CrabbFan wrote:

    Did y’all see Jason Crabb on the Marie Osmond show?

    So cool that gospel is getting face time on a network like that. It was on the Hallmark Channel!

  110. deceived wrote:

    Larry, I’m sure there are some real ones out there but,, it seems as if they are few and far between. Even the ones that you think are the most sincere people, happen to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  111. McCray wrote:

    Packer Fan I’m not pointing any fingers! I never have! I’m sure there is things in everyones past that they are not proud of and If they had it all over to do again they would have done things different!

    That’s where I leave it in the past ! When a man tells me that he has ask God to forgive him I already have! That’s what we sing about forgiveness but don’t do it! I’ve had to make tough decision in trying to keep a respected group on the road. Is the Dove Brothers Band perfect? Far from it!

    I don’t believe you will find one on the road that is perfect ! My point is to let God do the work! If a man or woman has to leave for what ever reason I say there Gone! Let it go and let’s move on unless you want the group to just call it quits ! Changes are going to happen somehow and someway! Some changes happen because life has change! Sometimes it’s because someone has made a mistake and they have got to leave. There are times they get a better offer or you just don’t see eye to eye on things anymore and the best thing to do is to part ways! Then in six months, sometimes later sometimes sooner they are forgotten or some other group hires them or they start there own group. I say instead of picking the winners and the losers there has be something better to talk about!

  112. irishlad wrote:

    111 Hear hear McC, a bit of pragmatisim from someone who faces the realities of keeping a group on the road.
    Do you guys not think the Oaks had issues to deal with in their long career…..and obviously did.

  113. Packers Fan wrote:

    #111 McCray: I would believe this a little more if these guys would ask for forgiveness and then not repeat the offense. A sincere apology means you don’t run right out and do it again. Yet these guys do…especially one certain Blackwood. Just because he “retired” does not make it okay. That is all I am saying!

  114. Wade wrote:

    Bet I know how packer fan got her name and it has nothing to do with a football team!!!

  115. McCray wrote:

    Really I’ve had few changes compared to some on the front line . I’ve had four different tenors, Baritone fill in, two Bass. Not two bad! Now the Oaks had changes down thru the years. Ive went thru some piano players, six different ones. I know I will end up with more changes with a six piece band. But sometimes you have to make decisions you hate you got to make and I will say this sometimes you look back and if you as a manager had all over to do again would have done some things different as well!

  116. Elvis Presley wrote:

    95 , Yes, I know. Even Mark Blackwood’s own wife ( presuming you are not her, if so, then I am not telling you anything new ) came here describing him as – and I am trying to be as polite as I can- a piece of digusitng bovine excrement in a human form. And she sounded like she is the one wearing pants in their house, not that godless a-hole Mark

  117. Elvis Presley wrote:


    Rave on, Mr CVH. Damsels and we old coots want to know the rest of the BuckR/Benson story.

    Governing body and its opinion might matter in church, but for stage performers it’s entirely obsolete. In times of social media the court of public opinion spreads the info- convicts-executes way before any gov. body gets enough facts for even a press release. Look at the Blackwood’s sex story.You shared it -Bam! Now who cares what any gov. body thinks? I doubt gov body position could’ve affected the way you see Blackwood after you witnessed him having sex with his niece’s slutty blond friend right before going on stage and proclaiming “the glory and power of Jesus, ay-men”

    Public sustains the artists with its entertainment dollar,so that’s who the singers should aim to please.

    And the critics here? Well,we are not expecting performers to be perfect. Many secular and religious artists are forever getting away with gross abuses to morality, yet, as my old friend Liberace said, they “cry all the way to the bank”. It’s just fun to laugh and mock grifters,cheaters and other bad sheep in SGospel.Its just good fun, that’s all!

    And why not? As an added benefit it shows those young people that SG hopelessly tries to attract that not all singers and fans are liars and hypocrites that lie and cover-up for the sake of fake godly appearance.

  118. Chris Henry wrote:

    Seems to me that we’re not even seeing both sides of the story. Now, in no part do I condone fornication. But you get 5 or 6 guys on a bus together, leave your family and support system far behind, have women throwing themselves at you, what result can you expect? What if you were one of these dudes? Could you hold up? Most of you right here on this page can’t even keep from breaking the 9th commandment (not to mention extortion/blackmail by a poster from Green Bay) based on speculation and someone else’s half-truth.

    Here’s a solution: managers of groups making the job more than a job, creating support groups in the group itself to hold each other accountable. I would want that as an employee, far from home, in dangerous open waters. I like to think of myself as a Godly man - but I know my heart is not above deceit. There’s two popular trios that really support each other, keeping tabs so that they don’t fall prey to what so easily ensnares us. Paul said to flee from sexual temptation. Why? Because we all know if we’re in proximity to it, we enevitably fail. Where does a bass singer, or baritone, or tenor run to when they’re out on the road all alone? It’s a tough spot to be in. I say this all to make a point, made popular by a previous poster, “Don’t point a finger, lend a hand.” Are you helping these boys? I lost a good friend from one of these groups because I didn’t help him out, didn’t check up on him, wasn’t my brothers keeper. Wish I’d stepped in sooner. You gonna do something, or just stand there and bleed?

  119. CVH wrote:

    #117 Elvis,

    Love what you’ve done with the jungle room. I didn’t know Sherwin-Williams still made that shade of yellow. On the other hand that virtual duet you did with Celine Dion a few years ago? Reminded me of when the Transporter got stuck on the original Star Trek. But hey, that wasn’t your fault…once you’ve been parsed into a million bits of ones and zeros there’s no telling what can happen.

    You’re right…no trade group, record label or governing body can regulate what happens on a bus a thousand miles from home. And they shouldn’t have to. It’s entertainment…it’s about the songs, radio, putting on a show for the fans and making a buck. Beyond that, let it go.

    Bob Benson was one of the kindest souls in the business; not perfect but a genuine guy. And Buck was, Buck. Screaming, outrageous demands, implied threats…yes, welcome to the wonderful world of gospel music…praise Jebuz and pass the royalty check.

  120. weber wrote:

    Where is this so-called post of Ms. Blackwood calling Mr. Blackwood out of his
    name?? In God we trust but everyone else
    must supply data…

  121. Packers Fan wrote:

    #114 Wade: I am not a “her.” Try again!

    #116 Elvis: I am not Mark’s or anyone else’s wife. However, I have a wife of my own. One that I have stayed faithful to for 21 years. I have spent 9 years on the road and never once strayed. I love my wife. She is my everything and a blessing from God. I spend 200+ nights a year away from her and cannot wait to get back home to her after each trip. Not all of us cheat. That is why I am so disgusted with those who are so weak and do. Especially those whose name starts with a B and ends in wood! And those who have traveled with them.

  122. Wade wrote:

    Sorry Packer Fan just PROFILING in accordance with your writing… heck you even confused Elvis!!! ;-)

  123. Packers Fan wrote:

    #122 Wade: I don’t know what I said that made you think I was a chick. I definitely am NOT! I sing in an all male group and I am only participating in this thread because I am sick and tired of some of the guys out there that represent my industry the way they do. It is very difficult being away from my wife and little ones like I am but it is what God has called me to do. Some of them are out there because it is what THEY want. The limelight, the glory and the attention….disgusting!!!!!! I don’t know who you are but if you are in the industry and have been for any length of time, you know what I am saying is true.

  124. Elvis Presley wrote:

    119, I take the blame for that thing with Ms Dion; truth be told it’s not the first time I was doing something I shouldn’t have with a Canadian girl, remember that lil honeypot Annie Helm..

    Thank you for the compliment,Mr, CVH, jungle room’s décor is swell. Even though I couldn’t fit another piece of furniture there without suspending the laws of physics, I should’ve squeezed in two golden thrones, shiny crystal chandelier, an old wrinkly queen, and a strawberry blond of loose character professing love for Jesus Christ. Then Graceland would get a chance to become the broadcasting partner of National Quartet Convention… but who knew that’s the style SG singers like.

  125. Elvis Presley wrote:


    God is indeed omniscient, but everyone else must use Google.
    But why you saying “so-called” post, you doubt Mrs is smart enough to make a “real” post?


    Not only ends, it often starts with “wood” (in the morning) and goes only downhill from there, if you let yourself loose… I agree with your values, Mr. PF, as we see, even secular politicians watch their careers end over extramarital affairs, financial shenanigans,or fraud. I guess good moral character is not as important for a career in Gospel music as in politics or athletics, our fans are more lax with their values then the general public ;)


    Even if our friend PF was a girl, I wouldn’t know what to do with her, I am 77, Mr Wade. But I was never as good as that devil JD, he could spot a saucy vixen or, at worst, just any woman even when he was drunk or stoned like a biblical whore.

  126. Packers Fan wrote:

    #118 Chris: I am a dude that is on the road plenty and NEVER have strayed. And I did that without needing to be babysat because I love my wife and I made a vow. None of what I have shard has been based on anything but the facts. The Blackwood’s have a long history of messing around and everyone knows it. Heck, one of them even messed around with the wife of one of the members of their group. THAT is why he is now divorced. Get off your high horse Chris. Stop pretending it ain’t happening….cuz it is!

