Three if by mail

In the post today comes this gem:

The ’stache. The rainbow font. The bangs: my gawd, the bangs! (You can faintly smell the AquaNet that still wafts off the image.) And that’s just the cover. Of course now I”ll have to actually reacquire, you know, a cassette player, having goodwilled my last one several years ago during a purgative fit of pre-moving divestiture. Ah well.  #thrifststoreshereicome

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  1. Bryce wrote:

    “The Effectual Fervent Prayer” was the song I remember getting airplay from this cassette in the late eighties, and “Kickin’ Up Dust” from Marks Of The Trade followed soon after. I love to listen to the evolution of the group’s sound, cultivated over the course of the five years between this and, say, “Timothy’s Burden.” I imagine they might never have become the nuanced vocalists they are today without the insightful production of English and Sykes.

  2. ITF wrote:

    Send it to me! I’ll digitize it for you and send it back!

  3. irishlad wrote:

    Sean Penn…”i can both act and sing”
    llf :)

  4. Tad Kirkland wrote:

    Ave, I’m a little disappointed you’re just finding this! I guess this means you never heard the Eddie Crook projects before it or the independent tape, Look For The Rainbows, before it! The Martins are looking pretty hip on this cover compared to the aforementioned Rainbows project. Judy had a short perm and round glasses.

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