Just Sing, a cautionary tale

In today’s installment of our “Just Sing” series, an illustrative of example of what happens when singers don’t just sing (h/t, KC).  To wit, the Hoppers, reviving an old 70s tune, “I Wish We’d All Been Ready.”

Never mind the fact that I liked the second verse better the first time the Hoppers sang about this idea when it was called “That’s Him.” It’s being touted as the Hoppers’ first ever concept video. Ok. But one does wonder: why is the concept of filming singers while they sing and splicing in staged vignettes that illustrate particular aspects of the lyrics’ narrative … why is this just now occurring to the Hoppers? Didn’t, among others, the Speers do this (though much more creatively, I’d add), like, three decades ago?

Well, no matter. I’m probably not the target audience here. And if you’ve got to put Connie (or Claude) solos on albums (and you do, of course), this ain’t a bad way to generate some traffic around a tune that probably would otherwise languish. Still, I think every youth lock-in from the 70s and 80s that showed those melodramatic and badly acted end-times movies attempting to scare kids into the arms of Jesus called, and they want their video back.

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  1. Sensible wrote:

    I don’t know if it could be classified as a concept video, but the hoppers did sort of a concept video on “Waiting for my Ride” with Ronny Hinson. It was a kinda studio shoot.

    The concept video thing was popular in the 80s when music videos were actually the format for MTV (Music Television). The Paynes had several concept videos back in that time. The Perrys had a few also “At Home With The Perrys” was the name of the video if I’m not mistaken. But it seemed to soon prove not to appeal to the SGM crowd as much as live videos.

    Then everybody was getting their live videos recorded at PTL in front of a live audience and that aired on the PTL television show.

    One observation - At about 2:08 in this new Hopper video, it looks like Claude just got the bill for this video shoot.

    Here’s one by the Paynes.


  2. Fundie wrote:

    Hark, the sound of a convicted blogger ranting.

  3. GrassHopping wrote:

    FYI, You can watch this video on it’s REAL YouTube channel:
    This is the Hoppers official YouTube channel…

  4. SteveSmith wrote:

    The first concept video I remember in SG was the Nelon’s “Famine in their Land.” Still one of my favorites.

  5. Brett wrote:

    Grasshopping that is the official video on thenelonsfan channel as well. Do you not hear the 2 versions? One is acoustic and one is album version. both are official on both channels.

  6. GrassHopping wrote:

    Uh, Brett, Sorry! The HOPPERS did not release their video on a NelonsFan YouTube channel –

  7. NG wrote:

    Grasshoping and Brett: This is strange. Here in Canada I can watch the version on the Nelons Fan Channel but am denied the right to watch it on the Hoppers channel for copyright reasons.

  8. Ode wrote:

    this is such a cool song! Do you know what ( if it’s released on any) Payne’s CD is it on ? i want the song for my dance class.

    Did you see the queen on 2:51-53? oh my God , Southern Gospel is so wonderfully gay!Isnt it the same one that’s in this video at 1:42 ?


  9. Brett wrote:

    that’s strange because thenelonsfan had posted a snippet of it before hoppers released their version and I was told that they couldn’t release until hoppers released theirs?

  10. Wade wrote:

    Still like The Oaks version with Mark Ellerbee singing better!!!

  11. Jake wrote:

    Grasshopping who gives a shit who put it up.

  12. Jake wrote:

    Not a bad video for southern gospel but Claude looks likes he has alzheimers in that one part of the video

  13. ode wrote:

    Sorry, Sensible, http://goo.gl/yoQFL
    ,I got it. Everything is available.
    Totally admire these Paynes guys, they were great. Speaking of artists that were way before their time, or rather, timeless, cheesy silly video notwithstanding. And the part with the drag queen that they just had to put in is hilarious.

    Thanks for bringing them up, love it

  14. Sensible wrote:

    LOL Ode - I have been guilty of the same thing. I was a huge Paynes fan back then, but they were my first disappointment back when I was “green”. I went to see them at a church and loved every minute of it. Then I went about a month later, and the program was the same. The testi-preaching that Mike did was the same, and that’s when I was introduced to the fact that it was not off the cuff but rather they had a program. LOL

  15. irishlad wrote:

    Never was too fussed about this song but Connie does a good job.Ha Claude , looks like someone left him behind.

  16. Andrew wrote:

    Okay, so the song may not be the strongest vocal arrangement out there, but it certainly suits Connie’s voice. Overall, it’s really a good fit for the Hoppers.

  17. Wade wrote:

    Andrew if you ever heard the Oaks you would be disappointed!!!

