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Until more regular blogging resumes for the new year, two links to semi-recent responses to The Book:

  • First, a long, thoughtful review from the good folks at Southern Spaces. This is the kind of review one hopes for - not because it’s universally complimentary but because the writer took the time to read, think about, understand the book on its on own terms. And yes, I realize it was published in November, but I just stumbled upon it a week or so ago.
  • And second is an interview with me about teh libro recently published by the Florida Gulf Coast University magazine, Pinnacle. Karen Feldman and the whole crew at Pinnacle are a pleasure to work with, not least of all because their editing makes me sound better than myself.

That’s all for now. This semester I’m reprising my American Studies seminar on Gospel Music and American culture (some of you may recall when I first taught this course and blegged for some suggestions for the listening packets; today we opened with a little KingsmenCatsElla Mae Ford Smith, and the Vaughan Quartet from the early ’20s). This semester is the first time I’ve taught the course since the book came out, so it’ll be intriguing to experience students’ experience of the book in its published form. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t bought your own personal eight copies, you can do so right over here.

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  1. CVH wrote:

    Subtle as always.

    And if you run out I’m sure you could find a few more out on the bus…

    I’m curious - how do most students react when they’re first exposed to the music? Especially in the case of those who’ve never heard it before?

  2. Guy wrote:

    Off topic, but i read that Mark Lowry severely broke his leg and has cancelled all schedueld concerts for Janauary. I wonder why this has not been widely reported. Who will fill in for Mark on the GVB, or can they handle the songs without him?

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