  127. Wade wrote:

    Pecker Fan — I agree to a certain point!!!… but I think down in my heart I have to call bullshit!! Because if you get on some place like this and come across as HOLY as you are… ya ought to say WHO YOU ARE!!!! So then YOUR fruit can be inspected!!!

    I mean we ALL know who Elvis is… all ya have to do is click on my name and it takes ya STRAIGHT to my facebook page.

    Some place up through this thread I think you asked my involvement in the industry. I’ve played drums for quartets in over 1500 churches and I have promoted close to 100 events!!! I have pretty much worked with most of the well known and some not so well known artist.

    Have never met any one like you!!! We would like to know who is living such a spotless life!!! Think it has been said too that you get 6-8 men on a bus and it is pretty much a frat house!!!

    I’ve known some mixed groups where you could not fart on the bus. But for the most part ever male group I have known has had some one in it or most of them where flawed some way!!!

    I agree the Blackwoods have done some crazy things and should get called on it.

    As a child I got one of my first 2 cynical lesson from walking in a back stage room and busting a VERY well known bass singer, Not JD… but had a nick name like a very important indian, in the throws of passion with a VERY YOUNG lady!!! lolol… and then there was The Goodmans…don’t EVEN get me started down that trail. It makes Dr. Joe mad and I love him and his brother BOTH!!! lolol;-))

    So come on packer fan…fess up?!?!? In the words of one of my fav WHO songs… WHO ARE YA!!!?!?!?

  128. Chris Henry wrote:

    #126: Did I say it wasn’t happening? Why don’t you take time to read my post again. I know it happens, and I also said I don’t condone it. I’ve been singing for over 25 years and I’ve never done anything that would compromise my marriage or integrity with some deezel sniffer. The difference is, I’m not on this site, or any other, threatening to out some singers because of their dumb choices. What they did/do is wrong. But do you do anything to help these boys, or just pass along every piece of gossip (true or not) that you hear - all behind the mask of an alias? I wonder who’s on his high horse.

  129. Brandon Coomer wrote:

    Wow… this is an interesting place.

    Wade, you asked for recent reviews of a few groups. I’ve seen Gold City, the Kingsmen, and Dove Bros. (& several other groups at Dollywood) within the last month.

    Gold City - Saw them when Danny Riley was off the road. I really enjoyed them, but they still lack stage presence. Jerry is actually getting better, vocally and in stage presence. Biggest thing is they need to do new songs. The last time they had a major set list change, I believe I was a happy newlywed. My, how things change (except Gold City’s set list…).

    Kingsmen - new tenor is a true, Kingsmen-style tenor. Bob and Randy are solid at worst, if not spectacular. Ray is still Ray. Kingsmen without a band is just wrong. Without a band, their attempt at a high energy presentation is a little… off.

    Dove Bros. - Speaking of bands… good stuff. The new steel player adds tremendously to their sound. Keith sounds better each time I hear him. Burman is much better vocally than he was during his first stint with the group. “They Wouldn’t Forgive” is an INCREDIBLE song.

    I spent about ten days in Dollywood during their Gospel music month. The groups I enjoyed the most (in no particular order): Perrys, Mark Trammell QT, and the Old Paths.

  130. Wade wrote:

    THANKZ A BUNCH BRANDON!!! SERIOUSLY… did you go to the NQC and did you do long term critiques!!??

    So I guess you are not a Happy Newlywed any more!?!?! Or has it been over a year or BOTH!!?!?!? lol ;-)

    I agree about the Dove Brothers band they are INCREDIBLE and one of the few groups I would book and take a chance on.

    Yes the Kingsmen with out a band are NOT THE KINGSMEN!!! There should be a WARNING on all their press!!!

    You are brave… saying anything negative about GCQ could get you banned from the bus!!! ;-))))

    Old Path’s are always GREAT I hear them at different churches when they do their thing with the evangelist!! I would like to hear a 50 minute set from the guys.

    I have heard there are BIG THINGS in store from the Old Paths!!!

    Thanks again Brandon and let us know about that Newlywed thing!?!? lolol ;-)

  131. Packers Fan wrote:

    #127 Wade: Call what you want! Not all men cheat. I am not a holy roller. I am a sinner just like everyone but I do NOT go out there on the road and do anything I can’t tell my wife about. I don’t need to reveal myself and will not do so. I don’t care if you all believe or agree with me. You all know the truth whether you know who I am or not. There have been guys that come through our group who do the things you guys have been talking about but they aren’t here for long. We are out there to sing the message of our Heavenly Father and THAT is ALL I am out there for.

    #128 Chris: I have only talked about what I know are facts. I don’t run on rumors. Sad part is…you all know that they are not rumors also.

  132. Brandon Coomer wrote:


    I did go to the last 3 nights of NQC, but I didn’t do any blog posts or reviews. I only caught a few groups on the main stage that I really wanted to see. I was too busy going around the exhibit hall buying CDs and running my mouth.

    Sorry about the confusion about my (bad? LOL) newlywed joke. I am far from being a newlywed… my marriage broke up over 2 years ago. My point was it seems like that the last time GC made a major change in their set list was back when I was a newlywed. They are singing mostly the same songs they did when Steve Ladd was there. They have added a couple of older songs (Where Is God & What A Savior). Their newest CD is really good, but they only stage 2 or 3 songs from it. That will increase by one when they start singing the new single, “I Get Down.” BTW, the last and only time I was on GC’s bus was about 15 years ago. So, I got kicked off the bus a long time ago. LOL

    Right now, the Old Paths are my favorite group and no other group is even close. They have a great sound and are a great bunch of guys. They have the #1 song in the Singing News for the month of December and will be on the cover of the magazine in February. They were one of the final additions to the Memphis Quartet Show. And I expect that they will be on the main stage at NQC next year. If they not aren’t on the main stage, I probably won’t go to NQC. So, I think 2013 will be a huge year for the Old Paths!

  133. Wade wrote:

    Brandon sorry about the marriage… did not know… guess we did not pick up on that gossip!!! lololo ;-)

    Gold City to me is like an ole friend you know is going down the wrong path… you want to help them… but they do not think they need the help and Lord Help you if you do make a suggestion!!!

    I still wish the very best for them!!

    Glad about the news from The Old Paths #1 song. They are def the group out there that most people have not heard about yet but can GO with anybody on the road!!!

    Bet they will be at NQC!!! Just have a feeling!!!

    Pecker Fan… if it is true what you say you should want to be known so that your testimony can be a LIGHT for every one!!!

  134. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    I’m not sure what PackersFan is talking about but Randy Byrd’s facebook page doesn’t show a marital status either way that I can see, and I can’t seem to find a page for Glenn Dustin at all. Proof please?

  135. Packers Fan wrote:

    #133: Nice try Wade! I don’t need to be “known” for my testimony to be a light to others. I live every day of my life trying to be a witness. I will not reveal myself out of respect for my group.

    #134: Everyone knows Randy is divorced. He hasn’t been exactly bashful about it. Ask Jimmy Blackwood why Randy is divorced. See if he will admit to his wrong doings with Randy’s ex-wife. Randy has been an open book about what all happened. At least Glenn has been a little more discreet.

  136. Hector Luna wrote:

    #134 - the industry is not full of cotton candy and sugarplums. What Packers Fan says is true.

  137. Mark wrote:

    #134-Brooke. Please go back to your hole. This place discusses the real life situations going on in SGM. Not some pie-in-the-sky fantasy land of which you reside.

  138. Sensible wrote:

    The ones who really stay under the radar or the soloists who can meet their mistresses at the hotel in the next town over (not all soloists, but there are those who do). That goes on as well, and it’s much easier to pull off since you ain’t got a group of fellow singers to hold you accountable.

  139. deceived wrote:

    Packers fan is absolutely correct. Some of these men not only sing and do this, they stand behind pulpits and preach as well. And the congregations they stand in front of, their wives, and their families have no idea what they’re doing with other women.

  140. Wade wrote:

    Pecker Fan I never heard of any one or any group being ashamed of their Good Doing!!! Be a great example for the industry you care so much for and come out of the Goody Closet!!!

    So PF… if you never stray what is your weakness?!?!?

  141. irishlad wrote:

    137 Mark some would say that ygg is either very stupid or very smart I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say she’s just naive.
    Ah,the innocence of youth :-)

  142. just sayin wrote:

    141,Ygg is just like the rest of the free world, she wants to believe that these people are genuine and thats just not the reality.

  143. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    PF said you could easily find these things on the guys’ facebook pages. That was all I was challenging. Point me to where Dustin is even on facebook.

  144. Elvis Presley wrote:


    Packers fan,

    Why sweat the small stuff none of us can realistically change? As many have already said, cheaters, liars and swindlers will be singing gospel onstage long after even your kids turn into dust. What can we do? Get them all fired? New set of s(w)ingers, made of the same human clay will surface and join Legacy Five - and I personally do like that band:) God rarely gives a tamed dick and a great musical talent to one person as a package deal.

