“Raised on gospel music”

Via my trusty format, Facebook (h/t, SS), I see Larry Gatlin has been reflecting on his music roots, gospel, family and Albert E. Brumley.

Gatlin is particularly clear about connecting class, culture, and geography to the gospel music tradition of which Brumley’s songs and style are a powerful exponent. This is something I discuss at length in the book, and as I watched Gatlin explain the connections between the southern working class roots of his family and gospel music (that music, as Gatlin tells it here, has been both a means throughout his life of remembering and honoring his “papa” and elevating himself as a professional singer to success and a way of life far beyond anything that an oil-field toiler like Clib Doan Gatlin, Larry’s father, could have ever imagined), I recall a line attributed to Glen Payne but that capturing the feeling and experience of the southern gospel music men for countless generations about the effect of gospel on their life’s trajectory: “Without music, I had no dreams.”

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  1. Janet B wrote:

    I’ve been pondering something along these lines very recently…

    In a discussion with a distant relative, she mentioned that she doesn’t like music. Any music. At all. It “grates” on her. (How she could be related to me or the rest of my family is really questionable…)

    I find that so astonishing…how do you not like ANY music? I really don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who didn’t like listening to some form of music, even if I didn’t agree with their choices.

    And…how can you claim to have a spiritual connection with your Creator and not be moved by How Great Thou Art or The Wonder of It All or For The Beauty of The Earth…and so on?

    If music is not a gift from God…if it’s not important as a means of worship…then why is there an entire book of the Bible dedicated to songs?

    Am I missing something?

  2. sensible wrote:

    Janet B. I don’t think you are missing something, I your relative is missing something . . . actually a lot.

    Music is a gift from the Lord. And He even told us to use it and to sing unto Him.

  3. quartet-man wrote:

    Janet, I was told of a lady here at church (long gone) who didn’t like music at all. It is hard for me to fathom too, but I guess there are some like that.

  4. Wade wrote:

    Sounds like that lady might have went to a BAD Church of Christ!!! The music there does suck most of the time…although I have been to one that had GREAT acapella singing!!! But few & far in between!!!

  5. nber wrote:

    My father said he didn’t like music when I was growing up. Come to find out years later, he didn’t like the music I liked. Big difference.

  6. Sam wrote:

    Most people with ‘acquired or congenital amusia’ find music to be annoying, like hearing an unpleasant noise. Their brains process sounds differently. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amusia

    But for those who CAN properly recognize music, and choose to reject it ~ yeah, that baffles me too.

  7. Tony Brown wrote:

    Completely off the topic, but please remember Tracy Stuffle in your prayers. Preliminary reports are that he has had a stroke and is in critical condition.

  8. DMP wrote:

    This is REALLY off topic, but I suspect that this forum has the best chance of getting me an answer. One of my favorite singers has always been Chris Rice. However, as of 2008, he seems to have vanished. The website is silent, and there is no news ANYWHERE. It is amazing that an artist can simply vanish like this… Anyone know anything??

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