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Greetings, party people.

Yes, there’s been some radio silence. No, I’m still not Gloria Gaither (but keep your prayers for a transformative touch of the master’s hand comin’ … tens and twenties accepted too). So there’s that.

Anyway, the end of the semester is sucking all the bloggerly oxygen out of my writerly room, so I’m afraid you’ll have to talk amongst yourself just a little while longer.


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  1. sensible wrote:

    I was curious if anyone knows the results of Stewart “Mack” Vanardo’s trial? Was he convicted? If so, what was his sentence?
    Anybody know?

  2. Fundie wrote:

    Gold City’s new tenor, Robert Fulton. He formerly sang with PSQ. Sounds a bit like Dan Keeton with a touch of Josh Cobb.

  3. Steve Smith wrote:

    Somewhere I read that Varnado had pleaded guilty to three of the charges, and will be sentenced in May.

  4. irishlad wrote:

    Mack as he’s simply known as nowadays was last seen in a chain gang south of the Mason-Dixon line,possibly around the Florida pan-handle/Alabama border area.
    If spotted approach with caution.

  5. NG wrote:

    #3 Can you please provide a link. A quick search of the net and the Pensacola newspaper turned up nothing except the original charges.

  6. NG wrote:

    Can anyone post a link to Varnado pleading guilty?

  7. Ode wrote:

    Mack at large? well i am at least 15 years older then people that should be concerned ;)

    KC, lament with me! im stuck at a corporate function in Chicago and missing GVB concert , had to give away tix. Oh, well, will share with you guys what my friends will say ab it….

  8. IC wrote:

    I can’t imagine how I can survive not knowing the results. Think I’ll start a website airing out my own past sins, maybe folks will be interested :)

  9. NG wrote:

    I don’t personally care about the case but I am concerned that something posted here stating someone pleaded guilty might not be factual.

  10. KC wrote:

    Ode - yikes, well I hope you can live vicariously through your friends that saw them. I’m looking forward to the last Louisville NQC hoorah, JUST to see the Gaithers. :) Can’t say I’m excited about much of anything else that’ll be there.

  11. KC wrote:

    You all probably saw the BIG Singing News announcement yesterday: The Kirk Talley comments have already begun. Maybe they’ll dedicate “Step Into The Water” to him.

  12. Robert wrote:

    Why can’t we let Glenn and George rest in peace? At no point in the long successful career of the Cathedrals did they find it necessary to live off others success and have a stroll down memory lane of what they used to be. Please stop!

  13. Odel wrote:

    we know you are the biggest, die hard  GVB fan around here! Yes, based on  pics/review they gave, it was WELL worth of a 90 m trip I will definitely go to see them at Willow Creek in November. 

    It will be easier to get company to go with me, now that I know GVB really watch what they say in between singning, unlike other sogo bands ;)

  14. KC wrote:

    I imagine they won’t let them rest in peace until the Cathedrals alumni finishes making a little more money from those still alive who remember who the Cathedrals were!

  15. Robert wrote:

    Your so right KC. The way I see it, not a one of those on that particular panel could come close to the talent level in George and Glenn’s little fingers. And who are these “IMC Management” people anyway.

  16. sensible wrote:

    #15 Landon Beene is the president and CEO of IMC Management and concerts. He is apart of the group, The Beene Family. Maybe you have heard of them.

  17. Wade wrote:

    Landon WHO!??!!? Means that ALL those Cat Alumni can take a local group owner/ management and help him LOSE money … or at least take the risk!!!

  18. sensible wrote:

    I agree Wade. It really seems no different than any other promoter going out and booking these groups and calling it a Cathedral Reunion. I’m sure they will be doing Cat songs with different line-ups, but it is really just a fancy way of marketing it all. Like any other group out there, if you’ve got the money honey they’ve got the time. And since you are paying, we will do whatever you want us to do . . . for the right price! ;)

  19. ode wrote:

    9, careful, lest people think you trying a cover-up, RCC-style. Hate to dwell on this,NG, but…What Stewart Varnado pleads at this point is nothing but his legal defense’s bargaining strategy. 

    Arrests for this type of crime are made after years of intense police watching, and only when any reasonable doubt is eliminated. Technological side of online evidence -  hackers can put porn your computer remotely, someone else can come into possession of your device, a child of 13 can be made to look 18 on-screen, videos can be digitally altered,etc. - makes collecting sufficient  incriminating proof very tedious and time consuming

    The former Memphis Quartet Show Owner and Dixie Echoes member was arrested for possession of pornography depicting, almost certainly, prepubescent kids.