    The message of our Heavenly Father still remains true despite some fake messengers.

    And yes, all due respect to our dear friend Wade, don’t reveal your name here. SG singers,band players and owners acted in horrendously disgusting manner on this blog and were rarely called out on it. I wouldn’t trust SG fans moral values; they will betray you, rushing to kiss the ass of the next singer de jour.

  145. Elvis Presley wrote:

    127, thank you for “who” Mr. Wade, y’all are too generous to me! Sweet Priscilla at the end of her rope said “Elvis is not a who, but a what – horndog!”, and God knows poor girl was right.

    Not anymore, shall I confess. That’s a perfect solution to your grievances, PF, just wait a couple dozen of years. When those cheaters on their wives will need a set of artificial knees, glaucoma meds a Viagra tablet just to keep clinging to this earth, they won’t be chasing women as fast, trust me on this one.

    Or hire gay singers ,exclusively.

  146. Wade wrote:

    Hey Brooke can help ya raise your kids too!!! Which is funny because she has never had one… just practiced while chasing Motor Coaches Sniffin’!!!

  147. Ed wrote:

    Wade, Just how happy were the Happy Goodmans???

    This thread had been quite an eye opener. Someone very connected with SG told me once that it’s a “dirty business.” I did not know exactly what he was talking about. Now, I have some possible insight.

    I have been told that some groups will not perform on the same program with their “enemies.” Is this common?

    Still curious about Buck/Benson…

  148. LBC wrote:

    Ok I just want to ask. Do any of you work for a living or are all of you on Government welfare and have all this time which is wasted on trashing those out there trying to WORK and be HUMAN MEN?

    Cause this a huge waste of time, I was directed to this site to look at this huge waste of time and resources against men I know personally.

    Listen if you knew the reasons of the RUMORS your spreading and the TRUTH behind HALF of the men your trashing you would shut up and sit down.

    To be honest and up front with you I know personally the Blackwoods and if ANY of your lives had been placed under a microscope from the very moment you were conceived where you were conceived and why you were conceived, then your first word, first step all the way through PUBERTY, by the way GUYS when did you have your first woman was it your WIFE??????? IF YOUR A GUY, You know ITS NOT EASY and that statement is coming from a WOMAN.Come on this site is the Kettle calling the POT Black…..

    How many of you have never sinned at all with anyone sexually???? Go all the way back before marriage. COME on did you “save” yourself for marriage??? ever thought wow that woman is beautiful if you did that then guess what the Bible says you committed adultery with that woman.

    So all of you throwing the Blackwoods under the bus your no better than the thief and the liar because you dont know them personally. I do.

    Never once have they lied to me and I think of one of the Blackwoods like a dad to me. He was up front with everything in HIS Family and even calls me a child of his. Never once has he HIT ON ME and MARK BLACKWOOD has been face to face with me on many occasions and has never once been OFF HANDED with me or said anything OUT of the way.

    Mark was very much the BIG BROTHER and very protective in such a way. As for his WIFE being on here I am very sorry to announce this but WE ALL BELIEVE IN WORKING FOR A LIVING AND WE DONT WASTE OUR TIME ON STUPID CRAP AS THIS BOARD IS.

    I am only here cause a friend told me about the Libelous Character Assassinations you here have placed Against ALL the Blackwood Family and JD Sumner who by the way took over like a dad to Ron,Bill Jr.and Winston making sure they had Christmas, School Clothes and anything they needed when growing up. I am sorry,but that sounds like a real man with a real heart.

    Also, Ron’s Jail time was because of something that everyone in music industry does when selling a bus and that is Tax evasion but the Feds were going after JD and was going throw JD (78) years old in jail and Ron said HELL NO I WILL TAKE ALL THE FALL FOR IT.. Know your facts before throwing stones at ppl!!!! That shows GREAT Character on Ron’s part!!!

    By the way the Bus in question was ELVIS’S old bus and everyone in Nashville was mad cause Ron got the opportunity to buy it and they wanted it and got mad cause Ron got it an thats why the Fed were called, that is a real Christian attitude towards JD and Ron. As for that I think Ron has probably taken the “fall” for many other things and it was never given the benefit of the doubt and again that show character. More character than any posting here has shown.

    Now Why not trying this for a change, sit down and shut the hell up over people you have never met.

  149. LBC wrote:

    Also #35 I want that link where the so called wife of Mark commented….

  150. NG wrote:

    #149 The following is what someone claiming to be Mark Blackwood’s wife Jennifer posted on Avery on May 21, 2010:
    “Mark Blackwood is the spiritual leader of our household. He is the one that tells me I don’t read my Bible enough and he talks to our children about Jesus. He has prayed the sinners prayer with people across the country during his lifetime. Mark has been my best friend for almost 15 years. Mark is not perfect, but he certainly does not deserve the cruel comments made here. I ask that instead of beating Mark down, you lift him up in your prayers. Jesus knows Mark’s heart and He knows some of the things being said here are lies. I love Mark Blackwood with all my heart and so do our children. I am so thankful for the Christian example Mark is setting for our children and I look forward to spending the rest of my life loving Mark with all my heart.”

  151. Wade wrote:

    LBC… thanks for stopping by!!! My EBT Card hits on the 15th stop by next week and I will cook ya a meal!!

    “methinks thou doth protest too much!!!”

    Sounds like you mighta had one of his baby’s!! Despite claiming that you have not.

    I bet you are a freak in the sack!!!

    I’ll answer another question…

    No I did not wait… was 14 when I lost my virginity!!!

  152. Chris Henry wrote:

    OK, Elvis. Time to leave the building.

  153. Elvis Presley wrote:

    152, Sir,unless you just informing us that you are leaving .. I am not your date! Even if I was, there are more polite ways to tell your date you wish to leave….

    So you are a homosexual, Chris Henry? Wow. I suspected it, there is something very queer about your act…. Well, not that I have anything against it, but my answer to you is NO. Sorry, man.

  154. Wade wrote:

    Ed… they were so HAPPY to try to, and was fairly successful at it, running the Oaks out of what was then called Gospel Music. The Oaks won so many Dove Awards the only thing Goodmans could do was what become the evangelizing Gospel Music and it really has been all messed up since!!

    Bottom line on Buck is he was just a philandering ASS… and thought he was a SUPER STAR!!! That was a few years after The Who started trashing hotel rooms and guitars a few years earlier… BUCK wanted rock star treatment and he WASN’T!!!

    Well respected regular contributor has more details posted some place on the blog!!!

  155. Wade wrote:

    Ed… that… Well respected regular contributor has more details posted some place on the blog!!!… is cvh!!! Sorry LONG DAY!!! Been out with LBC and the Pecker Fan!!!

  156. LBC wrote:

    Your a used car salesman no way would I go anywhere with you. My dad taught me better than that.

  157. Wade wrote:

    LBC… now come on… you have done A LOT of things your Daddy told ya NOY to do and if he did not tell you NOT to hang around with the Blackwoods then he did not tell you everything he should!!!

    REALLY… I have never sold used cars unless you count selling a demo!!!

  158. Chris Henry wrote:

    Oh, Elfis. So bold - for a little chicken hiding behind an alias on a computer screen. I should have expected insults after you got smacked around. Does it still sting? Is the stomach still tight?

    Go ahead, keep talking smack. After your last post, pretty sure no one will ever take you seriously again. But keep posting. Every circus needs a clown.

  159. cjalmgren wrote:

    #148 J.D. 78 years old? He was 73 when he died & was entombed 4 days later on his 74th birthday, Nov. 19, 1998.

  160. irishlad wrote:

    156 how many dads have you got ? JD(78)?if you’re referring to his age he died 4 days before his 74TH birthday plus that episode occurred long before that, he was a gospel singer not Lazarus,obviously you don’t know as much as you claim to.Did you randomly Google all this and haphazardly piece it all together?..i think perhaps your boilers busted.

  161. irishlad wrote:

    Oh and.. for the record everyone because i’m from across the way i use different lingo/slang,in the previous post i was referring to LBC’s mental state not a defective heating system in her home. :)

  162. The colonel wrote:

    152 Hey C.Henry watch your mouth one more word about Elvis and I’ll sue your sorry ass for every goddamn penny you have.Understand me Mr Henry?
    Signed The Colonel.

  163. Elvis Presley wrote:

    148, Wow, LBC. Dames surely have gone crazier - in a bad , nonsexy sense- since my days….

    M’am, so “Ron’s jail time was for what everyone in music industry does”? Majority in SG industry “does tax evasion”? They still allowing you to breathe after saying that? You are accusing SG groups of criminal behavior, so if you’ve presented evidence and didn’t appear insane, then - I am being dead serious here- it would be a good time to call the police and whistleblow the IRS on them.

    Hopefully it’s just the fruit of your disturbed brain, possibly UI. If the rumor gets spread in churches by means of social media, all wrapped in proper motivational speak it can really have an impact on fans that are expected to ,otherwise ,buy CDs and “lovedonate“.

