Just Sing: There is a Fountain

And sing, and sing, and sing, and play and sing (h/t, KC).

I find it fairly easy not only to forgive but downright be thankful for the imperfections that creep as it goes (no one seems to have discussed how they were going to end the thing), because … well, that’s what happens (and what reminds you of moments) when real music is made (as opposed to plastic product produced). More, much more of this, please.

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  1. sgpromochick wrote:

    I love this. I love the rawness and the emotion.

  2. RF wrote:

    Simply fantastic. Next time someone tells you that there is no talent in Southern Gospel, show them this. I’m blown away!

  3. Pat B wrote:

    I was in the food court when this came on the large sreen. I was amazed at not only the talent level, but also by the reaction of the “fans” who seemed discusted at what they were hearing. Most of our fans would not know REAL talent if it bit them on the rear! This is fantastic!! MORE PLEASE!

  4. Mike wrote:

    World Class singing

  5. S. Perkins wrote:

    I actually couldn’t disagree more. It was as if those women jumped on stage thinking they were so “all that” that they didn’t even bother to rehearse. Arrogance has gotten the best of this industry.

  6. JL wrote:

    #5 - well stated. I don’t think the problem is the talent or lack of rehearsal. #3 I believe the fans were probably reacting to the ridiculous attire and garish theatrics Kim H & Taranda.

    Seriously, the wretching and prancing, the retarded hair and bozo makeup —- puke. At least Kim C conducts herself and looks like a lady.

    Kim H & Taranda both should give up the sleaze routine.

  7. Tom Kirby wrote:

    Some people need to get a life. There is more talent in these three LADIES than most of the SGM groups out there! Give us more of the same!

  8. C wrote:

    #6 - Ha! Yes. Kim C is the only one that looks and acts like a lady.

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