    Good Christians in such situation admit the crime and try to help a brother recover by helping him. But not SG …Still wondering while SG as disgusting to most young people (sigh)? 


  20. Dave Melsin wrote:

    Let me assure you of one thing.

    LANDON BEENE is an AMAZING business man behind some of the most successful concert tours and festivals in the biz!

    A young, smart, businessman who LOVES the industry, the music and the people!


  21. Robert wrote:

    Ok Dave, watching. As the successful music business moves upward and forward, SG continues to live on and suck dry the success of past innovators. Why, because they simply cannot make it on their own merit. As I wish Mr. Beene all the best, it’s been done and redone till its just old hack. Please, just give me something new I can sink my teeth in and love SG again. But if this keeps up, I’m just not impressed. Someone please step up and impress us again.

  22. McCray wrote:

    I agree that Beene is smart ! I liked the way they made the announcement ! It looked like a contract signing at the next HBO Boxing Championship fight or a WWE pay perveiw ! No doubt this will make money !!!! I wonder if the Step into the water days will be left out ? You can’t have a reunion without that line up can you ? I would hope that the widows get a check from this event ! To me that would be the right thing to do ! But I don’t have a Dog in the fight just opinion ! I do want this to be a success for Glenn and George sake!!!!!

  23. John Situmbeko wrote:

    The only complaint I have concerning the upcoming Cathedral Alumni reunion is that they will not make a video out of it. I’m hoping that they do, and if they do, I’ll have joy unspeakable and full of glory, of which the half I will never tell, not with the poverty of mortal tongues.

  24. Dave Melsin wrote:

    McCray is a smart man - may be an ass - but he’s a smart man.

    Just kiddin’ McCray, kinda. :-) HA!

  25. Wade wrote:

    Yeppers McCray… I promise Kirk Talley will not be there!! What I think is funny is they used him for years to write songs, travel & sing and as soon as he gets outed HIS Brothers in Christ in the singin’ biz are no where to be found!!

    But they will probably sing the song!! Hope they pay him royalties!!

    Kirk is good at collecting. I have seen him show up at events and some of the artist have OH SHIT moments when they see him and retreat to the bus!! Go get them Kirk!!!

  26. SoGoGuy wrote:

    Can I get y’all thoughts on this kid?

  27. irishlad wrote:

    25 Wadey,the only reason Kirk won’t be there is purely a business decision.
    The powers that be know rightly that too many fans of Sg are homophobic.Taking the chance of including the once good ole boy Talley and hurting seat sales and thus profits is risky step to far.

  28. Wade wrote:

    Yes that is right Irishdude… but then they should shut up about preaching about STANDING on Principle!!…. and all those other things they preach on that Ode has already covered quite nicely!!!

  29. Curious 1 wrote:

    Hate to beat a dead horse here, but does anyone have anything substantial on the Varnado case? Comments like … he must be guilty or they wouldn’t have charged him, or … I heard he pled guilty … they don’t really help anyone to understand the truth of what happened. You could say it’s not anyone’s business, but when someone spends a good portion of his life on the stage and in a position that naturally attracts kids to his spotlight, and then he’s charged with possessing child porn, he kind of makes it everyone’s business! There’s a real lack of any concrete information. The law itself is written incredibly vaguely, so much so that I wonder if anybody even knows exactly what he’s alleged to have done? Was there a trial? Did he make a plea deal? Links and facts would be more helpful than hearsay and speculation.

  30. Curious 2 wrote:

    The problem with our speculation is that we hear the term child and immediately think young kid. While a teenager is still illegal, there is a difference. I guess there’s not much talk about it because even if we knew the facts, what good does it really do for us? What’s been accomplished by us making it our business and knowing? If you knew the facts and details, would that permit you to sleep better at night or be more assured of your salvation? I doubt it. I look at it as this, if he is guilty, then he will have to serve his time. It doesn’t affect my life one bit whether or not I know if there was a trial, plea, etc. God forbid anybody find out about my past sins. I’d lose a lot of friends :) And about a position that attracts kids to his spotlight….you must be attending different gospel concerts than me. All that I ever see are other old folks. Good luck in your quest for the truth. Hope it brings happiness to your life once you discover the facts.

  31. Auke wrote:

    #26 SoGoGuy how you like these guys?

  32. SoGoGuy wrote:

    Much better than the other. :D And a lot less flat.