    Next you revealed that Mark never made sexual advances towards you… why was that needed? Nobody yet accused him of being a cheater, are you implying something?

    So you saying his wife doesn’t post here due to her full time job?Mark Blackwood has other women coming here claiming to be his wife? Now I see why she thinks he is crap :)

    You bashed SG on so many subtle levels I can’t believe you serious.

  164. Elvis Presley wrote:


    I said nothing to you. You offended me, told me to get out of here, all while totally suspending your rational abilities to address anything of substance I ‘ve said. I tried to save your face by jokingly suggesting you must be trying to leave with me? So what? Guys here joke about “gay” to each other,or even turning the joke on themselves.No biggie, unless one protests too much of course…. ;)

    You came back with insults,nasty names, “chicken shit” etc., reasonably expected from a 5th grade bully.

    What “smacking around”? Nobody was disrespectful of me besides you.

  165. Elvis Presley wrote:

    148,‘Do any of you work for a living’

    You betcha, m’am! that Col Parker is here,you better believe it. (whispern: I knew I couldn’t escape the ol bastard even in death!) That’s it, sweet people, now I gotta obey the boss.

    Yes,Sir,jumping on the bus shortly.

  166. Wade wrote:

    Elvis — they will never be back to post just to stalk… Love it when they protest so much… ya know you are GETTING CLOSE if not ON IT!!!

    Sorry The Col found you there… BLOODSUCKERS!!

  167. yankeegospelgirl wrote:

    Hey Chris, what’s a nice gardener like you doing in a place like this? Go plant a tree or something. ;)

  168. Wade wrote:

    Nashville or Chattanooga Area and any place in between…

    Come to Bell Buckle Banquet Hall to see the Incredible Dove Bros Band both tonight (Thursday) & tomorrow night to see the Most Exciting Group ROLLIN’!!!

    4 Part Male Harmony with a 6 piece LIVE BAND and NO Stacks or Tracks.

    Like Gerald Wolfe Says when he has to bad mouth them, but really is a jealous compliment because HE is not that exciting any more… ya gotta be careful or a rock & roll concert will break out!!! I HOPE SO!!!

    Here is the link to the venues facebook page!!

    Come here how positive, fun music should be done… NO Preaching, No Politics… NO FLEA Market!!!

  169. weber wrote:

    #168, Why would you think a rock n roll concert may break out? I dont think that kinda crowd will be there.. just sayin

  170. Ed wrote:

    Wade, as a promoter you should able answer this… Is it true that some groups will not appear on the same program with their “enemy” quartets?

  171. Wade wrote:

    Weber… that is just what Gerald Wolfe tells the promoters to try to bad mouth the Dove Bros when he is having a Vestal Moment!!!

    Ask Gerald what it is like to have to follow the Doves when he runs his mouth!!!

    But Tonight — Get to Bell Buckle Banquet Hall ( about Half Way between Nashville & Chattanooga…and see Dove Brothers Band and hear that Short Guy that sings like a Giant McCray Dove, he also writes some GREAT SONGS!!!

    Get Dinner & the Doves!!! A REAL LIFE 6 PIECE BAND… with NO STACKS no TRACKS just SANGIN’!!! You will LOVE IT… I DID last night. I am still recovering!!! But just go see them!!!

    REAL PICKIN’… REAL SINGIN’… YOU WILL LOVE IT!!! complete review coming soon!!

  172. Wade wrote:

    Ed I do not know about now as it has been a few years since I would take a chance with my money and do a SGM concert… but I am soon about to do one with The Dove Bros Band.

    But at one time the goodmans and sometimes the kingsmen would not appear with the Oaks!!! That is the most famous jealousy bs thatr went down as far as not being able to book talent together.

    Supposedly it was from the goomans because the Oaks were too worldly with the long hair and rock band. The Kingsmen went along for the most part to support the goodmans… but it wasn’t tough because Hamill had a chip on his shoulder because he was asked to leave the oaks because his OVERBEARING nature did not blend well with the Oaks!!!

    But really it was just competitive jealousy because the Oaks were JUST THAT GOOD!!!

    A few years back after the break up of Gold City Super Group with Brian, Ivan, Mike & Tim you could not book some of them together. Cause I tried to make that happen and there were still hurt feelings.

    But don’t know any of that going on today… I think they are just all glad to be booked and won’t turn a good date now… If there is maybe some of our other friendly posters will clue us in!!

    I know there are many groups that prefer not to work with the Mckameys and sometimes the Inspos because they both have a little holier then thou think going on.

    But I can enjoy the McKamey’s sometime (mostly because of Roger’s picking and melding what they do together) if the mood strikes me and I am properly medicated… but there is no amount of xanax that can EVER get me to sit still for the Inspos!!! Sheesh… they encore about ever song they sing and then do the acapella versions of every song and then one more encore so they can end big!!!

  173. LBC wrote:

    Everyone of you men act like women and you call us gossips……you all should be Ashamed and have your man card revoked. As for me being stupid and crazy I don’t bash everyone daily like you do. As Christians you all should be ashamed, but I bet the majority of you bashing others like your doing aren’t Christians. Good day I won’t be back….I will pray for your Salvation. You who are without sin cast the stones……As for Jennifer posting here I didn’t see her say anything I didn’t say. I took up for Mark and Ron and You jumped on me with Knives and guns to slaughter me. I could be mean as you are towards me but I will not I will leave you to your den of Vipers, because honestly this makes me no money and make you none either.

  174. irishlad wrote:

    I just watched some Jubilee 2 clips,good stuff apart from Gerald W clutching that hankie like a demented Vestal.
    Disturbing stuff. :-/

  175. Ed wrote:

    LBC, I support SG music by attending concerts (love offering and/or paid), buying product and listening to SG radio (as well as doing business with their advertisers). I have attended the NQC and GOGR (several times). Eventually, I hope to go on a SG cruise. When these singers and musicians sign on as members of a SG group, they are in “public life.” They are generally held to certain standards by the majority of their fans and supporters. When these guys falter, it is almost always hushed up. SG supporters are left wondering. Rarely does anyone simply offer an explanation. No one wants to be “betrayed” after financially supporting a quartet. All of a sudden one of your favorite singers disappears with no explanation. Kind of makes you wonder… It would be helpful if the group owners would at least issue a non-specific press release. At times, it seems that some facts come out on this blog. All we want is the truth. SG is full of people who ignore, minimize and pretend that nothing really happened. We certainly want to be polite and not offend anyone by telling the truth. Are there any SG forums that allow the truth to be posted?

  176. Wade wrote:

    LBC… if your last post don’t get your man cared revoked we are all safe… there’s not anybody that would read that and not think you were a women!!!

  177. Wade wrote:

    Bet LBC sings in some semi pro regional group none of us have ever heard of!!!

  178. irishlad wrote:

    175 I doubt any Sg artist could top Randy Travis and the naked as a J-bird attempted cigarette purchasing episode whilst drunk as a skunk.
    As Bill G said “i’m hearing good things about you Randy”..indeed Bill.

  179. Wade wrote:

    irishlad… about Randy… I bet he enjoyed partying with the vocal band on that video shoot!!!

  180. Wade wrote:

    irishlad… ole Gerald can be brutal. He may be a guy but he is a diva!!! Sources say the Cats where SOOOO Happy to get Roger back!!! But he knows how to work it. Am sure his book is full!!! But ask him if he likes FOLLOWING The Dove Bros!?!?!?

  181. NG wrote:

    Randy Travis is still out there. He was in San Antonio Sunday night. Reviewer Peter Goodspeed said on MySanAntonio that the crowd loved him as he did 18 songs. Goodspeed added: “Travis did not mention his recent, widely publicized arrests that included a driving while intoxicated charge after being found nude in the wake of a one-car accident. Fans didn’t seem to care.

    “But he did tell a joke about growing up in a small town and a policeman friend telling him that everyone commits a traffic infraction after being followed for a few miles. To prove it, Travis rode with him and followed a guy who ended up being a perfect driver. So the officer pulled him over to tell him what a good driver he was.

    The driver said, ‘Well, when you’re drunk, you’ve got to be careful,’ ” Travis said with a sly smile that was greeted by howls and cheers.”

  182. meatman wrote:

    Here are my comments on the recent McKamey’s and Isaac’s concerts
    The McKamey’s were at there best at Allen Central High School at Martin,KY. The sound was perfect and the song mix was great. Roger had everything sounding good.They are a lot of “big time groups” out there that could use Roger’s exprtise. (DBB,BFA just to name a few in my opinion.)
    The Isaac’s were at Pikeville,KY and I wasn’t much of a fan but was pleasantly suprised. The sound was good and the were really good entertainment. I really enjoyed both programs. I agree 100% with no.172 on the inspros.

  183. irishlad wrote:

    181 Die hard country fans always “stand by their man” :-) I’m sure Randy’ll bounce back,just like the other Randy.
    Wadey, GW and diva has a nice ring to has little Hitler.