    Ha Ha irishdude. Don’t think it was The First Time CH got left behind!!!! lollol ;-)

  18. Tom wrote:

    Speaking of the Paynes, I’ve been trying for over a year to track down a copy of Sandra Payne’s Delisha’mour project that she did with former ccm star Keith Brown in 2009. (http://www.amazon.com/Delishamour/dp/B002O0LN46/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1352135704&sr=1-1&keywords=delishamour)

    I haven’t been able to find a copy anywhere. Has anyone here heard the whole thing, or know where any copies are available?

    Her video for “Set Your Freak Free” strikes me as a little bit different from mom and dad’s 1980s concept videos…. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4m-27q-GuE)

  19. Wade wrote:

    Ok got some hate mail because people thought I was dissin’ the Hoppers!!! I LOVE the Hoppers!!! I would PAY money to see the Hoppers!!!

    But I guess I made the mistake of hearing the Oaks do this and it was fairly contemporary at the time and even still NOW!!!

    Connie is a very nice lady… but to me her voice was just too country sounding so me on this… Now on” Lord Don’t Move that Mountain”… and others it is FINE!!

    Loved it and thought it was the BEST GIMMICK going when they had the 3 married couples as far as group members…although it was REALLY BEST with Shannon too and the 3 married couples.

    They need to get Michael hooked up again… who would be good for him that is now single????

    I often thought he would end up with the Talley Girl or maybe Taranda… but that might have been TOO much Diva for one group. But would have been good for SGM interbreeding!!

    Be cool if Michael ended up with a pretty little mixed girl so they could add some SOUL to the Group!!!

  20. Sensible wrote:

    Is this the version youlike Wade?


    Or check out the songwriter - Larry Norman. Hey - maybe this was Wade singing the song back in the day - jk Wade - although he does favor you ;)


  21. Wade wrote:

    Thanks to whom ever the producer was for showing us Kim Hopper in bed!!! I’D BEEN READY for THAT!!!

  22. Wade wrote:

    Sensible — well kinda… the specific version was on the Live recording they did called PERFORMANCE!!!

    It appears they tried to get too cute with it later which happens much when an artist sings a song so much… kinda like what even has been mentioned on another thread with Michael English or even the Hoppers… listen to the early versions of Here I Am and you can actually understand the words… but later on and around Live in Greenville they started to get cute with elongated phrasing and hanging right behind the beat!!

    Also as to the Larry Norman version I think is a GREAT example of… The writer needs to get a another artist who can sing to represent his song… BETTER!!! ;-)

    But thanks for the videos!!!

  23. Sensible wrote:

    I agree on all accounts. So often the singers get so used to a song that they get lazy and sloppy with it and behind the beat and so on.

    However, (and usually this is more around about a month or two after a song has been recorded) sometimes singers will do a move or an ad-lib that is totally awesome and it is disappointing when you notice that it’s not that way on the album.

    Back when live bands was the only option, this was also true for the music. For instance, I remember the Hemphills doing a song where the piano intro did a riff twice. On the album it was done twice in the same register. Live - Trent Hemphill did the first one on the low register and the second on the high register, and James Freeze always could get your attention when he played the bass. AHHH - Those were the good ole days of live bands!

  24. Tim wrote:

    I thought this song to be a good fit for Connie. I have not watched this on a big screen but, the simplicity of the song and the video seemed to match

  25. Bones wrote:

    Larry Norman was the best! Then the Oaks. Hoppers, No.

  26. Wade wrote:

    Sensible — AMEN!!! Preach On about the LIVEBANDS!!! JGF is a GREAT PICKER!!!!

    Think about the only people going with a LIVE BAND is The Dove Brothers Band!!!

  27. Sensible wrote:

    Wade - Got to looking into Larry Norman and found out he started the Contemporary Christian Music and was a big part of the Jesus Movement - at least in the USA. He was a rock-n-roller that had a Capitol Record deal at one time (thought this was funny since you said he needed to find somebody else to sing his songs - he also claimed that John Lennon said that Larry Norman could have been the voice of the 70s had he continued in rock-n-roll. . . or something like that.)

    He then started his own label called Solid Rock records.

    To go along with the last open thread, he fathered a child in another country, and he would not claim the boy. . . but it was his boy. There’s a whole documentary on his life you can order here - www.larrynorman.net

    So the Hoppers have recorded an old rockin’ roller’s CCM Hippie Jesus Movement artist’s song who fathered a child based on an affair and out of wedlock. Though he is dead now, it sounds like he would fit right into SGM in today’s time!

  28. Wade wrote:

    Well Sensible… you listened to that video what did you think of the vocals?!?!?

