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I realized reading this article that if I had had my own talk radio show about religious music in another life, I would probably want to be and/or have been pretty much a southern gospel Paul Finebaum.

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  1. Ben wrote:

    So McCray Dove has lost all integrity. He is firing Keith Castevens and bringing back Jonathan Price. As many know, Price left last year in a scandal. McCray gave it time to blow over and nit let it stick to him. Now he fires a good guy to bring back this guy. Its clear why he is going country, his values are looking lined up with that genre. Whats next? Jack Daniels present the Dove Brothers.

  2. meatman wrote:

    Agree 100% with you Ben.

  3. Dale Guyton wrote:

    Ben you are clueless in your claims. Secondly I heard Price give his testimony not long ago in regard to forgiveness. He that is among us without sin cast the first stone. I love the scriptures when Jesus told the harlet to go and sin no more. It would be nice if folks who come on with all their thoughts were man enough to state their real names and which group they sing with LOL.

  4. Wade wrote:

    Dadgum they hooked me in to the article and then told me I had to pay money to read the rest!!!

  5. Wade wrote:

    Dale I agree and have said it many times. If you are going to be critical have the STONES to say who you are!!!

    I’m telling ya… they are scared and jealous of what The Dove Brothers are doing. If they do it now they look like a copy cat.

    It’s McCray’s group!!! Although I recently met Keith and even complimented him by saying he could sing the high end on any thing the Gatlins had ever done…

    Sometimes when you sing quartet music in any genre you might want somebody who can SKY every once in a while!!

    I’ve often wondered what the Oaks would have sound like if Willie had stayed!!!

    Telling Ya GET ON BOARD the Dove Brothers Band is Gonna BE BIG!!!

  6. Dale Guyton wrote:

    Funny how people will talk about a group who sings a few secular songs like Silver Wings, yet rave over artist like Ricky Scaggs, The Oak Ridge Boys, and The Statler Brothers. So I guess Mr. Gaither will have Jack Daniels on his concert next? Maybe The NQC will have Jack Daniels next year. You are wrong Ben to assume everyone who sings secular music is not a Christian. Myself I am involved in secular music with The Americana Tour Concerts. The Dove Brothers are involved as well. Carolina Soul Band a Blues, Beach, Motown, and Oldies group joins in with Dove Brothers near the end of the show on Get Away Jordan. We have prayer on stage before we begin a concert. These two groups do not compete but provide an enjoyable entertaining,clean,family oriented presentation that salutes American Music & U.S. Veterans. Just because certian music venues does not meet your criteria does not mean it is wrong and the performers are not christians. However, everyone desires to be entertained. All ball players are not Christians yet many of us watch or attend sporting events. I am not ashamed of what I do or neither do I consider myself so self rightous that I condemn others for doing what they think is right. It is none of my business how a manager runs his or her group or neither is it any of yours. Like many situations in life we very seldmon have all the facts.

  7. Wade wrote:

    Believe me Jack Daniels is the LEAST thing on the Gaither Tour…lolol but I am not hatin’!! I’d have some beer and vodka around.

    If irishdude were around he has been wanting to smoke some USA WEED!!! lolol

    The Oaks and The Trasher Bros were run down like this and last time I checked both groups of people were doing alright!! JEALOUSY is so UGLY!!!

  8. Dale Guyton wrote:

    LOL all is quite in the room Wade. Could it be that ole Ben is a tenor singer?

  9. DLP wrote:

    Ben…you need to go look in the mirror dude! I’ve heard Jonathan’s testimony and talked to him. He’s sincere. Everyone trips but fortunately I serve a forgiving God!
    Dale…I’ve attended one of the Americana Tour concerts. Great music and not ALL secular. Hope to attend one in near future.

  10. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Seems to me like this discussion about the Dove Brothers falls right in line with some comments made in the latest open thread. The judgmental attitude of SG is what pushes some (not all) great talent out of it.

    If this move happens (not quite in the negative light Ben is painting it), then what is the difference between this and Bill Gaither bringing back Michael English? I really hate to rehash that, but it’s the immediate example that most would know about. Both English and Jonathan Price messed up and sinned. Both men asked forgiveness and took steps to show that they were sincere in their repentance. Both men deserve a second chance. English got one (as he rightfully should have), and everyone has been fine with it (which is exactly what should happen). Now, we have a similar situation, and some are putting together the tar and feathers. Can anybody else see what’s wrong with this picture?

  11. Jeff Gurnett wrote:

    Ben may want to read the article below. And I will say that the way the DBQ are handling this is refreshing.