  184. Fundie wrote:

    I have a lot of respect for Gerald Wolfe, Wade. He’s entitled to his opinions just like you are. I’m just saying. And I’m not even a big Greater Vision fan.

  185. weber wrote:

    Wade, you might want to look the other way on this one.. I went to hear the Dove Brothers last friday night in Bell Buckle.. I will start with the positive thoughts… great band for sure, very polished. All the guys were friendly with the exception of the bass singer, stayed on the bus till time to sing. First set of songs were mostly Oaks songs from the seventies. McCray talked entirely too much and the rest of the guys had no stage presence at all. It was obvious to me the crowd were expecting more quartet music, but got about 90 percent country gospel. To be honest I would have enjoyed their music more if I had a couple of beers.. It maybe a new direction for the Dove Brothers and I wish them much success but word on the street was they got spanked by a local group singing quartet music that night.

  186. Elvis Presley wrote:

    :( vipers, we chased the poor girl away, with the tail between her legs…Come back sometime, sunshine! Don’t worry about being stupid or crazy,that doesn’t take away from signature beauty of a good Baptist girl.

    Mr. Wade says you might be a singer? um..reminiscing.. In my day, before ProTools voice gimmicks and enhancers, all gorgeous female singers had iron throats, earned by hours of training, yet even they would stop short of putting as big of object as a whole foot in the mouth. Not even for JD. So, darling girl, watch yours and better keep it shut.

    181 ,
    ‘ Fans didn’t seem to care’

    Amen, why should they? They didn’t hire him as a babysitter or taxi driver. He is a performer, does a good job, admits his mistakes and laughs at self. It’s not like he is one of those pseudo-Christian hypocrite liars that cheat, sexually and otherwise, steal from band members, fans and government yet reprimand their wives for not reading their Bibles enough?

    That is what fans DO mind, as sales numbers of both musical genres tell us ;)

    You surely jest! Vestal ,a woman that, as Mr.Harrison’s book tells us was so vain and selfish she would hire a limo to take her from the bus, parked a bit away, to a venue, in order to arrive with cheap grandeur? One that was so greedy she would sell all she could, even items of clothing that came in contact with her bodily fluids, dared to consider other gospelites too wordly to sing with them?? Jan Crouch, we found your match!

    Yes, there is one. You are on it. Post away! :)

  187. Elvis Presley wrote:


    Sure, 1st Amendment guarantees him the right, yet it doesn’t protect him from criticism, and Gerald Wolfe sounds possessed by the devil at times. He does a lot to turn people away from Christ and is, sadly, a gift to critics of Christian religion. He insults the Bible, misrepresents it’s core message, and even makes Jesus to be a sinner for he drank alcohol.

    His latest “pearl” : some Americans, he says,ought to be regarded as 2nd class because there are too few of them(!). Only3.8% of general population, so they shouldn’t dictate the rest their dastardly demands of being treated as human beings.

    You know who else represents even less % of the population? The Jews, 1.7%. That’s Nazi mentality, GW. I’d love an affair with a handsome blue-eyed Irish (I do swing both ways -wink,wink to Mark Lowry) but out of respect to his official love interest I agree, GW sounds like a little Hitler.

    They say there is no such thing as bad publicity so I am probably actually helping that bastard sell. Ah, why not?His group is good.

    (I am coming! Jesus, Colonel. He thinks he owns me.My regards to the little gardening hoe Chris Henry. “She” and those like “her” should be here screaming at me soon)

  188. Wade wrote:

    Fundie… opinions are one thing but running down another group who goes out there and SMOKES you, that you can’t follow is a whole different story!!!

    Hey I am kinda of a GV Fan… I enjoy them especially since Chris is back with them.

    Has anybody else heard Glenn Dustin was going to go sing with GV to make it a Quartet!?!?!?

  189. McCray wrote:

    Weber the only song we did by the Oaks was “Smile on me” so you must of had more than a couple of beers before you got there ! Lol but thanks for the review !

  190. Wade wrote:


    Well I was there in Bell Buckle THURSDAY night and the crowd seemed to love the positive form of entertainment.

    Lack of Stage Presence??? Ya musta had more than beer… maybe an Ambien or something. They ripped it all night!!!

    While people give McCray a tough time with his grammar & diction I have NEVER heard ANYBODY EVER say he lacked stage presence… nor any one else singing with him!!! Devin can blend with a lamp shade. Burman knocked the bottom out of it ALL NIGHT with no Special Help. I was personally blown away by Keith Casstevens. He sang his ass off!!! He did not scream like most SGM singers but he could have sang and covered anything by the Gatlin Bros and they are known for having some HIGH end harmonies!!

    What local quartet was there?!?!? If you were there you should know!?!?! But maybe you were too drunk!?!?!?

    You are right… the band was VERY Professional and a pleasant surprise as compared to what ya hear most of the time when you go to a SGM singing. The other thing that amazed me was when McCray ask about the sound volume NOBODY in a HUGE Group of Blue Hairs raised their hand when ask if it was too loud!!! NOT ONE!! For me it could have been a little louder because I thought the singers where having to work too hard to get over. But they knew their crowd!!!

    Maybe YOU wanted more quartet music… but everything they sang was quartet music because it was a quartet singing IT!!!

    Oh btw it sounds kinda bitchy for a dude to complain about another guy not coming out until he sang… but so you will know Burman was VERY SICK and did not want to give it to ya probably!!

    Tell ya what weber… you pick ANY GROUP pay their flat… I’ll show up with the Dove Bros Band and we will see who can GO!!! Looser pays both flats and the Doves aren’t cheap!! Bring that LOCAL group that spanked them. I NEED THE MONEY!!!

  191. irishlad wrote:

    I enjoyed Weber’s review,it seemed honest and informed but i wasn’t there so who knows ?Perhaps he suffered an attack of the rants much like i had at the whiskey addled(me) EHSS concert when i couldn’t find anything good to say. :-)
    Hey Ode just met an old git calls himself the Colonel was asking for you. I told him to sling his hook and go stalk LBC.
    Your all mine baby xx

  192. weber wrote:

    Wade, thanks for the kind words, remember its ok if someone has a different opinion than you my brother also keep in mind good music is always subjective…with respect to the comment about getting spanked, I was just repeating what the promoter told me..I think the world of McCray always have, like I said before wish them much success.

  193. Wade wrote:


    Weber… I will be right back with you in a sec!!!

    Irishdude — You said about weber’s review…”seemed honest and informed”…

    Irishdude and EVERYBODY else too chime in here please…

    Would you THINK it was HONEST, Informed and Impartial review by weber if he had revealed HE was The Lead Singer in the local group that supposedly SPANKED the Mighty Doves Brothers Band?!?!

    Don’t ya think everybody and weber that THAT FACT should have been revealed in your review?!?!?

    My REVIEW and OPINION was from a No Dog in the hunt, BUYER of Talent, Promoter who actually has to put my ass on the line if I book an event. Just throw in there I’ve promoted over 100 concerts and have played in groups in over 1500 different churches…perspective!!!

    Your perspective had a dog in the hunt… you sing in the mixed quartet who OPENED, you don’t reveal THAT while taking cheap shots at professionals who drew more people there for you to sing in front of than you would have EVER gotten by yourself… don’t ya’ll think that was a little slimy!?!?!

    Sure every one has a right to their opinion but how about full disclosure when you take a cheap shots…some that were obviously WRONG in the fact they only did one Oaks song… and you said…” First set of songs were mostly Oaks songs.” If you were THAT WRONG about THAT… how correct and impartial was your REVIEW!?!?

    What do y’all think!?!?!?

  194. BB Gospel Events wrote:

    Hello guys. Just reading the posts on here and thought I would share a little bit. I am the promoter of the gospel show in question on here. First I would like to say the concerts both nights were great. All groups/singers were fantastic and did exactly as I asked them to do. Second 90 percent of the people in attendance are people who attend every show I have and this past show is the fourth year in a row that the Dove Brothers have performed there so they knew what they were getting when they bought a ticket. I shake every hand and thank everyone as they leave one of my concerts and every comment was positive. I never made the comment to anyone about one group spanking another group either. My shows are not a competition they are about good food, a family atmosphere and good southern gospel music that glorifies God. I was pleased as usual with the Dove Brothers and I have them booked again for next November. Thank you once again to all the groups/singers for a job well done and also thank you again to those who attended. God Bless.

  195. weber wrote:

    McCray is right, it was just one Oaks song, my bad,, however I think what the implication was on my part is they all sounded like Oak songs, which I love the Oaks so its all good. Wade just because Im a singer?? I guess Im disqualified for having an opinion..Also BB promoter is right, it was not him that made the comment but several other guest, however I take it with a grain of salt because truly I could care less. He is also right about the food, man its great. I stand behind my review, the Dove brothers sang maybe three songs that would be considered Southern Gospel to argue this point one would have to be in denial or not there that evening. Wade one more point… settle down brother, you give me the impression of a dove brothers diesel sniffer,,just sayin

  196. irishlad wrote:

    193 Wadey I’m a sucker for anyone who mentions drink.
    Weber conned me ! :-\

  197. Wade wrote:


    So are you LYING then or you LYING NOW!!?!? Get your stories straight!!

