Faith and Football

What the NFL can teach gospel music: my latest essay is now up over at Religion Dispatches.

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  1. Jim Markel wrote:

    As a fan of AVFL, I wait expectantly for your more infrequent narratives…and then, I’m treated to more of this “stuff.” Perhaps there’s a reason why I’m the first response to this entry in over five days! You’re an smart, well-reasoned guy…think about it. There were times when your latest thoughts were jumped on right away by person after person. Often, the subject matter was not important; however, people having an opportunity to interact with others on this blog seemed to be very important. And before you remind me, I’m quite aware that blogs tend to have a somewhat limited “shelf life” and that AVFL’s future may be in some question.
    Nonetheless, I don’t believe that kicking against this tired old goad will do much to generate excitement, convince those who have no set opinion or stimulate further postings. It’s just one too many times on the same tired subject, on which you find yourself at odds with the vast majority of your devotees. Perhaps it is stimulating to play the rebel…perhaps you see yourself as the voice of sexual tolerance in today’s SGM. It’s your blog and you can write what you wish. But, for many of us, it’s getting quite tedious to listen to someone constantly choosing to ride a one-trick pony!

  2. KC wrote:

    I rather enjoy your narratives, and don’t find them tedious at all, Avery. Giddyup!

  3. Tommy Jones wrote:

    Doug, do you find that the people who preach tolerence so vigourously are the ones who are the least tolerant of other’s opinions?

  4. Mark wrote:

    I agree Jim, I love reading this blog, but this is getting redundant. Neither side is going to change the mind of the other, so can’t we just talk about SGM and it’s characters….LOL

  5. Ode wrote:

    1 :)
    Glad that abolitionists, suffragettes, Martin Luther, M. Luther King, child labor law advocates and Moses never took you advice to stop pushing on the account that “neither side is going to change the mind of the other”, Jimmy. It only works on “which pizza restaurant has the most authentic Chicago pie “range of issues.For topics deeper than that let’s-agree-to-disagree plan isn’t realistic. Yes, Dottie could‘ve decided to peacefully coexist with The Klansmen, who by their own standards were exemplary, God loving, respected Christians ,but she didn’t ;)

    Its catch 22 with you, guys, though. Too many comments and you roll your eyes,”oh, the never-ending gay topic”, too few “look, gay topic doesn’t generate enough posts!”

    I do forgive your raw abuse of logic for the GREAT,MUCH NEEDED point – Avery indeed conducts his blog business as if it’s still 2004, which in online media is as remote as 7th century. One short post every couple of weeks + not participating in discussions himself.. .I found myself recently taking a great point made by Doug and 2 good links by poster named Sam (thanks!) directly to another English blog and to a Hebrew musical forum instead, for I wanted to actually have it discussed

    Keeping blog lethargic is your right, Avi, but if I were you I’d at least give my blog an adrenalin shot for marketing purposes. Lukewarm blog as a bad indicator to a potential book buyer.

    Do what many in here advised you before: get other writers to help. Smart fellas CVH, KC,some other regulars (except me, of course), SG artists that posted here, give them weekly or so columns on variety of related subjs. Laurels still go to the blog owner, but currently you are a proverbial dog in the manger. Don’t take it the wrong way, just an advice, shows we care.

  6. Mark wrote:

    To Ode…….comparing apples and oranges my friend…..

  7. Wade wrote:

    6 How so Mark!!?!?!

  8. Ode wrote:

    just saw this. Mark, you are way too economical with your keystrokes, I dont understand you.Other writers won’t be as good? Sure, Avery’s epistolary is matchless, but he needs more content. Or you mean the civil rights ?
    Well, all fruit deserve freedom! And no, I don’t agree it’s any different.
    “nothing is new under the sun” as King Solomon said. Just change the key terms, as if it was written today :

    July 9th, 1868

    Radical yankee activists have rebelled against God’s divine plan and befouled the Constitution with the so-called “14th Amendment” granting citizenship to negroes.

    Our views on the negro and his role in society have enraged the rabid race-traitors in Washington and resulted in a massive campaign of legal bullying. As usual, the abolitionists bombard the public with cries of “fairness” and “justice” until the lawmakers relented and agreed to a one-sided debate, codifying the opinions of a few extremists into law. We are here to expose the strategy of liberals who are too afraid of dialogue.


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