  12. Wade wrote:

    Dale it usually does get quite after you call them out… except for that idiot weber on the last open thread. I bet he loves getting a beating from his Mistress.

    Thanks Jeff for that link… kinda make the meatman and Ben look silly… they probably date!!!

  13. DLP wrote:

    Thanks for posting that link Jeff! Now that should hush them up…for now!

  14. irishlad wrote:

    Just read a great article about the Plainsmen by Ernic Crouch,one of the most in depth Sg historical articles ever of any group.
    Now Rusty Goodman will always be remembered as their Bass,but Gerald Williams(MBQ) sang Bass for them through out the 70’s…now the interesting point is; they spent a lot of there time in Vegas their musical content consisting of maybe 30/40% secular stuff.
    Considering this what McCray is doing now is hardly radical.

  15. tusk molarr wrote:

    Wait– Gerald Williams sang bass with two different quartets at the same time?
    He joined the Melody Boys Quartet in 1949 and has been singing with them ever since.

  16. Wade wrote:

    Wonder if I would be a notable caller if you had a radio show!!?!?!

  17. NG wrote:

    tusk #15: There was no active Melody Boys for period in the 70s and 80s when Gerald sang with various other groups. His story is all recounted in his excellent autobiograpy.

  18. John C wrote:


    Gerald Williams first joined the Melody Boys Quartet in 1949, but he has sung in several groups since then including the Plainsmen, Rosie Rozell & the Searchers, and the Venable Quartet.

    The Melody Boys Quartet had a few years of “inactivity” between 1949 and 2012.

  19. Gayla wrote:

    Re - 15
    Hidee tusk molarr,
    My husband and I have worked for Gerald Williams and TMBQ for over 12 years, so I thought I would respond to your post.
    Gerald did join The Melody Boys Quartet in 1949 at the age of 16, and he has been on the “professional Gospel Quartet Road” since that time; however, all of his years were not with TMBQ. He also sang with the Plainsmen Quartet (2 different times) and Rosie Rozell and the Searchers. Gerald was a member of the Plainsmen Quartet when they were in Vegas.

  20. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    “He joined the Melody Boys Quartet in 1949 and has been singing with them ever since.”

    Actually, there were several breaks. There were at least three stints with the Melody Boys and at least two with the Plainsmen.

  21. irishlad wrote:

    15 he left the Plainsmen in the late 70’s moved back to Little Rock and resurrected the MB’s name.

  22. tusk molarr wrote:

    Thanks, all!
    Haven’t read Gerald’s autobiography.
    I remember statements about more than 60 years singing and (wrongly) assumed it was with the only group I knew him from.
    Love his singing!

  23. Bones wrote:

    Would we really miss Dove Brothers? NO

  24. irishlad wrote:

    23 and no bones about it ! :-)

  25. DLP wrote:

    #23-BONES…some of us would!

  26. Tim wrote:

    I listen to Paul Finebaum’s show and some of the banter on this thread strongly mimics the banter on Paul’s show.

  27. CVH wrote:


  28. Ode wrote:

    27, psst,wake up, please (gently poking CVH’s elbow)

    …Aaand we are back, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to today’s edition of our show “On the Bus with Uncle Doug” –occasional winner of the most prestigious Gold, Platinum, Diamond, MoonStone, and Best Intergalactic SG Media Awards. (After we figure out who to send out to suck Paul Crouch‘s dick – so far The Collingsworth Family is busy doing it- we will get one from the godliest Christian network in the world TBN, too.)

    I am substituting for the usual Doug’s sidekick, ball buster, loose cannon and throbbing member of entertainment world, public’s beloved and ladies pet “Big Daddy BamBam” Wade, who will be back tomorrow, after we post bail for that freedom fighter.

    Today’s topic “Speer me Some 70s”! May I quote a cute tidbit about the famous music group from an old Billboard
    article depicting a heart wrenching misfortune occuring to the lovely Ms Susan:

    “”At their hotel in Atlanta, the room of Susan Speer was burglarized, the thief taking clothes, shoes, jewelry and her suitcases”””. We here at On The Bus will not speculate about the identity of the obsessed diehard fan, so anxious to see the dear girl sans all clothing he relieved her of all, even shoes, but we have a pretty good idea who that was. We just won’t tell.

    Now we present you an absolute guru in everything from Cakewalk and Cubase to the history of gospel, from our sister radio station in New York, highly respected Mr. C.V.H! He will share a few revealing details about the 70’s Speers. What was the most prominent feature of the group at the time, Sir?

  29. Ode wrote:

    10,Your yearnings for some fairytale world is what’s wrong with it. In reality its not all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, is a dirty,sweaty, backstabbing business, and if they can’t handle it, they better quit early in the game.