    Well I’m not a diesel sniffer for the Dove Bros…(although you were the one missing & bitching about Burman not coming out) but if I were it would be better than being a lying douche bag reviewing something,
    1.) criticizing the song selection and having to back up…

    2.) Criticizing over all song selection and having to back up…

    3.) Bitching and moaning that Burmen didn’t not come out and speak to you…

    4.) Saying the local group spanked the pros… without mentioning the fact YOU sang with the local group.

    5.) Going on even further then to say it was the promoter who said the pros got spanked causing the promoter to have to come on the site and correct it and you had to back up yet again… you might need to get one of those beep tones attached to your ass whenever you talk so people can know you are BACKING UP!!!

    You are totally BUSTED ON THIS!!! You might take, SUPPOSEDLY NOW it is some one in the crowd, telling you you spanked the pros with a grain of salt, which I doubt they did unless they were just trying to make you feel good…(probably your wife or BF) BUT you used it to come on this site to try to run down somebody else!!! How Christian of You for some one who tries to come across as so holy!!

    That’s why I am the unofficial caller of BS here at AFL… called YOUR BS pretty good and did not even know some of THE FACTS that eventually came out!!! I just dislike people who totally misrepresent a point of view without disclosing SMALL facts like that mentioned above. You should be ashamed the actual promoter had to come on here and set it straight!!

    Oh yeah… your out line on your last post (”Just Saying”) belongs to Kanye West..who does not sing gospel music… don’t steal his shit be a little more original!!!

  198. Elvis Presley wrote:


    Mr. Irishlad, I’m not an expert on the young lady, but I am surely an expert on that ol coot Colonel. May I assure you, if he asks for the girl it’s for one reason only, to screw her in his favorite way - out of money.
    Unless she is a venue owner, a promoter, a singer or an exotic dancer he can spice up our Vegas shows with, he’ll lose interest quickly.
    As for knocking her down with , hm, how to put it politely, the power force between his legs - nowadays that only happens when he’s drunk riding his Harley. If she stays on a sidewalk, your little birdie is safe.

    LBC might be a better choice. He‘d have to ducktape her mouth in between songs so she doesn’t babble out too much truth. We don’t need the IRS, police, DrugEnforcement and angry wives chasing gospel band buses.

  199. Wade wrote:

    irishdude… weber TRIED to CON EVERYBODY!!! Spotted a RAT with his 1st review!!! Would have loved to been there the next night to hear his group!!!

    Hope Thanksgiving went well across the pond!!!

  200. Elvis Presley wrote:

    Mr Wade, I love you as my brother, my dear overdosing on food-and-women twin :)

    Give us a little post about the DOVE band, you spiked my interest. What instruments do they use? Care to make a review of a concert you attended? What are their strongest features? Do they have a CD you would recommend?

  201. weber wrote:

    My last post was to correct what I said about the multiple Oaks songs.. done. Also an older gentleman at the concert told one of the guys in the group they prefered us.. thought he was promoter, he was not,, made the correction. done. As far as anything else posted..I stand behind it…only BS i see here is your “official job” here on AFL.. of course if you desire to carry this conversation to another level I would be more than happy to have you show up at our next concert, even buy your dinner.

  202. Wade wrote:

    Now weber… you just keep digging deeper & deeper!!!… You mean to tell me you sang in the group that opened and you did not know WHO the Promoter was!?!?!? Give us a break dude!!!

    I’ve done a pretty good job at calling your BS. I numbered it all out for ya!!! Just can’t respond when you get CALLED OUT I don’t blame ya!!

    Are you not ashamed the promoter had to come on here and set ya straight!!!?!?! How much deeper you want to dig!?!?!

    Tell you what… let’s get together on a date in the Spring with the Dove Brothers Band and your group…what is the name of your group!?!?! I understand if they did not want ya to say…they are probably praying you’ll just be quite, but we will have an Old Fashion Battle of the Bands!!!

    I’ll pay to get the Doves here… you show up with your group. We will flip to see who goes first!!! Both groups get a 45 minute set… after that we will have an intermission and have a straw pole… if you loose YOU pay The Doves Flat!!!

    If you win I will pay the Doves and your group the same amount I pay the Doves!!


  203. Fundie wrote:

    I’m with Wade on this one. If there’s one thing that really annoys me, it is little groups who think they smoke big groups.

  204. Wade wrote:

    WoW weber… you know your in trouble when Fundie and I agree.

    Fundie… what do you think about him NOT KNOWING WHO the Promoter was, but yet QUOTING HIM!!! ???? WTHeck?!?!? I’d seriously be ashamed to admit it… but hey he took it with a GRAIN of SALT!!!

    I’m still waiting to see if he will take The Dove Bros Challenge?!?! Ask ole Gerald Wolfe how he likes following The Dove Brothers Band!?!?!… and Gerald and those boys can def sing!!!

  205. weber wrote:

    Man I knew this guy was full of crap, I can smell a diesel sniffer from miles away.. from another thread..”You better LOVE the Dove Brothers Band they are gonna be HUGE!!!!
    Posted 18 Sep 2012 at 12:41 am ¶ ” now Wade I counted many comments on other threads of your love of the DBB…this is not normal behavior may I suggest a shrink. Just fyi, the promoter and I had never met, did not know him from Adam till after the concert began. Im sure he will come back and verify this to be true. And thats all I have to say about that friend.. I tell what, if you clean up your language and act like you have a smiggen of class I will take you up on your offer, but part of the deal is you sing against me in a solo, also ad 3000 to the flat for the winner and you got a deal.

  206. Wade wrote:

    Elvis… I would have already had the fun review up if I had not been distracted by that moron weber… but don’t worry I will have what you are looking for and a review too!!!

  207. Wade wrote:

    weber what does me BUSTING YOU in about 100 lies mean I do not have class!!?!?

    How classy is it of you to as one inbox message about this situation said… “you shit and fell back in it!!!”

    Believe me I will clean up my language when you stop lying so I figure we are BOTH SAFE!!!

    If you want to be classy come back on here and apologize to the Doves, The Promoter of the concert and the thousands of AFL readers for trying to mislead and lie to them.

    I am a BUYER of Talent of course I have my favs… it is MY money. Of course the Doves are going to be huge in the market place if that makes me a diesel sniffer at least I am not as big a one as Brooke!!! lolol;-)) and I am not a liar like you are… But hey you did sing with the Blackwoods purportedly so you have good training!!

    Instead of stalking my post on AFL, you ought to be praying asking for forgiveness!!!

    I did not figure you would accept a straight up challenge with out throwing BS in the game. Don’t think anybody is surprised!!!

  208. irishlad wrote:

    Hey Ode BP with the Doves is one the best bass singers ever.Wanna go to a concert just u and me? Then a little cuddle after ;-)

  209. weber wrote:

    Wade, just remember this… the Oak Ridge Boys.. often imitated never duplicated. What about the challenge? Cant sing? oh Im sorry man, but hey its all good you can still be a good promoter and be the official bs monitor here for AFL, a career that Im sure you chose as a young man. I think if we can keep this thread going long enough we will hear from someone thats not a kool-aid drinker and give some feedback on what the DBB are doing..

  210. Thomas Wilson wrote:

    I’m with Wade. I think the Dove Brothers have the best thing going. I saw them a few months ago in Thomasville, GA, and they were excellent. The Dove Brothers always bring a lot of energy.

  211. Wade wrote:

    weber … damn JEALOUS MUCH???

    It took a long time for some one to step up and you shoulda known you were in trouble when Fundie agreed with me and we do not agree on much… and I do not know Thomas Wilson!!! But nice job of trying to deflect. You don’t have enough guts to answer any questions I directly ask you. Nice!!

    Let’s try one…. What is the name of your group… hell what is YOUR NAME?!?!?

    May not be able to sing but I don’t get on here and lie and seemingly smile about it. Guess that is something you learned singing with the Blackwoods, to wrap this thread up full circle.

    It was never about ME SINGING… it was about you LYING!!! GREAT JOB!!!

    Say what ya want but the guys in the Dove Brothers Band are making a better living singing than you. I doubt you even got paid that night except for the great food!! You are still singing for EXPOSURE!! WANNABE!!!

    I am sure your group members are happy with you and helping you get your foot outta your mouth!!

    As far as The Challenge it is still there. But liars don’t get to make the rules. Just keep OPENING for Nationally Known Groups… it is about all you will ever do.

  212. McCray wrote:

    I will tell you what we are doing! What we want to do ! We do country and southern gospel! Let’s go down the list of songs we did that night!