  33. Curious 1 wrote:

    Curious 2, I understand exactly what you’re saying, and ultimately knowing any details won’t make much difference to me personally. However, like you say, there IS a difference between a person taking naked pictures of his fan’s grandsons in the bathroom and having surfed the ‘net and found some pix from Eastern Europe of 16 year old girls who look 18. Neither one is right, but I’m sure there are plenty of his fans who think Varnado is guilty of the former. I guess I was hoping that by knowing the truth, it would keep people from speculating about his alleged crimes, and making things out to be “worse” than they are. Deep down, I truly hope he is innocent, and if I found that out, then I think I would sleep better at nite. Lastly, there’s an element of accountability. I would hope he didn’t enter a plea deal to have thing swept under the rug and have 6 months of probation, only to return to former behaviour and victimize other children later. (Once again, I don’t have any idea what he’s alleged to have done.)

  34. Curious 1 wrote:

    And here’s the answer.

  35. Ode wrote:

    Cur1, what did u do to get banned from google, bud ? :D. Scroll down a little , its an article in local paper - he got 5 years.

    More explicit details are available to the public, free, but u need a little trickier pro search for that. Want it? Then first explain why did you ignore my post 19( I went into technical and legal explanations,spen my precious time , it was rude of you to just brush it off) apologize and better make it believable. Don’t care to do it? Then search yourself, its all there . :)

  36. Curious 1 wrote:

    Ode, no idea what you’re smoking about being banned from Google. I’m brushing off speculation. You basically said in #19 that they wouldn’t have charged him if he weren’t guilty. At the time, I was looking for something solid that he actually pled guilty or some firm details on what he actually did instead of just “I heard that”, or “I think that”.

    At this point, my curiosity is satisfied. If you’ve got something that you think will make me sleep better, then feel free to share it.

  37. PM wrote:

    Here’s more complete info. Scroll down the page for the article . . .

  38. Ode wrote:

    36, Herbal hookah , but rarely nowadays. And its like smoking potpourri, as actual tobacco smokers refer to it .Like nonalcoholic wine, or a SG singer - has no real spirit in it.

    Bet u went to college in pre-google times :) its just a joke, on can’t of course be banned, just too lazy to look for info ….

    What bugged me - all I posted in 19 got proven! Its not hard to find, because there are enough info online on this type of crimes and arrests . What if the judge ordered the documents non disclosure and no info was released at all? Would u lie that nothing happened, despite the arrest? To me what NG and you did sounds like coverup of child molestation to make SG artist look good . Its always better to presume the worse and then, if needed, disprove it, then hide and lie and then look like hypocites

  39. heres2you wrote:

    Always 2 sides to every story.

  40. Ode wrote:

    Fail to see any significant, from the legal standpoint, difference. As for support - I said when he was arrested - we xtians should forgive and stretch a hand of help to a brother. Regardless if he is a killer, a bank robber or only had send, as Stewart, just 14 pornograhpic images of prepubescent kids . Who are those SG singers that betrayed him and why didn’t he name them?He want to lie and kiss their asses still?? Bad move,Stu ….

  41. Really wrote:

    Are you honestly suggesting that the right thing for him to do is stoop down to their level and name names? I fail to see how doing that would do any good. It didn’t come across to me that he was trying to make what he did right. Only shed some light on the subject that made me understand that it wasn’t as bad as I initially thought. I commend him for stepping forward. I understand him keeping his silence until the case ended. As a Christian, I welcome him back with open arms.

  42. musician wrote:

    #40 - what proof do you have that it was SG singers who betrayed him? Nothing is said the the recent links about all of this. Why don’t you call the names, provide the proof, or admit to here-say on your part!

  43. heres2you wrote:

    #42 I’m guessing #40 got that from the link that I provided in my previous post.

  44. musician wrote:

    #43. Thank you for the reply. I have re-read the link, and I cannot find anything in the article that #40 suggests that it was SG singers who betrayed him. Thanks again.