    If a talent can’t deal with judgmental attitude, criticism and negative press of SG it’d be the wise of him or her to get out. Their lamentations otherwise are similar to someone leaving childcare business because crying toddlers are too much to bear, or career in police due to the abundance of daily lawbreakers.

    Remember the “you didn’t really make it until you got a few death threats “ cliché about musical industry?And that’s the secular artists’ saying, Aaron. Religious folk are much more vicious, brutal and eager to shoot their wounded. So good luck to that talent and God bless them in their future, non-SG, endeavors.

  30. GML wrote:

    Does anyone know what the talk is about on FB? Rumor has it that a gospel music artist is in jail for child porn. Who is this?? Just wondering….now that’s something to talk about instead of McCray Dove. McCray hasn’t done anything! Jus saying!

  31. Hector Luna wrote:

    Somebody will probably give a link with all of the details of the case, and I don’t want to discuss it in length now due to the “process” and the reality that I know the guy, but since it’s public knowledge and anybody can find it, here’s a photo.

  32. burt wrote:

    I’ve seen the same thing, GML. No names have been mentioned.

  33. Wade wrote:

    GML… I know!! But I like the person so much I will not say anything about it and allow the authorities and his attorney to do there thing!!! I have heard from 2 good sources but one source I trust says it is a bunch of BS!!! But will say BE CAREFUL with your computer and I am glad I rarely use a chat feature!!!

  34. Sensible wrote:

    #30 - Check out the Semple comments. There is a link that reveals the very public mugshot.

  35. Stephens A. wrote:

    GML - The gospel “artist” in question is none other than Stewart Varnado, formerly of the Dixie Echoes.

    Here is a link to the story:

    I’m not sharing this information to further gossip. Everyone needs to be informed and read the actual source of information rather than someone’s tale of the events. This article is all I’ve seen by which to go. Therefore, my argument is small.

    By the law, he is innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, we Americans should express this sentiment as well.

    And to squelch your rumor, GML, he is not in jail. He was arrested and booked in jail. Read the article.

  36. GML wrote:

    Just looked at the record..thanks!! He was released on bail for now.. Looks like the trial will be in feb. no matter what, he will serve time. This is not good for the industry. Goes to sow,you really don’t know people.. I guess we need to pray for a change of heart and mind. Remind everyone that not everybody in the ministry is like this.

  37. burt wrote:

    We have to be honest peepz…you don’t just stumble onto kiddie porn or accidentally chat in a sexual nature with an underage person.

  38. Ode wrote:

    Will do! I’ll remind everyone that not everybody in SG ministry is like this –most are so much worse, Memphis Quartet Show Owner’s child porn addiction pales in comparison.

    Out of respect for Doug, I’ll try to switch the subject, AGAIN. You know Avery, I read the article, finally :D

    “”"”"”Finebaum is, by his own admission, an unlikely candidate for the voice of the South: he is fifty-seven, Jewish and bald”"”"”"”"”"

    on two accounts, you’ll get there naturally, and with a bit more ballsiness you can pass for a Jew. DH as a radio persona, interesting..
    Better show name: “Tales From The SoGo Crypt”, to honor the age and mental state of an avrg SG fan. Let’s make it cheesy, corny, dumb, gossipy, and sanctimoniously self-righteous – timeproven way into their hearts and pockets.

  39. Keep In Mind wrote:

    Burt.. we’ve also got to be honest, all we know are the charges. It never said kiddie porn. A child can simply be a day under 18 also. It’s so easy to assume the worst without seeking any facts. Good thing we have this site though, a place for all of the non-sinners to gather and gossip.

  40. Wade wrote:

    SV is a young single man. I could see it being possible to be involved in a chat with a 17 year old before he knew it. He lives close to alabama… if he had been a few miles away it would have been legal where the age of consent is 14… even in Georgia where the age is 16.

    It will be interesting to know all the facts as they come out and are public!!

    But until then and even afterwards, pray for SV!! … and remember the presumption of innocence!!

  41. Fundie wrote:

    Porn at any age is immoral and disgusting. Unfit for the Christian. I don’t care if it was 7, 17, or 87, this is sick.

  42. cynical one wrote:

    #41 — You’re right. It’s immoral. But remember, recent studies show some 98% of the male US population is/has been involved with porn, in one form or another. Maybe only a 1-time thing? Not saying it’s right, just an interesting stat.