    Amazing Grace (Red book)
    Lord I hope this day is Good (Don Williams)
    Hello friends ( I wrote it )
    Black Train ( Josh Turner)
    Walk on water ( Randy Travis tune)
    Smile on me ( Oaks Tune from the 70’s)
    I Recall ( I wrote it was a top hit on radio)
    One day at a time
    Operator ( was a big hit for Burman and his most requested song)
    They wouldn’t Forgive ( I wrote that song)
    More than a name on the wall ( statler song)
    Didn’t it Rain (hit for DBB)
    Getaway Jordan ( Hit for DBB)
    Naturally ( Buck Owens tune )our lead guitar picker sang this song we had a little fun!
    Still Singing the Song ( I wrote that one)
    Let’s go for a ride ( I wrote that one)
    Wont let go ( Rascal Flatts tune )

    We do a variety of songs in the program! Everybody will not like what we do but everybody didn’t like us when we did nothing but Blackwood and Statesmen songs either!!! If you think that singing nothing but songs from the Red Book is how it should be done than you want like DBB ! But if you like Country Gospel and Southern Gospel and some good Country Music with a live band with Qt Harmonies then I believe you would enjoy our Show!! If you don’t t you want be the first and you want be the last!!!

    I do want to say this ! We have shared the stage with both gospel Acts and Country acts! There is more competition between Gospel Acts than Country Acts ! Gospel fans and singers talk out of both sides of there mouth ( not all of them ) one breath they talk about singing for the Lord then the next thing you hear is how bad they Spanked the other group or someone told them they did !

    You just don’t hear that in the Country Venues and fans ! I have found them to be more Christian then the so called Christian Southern Gospel fan ! ( not all of them we have some dear Christian friends who love Gospel Music !)Sorry but that is how I see it !

    I’m not going to get into a fight over it I’ll leave that between Weber and Wade ! Lol I did want to let all of you read the list of songs we did that night and that might give you an idea of what we our all about !

  213. McCray wrote:

    What we are all about ! I did it again ! Lol

  214. observer wrote:

    McCray, I did not realize you wrote I Recall. It is a great song with a great message. Good luck to you and DBB

  215. weber wrote:

    Good post McCray, I believe that was a great idea listing the songs your doing. As you well know you cant please everyone so I say do your thing. Nothing personal on my end just my two cents thats not worth much. Weve spanked alot of groups over the years…LoL, just kidding.. Please tell Wade to stop bringing up Blackwood, or he will need to apologize to

  216. irishlad wrote:

    McCray you’ve only said what Hovie said years ago.He was so pissed off with the so called Christian community he trusted the liquor guy down the street more…how sad but true is that ?

  217. Wade wrote:

    As a BUYER of Talent I went to see the Dove Brothers Band cause I had not seen them live in a few years. I NEVER thought of McCray as a song writer. But after seeing and hearing his songs and set ups I have to say McCray is a HELLUVA song writer about things that we can ALL to can relate!!

    Weber is just a jealous WANNABE!! Who can’t answer any questions put to him!!! But yet smile while LYING and MISLEADING!!! He has to be a politician or could be where ever he lives!!!

    If he REALLY thought his group SPANKED The Dove Brothers Band he would not be ashamed to put out his name like I have had or at the least put out the name of his group!!!

    Come ON weber what you got to say NOW!!?!?!

  218. McCray wrote:

    Thanks Observer! I have wrote a few tunes.

  219. The Better Side wrote:

    #209: No Kool-Aide drinker, but I will respond to the question about seeing the Dove Bros and thoughts of the performance.
    I saw the Dove Bros some months ago. I had heard they were more of a country style band than Gospel. I wanted to hear it with my own ears, because I usually dont put much stock into what most people around this “business” try to tell one another. What I found that night was this. They had the absolute best sound setup of any group I have heard in the last few years. The mix between the live band and the vocals was masterful to say the least. I usually like to sit up front in the first couple of pews, but with the live band I sat toward the back, so I could hear the mix better … Neither the vocals nor the band over powered one another, as stated, it was the best mix I have heard in years. Stage presence: Out of all the groups I have heard the last few years, I thought Mr.McCray was one of the better emcees I have heard. What impressed me the most, was he seemed so very sincere in his presentation, his speaking, testimony were all heart warmers in my book, and it just felt right. Again, I had heard I recall before, never anything else much… They did a great mix of songs, that I believe everyone in attendance really enjoyed. Back to the mix, like I said I sat toward the back of the Church that night, and the levels were outstanding, When Mr.Porter would run the notes toward the low end, the reverberation was amazing.. It was like the lows just took over the entire building and resonated right between the eyes (I know not a good way to put it, but you felt every low note) So with all that I say this, The gentlemen all seemed very sincere, passionate about what they were doing, spoke from the heart that night, and put on an excellent performance.. Just my opinion on the first time ever seeing them.. I left that Church feeling good, spirit filled and aint that what it is supposed to be about. I told Mr.McCray at the end, that his words were a blessing and I meant every word of it…

    #212: Mr.McCray spoke about competition between Gospel groups, boy did you ever hit the nail on the head on that one. I have personally heard several “big national” groups say things about the Regional/Local groups that opened for them like “Really, You are closing with that song” I even had one tell me these words ” I really get tore up when these local groups get on stage and act like they are all that” It shouldnt be that way, but it is… I have personally witnessed one of the top groups out there today, who was “passing through” town and made a stop at a small Church do this. 5 minutes before the start of the program, The lead singer walks into the back of the Church, Myself and several others saw him look around, roll his eyes and walk back out of the back and to the bus he went. I observed each member walk into this Church literally speak to TWO people (that they new from close by that came to hear them) and ONLY speak to these two people the entire night! You could sense, and feel the fact that they just did NOT want to be at this Church that night. Then got on stage and the Baritone (emcee) actually said “There is no where in the world we would rather be than right here, right now” Many of the people that attended this Concert really were disgusted with the way they acted. Myself, being one that likes to try and see the “better side” of people said things like “Maybe they are having a bad day, and dont let this one night ruin your thoughts of this group” Well here a couple nights ago same group came to a local Church… I have had people tell me they acted the same way that night… Still I try and see the better side, but where there is smoke there is fire…

    Ever heard of a group member say “We dont come to sing for a group of old people” “Thats not what we are about” I sure have…. Particular member was upset because the congregation that night didnt accept their “Send money to this particular group,we have the brochures right here” that was force fed upon them for 15 minutes just prior to the outburst….

    It is a sad sight sometimes how some of these folks act, but I still buy their music, I still listen to them all, because I want to see the “Better Side”

    So to the Dove Brother Band, I thought you did a magnificent job the night I saw you! Keep up the good fight….

  220. weber wrote:

    Wade, you are absolutely right, I am a wannabee:
    I want to be away from my family 280-300 days per year.
    I want to be in a business model where the market is cannibalized every year,all year long.
    I want to be in a industry with no large label (i,e. Sony)
    I want to be in a industry that is artist drivin rather than industry driven.
    I want the pinnacle of my career to be singing on NQC mainstage.
    I want to be in an industry where most of the artist live at the poverty level with no health insurance or savings plan.
    I want to be in gospel group that has to work for love offerings.
    I want to travel thousands of miles to pay for a bus.
    I want to be in an industry that is riddled with effeminate men whom cant hold down a regular job.
    I want to be apart of a national event thats moving to a non-metropolis city.
    I want to be in an industry where the leadership have college degrees from an un-accredited school who pass out honory doctorets while real men are trying to earn them.
    I wanna be in a gospel group so I can leave my hometown and behave any way I see fit.. And leave my spouse to raise kids all by herself.
    I wanna sing in a karaoke group, which is four people and tracks.
    I wanna sing in a group so i can leave my family nothing but debt when i pass in my old age.
    In conclusion..been there..light went on and I decided to sing because I enjoy it.
    Time to move on…

  221. McCray wrote:

    Thanks Better side !

  222. McCray wrote:

    Weber Ive never had a problem with someone not into what we do pass or present ! Just like for the facts to be right ! There is only one Oaks but people compare qts to other qts all the time no big deal ! I am out here day in and day out trying to make a living ! I did enjoy your mixed qt I really enjoyed singing with no tracks ! Red book singing is fun for sure but like anything else there are those who love it and those who don’t ! I enjoyed it ! The one thing that I see is a small tent for SGM but that’s always been the case ! I don’t think it’s a secret that Burman Traveled with Mark Blackwood ! Lol I wish you the best glad you are singing for fun !

  223. irishlad wrote:

    220 Fair enough taking all that on board, down through the years a lot of talented people stuck it out, went for it,ducked and dived all those challanges and somehow lived to tell the tale and with style too boot.

  224. irishlad wrote:

    “to boot”..tut tut.

  225. Ode wrote:

    208, Convince me I’ll like it , Ilad :) Does the band sing at any professional venues? See,I was deeply unimpressed with the sound at a few church-held concerts I attended, except ones at old cathedrals with great natural acoustics.

    In others, it was a wreck, they put the top speakers too low, and in smaller rooms if those aren’t above the heads, the highs get absorbed by the front row; they over EQed, they .. enuf bitching, Odi, ok,I’m an illiterate dim bulb when it comes to theory of music and singing, I think solfeggio is a cheese, yet being a pretty anal techie nut when it comes to sound, I made a mental selfnote to avoid non-pro indoor /outdoor venues.