  45. Ode wrote:

    He said: “”" Christians who will accept my asking for their forgiveness….are extremely few. ………..with the exception of a very few people, the only part of Christianity that has any room for me is Christ Himself”"”"”.
    #42,You mean being a Lifetime Southern Gospel Hall of Fame Inductee, Dixie Echoes member and Memphis Quartet Show owner, receiver of Southern Gospel Albums of the year, many other big awards in the industry and all the other regalia introduced him to only a “very few” people in the industry?
    You got to quit lying and cheating and covering shit up so obviously, people. No wonder 70+% of young people don’t return to church after college and gospel singing lost popularity
    #41, Because of his prominent position, his broad claim, if valid, is very serious. He accused most SG singers, the whole industry and fans of being fakes, their behavior so unworthy, they make Christianity unattractive to outsiders.
    He cast a shadow of doubt on ALL. Unless he comes up with names or reasons why not, I will be the first one to make a convincing post and throw the info to the wolves. (My friend runs a big anti fundie blog, they will love it and will milk it for all damage it can do to those singing wolves in sheeps clothing. And that , my dear, is a worthy goal. Social media is a bomb )

  46. Really wrote:

    I don’t know why I even respond to you. You are able to read into things that are not said. He never says the industry. No matter what you want to read into it, he simply does not accuse the industry!

    Also, FYI, he’s not a Hall of Fame inductee, nor is he currently a member of the Dixie Echoes and no longer associated with any events.

    What you enjoy calling covering things up can also be looked on as not trying to do things to hurt the industry any farther.

    This particular case is over with. Nothing to cover up. He’s been tried, sentenced. If anything, someone with your opinions would want to focus their time on helping the devil bring down any sinners associated with Gospel music.

    Congrats about having a friend with a blog. Have fun running people down. My Father has a home in heaven for me, that’s all I need. How can you really be a fan of this music and be as bitter as you are?

  47. Ode wrote:

    So you suggest lying, sugarcoating and pretending he was a nobody in SG is “helping the industry”? Don’t you realize that attitude is what,indirectly, KILLED it?  Also, I don’t give a hoot about the industry- they will still be milking the elderly for a long time.  I am concerned about our Christian faith being misrepresented by those fakes that don’t practice what they preach.
    Last time, with feeling:
    Ok, he is a lifetime member of SGMA  – check he is there
    Former Member of Dixie Echoes – check his bio is still there
    Stewart Varnado was the Memphis Quartet Show organizer and owner until his arrest.
    He said that only A FEW people treated him like Christians. He knows VERY MANY in the industry. That means the majority, as he said, betrayed him. Do you realize you are a liar, REALLY?
    You still think young people should support this fake crap? They don’t and won’t.

  48. Really wrote:

    Again, you’re reading things in to what I say. Oh well, this is my last response to you. This is an old thread, we are probably the only two even looking at it. But in response to your questions, not that it matters…

    I’m not saying that we lie or sugar coat it. I’m saying that he is already out of here. Let’s forget about him.

    I never asked if you cared about this industry, only how you could be a fan of Southern Gospel music. Perhaps meaningful music is beneath your capability of appreciating, no matter who is singing it.

    Do a tiny bit of research…doesn’t even take much, but ANYONE, even you can become a lifetime member of the SGMA. You simply make a one time donation. It’s not as if it is an honor bestowed upon someone.

    Again, he never accused the industry of anything. Unless you’re not capable of realizing it, there are more Christians/fans than there are industry members. If you care about who is accused that much, why don’t you reach out and attempt to contact him?

    Who are you calling fake? the Gospel music industry? If so, what completely genuine sinless earthly people deserve to be on the stage?

    Doesn’t matter what you respond, I’m quite sure I won’t agree, and you’ll interpret things your own way. I won’t be responding. Enjoy your bitter life.

  49. Been Banished wrote:

    I have never posted here before yet I have entertained myself for hours listening to you holy rollers speak of how perfect you are and also to those of you who understand that human nature is not perfect at all.

    I understand completely what it is like to be banished from society when mistakes are made. I personally understand what it feels like to be on top of the world when success is at your fingertips and then the next day, all those smoke blowers have looked the other way.

    I have found that my best friends are the non-christians and my enemies are the Christians. (For the most part) There are a few exceptions.

    We are ALL flawed. We are ALL one breath away from a huge life changing event. We are ALL sinners. But. For. God.

    I just wish that we could embrace great men like KT and SV and let them know that God loves them…unconditionally. And not just these two men, but others we know who have taken their eyes away from the prize and have fallen short of the Glory of God.

    Again, this is human nature we are speaking of and this nature will make mistakes. God understands this. Sadly, people do not.

    One thing is for sure. Through all the mistakes I will make in this life, I know that God loves me, Jesus died on the Cross for me, and one day I will see him and will finally be perfect. Until then, I must work to be like Him…and Him only.

  50. musician wrote:

    Ode - what a fake! Self generated hearsay. How does if feel to be full of it?

  51. LaShay wrote:

    Maybe I can sort of shed some light on this little discussion for Ode.