    Might be hard to find some one that would be perfect enough to make the evangelical SGM Movement!!! ;-)

  29. Sensible wrote:

    #28 - Totally agree. Bad vocals!

  30. quartet-man wrote:

    Ellerbee, Duane and William Lee did a great job on the Performance lp.The performance linked was to slick and not nearly as good. The Hoppers’ version is also too slick and doesn’t catch the urgency of the lyrics, however, the message is very much needed these days.

  31. Wade wrote:

    I think I will go listen to it NOW!!! lol I love it when I agree with Q- Man!!!

    Wished I could have got that bed scene with Kim… but wished they’d used Taranda as the body double!!!

    I’d BE READY!!!

  32. irishlad wrote:

    25 Bonesy you were great in Star Trek when exactly did u get in to Sg? Just curious.
    21 Wade was that really Kim? CVH reckons it was SS using a body double,he just can’t get that gal outta his mind.
    8 Ode honey i have a confession to make I’ve started having feelings for a new blogger called Elvis..how can i put it..i know he’s a man and all that but i just can’t help it, sorry to drop this on you in front of millions of Sg fans and industry types, i just thought it fair to let you know. Sniff sniff I’ll miss u baby but getting divorced and turning gay seems to be the lastest fad in that wacky wacky world we know and love called Sg.xx

  33. Ode wrote:

    20, thanks. Despite less then stellar vocals, the instrumental part was excellent, I do like that fella Larry Norman


    32, *weeping and wailing* granma warned me about those goy boys, did I listen? That Irish devil, he broke my heart!

    On to business, love. I take your Bugatti,half of a savings account and all your next prepaid vacation to Spain. How do we divide your vast collection of priceless gospel gems? You keep JD, you love low range bass.I take:

    The Stamps.
    Blackwood Brothers
    Oak Ridge boys.
    Should I keep The Cathedrals?
    All the Gaither stuff.
    Gold City
    Ernie Haase+SS

    What else, do advise the poor woman,dear kind people.
    You can keep those Yellow Jackets,all mixed groups and anything you wish.

    Wadey, sugar,oh darling, your new daddy left us for a singer. Now stop dreaming about laying Kim Hopper in bed, you putz, and give me the list of valuable SG records we keep.

  34. Wade wrote:

    Ode I would keep all of those if ya got them but ya really want The Oaks PERFORMANCE… Best Live recording ever in Gospel Music.

    You have to add in The Kingsmen collect of live recordings and the KINGSGOLD… back when it was mostly live music… but even with a band they slipin’ a track they play to like a record!!!

    Really Ode Baby it was Taranda I was hoping was a body double… she’s a little SPUNKIER!!! I’d put glitter on her microphone for her!!!

  35. quartet-man wrote:

    Before I get hate mail ;) I love the Hoppers too. Songs like “Shouting Time”, “Marriage Supper of the Lamb”, “Jerusalem”. “That’s Him” are just a few which come to mind and I am sure just touch the surface. But, this one just didn’t measure up to the Oaks Performance cut as stated earlier. :)

  36. Wade wrote:

    I KNEW Q-Man would agree with me!!! YaY he is an Oaks FREAK too!!!

    I love the Hoppers too…. I have and will again pay money to see them. What pisses me off is the last 2 times I saw them they were with McKameys, Inspos and one time the FREAKIN’ Chuck Wagon Game… I mean Gang!!! But I still paid!!!

  37. irishlad wrote:

    36 Wadey the Hoppers came over last year on their own and thy were great,in fact i posted here about the concert…oh and..keep your filthy paws off my record collection,you can have as many old Playgirls cough i mean Playboys mags you can find

  38. Ode wrote:

    Ilad,dont leave me. Who will help me raise this wild stud to responsible adulthood? Ladies man, he falls for every bodacious blond songbird, now its Taranda :)

    PS Almost sure its a body double in bed, or Kim on a diet.On stage she looks like that girl’s “double”. All the great envy I have for curvy girls - I can only dream of having Kim’s and Taranda’s size chest- but girl is bed looks lighter, check Kimmy’s forarm (and foreleg while you at it) . Who’s the fella in a striped suit?looks like Bill O’Reilly


  39. Wade wrote:

    GOOD LORD… Looks like in that video they tried to switch (no pun intended) Kim wet blonde and taranda looks like she has a bad wig on going dark!!

    There’s a bunch more comment but that will have to wait til later when I can watch that on a BIGGER SCREEN!!

    Thanks for sharing that video ode… from what I have seen you are alright… anybody can buy boobage.. but as my buddy Ron White says… You can’t fix stupid!!!

