Just Sing, flatfooted*

While we’re taking a gander at gospel groups dredging up 1970s tunes, here’s GVB covering “One Voice,” which is - oddly enough, given that it’s a Barry Manilow song - a casebook example of one of those stand-and-deliver performances of flatfooted virtuosity that gospel types love to rave on about (this “flatfooted” bidness is on my mind because I recently had to explain to a non-sg friend of mine that noting when a group comes out on stage and nails their set flatflooted is a compliment to talent unadorned - for the most part anyway - by gimmickry of various sorts). The rest of medley of old standards, which get the Full Gaither Treatment, ain’t bad either.

*Actually it’s kinda nice to hear them struggle with some of the note placements in the big staggered ending (though to be fair, it’s mostly English struggling and the rest of them trying to keep their vocal balance whilst he wobbles). Given the plastic-furniture quality of so much digitally canned gospel music out there these days, it’s getting to the point where the only way to know you’re hearing something even remotely resembling an honest-to-gawd live song - and not some stratospherically stacked work of illusory vocal architecture ginned up by the sound guy’s finger on the backing-track slider - is to encounter a few earnest flaws and honest flubs. Which isn’t to say there’s no track in the mix here, just that it’s not so overpoweringly present that the live experience gets tracked to death.

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  1. quartet-man wrote:

    I seem to recall their saying during the GVB Reunion showcase that Michael was really struggling with his allergies, so that would explain his not being 100%.

  2. Jackie wrote:

    Allergies or not, I’d still rather hear him sing as anyone else I know. I guess I’m glad I don’t know so much about technical stuff in music so I can’t recognize stuff that some of you nit pick about…even though I do understand that is what some live for and it gives people something to talk about.

  3. Matt G. wrote:

    I’ve never liked Michael’s singing. Is is too much to ask to hear the melody without all his ornaments and pinched vowels every once in a while?

  4. KC wrote:

    Don’t you be dissing on the Gaithers. :) David Phelps is flawless, which makes it hard for Michael to shine. And it cracks me up that Mark starts the set with a (gay) Barry Manilow classic. Does that irony totally go over the NQC audience heads, really? LOL

  5. todd wrote:

    Does anyone know who plays the piano for the vocal band now?

  6. CNW wrote:

    #5 The new pianist for the GVB is Matthew Holt.

  7. Ron Foster wrote:

    The new piano player is Matthew Holt formerly with the Perrys.

  8. FosterChild wrote:

    Michael does add a bit too much sometimes to the songs that he sings. I think he started doing it when he went with the swampy, New Orleans, bluesy style on his ‘98 record, “Gospel”. He is still trying to utilize that style in most of the modern solo and Gaither stuff that he does, which is a pain to suffer through when he doesn’t stay on the right pitch. However, I will say that as a vocalist, I know that it takes pure talent to add some of the things that he adds to make the song more appealing to a more secular audience. Therefore, attracting the unsaved to modern Christian music, making them say, “Hey, who is that guy doing all of the vocal acrobatics?” In my opinion, and the opinions of many others, he is still one of the greatest vocalists (Christian and secular) of all time.

  9. The Art Coach wrote:

    At 5:28 to the end, in the lower right corner… a guy leans over to the guy with headphones. Is he saying and pointing that ‘Michael is OFF’ and having a chuckle?

  10. Wade wrote:

    KC… YES it does fly right over!! :-) I was thinking the same thing!!! It’s almost like they were tweaking the dumb asses and if you got it you were in on the PUNK!!!!

  11. Sam wrote:

    Off topic perhaps, or maybe not. On experts & novices & criticism…interesting, or maybe not.

  12. JOF wrote:

    David needs to button his collar. This isn’t American Idol auditions or a Chris Farley doppelganger convention. His voice is incomprehensively amazing, but his stylist needs an eye exam.

  13. Faith wrote:

    GVB’s take on “One Voice” is like a cover of the version done by Straight No Chaser (an acappella group). It’s VERY similar…

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