    Please don’t read anything into Stewart’s letter. Please don’t go thinking that he was talking about industry people being unChristlike. There are very few people who will ever know who he was referring to, but I can assure you - he wasn’t poking a stick at the industry. That’s why there was no need for names, because 98% of the names wouldn’t mean a thing to you.

    Let me say something about this industry: not a soul involved in it is perfect. Not everyone who is involved in it seeks the Cross daily in their lives. Not everyone who is involved in it….brace yourself….is a Christian. BUT, for the ones who do live right and act right….God knows who they are and they’re building the kingdom and they’re being blessed for it.

    #49 Rest assured, Stewart knows God loves him. Please read the link that was provided several posts above.

  52. Lauren Green wrote:

    I am so thankful that it is not our fellow mankind that gives us our final judgement and that it is Christ ALONE that gives that to us. As LaShay said EVERYONE in the industry has a story it’s just that some don’t get aired. I am a sinner…..I have some horrible sinful events in MY past. I want to challenge those of you who want to measure and judge Stewarts sin to take a look at your own sins and thank God for His grace He lovingly given you through your trials. Those of you who are acting as “judges” for Stewart and are having a hard time judging your own sin let me help you…….ask forgiveness for the sins you are commiting on this very website by judging Stewart. Irony huh?

  53. Ode wrote:

    What planet are you from, guys?  Everybody  everywhere except in  this strange, weird fundie flavored  culture takes this letter as  I do. SV  felt the need to lash out and said  that the majority of Christians he knows  betrayed  him.

    Now again, slowly:  He said that only a few people + Christ have room for him. Are you with me so far?   
    Even if we presume that  all of those few come from the SG industry + Jesus sings for some quartet,  that still makes the majority  of them  bigoted, lying  “Christians”who  make people turn away from God ,per Varnado’s words.
    How can you lie your way out of this ?  Again, thank God  young people are running away  from this form of  ‘religion’ . You think you can insult us like that and still have our respect ? You cant even OPENLY  name those who  support him and prove it!
    Were we  both  agree -  none of us is perfect. One doesnt have to be to sing – he has to be honest about his own, and  our collective, sins. Surely some singers are true Christians and are  blessed  (presuming, lashay, your understanding of “blessed”  is not the same as  TBN’s ;).

  54. Gary wrote:

    Ode, read this carefully. Stop while you are ahead. You are making a fool of yourself. We don’t want to hear your rant or rational. It’s pathetic, hateful and narcissistic. Meaning, you once again are full of it.

    The man sinned and has repented. What else you do want him to do, name names? When you truly repent you don’t care what the names are! Maybe you should try repenting. There is an old saying, “you’re so heavenly minded you’re no earthly good.” You’re not Christ or God, not in heaven so, in other words………SHUT UP! We don’t care! We can love without knowing details.

  55. Ode wrote:

    Gary, ok, kiddo, before you gave yourself an aneurism.  Do you have something to say to the point ? 

    So  Stewart Varnado said that the  entire SG industry ,minus very  few,  are unchristian bastards that betrayed him.
    Thats too bad, but unless I see something challenging -and  ’challenging’ means something better then you spewing  insults at me - then that is it. I will spread the news :)

  56. Gary wrote:

    Ode, There was a woman that went down to the preacher at alter call and wanted to confess that she had been talking to much about others? She told him she wanted to lay her tongue on the alter and his reply to her was “honey, I don’t believe the alter is long enough for your tongue!

    My last post to you and apparently what you don’t understand is, Stewart sounds to me like a guy that made a mistake, got mad at people and then got over it and has repented. I don’t care about details, why do you? And, if you do, you sound like the old woman that wanted to lay her tongue on the alter and her tongue wagged so much and was so long it was impossible to corral!
    You should stop, we (the majority of posters on here) don’t care. WE want you to stop the spewing of hate. It is ugly and uncalled for. It doesn’t matter. It sounds to me more like you want to harm and bring gospel music down than take the high road and pray for people.

    You sir I believe really need to study about gossip and forgiveness! When you finally understand the meanings of those 2 words, you might live a happy life!

    BTW, what you are spewing at Stewart is nothing but hate wrapped in your justification of forgiveness! Give it a rest!

  57. ode to be full of it wrote:

    Gary, want to know how full of it Ode is? He takes a line from Stewart stating:
    ” I’ve so quickly come to realize that with the exception of a very few people, the only part of Christianity that has any room for me is Christ Himself.”

    and ODE turned that into “Stewart Varnado said that the entire SG industry ,minus very few, are unchristian bastards that betrayed him.”