  43. irishlad wrote:

    Fundie’s in the 2% then…what a guy :-)

  44. Wade wrote:

    cynical… don’t be confusing people here with the facts. Been said before and will be said again… evangelizing of SGM is what has us hearing crappy karaoke unless you are the Dove Bros.

    Surprised nobody has stepped up to take McCrays Challenge!!! Well not really!!!

    Closest thing going to NO Stacks or Tracks is EHSS!!! But they are stacked & tracked heavy while having a band to play along!!!

    Has anybody heard about the Booth Bros doing shows with Steve Green!?!?!

  45. Fundie wrote:

    #42 you make a good point. That said, I am a red-blooded male just like the rest of you, and I am not into porn, never have been into the magazines, and have never chatted up some kids in an immoral way. So Irishlad, the joke’s on you. It is possible to live victoriously. ;)

  46. Ode wrote:

    41, you must be a faux fundie, brother…. Bible Belt historically leads the nation in consumption of commercial porn as well as Google searches for porn. Interestingly enough, while Bible Belters and fundies are second to Utah in straight porn (that’s mormons for you) they lead in searches for gay porn, esp. in states like TX,MS, KY,WV, etc.

  47. Ode wrote:

    43, maybe he is not even a guy? ;) As you menfolk love to remind us “if you want a man that doesnt look at porn, masturbate or notice other women – in other words, one you can castrate- don’t get married, get a dog or a cat”

    Why can’t furry “Fundie” love gospel ? My mom’s cat Bibi is the most religious male I ever met. He mastered what most performing s-gospel singers can be envious about - keeping his mouth shut and not talking.

  48. Fundie wrote:

    Ode, you just described what is wrong with America. I didn’t say no one struggles with it. We all do. But God has not allowed any temptation to be given to man without providing a way of escape. 1. Cor. 10:13.

    And I repeat. Porn at any age is immoral and disgusting. All the justification and cat jokes in the world won’t change that.

  49. Wade wrote:

    I miss Elvis!!!

  50. Ode wrote:

    48, Preaching to the choir, I do agree with you, most porn today is obscene and degrading to women.

    Quality erotica, on the other hand - in written form, on screen, in poetry or in the Bible is very useful, the art of sex is what any aspiring future (or current) spouse ought to be well acquainted with, per secular and (noncrazy, nonfundamentalist) religious counselors’ consensus.

    You are dodging the real issue, though. Fundies,people of your self professed religious stripe, consume more porn, especially gay, BDSM and heavy hardcore then the rest of America. Supporting data is collected for marketing purposes and comes from web hosts and credit card companies, allowing it to be directly tied to very specific conservative Christian areas.

    Also more rapes and child molestations are committed in Southern Bible Belt states then in the rest on of country. 2 Cor. 11:13-15. Are xtian fundies that deeply immoral?

  51. Fundie wrote:

    My only point is that not all Christians are hypocrites. Your 2 Cor. reference is a great one. Those are false, fake wolves in sheep’s clothing…not real Christians.

    And I don’t dispute the propriety of a vibrant marital relationship…not sure where that comes into this discussion.

  52. Wade wrote:

    Oh Gawd Ode you used the x instead of Christ… they usually get upset about that… HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! ;-)

  53. Fundie wrote:

    The suggestion I find offensive and inaccurate is that men who don’t sleep around and watch porn somehow are not real men with the same drives.

  54. Ode wrote:

    52,Bring them on, sweetie. I eat them for breakfast, they are crunchy and good with mustard. “They”, whoever you are, come to mamma…

    Christogram, Chrismon and the symbol X as Christ have been used by religious scholars 4 times longer than the word USA even existed.Yet considering how disproportionally
    ”their” kind loves porn and gay porn, no wonder the only X they know is not Christos, the Son of God, but X as in X-rated movies.

  55. Ode wrote:

    It came into this discussion to highlight the difference between good erotica/ quality thorough study of the art of sex, so vital to your vibrant marital, and utilitarian, rough, lacking any educational value ol’ dirty porn movie.

    53, No one suggested that and “sleep around“as a prerequisite for a men card wasn’t brought up at all. Surely there are many real men that abstain from porn.My perspective was offered humorously.

    If you want to feel offended I can give you a real reason – I trust there are almost no real men among fundies. People that need to get dragged, kicking and screaming, into Christian morality, and forced to accept emancipation, desegregation, rights of minorities and women, denounce racism and realize that Doug Harrison is a human being , are cowards, haters and the devil’s spawn

  56. Fundie wrote:

    Thanks for clarifying, Ode. I don’t mean to rain on your humor parade.

    Doug Harrison is surely a human being and someone we should love as much as ourselves. Doesn’t mean I have to love his lifestyle.

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