    Add to this the old rude church farts of both genders that are unaware that you shouldnt crawl to your middle row seat with your ass turned to (considering the average size of the object- pushed right into the noses of ) those already seating, but FACING them ;)

    Do they play in Vegas or NY ?


    “”"the leadership have college degrees from an un-accredited school who pass out honory doctorets”"”

    I beg you, expand on this! What scam- like thing are you talking of? I sense something hilarious.

  226. McCray wrote:

    Ode we have performed at the Boston symphony and we also have performed at a Church that would seat 150 people ! We do it all haven’t got it to the Gaither Status but most of the time that Church that seats 150 made Sure we were paid what we asked for ! This year we have worked a lot of Fairs, Festivals, Opry houses and corporate meetings!
    To be honest we don’t work a lot of the SGM events because there is a whole lot of groups that can work the event cheaper than we can. Now I didn’t say we didn’t want to be there it’s just that the event didn’t want to pay or couldn’t pay what we needed to come !
    We still do what the industry calls pick up dates from time to time so you might see us at a small church or you might see us at a performing Arts Center you just never know ! Lol

  227. ode wrote:

    226, God speed and the best of luck. If I had a band I‘d play it everywhere I reasonably could,too, be it to a few hundred people at a wedding or bar mitzvah,or at a small church, nursing home or a big state fair. Entertainer’s job is to entertain, amen.

    As for myself, I pass on your show at a church or a corporate meeting - both attract too many puffed up insufferable assholes. Corporate management get wasted on booze at those events ‘till they get unconscious; and when you see, up close, most “christian” churchy old folk you actually wish they were ; )
    But I’ll plan, God willing, to attend your show at a regular , decent venue sometime.

  228. Wade wrote:

    weber — did not figure you would answer any questions or apologize for out & out lying… with that last filibuster I know you would be a great politician!!

    Ivan Parker is needing a date in Dec or Jan (don’t remember as I set and write this) in the Tenn/ GW Ga Area!!! Oh AND…

    Speaking of the Group I would like PUSH… Dove Brothers Band… I have an avail with them on Jan 12 if anybody would like to Host them!!!

    If you want to book them some one who is a work horse and not a wuss inbox me at

  229. McCray wrote:

    227. So far we haven’t had those kind of problems at the co-op meetings ! Hope you can attend one of our shows !

  230. LBC wrote:

    McCray love your music….. but all I see here is turning on one another and nothing productive being said or done….best to leave this group to their bickering and backstabbing they have no proof to back up their accusations and jump on those close to the singers in these groups that know the truth…..

    They can’t handle the truth…. by the way, yes, I sing and I write but I am not in this genre….. I am in CCM and I am not in a group I am a Solo artist…..I am also a promoter, booking agent and road manager for various groups in SG….. so I get to see them up close and personal at 3 am when checking them in to their motel rooms and in the mornings seeing them off to the next venue….I am the one running for water when a tenor is having a coughing fit on stage, I am the one making sure lunch is delivered or going to get lunch or food before or after a venue. I am the one making sure that cut flowers are not in the sanctuary because one of the group is highly allergic to real flowers…..I am the one making sure the correct driving directions are sent to the lead of the group so that they can make it to their next destination. I am the one at 3 am in the morning on Church Angel trying to get the next church’s information to book a date so that a group is not sitting for 2 weeks in cailf. waiting on a date that was book one week apart and the group has motels covered and food and that they are working and not sitting in a motel room. I am the one on the phone calling 50 churches a day to get rude sec. tell me “WE ARENT INTERESTED!” and slamming the phone down on me in mid sentence. That is me……so when you get on these post boards and trash those men that give me MORE than what my contract says and then look at me and say you deserve it when I counted the offering and KNOW for a FACT that ALL the Offering was 220.00 and they hand me HALF of it and My Contract states I dont get anything if under 750.00 which is break even. I am going to get very angry with each of you. Because YOU DONT KNOW THESE PEOPLE and how Kind hearted they are and how they are only trying to get God’s message out there in song and take care of their families…. I will tell each of you trashing them to shut the Hell up and sit down.

  231. LBC wrote:

    By the way I am a woman….. and we women don’t trash conduct such backstabbing as I have seen you men do here on this post boards….. now excuse me as I am working on the list of calls for next week as 2013 will not book its self for these groups.

  232. Wade wrote:

    WoW seems like another group is covering Oaks songs. weber would you say they are trying to copy the Oaks!?!?!?

    Here is a review of the Triumphant Boys concert they did 2 and have been doing EVERYDAY for a while!!!

    weber you are still a moron and a coward to try to offer an undercover/backhanded review where you did not mention oh yeah I sang with the local group who you said spanked the Dove Brothers Band… and don’t have the GUTS to tell us your name and the name of your group. I am sure your fellow members where PROUD of you!!

    God Bless Ya LBC!!! Hope your time gets easier

  233. irishlad wrote:

    231 #1 We know you’re a woman. You mentioned it before.
    #2 Not all the posters you are lambasting here are men.

  234. irishlad wrote:

    Sittting in the airport ready to fly off to a week in the sun yet i read the sad sad news of Newtown. I’m so so sorry for all you really good American folk.

  235. Josh wrote:

    And now GoldCity begins the tenor search again!

  236. Wade wrote:

    Josh et al… maybe they should stage that song… SEARCHIN’!!!

  237. LBC wrote:

    What was the illness Big John Bledsoe was battling and lost? He went home to be with the Lord on the 30th of Dec.

  238. Elvis Presley wrote:


    :) :) Here you are, cupcake. I just saw this - oh, did I miss you!
    let me address your concernes, my lil muffin.

    ‘I get to see them up close and personal at 3 am’
    -You do? I am thrilled!Come and visit me up tonight close and personal, at 3 am.

    ‘men give me MORE than what my contract says’
    - Doubtless!I will, too, one, give you more the contract says , just wait for my little blue pill to kick in

    ‘I am going to get very angry with each of you’
    - With each one? You are so deliciously evil!Can you get angry with me first, I only have about 4 hours, according to the what the box with my lil blue pills say

    ‘I am the one.. going to get lunch or food before or after’
    Trust an older man, darling. When a woman thinks the way to man’s heart is thru his stomach she is aiming too high! I can get my own lunch, you stay here, pussycat.

    The best way to do a handjob is to use your mouth.

    ‘shut the Hell up and sit down’
    Bolt upright, per your order, m’am. Can I lay down instead ? I am all yours , sunshine!

    ( after 10 min, getting up)
    Here is your 220$ .Now listen,miss, I will give you a bit of free advice. You say 50 chuches told you to get lost? Its gonna be 100 plus, I PERSONALLY PROMISE YOU THAT, if you don’ shut up, cuntessa. Don’t you dare to come here, bash bands, people and open your dirty, nasty mouth( unless just “to get close and personal”of course) ! It only hurts your cause.

  239. Elvis Presley wrote:


    bass singer Burman Porter? Nice bass, indeed. The one Mark Blackwood threw away like a piece of used toilet paper , I remember …Oh, that never boring Southern Gospel!
    So you trying to convince that little sugarsnap to do cuddling’ n spooning with you? throw in a song, Mr Irishlad.Tight harmonies, great quartet and beloved by ladies Tony DeRosa as lead

    “Cuddle me hardcore”, as one handsome bass with a pencil mustache loved to demand.Good luck.
    As JD would tell you “ I wish I’could trade my heart for another liver- so I could drink more and care less!” And he knew women…
    Ok, a piece of trivia for you , friends ,from my late rhythm guitarist John Wilkinson,
    ‘… did you know that JD Sumner had a special hiding place for his whiskey during the ‘Jungle Room Sessions’? Elvis didn’t like alcohol in the house, but JD was smarter: it’s hilarious to hear where he hid the bottle of Jack Daniels… All we’ll say now is: somewhere in the pool room downstairs”

  240. Wade wrote:


  241. LBC wrote:

    Each of you need Jesus…..If you repent and take the beam out of your own eye and stop straining at the splinter in your neighbors eye you MIGHT get into heaven. Jesus does not like this backbiting and ugliness. but then again you probably think hell is going to be fun.

  242. Elvis Presley wrote:

    You speak the truth, Mr. Wade. That’s why “backdoor” deals, in many ways and on many levels, were always a common occurrence in So gospel ;)

  243. Elvis Presley wrote:

    to 241.

    LBC, sugarplum, you tire me out. What goes into your mouth can remain between you and me, but the venom that comes out of it that you have to take responsibility for. Matthew 15:18.

    Laughing at the old time Blackwood crooks is news to no one and hurts no one -they don’t tour anymore due to being dead.

    You accusations of various evildoings and especially SG groups cheating on their taxes were quite the news to the people, of course I reposted that.

    Trust me, your dirty mouth will hurt the sales and concert attendance.
    That’s why I suggested keeping it shut.

  244. Wade wrote:

    Go Elvis go… will get this splinter out for me!?!?!? Guess LBC did not like my TIGHT Joke!!!

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