    So to Ode, the only way that your interpretation makes sense would be by assuming that Christianity can only mean the entire SG industry? What a crock! You’re and idiot! Go ahead and spew your hate, but damn, quit putting words into someones mouth that were never said.

  58. mrdrum wrote:

    Gary… That sir is a mam! Ode is a she! Makes it all even more weird.

  59. Gary wrote:

    !hanks mrdrum and ode to be full of it! I thought I was going crazy there because I was the only one chiming in on “that person.” Whoever ode is doesn’t show any fruits, they need a good deliverance! This has gone way to far. And I for one now will let this rest in peace!

  60. Ode wrote:

    :)  guys,your  posts give credence to the common belief that american South is full of  stupid inbreeds unable to think, count, read or follow simple logic.  Your “Christianity can only mean the entire SG industry” phrase alone makes you sound like a drunk or one on drugs. Debating with you is like playing chess with  pigeons - you crap all over the board and fly back to your hole claiming victory.

    Sober up try to wrap your minds around it:

     Majority of SG singers and artists are professed Christians, SG is a part of Christianity.As  Steward Varnado said ,all but a few of them betrayed him, mistreated him in his time of trial, SG genre is so lame that nobody openly came out with a plea to help him, he got shunned by most. 

       I  can’t understand why it’s not obvious to you -  It’s clear as day  to everyone, I already re-posted this with a question, enough  people ,from the South and not, have  replied  and the most common answer was directed at  me -  an advice to stay away from low witted crazy hayseeds like you ;)

  61. Gary wrote:

    Ode, just go away! You have no forgiveness in your heart.

    Get this, I FORGIVE.

    You try. Then, forget it.

    Please, Stop the Hate!!!!!!!

    Ode, if you just have to win, or have the last word, go ahead! I have made my point, Stewart needs our help, support and love, not condemnation in any form!

    Happy condemning if that floats your boat!

  62. this angle wrote:

    To everybody except Ode…

    Please realize that even if you are right, this Ode person truly enjoys stirring up controversy. He or she trives on posting something controversial just to upset you. If you really want to shut them up, simply never respond again to this post. If you let them get to you, then Ode has succeeded. Christian love, forgiveness, etc, means NOTHING to this person. We can’t force it upon them.

    The second part of Proverbs 6:19 speaks about someone like ode. Calling it an abomination for “he that soweth discord among brethren.”

    God Himself could audibly speak to Ode and Ode would find something harsh to say. So everyone HEAR THIS.. no matter what ridiculous thing Ode decides to respond with, simply ignore, ignore, ignore.

  63. Ode wrote:

    61,Until Doug made you a bouncer here, your word on who stays and who goes is not valid.

    So, you are not man enough to be honest? I encouraged to forgive Stewart and help him the day the news broke. This is not about him don’t play dumb. Its about the SG industry that, according to Varnado, betrayed him in a most  unchristian manner.

    So you think we shouldn’t point out unrepented sin like that ? No wonder Christian church is losing people  so fast! Liars like you…..


    62,Nothing of value to add except  insults? Your post  makes you look bad, not me.

  64. Gary wrote:

    #63 is delusional! He must be pastor at Westboro Baptist Church!

  65. weber wrote:

    I agree, I believe Ode and Wade should be banned from this site..Doug has my vote on this, need to do a little housecleaning..

  66. irishlad wrote:

    May a well go ahead and ban me too. :-)

  67. Ode wrote:

    To 64, 65 : So you, gentlemen, (using the term in its loosest form) got the impression that the goal of this blog - owned by gay secular humanist progressive academic – is catering to and protecting the interests of white southern fundamentalists widely known for their bigotry and other social inadequacies?
    He, you so trust, will take to heart your plea to shut down polite and reasonable opposition to make you, totally impotent to defend your views in any coherent fashion chumps, look good and unchallenged?

    A man whose life calling is to educate the young minds would be inclined to do that? Sounds counterintuitive to me.

  68. Gary wrote:

    One last thing……..Ode, you are sick, real sick. Whoever you are, you need help. The nearest mental hospital might not help but it least it would be a place for you to be away from the public and off the computer!

    You are the most judging person I have ever seen! Beware of judging lest you be judged by the same judgement!

  69. weber wrote:

    #67, Very good point, I doubt Doug would ban you, Wade, Irishlad maybe one or two others, you guys are the backbone of this gay secular humanist site. Congratulations, well done, you have reached the pinnacle of life..

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