Welcome to Sanibel Island Writers Conference

I blog to you today from the sunny island of Sanibel, where the annual Sanibel Island Writers Conference is underway. I gave a reading from Then Sings My Soul yesterday afternoon and will be leading a set of workshops on blogging later this weekend.

To any newcomers trickling in from the conference: welcome. To the regular crowd, please carry on with your regular comment-thread insurrections, mutinies, and general mayhem in as Christ-like a manner as possible.

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  1. Ode wrote:

    Hm. The only appropriate Christ-like manner of behavior to treat much of hilariously puffed up, obnoxiously grandstanding SG and their spiritual brothers and broadcasters TBN would be Matthew 21:12 - that is what you want ?

    We don’t have enough troublemakers to do it. This blog, I will elaborate for the sake of dear visitors - welcome, friends, do make yourself at home! - is comprised of credentialed, authentic, patriotic, confederate, Dixie born and bred, g-droppin, drawlin, y’all sayin’, mint julep sippin, seersucker suit wearin’, drop dead gorgeous, handsome gentlemen , and real southern belles of the highest caliber.

    So again, as it was 2000 year ago, it’s up to a Middle Eastern Jew to fill up your plea. Sorry, dear, I would have, but now I’m way too busy to organize the “overthrowing of tables” as well as “benches of those selling doves”. And I like doves - good band, cutesy boys, good ol’ McCray, real instruments, come on, let ‘em sell!

    Don’t create extra commotion, Your Majesty. I have an expansive record collection to divide with my generous ex. Request denied.

  2. Wade wrote:

    Ode… sound like you are in to MORE than just mint juleps!!! Your not even sharing!!!

  3. SteveSmith wrote:

    Ode, I used to love to read your posts on the SN forum, but now you seem very bitter. What happened?

  4. Wade wrote:

    Steve…ode def does not need any one to take up for her… but let me assure you if you have ever SEEN ode and know just a little about her back ground you would know that SGM does not have ANYTHING she needs to be bitter over!!!

    SGM should be proud to have such a Hot Jewish Princess as a fan!!!

  5. Carol D'Agostino wrote:

    Took your class this morning. Proud of myself — actually found my way to doing this post! Also, found my own blog I had set up over a year ago and just never developed further. You’ve given me the jump-start I needed.

  6. Beth wrote:

    Sanibel Writing Workshops…I would appreciate it if you would please be so kind to send to me the blogsheet pdf. I attempted to access it on line and could not. I attended both blogging workshops. thank you.

  7. Ode wrote:

    I’m not a 100 dollar bill to be liked by all, at all times.
    You see a nurse in scrubs you don’t wonder “what happened” to the open-back minidress she wore to yesterday’s party. Her shapeless garb serves a different goal, just as at AFL my objective is not the same I had on SN -learning about Dixie culture. I fell in love with people and music! Yet religious fundamentalist aspect freaks me out, and I’ll ever mercilessly satirize it here. Which ought to be cutting edge sharp. ”Gentle, sweet satire” is as useful as “dull, soft knife”.

    I’d even wanna move south, just not to SBaliban controlled Batshitzia areas.The people (minus their effed up religion) are lovely and laid back. I, my friends and their sons,big dinosaur enthusiasts, went to TN dinopark in summer. Boy’s dad loses his fancy camera, retail value, my gestimate,1 gazillion $$. A nice man from GA leaves his own family for 2 hours ! just to find us and bring it to our hotel. In Chicago? On his unlucky day happy videoshooter can get his camera stolen and himself mugged, raped and killed, not necessarily in that order (yet that he’d still be eligible to vote there, but that’s beside the point ;) )

    You want my sweet, patient side? Its fully cranked up when I teach God Praise Dance in church.Folks of golden ages love it, it’s physically therapeutic. Try hard you’ll even get a hug.

    But I don’t suffer bullshit well and will continue to mock it, you got my word.

    Of course there are many devoted Christians in SG, I can only aspire to their spiritual maturity, Tony Green was buried with Taranda’s kidney, how more loving can one get? If my future husband get buried with something of mine inside his body, most likely that’d be my knife in his neck.

    And “very bitter” means “taste”, you silly American! Mrs Smith, rest assured, he didn’t lick or bite me to know it, all speculation.

    Ok, Steve, see you Tuesday at 7: 30. Bring shorts and sneakers.

  8. Ode wrote:

    2, I only wish, Wadey :D, I was a work till late. Mint stuff is too fancy, I drink semidry red wine, in that sense I am fully Jesus like.

    Thanks for your brilliant observation, indeed, from the list of things that work hard to piss me off, SGM is absent. Actually, gospel quartet sounds are rather soothing :)

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