  40. irishlad wrote:

    How could i leave the best looking sexiest funniest and smartest girl in the western hemisphere for an obese songster, hugs and kisses from your erring repropate of an Irish bf.xx

  41. Wade wrote:

    WoW irishdude… you can’t leave my momma ode until y’all get me raised!!!

    Oh come on too… you know they don’t have to be able to sing!!!

  42. irishlad wrote:

    38Re: clip. I think I’ll be evilly judgemental for a second.If Claude had lecherous hornball tatooed on his forehead it couldn’t be any clearer. :O

  43. quartet-man wrote:

    #36 True, I am, but I can admit when someone else does a song better (which has happened on occasion). This, however is not one of them. :)

  44. Ode wrote:

    thats how you get your wandering man back! Thats what Dottie should’ve done - threatened Buck with talking most of his stuff in divorce. But Buck is an ass, it prbbly wouldnt’ve worked….

    42, Thank you ,Ilad, I didn’t know how Claude looks like. I buy CD albums, DVDs got too much rapture and other babdiss preachy bullshit to my taste :D

  45. Wade wrote:

    Come on Quart Man… who has sang a some better than the Oaks!?!?!?

    I still have some comments coming about ode’s video post but some people got to work and I have not had time to watchit on a bigger screen than my tablet!!!

  46. Ode wrote:

    45, Wadey,I know you are very busy, but pretty please, with sugar on top, I am dying from curiosity, you keep promising - what is that you have to share about that concert?
    While I generally prefer male 4-5 part harmonies, those 2 ladies sing like God’s angels.

    What’s with the deep secrecy, come on! Taranda sounds so heavenly. Oh, Jesus, spill it finally, Deep Throat.
    (to foreigners , rusty on American history, that’s a reference to a Watergate whitleblower of the long kept secret )

  47. Wade wrote:

    ode… I just have not had time to watch it on a screen bigger than my tablet… until then it looks like 2 women dressing up for Halloween as each other… Taranda is Normally blonde and Kim usually has the darker hair with the exaggerated lips drawn on with high contrasting colors!!

    The camera work sucked cause there seemed to be no real focus during the entire great song!!!

    But that is all I can pick up until I watch it, like I said on a BIGGER SCREEN!!!

    ode were you around SGM when the Hoppers were made up of 3 married couples… did you get THAT DVD!?!?!

  48. Wade wrote:

    Ok Ode… just watched it on a bigger screen.

    I think you are wanting me to make some catty comments about the girls.

    OK… listen… I am not a small person… but I promise you I would not go out in public wearing a form fitting body hugging black dress that Good Lord it looked like Kim was wearing a black misshaped bean bag… drape that shit a little…wear some loose clothes. Maybe it was just the camera… y’all can tell me if I saw it correctly!!

    Think I said it already but surely to God that was a wig Taranda had on!!!

    Speaking of NQC… just had a good source tell me the entire thing has turned into a SWINGING event and that they should have the NQC in Vegas!!!

  49. quartet-man wrote:

    #45 Wade, it has happened. There are certain country songs that were sung by others where this happens. Some others that come to mind is that The Oaks version of “The King Is Coming” and “Because He Lives” don’t match ones done by the Vocal Band or in the latter case also the Cathedrals. “The Lighthouse” and “Thank God I’m Free” were better by the Stamps. Those are some. :) On the other hand, for instance, their versions of “King Jesus”, “Just A Little Talk With Jesus”, and “Jesus Is Coming Soon” are the definitive versions and no one can match these (live versions). Most songs it seems become definitive to the Oaks and no one else has a chance, but the ones above and some country ones just missed the mark. :)

  50. Ode wrote:


    :D God be with you, sweet child o’ mine. I’ve heard Chattanooga, TN is a progressive town, but under what ChooChoo parade circumstances w’d you wear a tight black dress ?

    Don’t know about The Hoppers- I don’t really like mixed bands, not even mixed choirs. And no, nothing catty is required, those 2 girls are fine, as I said on Sanibel thread I got great respect for Ms Taranda.

    Plus, what is already been circulating on the net is X rated enough, even you can’t outshock me on the subject.

  51. Wade wrote:

    Q-Man… Never heard another group TOP the Oaks LIVE VERSION of ANYTHING!! :-)

    Hope you had a Great Thanksgiving!!!

  52. John_N_TN wrote:

    Someone mentioned The Speer Family and “City Coming Down” video from the 80’s. This was done in 1985 by Homeland (Bill Traylor). It was recorded on film and had a budget of $30,000. It probably was the first, true SG concept video.


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